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(please excuse the crappy banner and let’s just pretend i know how to use photoshop)

soo i recently hit 400 followers, and i thought that it’d be fun to do tumblr awards!


✶ mbf this living piece of confetti
✶ reblog this post (likes are for bookmarks only sorry boo)
✶ if necessary, put your creations tag in the tags!
✶ 1 winner and two runner ups in each category!
✶ this must at least get 20 notes otherwise i’ll obliviate you all and go cry in a corner and watch netflix

entries close at my birthday, april 1st!

categories and prizes under the cut since co dot vu is a scam and i still didn’t succeed to fix everything there is no cut sorryyy long post


harry potter best url

hermione granger best hp

ron weasley best underappreciated (under 500 followers)**

nymphadora tonks best multifandom

lily potter friendliest blogger

james potter best edits/moodboards/aesthetics (just creations in general)*

sirius black best writing*

remus lupin my favorites

* put your creations tag/writing tag in the tags!

** submit me a screenshot of your follower count!



✶ a follow (if i didn’t already)
✶ eternal love and friendship
✶ 3 edits of choice 
✶ 5 promo’s
✶ a spot in the hall of fame (currently under construction)
✶ a spot in my updates tab
✶ a prize of your choice (i’m currently not very creative so think of something you want from me and you’ll get it)

runner ups

✶ a follow (if i didn’t already)
✶ eternal love and friendship
✶ 3 edits of choice 
✶ 3 promo’s
✶ a spot in the hall of fame (currently under construction)
✶ a spot in my updates tab
✶ a prize of your choice (i’m currently not very creative so think of something you want from me and you’ll get it)

Just really wanted to do this cute little thing  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

✿ Rules ✿

  • must be following me
  • reblog this post  
  • send me your name and birthday 

✿ What you get  ✿

  • a spot on my updates tab for the month of your birthday 
  • a screenshot promo on your birthday 
  • a message from me on your birthday 
  • a spot on my birthday page

I feel like putting up a banner for all of tumblr to see that simply says: cockles is not about wanting Jensen and Misha to cheat on their wives or fetishising gay men. Cockles is about understanding that it is possible to be in love with more than one person at once (some form of polyamorous relationship). We see how they act around each over and how Jensen becomes so much more open and relaxed. However, at the same time, we’re OK with them only being friends - we get that the chance of this ship happening are small . We get that men can have platonic relationships with each over in the same way that women can.


Hello everyone! Welcome to my 10k Tumblr Awards :D

When I looked back, it’s incredible to see how much has changed. This time 2 years ago, I definitely couldn’t possibly imagine myself reaching this follower milestone or getting to know so many awesome people. Let alone writing layouts, using After Effects, and contributing in various blogs. Thank you all for making this happen. You’re the stars to my galaxy and the reason I have an incredible 2 and half years on this site <3

P.S. I’m also doing this TA on my sideblog bc it reached 1k a little while ago!


  • mbf Hermione (Messi)*
  • Reblog this; likes are for bookmarks only
  • Must reach at least 60 notes (otherwise this won’t happen)
  • Reblog until December 18th. Winners announced on the following Friday.
  • Custom Theme entries: mbf my Theme Blog
  • 1 winner + 2 runner-ups for each category, otherwise stated. Up to 3 winners for Custom Theme / Best Creations. Up to 5 Secret Santa Winners.


  • Lily Evans Award: Best URL
  • Sirius Black Award: Best Custom Domain
  • Taylor Swift Award: Best Icon
  • Fleur Delacour Award: Best Theme
  • Blue Sargent Award: Best Mobile Theme
  • Ginny Weasley Award: Best Posts
  • Harry Potter Award: Best Harry Potter
  • Lara Jean Song Award: Best Aesthetics
  • Henry Winter Award: Best Lit (New category!)
  • Camp Nou Award: Best Football
  • Emma Watson Award: Best Celebrity posts
  • Annabeth Chase Award: Best multifandom
  • Hermione Granger Award: Best Creations
  • Tessa Gray Award: Best Newcomer**
  • Cedric Diggory Award: Most Friendly bloggers
  • Lionel Messi Award: Best Overall
  • Luna Lovegood Award: Personal Favourite
  • Christmas Stockings Award: Custom Theme winners
  • Santa Claus Award: Secret Santa Winners***

* For football blogs: you can follow my football sideblog instead to enter!

** No more than 800 followers or 6 months of Tumblr experience. Please Submit your follower count screenshot to enter if the latter doesn’t apply to you.

*** The deadline for this category had passed. I already started sending messages.


Everyone on the Results post

  • +f from me!
  • My eternal friendship & support <3
  • A spot on my “Updates” section until Easter!


  • You get requests for: personal moodboard, personalised playlist, URL graphic, 1 aesthetic, 1 gifset, 1 moodboard, 1 fanmix +3 more edits of your choice (as long as they are in my fandoms)!
  • 10 screenshot promos by request


  • Requests for: 1 personal moodboard OR playlist, URL graphic, + 3 edits of your choice.
  • 5 screenshot promos by request

Custom Theme

  • You get the same prize as the Winners!!
  • I’ll make you a unique theme by your request. They will not be released without your permission. Please send me the features / specifications that you want in the layout!
  • To ensure functionality and quality, it can take up to 2 month to complete the theme.
  • See examples of Custom Themes

Secret Santa

  • You will receive nice anon messages everyday in December leading up to Christmas
  • You get the same prize as the Winners!!
  • If I have time, I’ll make you an edit when I go off-anon on Christmas Day ;)

Good luck & happy reblogging :D

Kickstarter Funded

It clocked out at 351K, which means that the Studio Yotta animation is going to be really gorgeous, and there will be tons of goodies for anyone who backed!! If you didn’t get to back the Kickstarter, extras will be sold at the official store.

Remember to send an email (posted in the FAQ) if you have any questions; if you ask me on tumblr I generally will not have an answer for you.

Hot Damn (Pietro Maximoff AOU X Reader) Part 1

Pietro Maximoff X Reader part one


Part 2:

Part one is here! I was so surprised with how well the teaser did, I had to get Part one up not too long after! So, my children, here is Part One of Hot Damn!

“So, boys and Natasha, where we going next?” (Y/N) inquired, following the group out to a quin-jet that was waiting on the platform of the Avengers tower.

“We’re heading out to see an acquaintance of Tony’s, we think that he is where Ultron and the Maximoff’s are going to strike next.” Cap informed her. (Y/N) nodded slowly, thinking it over.

“Where is it? What will the terrain be?”

“It’s in Africa and by the looks of it we’ll be in a cargo boat.” He said as they boarded the plane. (Y/N)’s (H/C) locks bobbed as she nodded, taking a seat and going through her bag. Steve sat down across from her, the rest of the hero’s taking their places in the front as they prepared for take off.

“So I assume there will be various threats.” She inquired, digging around in the black parchment. Before Steve could reply, though, she pulled two (F/C) Glock 17′s out, checking their barrels.

Steve observed the guns uneasily. He didn’t trust this girl yet and her having two loaded guns against the none he had didn’t leave him relaxed.

“Well, yes…” he trailed, eyes still on the guns. (Y/N) noticed his reaction to the guns, and a small smirk rose to her lips. 

“Calm down, Steve. The Winchesters won’t hurt you.” She hummed, loading one that said, ‘Sam,’ in silver lettering across the side. 

“Winchesters?” The blonde inquired, confused. The gun owner nodded, holding the guns out, showing the names on the sides. One was named ‘Sam,’ and one ‘Dean,’. 

“They’re my babies.” she informed, setting them down and pulling out another box of ammo to load ‘Dean’. 

“You think explosive ammo will work well against those robots?” she questioned, reading the side of the box. 

“Um… you’d have to ask Tony, he built them.” The blue eyed boy replied. How was he supposed to know? He knew little about modern electronics as it was.

“Huh, he did create this mess, didn’t he?” she murmured, finishing up with ‘Dean’.

 “Hey!” Capsicle barked defensively. 

“Calm it, I don’t fully blame him. His original idea wasn’t bad.” (Y/N) stated, stuffing ‘Dean’, ‘Sam’, and the ammo back into her bag.

“The world does kind of need a suit of armor, if you think about it.” With that our little Huntress stood, walking away and leaving the captain to think about it. Maybe she was right. Tony’s idea wasn’t horrible, he’d admit that much.

~Time Skip~

(Y/N) ran her fastest, dodging bullets and trying to locate another person on the team as she did so. The fight had just begun in the ship, and to say that Ultron is bipolar would be an understatement. 

Another thing she noticed was how alike Ultron and Tony were. Biggest difference was that Ultron was more than slightly insane. Another thing, though, that she realized, was that the Maximoff’s had some of the sexiest accents she’d ever heard. Pietro’s accent is what dreams are made of.

As the nimble girl made her way across the floor she began fantasizing about some things that could be said in that accent that would kill her inside. Hell, him just saying, “Hi,” would kill her.

Caught up in her thinking (Y/N) wasn’t brought back to the real world until a bullet wized past her nose and she realized that she needed to find cover; fast. 

Ducking behind a crate our (H/C) girl tried to breathe, bringing her hand to her nose only to find that when the bullet went by it ever so lightly grazed her nose. She cursed at the sight of her red finger tips.

Catching these two better be worth it.

As Pietro dashed through the ship using his speed he thought about the girl that came along with the Avengers. He’d seen her before, HYDRA wanted to employ her in the past, but she refused them, and he heard rumors of the Winter Soldier being sent to kill her upon her decline. It seems as if they weren’t true, as she’s still breathing.

‘The Huntress… that is what they called her?’ he wondered internally. He knew about what she did. She was more of a trapper than a huntress, though. In his knowledge she captured people, but her method was different. How it was different he didn’t know.

Snapping from his thoughts he noticed something flying his way; Thor’s hammer. He smirked, reaching out for it and taking hold. What he didn’t expect, though, was for it to drag him back with it. 

Flying through the air his eyes widened, and he found himself unable to let go. As he knew he couldn’t fly for too long without hitting something he clenched his eyes shut, directly after barreling into a bunch of crates.

(Y/N)’s eyes widened in shock as something came flying into the crates of explosives next to her, all her being able to see a flash of silver. Gun raised she pointed the barrel at the person, though finding it unnecessary once she realized who it was.

Silvery-blonde hair led down to a pain filled face, muscular arms in grey and blue laid at the boys side as he grumbled. The boy seemed very uncomfortable, and given the circumstances, that wasn’t a surprise. Puzzlement spread over the (H/C) until she realized who it was.

“Pi-Pietro!” She stuttered, scrambling from her spot over to the mutant not even five feet away. He groaned slightly, not opening his eyes.

Setting a gentle hand on his arm (Y/N) checked him over, looking for any visible wounds. 

“Are you okay? Is your head bleeding?!” A lace of panic was clearly heard in the voice as Pietro struggled to open his eyes and see who the hell was worrying about him. It definitely wasn’t Wanda, that wasn’t her voice.

“W-What?” The silver haired boy muttered, trying to sit up better. Gentle hands stopped that from happening as he was pushed back down, but it wasn’t harsh, as would’ve been expected.

“No, stay down, you’re hurt.” The voice commanded, and he finally managed to open his eyes. The electric blues widened as he saw who it was.

It was The Huntress, only she looked slightly different. there was a bleeding scrape on her nose, and she was breathing heavy. Her (E/C) eyes were filled with concern and slight panic as she looked him over, ignoring the blood dripping down the lower half of her face.

“How’s your head?” She inquired. He simply stared, slightly shocked. Heaving a sigh (Y/N)’s gentle hands pushed his head forward, looking for any copper red liquid. 

“Good, you’re not bleeding,” she breathed, then searching his face over. Sure, she didn’t know him at all, but she was always like this with her ‘prey’. They always ended up being important to her, so she treated them like they already were.

The weight of the situation really weighed on Pietro and he pushed her away, standing in a flash and startling her in the process. 

He turned one foot to go, and adrenaline flooded (Y/N)’s veins as she scrambled up to catch him, only to find he was already gone, the quickly fading trail of blue the only proof he had been there in the first place.


She’d lost her first chance

Okay. So.

Before PIP’s, I posted this to which loving-mellark responded, “Me, too! I know how you feel.” and katnissdoesnotfollowback said, “same. shall we start a support group?” at which point I made the above banner and had an idea.

I have a url saved called “everlarkianarchives”, and I was wondering, if I made it a group, would all you Everlark authors out there want to join to have a private chat room here on tumblr to throw ideas around and/or get feedback, and have the page itself to use for posting/reblogging our fic recs to, and asking “the public” (hehe sorry. Couldn’t resist.) for input on plot lines dancing around our heads?

So I just hit 4k (holy shiiiittttt) and I’ve decided to do a tumblr awards!


  • Scorpius Malfoy Award - Best URL
  • Pansy Parkinson Award - Best icon
  • Sirius Black Award - Best mobile theme
  • James Potter Award - Best website
  • Draco Malfoy Award - Best overall aesthetic *
  • Remus Lupin Award - Best original content **
  • Hermione Granger Award - Best aspiring author ***
  • Luna Lovegood Award - Best aspiring artist ****
  • Colin Creevey Award - Best fledgling blog *****
  • Ron Weasley Award - Nicest blogger ******

To enter

  • Follow this cornchip
  • Reblog this post (likes don’t count)
  • Must get at least 60 notes or we’re going to pretend this never hapened
  • Contest closes August 20th, winners will be announced soon after


I am stupid and forgot to add the prizes for winners


  • A follow from me
  • 4 spontaneous promos upon request (may not happen right away as I have a life outside of tumblr)

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the clickbait garbage ads that tumblr has right now just reminds me of being on the internet in the 2000s because remember before adblock? remember how goofy banner ads are??

anyway, i remember getting into webcomics and being delighted by the webcomic community banner ads because 1: they weren’t awful 2: they were relevant 3: i actually wanted to see those ads so i could find new webcomics to read

THAT is how advertisements should work, people should be able to chose advertised content that is RELEVANT to their website and userbase

I know some youtubers opt for this customisation of ads on their videos

tumblr just letting any old trash advertise is not that sort of effective marketing

especially because it doesn’t benefit users at all

i don’t even think tumblr should necessarily have ads but even so this is CLEARLY not the best way to execute that requirement

how even are banners done? idk I have no idea and no edit skills bare with me


Most of you lovely people who voted on my poll for what to do to celebrate reaching 1500 followers (holly shit!) voted for Tumblr Awards!! It’s the first time I do anything like this, so just asume I’m improvising everything. Okay! So here we go!! :D


  • Mbf this tiny latina nerd
  • Reblog this post (likes don’t count, only as bookmarking)
  • Send me a message with your original content tag if you wanna participate in that category? 
  • Must get at least 30 notes or it never happened and I will hide under a rock and cry
  • Ends May 31st. 



  • 1 playlist for the character/ship you choose
  • a one-shot of the character/ship/au you choose
  • 1 screenshot promo and promos upon request for 2 months
  • Spot in my updates tab
  • Follow back if I’m not following already
  • My love forever and ever


  • 1 screenshot promo and promos upon request for 1 month
  • Spot in my updates tab
  • Follow back if I’m not following already
  • My love forever and ever


  • Skye Award: best theme, worthy of the Skye’s awesome programing skills.
  • Cisco Ramon Award: best url, originality worthy of Cisco’s awesome naming-skills
  • Billy Kaplan Award: best original content, Demiurge-level creating skills.
  • Kate Bishop Award: best icon, worth of Kate Bishop’s awesome fashion sense.
  • Barry Allen Award: nicest blogger, sweetie-pie like actual puppy Barry Allen
  • Melinda May Award: coolest blogger, basically imagine me with heart eyes and a huge crush on how awesome you are.
  • America Chavez Award: fave blog overall: Awesome. Perfect. Unique. Like America Chavez. 
Tragicminewt's Follow Forever

Okay, so on the first note I couldn’t make any cool banner for this because I am very untalented in the world of photoshop and editing pictures. So this just gets a basic title. On the second note, a lot of you don’t know me and I don’t know you but all of you have made my tumblr experience worth while. I came here and I didn’t know anyone or how to do anything (granted I still don’t) but I have found so many people that have all the same interests as me and I’m so glad. Whether I know you, or I don’t I am thankful for each and every one of you and just know that each and every one of you mean something to me and have done something for me in some way. So thank you guys, all of you. <3

My lovely gladers: 

1gurgi1 - scottiesbutt - scottmcfluffy - scottshowl - stilesbansheequeen

(Following the link, you will find personalized letters for each of you. x)

Mutuals that I love with all my heart: 

aceshot - allvdia - argentbow - bellamybake - brendresa - gladersandlostboysj0hnmurphy - laurenswriting - madgesgoldpin - mazerimmer - mminho - newtmare - newty-newt - preciousmalfoy - punkassaris - pynch - rainosa

For the record, all of you are absolutely  awesome and I would love to talk to each and every one of you. <3

Others that I follow who are no doubt perfection:

amazerunners - arrow-flies-true - bloodygreenie - captaingalileo - captaingally - chaoswolves - colinmorgay - czernysargent - gaynewt - keeptheoutlawqueenfaith - mazenalby - mazerun - minewt - minhos-newt - morganswritings - neverlandspirate - newmas - newtjpg - newtttheglue - ohgally - punkbrenderesa - punkgally - queerharrypotter - rafaelmcalls - runnerstiles - runnieundies - sangstergasm - scottmccbooty - scottsobrien - shuckfaceparadise - shuckyeahnewt - thegladuh - thebloodymaze - thomas-gangster - thomasansgter - thominho - trafalgar-sev - wckednewt - westhallen - wickedisgood - willpoultry

As it was said before, a lot of you I have never talked too but I do secretly admire you from afar and you guys have helped me even if you don’t know you have. Maybe with a fic, a post, an edit, or a video. Or maybe just showing up every now and then. I have no doubts that you are all amazing people and if I could get to know each and every one of you, I would be glad to have gotten that chance. Your appearance on my dash could change my mood in the matter of seconds. I wish I could somehow take the time and thank each one of you individually. I love all you guys, I hope you know that. Thank you for making my experience here such a great one. <3 (I am so sorry if I forgot anyone, if I did I will update it if I figure out I forgot you. Thanks guys)