how to get banners on tumblr



  • None/very simple BG: FREE
  • Simple scenery BG: +$2


  • Maximum characters per picture is 2 characters for chibi & bust, and 3 characters for waist & fullbody.
  • I use PayPal invoice.
  • For Indonesian you get $1 discount! :D
  • The commission you ordered can be used for your personal use as long as you include credit when used.
  • I would really appreciate if you don’t resale the commission on T-shirt, buttons & such ;w; for a part of your commercial banner is fine tho. Again.. don’t forget to credit!


  1. Contact me on tumblr chat or to discuss your commission .
  2. Write the type of commission you want (ex.Bust), a description of what you want, and any reference images you have for the character(s).
  3. I will send you a paypal invoice for the agreed upon amount OR if you’re an indonesian, you can tranfer via BCA ($1= Rp10.000,-). Once paid, I will work on your commission.
  4. If you want, I could sent you the sketch of the progress, to see if you want any minor change.
  5. Then I’ll finish up your piece, and thank you for commissioning me! ✨
I will open the commission until the end of this week aka on July 16- after that I will close them and raise the price to its original one.. sooo….. get them while they R hot?? I mean on sale X"D

The lil Bean horse! 

I just call him Bean. He’s my new lil horse that embodies a lot of fear. He’s usually scared of new experiences and trying to be social. 

Bean is the only other character in my universe who can interact with the Pony Potatoes! 

Much like how I get when I get nervous or anxious, I like the imagine the Pony Potatoes are trying to calm me down to let me know that things are okay and that nothing in my head is the reality of things. So for this pone to embody most of those anxieties, I wanted him to have the same support system that I set up for myself.

Which is why in the banner of this tumblr, you can see a Potato peeping up to him! 

WE WANT the roleplay community to be a space where we encourage each other, support each other and cheer each other on.  The Positive Lottery is an inclusive and fun way to show our love and gratitude towards those who work hard in this community. We want to encourage people in the RPC to “pay it forward” by posting positivity about others in the community—whether it’s someone you write with, enjoy talking to out of character, or even someone you admire from afar! The Positive Lottery is also here to recognize and promote graphic and art makers in the community who give so much creativity and good content to all of us. 

HOW IT WORKS: during the week of The Positive Lottery, you, a member of the Tumblr RP/writing community, will make a positive post recognizing someone else in the community and their work. 

IF YOU’RE TAGGED: Congratulations! Now, it’s time to pay it forward. Everyone who is tagged in a positive post is challenged to make a positive post about two new people and tag them. This encourages more people to get involved and reach out to their fellow writers! 

Please tag all your posts with #PositiveLottery17. Everyone who participates will be entered into a contest to win mobile banners, themes & promotions from these talented graphic creators who will be named during the week!. This contest will run from JUNE 12TH to JUNE 13TH, but of course, we encourage people to spread the love whenever they want, and bring joy to the community! if you’d like to join in a donate graphics please contact here. proposal written by bullshitreigned & video made by warblossomed.

It’s That Time of Year Again!


That’s right - it’s back! Everyone’s favorite bouncing teen hero will be in the spotlight, Friday, 7 April.

It’s a day to celebrate all things Charlie: her enthusiasm, her determination, her delight at being a superhero, her struggles to fit in, to grow.

And we do that by sharing our favorite Misfit-centric stories - from comics or fanfics. By creating art, crafts, cosplay - whatever you want.  Right here! On Tumblr!

It’s open to everyone; all you need to do is tag your posts with ‘Misfit Day’, and I’ll reblog as they come in.
(Sending me a ‘Hey, I posted!’ note might not be a bad idea, though…you know how wonky Tumblr notifications can be.)

Each year, Misfit Day gets bigger and bigger, despite a lack of Charlie in current comics.
(Hey, we know how awesome she is, even the Powers That Be can’t see it!)

So let’s make this Misfit Day the best one yet.

(Banner by the fabulous Mike Kevan.)

gamergirl8989  asked:

Hi! Just asking, where do you get all your sprites for your Fire Emblem Heroes Sprites? I've been making them myself and I've been using Spriters Resource but they don't have all of the sprites (not even half at that) Also, how do you make them such good quality? Mine always turn out blurry and small.

Hi there.

Reddit user Kaz_Kirigiri uploads all the Fire Emblem Heroes sprites, backgrounds, banners, weapons, and effects. It should be one of the first things in Google results when you search, “fire emblem heroes sprites.”

As for being small and blurry, that’s due to tumblr’s preview stretching your edit to preset dimensions. You can’t fix that.

The best thing you can do is either ignore it or upload your sprites to something that does not resize your images in a preview like imgur and link that as a better quality version.

It happens on mine, too. I just gave up with tumblr’s upload system.

pngpeaches  asked:

What affect is that on the drawing when you're finished? Like, it's an affect in the drawing of your Tumblr Banner; idk how to describe it but Scribs has it on their art, I may have to send you a post 😅

i just duplicate the line art then blur it. Then make a new layer and i use the filter Perlin noise and just play around with that until i get the kinda fuzzy static i want. I use clip studio so idk how that would translate to whatever program you use?U can google tv static,copy it, and then put it on overlay that should work for most programs :s

Tumblr’s reaction to tragedies:

Is entirely dependent on the location where the tragedy happens:

Africa: doesn’t get much attention. Usually gets between a thousand to five thousand notes. In rare cases where a celeb speaks out it may reach ten twenty thousand and in super rare cases hundred thousand notes

Australia:Gets a little more love. Usually five thousand plus notes but still generally not acknowledged much

Asia: Usually five to ten thousand mostly due to Asian tumblr itself

America: The ONLY tragedies that matter on this site. Regularly gets posts that have tens of thousands of notes, quite often even multile posts with hundred thousand notes +graphics,banners and the whole she bang. Even if it’s only one person that has died the US is what truly matters

Latin America: Usually ignored as well. Hovers around five thousand plus notes mostly due to latino tumblr

Europe: Pretty solid presence. Usually gets multiple posts with tens of thousands of notes but there is ALWAYS backlash from American tumblr. Americans hate the thought of Europe getting sympathy and they always launch several dozen posts with tens of thousands of notes about how European tragedies don’t matter, how there is a much more important tragedy somewhere else(even if it has to be invented like a fictional devastating earthquake in Japan) and in some cases even multiple big posts about how Europe deserved it. Americans don’t seem to realize that this is xenophobic,wrong and extremely insensitive even though they would be furious if someone treated their tragedies in this way

snapping shots

look here, this snapping of jaws;
recognise the glaring eyes and 
gaping maw?

it’s me, in my full battle colours
of venom red and acerbic green;
now do you see? 

there, I’m reacting before
the banner’s even lifted
- a shadow in love with
the war drums’ hum

//how did I get this way?//

anonymous asked:

I want to start doing commissions myself (I'm a traditional artist) how do you think I should go about starting commissions

I feel like success with commissions is like pulling paper out of the hat - you don’t know what you’ll get. If you aren’t too serious about commissions - you just want to do them for fun or to earn a bit of pocket money - you don’t have to worry so much about the details: just go for it!! If you’re using it as income though… there are some things to keep in mind, which may improve your odds:

1) Think about

  • the kind of art you want to produce (and the kind you can make)

What do you want to provide? Do you want to draw other people’s OCs? Are you looking to draw in general, with nothing super specific, such as editorial illustration or game art? Is your style appealing generally enough for people to ask you to draw their requests? Even more important, is your art suitable for the content you want to provide?

The best thing you can always offer is something that you both want and can do, but it’s even better if your commissions fill a niche. That’s where you get the most success, because there’s always demand for it. The niche can be something unique: paper cut artwork, or low poly 3D molds of OCs. Or it can be something that’s already broadly appealing but with a twist: pet portraits but PERSONALISED (not just a direct copy of the photo of the pet, which seems to be the main offering in the pet portrait community lol).

  • the market

Which audience are you appealing to? Do you want to appeal to the people on Tumblr (who are mainly young, a bit tight in the wallet and dabbling in art) or do you want to go wider? My client base is majority outside people - you know, like your friend or your uncle who aren’t creatives and don’t really draw at all, but they admire drawing a lot - and they are mostly working adults.

Once you more or less figure out your market, you’ve to cater to them at the right place: there’s Tumblr, Twitter, Etsy, Facebook, Instagram…. build a dedicated hub for your commissions so people can look through your portfolio. I will talk about this soon.

Figuring out your market is also important for the next bit:

  • time and effort

How fast do you draw? How hard is drawing for you? Do you struggle a little more when trying to fulfill the requests of strangers? How many requests can you handle, and how well do you handle the variability of requests?
If like me you draw fast and you’re fairly chill about requests, you can charge a bit cheaply. My flat prices for personal commissions are fair but at the VERY LEAST I never go below $20 an hour average.

Keep in mind the spending power of your target audience. $60 for a portrait of 2 is a lot for a young struggling person on Tumblr, but it’s affordable for a working mom. In fact you should actually charge more, haha.

Tailor your product and prices according to your personal ability and your market.

2) build a little commission hub for yourself!

Make it easier for people to see that you’re offering commissions! Here’s a checklist of basic things for you to do:

  • Graphics for your commission post: pricelists, banners, contact info
  • Social media: Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, Etsy, Instagram, DA, FA
  • Portfolio: Draw examples of what you’re offering. Do some free art for your friends so you can get examples (and a taste of how commissions work, without the stress). And if you’re able to, put up your future commissioned works as part of a growing portfolio!!
  • Make a post somewhere shareable
  • Build a shop, like on Etsy.


Now this is most important!! If you’re doing this for income, THIS IS NOW YOUR JOB. Act like it. Communicate with your clients, tell them your estimated deadlines, try to fulfill those deadlines, and if you’re unable to for any personal reason, INFORM THEM. TALK!! COMMUNICATE!!!

It’s not a good look if you keep pushing deadlines back and take months to finish a commission. A lot of artists do this for some reason, but my opinion is that if you aren’t able to work or handle the stress of dealing with non-personal requests, you shouldn’t offer commissions. People are giving you money. Respect their trust and their interest. They are YOUR CLIENTS. You’re in the business of making them happy. Treat them well, because they are your number one advantage. Treat them so well they will want to come back again and again, and recommend you to their network.

^ That’s my secret. I am always grateful for my clients, especially the returning ones that I’ve known for 3 years (since I started freelancing) and I love them.


This is the basic guideline of things to keep in mind when starting commissions. Once again, commissions are a mixed bag. You don’t know how successful you’ll get. But if you see that something of yours is more popular, and points towards possible avenues (atm I want to open up horse portraits, and personalised wedding portraits-invitations), take it. JUST TAKE ADVANTAGE. Be the most opportunistic businessperson you know. It’ll reward you in no time.

OOC. guess who’s doing ANOTHER follow forever finally?! 

yes!! it us :’) back with another MILESTONE, and left feeling v grateful and all happy inside~ 

I know it’s been a WHILE since I’ve done one, but I decided to do one only every 250 new followers I get – because as WEIRD as it is to say, we reach new milestones so fast that the moment I post one of these, within the next month or so we reach another. so, to make it more SPECIAL and less EXCESSIVE tbh. 

I always do this thing where I ramble before I actually get to the point of these things, which is tagging everyone! but I just want to say THANK YOU! as always, we have such a loving family here on tumblr and have always felt so welcomed, regardless of the rude people that typically come and go. you guys always give so much support, and I can’t even describe how AMAZED I am that we’ve reached such a big number like this. I never anticipated getting this far and having such a wonderful family here, but I honestly can’t say I don’t know where I’d be today without Ari. she is a huge part of my life and will always be! 

SPECIAL THANKS: @delincuenta for this BEAUTIFUL banner! love u bab :’) also the drawing done by an old friendo who is no longer on tumblr anymore – just wanted a quick disclaimer so ya’ll know I didn’t draw that lmao. 

alright, onto the tags! ( the most important part !! ) 

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anonymous asked:

What's the story/meaning behind your url? Your icon? Your banner pic?

Hello, stranger! Unless you know me personally, you have no idea how much I love asks, so thank you so much for shooting me one!

My URL: A girlfriend from a very long time and I had this running joke that I can’t remember the beginnings of, but every night, I would say “goodnight, fair maiden” and she would respond “goodnight, gentlemam.” She shortly thereafter convinced me to get a tumblr, and I decided to make that my URL. We have loooooooooooong since separate, but I’m both too lazy and too uninspired to change it (although I’ll happily take suggestions).

My icon: Okay so I only have two standard types of pictures I actually genuinely like seeing of myself, and each of these two types has the exact same angle and face. There’s the selfie:

Aaaaand then there’s whatever “candid” bullshit this is:

I didn’t have a recent version of Standard Picture Number Two so when I came home for winter break this past year, my sister ( @pretty-out-of-place ) and I did a photoshoot and I made sure at least one of Stand Picture Number Two came out of it.

My banner pic: When I went to D.C. in my junior year of high school, my friends and I walked by this sign that said “photo enforced” so I decided to take a picture of it because, you know, a photo was required. Har dee har har. It still makes me laugh when I see it, though, so I probably won’t remove it for a while.

So first aphobic exclusionists get all up in arms about how aspec IDs are ‘nsfw’ and ‘adult only’ and ‘18+’ and ‘defiantly not suited for children’ and what the fuck ever.

Then tumblr does the whole bullshit of labeling and censoring lgbt+ content as ‘sensitive content’

And includes ace/aro/aspec related content under the ‘sensitive content’ banner

And various people (aspec or not) object to this, along with objecting to the censoring and classifying of other lgbt+ content as ‘sensitive content’

And aphobnic exclusionists response is ‘omg no one is calling your identity sensitive content’

I am so fucking sick of this

angelic.    you know exactly what it is, y’all !! firstly, excuse the horrid quality of the banner * shakes first @ tumblr *. secondly, here’s an official relationship call ( or as some of you like to phrase it, shipping call ) for luna/angel !! this applies to all types of ships, including brotps, romantic ships, and even enemy ones. can be pre-est. or longtime plotting. therefore, how about you like this post for me to hop into your ims or discord to talk, whether you already have an idea in mind or not. mutuals only !! bonus : you get a personal tag and a relationship banner ( to which i will update in my theme soon ).

one thing to note, though, is for romantic ships, i am not exclusive in nature unless explicitly specified. this is because i see each portrayal as different, and would rather like to try my hand with different versions of the same muse. this rule only applies for canon characters

and that’s all !! hope to get some of you interested in building good relationships, my child has too few friends XD

So I just hit 4k (holy shiiiittttt) and I’ve decided to do a tumblr awards!


  • Scorpius Malfoy Award - Best URL
  • Pansy Parkinson Award - Best icon
  • Sirius Black Award - Best mobile theme
  • James Potter Award - Best website
  • Draco Malfoy Award - Best overall aesthetic *
  • Remus Lupin Award - Best original content **
  • Hermione Granger Award - Best aspiring author ***
  • Luna Lovegood Award - Best aspiring artist ****
  • Colin Creevey Award - Best fledgling blog *****
  • Ron Weasley Award - Nicest blogger ******

To enter

  • Follow this cornchip
  • Reblog this post (likes don’t count)
  • Must get at least 60 notes or we’re going to pretend this never hapened
  • Contest closes August 20th, winners will be announced soon after


I am stupid and forgot to add the prizes for winners


  • A follow from me
  • 4 spontaneous promos upon request (may not happen right away as I have a life outside of tumblr)

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Literally looking at all of you like, 

Okay soo, I’ve never done this before, but I’m very close to my goal so to celebrate I thought I’d put this out there. Like and/or reblog this post to be considered for an art givaway. Once I hit my follower kitten goal, I’ll pick one (maybe two, depending how much attention this gets) and draw you a new icon or banner for your blog(: or just some fanart, whatever you want - you deserve it! (not just for following me, but just because you’re awesome)

Rules Highly suggested recommendations

  • Be following me plz
  • Try not to spam, don’t reblog more than once or twice - unless you really want to I guess
  • Like = 1 entry, Reblog = 2 entries
  • I’ll contact you through the messaging on tumblr, unless you’d prefer to go through email, in that case let me know
  • If you don’t respond within 24hrs of the message, I’ll move onto the next person
  • Any questions, send me an ask!

Thank you again kittens for all your support ^^


Phil birthday imagine

You were currently standing outside Dan and Phils door at 4am, not cause you were stalking them or anything but cause it’s Phils birthday!

You texted Dan that you were outside. Within seconds, hobbit hair Dan opened the door quietly and let you in.

“Ok, Phil is sleeping. We gotta put up decorations and make breakfast as quietly as possible.” Dan whispered. You nodded in response.

“Let’s put up the decorations and then make breakfast so the food’s warm when he wakes up.” You whispered back. Dan yawned. “Did you actually get any sleep or did you just stay up on tumblr?” Dan stayed silent. “Don’t worry, me too.” You laughed.

You and Dan started decorating, streamers, banners, presents placed around the room, all cute stuff. Then Dan turned to you.

“Ok, time for balloons. We can not pop ANY.” Dan emphasized. That freaked you out, but you guys did it without popping a single one.

“Time for breakfast!” You cheered. You and Dan made none other than Delia smith pancakes. After you were done with those. You started making Phil’s coffee.

“How should we wake-POP!” Dan accidentally stepped on a balloon, causing you and Dan to jump as you heard Phil’s famous yelp.

“That’s how.” You laughed as you heard Phil shuffle down the hall into the kitchen.

“HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!” You and Dan cheered. You walked over, gave Phil his coffee and gave him a quick kiss.

“Aw thank you guys!” Phill smiled brightly. He really is a ray of sunshine.

All 3 of you spent the rest of the day giving Phil his gifts, inviting friends over for his party and just enjoying your boyfriends birthday.

After the long day of partying and cake, you were cuddled up in bed with Phil. Not saying anything, just enjoying each other’s company.

“Thank you for an amazing birthday.” Phil say quietly.

“Amazing birthday for an amazing guy. I’m glad you liked it.” You smiled.

“Liked it? I LOVED IT!” He said like a little kid. You laughed.

“I don’t believe you’re 29.”

“Maybe I’m not, who knows.”

“You’re such a dork.” You giggled. He then flipped you both over so he was on top. He started tickling you like crazy. You both started laughing. He then stopped and just looked into your eyes with a big smile.

“I love you (y/n).” He said. Then kissed you.

“I love you Phil, happy birthday my lion.” You mumbled in between kisses. He got off you and held you close as you both drifted to sleep.

I feel like putting up a banner for all of tumblr to see that simply says: cockles is not about wanting Jensen and Misha to cheat on their wives or fetishising gay men. Cockles is about understanding that it is possible to be in love with more than one person at once (some form of polyamorous relationship). We see how they act around each over and how Jensen becomes so much more open and relaxed. However, at the same time, we’re OK with them only being friends - we get that the chance of this ship happening are small . We get that men can have platonic relationships with each over in the same way that women can.

welcome to reigulus and lupinpotter’s 1k tumblr awards!

we both recently hit 1,000 followers and decided to collaborate and hold tumblr awards to celebrate!! so here we go:

- how to enter:

• mbf lupinpotter and reigulus

• reblog this post

- awards:

• best newcomer award (blogs with 500 followers or less)

• best original creations

• best url

• best icon

• best theme

• best overall

• lupinpotter’s personal fave

• reigulus’s personal fave

- prizes

• all winners and runners up will get a follow back and friendship from both of us!!

• all winners and runners up will get a place in the updates tab on my blog!!

• all winners and runners up can request a blograte and fancast from either of us

• all winners will get a screenshot promo on request

• all winners can request writing from me and/or a fanmix from oli

- other information:

• reblog this post until august 27th and we will pick winners sometime between september 2nd and september 4th

• you may reblog as many times as you want but likes are for bookmarking only

• there will probably be one winner and one or two runners up for each award (depending on how many people enter ofc)

• to be considered for the original creations award or the best newcomer award, you must be willing to send us your creations tag and/or submit your number of followers to both of us

get reblogging!!