how to get five dollars

Here’s a hot tip for all you high schoolers out there (and college students, too):

If there’s a scholarship you think you could maybe qualify for but think you shouldn’t apply, for any reason: apply.

I work for a marketing company. We just ran a scholarship for three different cash awards, totaling a few thousand dollars. You know how many people applied to get thousands of dollars?

Five. Just five people applied for our scholarship.

One of my coworkers working on the project with me used to work for a scholarship that was awarding $28,000. Read that again. $28,000. You know how many people applied for his scholarship?


What I’m trying to say is that there is tens of thousands of dollars out there pretty much for the taking. However fierce you think competition is, I can guarantee it actually isn’t. Find scholarship directories, go on your university/college of choice’s financial aid page and find their scholarship directory, hell, just google. Most times you’ll have to write an essay and be required to submit your transcript, but that’s it. That’s generally all that’s standing between you and tens of thousand of dollars in catch-free financial aid that you won’t have to pay back.

Don’t worry about your GPA. Don’t worry about your clubs and extracurriculars. Just submit whatever they ask you to submit at the highest quality you possibly can.

I know how overworked high school and college students already are. Especially high schoolers in the run-up to applying to college. It’s intense. I remember. But if you’re hard up for the cash to afford your school, please consider tracking down and applying for as many scholarships as you can. You might just be one of five people that applies.

(As a final note, please, please, please don’t tell us about your fandom blogs and pinterest accounts and so on. It’s cute to someone like me, but I’ve been in fandom all my life. It’s probably not going to help you with most scholarship judges or admissions officers.)

So… who’s excited for this?

Seduce Me the Otome Audiodrama CD, “Just Another Day”!!

“Michaela! What is this?? I’ve never heard of this!!”

This is an audiodrama CD made just so you can bring the boys with you where-ever you go via your music player! They are designed after Japanese Boyfriend CDs where you listen and immerse yourself into an audio world with your love interest talking to you, serenading you, or even KISSING YOU!!

The estimated release date is August 1st. This include 15 tracks of incubi goodness, a blooper track, and 5 behind the voices tracks with all 5 of the incubi! (21 tracks in all!!!) The 15 tracks will also be STEREO MIXED, so you will be able to enjoy the ‘presence’ of the incubi’s voices AS IF THEY WERE SITTING NEXT TO YOU (So make sure to wear headphones~ ;3)

“How much?!”

Five. Dollars. That’s it! Only $5 and you can get all of the awesome tracks listed above!!

Are you excited yet?


If you want quick, cheap, and radical commissions draw by an average student in America trying not to fail eleventh grade, then this is the place for you! 

Rules about commissions are listed below!

Things I won’t draw:

~ Buildings/Architecture and vehicles ( I haven’t practiced enough for like, hardcore metal stuff and perspective angles yet.)

~ NSFW (I’ll draw butts, yet I’m like, seventeen…so I don’t wanna mess with the law or whatever. Plus peeners and guts are hard to draw, guys. Suggestive stuff is fine, but keep it PG-13 for now)

~ Hate art (Dude why would you spend five dollars on something mean to make someone feel bad in the first place, don’t ask me to do that, man)

~ Backgrounds (Once again, still learning. I still need practice in that area too, and I don’t want to disappoint you.)

Things I will draw:

~ Pretty much anything as long as I get a proper reference and as long as it doesn’t make me uncomfortable (I am allowed to deny a request though.)


Paypal payment only! Send me an email with your request and whether or not you have other preferences or questions. I am still in school, so I’ll try and draw them as quickly as I can with the time I have available. 

One commission can have two characters total, any additional character is another $5! Once again, please provide references so it will make it easier for me to doodle them, then you’ll be all set!

Updated Commission Info!

Well, my situation has stabilized somewhat thanks to the generosity of several friends and my sister, so I’m extremely grateful for that :) But, I’m still unemployed and having issues getting out of the house (thanks a bunch, anxiety and depression!) so I’m updating my commission info as I’m hoping to at least make some grocery money this way. I’m putting a soft limit of five slots on each commission category, but don’t worry–if I reach the limit, you can still request a commission! I’ll let you know if all the current slots are filled, and about how long it’ll take me to get to your request :)

Five Dollar Commissions!

For five (5) US dollars, I will do the following:

  • Make you a custom playlist up to fifteen tracks
  • Write a poem (on any subject) under 20 lines
  • Write a drabble (MCU, Teen Wolf, SPN, Sense8, and others!) under 1000 words
  • Draw a simple pencil sketchy portrait of anyone you can provide references for! 
  • Proofread your writing (be it fanfiction, homework, or anything else)

Ten Dollar Commissions!

For ten (10) US dollars, you can step it up a notch and get one of these:

  • A super playlist–up to 35 tracks
  • A poem, again on any subject, between 20 and 35 lines
  • A short fic (same fandoms) between 1-3k words
  • A blog theme update! I’ll do all the legwork of finding and tweaking a theme on a test blog, then all you’ll have to do is copy and paste the code
  • A customized version of your favorite song–for you, or as a gift for someone else!
  • Research help–for any project, any subject, I’ll provide you with five carefully selected, citeable sources. And if they aren’t what you need, I’ll find you three more for no extra charge :)

As always, donations to my paypal ( are also more than welcome, and you can reach me here on tumblr noxalnoesis or by email (also any time–I’ll do my best to get back to you within a few hours at the most (unless I’m sleeping, obvs). Thanks so much to everyone who’s already helped me, and I appreciate every reblog and every kind message :) 

Small Miracles - Part 2/3 (Between Heaven and Hell)

Part Two of my Christmas-themed fic set in the BH&H ‘verse (even though Christmas is over, I’m finishing this idea anyway) 

Part One is here 

Summary: Christmas is a time for miracles, and Emma Swan is an angel. Literally. Miracles are her specialty.

Rating: T (for now)

David was getting discouraged.

He did a good job of hiding it, but as Christmas crept closer and closer and they still hadn’t found the right engagement ring for Mary Margaret - Emma could see the tension in his shoulders when he was hunched over his laptop in his office, checking shopping websites and auction listings whenever Mary Margaret stepped out. They had visited several stores together and looked at dozens of rings, but found nothing that fit both his limited budget and Mary Margaret’s somewhat retro, fifties schoolteacher-ish sense of style.

“It’s hopeless,” he muttered when she arrived for the annual tree-trimming and cookie decorating party the couple threw every December at their loft-style apartment. David took her coat while his girlfriend was busy setting out bowls of frosting tinted in all the colours of the rainbow and trays of plain gingerbread men on the dining table, chatting away happily with the friends who had already arrived.

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she used to pay that price to get to school in the morning.
hopping from one dirty silver car to the next,
pinning for a blue seat.

they got stuck in one together one time.
they we’re on a date, one that only she knew about,
squealing in tune to the noise of the wheels they stood upon.

everybody’s rushing to get in and everybody’s rushing to get out.
its early in the morning, the city’s rush hour is at is peak.
nobody says sorry as they fight for a seat.

only the rats are having a feast.
everyone else is too busy with their screen.
nobody notices the sad girl’s tears, nobody sees her as she gets to her feet.

it costs 2.75 to get to heaven, or maybe i’ll go to hell,
i don’t really know where it’ll be,
i just know its right for me.

its ironic isn’t it? how i’m going to die.
its the same price she pays to get to school in the morning,
its the same place where all her friends meet, its located in the street.

there won’t be a blue seat for me that night,
i’m never going to take the six again,
i’ll wait.

i’m going to give us a couple weeks.
i’m not sure i’m going to tell anyone at all.
i’ll wait until there’s one swipe left on that flimsy little card.

that’s how much i’m going to pay for my own death.
i’m actually going to do this.
isn’t that weird?

two dollars and seventy-five cents,
that’s how much she pays to get to school.
two dollars and seventy-five cents, the cost of my suicide.

anonymous asked:

When you're just playing video games by yourself, do you sometimes accidentally start making commentary as if you were recording a video?

Well, that *is* how the videos get made. I just start talking while playing games, and somehow parts of that just appear on Youtube. I don’t know how they get there, but every time it happens, a five dollar bill appears in my mailbox with a note that says “keep going.”

I thought it was weird at first, but hey, five bucks is five bucks, right?