how to get away with murder in america

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how to be a donna tartt character

wear old-fashioned clothes in all black or all white, odd glasses are a bonus

have weird nicknames with your friends and only refer to each other by them

intellectualism™ is important. make sure everyone knows that you love homer more than them

moral ambiguity is slightly more important. wanna scam people with fake antiques? wanna murder a friend? wanna steal your stepmom’s dog and drugs and run away across america? wanna semi-accidentally steal a painting and worry about it for years? wanna get into an ecstatic state and murder some random farmer? no time like the present

speak a few languages, preferably dead ones or russian

embrace your angst. amplify your angst. worry

consume copious amounts of substances. smoke, develop a drug problem, get sick drinking as often as possible

forget having actual romantic relationships with people, instead opt for romanticizing someone and obsessing over them and then confessing your love unsuccessfully or being totally gay for your best friend and then denying it later when they try to bring it up

AU’s are literally the best part of being in a fandom. Like your fandom could be simple and nice or something and someone creative can make it intense and make an AU set where everyone kills each other or it goes the other way around. Or the AU’s where two of your fandom’s collide in a gifset and it’s very splendid.

Replace One Word Of The Title of Movie/Show/Book/Anime With The Word Lasagna And Say Them With A Dead Serious Voice For Maximum Effect



‌• Rise of the Lasagna

‌• Harry Potter and the Chamber of Lasagna

‌• Lord of the Lasagna

‌• Captain America: Lasagna War

‌• The Dark Lasagna

‌• Finding Lasagna

‌• Star Wars: Revenge of the Lasagna

‌• The Secret Life of Lasagna

TV Shows

‌• The Walking Lasagna

‌• The Big Lasagna Theory

‌• Doctor Lasagna

‌• How to Get Away with Lasagna

‌• Lasagna


‌• Death Lasagna

‌• Attack on Lasagna

‌• Ouran High School Lasagna Club

‌• Kill La Lasagna

‌• Lasagna on Ice

‌• Lasagna!!

The Signs as Popular Characters

Aries: Mary Crawley (Downton Abbey)

Taurus: Annalise Keating (How to Get Away with Murder)

Gemini: Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones)

Cancer: Steven Rogers (Captain America)

Leo: Jack Harkness (DW, Torchwood)

Virgo: Pearl (Steven Universe)

Libra: Saul Goodman (Better Call Saul, Breaking Bad)

Scorpio: April Ludgate (Parks and Rec)

Sagittarius: Titus Andromedon (Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt)

Capricorn: Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock)

Aquarius: Dean Winchester (Spn)

Pisces: Ron Weasley (HP)

anonymous asked:

where can i learn/read more about anti-police politics, the abolishment of police, etc? my major requires me to take a policing course next semester and i want to be well-read so i don't blindly absorb pro-police rhetoric

Our essential reading list has some pretty good books on the subject including

  • The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander
  • Are Prisons Obsolete? By Angela Y. Davis (read free)
  • Police State: How America’s Cops Get Away with Murder by Gerry Spence
  • Our Enemies in Blue: Police and Power in America by Kristian Williams (PDF - note needs to be zoomed in a lot but it comes out clear)
  • Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women by Victoria Law
  • Fire the Cops! by Kristian Williams
☣The signs as TV Series☣

Aries- The Walking Dead

Taurus- How I met your mother

Gemini- Friends

Cancer- The Vampire Diaries

Leo- Scream Queens

Virgo- How to get away with murder

Libra- Pretty Little Liars

Scorpio- Revenge

Sagittarius- Orange is the new Black

Capricorn- Game of Thrones

Aquarius- Skins

Pisces- American Horror Story

The signs as gay pairing

Aries: Charles Xavier / Erik Lensherr “X-Men: First Class”

Taurus: Bilbo / Thorin “The Hobbit”

Gemini: Kieren Walker / Simon Monroe “In the Flesh”

Cancer: Dr. Hannibal Lecter / Will Graham “Hannibal”

Leo: Stiles Stilinski / Derek Hale “Teen Wolf”

Virgo: Dean Winchester / Castiel “Supernatural”

Libra: Captain Jack Harkness / Ianto Jones “Torchwood”

Scorpio: Connor Walsh / Oliver “How to Get Away with Murder”

Sagittarius: Steve Rogers / Bucky Barnes “Captain America”

Capricorn: Kirk / Spock “Star Trek”

Aquarius: John Watson / Sherlock Holmes “Sherlock”

Pisces: Eggsy / Harry Hart (Galahad) “Kingsman: The Secret Service”

Favourite Couple

If you could only pick one…Who would it be?
1.  Isak and Even (Skam)
2.  Clarke and Lexa (The 100)
3.  Betty and Jughead (Riverdale)
4. Claire and Jamie (Outlander)
5.  Damon and Bonnie (The Vampire Diaries)
6.  Alec and Magnus (Shadowhunters)
7.  Clarke and Bellamy (The 100)
8. Archie and Jughead (Riverdale)
9.  Maddie and Rhydian (Wolfblood)
10. Veronica and Betty (Riverdale)
11. Connor and Oliver (How To Get Away With Murder)
12. Violet and Tate (American Horror Story)
13. Caroline and Klaus (The Vampire Diaries)
14. Elijah and Hayley (The Originals)
15. Steve and Bucky (Captain America)
16. Sheldon and Amy (The Big Bang Theory)
17. Stiles and Lydia (Teen Wolf)
18.  Abby and Kane (The 100)
19.  Jeremy and Bonnie (The Vampire Diaries)
20.  Philip and Lukas (Eyewitness)

  • Me: *watches a new tv show/ movie*
  • Me: * realizes I'm gonna have a sad otp that's gonna sink*
  • Me @ Writer: * hands them my beating heart for them to stomp over*
  • Also me: what a day to have my heart broken into shit ton of pieces .. what a day..
If Black Women Are So Ugly...Why Are We The Most Imitated?

 As a young girl, I’ve always been exposed to white women and white dolls. At an early age, I understood who was perceived as more beautiful. If you had long hair, pale skin and blue/green eyes, you were set to have friends or dates. So naturally I bought white dolls and designed white Sims from the ages 4 to 11. I would buy magazines that most white girls received their beauty tips from and watch shows where white girls were the protagonist. Although some of those show still remain in my heart like Lizzie McGuire and Hannah Montana, it is imperative to note that we have always had a problematic representation for young girls in media.

 I thought I was just “crazy” for imagining that white girls were regarded as the “prettiest.” I couldn’t articulate my feelings as a young black girl, but I knew what was going on. All the popular girls in school were white or had features that resembled a Eurocentric ideal of beauty. I was never asked out as a child, and when I did crush on people, it was not reciprocal. And the foreboding thought pulsated in my head: “If I were white or had long hair, boys would like me. It’d be easier for me to make friends and boyfriends.” It took me until I was nineteen to realize what misogynoir and colorism was. I used to be someone who would deny racism was a modern thing if you were to ask me in 2012. If you were to tell me white privilege was real, I would have called you racist. Now that I know better, I can now articulate how I feel about being an African-American woman in a society that tells me I am not pretty.

 As childish as the term “pretty” is, it is something most black women wanted to be when they were young. However, they were denied that feeling because they were not the standard of beauty. If you were born with dark skin, full lips, 4C hair, a big butt and 4C hair, you were considered ugly. In the media, all the attractive women were thin and blonde. If there were other women in the media, they either had long hair or were very light-skinned to the point you couldn’t instantly tell what race they were. Whenever we were represented, it was in a way where we were either sexualized or vilified. We had to be perfect and portrayed as a “wholesome lady” who attends church every Sunday. And we most certainly couldn’t uplift let alone like other black women that didn’t fit black patriarchal social norms. 

 Now today in 2016, there is a little more diversity in the media with shows like Empire, Insecure, Scandal, and How To Get Away With Murder. All shows star black women who are very nuanced and don’t fall under the “respectable black woman” gaze so many people projected onto us for years. But with the revolution and revelation of black beauty is the surge of cultural appropriation. Earlier in the year, Beyonce Knowles released her 6th album, Lemonade. The album was a composite of African-Americanism and a range of emotions that only black women in America could relate to. Afterwards, Knowles’ younger sister, Solange, released her third studio album, A Seat At A Table. Both albums represent black womanhood and let’s the listener know that neither albums are for anyone else but black women. However, that doesn’t stop white and non-black women from infiltrating something that is rightfully ours.

 It’s not a new concept that white and non-black women appropriate our features and mannerisms. It has been happening for over 25 years. Women like Jennifer Lopez and Angelina Jolie are known for having features traditionally seen on a visibly black woman. Lopez is known for her large buttocks whilst Jolie is known for her large lips. If they were on a mundane black woman with brown or dark skin, she’d be seen as “average” or even “ugly.” It’s not “special” to have those features as a black girl because we’re “supposed” to have them. Nowadays, more non-black women are opting to get lip surgery and butt injections to be perceived as more beautiful. Which brings me to this question: If black women are so ugly for having full lips, dark skin, wide noses, and kinky hair, why do non-black women need to have those features to be seen as more beautiful?

 The reason for that is cognitive dissonance, envy and misogynoir. The cognitive dissonance is the idea that something only applies to a particular situation but changes for the convenience of the person who applied the idea. Black women are “ugly” for having big butts, full lips, dark skin, and kinky hair, but on any other woman, those are the “markers” of beauty and “womanhood.” So I always came up with two theories as to why that is: Either people are lying about black women being ugly or they believe non-black women “look better” with our features and characteristics. I think it’s a little bit of both. I think most people today realize that black women aren’t inherently ugly, and neither are the features that represent the majority of black women. But instead of acknowledging the erroneous beauty standards of white supremacy and how wrong it was, they just pretend we’re “imagining” things and “black features” is not an actual thing. I’ve been pressed with the, “Who called you ugly?” question by my mom. As if to say if I’ve never personally been called ugly (I have), then what the media tells me does not matter. Unfortunately, the media let’s us know that we are “ugly.” It doesn’t let us forget.

  Envy is when someone wants something that another person has. I feel that many non-black women are truly envy of features associated on black women and will do anything to compete with us for the same attention we get. However, the attention we get is hypersexualization and abuse. We get people fetishizing us and only seeing us for our bodies instead of us as a whole. Our sexualization is the prime reason as to why our ancestors were raped during American Slavery. But instead of realizing the atrocities of their husbands’ crimes, white women took it out on us. White women took their husbands’ raping us out on us either by killing us, beaten us or joining in on their husbands’ rape upon us. Yes, white women raped us too. They even set us up to be raped, which is quite accurately depicted in the flawed Tarantino film, Django Unchained. Which was why Jamie Foxx’s character killed Miss Lara, his wife’s mistress,” as well. White women have always been envious or jealous of black women to the point that they would kill us and our children in order to stop their husbands from “wanting” us. Today, many racist white women believe that if they can’t “satisfy” their men like black women apparently did and do, then they should “be more like us.”

 This is especially a thing for white women who exclusively date black men. Black men swear we are so ugly and have the “worst” attitudes, but will settle for emotionally and even physically abusive women of a lighter hue or another race. Kevin Hart said it best, if she’s dark-skinned and pretending she’s going to swing on you, punch the bitch because she’s clearly “stronger” than a light-skinned girl of presumably the same anatomy and biological characteristics. Let a light-skinned or non-black Latina (the proxies black men use to not seem enthralled by Eurocentrism) swing at a man, and it’s adorable because there is no way in hell they can be actually violent. They aren’t dark-skinned or black, so they are inherently more “delicate.” So white women who exclusively date black men are aware they can “act like a black girl” without the consequences of being treated like one. However, they seem to not stay away from the box braids, protective hairstyles and “hoodrat” attire so many young black girls from lower-income neighborhoods wear for survival. It’s as if they know most black men are still PHYSICALLY attracted to black women and can’t reconcile that pale skin, thin lips, and thinner body-types is something not all black men are inherently attracted to. Most are just conditioned to. And it’s not to say those features are considered less attractive, but we’ve been told they were so attractive for years, it’s hard not to see how average and uninspiring those features really are. They aren’t special and no better than anyone else. But because society tells us features associated with whiteness is beautiful, we believe it. Therefore, everyone else who looks otherwise is “ugly.” 

 Unfortunately for a lot of white women who are born with average looks, they realize their whiteness is not enough. They have to get plastic surgery with black women as the standard to look to even be seen as appealing to certain men. This is especially a phenomenon for non-black women who are attracted to black men. This is even a factor for racially ambiguous and white-passing women of mixed race ancestry who aren’t always associated with blackness. They are deemed so “prettier” and better than everyone else but always mimic the mannerisms of the “hoodrats” and “ghetto” black girls. They tan to be closer to the complexion of a “dark bitch.” They plump their lips or use lip-fuller to get “nigger lips.” They even crimp their hair to make it look like a limp afro. Some have even went as far to glorify “button” noses on women like Amina Blue, as in, a nose wide as shit! Yet let a black girl have all of those features, and no one wants her unless she’s really thin or has something “different” about her like green eyes or hair that isn’t 4C. So why are black girls considered so ugly if people are clearly attracted to our features on everyone else?

 That’s because in this universe, black women aren’t valued and considered pretty. We’re at the bottom of the food chain, and it’s just the way it is. Actually, it’s not, but that’s how we’re supposed to look at it. It may seem like a reverse psychological effect, however. Either we’ve always been seen as beautiful or people believe our features can only be beautiful on someone else. I believe it’s the former because whenever I ask someone why I’m so ugly or why black women who look like me or more visibly black are seen as such, no one can give me a proper answer. They’re so damn flustered as if my assessment on my own body dysmorphia doesn’t make any sense. I’m made to feel cr*zy and insecure, which is code for, “Your self-image issues is all in your head and not really there.” Well, duh. It most certainly is. That’s why it’s called Body Dysmoprhia. It’s a fucking mental illness! Anxiety Disorders aren’t supposed to be rational nor making any sense, even to the ones inflicted by it. But it’s still there, and it’s often developed because of classical conditioning by society. But because you can’t think of any rational reason as to why black women are seen as “ugly” because you KNOW it’s bullshit, you just blame it on us and say we’re “insecure” and made ourselves feel that way. Not because you over-glorify girls with light skin or features considered closer to white supremacist standards. You can’t admit you’re the cause of a mental illness, so you pretend it’s not actually a thing. 

 Now it’s, “You should know you’re pretty.” I mean, I’ve had eating disorders and have been told, “You know you’re not fat.” That doesn’t make any lick of sense to someone with an eating disorder. A person with body dysmoprhia can’t possibly KNOW they’re not ugly. The point of Body Dysmorphia is that they think there is something wrong or flawed with their appearance when there’s no visible evidence to support that. But of course, gaslighting and victim-blaming is a thing towards black girls and black women, so why am I even debating this? 

 Anyway, people are so quick to uplift a conventionally attractive light-skinned girl or skinny white girl who FEELS “ugly,” but Body-Dysmorphia in black girls goes unnoticed and unattended to. It’s as if they want black girls to feel like shit at the advantage of other girls in this world. This is like that movie Flatland I watched where it was a movie about shapes and the world was divided in classes. This was based off the Victorian Era, so of course misogynistic elements were thrown in for social commentary. The shapes consisted of lines, triangles, squares, pentagons, hexagons, and other polygons all the way to a circle, the most “superior” of the shapes. The lines were depicted as women, and the problem with them was that they were so thin and sharp, they could stab people even by accident. All the lines were women, so the rest of the shapes were men. The women were subjugated and told to scream in a high-pitch tone because it would the men know they were of no threat. If they didn’t, they were promptly arrested and executed. The justification was that it was due to “safety” and because the women were inherently dangerous, but the underlying commentary was that the more “powerful” women appeared to men, the more necessary their subjugation is. Don’t you get it? We live in a world where we’re supposed to be sad and insecure for women who aren’t like us to be compensated because we’re so “beautiful” and the “best.” We’re clearly hated, but often imitated. Which means the justification for misogynoir and/or colorism is that the more “beautiful” and “cultured” we are, the more necessary it is for people to subjugate us and tell black women aren’t “supposed” to be “liberated” or “sexual” because that’s how we always were. We’re the “standard.” We’re “queens,” so everyone else has to be compensated for it. Jesus, this is like a loose novel of Harrison Bergenson.  


Yall claim Yall are woke but Yall still celebrating the 4th of July tho……. In 1776 Our ancestors were still slaves. Then 11 years later in 1787 the constitution was written saying all men are created equal BUT our ancestors were still in chains and shackles being treated like animals. Do you really understand how horrendous slavery was? If you do then know that it happened under the American Flag. Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice the list can go on and on, the men that murdered our brothers and sisters are getting away with it under the American flag, under the American justice system. This is not our country. The Dred Scott Decision is still valid until this day. So again I ask why are you proud to be an American? America is Mystery Babylon.
NFL, Big Bang, This Is Us Top Ratings for 2016-17 Season; 2 Broke Girls Among the Highest-Rated Axed Shows | TVLine
By Matt Webb Mitovich

1 | Empire, FOX (3.9, including any available Live+7 DVR playback)
2 | Grey’s Anatomy, ABC (3.3)
3 | How to Get Away With Murder, ABC (2.6)
4 | NCIS, CBS (2.5)
5 | Criminal Minds, CBS (2.4)
In Total Viewers | NCIS (18.3 million)

1 | NBC Sunday Night Football, NBC (6.7, +11% year over year)
2 | Thursday Night Football, NBC/NFL (5.2, NA)
3 | The Big Bang Theory, CBS (4.9, -16%)
4 | Thursday Night Football, CBS/NFL (4.8, -16%)
5 | This Is Us, NBC (4.6, NA)
6 | The OT, FOX (4.6, +5%)
7 | Empire, FOX (3.9, -40%)
8 | Football Night in America, NBC (3.6, -10%)
9 | Grey’s Anatomy, ABC (3.3, -8%)
10 | The Bachelor, ABC (3.1, +3%)

If you watch Empire , Quantico , American Horror Story , How to get away with murder , Shameless , black ink crew , love and hip hop Hollywood , are you the one , America’s next top model , awkward , faking it or Game of Thornes

I fuck with you


- Harry Potter PLEASE (+Deamus)

- The Marauders (+Wolfstar)

- Shameless (+Gallavich)

- Sherlock

- How To Get Away With Murder

- Orange is the new Black

- Twenty One Pilots

- Marvel (+Stucky, Parksborn)

- Buffy the Vampire Slayer

- Teen Wolf (+Sterek)

- Supernatural (+Destiel)


Taiyama week 2017 day 8. Freebie  :D

What i really enjoy about Taiyama? 

Writte and read fanfiction, i just love it. but true is that i´m the mother of two with a full day job and a car that seems pretty decide to fall apart every three seconds, so i don´t have the time or the enrgy to writte as much as i would like :C,still i have like tons of ideas for fanfics¡¡ speciali AU´s taiyama fanfics, so while i found time to continue to my superhero au and my Hogwarts au, please enjoy so many others ideas that i not even intend to do. lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala

1- knights Au: Kind of Royal/feudal era, with dragons and magician and kings. Taichi and Yamato are both apprentices to knights, but they couldn´t bee more different, Taichi is from a noble family and Yamato is a boy from the town who for some miracle is aloud to  train near to the others. Taichi is the best with all kind of weapons and Yamato has the brain for strategy and diplomacy, whatsoever the crown has a lot of secrets, and even when the they begins like rivals soon they development feelings for each others, and those feelings are put to the test on the battlefield.  I HAVE SO MANY DETAILS ABOUT THESE ONE. 

Both of them wants the position of captain of the royal guards, both for different reasons, Taichi is the son of the last captain and all his life has learn how to do that job, Yamato is in reality the bastard son of the queen, rejected by his mother he is up to prove his value as a knight and of course protect his little brother: prince Takeru (who doesn´t know that Yamato is truly his brother) but he is incapable of beat Taichi in combat. 

2. Idol Au. Yamato waits all day (and his life ) for the opportunity for an audition for the best singing competition in the reality t.v., but his dreams get cut when he is force to share his audition with another guy with the minimum knowledge of harmony or music who is there just for loosing a bet. Is a surprise when the incredible chemistry between the two aloud them to past to the next round, so is up to Yamato to teach Taichi how to sing properly meanwhile both of them jump to the famous and compete against others singers and group and of course fall in love in front of the cameras. 

3. Stark trek AU: OOOOOMMMGGG Taichi as the captain and Yamato is the second in command. Did i need to said anything else? 

4. Haunted House AU: After the tragic death of their parents Yamato and Takeru star to hear weird noises around their house, also estrange events surround the brothers, in an act of despair they get in touch with a pair of ghost haunters, a mystical girl who claims to be a physic and his enthusiastic big brother and even when Yamato is sure that is a scam he is incapable of found another explanation for the eventualities or for his growing feelings for Taichi.  

5. ANOTHER HOGWARTS AU THIS TIME THREE WIZARD TOURNAMENT EDITION: Taichi is a last year Griffindor extremely happy for had been selected to participated in the tournamet, of course he must compete agains Yamato Ishida a Durmstrang student. They becomes friends and ended up going together to the Christmas ball and absolutely everyone lost their mind. 

6. Teacher AU: The young teacher Taichi is concern about one of his students behavior, he found out that theirs parents are divorcing and call the parents to a meeting, of course they didn´t come to the date and the only one who show concern about little Takeru is his big brother Yamato. Is Taichi first Job and Yamato is extremely handsome. 

7.You got an email kind of AU¡: Taichi owns a small fast food restaurant in his home town but his restaurant get into troubles when the most fancy, luxury and healthy salad place open in the barely next block, and soon the owners of each business star a hate war betwen the locals. Meanwhile the only thing that aloud Yamato to survive the stress of such food war are the lovely conversations with his unanimous  internet friend, wink, wink. 

8. Neighbors AU: Taichi hates that his upstair neighbor  band rehearses every single nights because their are TOO LAUD AND NOT EVEN THAT GOOD , Yamato hates that Taichi put his music so early in the morning for his early soccer practice and bounce that dam ball all morning, came on¡ is not like he is an olimpic athlete or something¡ just wake up after the sun comes out like a normal person¡ Both of them play prank to each others until they finally met and holy cow¡ they didn´t expect that the other one was that good looking.

9. You saw the word in black and white until you met your true love AU: Again his will Taichi joins his little sister at the concert of some teen pop boy band and unfortunately for him at the beginning of the concert Taichi´s world turn on to colors. Now he must search between the hundred of people who attend the concern in favor to found his true love, of course that the last person that he expect is the vocalist and lider of the boy band Yamato Ishida. 

10. How to get away with murder Au: Taichi and Yamato are law students and frecuenly compete agains eachothers for the top position in class, but when they witness how an old profesor try to get advantage of Taichi little sister and ended up murdering that profesor they must work as a team to hide the evidence and.. you get it.. get away with murder.  

11. Cosplay contest: Taichi works all summer in his Iron man ulta realistic cosplay for the comic convention and get really angry when a sexy captain America win the contest.  The last thing that Yamato needs after lost a bet and be force to go with that ridiculous costume to the convention was winning the stupid contest.  

So i must dinner now so is that´s all¡¡¡¡ Happy Taiyama week for everyone¡¡¡ 

I love that ABC's drama aesthetic is basically "FUCK IT!!!!"

Like, “The Family” is wall-to-wall bugfuckery, “How to Get Away with Murder” has never been close to anything resembling “rails,” “Grey’s Anatomy” somehow hasn’t run out of tragedies to happen in Seattle, “Once Upon a Time” has just thrown its hands up like “because fuck it, magic!,” I don’t even know what’s happening with “Scandal” (no really, anybody wanna help?), and “Quantico” is not only terrorism porn but also presents the FBI as literally the least effective intelligence agency on the planet.

Bless this network. You do you, ABC.

I was tagged by @mindsetstudies to answer these life-exposing questions and tag 9/a bunch of people. Let’s do the thing~

Relationship status: Taken, and been with him for almost a year now, yay! We have plans to re-do our very first date (meeting on a bridge in the middle of town then having coffee and talking about nerdy shit) around our anniversary. Nothing too special <3

Favorite Color: Green!! All of them.

Last Song: ‘This Is Halloween’. I am not ashamed.

Last Movie: ‘The Two Towers’, extended edition (is there any other?). In the process of teaching above-mentioned boyfriend to like LotR.

Top 3 shows: ‘How to Get Away with Murder’, ‘Brooklyn 99′, and ‘FRIENDS’.

Top 3 Ships: Remus/Tonks (Harry Potter), Faramir/Eowyn(LotR), and Steve/Bucky (Captain America) I  AM TRASH OK i even wrote a fic about them a longass time ago

Up for a fun little tag, @cactii-studies, @salmon-jpg, @ccstudys, @mikanbatake, @mudana, @lilwitchstudy, @slowpokestudies, @lil-mixed-bitch, and @kwbeart?

anonymous asked:

Do you ever think of weird ways to kill people? Not to being weird but sometimes when I’m in class and someone annoys me I think if I give them a deep enough paper cut on their throat maybe they might bleed out. Slytherin

All the time, honestly. I’m relatively morbid compared the average person.

My friends and I always talk about this sort of thing but in reality we’re all far too lazy to have the energy to commit murder, let alone possess the wits or energy required to take the steps to get away with it.

My husband and I used to joke about like, if we had to resort to cannibalism in an emergency situation how would we season the meat? Haha.

I once saw this episode of Luther (don’t know if plays in America or if it’s just a UK thing) where they killed the dog before murdering the family and then hid the gun in the dog so that it could go in the incinerator with the dogs body and essentially burn the evidence and that had me SHOOK for the longest time.

Paper cuts terrify me. I went through this four year phase in life where my biggest fear was getting a paper cut in my eye? Not that it would happen but it seriously caused quite a few panic attacks.

Don’t kill anyone though. That’s no bueno, my dear.

Also don’t get murdered and keep paper away from your eyes. xx