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I never got why so many people say a Youtuber saved their life. I didn’t get it, how can someone you don’t even know help you, how can you feel like they’re essential for you living and continue living. But now, when I’m at my lowest point, like in a very dark place, I get it. Yeah I get how someone like Mark can give you the strength to continue. I feel how important it is to hear him say he’s proud. Because he is. I believe that he is proud that we continue living and that we try to be our best even in our worst times and that we fucking fight for leaving this pile of shit thoughts that say it isn’t worth it. Even if it seems like living is the hardest thing to manage. I don’t know where I’m going with this, I just wanted to say, I am truly thankful. For this man, because I love him from the bottom of my heart. I genuinely care for this man because he saves us every day without knowing. I know nearly no one will read this but I felt like I had to say it. 

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I'm the fashion question anon! The outfit you chose are basically ma favorites haha How did you get interested in fashion in the first place? And (a difficult one) how would you dress Louis for a casual outing? Thank you xxx

hiiii! i love you fashion anon(s). wish we could be friends irl. :”)

To answer your first question, this is going to sound cliché - as it is - but I think fashion has always been my way of expressing myself and of caring about myself. I was never really confident, when it comes to my physical appearance and I’ve struggled / am struggling with body image issues, EDs and all that comes with. Through all of this, clothes have always been my way to feel good about myself, I’ve never really cared about looking “weird” or different or being mocked (like in high school I dressed à la Blair Waldorf in high waisted skirts and ties and I didn’t own one pair of jeans) and I actually think it made me learn that if I believed it enough, no one would actually mock me or even care. Fashion taught me something about confidence and being your own person and when everything else went wrong and I felt like disappearing, that was my way of staying someone, of having a personality and something that defined me. So in a way dressing myself became my way of loving myself and of being proud of that little part of me, because even if I hated my body (and my mind, kinda), I could love my outfits. If it makes sense. I’ve started buying magazines and keeping up with fashion shows and everything and it just moved me so much, to tears, how men can create something so beautiful and powerful, or sometimes upsetting, but anyway, something alive because it’s there for people’s consumption. I thought: this is art but also, this is art that can make you feel like you’re saying something, even when you don’t know how else to exist. 

So this is my story. :)

As for Louis! I’d dress him every day for a lifetime because I have so many ideas, but I’m going for something quick and simple. 

Light wash jeans, not too tight because he can actually pull that off, like these Off White ones that would also show off his skinny perfect ankles. (also Louis’ derrière > the model’s)

a simple t-shirt with some fine detail, like:

(by Longjourney)

and either a silk bomber like this Sandro one

(hello the model is Larry’s son)

or something ‘more rugged’ maybe, eg Off White again since he seems to like it and I think it makes his ‘laddy’ streetwear style a bit more high fashion, which I personally appreciate. So like this or the black & white one he already wore.

Sneakers like these 

et voilà.

oh and I also have a cap or snapback or whatever this is. I honestly don’t love them but this one is relevant and relatable so. I wouldn’t mind to see him with it soon. (:

Hope you like it! 

x much love


Cafés ☕️ 👓

One of my favorite places to grab a bite and get into the work grind. Something about cafés gets me so focused but never stressed.. definitely a win win 🌟

Quick Study Tips

Get out of your house. 

  • It’s so easy to get distracted in your own home. Getting out of your house lets you refocus

Don’t make yourself miserable

  • Work for 40 minutes and then give yourself a 15 minute break to enjoy your coffee and give your mind a break.

Remember your goals

  • Ever time you feel like saying F it, remember that your goals in life require hard work. Practicing discipline from now will set you up for future success

Take quizzes

  • Prep books, quizlet, teacher quizzes, whatever the resource is, use it. There is nothing like taking a quiz to find out what you really know 

Pictured: Saladicious Cafe 📸

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Okay firstly I absolutely love your blogs and your works oh my goodness. I hope this isn't a bothersome or stupid ask but I was wondering how you print your decks? Is there like a place you get them printed?

Thank you so much!

I use

As much as I like the idea of Yuuri winning gold and Victor getting silver and just being extremely proud of his husband, imagine Victor having a hard time dealing with his loss. Imagine him forcing himself to smile and encourage Yuuri on the podium because on one hand he’s so proud but on the other it hurts to get silver after being the undefeated champion for so long. Imagine him nodding and grinning at Yuuri because he knows that’s what he wants to see, but falling apart on the inside because it hurts to not be the best anymore, it hurts to be worse than someone else, even if he loves that someone more than anything else. Imagine Victor being happy for Yuuri but silently despairing over the fact that his own time is over and he is no longer relevant and if he doesn’t retire now then he will just fall behind more and more skaters because he’s just not the flawless, breath-taking young skater he used to be. He’s no longer the living legend he was for so long.

And imagine Yuuri seeing through his fake smile and realizing that he cares for Victor’s happiness more than about a gold medal, even if it’s the appreciation of his skills that he always wanted. Imagine him frowning and stepping off the podium and just throwing his arms around Victor and apologizing.

And imagine Victor shaking his head and biting back tears because this is Yuuri’s big moment, the thing they worked for for years, the victory that Yuuri completely and utterly deserved and he can’t steal his spotlight, not over something so petty, not now.

And imagine Yuuri just finding his hand and running his fingers over the gold band on Victor’s ring finger and squeezing his hand lightly and saying “You’ll always be the reigning champion to me.”

And imagine Victor just bursting into tears because it actually makes him feel better and remind him how much he loves him, how much he adores how Yuuri can be the bigger person during Victor’s moments of weakness even when he really doesn’t deserve it, and imagine him ushering Yuuri back to the highest spot of the podium and just extending his arms like he’s presenting the most precious thing in the word because that’s exactly what Yuuri is to him.

Imagine both of them accepting Yuuri’s victory and turning it into something that helps their relationship grow, and something that they’re both proud of.

let dan and phil make money without complaining 2k17


Thank you Minako-sensei. 

I feel like Chris is so loved by his fans, coach, and mystery man. 


Eliot Waugh in the new Season 2 trailer


“let’s see what ending i get if i choose the options i would actually choose, without aiming for anyone specific”


Harry Potter Studio Tour (winter edition)
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Taylor Swift Valentines–great to send to family, friends, and that special someone ;)