how to get stained lips




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theselfishgene-deactivated20170  asked:

Incredibly serious question that in no ways implicates my ability to be an adult the eff do you get that sephora lip stain off then?

This is not a ridiculous question.. it is IMPORTANT.

Removing tricky makeup is akin to trying to remove permanent sharpie with your grandma's tongue or trying to find a good-looking, interesting person in a bar. It is both hard and frustrating.

I happen to have very sensitive skin, so most makeup removers literally burn me. Finally, after much searching and much BURNING I found one that I love that is actually pretty cheap: Maybelline Clean Express “The Flash Clean" Lotion. It looks like hand lotion, but does the work of many gods and is around 6 bucks at drugstores.

SO. To get any longwear lipstick off I have a neat trick: apply this or any makeup remover around your lips like you’re putting on lip gloss. Smack your lips together and let it sit for ten seconds. Some gets into your mouth and it is WEIRDO but then you take a tissue and voila! Makeup off and you don’t even look like Heath Ledger’s interpretation of The Joker.

Hey! You know what else works perfectly well, though?!