how to get calcium without dairy
How we got duped into believing milk is necessary for healthy bones
The author of the new book Got Milked wants everyone to know that most of what they believe about the dairy staple is wrong.
By Julia Belluz

JB: What are our most inaccurate assumptions about milk?

AH: Milk is the only food that makes up an entire food group. If you look at it logically, it doesn’t deserve that special status any more than pumpkin seeds deserve that just because they’re high in magnesium — which is an essential nutrient Americans are low in.

Even the dairy industry recognizes that milk is not essential to health. They can’t counter that fact. Their comeback is that milk and milk products are the most convenient form of calcium. But that argument doesn’t hold anymore.

That’s part of what I want to reinforce with the book and recipes in the book, to show how easy it is to get all the nutrients we need without milk or milk products. The National Dairy Council recognizes that foods like kale, bok choy, and broccoli all have higher rates of calcium absorption than milk. Who knew that two tablespoons of dried, ground basil have almost the same amount of calcium as a glass of milk?* We don’t know that because we have this dairy food group, which has created a crutch for people who don’t think about getting calcium in places other than milk.

sophialemonn  asked:

I'm A vegetarian just because I don't like meat tbh and I don't think I'm a bad person for not being vegan and can't stand when vegans put me down for choosing not to live like them. Like yo I'm sorry but I've tried so many different types of non dairy cheeses and ice cream and it's simply not the same

Animals lives and the environment are more important that our taste preferences.  I can’t stand when people put their tastebuds above a life and above respect for other sentient beings.

Is your taste for cheese more important that the life of many calves and the ecological impact dairy has on the planet?

I understand vegan cheese is not for everyone but is not oxygen, you won’t die without it and clearly we all know we can get better sources of calcium from plant-based sources.

I’m saying the truth, if that make you feel bad, then check with yourself why, not with me, because I will continue speaking about how horrible dairy is for the animals and for this planet. No matter how many excuses people bring, dairy is crueler than meat. 

Like, you literally think more about cheeses and ice cream than the impact of it, just as everyone else who choose to turn a blind eye on what animals go trough every day. And note I’m not saying this because you’re vegetarian, but because you state you can go vegan, but you don’t because of the taste of vegan cheese.