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a soft boy

you know who i’m so grateful for? amy santiago

  • firstly, she isn’t stereotyped at all but her culture isn’t ignored
  • despite her rule following and sucking up to her superiors she’s never been a killjoy and ruined things for the rest of the squad
  • she’s always been portrayed very much as jake’s equal, even though they’re so different, they’re still both super good at their jobs
  • she’s never just been a love interest, the show has given story lines outside of her relationship with jake and she has been allowed to grow and develop friendships with the other characters
  • her character development has been amazing. she was so concerned with impressing holt in s1 and now in s3 she’s become so great at standing up to him and making sure that he respects her as much as she respects him
  • she’s also become a lot more chill, without becoming, y’know, actually chill, probably thanks to her friendship/sister-in-law-hood with gina
  • she proves that you can be a nerd and be badass
  • she’s a disastrous chef and she doesn’t think that putting eIGHTEEN CUPS OF OREGANO in cooking is at all weird, what a dork
  • she outsmarted both jake and holt when they underestimated her also rosa called her an evil genius (because she fucking could be, okay)
  • she’s also really adorable and sometimes i find myself getting distracted by how pretty her face is

Life would be so much more fun if I were pretty. I would actually enjoy getting dressed up, putting on makeup, and going out. I could focus on so many other things instead of fixating on being ugly. Imagine the friends I’d have! Imagine what its like to be pretty and do your makeup!! Imagine taking selfies with your friends!! Posting selfies on instagram and getting comments from your friends building you up and telling you how gorgeous you are! Imagine going on dates! Imagine getting free drinks and stuff from men!Imagine what shopping and trying on clothes is like being pretty! The simple, seemingly basic things that I dont get to enjoy sound so amazing. And pretty women take it all for granted.

I’m constantly amazed at how nice writers in this fandom are. Like seriously, every time I find the tumblr of one of my favorite writers they are either incredibly sweet & kind or turn out to be people that have reached a level of fame where they simply can’t answer all asks anymore (but still reblog stuff that I very much agree with). And no matter what level of fame they have reached they are never unnecessarily rude, despite sometimes having to be firm in their replies. I don’t have problems with unfollowing people if they post something that makes me uncomfortable but I’ve never had to do that with any of them.

Just. A huge shout out to all of my favorite writers. I’ve barely talked to any of you and I doubt you know I exist but you guys are seriously the best ;A;

(Also a huge shout out to writers in general. Thank you for being awesome and pouring so much time and effort into something that I can easily consume & enjoy when I’m dying for new ship content. You guys are a m a z i n g too T^T)

I’m sorry

happy valentine’s day ❤


This is marriage. It can’t be outdone.

I, Sebastian, take this woman to be my lawful wife… under the eyes of God, from this day forward.

colour process for this

first time ive made a speedpaint in over a year, and i used a different program that i.. havent quite got the hang of yet, so this is just a test

Today I woke up with pink eye. Ugh. Isn’t that for kids? Last night I barhopped until 2:00 AM. That’s something I haven’t done in ages. It was a lot of fun. So in addition to my goopy eye I was very “tired.” Eventually I tried to take a nap but my eye caused too much discomfort. Off I went to Target’s Minute Clinic.

After I signed in the computer monitor said I had a 58 minute wait time. Normally I wouldn’t care because I like Target. I could shop. However with my hideous peeper and hangover I slumped in a red plastic chair like a miscreant outside the principal’s office. I’ll just surf on my phone… and no, 17% battery.

There was an outlet next to my chair. Target sells phone chargers. Except I didn’t feel like moving - or being seen - so I waited like it was 2005 with my phone in my pocket instead of my hand.

A family was standing by the clinic entrance. The nurse recognized them and whisked them in right away. A bitchy woman standing behind the family snapped that she had been there first. The nurse politely explained they were squeezing in flu shots between all appointments because they go so quickly. BW seemed OK with this so no screaming or scratching ensued. BW pushed her cart back into the store.

A few more people ahead of BW and me were seen by the nurse and PA. I watched (through my one good eye) as my name moved up the wait list. I determined the name before mine was BW. Finally the monitor said BW was up to bat and I was on deck. Yet I had the waiting room to myself. The nurse came out, looked at me, and said “I bet you’re not Claire.” Nope. “Well she’s not here so your next!” Hooray for medical personnel who don’t waste a moment of time.

The exam was quick. I was prescribed eye drops. Flu shots were free so I asked for one of those too. You know how much I like free stuff. It gets better. Not only were the flu shots gratis they came with $5 Target coupons. I was essentially paid five bucks to get a flu shot.

They wouldn’t give me more than one shot and coupon no matter how nicely I asked. I said thank you and left to pick up my prescription. I sort of wanted to see the expression on BW’s face when she returned and I wasn’t waiting. Instead I hustled home to try another nap.

notice (peter parker)

welp i wrote stuff when exactly zero (0) people asked me to, i’ll tag the shit out of this so hopefully people see it. please please please give me feedback and also request stuff if you like it or yell with me about spider-man,,,i’m in too deep lads

it started with chemistry.

a small, barely noticeable curl fluttered at the very top of his forehead. of course, you noticed it, because you noticed everything about him, the bane of your existence, one peter benjamin parker.

to be perfectly honest, it started long before chemistry—“it” being your infatuation with this intelligent but bumbling boy—but in this case, what started that day was what you referred to as “the beginning”, the beginning of something much more than what you already had.

you watched the curl dance along his hairline from the slight breeze coming through the open windows of the lab. every once in a while he blew upward, trying to force the curl off of his forehead, as if it was bugging him immensely. (but how could it, you wondered, when it was so miniscule that surely you were the only one to notice, as you did with everything about him, like how he buttoned his shirts up all the way or itched his nose when he was confused or the crinkle of his eyes when he laughed.)

(you had begun to realize that perhaps peter noticed a lot more than you thought, but that was an exploration for another day.)

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i’m so sick of straight people trying to force their straight agenda into everything

So, I’m actually behind on stuff I’m suppose to be doing, but my lazy ass keeps procrastinating and drawing whatever I want. So.. I’m gonna go ahead and start doin’ what I’m suppose to be doin’. Of course I do not intend to just like.. obliterate my effing wrist just getting these done. I’ll do some today and some tomorrow. So, I’ll keep updating this pic as I get some of these done by counting down the numbers and crossing them off my list if I finished that project. So, feel free to keep watch on how much stuff I’m getting done. 

Thank you all for being very patient with me. Now prepare for the ultimate art spam. :v

anonymous asked:

regarding the Jesse tidbit comic, but why would anyone want to call a manager? or corporate? what could have gone so terribly wrong at Jesse's perfect little bakery with Jesse's perfect baking skills and Jesse's perfect pastries and baked goods and Jesse's perfect employees (Ahsoka, since she kinda sorta works there) and Jesse's perfect Jesse?

Ohhh, have you ever worked retail, friend? There are some people on this little blue marble of ours who absolutely refuse to accept that they can’t have their way 100% of the time. Full-grown so-called adults who will throw public tantrums like goddamn three-year-olds because somewhere along the way the phrase “the customer is always right” got taken out of context and now spineless managers everywhere will bend over backwards to appease these awful brats because one whiny call to corporate can cost someone their job. These wretched “valued customers” have been conditioned to think that screams and threats will get them free stuff, and anyway how dare some lowly wage slave not understand that I am superior and deserve absolute deference?! You could be the sweetest guy in a blissful sitcom universe, but still there will be some entitled soccer mom determined to get you fired for not bowing to her whims. It was probably something extremely stupid too, like “I asked for yellow flowers on this cake but I didn’t specify a petal shape and you didn’t read my mind so you made roses instead of orchids and my whole party was somehow ruined by this so now I demand a full refund in cash even though this happened a week ago and we ate the whole thing and also I don’t have a receipt.”


“I could recognize him by touch alone, by smell; I would know him blind, by the way his breaths came and his feet struck the earth. I would know him in death, at the end of the world.

and as the world comes to an end
i’ll be here to hold your hand
‘cause you’re my King and I’m your Lionheart

happy belated birthday miyukeis <3

Birthdays weren’t really your type of thing since you became a hunter. Then again you didn’t have anyone to celebrate it with anyways. That is until you met the Winchesters. At first they were hard to get through and to gain their trust was even harder. Eventually, you all got close and now you can’t imagine your life without them.

“Hey guys, I’m gonna go out for a bit; grab a drink—or maybe see how much free stuff I can get.”

“Don’t have too much fun, kid.” Dean took his eyes off the book he was reading to respond to you.

“Hey, you want me to come with?” Sam jumped up before you could start making your way towards the door.

“No, it’s alright. I don’t want to bug you. I’ll see you later, Sammy.” You waved bye and gave him a smile before taking off.  


It was almost midnight when you finally walked through the bunker door. It was quiet, so you thought that the guys were asleep. You made your way to the kitchen to get some water when you noticed a candle lit dinner on the table. Naturally you thought it was Dean trying to impress some chick, but Sam walked around the corner with his hands stuffed in his pocket.

“Surprise.” He spoke quietly letting a small grin come across his lips.

“What’s this?” You asked unsure.

“I know you don’t really care about today, but I do. Happy birthday Y/N.” Sam walked over to you a placed a kiss on your cheek. He signaled with his head for you to follow him to the table which you did. When you sat down you couldn’t take your eyes on him.

“I made everything.” He finally spoke up breaking the silence.

“Sam, you really didn’t have to.” You answered looking down at everything. He dipped his head to get you to look at him and reached his arm down to grab you by the hand.

“Oh, but I really did.” He spoke giving you a big smile. He didn’t need to say anymore because the way he looked at you answered all your questions.