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BTS reaction to their girlfriend falling asleep on their shoulder while watching a movie with all the members

Jin would turn to talk to you about something going on in the movie to find you fast asleep on his shoulder. He smiled softly, wondering how you fell asleep with all the noise from the rest of the boys. He’d put his arm around you and held you close. “Guys, could you be a bit quieter? I don’t want her waking up.” Jin would ask softly.

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Yoongi himself would start getting sleepy through half the film. He would turn to you to ask you if you wanted to go up to bed with him only to find you asleep. He would chuckle a bit, then scoop you up in his arms. “We’re going to bed. Tell me how the movie ends.”

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He would think it was precious. Hobi would be squealing at parts of the movie he liked and tapping your shoulder to make sure you saw. When he didn’t get a reply he looked at you. Wiping the bit of drool from your mouth, he felt a bit bad for being so loud. He laid you down on his lap and kissed your forehead. “Night Night, jagi~. I’ll tell you all about it in the morning~.”

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He would be laughing and talking to everybody as the movie played. Namjoon looked down at you with a huge smile, only for it to get bigger when he saw you sleeping. He kisses your forehead softly and took you upstairs, tucking you in so that you would be away from all the noise. “I’ll be up to cuddle you soon, baby~. Sleep tight.”

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Jimin would fall asleep with you. Since you were already asleep, he took you in his arms and cuddles you close. He would start to yawn then slowly close his eyes as your sleepiness rubbed off on him. Holding you tightly, he fell asleep with you. “Goodnight, princess…” he slept with all the noise around you fading away from both of you.

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He would also be pretty loud with Hoseok as the movie was being played. He would laugh loudly and clap his hands. He would feel you jump slightly at the sound of one of his claps. He glanced at you to find you fast asleep on his shoulder. Tae would quickly pull out his phone to take pictures and get the rest of the groups attention. Guys! Isn’t she so cute!?”

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Jungkook would be super into the movie. He would be fully focused on it, until he felt your head slowly sliding forward off his shoulder. He’d look down to find you fast asleep, drool running down your chin. He’d giggle a bit, cover you up and cuddle you until the movie was boring. “You’re adorable, jagi!”

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2AM Dr.Strangelovery

So at 2am I was messaging my boy @ crudehorrible and it developed into some of the weirdest Dr. Strangelovery I’ve ever encountered. This is a shitty highly detailed blue print of how this thing works


So we have our normal ICBM with  MIRV warhead, but the missile and warhead are fucking huge. Like, big enough to transport 10 B-52s in the warhead safely.


Now when the MIRV releases all 10 B-52s, they go heading for their target area to drop their payload as this picture below shows.

But at a certain altitude this big old mother fucker splits into THREE MASSIVE BARREL BOMBS!



wait why the fuck did we make this thing. This is both horrifying and fucking stupid.

why do ppl try and get in ur pants by arguing asexuality doesn’t exist like??? oh sure straight highly privileged white cis boy tell me all about how you think that i as a minority do not exist while dehumanising me to a point where you believe i cannot love unless i’m choking on ur dick that’s gonna do it that’s gonna finally be the thing to get me hot like wtf sit down son you’re embarrassing yourself

Imma be honest with y'all, I hated Jumin at first. I thought he was creepy and too possessive and a huge douche. But after listening to some people defend him and explain his actions, I played his route again and BOI WAS I WRONG.

You just gotta actually think about why he’s doing these things, and that he means no harm. His emotions are getting the best of him, so when he says something extreme, he doesn’t completely mean it that way, he’s just expressing how he feels, which is a GOOD THING.

One of the reasons he made you stay with him was to KEEP YOU SAFE. And the few times he literally says he won’t let you leave, he apologizes later after realizing what he said was wrong. But usually all he says is that he doesn’t want you to leave, and he would be sad if you did. And really you can’t blame him for feeling this way because he FINALLY has someone that cares for him and wants to help him, so he wants you stay and wait for him to get his emotions sorted out.

He loves you and he loves that you want to help him and he’s constantly apologizing bc he thinks he’s being overbearing. He just doesn’t want to scare you away. tbqh if you really wanted to leave he would have let you.

He’s constantly asking if you’re okay, if you need anything, he does everything he can to make you as comfortable as possible. He was straight up gonna let you remodel his house. This giant sweetheart TUCKED YOU INTO BED and READ TO YOU. (rip my ovaries @this cg) If that’s not the cutest darn thing you’ve ever seen then idk what is. And not to mention HE MADE YOU PANCAKES.

You just gotta read into his actions. I love this big baby I love him and want to protect him from everyone that hates him.

(this ended up WAAAAAAYYYYYY longer than I was expecting but gotta defend my bb)

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skye you know who this is. i wanna request an au for seungkwan💖

  • youtuber!seungkwan 
  • he puts up covers of songs and also does cute vlogs about his life,,,,everytime he goes to visit his family in jeju he does a vlog and spends like 30 minutes of it talking about how much he loves his family and then the other 10 minutes is him running into the ocean fully clothed because subscriber vernon requested he do so 
  • his voice,,,,is undeniably amazing and everyone keeps asking him if he’s gotten signed to any labels
  • seungkwan always gets really shy talking about the fan letters he receives, even though in every video he makes corny hearts with his fingers and winks and stuff like that
  • like he’s still a soft boy and is humble for all the people who like him
  • has a fanclub that literally goes into the comments section on every video and deletes any hate because #protectseungkwan
  • you’re actually a youtuber too, but what you do is review singers voices and everyone keeps sending you the link to seungkwan’s page and when you finally listen to his covers
  • you fall in love,,,,,,,,,,with his voice
  • and you do a video reviewing his cover of a famous love song and you’re just full of praise because like WOW???? he has the voice of an actual angel
  • and seungkwan gets so happy watching your review that he leaves a thank you comment and it gets upvoted to the first spot
  • and everyone is going crazy in the comments about how cute you two would look together and if you know each other in real life
  • and that’s how you end up getting an email from seungkwan about what he should improve on vocally and how he trusts your judgment
  • and you guys talk a lot over text and stuff and ,,,,,, finally you decide to meet
  • and when you do,,,,you’re both blushing looking down at your feet and you both say you admire the other and then get flustered
  • and you guys unironically go to karaoke and have so much fun seungkwan makes you laugh till your stomach hurts and then he’s like “is it ok if i vlog this???” and you’re like sure!!!
  • except when he gets his camera out he pulls you over and he’s like “you guys know them right!!!!” and you give a wave
  • and you guys talk on camera together,,,,and it’s fun!!!!!
  • and when seungkwan uploads literally everyone is like ‘hehe cute first date!!!’ ‘more couple vlogs!!!!’ ‘when is your 100th day?’
  • and you get so shy when you see all these people saying that but also,,,,,,you and seungkwan have already set up a second date next week hehe 

Aside from all of this Lance x Lotor stuff absolutely battering the Lotor tag…
I want Prince Lotor to try his hardest to be really intimidating and downright diabolical. But at the same time, I hope they include a scene where he’s painting his nails, face mask on, hair up in a towel and mumbling about how much he hates his father under his breath. Personally I just want any scene showing a more personal side to him, unlike what we’ve seen so far of Zarkon. I want! To get! To know! This boy! I want him to be a bad guy, sure, but he’s also gotta be a flamboyant mother fucker who we can feel kinda sorry for when his ass gets drop kicked by the paladins.

Hyung Line's reaction to you singing in a theatre for the first time

Request: hi ok so i really wanna be in theatre or on broadway when i get older so i was wondering if you could do all the boys (very specifically johnny, taeyong, and ten) hearing you sing a broadway or vocally challenging song for the first time.

A/N: that’s a really good dream/goal, i hope you manage to do what you want!! on a side note i feel like this is really bad and i’m sorry it’s so short and repetitive ahh



Would be mesmerised and fascinated by your vocals and voice, admiring you and your talent. As a good singer himself, he finds it amazing how you’re able to sing such a challenging song, and would probably look up to you. Knowing him, he wouldn’t show it that much but all he’d do is smile to himself and if he has the courage to, he’d probably go up to you after and compliment you.

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Has a straight face and has his eyes widened but internally he’s just shookt™ and too speechless to say or do anything. Stares in admiration as he gets lost in your singing and performance, his eyes not even leaving you once. Would probably also still think about your singing even after a few days because he’s just too in awe, which is how you got to know him eventually- he attended every one of your performances.

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Wanted to shout out loud to compliment you but had to stop himself because he was in a theatre, but he smiles throughout the whole performance, especially when you start singing! Your vocals had him hooked and it feels as though he’s a addicted, even just within a few minutes. Had also purposely waited for you (backstage) so he could compliment you, telling you how much he loved your voice.

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Was about to fall asleep halfway because Johnny had dragged him there to watch it with him but as soon as your part came on and you started singing, it was as though his sleepiness was gone. He’d get so lost in your voice and singing, he completely ignored Johnny when he was talking to him. At the end of the performance, he’d compliment you sweetly and also give you advice at the same time.

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He wasn’t expecting much from the whole performance but your singing had changed his whole perspective. Smiles a lot to himself and gets fascinated when you hit the high notes, saying soft little “Woah"s & “Wow"s to himself from time to time. He wouldn’t hesitate to compliment you and shower you with sweet and nice words, encouraging you and making you feel better about your singing, boosting your confidence

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He’s such a sweet angel i think he’d just have this really bright and proud smile on his face, getting lost in your singing. Unknowingly nods his heads when you hit the high notes, as though he’s feeling satisfied for you. At the end of the whole performance he’d go up to you and tell you how great you were, and that he was looking forward to seeing you sing again.

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Another one of the better singers-he’d be conscious at first, listening attentively as to how you started the song and how stable your voice was. But as time slowly passed by he’d start to realise how great of a singer you are, as he finds himself staring at you in awe as he’s fascinated by your voice and confidence.

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His mouth would instantly widen as he gasped loudly as soon as you started singing, and probably telling the person next to him, even if it was a stranger, "She’s good, isn’t she?”. Literally claps like a seal after your performance and gives over exaggerated reactions. But he also compliments you after a lot, which made you feel flattered because of his sweet words.

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Like Yuta and Johnny, he smiles a lot to himself throughout the whole time you’re singing,  and probably softly claps after you’re done with a song. Your voice is like music to his ears, and he loves it so much, despite only hearing it for the first time. Goes up straight to compliment you too, and like Ten, says sweet words to you that also helped to boost your confidence.

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Wouldn’t show it that much but he’s as equally shookt and fascinated by your singing, and spends half of the whole performance with his mouth open and hanging because he’s just too amazed by your capability. Claps really loudly to encourage you and if he has to courage to, would also guve you small little meaningful compliments, “With a voice like that, you’ll be able to make it big”

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My friend told The boy I liked that I liked him and then he said "that's not true! I'll go ask her" but he didn't another friend made him take my number from someone xD now I'm scared for tomorrow at school cause he's in my class :3

Damn, I wish I had somebody I liked like me back. How do you all get so lucky????

“I am the one who keeps this world in balance. I am the one who protects the innocent. I am the one that you fear…And I am the one who shall end you if you get in the way of humanity’s goal to survive.”

Whoooo boy. This…This took a while.

Now for those of you who have just stumbled upon my blog and are wondering who this lovely lady is, then I shall tell you.

This is Ceres, the Goddess of Mira who shares a part of her soul with my Cross, Athena. How she met Athena and everything will be established later. I have just been too busy and have been procrastinating to work on Athena’s backstory.

But long story short, this is what she looks like when Athena sees her in her mind and on Mira. 

And boy do I love this end result. I started working on the sketch on Monday and it was originally going to stay as a sketch but…I wanted to see what it would look like in color. And boy does it look good! I just…I love!

Okay, I’ll stop gushing and let you be. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening.

Also @kentucky-the-fried reminder that this chick is gonna stop Mira in his tracks and deck him. 

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cute art, but why ship real people? i feel like its kinda weird

i get why that’s concerning, trust me, i know all the arguments for it. i guess in my case, i don’t necessarily ship the people themselves and more like i ship a “character” of them? like, it’s less about the actual people and more about their dynamics and interactions and how they would act as fictional characters in whatever world i create, and i’m interested in exploring them through fics/art. i have to say, though, i find ACTUALLY shipping these boys i.e. being convinced that the ACTUAL PEOPLE are secretly fucking on their downtime or whatever goes a bit too far and makes me uncomfortable too. but again, i don’t really see the problem in drawing/writing these ships when i keep it contained in my own blog and fandom, and i’m not out there on their social media accounts trying to shove it down their throats to convince them they’re gay for their best friend or whatever.

that’s sort of my explanation for it at least, it is kinda weird, but it’s an acquired taste. if you’re not into it then uhhhhhh you probably shouldn’t be checking out my blog lol

Anyways @ trans gay/bi guys who enjoy feminine stuff and presenting feminine, I love y'all

Like whether you’re coloring in your eyebrows, wearing mascara, eyeliner, eyeshadow, etc. Or wearing feminine clothes like skirts, dresses, crop tops, etc. Or painting your nails. Wearing perfume. Like just having a feminine style, I just love y'all.

Because for so long I denied my transness because of how much I love feminine things: the sweet smell of perfume, mascara and eyeshadow, lipgloss and painted nails, wearing croptops with skirts or short shorts. And when I would tell cis authority figures in my life they’d tell me “no you’re not a boy if you like dressing and wearing feminine things.” And it’s just?? Why?? Cis gay guys wear feminine things even if it’s a little bit of make up and some tight clothes? They get praised but I’m not allowed to be feminine and be a man?

I honestly just really feel for trans guys, whether their transitioned or not, who love feminine stuff. Y'all are handsome as hell honestly, and the make up just adds onto your masculinity, not take away from it. And we can say we have gay pride while doing it too.

If cis gay/bi guys can present feminine and have it seen as progressive, then trans gay/bi guys can too.

Absent- Part 20

Short part.  Sorry.  :(

Tracking tag


“I’m not going to let this happen.”  Riza said and squeezed her eyes shut as she pressed her face against Roy’s cooling cheek.   Without her he had been happy…but she wasn’t prepared for this; For him to so easily fall victim to an enemy, for the boys to be lying in pieces in the street. For them she would find a way out of this.   Sirens were getting closer and she was forced to bring her goodbye to a close, something she had no idea how to do.   How did she turn her back on him and walk away, even if he was beyond help.

“We need to leave now.”  

At least she had the other version of herself who  had known loss, who  processed it all with detachment.   A few kisses to saw goodbye and finally a hand reaching into his pocket to take out his watch.  Roy would have understood this, she didn’t feel like she was some scavenger picking the valuables of bodies on a battlefield.   He would have been demanding she take what she needed and carry on, that voice in her head made it easier to do what she had to do.   She laid the watch on his chest and reached into his coat, hands slipping against his shoulder and finally fingers working the button on his epulet.  Then she slid of his rank designation and retracted her hand.  She added it to the collection on his chest and took off the other one.  If they were going to Central and needed to get in the library then she would need to be much higher ranking than a mere Lieutenant.   She was focused now, focused on getting the hell out of this nightmare and making sure this reality never came to fruition.

“Out of time!” They were ready and not a moment too soon as the sirens got closer and to avoid being seen she had to pull the heartbroken woman off her knees and drag her into store to avoid being seen.   The dog followed without being told.

Military vehicles arrived on scene and Riza could see Roy’s team was the first to arrive.   Fuery probably heard it on the radio and they all knew where Roy liked to have lunch.   Reports of a kid fighting someone with alchemy, that would send them all running out the door without questioning it further.   Her heart shattered again as she watched the team get out of the car and look at the utter destruction in the streets.  Of course the eye was immediately drawn to a red cloak draped over a small body in the middle of it.  

“That guy….he was at the warehouse when I came in on the freight train.”  The other Riza said.   “I thought he was going to lock me up for hopping that train but he just wanted a light….and he asked me out.”

Havoc.   Riza knew exactly which one she was talking about.  He would go to smoke by the old warehouses next to the depot, the warehouses that were the start of all this.   It was funny to think he would ask her out, but somewhere deep down she knew he had never pushed beyond friendship because he knew how close she was to Roy.   She watched the cigarette drop from his mouth as he realized Ed wasn’t moving.   Fuery and Falman were already in tears, running to Ed and Breda was checking the perimeter.   Checking for their commander.   The time to leave was now.   “We need to leave East City immediately.   Protocol will be to lock down the area and monitor all transportation outlets so the enemy doesn’t escape.  The call will go out to Central, Roy’s best friend is in military intelligence.  He’s been hunting Scar.   When he gets here, he’ll be on our trail quickly.   The missing watch and epaulets may escape notice until then, but Hughes will see it plain as day.”

“The next train is leaving at…”

“No train.   They’ll be searching trains.”  Riza said and held out her hands. She looked at the stars and watch.  “This is our ticket into Central.  Nobody will stop us.   I can get a car from headquarters. We’ll drive.”

“That wastes a lot of time.”  

“So will being detained by the military for questioning.  Remember that I don’t exist in personnel records and you hold the answers to the most powerful form of alchemy this world has ever seen.” Riza replied and walked towards the back of the store.   The shop keep had fled, probably upstairs to the apartment above.   They left through the back entrance without being noticed.   She pushed past her loss because she had to go back to being an officer t get them out of this.  “Trust me on military protocol and I’ll trust you with everything I have already learned about this coin.  Maybe we need this car ride to figure all this out.”

“First we have to go to the bookseller. I need to verify that is where the book went.”

“Central Library will certainly have more books than you can imagine on the subject.” Riza said.  “But we’ll stop at the bookstore first.  Where is it?”

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What, if anything, did Gemma think of Eliza Shepard? Did it change at all as the years went by and the news reports got more confusing, did she ever believe what the Alliance had to say about her? How would that change if they'd ever met and, if you are so inclined, what would Eliza think of Gemma?

Hoo, boy, here we go. :D 

Alex Ryder knew Eliza Shepard fairly well professionally; he met her shortly before Akuze, and advised against the disastrous meet-up with her birth parents, but they didn’t get along well. He respected her a great deal – she’s driven, talented, charismatic in her cold way, and an excellent leader – but he also feels that she had a leg up on a lot of other officer and ICT candidates because of her connections to David Anderson and Steven Hackett, both of whom were close friends (and, in one case, a former lover) of Hannah Shepard. Her work speaks for itself, but there’s something about her he just can’t stand. 

His opinion of her is not improved when she returns to active duty and starts ICT. She’s angry – betrayed, vicious, almost ruthless – and as an advisor to the N7 program, Alec thinks she should have been screened more effectively before an invitation was extended to her. He has no complaints about her work, but he doesn’t think she belongs in the Alliance. 

(For the record, Alec also argues against her particular N6 assignment, which he feels will shatter her even more. He’s completely right.)

Then there’s the matter of her becoming a Spectre, something he sees as yet another gift (granted, he’s bitter as hell for what’s happened in his career), and by the time Eliza Shepard is off fighting Sovereign, his bitterness and dislike for her has filtered down to his kids. 

Gemma only met Eliza once, when Scott joined ICT and Eliza was getting her N7 designation, and she did her best to be polite and kind while still being loyal to her dad, but Eliza was so mentally fucked at that point that she barely registered Gemma’s existence. Gemma was hurt, Scott was furious, and that was the end of any potential friendship. 

The Ryders don’t believe the crap that Sovereign was just a geth ship, but they don’t really speak up about it, because they’re busy with the Initiative, and because they have no interest in supporting someone like Eliza Shepard. 

Then Eliza died, and Gemma forgot about her completely. 


If Eliza had been slightly more with it when she met Gemma, she would have been impressed by Gemma’s physical presence, and probably warmed up to her over time, but she wouldn’t have trusted her. Someone that nice, all the time, must have an agenda. The fact that Gemma would just want to be friendly, no ulterior motive involved, would never have crossed Eliza’s mind. 


Dax: …and when they opened the barn door, there was the little girl… hungry for brains.

Jefferson: That was totally a knock-off of TWD. Lame.

Buck: What was that? I know your mama ain’t been lettin’ you watch–

Jefferson: Um, no, sir. Of course not.

Buck: …that’s what I thought. It’s gettin’ pretty late. I think it’s about time for you boys to go get in y’all’s sleepin’ bags. Big day tomorrow.

Jefferson: [whining] But dad

Dax: How come you and Grandpa Nick and Uncle Miles aren’t going to bed?

Buck: Just ‘cause we ain’t. Now go on. Bed time. I’ll be up in ten to make sure it’s lights out.

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I remember how all the boys supported Niall when he released his single. I remember how all the boys came to the X-Factor to support Louis when he performed with Just Hold On for the very first time. And I can't wait to see them support each other again (and we all know it's coming). And I will support them ALL like they do, because I learn from the best

I never understand how some fans can go from supporting all of them as a band to not supporting all of them and only favouring to one and putting the others down in a fashion that makes them look horrible. When people/fans send stuff like “Harry’s music will be better than yours” or “your album will flop”, it makes them look and sound and come across as a nasty and disrespectful person.

Like, okay, you have your favourite in the band, but, that doesn’t mean you get to shit on the other boys and their achievements. I never understand why people think it’s okay to bring down the other boys when the boys, themselves, are all supporting one another when they release music.

The funny thing is, when the band comes back and forms as One Direction again, these fans, who send the boys shitty messages about their solo careers and how much they’ll flop, will forget all the horrible stuff they said and want in on supporting all of them as a band again. Like, no. That’s not okay. xx

I remember I saw someone a while back saying that aces wear shirts displaying how they’re ace because they won’t get attacked for it and how gay. bi, trans, ect people don’t wear that stuff with their gender/sexuality

But like? All sorts of lgbt+ people wear shirts with that stuff, not just aces and aros

Idk if my school is just more chill about this stuff but off the top of my head I’ve seen shirts that say “nobody knows I’m a lesbian”, “stand with Orlando”, and those “boy, girl, <third option>” shirts and I’ve never actually seen anyone with ace shirts. It’s not just an “ace thing” to wear lgbt shirts?

APHOBES OR EXCLUSIONISTS PLEASE DONT REBLOG THIS, I’m commenting on the disourse and have to post in the tag for people’s blocklists

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*Interviewer's voice* wow what I find actually surprising is that you guys have sold out shows!!!! (Jimin looked like he wanted to end himself, I'm glad they are getting popular and all but I selfishly wish they won't go too mainstream)

god anon that interview was a cringefest wasn’t it??! I’d like to believe the interviewer will feel awful looking back at it, maybe even get sent back to journalism 101 but…
And yeah BTS are getting more popular at a rapid rate, and the fandom is changing, but no matter how big BTS gets, as long as the boys are a team, as long as they are still out there working for us and being dorks, as long as they are out there being BTS that’s all I care about.
Some things have changed and will continue to change but some things really haven’t at all - hope is still our hope, kookie is still a meme, jin is still a joke telling prince, namjoon is still wandering and philosophizing, jimin is still bossy, tae is still taeriffic, and yoongles is still Bleat King and they are still A TEAM and that’s what matters to me 💖