how to get pastel hair

How to get pastel hair

Pastel hair quickly became one of the most sought-after hair must-haves and I have received countless messages asking how to achieve this lovely look. As ever, I always recommend going to a salon, but if you wish to do it yourself, this is a quick guide on how to do it.

To start.
Pastel colours show up best on very light blonde hair - white is best, if you can manage it. Have a look here to learn how best to achieve white hair.

What dye?
I do not recommend using a pastel dye. Perhaps some people do and they have no problems but personally, I do not suggest you select a dye that is already pastel. They generally do not last as long and are sometimes a bit patchy.
I recommend using a regular semi-permanent dye and diluting it with conditioner. You can make any colour pastel, however some look better than others. The most popular include pink, purple, blue and green.

When you mix the conditioner and dye you need to make sure you have enough conditioner to cover all of your hair. If you mix up enough for half and then mix another load for the rest, you may  end up with slightly different colours, which could leave you with uneven, patching looking hair.
I suggest getting a large bowl and filling it with enough conditioner to easily cover all your hair.
You can use any conditioner really as long as it is not already coloured, but I would recommend using one that is quite thick and not too watery.
Add a small amount of your chosen dye and mix thoroughly. If it is too light, add a tiny bit more at a time. It is easy to add more and make it darker than it is to add too much at the start and have to chuck in loads more conditioner to get it pastel, so do it gradually.

Make sure the conditioner/dye is mixed really well so you don’t come across a pocket of pure dye.
I would use a hair dye applicator brush and cover all the hair that you want dyed pastel colours.
If you are doing multiple colours, be sure to divide your hair up and wrap each section once you’ve coloured it to make sure it doesn’t touch another part of your hair that you want a different colour.
Leave the mixture on your hair for as long as you physically can. Many people will wrap their hair and sleep overnight with the mixture on.
Rinse really well with water that is as cool as you can handle – don’t freeze yourself!

Try to wash your hair as little as possible – the more you wash it, the more the colour will fade.
When you do wash it, use cool water and a colour-friendly shampoo and conditioner.
Try not to use too much heat on it – hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons, etc. etc.
Some people, when washing their hair, mix a bit of the colour in with their conditioner and rinse – this may help keep the colour for longer but it could lead to uneven colouring so be careful if you do this.

Help! Solutions to common problems.
I’ve just rinsed the dye off and it’s too bright: Cover your hair in conditioner (no dye) and leave for half hour to an hour, then rinse. This should dilute it a bit. If not, the colour will fade so just wash it the next few days until you get to the colour you want.

I can’t find the right colour: Mix them together! Most semi-perm dyes can be mixed (I would stick to the same brand, just to be safe) so you can make your own unique shades.

My roots are coming through and they’re too dark to just use dye on: Bleach just your roots and use toner etc. as you did when you bleached your hair originally. Then mix up a whole new batch of colour and do all your hair again. You can just do the roots but you cannot guarantee that it will match the rest of your hair.

The colour is fading: Again, mix up a whole new batch and reapply.

If you have any other questions or if you have tips of your own, you know where the ask box is! : )

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Prompt: Sakura and Zetsu are ferturnal twins in high school. Zetsu is apart of the Akatsuki while he keeps Sakura far away from his friends, cause he knows that once they see her, they will never let her go. Note: Konan is bi.

Sorry this one took so long, I’ve been taking a short break! Whew, almost done with the prompts in my ask box! defiantly asking for more for tomorrow~

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!!! I might be getting a wig like how I want my hair (pastel!) and then I can maybe take pictures!! Cuz I can’t wash my hair by myself. And mom doesn’t have time to do it more than once a week. I’m extremely self conscious about that. Which is why I stopped taking pictures in the first place.

y'all are going batshit crazy with Tattoo artist!Luke blurbs so I thought I'd join in

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Pastel-ish Joshua Icons 

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"How did you get your hair powder pink(or any pastel)?"
  1. (Day 1) I bleached my hair, deep conditioned (left conditioner on it for some three hours)
  2. (Day 2) Waited a day, deep conditioned again
  3. (Day 3) Hair wasn’t light enough, bleached it again, deep conditioned (Skip this step if your hair is light enough)
  4. (Day 4) Put a purple toning shampoo on my hair, left it in for some hours, deep conditioned (the shampoo will dry out your hair) This shampoo will turn your hair white/off purple.
  5. (Day 5) Mixed a bit of Splat pink fetish, Manic Panic’s cotton candy pink, aaaand a BUUUUNCH of white conditioner until I got a creamy baby pink colour. Applied it to my hair, left it in for hours (may vary depending on your perference) Colour was a bit shocking bright at first, but after a few washes you get a glorious pale pastel pink.

Hope that helped!

These steps should work when you want any pastel hair colour, just substitute your colours accordingly.

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Finally uploaded a video about how to get white/silver hair to answer the countless amount of questions I get on the subject! c: 


NEW VIDEO! How to get that pastel pink hair bob. Princess Bubblegum would feel salty just lookin at it. 


How to get pastel pink hair, tutorial.

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Hello :) I've been wanting to dye my hair a pastel-ish purple for the longest time and I think I'm finally going to go for it! Since you've already had your hair a lavender color I was wondering if you could answer a question or two for me. How light did you have to bleach your hair to get the color you did? Like was it literally white or just blonde? I guess it kind of leads to the next question which is would a toner be necessary? Thanks!

My hair wasn’t completely white, but it didn’t have any brass in it. The thing with purple dye is the purple helps to “cancel out” any brassy or yellow tones anyways, so your hair doesn’t have to be totally white. My hair was this colour before making it lavender 

If you think you still have a lot of brassy bits, yes you should tone it! It’s impossible to say without seeing your hair first though!

Also just a side note, if you want your hair to be a super light pastel than yes you should try to get your hair as white as possible. This is the colour my hair turned. 

You can definitely see some “warmer” tones in there, which is because my hair wasn’t completely white. 

It’s all up to your preference, really! 

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Hi I saw a post from whenever that you had pink hair. I love it. Thats the color I want to dye my hair. How did you dye it? What was the products you used? Also now that its dyed do you have any specific products you use to maintain it or anything?

Hey there! 

here is a post with pictures about my hair! Unfortunately the shade I originally used, fudge paint box shade purple haze is now classified toxic in EU and cannot be sold anywhere so I’m actually in search of new stuff that could get me back to that shade of blue. But for now I’m sticking with pink as long as i have the stuff. Now with my ombre

I just randomly dyed the roots. The color dyes the ends a bit when washing off. I do have to warn you tho that this shade washes off super fast so if you want it to look as strong as above you need to dye it almost weekly. 

Every time I wash my hair I use silver shampoo and leave it on for at least 3 min. I also get kinda frizzy hair nowadays because of the constant washing and dyeing so I always use heat protecter spray before drying it and just yesterday bought a comb hair dryer (it’s a brush from which air comes out) cus in japan I noticed it helped a lot. 

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what hair dye do you use for your lilac hair? stay stunning queen ❤

Hey there!
You should check out my how to get paste hair tag! There’s some other asks and link to the post I made when I first dyed them lilac. It’s a bit of a gamble every time haha

Also thank youuuuuu you’re way sweet ❤

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