how to get senpai to notice you


“Deku what the FUCK”

thank you gift for the amazing @simkjrs for writing a golden masterpiece 

I cannot express my love for that fanfic, srsly, go and read it if you’re in bnha fandom asdfhjkl

Yandere Simulator  {Sentence Starters}

  • “That blood… so, it was YOU!”
  • “I don’t care about anything else.” 
  • “I know that this is a selfish request.”
  • “Please, don’t take him away from me.”
  • “Senpai noticed me… at the worst time.”
  • “I’m addicted to the way he makes me feel.”
  • “She has taught me a new emotion… RAGE.”
  • “How long has it been since I last used this thing?”
  • “I’ll make sure everyone knows what you’ve done!”
  • “Those were better times. I was so young back then.”
  • “What the hell’s wrong with you?! Get away from me!”
  • “I want to stop her. I want to hurt her. I want to kill her.”
  • “If I could turn back time… what would I do differently?”
  • “ know that I’m broken, but I don’t care. This is normal for me.”
  • “I tried to be a hero… and that was the worst mistake of my life.”
  • “Now I finally understand what it means to be human. To be alive.”
  • “I saw that! You disgusting pervert! That’s absolutely unacceptable!”
  • “She could never appreciate him the way I do. She doesn’t deserve him.”
  • “I pretend to be normal when I’m around other people, but on the inside, I feel nothing.”
  • “For the first time, I felt something. A strong desire. A longing. A yearning. A craving.”
  • “It would be very easy to make your death look like a suicide. Don’t ever cross me again.”
  • “I don’t care what I have to do. I don’t care who I have to hurt. I don’t care whose blood I have to spill.”

Person A a naga: Give me your waaarrrrmmmmtttthhhhh-
Person B a normal stressed as hell college student: I just need to finish this- 1000 more words to go that’s all-
Person A: *Internally screams*

Hamilton as things my friends say

I’ve been saving these up for a while now, here it goes:

Alexander:  Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down, and I’d like to take a minute just sit right there, I’ll tell you how I became a total disaster

John Laurens: What? You think cuz I’m gay I talk about it all the time! I wear rainbow stuff daily! I make sure everyone knows I’m gay! Well I’ll have you know I’m not like that! *looks down and notices he’s wearing a pride shirt* uhhh *zips up jacket* 

Lafayette: Tis I! The Frenchiest Fry! The most Parisian Baguette! 

Hercules: *crocheting* I do this so I don’t kill people. I could so easily just stick this right into his eye! ….But I won’t, Imma make a scarf instead.

Burr: Here I am, just minding my own business, trying to go about life without wanting to jump off the nearest bridge, then OUT POPS THIS MOTHERFUCKER!

Thomas: It seems that my expertise is not appreciated here. Fine! I’ll just go somewhere else where people think my cooking is good and no one says shit about my coat! *stands up and pops coat collar dramatically* Are you coming or are you staying with these uncultured peasants?

James: Listen, I’m running on Dayquil and three cups of coffee and you want to start shit now?! I got out of bed for this! *Starts a coughing fit* ….I can’t wait to watch you all burn in hell. 

Angelica: I’m trying to be a good person. I keep my grades up, I try to help out my friends and family, geez, I put up with you lot for Heaven’s sake. Why can’t I just be rich, famous, and be with a smart, decent guy who likes me! 

Eliza: He was the biggest piece of shit I’ve ever met! And to think I thought I loved him. We had baby names and god parents picked out…. screw him! Allow me to explain, in song!~ *sings sad breakup songs while making everyone else in the room uncomfortable*

Peggy: Hey, here’s a little reminder for ya, I still exist! You never said any of this important gossip to me, you told my sisters and the rest of the damn WORLD, but not me….whatever, it’s fine. I don’t care anyways. 

Maria: I don’t deserve this! I never deserve any of this! I live with an asshole and he makes every day a living hell.

Philip: *showing everyone his injuries* You’re probably wondering how I got these. *Pulls up video from his go pro of him skateboarding down the street. Two pretty girls walk by and he gets distracted trying to flirt with them and show off that he doesn’t notice a parked car. He crashes into it and as the video gets blurry you hear loud cursing and the girls laughing* ….not my finest moment.

Lee: You don’t understand! I’m in crisis mode! I can’t handle this! *Shaves head*

Seabury: You damn well know my senpai is better than yours! My senpai will kick your senpai’s ass! *whispers* then maybe he’ll finally notice me….

Eacker: *talking shit* I’m not talking shit! How dare you say I’m talking shit! Fight me you punk!

Washington: Why don’t I have a say in being the dad friend? I don’t want to be the dad friend! I would never want to be the father of any of you!

King George III: Ew! Don’t touch me you filthy peasants! Don’t even go near me you disgusting swine! I am above you all! I am a King! I demand to be treated as su- *gets tripped by friend* *laying on floor dramatically* why must the world be so cruel….

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How many asks do you get on a daily basis and how many do you answer? (I wanna know my chances of being noticed by senpai :3)

I get 100 asks on a daily basis. 

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How do you get senpai to notice you ?

I make test subjects, and get some of them to attack him.  Treating them badly will also get his attention.


vs Her

Don’t see Senpai trying to bargain with her, now, do we?  Senpai obviously prefers me.

Nothing more romantic than a rooftop party, right?

This is easier if you are the yakuza.

And that is all you need to do to get Senpai to notice you!  Good luck!

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SENPAI VALENTINE DAY EVENT .。*゚+.*.。(❁´◡`❁)。.。:+*

Hey guys! So as some of you may know, Valentines is just around the corner! To celebrate, the senpais wanted to send everyone Valentine Letters to those who want to participate~ All you guys have to do is write a personalized letter to one of  your favorite senpai, and be sure to include a signature of your name at the end so they know who to reply back to!

Here is an example done by a couple members of ours! :

You can send in asks from now until the 13th [11:59PM EST]! Or until there is an announcement stating that the time frame to send in asks is over, and we will then close our ask box! Send us those asks! All letters will begin to be posted the following day [we are not sure how long it will take for the senpais to get through them all though]~ We will be tagging the posts with “Senpai Valentine” !

Nightmare x Cross Needed Cuddles 2

Daylight rose in the distance and it began brightening the room,Cross groaned as he tried to go close the blinds so he could sleep more, but he couldn’t move, he looked up to see Nightmare holding him very tightly, Cross then remembers what happened, he blushed as Nightmare breathed on his face, he tried to get out of Nightmare’s grip without waking him. It was then Nightmare groaned and blinked his eye open, Cross blushed as Nightmare stared at him.”N-Nightmare?” Cross asked, Nightmare soon realized the position they were in, he immediately let go of Cross,”S-Sorry.” Nightmare stuttered out, blushing. Cross noticed Nightmare’s blush, he then smiled at him gently,”It’s fine, how was your sleep Senpai?” Cross said, he then covered his mouth with his hands,”I mean Nightmare, I-” “I slept well…How about you?” Cross was shocked, for the first time ever, Nightmare didn’t lash out at him,”I slept just fine…” There was silence between them, Cross then decided he needed to know something.”Nightmare, why did asked if I loved Dream yesterday?” Nightmare flinched, he thought for a moment before sighing.”Yesterday, I had a Nightmare about you and Dream, I dreamed that you left the Dark sanses to be with him, you said you hated me…*Sniff* And that I’ll never be worth anything, you said that…” Nightmare begins crying, “That I should die, I know it was dream, but I don’t want to lose you, the most precious thing that ever made me happy and to feel loved when no else loved me!! *Sobs*!” Nightmare buries his face in his hands as he begins sobbing, Cross eyes widen,’Nightmare was afraid of losing Cross?!’ Cross then wraps Nightmare in a hug, Nightmare sobs in Cross’s shoulder, Cross begins cuddling Nightmare as Nightmare sobs quieted down, Cross pulled away a bit and stared up at Nightmare, Nightmare stared at him as Cross begins wiping Nightmare’s tears away.”Oh Nightmare-senpai, I’ll never do that to you, do want to know why I keep calling you senpai?”Cross smiled up at him, Nightmare stared at him, Cross then pecks Nightmare’s ‘lips’. Nightmare blushed at Cross’s actions, but soon he wrapped his arms around Cross’s waist as Cross wraps his arms around Nightmare’s neck, the lingered for awhile before pulling away, Cross was blushing and so was Nightmare.”That’s why I call you senpai.” Cross whispered, Nightmare blushed and he then cuddles Cross in his chest, Cross buries his face in Nightmare’s chest.”Cross, does this mean you love me?” Nightmare asked, hoping it wasn’t some dream or cruel joke, Cross smiled the gentlest smile he could.”I do love you, do you love me?” Cross snuggles in Nightmare’s warm embrace, his eyes closed as Nightmare whispered Cross,”Yes, I do love you…” They both looked at each other as  they kissed again, they then fell asleep in each other’s arms, cuddle to each other very close, the cuddles they needed so much to let out these feelings for each other.


“MUAHHHWW!!!!!!!!!!!!” Killer cackled as he began spamming everyone with the photo of Cross and Nightmare cuddling,”The ship has sailed!!!!!!” “I FOUND THE ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Horror ran far away with it. Murder begins laughing like a troll as he stared at the photo of Cross x Nightmare,’how could this day get any better?” 

  (I finished! I hope you loved this One-shot, welp, time to start preparing for Thursday, the sequel of my Crossmare will be out by then, anyways I hoped you enjoyed the one-shot!!!!!)

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How about 12“I can’t stop thinking about you.” with Kirishima? Love your blog, senpai!💓

Senpai gets noticed… ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Kirishima Eijiro

Kirishima had called you out of the blue to ask you some dumb, random questions. Now, hours later, you laid tossing and turning on your bed in your room talking to that very same man. Still talking about nothing. When the line went silent for a coupe seconds you asked the question that had been on your mind from the beginning.

“So, why did you really call?” Taking on a more sarcastic tone you added, “You didn’t actually want know my opinion on if penguins had legs or not, did you?”

“Hey! I mean, haven’t you ever wondered?”

“Never!” you chuckled.

“Well I guess its…” He paused and then said, “I cant stop thinking about you.”

He was smiling. You could hear it in his voice. “What are you saying, you dork? You don’t need to say embarrassing things like that anymore! We’re already dating!”

“So? Its true. No matter what, I just cant get you off my mind.” Just then, you heard a groan in the background followed by Bakugou’s rough voice barking at him to ‘shut the hell up with all that mushy talk!’

“I cant believe you’re saying these things in from of Bakugou!” you gasp. “You’re shameless, Eijiro!”

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What do you do to draw more attention to an rpg development blog to get more followers for your game? Other than using the right tags. Your game looks amazing by the way I cant wait!!

Oh, that’s a tricky question! I think I answered something like this before, but the easier way to get noticed by those senpais out there is to post, like, a LOT. Sometimes even small things count. I know how gamedev can be slow sometimes, but you can post anything on your development, really! I usually post character sheets for the enemies (each enemy!), or like, alterations in mapping. For me the post has to be “visual”, as I’m a visual person, but since we’re in tumblr, text work as well. Posting silly things like this can be seem as boring to the person developing, but it can be actually interesting to the viewer! Of course, animations drag more attention than anything, but I can’t post animations every day, sooo, this is like tips for the every day life HAHA

So, I would say, this list sums up a little:

  • posting consistently
  • answering asks
  • gifs of the game
  • showing new characters and talking about them
  • animations with clean bg
  • development insights
  • tutorials for developers
  • gifs of process
  • more gifs of the game
  • battles
  • shitpost (very important)
  • maps
  • new events, even those silly ones

Basically, posting will always bring new followers. And some kinds of posts generates more reblogs (animations, for example) which generates more followers, but you shouldn’t just stick to those. Your fans also wants to see how the development itself is going and those long posts and you should respect that :3 Also: Don’t overdo it, don’t post too much! You don’t want to annoy people! These are tips for Tumblr!

What they were actually thinking:

Sherlock: omg notice my new coat! New coat!! Okay Sherlock stay calm and appear mysterious. Oh crap, this coat doesn’t have a collar 

John: Are you a killer in disguise of a photographer too? I’ve got my eyes on you mate

Greg: Omg Mycroft looks so hot and sexy! (Ahdjslalalsks) okay conceal don’t feel Greg

Mycroft: Is that cake?

Molly: Ugh notice me Senpai! 

Mrs.Hudson: Um John dear, your baby looks fake. And how long do I have to stand like this? My tea’s getting rather cold. 

Mary: My jawline’s fabulous. Make sure you capture that properly.

Notice Me Senpai! Guide

Since I’ve been getting a few asks on how to get all of the senpais, I decided to make a quick guide for everyone who needs help!

Unlocking everyone isn’t hard as long as you have their favorite items out. If you want a certain senpai to show up often, the best way to do that is to have their top three favorite items which is listed in their profiles. Note that what I list down below isn’t everything that can make them appear and they may not be their exact favorites since I haven’t switched around my items recently. If you know what their exact favorites are (which would be an item where they’re actually interacting with it rather than just standing i.e. Basketball Club Senpai is the only one who dribbles the basketball) then please feel free to message me so I can update this list!

Thanks to a few people who have kindly messaged me, I have managed to find almost every item that a senpai interacts with. Whichever item below is listed first is the one that he has a special action with. 

Senpai List and Favorite Items

  • Nerd/Izumi Senpai - Chess Set*, Soft Armchair, Small Bookshelf
  • Young/Yuu Senpai - Gumball Machine*, Strawberry Shortcake, Pet Cat
  • Lazy/Ren Senpai - Blue Sofa*, Strawberry Shortcake, Soft Armchair
  • Art Club/Touya Senpai - Painting of a Lady*, Flower Vase, Mirror
  • School Festival/Hajime Senpai - Taiko Drum*, Small Orange Tree, Rose Vase
  • Science Lab/Reiji Senpai - Pet Cat*, PC Station, Miso Soup
  • Gamer/Shun Senpai - Chocolate Cookies*, Chocolate Cupcakes, Reclining Chair
  • Gourmet Club/Souma Senpai - Ice Cream Machine*, Strawberry Shortcake, Miso Soup
  • Delinquent Senpai/Wakatoshi - Jukebox*, Flower Vase, Basketball
  • Basketball Captain/Makoto Senpai - Basketball*, Pet Cat, Guitar
  • Drama Club/Tokiya Senpai - Mirror*, Strawberry Shortcake, Stuffed Bear
  • Goat/Baa Senpai - Bonsai Plant*, Rose Vase, Small Orange Tree
  • Calligraphy Club/Soujiro Senpai - Traditional Tea Set*, Reclining Chair, Piano
  • Butler/Suoh Senpai -  Fancy Tea Set*, Piano, Large Bookshelf
  • Student Council/Touru President - Large Bookshelf*, PC Station, Reclining Chair
  • Crammer/Hideki Senpai - PC Station*, Stuffed Bear, Reclining Chair
  • Idol/Suzuki Senpai - Piano*, Stuffed Bear, Reclining Chair
  • Rocker/Yamato Senpai - Guitar*, Stuffed Bear, Reclining Chair
  • Sensei/Kyouya-sensei - Reclining Chair*, Stuffed Bear, Guitar
  • Childhood Friend/Takeru Senpai* - Stuffed Bear*, Reclining Chair, Guitar
  • School Infirmary Sensei/Haruka-sensei - Afternoon Tea Set*, Banana Couch, Traditional Tea Set
  • Playboy/Jean Senpai - Heart Couch*, Strawberry Shortcake, Mirror
  • Cupid/Ai Senpai - Heart Chocolate*, Alpaca Stufftoy, Heart Balloons
  • Tea Ceremony/Hinata Senpai - Tea Ceremony*, Parasol and Mat, Beach ball
  • Archery Team/Sousuke Senpai - Dango*, Parasol and Mat, Beach ball
  • Ninja/Kei - Senpai - Bush*, Beach ball, White Day Set
  • Part-time Job/Takahiro Senpai - Cooler*, Parasol and Mat
  • Swim Team/Katsuo Senpai - Minipool*, Sandcastle, Beach ball
  • Villain/Ryuu Senpai - Villain Chair*, Maid Cafe Set
  • Director/Katsuo Senpai - Director’s Chair*, Maid Cafe Set
  • Vampire/Viktor Sensei - Red Iced Tea Pitcher*, Dark Carriage, Gothic Table Set
  • Ghost/Unknown Senpai - Skeleton Model*, Operating Table, Gothic Table Set 

* = Favorite item and the one they interact with 

Getting CGs

These are just rough estimates of the amount of visits, so don’t worry if they don’t give you a CG exactly on say the 150th visit. Note that I haven’t unlocked every CG yet, so if you see one that I don’t have, please let me know so I can put it on the list!

Because of the new update, you can get new senpai CGs by interacting with them. So far, it seems you can get a special birthday CG if you’ve maxed out their love meter to level 8 before or on their birthday (you can see each senpai’s birthday on their character bio in the game!). As they update the game more, you can get extra CGs from senpais depending on the number of visits they have.

  • Nerd/Izumi Senpai - 30 visits(1st CG), 100 visits(2nd CG)
  • Young/Yuu Senpai - 40 visits(1st CG), 100 visits(2nd CG)
  • Lazy/Ren Senpai - 60 visits(1st CG), Greet him on June 29th(2nd CG), 100 visits(3rd CG)
  • Art Club/Touya Senpai - 70 visits(1st CG), 100 visits(2nd CG) 
  • School Festival/Hajime Senpai - 85 visits(1st CG), 100 visits(2nd CG)
  • Science Lab/Reiji Senpai - 100 visits(1st CG), Greet him on July 16(2nd CG)
  • Gamer/Shun Senpai - 115 visits(1st CG), Greet him on September 23(2nd CG)
  • Gourmet Club/Souma Senpai -  130 visits(1st CG), Greet him on June 22nd(2nd CG)
  • Delinquent Senpai/Wakatoshi - 150 visits(1st CG), Greet him on August 11th(2nd CG)
  • Basketball Captain/Makoto Senpai - 160 visits(1st CG), 125 visits(2nd CG)
  • Drama Club/Tokiya Senpai - 170 visits(1st CG), 125 visits(2nd CG), Greet him on October 25th(3rd CG)
  • Goat/Baa Senpai - 190 visits(1st CG), 125 visits(2nd CG)
  • Calligraphy Club/Soujiro Senpai - 205 visits(1st CG), 125 visits(2nd CG), 125 visits(3rd CG)
  • Butler/Suoh Senpai - 220 visits(1st CG), 125 visits(2nd CG)
  • Student Council/Touru President - 230 visits(1st CG), 125 visits(2nd CG)
  • Crammer/Hideki Senpai - 160 visits(1st CG), 250 visits(2nd CG), Greet him on June 17th(3rd CG)
  • Idol/Suzuki Senpai - 170 visits(1st CG), 265 visits(2nd CG), Greet him on August 26th(3rd CG)
  • Rocker/Yamato Senpai - 182 visits(1st CG), 280 visits(2nd CG), 150 visits(3rd CG)
  • Sensei/Kyouya-sensei - 195 visits(1st CG), 295 visits(2nd CG), Greet him on May 30th(3rd CG)
  • Childhood Friend/Takeru Senpai - 205 visits(1st CG), 310 visits(2nd CG), 150 visits(3rd CG)
  • School Infirmary Sensei/Haruka-sensei - 180 visits(1st CG), 280 visits(2nd CG), 150 visits(3rd CG)
  • Playboy/Jean Senpai - 90 visits(1st CG), 150 visits (2nd CG), 150 visits(3rd CG)
  • Cupid/Ai Senpai - 30 visits(1st CG), 100 visits(2nd CG)
  • Tea Ceremony/Hinata Senpai - 240 visits(1st CG), 125 visits(2nd CG)
  • Archery Team/Sousuke Senpai - 210 visits(1st CG), 125 visits(2nd CG)
  • Ninja/Kei Senpai - 300 visits(1st CG), 150 visits(2nd CG), 150 visits(3rd CG)
  • Part-time Job/Takahiro Senpai - 170 visits(1st CG), 260 visits(2nd CG), 150 visits(3rd CG)
  • Swim Team/Katsuo Senpai - 145 visits(1st CG), 280 visits(2nd CG), 150 visits(3rd CG)
  • Villain/Ryuu Senpai - 170 visits(1st CG), 260 visits(2nd CG), 150 visits(3rd CG)
  • Director/Kurou Senpai - 145 visits(1st CG), 220 visits(2nd CG), Greet him on October 12(3rd CG)
  • Vampire/Viktor Sensei - 175 visits(1st CG), 280 visits(2nd CG) 
  • Ghost/Unknown Senpai - 165 visits(1st CG), 250 visits(2nd CG)

Senpai Interactions

Once you get your senpais to a full 5 hearts, you can interact with them when they visit the cafe! Here’s how it goes:

  • Basically, you have to keep touching the hearts that show up on the senpai for the love meter to fill up/level up
  • You can interact with a senpai 3 times per day, and the love meter will become full after three interactions
  • If you want to increase your level more than just once a day, you can feed your senpai cake which costs 80 gems
  • Once you’ve filled a senpai’s love meter to level 8, your senpai will be in “super love mode” for 12 hours. During this period, every time you interact with them you will have a CG-like portrait of them rather than their usual chibi selves you see in the cafe. They’ll also say a lot of cute/sweet things to you when you talk to them!

Extra Information:

  • Try to save up your gems for the cafe expansion (200 gems). It helps you encounter more senpais at once and since there are more of them, you can easily earn back all your gems. 
  • Once you feel that you have enough coins, switch over to Gourmet Beans since rarer senpais will show up more often. Then once you have enough gems, switch to Gold Beans and Magic Beans because the special senpais will occupy often if you use those! 
  • To get all the notes and CGs from each Senpai depends on the number of hearts they have. Once you get to the third/green heart you will receive a note from them. After that you have to wait until they get to the fifth/red heart to see a special scene and get their CG. For the special senpais, there are two unlockable CGs (4th heart = 1st CG, 5th heart = 2nd CG).
  • To increase their hearts, you have to get them to visit the cafe often which is why it’s important to leave out their favorite items especially if you want a CG from a specific senpai.
  • An anon made a great suggestion for those who keep getting senpais who already have their hearts maxed out. It’s a cold method, but if they’re occupying an item, simply remove the item which will make the senpai leave and then put it back and hope for the senpai you want to show up. It’s kind of harsh, but it will definitely speed up the process of collecting everyone’s notes and CGs haha.
  • Always make sure try your luck with the daily gacha! The prizes can range from different types of beans, gold, and diamonds.
  • Even though Ninja senpai can now visit your cafe, you can still watch ads from him to get free coins and gems.

Those are all the useful tips I can give you guys for now! If I find anything new I’ll be sure to update this. Again, feel free to message me if you have any other questions or if I need to correct something on this guide. Happy senpai hunting!

Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun OP (Kashima's version)
Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun OP (Kashima's version)

Look at this gem I found

For some reason senpai was very sweet to me yesterday
(Looks like it has to be you)
I started noticing senpai a long time ago
(Looks like it has to be you)
Ahh spare me a few glances and listen to me
(Looks like it has to be you)
My head is filled with stuff about princesses and princes
But I don’t even care
I just have to see you right now
I want to know what senpai thinks
About the principles of this world, the definition of love, and the categories of happiness
I want to know more about you
It doesn’t matter how many times you kick me
I can’t get anywhere just by playing cool
Looks like it has to be you

Reading Tyler’s Stream Chat

“Kiss your children, the world ends tomorrow.“
“fuck me daddy until my face falls off”
“you need to suck my pls”
“Fuck my pussy my ass and then squirt my face”
“lick my wet pussy”
“my dog died in a car last week”
“Hi mom :D”
“waffles r guwd”
“Cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock cock”
“I would bone wildcat”
“Purge tomorrow”
“Anybody if you want to add me on PS4 my gamer tag is TheLastCalibre “
“I suck at animating”
“Play more CS:GO”
“fuck her in said pussy”
“can you please slap my dap”
“Gorad Time”
“Love you”
“kill all”
“Such dudes”
“Tyler I live in the same neighborhood as you youve probably never seem me but i own the 2015 audi a4”
“͡° ͜ʖ ͡° “
“I am watching this at school”
“How do i donate”
“sub 2 me”
“Tyler can you say kenes”
“Fuck em in the dick puss Tyler”
“hey Tyler i’m gonna clap your cheeks”
Fuck me in the ass and call me fernando”
“say my name”
“fuck skyrim”
“fuck me harder daddy”
“Fist meh daddy”
“say my name wildcat pls thanks”
“I am so wet”
“Play gmod”
“Alex is a fucking nigger”
“Are you gay”
“who else is masterbating”
“the wreckage”
“you commenters are the dumbest fucks ever”
“Lol ok weed”
“wild shit license to me”
“Trump for president 2016”

“I love u wildkat no homo”

“that’s a toilet“

“Hey wild u sexy bitch”
“Stfu about vanoss, hes not here so just dont say anytying T_T”
“pussy pussy marijuana”
“Anal Fun”
“eat my ass”
“i wanna hump you”
“dicks out for wildcat”
“You suck a dick”
“Say my name!”
“fist me tyler”
“ha u died”
“How’s life Tyler?”
“paul gray”
“Fuck u Minlidid”
“love u daddy”
“thats what she said”
“sub pizzazz”
“hi dadday”
“yell out TITTIES!!”
“im a big fan”
“WILDCAT. This is Eric from The Wreckage. Thank you for using our song as your outro.”
“i really want to fuck your husband ☺”
“Bitch much”
“tell Vanoss to shut the fuck up in the next Gmod video”
“I’m in school card”
“Vote for Trump”
“Scratch my balls”
“tight pussy holy fuck”
“funny how ur not being "positive” isn’t it XD”
“at least he’s HIV positive douche”
“I eat ass”
“orange peel”
“Watching you on my new iPhone 7”
“lit asf”
“look alive stay alice”
“Tyler = Jesus”
“It looks bad”
“my clit is wet”
“i do weed giveaways”
“Hey, Hey Wildcat, Get Gud”
“he gay”
“Can you fuck me”
“any guys wanna fuck”
“my dick so hard”
“my dick is so big”
“Wildcat I will donate 30 Dollars if you tell mini he is coil” - tigerman craig

*Tyler disables chat*


What would EXO members search for if they had Tumblr
  • Suho: parenting advice, wu yifan
  • Kai: puppies, kyungsoo's high notes face, 10 different ways to prepare chiken
  • Chanyeol: reasons to adore park chanyeol, how to make byunbaek laugh, how to get kyungsoo to stop hating you
  • Xiumin: Luhan
  • Kyungsoo: how to kill chanyeol and baekhyun, jongin's hipthrusts, kai being cute, kim jongin, kai kim jongin
  • Kris: sweg, fashion, basketball, wu yifan is the best
  • Tao: gucci, food, animals, toys, teddy bears, suho
  • Luhan: sebooty, xiumin's abs
  • Chen: how to annoy your hyungs 101 (written by baekhyun), kittens, how to dance like jongin
  • Baekhyun: how to get senpai to notice you, chanyeol's hands, bacon
  • Lay: bunnies, spread the love, exo-l fanart, how to not lose your wallet
  • Sehun: Sehun, sebooty, sexy noodle, handsome noodle
How I summarize the Dear Evan Hansen soundtrack:

Anybody have a map?: tryna raise kids ain’t easy

Waving through the window: notice me senpai

For forever: this would be cute if it weren’t all lies

Sincerely, Me: friends who forge emails from a dead guy together, stay together

Requiem: tfw ur brother dies and ur like “Eh”

If I could tell her: notice me senpai Pt. 2 (lying to get into her pants edition)

Disappear: what is a legacy? (Legacy) it’s planting seeds in a garden you’ll never get to see.

You will be found: actually a pretty touching song. Also no one cares about Connor till he was viral.

To break in a glove: Shaving cream? The Dad is obviously nuts.

Only Us: babe don’t bring my dead brother into our relationship please

Good for you: the definition of “if you use and abuse me, you lose me”

Words fail:

So big/ so small: lol have fun crying

Finale: lying about dead people wasn’t a good idea but he ???turned it around?? So he cool now