how to get an a in college

How to Find the Right Relationship

1. Know yourself – what you want, and do not want.

2. Have good boundaries – know what it is healthy, and what crosses that line.

3. Know your value, and require respect.

4. Get out there and meet a wide range of people.

5. Give people a reasonable chance.

6. Don’t put people into a box; be open to being surprised.

7. Be persistent in your search for true love.

Waitress MC

Someone requested a HC for RFA+V towards a waitress MC, so here ya go~~

P.S. This might’ve deviated from the actual request, but I found it interesting ^^


–College life = no money + no time to cook because LOLOL = eat cheap food at a family restaurant to get a student discount

–Pleasantly surprised to find the food was pretty good and decent quality?

No please don’t feed onto (get it?) his shitty life schedule and giving him more of a reason to be a NEET

–He needs to get his shit together, and he knows that with this good and cheap food he won’t progress from Cute Boy to Manly, Responsible Man

–So he’s just internally screaming, a skill he’s mastered throughout his college life 

–But before he can spiral into thoughts like how to beat Seven in LOLOL, he hears bickering at a nearby table, and turns his head to look at MC looking very Pissed

–He almost mistook her for Jaehee with the resting Bitch Face that she had all the time while working for Jumin

–Curious, he peeked his head over the booth behind him and he saw that you were arguing about the price of a smoothie

--Lowkey him when he’s broke, but the customer was so disrespectful damn like have some chill bro

–He saw that the customer was about to snap at MC after minutes of pointless arguments, but MC shut em up real quick

–”Excuse me, sir, but we are past haggling in this time and place. If you’d kindly leave the premises and try to catch up to the present timeline, that’d be very much appreciated.”

–Yoosung internally screamed and fanboyed there and then

–He’d occasionally go to visit MC and chat, but he tried to be more responsible to suit her mature tastes


–He was eating out with his coworkers after rehearsal, because he’s a lil shit who only has beer and instant noodles at home hungry, and he hadn’t expected to see MC, with rags in your hands, in a dimly lit restaurant at 2 am

–”MC! What are you doing here?” MC gave him a tired smile, “College fees.”

–Ah. MC had told him about her financial troubles recently, but he didn’t think it would worsen to the point that she had to overwork herself at 2 am, probably getting very little sleep and less-than-enough eating

–Gdi, he knew his premonition dreams was trying to tell him something

–With his smooth charm and suave, he convinced the supervisor to let you eat with him and his coworkers

–But he had made a Very Huge Mistake

–His coworkers started to flirt with MC,and even though it was friendly (hopefully) he saw that MC was uncomfortable and kept smiling politely

–Eventually, Zen has had enough of it, and tells his coworkers on MCs behalf

–”Guys, I don’t think she likes to violate work ethics with flirting…”

—One of the guys saw this as jealousy and decided to target Zen’s insecurity which was a Very Bad Idea “What, just because we get a little bit more decent casting roles than you, you’re going to swoop away this young lady?”

–MCs polite smile immediately thinned into a disappointed scowl, “Excuse me, but shouldn’t you be able to discern my fake smiles from my genuine ones? If Zen, who you claim to be worse than you is better at that, then where do you stand, really?”

–They shut up immediately, and MC just sips her mango smoothie in silence

Zen thought that was slightly hot oh no


–Here she was, buying cat food for Elizabeth the 3rd during her lunch break. I didn’t fuckin sign up for this man what the shit

–But alas, she did it anyway because she’s a responsible lil bean <3

–So, as she was walking towards C&R with a bag of premium cat food, she heard a very familiar voice yell out: “Thief! Stop the thief in the ugly Christmas sweater!”

–Jesus Christ MC, you still have time to yell that part out? I mean considering she told Seven in his route ‘I love you’ when she was grabbed by Saeran I wouldn’t be too surprised

MC saw Jaehee, “Jaehee? What are you doing here?” and wordlessly, Jaehee threw the bag of cat food to MC and ran after the thief

–She went Sanic The Hedgehog because she’s Gotta Go Fast™

–She just judo-flipped the fuck out of the thief RIP You won’t be missed m8

Then she just. kinda dragged the thief to MC lmfao and asked for her cat food back

–She saw MC wearing a waitress’ uniform, and asked, “What did this man steal, MC?” Other than her time of course

–”We bought premium coffee beans recently, and couldn’t find a place to store them immediately and so we just put it under the kitchen counter, but he just…leaped over the counter and stole a jar of them.”

–Jaehee was pissed. How dare he even try to steal precious coffee beans? DIdn’t he know how pricey they can get? Furthermore, it was stocked for a restaurant, so it must’ve been of some degree of quality product—

–Jaehee subtly stepped on his stomach a little bit more

–MC made Jaehee a cup of coffee, which was perfect because Jaehee missed her whole lunch break just to get a bag of cat food and to catch a thief smh

–”Don’t worry, it’s on the house. But you can come to my house….anytime. ;)”

–Gdi MC you smooth fucker

–Jaehee’s face was red the whole time as she stomped to C&R


–So he had this brilliant idea of finally progressing from cat-obsessed man to cat-obsessed man WITH  A BUSINESS

–So one day he visited a cat cafe to see what it was like and to get ideas of opening his cat-themed business

–The first thing he saw was MC in a waitress uniform with cat ears on her head

–He looks calm but he’s actually like AAAAAAA WHAT THE HELL

–Additionally, the first thing he asked was “Do you have financial problems that you need my help in?” and MC almost looked offended if she didn’t know that Jumin was just a concerned Friend and Cat Mom

–Jumin was quick to dissipate the amused but Jumin doesn’t know that lol frown on her face by assuring her that he found it respectable for her to get a job at her age Dude I’m like in college what do you mean by ‘your age’

--MC recommended him a latte with cat art on the foam, which he immediately said yes to

–But he saw another customer giving you a hard time, and he just zoomed over there

–”Excuse me, is something the matter?” holy shit he sounded like he owned the place

–”Yes, your employee refuses to repay me for what my money is worth!” he nodded sharply to MCs direction, who just shut her lips even more and glared icily at the customer

–He pulled out his wallet and threw a 20 on the customer’s table, shocking both the customer and MC.

–”Didn’t you hear? People don’t serve things that have worth to worthless people. Take this as compensation and go.” DAMN SON YOU’RE MORE DRAMATIC THAN ZEN

–After the ordeal, he confronted the manager and tried to buy the shop from him, just so he can keep an eye on MC

Saeyoung / Seven / 707

–Okay so this boy is a secret agent, but he doesn’t do a very at good job at keeping it a secret

–For example, he just deadass went to restaurant to eat something other than HBC and Dr Pepper

–This would’ve been fine, were it not for the fact that he was oN A MISSION AND HE’S STILL IN HIS DISGUISE AS A MAILMAN


–So there he was,a mailman ordering a Happy Meal at McDonalds (not sponsored) and he’s waiting at the counter just chillin and waiting for his cheeseburger with fries and a limited edition toy on the new Cars movie

–A few minutes later, a bunch of suspicious looking dudes entered the restaurant, and their clothes were bunched with, what he suspected looks like firearms

–Secret agent instinct: ON

–And his suspicions were confirmed, as one of them approached the counter with feigned bravado and trying to exude some sort of confidence maybe??

–EIther way, it didn’t work very well, because even MC looked like ‘really m8 you coulda tried harder’

–Saeyoung didn’t know what he was thinking, but he didn’t want to cause a ruckus and any unnecessary trouble for MC

–He walked up to the guy, and pecked a kiss on his cheek.

–MC is wtf’ing

–The guy is definitely wtf’ing

–Saeyoung is DEFINITELY wtf’ing like what the hell what am I doing, why am I here, I want to walk away, Jaehee where are you pls help me get out of this BS

”Honey!” Saeyoung cooed, snugging closer to the man and cuddling his arm as if it was the most natural thing in the world. He caressed his arm, and stopped at his hands gripping his handgun in the pocket


–The man was so traumatised that he just,,, signalled his friends to scram

–”Saeyoung? Is that you–”


V / Jihyun

–I…..he’s blind….

–Well, he’s getting more blinder, anyways, MC couldn’t convince him to get the surgery. :’(

–He decides to spend the last days of his sight by looking at ordinary, normal, beautiful things.

–So one day he just walks along the roadside, camera hanging from his neck and his mind swarmed with sentimentality. 

–He saw a family restaurant, and it saddened him. He would be able to hear and smell, but he wouldn’t be able to see the bustling warmth of families. He wouldn’t even be able to see, or witness the birth of his own child that he’d someday make with MC.

–So he stopped by. He wanted to remember, and he if he couldn’t do so, he would leave an evidence of his memory through his photgraphs.

–”Jihyun!” There was only person that could call his name out like that, like they were excited to see him, that they anticipated his arrival. He smiled, feeling grateful that even if his sight would disappear, one thing that remained a steady constant in his life would stay that way.

–”MC,” he turned, and squinted. and widened his eyes as he vaguely recognized MC in a…waitress uniform?

–”You work here?” “Yep!” “Do you have financial problems?” Gdi no wonder you’re friends with Jumin 

–MC grinned impishly. “No, but I’m helping a friend with her shifts. Plus, the kids here are so adorable and well behaved!”

–MC turned around as she heard her name being called. “Coming!” then she turned to Jihyun, “Sorry, I’ll get back to you later, okay?” her hasty footsteps left an imprint on his memory, as if she herself radiated passion and warmth.She crouched down, wiping a little girl’s tears, and making goofy faces to cheer her up.

–Jihyun smiled. He took his camera, hands tentative. A shutter of a camera was heard, and he felt a smile curve his lips. It’s a good picture, he thought.

–The next day, he lost his sight.


Hey,,,you didn’t tell me I couldn’t write angst, okay. Plus, in the words of @mysplaced-pen, V is too easy to angst. This was requested by @herecometheohs ^^

Requests are open! 

P.S.: I’m really proud of Seven’s lmao

ddadds cult ending

what if the reason robert became self-destructive and turned to substance use is because he was held captive by cult dad and psychologically shattered

so he’s so, so determined to not let that happen to player dad. your character won’t have to go through this alone and terrified, sweating in the dark as shadows slither up the walls, as voices whisper uncertainty and malevolence. 

he gets his knife collection, he gives amanda a nerf gun full of holy water and teaches her how to use it. “and remember, kiddo, punch with your thumb OUTSIDE your fist. you’re gonna need all your fingers at college, don’t want to break them.”

they go demon hunting.

the dark place knows him. knows how helpless he was, how broken. 

“hey, robert. remember when i made you think that someone was coming for you? no one cares, though. no one would give a fuck if you died.”

“hey, robert. remember when you were so desperate for something to drink that you-”

when he falters, remembering the sense of utter aloneness and abjection, amanda doesn’t.


the entity has other bodies, other names. but today, they work together and drive back the darkness. today, for the first time in his life, robert can fight back. (did amanda just call him… her dad?)

player dad, even though he’s only been held in the dungeon for a day, is still messed up. the demon’s mark burns on his hand, and the venom burns in his blood.  robert manhandles him into clean sweats, makes him drink blue gatorade (the best flavor) in between nightmares. 

“amanda, amanda- no- leave her alone- oh god, amanda…”

“look at me. he can’t hurt you, he’s not going to hurt her. you’re safe. you’re okay.”

and when the shadows start hissing and writhing, robert and amanda pull out some holy books and start shouting back. 

player dad wakes up from a week-long illness which he only vaguely remembers, his hand stiff and bandaged. why is robert’s toothbrush in his house? why is amanda calling robert pop pop? he senses that, somehow, a long nightmare has ended. and that they’re a family now. it’s too good to question, so he never asks. 


Dear Diary,

Mom and Dad get married tomorrow and then I jump on a plane to Windenburg! College and a new Country is so exciting! I hope to be able to visit often to see everyone though, I’m not the greatest at making friends and I don’t want to be lonely.

My school is setting up students in beach houses on the water, how cool is that?! Mom and Dad are excited to not have to pay a lot out of pocket. Well, dinner is about to be served, talk soon!


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So I need a little more info on y/n and Fionn's relationship. Are the best friends to lovers? Do they lose their virginites on one another(would LOVE) a blurb on that of thats the case) and also, when did they start dating?

They’re childhood best friends that turn into lovers - they live next door to one another and they attend the same school and college. They’re pretty much inseparable and are always spending their time together and doing things like best friends would do at the weekends.

They get together and become a couple and start dating when they’re about 15-years old and they do lose their virginities together when they’re around 17-years old - he’s very nervous but expresses how much he does like her and things shoot up from there. Fionn is very shy so he doesn’t really put himself out there with girls and he only ever feels comfortable with (YN) and that’s partly to do with him taking a liking towards her and wanting to be with her. 

When they’re about 19, they move into their own flat in London, with help for Fionn’s dad and her parents, up until he gets his first acting job and he’s able to start being much more independent. It’s a small little home, close to the coffee shop he works in, but it’s fit for the both of them. Snug and comfy, one bedroom, fitting to their style and surrounded with empty canvases and tubes of paint. xx

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Has Teach Me How to Behave been discontinued? 😟

Hello Anon! No, Teach Me How to Behave has not been cancelled 😊 Unfortunately for me, a lot of shit happened during my first two weeks in College (especially the week before I started) and I’ve just been trying to get back on track with that. Hopefully I can put out an update sometime in the next week or so (that way I can get more situated with the College lifestyle), but just know that I’d never discontinue a story. It may take me awhile to get an update in, but I’d never let you guys hang like that. Other than that, I have a lot planned for the fanfic, so just stay tuned and I promise you that you won’t be disappointed. Especially since the chapter I’m working on is already at seven thousand (it was eight, but through heavy editing it got dropped) and I’m still currently writing it 😅😣 So, when I do update, there will most likely be two updates on the same day since it’d be way too long and I wouldn’t want your guys eyes hurting 😂 So yeah! I hope this clears things up a bit. I am sorry for the long wait, but I promise you won’t be disappointed ;)

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Defy (Dean Smith x Reader) Episode 1

Episode 1

“Hey Steph?”

I finished my makeup as my roommate Demi came down to the bathroom and stood in the doorway.

“What’s up?” I asked her.

Keep reading

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How did you get so good at drawing?

(( Practice my friend, practice. I’ve been drawing all my life. Like any other kid I too drew crude stick figures and thought myself Picasso as I repainted the walls of my house in all my childish glory lol. Then at one point in my life I decided to not let my pencil down and take drawing a little more seriously. 

I have also supplemented myself with actual art classes, but that was way later in my life when I got into art college. But the gist of my ability is mostly practice. I draw almost every day to keep myself sharp, and plain just because I love drawing.

Fun fact: I still remember one day when I was a kid that I was thinking of what my job would be, and artist came to mind but I immediately dismissed it because I knew nothing about art and it looked hard to learn. Little did tiny me know that in the future I would be slaving over at art college :’’D ))

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Kat and Matt have so much in common. We know they are the quiet ones, the "brainy" ones and they both mentioned several times that acting was never anywhere near their plan of career. And they both have a degree in business from college.

ya i agree!!! theyre both very intelligent, i mean kat freaking graduated at 14!!!!! like wow she could get any kind of job she wanted outside of acting its amazing. and you can very much see how intelligent she is when she answers interview questions. and matt is also the same (maybe not quite at the same level i mean nobody compares to kat omg) but he just reads historical biographies for fun and just loves learning and wants to be an astronaut. anyways wow this got long but i love them both

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hi! firstly, i love your blog. you give off the warmest energy!! anyway, i know that you are getting/have gotten (?) a degree in literature and i just wanted to ask you what you planned on doing after college with your degree, because i'm interested in maybe also majoring in literature. thanks so much! ❤️

Hello, thank you! I’m doing a masters in literary theory (basically philosophy of literature) but academia is just one way to go after a literature degree

An literature degree is a really broad and useful degree because you will have a great range of skills. A literature degree teaches you to work independently; it teaches you how to compile research and analyse texts; to come up with original thoughts and ideas on the basis of what you read; it teaches you to write and present arguments coherently; it teaches you to create stimulating discussion and question everything around you with a new sense of curiosity. With this in mind you can do anything. You could:

  • compile research on any number of topics
  • write an essay / journal
  • write a novel, poetry or lyrics
  • write a play or a film
  • work in television or media as a research or archival assistant, producer, editor or writer
  • work in marketing, advertising, sales, copywriting
  • work in publishing
  • teach english to primary, secondary or post-16 students
  • teach english as a foreign language (tefl)
  • become a public speaker, politician, publicist, philosopher, lawyer, librarian or journalist

Here’s more. It’s a really broad degree and you get out what you put in. If you love reading and you work hard, go for it.

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Iwa spoiling daichi by always making him good food, cause daichi gets so happy eating good stuff and since college started he had only been eating crap, but iwa wanted that to change. So daichi starts to gain some weight and he's insecure about it so he doesn't want to eat all the meals iwa makes anymore and they get into a little argument and daichi ends up blurting out something about how iwa made him fat and it breaks iwa's heart cause that was never his intention, he just wants dai happy


iwa makes an angry pout before turning his back to daichi as he tells the other fine i won’t cook anymore. daichi stops throwing a fit and really looks at iwa then. even though he can only see his back he knows iwa is sulking. daichi sighs, regretting his words. he walks up to iwa’s back and leans his forehead gently between shoulder blades then whispers an apology and starts explaining to iwa that he does want to eat iwa’s food, that in fact he loves iwa’s cooking and it makes him want to eat it all the time. he has absolutely no self-control when it comes to his meals and that’s the problem. iwa turns around to face him. daichi cups his pouty face and tells him to don’t stop cooking for him. iwa wraps his arms around daichi’s waist to pull him in for a short kiss. and they’re all smiley now like it wasn’t just seconds ago they were both frowning. iwa promises he’ll be mindful of proportions and cook less greasy food. and daichi tells iwa how lucky he feels to have him ;v;

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hiii! asking for the sleepover thing :') i'll be applying to colleges soon and my dream college just came out with their essay prompt, but i'm too consumed with fear to think of anything creative. i'm worried they'll read mine and it'll be just like everyone else's, or that i don't have anything they want to hear. any advice on how to get past all the fear so i can write something i'm proud of?

I probably wrote 15 different essays on completely different topics before I settled on the two I turned in to UNC. I was so nervous, but actually getting things on paper so that I could see what worked and what didn’t helped a lot. 

If you’re unsure about a topic to start off with, try free writing about things that you’re passionate about or are related to you in some way. The most random things can make great essays! In fact, one of my essays was about a tricycling nun and it ended up being the one I was most proud of. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, and don’t try to come up with something that seems really intellectual and deep. Just write from your heart about things that matter to you so that your personality will shine through! So start writing without fear of what people will think, because honestly the chances that anyone will read your first 10 drafts are slim. Best of luck!

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HEEEEYYYYYY LENAAAA! Biggest thing you learned and unlearned in college?


Hmmm. That’s a tough one. I think one of the hardest things to let go of in and unlearn, which I managed in college, was the idea that certain things were “cheating.” Redrawing from an underdrawing with a light table, drawing from references, drawing in the style of another artist and deliberately emulating them… My drawing 101 class made me do all of these, which got me to drop a lot of ideas about what was or wasn’t ‘allowed’ and made me get a lot more realistic. 

I learned how to separate myself from my art, as that’s basically the only way to survive critique sessions without bursting into tears. I could pour heart and soul into a piece, but while it was made with parts of me, it had to stand on its own and not be me. (and I learned how shitty it feels when you fail at that and feel like someone just suckerpunched your baby).

I also learned there’s no such goddamn thing as ‘talent’ for 99.9% of the population. There’s 0.01% naturally gifted assholes, and everything else is just different amounts of work and perception. People seen as ‘talented’ are really just people who a) have put in more time and work, and/or b) people who are better able to look at a thing, and draw what they see and not what they think they see. Chalking it up to some magical ‘gift’ is nonsense. Everyone is wired differently, sure, but pretty much no one is born capable of painting the sistine chapel ceiling the first time they pick up a brush.

And finally, I learned I am never gonna be a “fine” artist, and I am okay with that!

“I always wanted to be a mental health therapist.  Ever since high school, I’ve enjoyed encouraging people and giving them hope.  But I lost my way.  I got caught in a world of addiction.  I lost ten years of my life to drugs.  I stopped when I became pregnant with my child, but by that time it was too late to go back to school.  I started working as an office manager.  I never completely lost my dream.  But I just put it on a shelf for thirty years.  Then five years ago I to…ok it off the shelf.  I heard a lady in my choir talking about how she enrolled in community college.  I drove there the very next day.  I was so nervous when I filled out the application.  I was so nervous the first day of class.  All the old voices were telling me: ‘You never finish anything.’  But I said ‘fuck you’ to the old voices.  And I started getting A’s.  On my first test, I got the only perfect score in the class.  I graduated at the age of 50.  I got my Masters at 55.  And just last night I completed a mental health first aid course.  I’m so close now.  There’s still fear there.  I used to be afraid of it never happening.  Now I’m afraid of it happening.  The old voices try to come back sometimes.  They tell me: ‘You can rest,’ or ‘You’ve earned a break.’  But I’m not stopping this time.  Somebody out there is waiting for me to finish because they need my help.“

J U L Y    4   2 0 1 7 

Some french vibes from today. 

Does anyone know how one can improve ones french at home? I’m pretty ok at speaking it already but I want to get more fluent over the summer. I’d appreciate any tips! Thanks!

reblog and write in the tags how you got into mass effect 🌌

i did this in my old fandom and i read some amazing stories - i’d love to read about your stories as well !!

How to get straight A’s in college. Seriously.

Yes, even if you’re taking the maximum credit load. Because if I can do it, you can do it too. Note: My credit load also included a handful of honors courses. 

Side-note: I’m going to be a junior (how??) and an RA (!!!) in the fall. Life moves fast. College moves faster. Anyways, 

Here are my top tips: 

1. LOOK AT THE SYLLABUS AND WRITE EVERYTHING DOWN. This is step number one, and it’s not up for debate. If you do this, there’ll be no surprises, and if there are: point it out to the professor (a simple, ??? this wasn’t on the syllabus ??, usually works). Also, you have to check and see what constitutes as an A in that class. Sometimes it’s a 90, sometimes it’s not. (a 96 was an A- in one of my classes last semester. I’m so serious.)

2. Get a calendar. Not a planner. One of those giant calendars with puppies or something on it and write down everything you have to do for the month. Put it above your desk. This helps A LOT because you can see everything you have coming up for the next few weeks, instead of jus playing it day-by-day. 

3. It is OK to use ratemyprofessor. Sometimes it can be really helpful, but pay attention to the more in depth reviews that talk about what the homework, tests, quizzes and projects are like (instead of “her lectures are boring :///) 

4. Sit in the front of your class. You’ll be more likely to pay attention and less likely to scroll through instagram. (by the way, mine is @parissdb :) It also grabs your professors attention, so even if you’re shy, they’ll at least know your face.

5. Do that extra credit. A lot of professors offer it in the beginning of the semester, and hardly anyone does it because no one’s thinking past tomorrow. It may be what saves you in the long run. 

6. Figure out your best method of note-taking. For me, it’s good ol pen and paper. It helps me remember everything. Some people prefer typing it out. This is beneficial bc it makes it easier for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. (Thank you, command + F)

7. Put your effort into the percentages. If an assignment is worth 1% of your grade, do it well, but don’t exhaust yourself. It’s 1%!!!! If it comes down to it, spend more time studying for that exam that’s worth 30% than the group project worth 20. 

8. Please. Stop studying what you already know. We’re all guilty of it. It makes you feel better knowing you have chapters 1-3 down, even if you don’t know 4-7. The key to studying is to learn what you don’t know. 

9. Learn how to study. (Yes, it’s actually a skill that has to be learned.) I’m the biggest procrastinator I know, especially when it comes to studying. But I’ve found that studying 2 days before an exam usually does the trick for me. I create a master study guide during day 1 and study it all on day 2. Depending on what time the exam is, I may review on the morning of day 3. 

10. SAVE SOME TIME FOR FUN ffs. Seriously. You don’t have to study 24/7, and I don’t know about y’all but my attention span was not built for that.

I might add more to this later, or make another post because I could give these tips for ever and ever. But hopefully this helps someone out there. 

Be sure to check out my college tab here:( and follow me on instagram @parissdb ( for more stuff. :) 

Great Ways to Ask Out a Girl

•Will you be in a duet with me?
•Will you be the harmony to my melody?
•Will you blow my horn?
•Wanna learn some new fingerings?
•Will you be the drum to my major?
•Wanna get picco-low?
•Will you be my first chair?

•Will you be the major to my minor?

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Hello! Im scared of getting a job because I feel like I'd mess up and embarrass myself. I understand that I should just do it, but i'm scared. /:

No need to feel embarrassed! The job hunt is stressful for everyone, that’s why we have written a TON of blogs about it. I’m not sure if you mean working/resume building while you’re in school or after you graduate, so I’ll give you some resources for both! :)


Working While in School:

The Post-Grad Job Hunt:

Saving Money:

This help you get started on preparing. Don’t be scared, you got this!