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Hey!! Do you know of any fics based off of the devil wears prada? Or PA stiles who works for derek or peter or even chris? Ty❤️

I want PA!Stiles of Chris!!  Why does this not exist?? Rude.  I did find 2 TDWP fics, and the rest are assistant!Stiles to pretty much exclusively Derek (there’s one Peter hiding in there, if you squint).  Enjoy!  -Emmy

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The Alpha Wears Prada by SLCKat 

(2,266 I Mature I WIP)  *sterek, stanny

All Stiles Stilinski wanted to do was get a good crime beat at a great paper in New York City. This is so far from what he wanted that he was pretty sure there were hidden cameras somewhere.

CEO Of His Dreams by Shippings_galore

(3,675 I Teen I Complete)   *sterek

Stiles works for Hale Industries, and gets premoted as Derek Hale’s personal assistant. So what if Stiles was in love with that man? Derek could have two cents to his name and Stiles would still fall head over heals for him. He can deal with being with his dream guy. He can do it. He will not get swept away in all the madness that is Derek Hale.

Hot and Bothered by islandgirl_246 

(4,019 I Teen I Complete)  *steter

Peter rolled over and groaned. He felt like someone had taken a jack-hammer to the inside of his skull, and sandpaper to his throat. He groaned again, but tried to shift his body towards the edge of the bed to swing his feet to the floor.

The room swam when he attempted to stand and he was forced to plop his butt back down onto his 1000 count sheets and wait for the wave to pass. Shit, he couldn’t afford to get sick. He had a meeting with the Jessic Group this morning and Talia would have his ass if he was late.

Hale Publications by AlphaDerekMakesMeDrool 

(4,716 I Not Rated I WIP)   *sterek

Teen Wolf meets Ugly Betty meets The Devil Wears Prada. The Hale family own Hale Publications. The flagship publication is COUTURE magazine, Derek’s just been put in charge and anywhere else is where he’d rather be. Stiles has an interview for a personal assistant position, who knows how this might end?

That Thin Line in and Out of My Bed by fadedhues 

(5,611 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek

“Ow,” Derek says, scowling, rubbing his bicep where Laura hit him.

She retorts, “That’s what happens when you zone out and eye-fuck your new assistant, Derek,” crossing her arms and jutting a hip out.

(aka the one where Derek is a CEO of his family’s company; enter Stiles, his new assistant, who happens to be extremely fuckable)

Behind Closed Doors by WhenItsDarkOut 

(7,234 I Explicit I WIP)   *sterek

Stiles has no idea what he’s doing. His best friend just set him up in an internship in one of the biggest companies in New York.

Derek Hale knows what he’s doing. He does everything alone and knows exactly what he wants. But when Stiles comes in, he’s the first person Derek’s ever met that isn’t afraid of pissing him off. Derek doesn’t put up with misbehaviour

And misbehaviour deserves punishment.


The fanfic where Stiles is really clumsy and Derek punishes him with a good fuck

Derek Wears Prada by Clotzx (Ladymacabre) 

(10,000 I Mature I WIP)   *sterek

Based off of:

Stiles starts working at Trend, a magazine run by Derek Hale.

What a Pair We Make by tugela54 

(16,095 I Explicit I Complete)  *sterek

When Stiles’ boss unexpectedly goes into rut, he offers himself to the lycan, knowing all too well how utterly terrifying it can be.

  Will his gamble pay off, or ruin everything…?

If We Could Match by InTheArmsofaThief

(23,455 I Explicit I Complete)   *sterek

As Stiles waits behind the camera during an interview, he thinks he should maybe quit.  Because, in all honesty, despite the charming smile the actor is pulling out for EW, Derek Hale is kind of a jerk.

Not Like Bond and Moneypenny by WhoNatural

(29,869 I Mature I Complete)  *sterek

(AKA, the Ugly Betty AU where Stiles is totally Betty)

Stiles thinks he’s finally getting a break when a job at the sleek, sophisticated, Alpha Magazine opens up - but soon realises he’s not going to be writing anything and instead is playing tutor-slash-babysitter to their new Editor-in-Chief. Derek’s spoiled, grumpy, in way over his head…and so painfully attractive it makes Stiles want to lick his face. So there’s very little choice in the matter.

 “Totally not like that,” he maintains, “It’s not like we’re Bond and Moneypenny.”

 Scott gives him an excited grin, chuckling. “Dude, you’re totally his Miss Moneypenny!” he says, eyes wide like the world just finally started to make sense. “You’re the only one who won’t sleep with him even though you’re dying to.”

Double Negatives by i_am_girlfriday

(31,020 I Explicit I Complete)  *explicit

Derek is a high powered lawyer, and a born and bred Upper East Sider. Stiles is a broke actor who’s grateful to land a full time job as Derek’s newest assistant. Their working relationship is one hundred percent professional…except for when it’s not.

me: Man-Ew is abusive because he fits more than half of this university’s women’s center’s signs of abuse. He gets possessively jealous, his behavior is unpredictable, he belittles and humiliates the woman he claims to love in public where her co-workers can both see and hear, he refuses to respect Kara’s decisions in a situation where she has more experience making decisions than he does, he refuses to listen to Kara and actively chooses to break promises he makes to her, then when things go wrong because he does what he wants anyway and Kara has to get very firm and harsh with him to get him to hear her she ends up being the one portrayed as the bad guy and has to apologize to him instead. Also he calls her his “kryptonite” and pushed her to make a decision about her job that could get her fired when he had no right to make that decision for her and proceeds to not look or sound sorry at all when she does inevitably lose her job. No little girl watching this, or older girls and women for that matter, should have to watch this and be told through the narrative that it’s what romance looks like.


me: Replacing James Olsen, a Black love interest, with Man-Ew, a white male slave-owning love interest, is racist. It’s part of a larger pattern of interracial couples in film and television getting sidelined because fans and creators didn’t “see chemistry” between the characters. Usually it’s the Black character who gets written/killed off and the white character gets paired off with another white character of the opposite gender. And if the writers did just genuinely feel that James and Kara had no chemistry and wanted to introduce a new love interest, they could have made that character also a character of color so as to avoid the critique that the decision was actually based on race. At the very least, they could have let Kara have a female love interest, even if she was white, so that the relationship was still breaking boundaries and not just replacing an interracial relationship with your standard, generic, white hetero relationship that is actually abusive.


me: nvm, y’all voted for Lord Dampnut anyway, so there’s no point to this

Tord: Eh, my personal record was about…5? But again, it depends on how complex the projects are and how less I sleep, heh.

Tord: There were times where I’ve gotten frustrated, yes. But I wouldn’t go as far as to destroy said project, it honestly would’ve just made things worse for me.

Tord: Right now, nope. I’m putting more focus into my actual job at the moment. I’m glad a handful of you would take interest, though.

And a visitor…? I’d get several customers requesting for repairs every day, so now I’m curious as to who you’re talking about..

Supergirl Rant

This Mon-el storyline is literally the worst. Kara breaks up with him for being a lying sack of crap (yay) so he goes into this whole sob story “you make me a better person blah blah I love you” diatribe to manipulate her into forgiving him. They have been together for 2 weeks and he goes straight to I love you after he gets caught? That's manipulation. The thing that pisses me off the most is that all they are doing with this storyline is showing little girls out there that the guy that is a jackass to you and lies and manipulates you, isn't the bad guy. It’s ok even supergirl gets goo-goo eyed at the pretty white boy. This is dangerous. Yes he is adorable, yes he is flawed and there are times when that is ok to overlook, but Mon-el is a manipulating misogynistic whine bag who only cares about himself and only cares about Kara when it suits his wants and needs. There is a way to do this story correctly, but this isn’t it. They are going to make this a big ole thing about his redemption and Supergirl helping him become a better man and all that bullshit but like that’s not what this show is supposed to be. Get that shit from every other CW show. This is supposed to be the show that ISNT about a man finding himself at the expense of a woman. Much less that woman being the lead of the show. I fucking hate it. It is not a woman’s job to teach a man how to be a decent human (Alien) being.

Winchetser Sister- Bloody Hell

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Request: Hey!!! You are an amazing writer! I read all of your fics in one night (no regrets) I was hoping that you could do one in which the boys´ younger sister gets her first period an they help her. Thanks!!!

Title: Bloody Hell

Parings: Dean x reader!sister, Sam x reader!sister

Words: 643

Summary: Reader gets her first period and her brothers help her out

(A/N; Hey y’all I had to delete the post I posted last night bc it looked really weird if you weren’t reading it from my page & I couldn’t figure out why it was looking so weird so I just deleted it I think it may be because I posted it over my phone?? idk but anyways THIS IS A REPOST!!!!)

love JC :)


“Oh shit!” You whisper as you look at your underwear that is covered in red blood. You are thirteen so you already know what periods are, you just didn’t expect it to happen right now. You start to panic, “What the hell do I do?”

You can’t tell your brothers right? They won’t understand they’re men, but you know that if you don’t tell someone then this will cause a lot of problems. You quickly wrap your panties in toilet paper and walk swiftly and awkwardly back to your room. You change clothes and you debate once again about telling your brothers. What if they laugh at you? You take a deep breath and make up your mind and finally walk out of your room to find Dean.

Your stomach turns as you walk down the hallway until you reach the library where you see both Sam and Dean sitting at a table. You grow more worried and your stomach is doing flips as you slowly walk up to them. “Hey, uh, Dean,” Both Dean and Sam look up to you, “can I talk to you…privately?”

Dean turns towards Sam and gives him a questioning, “Is something wrong?”

“No!” You say way too fast, giving away that there is something wrong, and both your brothers look very concerned. “Nothing’s wrong… I just need to talk to you.”

“(Y/N), if something’s going on you need to tell both of us,” Sam says, his eyebrows furrowed together.

“No, it’s personal…” You say quietly, and both Sam and Dean straighten up a little, fearing the worst.

“(Y/N), has someone touched you?” Dean asks cautiously, panic burning in his words.

“What? No, Dean! It’s just that I, um, I think I started my period…” You say and both of them visibly relax. You uncomfortably cross your arms and you look at them both, “What do I do?”

“Uh, Sam, you want to take this one?” Dean looks over at his brother, clearly uncomfortable with the topic of the situation.

“Dean,” Sam warns, and looks at you with a smile. “You do know what a period is…right?”

“I’m not ten, Sam.” You shoot back.

Sam raises his hands in defense, “Hey, I’m just making sure! But uh, I think we should go to the store and pick up some stuff for you”

“What do you mean?” You ask, innocently. It’s times like these when Sam and Dean wish you had a Mother figure around, it save you both awkward and embarrassing discussions.

“Uh, well, you need stuff to help, um, catch the stuff,” Sam cringes but tries to smile at you, “Dean, you wanna help?”

“No, I think you’re doing a pretty good job on your own.” Dean says back, but when you look at him with a worried expression, he sighs and looks at you, “Fine, so when you go through these every month you need stuff like pads and tampons to help you from leaking and getting blood everywhere.”

“Ew! You mean I have to do this every month?!” Your stomach turns more and you look as if you are about to cry.

“Uh, yeah, but it’s not that bad-”

“How do you know?” You cut Sam off. That seemed to shut him up because his eyes widen and he stampers on his words.

“Well, I-I was just going to say that you get the special treatment, like we’ll let you eat whatever you want, we’ll buy you things to make you feel better, you things we usually don’t do.” Sam smiles awkwardly.

“Oh…well thanks.” You say and you stand buy the table uneasily, “So can we go now or what?”

“Oh yeah, let’s go!” Sam says as he jumps up from his chair and puts on his jacket and you two walk up the stairs to get in the impala to go get your supplies.

Thin Walls

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Dating a musician is difficult in and of itself. If they’re not attending a schedule, they’re working in the studio. If they’re not working in the studio, they’re still working on their home setup. And on the rare chance you can get them to spend quality time with them, they tend to spend a good chunk of your date talking about what happened in the studio or at the concert.

It was tiring, to be honest.

But dating Hyuk Woo was different.

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The White Princess Episode 1 Live Blog

You asked and I have delivered.  My live blog of the first episode of TWP is below the cut.  It’s four and a half pages of stream of consciousness notes I took while rewatching the episode.  I don’t go into historical accuracy, that’s just not really an aim of the show so I don’t think it’s fair to critique that aspect.  But I do think I touch on 15th C. social mores a little.  Hope you enjoy.

The opening credits are really cool.  They remind me a lot of the credits for TWQ.  The graphics are pretty awesome.  Love the Tudor Rose imposed at the end.  

I guess this first scene was used to establish a tie between the last series and this one.  I’m just glad it was brief while also giving an idea of what we are working with.  However, I think this scene wouldn’t make much sense if you hadn’t seen TWQ.

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Me (to older brother/little sister kindergarten students): 将来に何になりたい? / What do you want to be when you grow up?
Older Brother: やっぱりお医者さん!/ Of course I want to be a doctor!
Me: いいね!私の父もお医者さんだよ!◯◯ちゃんは? / That’s good! My dad is also a doctor. (Name of little sister)-chan, what about you?
Little Sister: えぇ?わからん!/ Huh? I don’t know!
Older Brother: お嫁さん?/ A bride?
Me: ◯◯ちゃんもお医者さんになったら? / How about (Little sister’s name)-chan became a doctor also?
Older Brother: えぇぇ!?(笑)Ehhh!? (Laughs)
Little Sister: 嫌だ!だって気持ち悪いもん。/ Ew! But their job is so gross!
Me: 慣れるよ!みんなも、最初気持ち悪いけど、時間経つと慣れるよ。/ You get used to it! Everyone is grossed out by it at first, but as time passes you grow accustomed to it.
Little Sister: さあ、どうかな〜 / Hmm… I wonder~

And if you think this is an isolated incident, it’s not. This is sadly an extremely common experience. I often street pass (wireless program on the Nintendo 3DS) little girls and I am often able to see what they have listed as their future aspiration. More times than I can count I have seen “将来の夢はお嫁さんになること” (My dream is to become a bride!) In fact, it is the most common future aspiration I have seen listed for young girls. I am the only girl I have ever seen list their dream as wanting to be a “boss” (将来の夢は社長になること). 

And even the teaching materials I have to use to teach my students English present women as having an expected gender role (housewife) and men are expected to work:

And it goes on to say that, “My brother likes soccer. My brother is an athlete. My brother is active.” And then about his little sister, “My little sister has long hair. My little sister is cute.” Women are valued for their appearance and when they grow up they become housewives. Men are valued for their skills and when they grow up they can become whatever they want. This is not an isolated incident; all of my teaching materials reflect these prehistoric gender roles. 

I live in very rural Japan, where I have heard husbands call their wives 家内(outdated term to refer to your wife that literally means ‘inside the house’ and is considered to be quite sexist). And, when talking to a student, they said it is still normal for men to propose to their wives by saying: “毎日俺のご飯を作って下さい” (Please make my food everyday.) 

Anime for children also reflects these ideas, and from early on teaches women that they exist to bask in the male gaze (so many idol animes), where as men are taught that they are adventurers, sports players, etc. It is really incredibly depressing to watch. 

Pornographic magazines are displayed in broad daylight - portraying the idea that women exist for men’s enjoyment 24 hours a day. If they really must have those magazines on clear display of women in very degrading positions, why is there not a male equivalent!? Children are able to see those magazines as well, and can come to their own conclusions.

Japan is the third-largest economy in the world, and yet it has the OECD’s second-highest gender pay gap. In Japan, full-time working women earn nearly 28% less than their male counterparts. And, pregnancy leave for women rarely even exists. When women take time off work to have a child, they have to reenter the company at an entry level position.

In short, I am extremely irritated at the amount of people I have seen arguing that Japan is in any way a progressive society for women. It is not. Please stop romanticizing the way this society treats women.

This wasn’t inspired by anything specific but I was thinking about how sometimes people over like 25 get made fun of for being on the internet because we’re “all losers with no lives” apparently and like I’m sure there are some older adults that are on here for that reason but like.. Most of us are here BECAUSE we have busy lives filled with obligations like full time jobs and families and it’s fucking stressful man and sometimes we wanna just escape that and laugh at some fucking memes and socialize.

Like if you’re 21 now and thinking “ew I def won’t be on tumblr 6 years from now” I honestly hope you’re right! I hope your life is happy and stable enough that you won’t need to escape to the internet. But if that doesn’t end up being the case? I hope you find the comfort and community you need to get through anything

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Why is Al Ewing's Avengers so great?

Real talk, to one and all who haven’t been following him: Al Ewing is one of the three best regular writers in comics right now. It’s him, Tom King, and some third person (Steve Orlando? Mark Russel? Kieron Gillen? Jonathan Hickman or Warren Ellis if we count them as ‘regular’ in terms of monthly publication?). And his work on Avengers is basically my platonic ideal of Good Superhero Comics.

It’s not just that he’s a remarkably skilled writer who’s excelled at just about every genre he’s tried his hand at, though he is definitely one of the most chameleonic creators out there at the moment* - I think part of why he hasn’t gotten as much attention as some up-and-comers is that there’s no one specific thing he excels at, he’s just great at everything, from comedy to horror to character moments to action scenes to long-term storytelling without sacrificing the single issue to tying his themes into the function of his plot to the kind of “fuck yes” moments Grant Morrison and Garth Ennis make their bread and butter on. It’s that he’s one of the handful of writers operating on that level who clearly dearly loves traditional superheroes and believes in their ability to tell meaningful stories without reinventing the wheel. It’s straight-up adventure stories with the Plunderer and Doctor Positron and the New Revengers, but with an intellect and sincerity that elevates them above just about everything else in the market.

For one, having a writer on that level determined to tell the best classic adventure stories he can means we end up with ideas like American Kaiju - as Ewing put it, “Godzilla exists, and he is American”; as David Uzumeri put it, “what if Frank Miller was TWICE as drunk when he came up with Nuke” - executed exactly as well as you’d hope. The kind of bizarre throwaway ideas Morrison deals in to add texture to a world that he doesn’t actually explore, both because he has a larger story to deal with and they’re often a little too quirky even for him? Mighty Avengers and New Avengers are basically built on those. It also doesn’t hurt continuity nerds like me that he’s building his own slice of the Marvel Universe to build his books around over time in service of something bigger down the line, same as Hickman, or Morrison across the aisle. Especially considering said slice largely revolves around Blue Marvel, who Ewing’s turned into the single best and most potentially enduring take on “how would Superman work in the Marvel universe?” we’ve ever had.** 

But what makes his work is that it has a heart. Not in the general sense of having emotional moments and well-developed characters (though it’s got those too), but in having a sense of conviction and meaningful idea of what the idea of the hero is supposed to stand for.

Most superhero books, frankly, don’t have a particularly well-developed sense of justice or ethics beyond the need to stop people from dying, and occasionally that you shouldn’t do it by killing because that would make you bad. Ewing on the other hand is clearly someone who’s thought a lot about what superheroes mean and what they can teach and how they can go wrong, and it’s something he’s conscious of in his work. It’s not just a matter of whether his heroes can win, it’s that they’re showing that civil liberties aren’t for pansies who don’t understand what it takes to get the job done, and that you have to give a shit about your fellow man even when you desperately don’t want to because the road to becoming the bad guy is in seeing others as fundamentally lesser, and that it doesn’t take powers to help your community. They’re unapologetically leftie books (Ewing’s Secret Wars tie-in Captain Britain and the Mighty Defenders had the panel you may have seen floating around with a supervillain quoting David Cameron), and it’s in a thoroughly humane and community-minded sense of right and wrong that it rebukes the idea of superhero as fascist: they’re the ones who stand up to the fascists, who protect their neighbors and inspire them to do better, who grit their teeth and believe in their fellow man no matter how much their fellow man seems to want to flush the world down the drain. That Ewing has his characters fighting amazing stuff in fun ways is what makes his Avengers damn good books - whether as a traditional superhero team in Mighty Avengers, an international science strike-force in New Avengers, or defenders of the Omniverse against the impossible in Ultimates. But it’s that they’re just as concerned with how to be better people and see justice properly done that makes them great books.

EDIT: Since I was asked and realize it’s not exactly obvious, the reading order for his stuff goes:

Mighty Avengers Volumes 1-3 (starting with No Single Hero)

Captain America And the Mighty Avengers Volumes 1-2 (starting with Open For Business, which opens with an Axis tie-in. Ewing gets handed a ton of tie-in stuff, and while he’s great at turning that into narrative momentum, know it’s there in advance)

Ultimates/New Avengers up through the present, soon to be followed up by Ultimates ² and U.S.Avengers (also check out his Contest of Champions, which ties into the larger story he’s building up and is also really fun)

He also wrote Ultron Forever with art by Alan Davis, which has a team of cross-time Avengers uniting to battle a future Ultron in events spinning out of Hickman’s Avengers, and one of those characters appears in his New Avengers. He was also behind Loki: Agent of Asgard, which has three volumes (with Original Sin: Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm slotted between volumes 1 and 2), which is also definitely something everyone should check out and sets up some themes that are playing out further in Ultimates.

* Try for instance Zombo and his novel I, Zombie, which take opposite tacks on my least favorite major genre and both end up absolutely phenomenal. Or his trippy, 70s-psychedelia mixed with 90s-Vertigo style Zaucer of Zilk. Or his great little Black Widow horror oneshot in Avengers 14AU. And for those who really enjoyed his Avengers, I’d especially recommend checking out his pulp novel trilogy of El Sombra, Gods of Manhattan and Pax Omega (they’re technically set in a larger steampunk universe set up by another writer, but they’re fully standalone and require no knowledge of the other series).

** Which I maintain he expanded into the premise of “how would the Justice League work in the Marvel Universe?” with Ultimates. Seriously though, while I know he’s happy to work with characters of every degree of popularity, I need - need - to see that guy write Superman at some point down the road.

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do you have any pining drarry fic recs?

Yes i have! :)

Twice Yours by Leontina (10k)
Draco needs Harry to pretend to date him at a family event in order to manipulate Lucius. Draco also needs to pretend to date Pansy at the same family event so that he can pretend to be straight around Narcissa. Only one of those fake relationships is built upon a long-standing crush - and it doesn’t involve Pansy.

To Be Where I’m Going (In the Sunshine of Your Love) by @theboywholivcd (19k)
“He imagined Draco’s smile, all gums and slightly crooked teeth, his hair slicked back with Pacific water, and he knew: He’d travel as long as he’d need to if it meant he’d see that face. If it meant that Draco would hear the message he’d been carrying for so long. Maybe he didn’t have to travel the road alone anymore.“ 
Draco and Harry go on a road trip together. It’s about the journey, not the destination.

Azoth by Zeitgeistic (88k)
Now that Harry is back at Hogwarts with Hermione for eighth year, he realises that something’s missing from his life, and it either has to do with Ron, his boggart, Snape, or Malfoy. Furthermore, what, exactly, does it mean when one’s life is defined by the desire to simultaneously impress and annoy a portrait? Harry has no idea; he’s too busy trying not to be in love with Malfoy to care.

The Moon Looks Lovely Tonight by Omi_Ohmy (35k)
When Harry moves into the damp and empty Black house, it doesn’t quite feel like home. And then the first owl moves in. After that, it’s a steep slope leading to bed-sharing, more owls, assorted housemates, strange potions experiments, and terrible cooking. And a bit of waltzing, too.

The Gentlewizard Club by @sophiefrench77 (28k)
Draco wants what Draco wants. And if he has to snuggle up to Harry to get it, well, surely, Draco can handle that. Problem is, not sure Harry can.

A Convenient Impracticality by Firethesound (38k)
Somehow Harry ends up agreeing to a fake relationship with his ex-nemesis-turned-friendly-acquaintance-with-benefits, except for some reason it involves an awful lot of actual dating and, sadly, not much sex. Confused? Harry is too, but when has anything with Draco Malfoy ever been as straightforward as it seems?

Tea and No Sympathy by Who_la_hoop (70k)
It’s Potter’s fault, of course, that Draco finds himself trapped in the same twenty-four-hour period, repeating itself over and over again. It’s been nearly a year since the unpleasant business at Hogwarts, and Draco’s getting on with his life quite nicely, thank you, until Harry sodding Potter steps in and ruins it all, just like always. At first, though, the time loop seems liberating. For the first time in his life, he can do anything, say anything, be anything, without consequence. But the more Draco repeats the day, the more he realises the uncomfortable truth: he’s falling head over heels for the speccy git. And suddenly, the time loop feels like a trap. For how can he ever get Harry to love him back when time is, quite literally, against him?

One Harry Potter, Please by FaithWood (62k)
All Draco wants is Harry Potter’s friendship, just to make his new Auror job more bearable. However, after Harry stubbornly pays more attention to his secret admirer, Draco is forced to resort to drastic measures. PostDH, EWE

The Destiny You Sold by Tryslora (58k)
In which Draco knits, Harry makes wands, and things get very tangled up between them.

Don’t Mind If I Keep Your Tie (And Your Heart, Babe) by Ingi (21k)
The Eighth year common room has a parrot in it, courtesy of McGonagall and her mad search for interhouse bonding. Most of the time, it’s just there, until one day it repeats “Potter has a damn fine arse.” And the Slytherins know exactly who the parrot’s mimicking… Draco is not amused.

(The Piece) I was Missing All Along by Lauren3210 (32k)
Draco and Harry have been flatmates and best friends for years, and Draco thinks life is just perfect that way. But when something comes along and threatens to take all that away, Draco has to decide what it is he really wants, and just how hard he’s going to work to get it.

Also, Drop Dead Gorgeous by Maya is a very good pining fic but it’s sadly taken off the internet, i know some of her fics can be found online though i choose not to share because she has asked so.

Also Mon-el once again proves how fucking useless he is. 

You know who would’ve been a better person to stay behind and have more success talking Rhea down from her World Domination Craze? The very son she flew into a murderous planet conquesting rage to get back. Not the Kryptonian she blames for having taken her son away from her.

Mon-el is literally Team Supergirl’s Deadman Switch. He would have far more leverage over his mother by saying “Guess what mom, you either come back with me and turn yourself in peacefully or we both die when the DEO shoots this ship out of the sky.” 

Another moment for Mon-el to prove himself to finally be a self-sacrificing hero and he lets it breeze on by. 

I Love Your Tattoos

Anon: i know you’re super busy with requests but could you do one where you have a lot of tattoos(like sleeves) and the fans dont really like that and give you a lot of negitive comments on them and dan shows you how much he loves your tattoos.

Sorry it’s so short but hope it’s okay :) xxoo
Thanks for requesting


It was frustrating enough getting disappointing glares from elders whenever you would go out, but when your partners followers started commenting rudely about it, that hurt.

Tattoos were something you were passionate about, you loved the art that marked your skin but apparently others didn’t.
Both arms were coated in beautiful designs, all having a certain meaning or memory.

“Ugh, those tattoos are terrible”
“Ew, she doesn’t suit those”
“She will never get a job with those”
“How can Dan look at those everyday?”

These were a few of the comments you read on a vlog Dan had posted which you were in.
Hundreds of comments about your “terrible” or “ugly” tattoos filled the section.
You couldn’t stop the tear rolling down your cheek… What if they were right? What if Dan didn’t like them?
What if he hated the thing you loved?

“Y/n! What’s wrong love?” Dans voice sounded from the door way as he jogged over to your side.

“Nothing.. It’s fine” you tried to smile, one wobbly smile

“It’s clearly not nothing love. What’s wrong?”

Dan was now sat with one arm around your shoulders, leaning forward so he could look into your eyes.

“I was just reading comments from your vlog and… Well, do you dislike my tattoos?”

Dans expression looked shocked

“I love your tattoos y/n, and you should know that” Dan informed you

“It’s just that they s-”

“Baby I’ve told you before, don’t pay attention to the rude comments. No matter what they are about.
I absolutely love your tattoos, I love kissing each section, I love tracing each pattern with my fingers and I love that each one has meaning.”

Dan ended the sentence with a kiss on the lips, as one finger unconsciously traced your tattoos while you cuddled together for the rest of the evening.
Those comments didn’t matter anymore, all that mattered was that you yourself loved them. And knowing Dan loved them made it so much better.

lmao coworkers are makin fun of me cause I’m leaving for a job less paid than what i woulda been paid staying there and cause i’m “going to another country more expensive and i’ll have to speak another language and everything”

I just rolled my eyes like what do you suggest i do ??? hoard money like you did ??? live a life like yours ???? ew.


Title: Eternally Consistent
Author: kitsunealyc  
Rating: NC 17
Word Count: 44,500 Approx.  
Summary: Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter assumed they would never be anything but civil enemies, until Potter lands on Malfoy’s doorstep, bleeding, covered in curses, and acting very strangely indeed.

Such an exciting and interesting fic (it’s going to keep you in your toes!). Draco is so snarky, bless him, and Harry and Draco’s relationship, interactions and build up are really cool. The way they both know exactly what to tell each other to get that reaction, the one they were looking for is priceless.

The story is super interesting. I don’t want to give the plot away, but basically Harry and Draco have to work together, or rather Draco has to work on a time anomaly with the Time-Turners and Harry is there to protect him. Only at the beginning of all this, Harry (future!Harry) shows up at Malfoy Manor injured and asking for help, leaving only a note and a Time-Turner behind, but the whole thing – Draco’s interactions with that Harry, are at odds with his interactions with current!Harry, so he proceeds with caution while Harry (present Harry?) is doing everything in his power to, er, get closer to Draco.

I know it sounds confusing, and I’m probably making a mess of explaining, but you ought to trust me, this story is great. The characterisations, their bickering and how they try to get along, Hermione and Millie (they are together!) are awesome. 

Book Ginny Vs Movie Ginny

honestly, movie ginny kind of annoys me. I love bonnie wright so so much and it just annoys me how people hate on her for portraying ginny AS SHE WAS TOLD TO BY THE DIRECTOR and she does an amazing job of what she was told to do - I just hate the fact that we could have had a badass ginny who bat-bogey hexes anyone who would dare to mess with her, but we get an awkward mince pie offer?! NO GINNY IS BADASS AND DOESNT CARE AND TELLS PEOPLE HARRY HAS A HUNGARIAN HORNTAIL TATTOO!!!!! I ship book hinny so hard but in the movies I’m just kinda like hmm okay not really… THIS ANNOYS ME SO MUCH AND I HATE HOW PEOPLE WHO HAVENT READ THE BOOKS ARE LIKE ‘ew how do you like ginny?’ GINNY WEASLEY IS ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVOURITE CHARACTERS LEAVE HER ALONE

If Yoongi was a University Student

- “the guy at the back” “where the fuck is yoongi” “what the shit, he’s sleeping again” “fucking hell” “you at the back, wake up”
- Studies Bachelor of Sound and Music Design
- since its “just uni” his fashion is really lazy but trendy, beanies and masks, sticking to colours like black or other darker colours > his bag is often hanging from one shoulder with his hands in the pockets of his ripped jeans or sweatpants
- hoodies are almost a ritual for this guy. if he’s tired, annoyed, or dont want to talk, he’d be the guy to pull up the hoodie, slump into his chair with crossed arms and shut out everything

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- probably has a secret life of 420 blazing smoke weed everyday
- lectures are always during the afternoon so he can sleep in
- the type to never pack his lunch because he wakes up 5 minutes before being on his way to uni > the mother of the group (seokjin) is always worried about him and makes sure to feed this guy the most
- knows how to party despite the fact that he hates humans during uni days
- the type to be able to do all kinds of pen twirling tricks with his elbow resting on the desk, chin on the palm of his hand as he glances from board to teacher to scanning the class in a bored manner
- The hidden genius in hands-on projects
- The type to be the admirable senior due to his cool, chill aura > actually not chill when he gets excited or passionate about something he likes
- Part time jobs and multiple shifts during the night to support his family, coming home late and tired, body exhausted
- tries not to enter a love-life as much as possible > “yoongi, aren’t you ever gonna date?” “priorities, fam.”
- Staying in after-school hours to develop amazing sounds/beats > undying willpower to finish something ASAP as soon as he begins
- surprisingly dumb when it comes to confessions > “oh wait what that was a confession?”
- neck rubbing/scratching when he is frustrated or feeling awkward
- When asked by another student for help, he’d give a simple directions so they can finish up the rest themselves and learn without him having to showing them every single step
- “fucking- FUCK i forgot my earphones, fuck my life, fuck this shit, im done, this is the end of me bye”
- will probably admire his crush from afar because he thinks he isn’t a good enough person to approach them and get to know them
- “No I did not eat that fucking cake you had okay… okay fine I had a bite, so what humans get fucking hungry.” >> lots of swearing
- the type that MUST do what he wants. he will follows his dreams and does things through life which will eventually help him land his dream job
- occasional university-hosted radio commentations/music mixes
- student during the day, rushing off to some underground club to show off his jams and sick beats while rapping as well
- always scolded by seokjin for being too thin and not eating much
- when having a crush > “she can find someone better than me for sure.”
- “do you have food.” “shit im hungry.” “no i woke up at 2pm what the fuck, do i look like i ate today”
- “ew no get off me”
- past history of delinquency during high school :3
- probably knows how to fuck with your mind without you even realisin it
- he acts like he’s always annoyed at his friends but deep down he loves them to bits
- if you feel down/something has happened in your private life, he is one of the few who catches onto it quickly and confronts you about it > “hey. you okay?”
“I don’t care if you hurt me. But hurt my friends and I will make sure I screw you over 100 times worse in every which way I can fucking come up with until I’m satisfied.”

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any other “what ifs” you guys want? send em through to my ask :)

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It's not natural order. Sorry buddy but just because you love the taste of nasty animal flesh doesn't mean it isn't murder. Wow it really seems like it bothers you now that I bring up a point that interferes with your way of living lmfao. How about you mind your business and cut that fucking hair of yours

It IS the natural order muh dood. You think it’s wrong for say, a wolf to hunt a deer because “ew nasty animal meat?” Were animals too bucko, and omnivorous for a reason.

And mate if you think I’m bothered you’re a terrible judge of character, lel. I’m doing fine, gonna probably get stoned in a few hours and watch Bob Ross. Unless you’re TRYING to anger me in which case, come off anon and do a better job ya lil bish.

And don’t be mad because you’ll never have hair as glorious as my fiery locks.


- and to be clear, I don’t think he was aware of his own feelings in the beginning.

P.S. thanks for the question! I’ve been meaning to make a post about how Grayza is not a crack ship for a while now, and so it all kinda came out at once. Although it did take longer to do then I thought

(Disclaimer: all mangacaps were originally taken from mangafox (edited by me) and are originally from Hiro Mashima)

Chapter 40: Gray admits that he finds Erza cute

Chapter 50: Gray is affected by Erza’s show of emotion, even though he’s showed before during the reunion with Lyon, that when he disagrees with her rules he’s not afraid to back down. This is pure respect for her.

Chapter 78: Erza has been abducted, and Gray is super sensitive on the topic and snaps irrationally at Juvia.

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1. The more you complain, the less you’ll accomplish. 

2. Don’t ever drag out an apology, do it as soon as you can. Prolonging an apology only makes things worst, and can make the conflict blow up into something it wouldn’t have had to if you would just swallow your pride, and say you’re sorry. 

3. Start saving all your five dollar bills, so you have a little extra money stashed away. Now what you want to do with it, is obviously up to you, but fives are just a good bill to save. One dollar bills are too little. Who really wants to save a single dollar? That’s not gonna get me any where. And tens? No way Jose, that can give me almost a half of a tank of gas, that’s way too much, especially on your probably minimum wage salary. So that leaves me with fives. If you save all your fives I bet you in a few months you’ll have a couple hundred dollars.  

4. Speaking of saving money, do you have a car payment? A cell phone bill? Anything along those lines? Try to keep at least a minimum of $200 dollars in your bank. That way if you get sick or a family emergency happens and you aren’t able to work for a few days, you’ll still have the money to pay off your bill for next month. 

5. If one of your coworkers text you and are begging you to take their shift or switch with them for an important reason just fucking do it. Even if they may be lying, what if they’re not? What if they really did break down on the highway or their mom really is in the hospital? I get it, working isn’t fun, but you’re going to be making more money so just do it. AND IF YOU REALLY DON’T WANT TO OR CAN’T, JUST TEXT THEM BACK SAYING SORRY AND YOU CAN’T DO IT. DON’T JUST NOT ANSWER THEM. I mean, plus, they’re gonna owe you one. 

6. Always carry your license, some form of money, and your health insurance card, and if you have one, your blood type card where ever you go. You never know when something is going to happen, or if you’ll get hurt and have to go to the hospital. If you have all the stuff handy it’ll make it a lot easier on the people trying to help you.

7.In case you get hurt, or pass out, or just have to go to the hospital, make sure you always wear underwear. If you do end up in the hospital without underwear, have fun holding that gown shut. 

8. Wanna know what sucks? Reheating any kind of cheesy pasta, like mac and cheese or Alfredo. It just never tastes the same in the microwave, so put it in a pot with a little bit of milk and maybe some butter on low and just let it heat up. It’ll be how it was when you first had it.

9. Pasta in red gravy isn’t too bad in the microwave but don’t you dare tell me you haven’t put that shit in the microwave and it’s steaming hot and thE PLATE IS ON FIRE but the pasta is ice cold. I call some shit to the bull. Like reallly pasta? Sorry 3:30 wasn’t long enough FOR YOU PASTA. 

Nah but forreal, just leave a hole in the middle of the plate, so make it look like a doughnut, and it’ll heat up fine. 

10. Since we’re talking about reheated food, let’s talk about reheating mf pizza. Ain’t nobody got time to reheat the oven, but the microwave makes it rubbery, so we result to eating it cold. 

Well, if you just put in a glass of water in the microwave with your pizza the moisture will help keep your bread soft.

11. Try to dink a full glass of cold water when you first wake up. It’ll help actually wake you up in the morning faster. And water is good for you man, you probably need to drink more of that shit anyway.

12. Everyone you’ll meet will be better than you at something. 

13. I know we all have these smart phones now that take pretty sweet pics, but keep a disposable camera in your car. That way when you go on spontaneous trips with your friends at two am to the beach, or some afternoon you go to a park with a cool tree or something, you can capture the moment. I think they usually have about 30 photos, and if you only take one picture each time, when you eventually develop it, I bet you’ll go “ oh shit I forgot about that!”.

14. If someone doesn’t answer your texts for a few days, don’t automatically think they’re ignoring you or trying to blow you off. They may actually be busy, or something may be wrong. Before you send a text freaking out on them because they haven’t answered, how about you text them asking if they’re okay, or how their day is going.

15. Always tell your friends to text you when they get home to make sure they made it okay.

16. Don’t you ever lead anyone on. Ever. If you do that, you’re trash and not worth their love anyway.  

17. Don’t get mad if someone falls asleep while you’re texting. Think about it this way, they’re fighting off sleep just to talk to you. I think it’s cute that they thinking talking to you is more important than sleep. 

18. Everyone’s feelings are important, and everyone’s feeling’s matter. Don’t you dare ever make someone think that their’s don’t.

19. If someone wants to sit for 45 minutes and tell you about one of their passions, let them. It's refreshing to see someone care about something so much, and plus if it makes them happy, why wouldn’t you want to listen?

20. When you get a Red Box movie, right then and there put a reminder in your phone the next day to return it. THE WORST is when you forget and have to pay for an extra day, especially if it was shitty movie.

21. I know money may be the issue here, but try not to ever let your gas light come on. The lower your tank goes, the more your cars diggs in your tank to get the gas. If you get down to the light it pulls up all the dirt and gunk and isn’t good for your engine.

22. Stop it. Stop being so fucking cheap, especially with your friends. If they drive you someone that’s a good amount of distance actually give them gas money, or buy them food when you stop or something. Stop asking people to get things for you and then never paying them back. I get it, every once in a while it’s easy to forget, but 5 dollars here, 10 dollars there, another 20 here. I assume you have a job as well, so think about how many hours your friend had to work to pay for something FOR YOU, and you just never pay them back. Bull shit.

23. SO if you do happen to not pay someone back for a while give them an extra couple bucks for being nice enough to lend you the money to begin with.

24. Always close your shower curtain when you get out of the shower. If you keep it open, it won’t be able to dry properly and get all moldy. ( Ew.)

25. Always tell someone how you feel. Even if you’re scared. Especially if you have feelings for them. Who wouldn’t want to know you think they’re so wonderful that they make your heart warm?

26.  Always keep some kind of tissue in your car. HOW OFTEN HAVE YOU SNEEZED WHILE DRIVING AND THEN YOU ONLY HAVE YOUR SLEEVE.

27. If something makes you happy, it’s not stupid.

28. Pretty much anything that makes you happy is important.


29. I promise most of the things you worry about that MIGHT happen, won’t actually happen. 

30. Write down a list of all the little things you keep meaning to do, like fixing something, grabbing something at a store, or doing some DIY around the house. If you write these things down, you’ll actually have something to do when you’re bored.

31. You have to accept that people CAN and WILL fall in love with you. 

32. One of the sweetest things you can do for someone is remember the smallest things about them, like if they like two straws in their coffee instead of one. 

33. Try to have dinner with your friends often, and go around the table, and have everyone talk about their day. Even if nothing happened, just sit down and talk about your day. 

34. Make sure you tell your friends how much you appreciate them often.

35. Try to reach out to  people you know are shy. It’s hard for them in a lot of social situations, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to be / feel included. 

36. If you have an iPhone, always drop a pin when you park your car, that way after you’re long day you don’t have worry about finding your car.

37. If you’re going on a date, or even just to a shady part of town, always share you’re location with at least one of your friends at all times. Drop pins / send your current location to them when you’re somewhere major. For example, if you’re on a date, send a pin of where you parked your car, the bar you ended up at, his place, just everywhere. 

38. Always let people know when something reminded you of them. It’s nice to know when people think about you. 

39. Sometimes it’s not a lack of love that spoils a relationship, it’s the lack of friendship. The most beautiful relationships begin as friendships.

40. If you can find someone you can talk to about anything, and be the most candid self you can be with them, don’t ever let them go. 

—  40 bits of advice you didn’t ask for, but will hopefully stick with you.