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12:43 am it's my birthday and I just turned 20. I'm thinking about how in 5 years my birthday will fall on a Saturday and how scary it is to think I'll be 25 in such a short time. I'm not ready for life or getting older, even though I know I'll still be young- it's weird to think about and even weirder that I probably won't even remember feeling afraid in this moment 5 years from now

damn dude welcome to the depressed young adults club 

oc questions: sleep edition

1) how does your oc get ready for bed?

2) does your oc prefer a warm or cool bed?

3) how many pillows does your oc need/use?

4) which oc sleeps with stuffed animals?

5) which oc prefers to share a bed with someone else?

6) which oc would be an absolute nightmare to sleep with (stealing blankets, cold feet, etc)?

7) which oc snores?

8) in what position does your oc sleep in?

9) describe your oc’s sleepwear.

10) how long does it take for your oc to fall asleep?

11) does your oc remember their dreams?

12) which oc experiences sleep paralysis?

13) is your oc more likely to have a good dream or a nightmare?

14) does your oc require certain conditions in order to fall asleep?

15) is your oc a restless sleeper?

16) which oc sleep talks?

17) which oc sleeps the most?

18) which oc can naturally run on less than 5 hours of sleep a night?

19) which oc is an insomniac?

20) a fire alarm goes off in the middle of the night while your ocs are asleep. how do they react?

21) what odd locations have your oc been found sleeping in?

22) which oc could probably sleep through the apocalypse?

23) where is your oc’s typical napping spot?

24) what is your oc like immediately after waking up?

I used to think love was hearts shaking in fragile ribcages, ready to burst out when two loves meet. When palms touch and the conversation gets faster but your mind gets slower because all you can think about is their hand in yours, their fingers so long, their skin so soft and yours too rough and you hope they don’t mind it too much. Long walks that you’ll always remember but you’ll never know what you said because they gave you their jacket and you keep trying to remember how they smelt against your skin.

I think love is calm. It’s ‘good morning’ and ‘have a good day’ and ‘I can’t wait to hear all about it but I’ll let you live it for now’. It’s the first time they tell you how the universe was made, and the first time you aren’t scared to disagree. It’s the way your palm used to sweat but it doesn’t anymore, the way your hands reach for each other’s when the lights are out. It’s arguing in the middle of the grocery store about what to make for dinner, and making a mess in the kitchen and not caring about who first threw the flour. It’s two hearts unsatisfied because they’ll never touch. It’s knowing that they’ll never really need to. It’s the way they’ll always be stubborn and you’ll always be kind, the way you’ll always be impatient but they’ll always calm your mind. It is the walk home after the firework display. It’s the way you’ll never ask, but they’ll still stay.

—  love is // r.e.s
Hurt- Andre Burakovsky

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Like did I spill my love life to you guys and now you want imagines on it? Lol! So also had this fight before with the boyfriend! Once again, didn’t end the same! Enjoy anyway!

Warning: mentions of abuse

Anon Request: Can you do an imagine for Burakovsky about the ready being afraid of being loved and falling in love because she was hurt in the past numerous times and he gets angry that he won’t let him love her and it makes her cry before she realizes that he’s a good guy and he’s serious about wanting to love and protect her??? This was a lot I’m sorry but I just love how you write about Andre :)


              You had been with Andre a long time in today’s relationship standards.

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the thing is, I don’t think I was prepared at all for this downward spiral, you know? we knew there would be so much pain, and upset, but I wasn’t ready to know that isak has isolated himself for so long? that he’s literally not getting sleep to the point of not being able to understand someone when they’re talking to him? he’s moody, he’s nervous, he’s lonely, he’s wrecked, and it all makes sense, it’s wonderfully portrayed, but how did it hit me so unexpectedly? how did it suckerpunch me to the point of losing breath? oh, right, this young guy who is discovering himself, who is trying to equate that with who he is as a son, and a friend, who is falling in love with someone who has possibly led him on, possibly lied to him, possibly outed him to other people - of course that guy’s crashing. of course he’s going to be scared and withdrawn and broken.

of course. but, like isak, I just didn’t see it coming

An angsty hc I’ve been thinking about for a couple of days now,

One day Cass finds an old youtube video of the Flying Graysons and excitedly goes and asks Dick if he could teach her, because she thinks that it looks like dancing in mid air

And Dick is over the moon because of course he would love to teach her how to use the trapeze and so he goes and sets everything up and helps her get ready and he’s so happy

But then he gets her up there and freezes

Because the last time he saw somebody he loved up on the trapeze he had also watched them fall

i’m learning how to fall deeply in love with life and living day by day. i’m not there yet, but i’m getting there. i have for so long wanted to get back the feeling i had at fifteen, carelessly and recklessly loving everything around me and about me. i miss it so much, but i need to find a new feeling like that… similar but with a different tone. one where i’m okay with broken lights and fallen moons at times. i’m learning how to appreciate the trees dancing in the wind and the moon pouring rays of sweetness at night as much as i can. it is not easy at times and i’m going to accept that. i’m learning to fall madly in love with the fact that i’m alive. feel the nearness in a less dreamy state, put the distance at the highest shelf.  i am ready for shadows covering my soul sometimes and being able to get them off me better. i’m going to forgive and forget that i loved and lived in such an absence almost my entire life, i’m going to make up for it. i’m going to learn how to love from sunrise to sunset, instead of dusk to dawn all the time. haunted unreal will fade as i earn strength. i’ll fall so deeply and madly in love with life and living that i’ll forget i ever felt absent and blurry.
—  t.j. // daily november prose #25

but i also know good things too. i know when i’m about to meet somebody i’m going to fall in love with. the last time i felt this i was going to a concert and the whole day i felt a really strange peace (like i do now) and i was getting ready to go, just taking my time. and i was like “hmm how do i want the person i’m going to fall in love with to see me for the first time?” so i wore a yellow dress. and when i got to the concert i was really anxious. it was really hot out and i just wanted to leave. so i went back to the parking garage and i just watched the sun set, i watched the reflection of the sky in the windows of a really tall building. i was going to leave but something just said “go back” so i thought okay, you gotta be right. and i went back and i saw this person and i thought i knew him and he thought he knew me too, but we’ve never met before. we didn’t talk to each other yet tho, he was just waiting for me. and at the end of the night i walked away with a different person, and this person just kept talking and talking and i wasn’t listening because the moment i saw this person something in my heart connected to theirs. i walked two blocks and the further away i went the more i felt it pull to him so i just stopped this person mid-sentence and said “i have to go back!!” and i did and i started to fall in love with him but it stopped a few months later and that’s okay. the first time it happened i was in high school and i took a different route than i usually do because i felt that i had to, and i walked down these busy steps and this boy was walking up and we just looked at each other and smiled and to myself i thought “i’m going to love you so much” and i did!! for 5 years i loved him so much. i knew. it’s funny too, when we were together we were going through pictures from when we were young and we found a picture of my sister and i on our first day of kindergarten and little him was standing in the background of the photo next to me.

Baby Korean 6 : Showering 1

You suddenly wake up realizing that you have 늦잠을 잤어요. Oh no! What should you do!?

You quickly run into the shower and you turn on the shower. Once you get in you realize that 수압이 약해요, so you try and fiddle about with the shower head to see if it will pump out the water stronger.

When all of a sudden 수압이 세요. 수압이 너무 세요 so the water goes straight into your mouth. You slip and fall to bang your head against your glass shower wall.

As you recover you realise once again thay you need to get ready soon so you hold the shampoo and you start to 샴푸를 짜요 but nothing comes out!

Oh no!!! 샴푸 다 떨어졌어요!! So you try and find a quick subsitute for the shampoo

You try to 바디워시를 짜요 but 바디워시가 다 떨어졌어요.
바디클렌저를 짜요 but 바디클렌저가 다 떨어졌어요.

Oh this is not going well at all.

How can you 머리를 감아요 without any shampoo! AH 비누~
비누 solves everything right?.

So then you start to 비누칠을 해요.

And everything is fine… so you hope!


늦잠을 자다 - This is what happens if you miss your alarm clock. We all do it from time to time

수압이 약하다 - When your Shower pump is weak

수압이 세다 - When your shower pump is powerful

샴푸/바디워시/바디클렌저를 짜다 - So this is when you actually squeeze the bottle for it to come out

샴푸/바디워시/바디클렌저가 다 떨어지다 - If you squeeze it and nothing comes out then this is what it is called in Korean.

머리를 감아요 - putting your hands in your hear and then you scrub it with soap or water.

비누 - Soap

비누칠을 하다 - When you get the bar of soap and you scrub it around your face and your body

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I love how the International fans are freaking out over Henriks new instastory. But what you guys don't know is that he was probably "ready" for his audition to Norways biggest theatre school. Apparently the second round of auditions were held today, so my guess is that he went to audition for a spot to get in this fall semester (he's already studying theatre). It's the same school as Ina (Chris) and Carl Martin (Eskild) goes to. And only a handful of people are selected to attend each year.

me: would freak out over henrik posting a picture at 7 in the morning, writing ‘ready’, knowing full well that he means ‘ready for the day’

i will never get over that music video for “Happy” by Leona Lewis. like she really spent the entire day getting ready for her wedding and we see how she meets her future husband and how they fall in love and then it turns out in the end IT WASN’T EVEN HER WEDDING IT WAS HER BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING AND HER BEST FRIEND WAS MARRYING THE MAN SHE WAS IN LOVE WITH LIKE… WHAT THE FUCK

Yall: Lydia doesnt love Stiles!!!!

Lydia: *Says she wont forget Stiles with tears in her eyes*

*Was ready to leave Beacon Hills with Stiles as long as he was safe*

*Holds his hand*

*Tells Stiles to kiss her*

*Tries desperately to hold onto his memory*

*Holland says Lydia is falling madly in love with Stiles*

*Gets jealous when she sees him with Malia*

Me: … what show yall watching cause it aint Teen Wolf

Softly, you whisper in my ear, “Good morning, sweetheart.“ 
I smile as your kiss lingers on my cheek, your warm voice filling my morning with comfort. 
It’s been a year since we’ve been together and your voice still reverberates in my chest every morning. Husky and sleepy.
Your arm is lazily kept over my stomach as soft butterflies scatter in it. I mumble a "Good morning” and turn over to fall back asleep. You watch me, smiling, and then rip the covers from me.
I half-heartedly fight for the stolen warmth as the cold morning catches up to me.
Shuddering, I place a foot on the ground and whine about how cold the ground is as you disappear into the bathroom, satisfied that I’m finally awake. 
It’s 7 in the morning. One of my most important meetings is at 8 and I’ve barely started getting ready for it.
By the time I’m done accumulating all my research and the bullet points I’d made last night into a file, you’re done wearing your suit and making coffee.
Two freshly brewed cups of coffee are shared in the kitchen in silence. Probably the only shred of peace we’ll have during the entire day. 
It’s 7 in the evening. You’re already home, changed into comfortable pyjamas and I arrive, tired from a brutal day.
The best part of having someone to love is there’s always someone who is waiting for you once you come back home.
The best part of having someone to love, for me, is the comfort of your arms and the warm silence that shrouds the air when you’re reading a novel and I’m lying on your lap with eyes shut as my body embraces the peace.
No place would ever give me as much solace as your arms.
No aesthetic is as calming as your chocolate brown eyes.
No music is as beautiful as your voice, deep and soft.
Your voice has become my love song, that greets me every morning and is the last thing I hear before I go to sleep at night. 
And I know that I’ll never want to replace it with another.
Maybe this is what forever feels like.

Tamarind Fall; Writing prompt: Your voice is my love song.



Firing a kiln: kind of like magic!

From @hammerlyceramics - The magic of firing ceramics fast mode. Blows my mind you can see how much they shrink!! Getting ready for the #boulderpottersguild
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#potterymaking #pottery #wip #kiln #firing

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An Unexpected Encounter 1/4

An Olicity holiday AU about a big city librarian returning to her small town for the holidays and having an unexpected encounter. I so hope you enjoy!

Thanks so much to @mel-loves-all for making the AMAZING edit and supporting me as I wrote. Thank you to @youfixedmybrokenwings for editing.


                                   Please Come Home for Christmas

Felicity woke to the sound of softly falling snow. Getting up from bed she slipped on her slippers to head out onto the balcony of her condo. She took a deep breath and breathed in the first smell of winter. A smile crossed her face. It was early December and you could just feel the holiday season in the air. The anticipation of the holidays was something Felicity truly loved. The actual events with chaos of family and friends, not so much. How she wished she could avoid the upcoming questions about her social life. Beep, Beep, Beep…she heard her alarm going off.  Leaving the balcony and the freshly falling snow, she left to get ready for the day.

The subway was crowded with more people than usual because of the snow…which for some reason people had not anticipated in December. Just another way the city differed from where Felicity had grown up, where it may snow as early as Halloween. She followed the bustling crowd off the train at her stop, quickly grabbing a coffee on her way into her office. Entering the building she stopped to wish the security guard good morning and hit the elevator to head up.

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since it’s almost christmas, i decided to make a set of billdip holiday headcanons! because who couldnt use more headcanons?

-upon hearing the tradition of christmas, bill becomes completely enraged. he was NOT going to let this jolly fat man break into his pinetree’s house. he stays up all night on christmas eve with a baseball bat to bash up this “saint nicholas” if he tries to get inside.
-dipper agrees to stay up with him since he thinks it’s kind of (really) cute how protective bill is being. and also how he thinks santa is real. bill lets dipper fall asleep with his head in his lap while he guards the house.
-bill pretends that he’s too good for holiday presents and doesn’t care if he gets something. but dipper always gets him stuff and he always cries a little and tells him he loves it, no matter how mediocre it is.
-once bill learns of the mistletoe tradition, he hangs one up on every doorframe, ready to smother dipper with love any time he enters or exits a room

if you have any knowledge of hannukah I’d love if you added some hannukah hcs to the post! 💙