how to get close to allah

Lesson 1.

Don’t believe everything you’re told. 

Being naive is a part of being a kid. Expecting the best from the people around you is of course expected when you’re young. But as you get older and view things from the other side, you begin to realize that.. No one deserves the benefit of the doubt. If your gut tells you something, listen to it. Allah has given you intuition for a reason. Use it, take advantage its only there to help you. 

This year I was slapped with that realization, finally learning to trust my gut has helped me avoid a lot of situations but it took a lot of me ignoring my intuition and getting into trouble before I finally realized it. 

A piece of advice i was given from someone close to me was, if you pray it out you’ll get results. I asked Allah to show me the flaws in the people around me and alhamdulilah he did. I love those around me flaws or no flaws, but I’ve learned how to deal with it. 

So lesson of the day if i could sum it up would be, don’t give anyone the benifit of the doubt, trust your gut & always ask Allah(swt) 

Until next time. 

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anonymous asked:

Asalaam. Can you please advise me on how to deal with people who always test your patience? I'm naturally introverted and shy so I would never be rude or tell someone off but I'm really getting fed up with these people. They're my close friends but not as close as how I could speak to them about it. They however complain non stop and regard what they do as right and what I or anyone else do as silly and unimportant. Should I ask Allah to grant me patience or any other advice? Jzk 🌾

Wa Alaikumussalaam

I had a “friend” who was the same and let’s say that’s how her personality is. Some people don’t notice that what they say is wrong because you never tell them that it hurts you. Of course you should ask Allah to grant you patience, but you should not put up with someone who disturbs your mental health. So communication is the key, tell them the next time that you feel the way you do and maybe they will be more careful if they are really close. If not, you need to cut off toxic people from your life. Remember, you shouldn’t be with someone when you don’t have to.

May Allah bestow patience upon your heart, reward you for your kindness and guide your friends.

As you get older you'll realise

That you’ve had enough when it comes to certain people and how tired you’ve become..
So tired, you say “Let Allah deal with it, I should just trust and let go.”

You’ll realise how often you’ll be tested and how much your heart breaks when it comes to those who were once close to you. How you shouldn’t have sacrificed your aakhirah over something so small. How some people were never worth winning your dunya over your aakhirah.
Cause the aakhirah just holds so much more

How this world wasn’t created for us to be happy. It was created to push us towards our final goal. Jannah - Jannatul Firdous.

And during those hard times to remind yourself to:
• Keep yourself occupied through prayer and dua.
• To keep on saying Allah over and over again just to remind yourself that he is there.
• And to channel all this love and attachment you have for this dunya towards Allah instead.

He will never turn away from us or hurt us in any way. Allah will always love us no matter what and he will never stop loving us. So why not give all that love to the one who deserves it most.

It is through these difficult times Allah has allowed us to turn to him and alhamdulillah for that we should be grateful.

Indeed Allah leaves no stone unturned. He will never leave you. He will always be waiting. Waiting to receive you with open arms.

Allah is the greatest blessing in our lives. I look back to the days where my days were greyer, emptier and quieter; and all I can remember is the presence of my Lord. I look around today where my days have more colour, more laughter, more sound.. And the presence of my Lord is still always there. He is with me when I’m down, and He answers my calls of help and desperation to get up again.. And it is only by the will of Allah Almighty, and only because of Allah Almighty - that I put Him as the dictator of my affairs, and watched it blossom in my favour. Alhamdulilah, even the darkness has comfort in them, because the loneliness and darkness remind me of how close I was to Allah. The silence screamed a loud truth.. How close Allah and I were. Sadness does not always have to be bad. It can break you, but it moulds you, it moves you and creates you into something new & something beautiful. It is your choice whether you become a beautiful art, or a beautiful wreck.
Is Allah happy with me?

Too often we are too concerned about what trials and tribulations we are afflicted with. Our one track mind is too focused on who or what is being taken away from our lives. All we think about is our loss. Too closed off and too self-serving to think about anything other than how life is too hard thinking, “I can’t believe this is happening to me.” 

How often do we wonder if Allah is pleased with us? We go to Him with a long list of complaints and we just expect Him to shower us with blessings. We even get angry when Qadr does not seem to be going as we want. How many “complaints” do you think Allah have for us? How negligent have we been? How have we misused His blessings for things He strictly forbade for us? How often do we just simply forget about Him? Forget to thank Him, forget to remember Him, forget to ask forgiveness and forget to show Him out love? With what tongue can we complain for our misfortunes when we don’t even consider how we may have brought it our own selves?