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Imagine standing in the bathroom with Woozi and talking about your day while you help take his makeup off after a whole day of performances.

simplisic  asked:

I've heard (youtube, blogs) so many people talk about how they got samples from sephora/mac/etc. and I wanna know how ?? (Btw I love your blog! You're so helpful)

Hi, thank you!

All you have to do is… walk into the store, and ask one of the people that work there, “Hey, I’m interested in trying a new ___________ (foundation, cleanser, etc)  Could you help me find a couple to try some samples of?”  Sephora will give you up to three customized samples of pretty much anything in the store, and I believe it’s the same number for MAC?  I’m not positive, but if you are genuinely interested in trying something, most stores, including counters at Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc, will give you a sample to try if you ask nicely.  Don’t just walk in and be like, “Hey do you have any free samples?”  The people that work there are trained well and want to genuinely help you find something that will work for you, so don’t abuse the system.  When you shop online on, you also have the option to add free samples to your cart when you check out.

Another way to get free stuff from Sephora is to sign up for their Beauty Insider rewards system.  Chances are if you’ve ever shopped there before you’re already signed up.  Beauty Insider is a points system, and once you reach 100 points or more (just don’t try for the 1000+ points, lol) you can redeem for free deluxe minis of products.  Beauty Insider also gives you a free birthday gift, and if you get to higher levels you can get other random free gifts throughout the year!  Ulta has a similar rewards system, but their points go towards money off of a purchase.

Hope this helps you!  Happy shopping!  :)


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The good news is that my url now matches my Instagram. The bad news (for me at least) is that I have to make a new masterlist now. 


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Note: In some of my older tutorials, I used products that were tested on animals. Since then, I have started switching over to cruelty-free products. Tutorials with a “💕 ″ next to them use cruelty-free products.

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Note: It’s safe to assume that all of the products in these tutorials are cruelty-free. As I understand, most SFX brands do not test on animals. 

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How and why the fuck do you get so much free makeup

They are gifts from makeup companies or their owners. They simply wish me to try their things and share looks featuring their products!


I feel like many of the popular YouTube makeup channels have turned into nothing more than “Look how much free stuff I get from makeup companies!” because all I’ve seen lately are people getting massive sets of products in huge PR packages.