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ok WHO ALLOWED chapter 27 of the dream thieves

first of all,,

i’m actually going to combust






Who’s looking forward to Hauntswitch?


PERIOD AU – requested by anon

As the mystery around the murder grew ever thicker, their chance meetings grew more frequent. The pressure on Mr. Strike was not one of a humble nature, the looming threat of repercussions dangled ominously above his head. Were the case to remain unsolved, he would have to face an outcome of unimaginable largeness that involved his future as a private investigator. And amidst the complications and uncertainty that plagued the complex case, Miss Ellacott had proven to be a distracting assistance he could not afford. 

Kay..but seriously, tell me Derek doesn’t look like some Disney princess in need of rescuing. The way he falls on those steps and his big eyes…he’s all dramatic even when he’s an Alpha. I mean this is after Prince Charming rescued him, but still…

Does the way the high school au choose to decipher Jean bother anyone else or is that just me ??

My new computer came! And I’m still trying to figure out what my SAI settings were.

My niece requested Moana, so we watched it while I worked.

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I fell like I was a little deku ish in high school. Shy, less than confidant, less than ready to admit to being queer 😬. If only there had been an icy hot prince like todo chan for me then lol

awhh, sweet nonnie! i totally get ya. you’re perfect just how you are, and i am so lucky to talk to someone as adorable as yourself!!!! someday your prince will come, and when he does i hope he’s as handsome and gentle and pure as prince shouto himself 

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Indess and Manon are your canon OCs, right? How do you feel about the Wardens/Hawke you created first? I just wonder because I have mostly been unable to connect with any warden as strongly as I did my first, and I'm interested to know how other people ended up with later OCs superseding their predecessors.

Yes, they are!

If I’m being completely honest, I really don’t care for my first characters. I can remember their names and their choices to some degree, but that’s about it.

I tend to be a little slow when it comes to understanding lore and story in video games -and Dragon Age games don’t skim on either! I never really know what’s going on in my first playthroughs, which makes it difficult for me to connect to anything outside of main characters.

And this is where my problem lies. It’s through storytelling that I can create characters I truly care for. But as someone who needs to understand whichever world I’m telling stories in, it’s just not something I can do as I go along.

So I use my first characters as “test dummies”, through which I can get a first feel of the world. And by the time I have understood the world, I’ve either realised that my first character doesn’t fit within it, or that there are more interesting characters I could play as.

    ANYWAY!! in the midst of all things, deku is still deku : he’s still that little boy who wishes to become a hero and strongly looks up to all m/ight and k/acchan. the only difference is he’s lost completely in both anger, envy and hopelessness. he still spends nights watching the same video without fail, sometimes even crying while he’s at it. there’s still days where he’d see all m/ight pass by in the street and he’d internally ‘fanboy’ but of course, he will no longer run up to the front to see him more clearly despite that day. he doesn’t exactly wish to be a villain nor is he happy with his current situation, he’s only doing so to prove something. there are somedays where he even questions himself on what is he even doing, then there are other days where he tells himself he’s on the right path.

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Sorry I don’t usually do this but I gotta know. Does he ever buy himself a nice pair of tight underwear that highlights all the right places just to give Fenris a shock?

No. Fenris has brought him home nice pairs, and he can occasionally be blackmailed into wearing them, but he hates them.

Edit to say: Fenris himself has spectacular taste in underwear.

also the tea that’s on my mind tonight is that !!! cringe culture is really stupid.  you’re only on this earth for so long you know? like what you like!! don’t let people make you feel bad or embarrassed abt it!!