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American cartoons animated by Japanese studios and the hybrid art style that results is EXTREMELY my aesthetic and the basis for my art style - a post

I’ve been nerding out about this on twitter all day but I wanted to make a post here about it too - people often cite my work as reminding them of things like Lupin the 3rd and Cybersix, and honestly, I”m not surprised. 

But do you know why?

Its because both shows were animated by a little (and by little I mean one of the oldest animation studios in Japan) animation studio by the name of Tokyo Movie Shinsha (as they were known up until the 2000s, and are now known as TMS Entertainment).

TMS is responsible for a really large chunk of my favorite animated media growing up. They are my biggest inspiration both animation and art style wise. I’m honestly completely infatuated with the hybrid style that was created in the 80s and 90s as a result of Japanese animation studios being outsourced to do American cartoons in general, but TMS really stands out as being the masters of this.


Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland (1989)

This movie went through distributor hell, falling through the hands of WB, Disney and various others. But it had an American director and was animated by TMS studio under the instruction of using a western style. Its initial release was in Japan. To this day no one really knows who owns the film property. But its one of the most shining examples of Japanese > American hybrid animation to this day and is the most prolific in making kids SWEAR this movie was anime, only to watch it again as adults and be totally confused. lmao.
It’s my favorite animated film of all time.

Galaxy High School (1986)

 This cartoon aired on the American CBS network in 1986, and was created and mostly written by Chris Columbus. It was also animated by TMS. This show sports some of the cutest animation I’ve ever seen out of TMS studio - they seemed to be given slightly more leeway on how “Japanese” it was allowed to look, despite being provided model sheets by the American character designers. This show has BIG BIG hints of Lupin throughout - mostly showcased in how the expressions, movement and especially the various running/chase scenes are animated. This show has the absolute /perfect/ blend of Japanese > American hybrid cartoon animation style, in my personal opinion. One of my absolute favorites.

Cybersix (1999)

Cybersix was a Canadian production, originally airing on the Teletoon Network in 1999. And what do you know, yet again animated by TMS studio! This show was an absolute staple of my teenhood. Not just for its gorgeous style and characters that would very clearly influence my work for years to come, but also its themes - its probably the only show I’ve ever seen to feature a truly genderfluid character, and handles gender identity with such care I’ve NEVER seen in a TV show since. This is a classy show. The animation is always breathtaking, and never skips a beat. Sadly though, due to some conflicts between production studios, the second 13 episode season never went into production, so the series is left on a bit of a cliffhanger. Still, I can not stress enough how this is a show NOT to be looked over. Its more than worth a watch.

The Real Ghostbusters (1986)

The production of this show is kind of a huge roller coaster ride that seasoned Ghostbusters fans have WAY more knowledge of and have covered it in way more detail already than I ever could ( @phelous has some great videos on his youtube channel that are worth a watch) - but it is worth noting that I had to do some slight sleuthing to discover that TMS is YET AGAIN responsible for the animation for the first 5 seasons of this show (with a Korean animation studio doing the last two) - as only DiC is credited with the production almost everywhere you look. But it’s not all that hard to see the CLEAR signs of this show being animated by a Japanese studio. The hybrid style is very prevalent here. Again, this is a show I REALLY enjoyed thoroughly as a kid due to its style and characters. I swear, I think I was just really hard wired to be drawn to TMS’ art style. lol.

These are my favorite examples. TMS is also responsible for some of my other favorite shows growing up such as Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Inspector Gadget (under the DiC label), Ducktales, Rescue Rangers, and Gargoyles (under the Disney label), and Animaniacs (under the WB label). Most of my absolute FAVORITE western TMS productions were done under the Telecom Animation Film label.

Some of my favorite anime productions of all time were done by TMS too, such as Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira (yes, the animated film with the most frames per second of all time and some of the most gorgeous animation ever put on screen), MOST installments of Lupin the 3rd, Tetsujin 28-go, Ashita no Joe, Detective Conan, Space Adventure Cobra, Magic Knight Rayearth, and tons more.

(And trust me, I do understand the underlying negative implications of what it means to outsource animation in asian countries. I of course don’t EVER support the abysmal treatment and underpaying of animators in Japan.)

But I do want to pay my respects to these animators, because whether they know it or not, they created something really wonderful in this process that I admire and am extremely inspired by.

In my opinion, TMS deserves the same amount of respect and notoriety as the likes of studio Ghibli. 

So yes, whenever someone sends me an ask “hey, your style reminds me of (insert TMS show here) - and its always these shows they point out, lol - I’m just going to direct them to this post.

I can’t stress enough just how clearly this style has influenced my own. I hope you all can see it now. lol. 

Thanks for reading and taking this time to geek out about animation aesthetics with me. ;;; I’d also love to hear about any shows you love/loved as a kid that feature this Japanese > American animation style in the replies to this post! 

since the last poll went so well, i want to ask y'all: how did you come to play your base instrument and why?

was it chance? did you put a lot of thought into it? were you forced? did you inherit something? any regrets? favorite parts? please reblog/reply with your story!

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A Little Broken, Still Good // Clint Barton x Reader

Anonymous asked: Clint request where the team finds the reader on a mission and saves her and Clint kind of sticks to her like a father figure she never had
Pairing: Clint Barton x Reader (Familial)
Word Count: 2.2k+
Warning: FLUFF, Angst, Language, Dad!Clint, brief mention of death (Post AOU)

A/N: Pietro is alive. That weird family Whedon cooked up doesn’t exist. Reader is an orphan. Also…hmu If you catch that lilo and stitch reference. I’ve come to accept that I will never understand the concept of drabbles. This is unbeta’d and I’m half asleep so I’ll fix errors after I’ve had coffee.

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Pentagon When You Accidentally Reveal You Are A Couple

Jinho: when the interviewer said you two look like a cute couple and you nonchalantly replied with a “we are cute arnt we.” He will cover his face and laugh, looking at his manager and then you. Ends up grabbing your hand softly and staring at the interviewer with a sweet nod while he closes his eyes. “Yes, we are actually a real couple.”

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Hui: turns his head in slow motion -looks at you with one of his meme faces, his eyes wide open, his mouth slightly open too. then stares at the camera and lets out a huge uncle like laugh that he makes often. “Ye…I guess the secrets outHAHA." 

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Hongseok: was looking down when listening and smiles as soon as your words register in his ear, nodding right away cuz its too late to back out now. Down with you 100%. “It’s true everyone. She’s my girl.”

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Yeo-one: Actually happy you revealed it cuz he was going to sooner or later, actually even had a talked with his company and manager/ members and getting their permission. Happy that he gets to show you off to the world and glad everyone knows your off the market. "Yes! What shes saying is true! We are very much happy together. This isn’t a market strategy everyone, we are in love.”

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Edawn: the type to be like awkwardly smile after you just revealed your relationship and say “suprissseee.” Makes sure to explain why he decided to date you and how much u mean to him so the fans arnt angry at you.

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Yanan: “Please edit that out.100% makes sure its edited out. If its live, he will be like “haha. Your so funny. Thank you for thinking of me that way but no thanks.” loves u but he aint tryna be in a scandal.

Yuto: awkwardly swing an arm around your shoulder. “Yes..we are dating.” Probably cries after he explains that dating is really risky but he hopes the fans will support you two. When the episode airs out, that clip will have sad music edited in and sweet captions that says “Boyfriend Yuto Shed Tears For His Girlfriend”

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Wooseok: The little shit would be like “NO. IDK HER.” Then be like “Just kidding! We are a new couple that just debuted!” The ep becomes playful and him telling everyone your embarrassing moments and geeking out with you that you regret even accidentally revealing the relationship. 

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Shinwon: Confused and shocked as fuck. His ass is worried about being kicked out of Pentagon again. Just sits there looking around and everything is silent for a long time so you probably  have to be like “Im kidding haha..” 

“Haha. Is this a hidden camera prank?” probablyhastomakeituptoyoulater

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Kino: Probably the one to accidentally expose your relationship. “How long have I known her/ Well we been dating for about 5 months..(*looks up and thinks* did i just…..”

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author’s note: sorry for re-uploading d: 

  • meet seungcheol or most notoriously as s.coups among the underground rap scene
  • he’s a student at the local university in seoul on a major basketball scholarship and for high academics
  • no one really knows about him besides his strength as a point guard on the team and that he’s the guy you wanna hit up about any type of science
  • like you need the velocity of a brick falling from a tall building?
  • or want the molecular break down of polysaturated fats?
  • he’s your dude
  • you really wouldn’t expect a guy like this to be an underground rapper or a badboy per say
  • but that’s how most people misread him
  • he’s only really considered ‘bad’ bc of his appearance and the three other boys he spends his time with
  • most students assume he’s in some kind of gang from how often they’re congregating together
  • but in reality they’re just four dudes in love with music trying to do them ya feel
  • plus man he can be pretty intimidating
  • his muscular build and straight face
  • he probably has to think his record in high school for the title he has now bc back then he was a mischievous lil shit that only did things when he felt like it
  • and it wasn’t until ONE teacher -his science teacher, mind you- who told him that he wouldn’t amount to anything bc of how much he seemed to ‘hate’ school and out of sheer pettiness seungcheol decided that he wanted to ace science
  • any science
  • ALL science
  • just to spite that science teacher for making him feel like he couldn’t do shit
  • given it was hard since he spent a lot of his time out of class, he spent his time ditching other classes (lmao history bc i mean who needs that???) reading up on it
  • he actually found it really cool so it made him even more motivated to learn everything he could and by the end of the year he aced that class AND got a scholarship and his science teacher was like
  • “ヽ(゚〇゚)ノ” and seungcheol was like “ ʕ •̀ ω •́ ʔ”
  • so now that’s why he’s going to school to become a teacher bc he wants to be able to motivate kids to do things they love bc a lot of the times they’ll be disheartened to do what they want and he really wants to help them out yknow
  • that’s how you two meet actually
  • for one of the requirements to his course, he has to tutor children and one of those kids happens to be your lil brother
  • he’s been struggling a lot in science so he has to stay at the after school program bc your parents are working and you have classes but see you’re constantly trying to help your family out by picking him up and watching him then catch the bus back to school to your dorm
  • anywayyy, the first time you even HEAR about seungcheol, your brother is like geeking out over him about how his science tutor is SO cool and he plays basketball and makes really good music and also teaches him really well bc man his understanding about atoms are improving and it only piques your interest a little when your lil bro tells you he goes to your school
  • i mean the name sounds slightly familiar to you but you’re just like “lmao oh well time to go home”
  • the first time you SEE seungcheol, you actually misjudge him bc he’s donning a pair of dark jeans, this dark sweater, and his hair is slightly dyed and the way it’s styled shows off his pierced ears and you swear you see a peek of a tattoo from behind and this guy IS WITH YOUR BABY BROTHER so you’re like “!!!!!!”
  • but when your bro sees you, he’s waving wildly at you and then ‘seungcheol’ turns around and you’re like “ok wow” ngl but you think he’s pretty darn attractive but you’re still wary of him until you walk over and he’s politely saying, “hello you must be his sister he keeps talking about” and ruffles the top of his head which he just laughs and tells you, “look look look this is seungcheol! and look what i got on my science test thanks to him!”
  • you look down at the paper and it’s a big fat A and goddamn you’re so proud and thankful and you suddenly blurt out, “he helped you????”
  • and you almost look apologetic if it wasn’t for seungcheol laughing and nodding god it’s a really nice raspy sound like it just sounds right coming from him and just w o w
  • “he’s actually really good at science so i wasn’t surprised he aced it”
  • and your bro is just like “really???? you think so?”
  • and when seungcheol agrees, your bro actually hugs him and you’re so in awe at the scene bc your brother genuinely hated science and he wanted nothing to do with it until he went to tutoring
  • so when you tell your brother to go get his things, you turn to seungcheol and thank him and he just smiles at you and jesus it’s such a beautiful smile
  • “my bro really talks highly of you, i see why now”
  • “yeah? me too”
  • and idk it’s kind of an embarrassing exchange for both of you but it’s so darn cute that it doesn’t even matter bc your bro returns with some kind of knowing smile on his face and mentions to seungcheol that you both do go to the same school and that maybe you’ll see each other around
  • and then seungcheol remembers the game on friday night and he suggests you both go since he’s playing and it’s like semifinals and your bro begs you so you agree
  • and seungcheol gives you a cute lil devilish smirk and winks when your bro isn’t looking that he’ll see you there
  • and jesus lord you’re flustered but you’re bro is so hyped for the game and it isn’t a few days later that you nearly forget until he has to remind you and makes you promise to go
  • y’all do and that’s when it hits you that you remember where you’ve heard seungcheol’s name
  • he’s the school’s starting point guard and he’s rumored to be an underground rapper and it kind of blows your mind just how well known he is that you facepalm at yourself for not realizing sooner
  • anywa you and your bro go to the game and it’s PACKED bc everyone’s there for semi-finals (duh) and bc your school’s team is known for being so good and it just surprises you how instantly you find your eyes trained on seungcheol
  • your bro is giving you play by plays and he’s so happy to be sitting close to the front cuz when seungcheol scores he cheers so loudly that he even looks over and waves at you guys and you feel your heart pick up like “whAT EVEN”
  • in summary, the team wins and the first two people seungcheol approaches is you and your bro since apparently they’re a lot closer than you pegged but you’re happy to see seungcheol bc you’ve grown more and more curious about him
  • “how’s the game???”
  • your bro fan boys and it’s so cute and you check the time and it’s getting pretty late so you have to tell him that y’all needa get home and seungcheol’s like “wait up, i’ll get changed and go with you guys” cuz he’s a gentleman and he wants to make sure y’all get back safe and especially you since you’re take a bus toward your house and taking one to go back to the dorms
  • as disappointed as your bro was, he’s happy that seungcheol comes and so y’all go on the bus together even tho you say he doesn’t have to and he can go celebrate but he shakes his head like “nahh i’d rather do this”
  • and you’re on your way back home, making sure your bro gets inside and he’s so happy that seungcheol invited you guys and came back and all that jazz and he’s KOed instantly when you get him inside and seungcheol waits at the door until your mom comes out to thank seungcheol for escorting you guys and make sure you’re safe which he assures her he will and when you’re leaving your bro’s room, your mom is like “that boy is so handsome! and such a gentleman. what a keeper” and you’re like “moOOM PLEASE NO STOP” and she just smiles knowingly like (-: luv u
  • then you go to meet up with seungcheol who smiles when he sees you and is like “ready?” and you nod so y’all go on the bus and suddenly it gets really silent between you two without your bro chatting away until you decide to apologize which he’s like ???
  • “why are you saying sorry?”
  • and you’re like “well, i really mistook you the first time i met you and now i’m starting to see that you’re a really cool dude and not the bad boy that everyone makes you out to be” bc given his looks and the rumors that followed him from high school tend to distort his image
  • he laughs and says it’s no big deal but he goes quiet just a bit and thanks you
  • bc “you’re one of the few people who’s actually said sorry for judging me and idk it just means a lot bc i didn’t try to have that image it just came to me”
  • and somehow that little interaction makes it wayyy easier for you two to interact bc as you’re riding on the bus together you’re talking about anything and everything like music and books bc he really likes writing and even reading (cuz how ya gonna be a teacher if you don’t stimulate your brain) and you realize it’s damn near 1 AM when you both reach the dorms and you’re pretty sure both of your RAs will be on your ass for coming back so late so you two decide to meander around together until you reach this 24 hour convenience store that his friend wonwoo works there and wouldn’t mind if yall chilled there
  • when wonwoo sees seungcheol he’s like “yooo s.coups congrats on the win!!!”
  • and you’re like ???? s.coups
  • then he sees you and seungcheol introduces you two and tell him your situations and he just gives the go ahead to chill in the breakroom cuz that’s fine by him he likes the company just no hanky panky in there
  • when youre like ?!?!?! seungcheol’s just like “-w- don’t mind him”
  • y’all get situated there and it’s really comfy actually so as you’re just sitting there and just chillin you ask about the nickname and he just sheepishly tells you that the rumor about him being an underground rapper is actually true
  • and you get super interested bc you’ve always found that REALLY cool like rap’s known to be expressive and raw especially at underground battles and showcases so you ask him all kinds of questions
  • and wow his heart genuinely swells bc no one’s ever held that much interest in him and his music, which is actually really sacred to him
  • so you’re both just listening to some of his stuff on soundcloud while he gives you a breakdown of the songs and he goes on several tangents that correspond to what happened in his life and you’re just amazed at how remarkably strong he is for powering through all that adversity and making it here
  • by the end of it, you’re like “holy shit seungcheol this is so cool and great and wow i’m sorry you had to go thru all of that but holy fuck this is beautiful everything is beautiful and you are beautiful” it’s like 2 am at this point so all filters are gone bro
  • and he can’t help but kiss you which you return bc it’s the heat of the moment just screw it y’all kiss and instantly break away from each other when wonwoo enters like “(。◕‿◕。) what were yall doin”
  • and you’re both like “NOTHING” and get hella embarrassed
  • dw wonwoo say and he ships it and he’s telling mingyu and vernon about it too ahahah
  • he mentions to seungcheol about an upcoming battle in like a month ‘cuz they’re battling another big group called ATK and he’s basically nudging him to invite you which he does and you’re like
  • “heck yeah i wanna go!!!”
  • so fast forward to a few hours later, between talking with seungcheol and wonwoo, you fall asleep beside him bc you’re winded and it’s so cute that he feels bad about waking you and letting you know yall can go to your dorms and you give him a sleepy smile before you go back and he walks you to the building and you hug him and thank him for such a fun night and he gives you a cute lil peck on the forehead and says he’ll text u later
  • after that y’all are damn near inseparable
  • he’ll escort you between classes whenever he can and walks you to your dorm and he’ll even take the bus back home with you after you’ve picked up and dropped off your brother
  • y’all will cuddle and nuzzle each other on the bus and it’s just really presh bc seungcheol is so freakin happy with you and it shows whenever he talks about you to the boys who welcome you with open arms of course and see y’all as the parental couple bc you’re both fussing over them and making sure they’re taking care of themselves (and luckily you can cook lmao but you make seungcheol help you)
  • surprisingly y’all don’t make it official until the underground battle when some guys kinda gawk at you and seungcheol wraps a protective arm around your waist “no they’re with me back tf off” and whenever he introduced you to anyone he’s like this is my s/o and you’re like “s/o??” with an eyebrow raise and he blushes a lil and nods “is that ok?” and he full on kisses you when you agree
  • to say the least he’s feeding off those hyped up vibes when it’s his groups turn to perform and JFC YOu’RE SO WOWED BY THEM like the lyrics the performance and just EVERYTHINg it’s so GREAT and you nearly pounce on him afterwards bc he looks so freakin good covered in sweat with his hair slicked away from his face and his white t-shirt clings to his rather muscular bod and ok y’all stay and happily watch as they win and you end up going back to his dorm bc your RA’s a hard ass and his was actually out for the night and one on duty doesnt care
  • and well…. y’all do the thing with hot open mouthed kisses and wandering hands and the adrenaline that pumps thru both ur veins fuels the beautiful night you spend together
  • the next day is spent with cuddles and a sweet morning between you two bc he feels so god darn happy with you and you with him
  • for once he’s finally met someone who gets him and sees him as a genuine guy and not just of the rumors that people make him out to be like some gangster which is so far from true and he’s so grateful for you
  • sometimes he feels so overwhelmed with everything going on he sometimes considers quitting but then you’re there like
  • “dont quit!! i’m here for you and boy if you do then no kisses and cuddles and all the good stuff” bc you want him to succeed you’ll suffer too just for him
  • it’s kinda amazing how your relationship has progressed and you’re glad you met him like your brother thought you two should
  • and ok so one day after some time in your relationship, you’re over at his place to help him study for a big bio final and he just goes, “i love you yknow that”
  • and you’re like ?! isofubfbscsf
  • and he goes “a ni bwonfja did i something wrong???” but he’s smiling such a goofy smile
  • “no iloveyoutoo”
  • “what was that??? didnt hear u”
  • “i love you too dummy now go study”
  • “i want kisses”
  • “you get one… go study”
  • literally this is your studying sessions together but you’ll pull the same shit right back when it comes to him tutoring you in like chemistry or physics bc you just love seeing him go all teacher mode
  • (oh god the one time you called him mr. choi with his glasses on he was on you in like .2 seconds and his poor roomie couldn’t come in the room for the next few hours
  • but ANYWAY he’s just so sweet and protective and just the perfect gentleman with you
  • he doesn’t even need to fight anyone if they’re bothering you cuz right when he shows up that person’ll dip with a quickness
  • and and and yeah
  • y’all are just such cute nuggets and everyone loves the parent couple so much even if he’s like “do not touch appreciate but do NOT TOUCH OR I WILL FIGHT U”
  • wonwoo: ok sure dad
  • vernon: yeh yeh sure daddio
  • mingyu: i do what i want
  • “so help me god i will”
  • did i mention ur bro is so smug and happy for being the cupid to set you two together
  • he’s like 11 for christs sake
  • dont get me started on ur mom either
  • “no grandkids yet please but K E E P HIM”
Winchester Sister- Hero

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Request: Hey!! Think you could do a Winchester sister imagine where reader bonds with the brothers in different ways (eg: Dean music, Sam books) and the other gets jealous..?
Title: Hero
Parings: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader
Words: 978
Summary: Dean gets jealous that his sister is spending more time with Sam than him.
(A/N: I was on vacation this week & it was hella fun, I even made a vlog that I’m hesitant about posting on youtube or something (should I? what do y’all think?) anyways I also have some shitty friends, so if you have those too message me & we can talk about them and we can get our anger out lmao   I feel like this one could be so much better but I am too tired rn to fix it -JC)
“Ew Dean, are you seriously eating that for dinner?” You say, your features showing disgust as your brother, Dean, takes another bite of his burger that drips with grease.
“Yeah, so what?”
“Dean, that is so unhealthy. You’re going to have a heart attack.” You tell him, rolling your eyes and stabbing another piece of your grilled chicken with your fork.
“(Y/N)’s right. You should start to watch what you eat.” Sam says as he sits next to you with a plate of the chicken. “Here, you should try some. It’s actually good.”
“No!” Dean interjects, jerking his plate away when Sam tries to put a piece on Dean’s plate, “I’m not having any of you two’s health-crazed, metabolism-boosting crap. I don’t understand how I am even related to you two.”
“Oh, come on Dean,” You say, letting out a laugh, “You need to stay in shape and eating that preservative filled patty isn’t going to help.”
“Where’d you get that from, Dr. Oz?” Dean snickers. “Listen, you can eat your carrot sticks and crackers all you want, just don’t drag me into it.”  You flip him off and you all finish eating your meal.

You and Sam head to the library after the three of you clean the kitchen. You two sit in front of his laptop and he teaches you how to program new software onto the hard drive, just like he promised he would earlier that day. “Okay and then after you type in the domain you click this button and it should start to download.”
“Oh, that was way easier than I thought,” You say, smiling at your brother as he lets out a laugh. “So then after it downloads it should be up to date?”
“Yep.” Sam nods and you two sit back and watch the laptop process and download.
“Hey (Y/N),” You look up to see Dean walking towards you, “How would you like for me and you to go for a ride tomorrow morning?”
You look from Dean to Sam, who is looking at you with his eyebrows raised, “Gee I’d love to Dean, but me and Sammy were already going to go to the bookstore after our run in the morning. I need to get the last book of the series I’m reading.”
“Didn’t you just get a book a couple days ago?” Dean says, his voice clearly annoyed as he crosses his arms.
“I’m a fast reader…” You say and Dean rolls his eyes, “but we can go another day?”
“Nah, just forget I even asked.” Dean huffs and turns around and walks back to his room.
“Dean,” You call after him, but he ignores you. You throw your head back and sigh in defeat. You look towards Sam, “What do I do now?”
“Just go talk to him, see what he’s upset about.” Sam shrugs and you nod before you get up and head towards Dean’s room.
“Dean?” You ask as you tap on his door.
“It’s open.” You hear him say and you open the door and see Dean lying on his bed with a magazine in his hands. You look around his room awkwardly, having not prepared anything to say.
“You want to talk about it?” You finally say, glancing at your older brother, who peeks his head above his magazine.
“Talk about what?”
“What just happened…” You sit at the corner of his bed. You hear him sigh and he tosses his magazine to the side.
“Look, I told you to forget about it.” Dean says in a stern voice.
“No, Dean, there’s something you’re not telling me! Tell me what it is!” You snap, getting angry at Dean.
“Fine! It just seems that you like Sam more than you like me…” Dean says strongly at first then gets more embarrassed the more he talks.
“Why the hell would you think that?” You ask, shaking your head. How could you ever favor one of your brothers over the other?
“No, it’s stupid, just go.” He says but you cross your arms and give him a firm look. Dean grunts in annoyance that he has to go on, “I don’t know… You and him are just so much alike. You like the same foods, you geek out over the same things, and you two basically have a book club together. You spend so much time together; it just seems as if you’d prefer to be with him rather than me.”
“Are you kidding me?” You let out a small laugh, “There’s no reason for you to be jealous, just because me and Sam both like fruit and certain books doesn’t mean that I’d prefer him over you. You don’t see Sam getting mad when me and you go to concerts and stuff! And anyways Sam has always been my dorky older brother; you know the one that was a mathlete in high school and was fascinated by insects as a kid. You, Dean, you’ve taught me everything I know. You taught me how to ride a bike, how to shoot a gun, how to even cook damn pasta.
“ You know why I always come to you with my problems and not Sam? It’s because I know you will always be there for me no matter how little the situation is, you always have been. I mean hell, I’ve looked up to you ever since the day I could walk. You’re my hero, Dean.”
“Okay, okay, I’m sorry,” Dean smiles to himself, thinking about what you had said. You move closer to him and Dean wraps his arms around you. “If I had to choose, you’d be my favorite.”
You laugh and look him in the eyes, “I’m going to cancel my plans with Sammy and then me and you can have all day tomorrow to ourselves, okay?”
“Sounds good.” He says and ruffles your hair.

I just had my first encounter with a little kid seeing my newly dyed hair and geeking out over it and this is the most magical feeling in the world tbh 10/10 would recommend dying your hair just for the kiddo reactions

consider this: 

thor is always running into little kids who are thrilled to meet him - he doesn’t really understand the concept of signing autographs, but he starts carrying asgardian toys around in his pockets to give to kids he meets (much to shield’s chagrin - how are we supposed to keep alien tech under control when the god of thunder is giving out magnetic propulsion toys to five-year-olds?) 

but one day, he meets this girl who’s nine, maybe ten, and she runs up to him all misty-eyed and immediately asks him if he knows jane foster

and her mother’s embarrassed because “honey, that's thor, aren’t you excited to see thor?” but the girl just explains that she wants to be a scientist when she grows up, and that jane foster is the astrophysicist (she pronounces the word carefully, as if she’s been practicing) who found out how the rainbow bridge worked - isn’t that so cool? she read about it in kids discover and they watched a documentary in school and dr. foster was in it and it made her think that maybe because she likes planets so much she could be a scientist, too 

and thor smiles broadly and tells her that wanting to be a scientist is a noble dream, and he says “if your mother would be willing, i could introduce you" 

and that’s how jane foster ends up with a tiny science geek in pigtails trailing around behind her in her lab, asking how everything works. jane can’t really comprehend the fact that a kid would want to meet her, but she likes explaining things and she looks at this girl and can’t help seeing herself. thor is just fucking delighted because to him the idea of jane being a child’s hero makes perfect sense, why wouldn’t it? she’s jane

and years later the girl grows up to be an astrophysicist or an astronaut or an aerospace engineer and she never forgets the time that dr. jane foster knelt down beside her and said, don’t let anybody stop you from chasing the stars, if that’s what you want 

jane foster inspiring girls in science, y/y 

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being best friends with Luke would include?

best friends with luke would include:

  • high school musical duets
  • your ringtone for him being “diva” by beyonce 
  • him following tons of pun accounts on twitter to tell more jokes to you
  • you annoying him by speaking in rhyme
  • him putting his full body weight on you so you have to practically drag him around
  • praising his tummy whenever he doesn’t want to take off his shirt
  • random pictures from all the places he visits
  • dramatic or beautiful scenic snapchats with passive-aggressive captions
  • pretending to write songs about how much you suck
  • “nah, i’m kidding. i’m not abigail breslin.”
  • sassy twitter disputes over how i met your mother
  • watching him geek out over his passions
  • booping him on the nose and catching it on video
  • him cuddling you from behind by wrapping his gangly limbs around you
  • stealing his snapback
  • having him chase you around for stealing his snapback
  • getting “yelled” at by calum once you find out it was his hat
  • “why’d you change your instagram?”
  • “i don’t know. felt like it i guess.”
  • “change it back.”
  • “what?”
  • “change. it. BACK.” 
  • lending you cds he knows he won’t see for quite some time
  • using him as a human footrest
  • him retaliating by using you as an armrest
  • so. many. lame. jokes.
  • random trivia at random times
  • “did you know oral sex is illegal in florida?” 
  • constant netflix marathons because you have no lives
  • getting texts of memes in the middle of the night
  • him pouting whenever you say he isn’t your celebrity crush
  • constant praise over how great you are
  • even when he calls you a piece of shit
  • him getting super handsy whenever he’s tired
  • opening his arms wide so you get the idea to cuddle him
  • him poking your cheeks because “you’re so cute when you smile like that!” 
  • trying to convince him he could pull off dark hair
  • “but i look like a homeless lumberjack. not that there’s anything wrong with that…”
  • teasing you when he catches you singing along to his songs
  • taking his offspring band tee before he leaves for tour once more

michael + calum


Who’s That Vans Girl? Anhia Zahira Santana

Anhia Zahira Santana, aka Distortedd, knows a thing or two about being bold: We discovered the Philadelphia-based artist and animator when she hit us up on Twitter and asked us to check out her work. When we did, we discovered a girl who epitomizes East Coast streetwear style and combines major talent with a serious work ethic.

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I'm So Shook imagine steve spoiling tonys kid like NOBODYS BUSINESS and geeking out with her and just being like "how cool is this I have my own Child my Flesh And Blood my Offspring™" and tonys like "thats??? my kid???? stop giving her ice cream??? also get out of my house like how did u even get in here the first place???" and just imagine steve being a Proud Patriotic Uncle™

“Well, that’s a nasty shiner.”

Victoria jumps, pulling her earphones out, and smiles. “Hey, Uncle Steve. You say something?”

“I was admiring your black eye.”

“Oh really?” Victoria quirks an eyebrows.

Steve grins and nods. It’s still gets people sometimes, how he’s not Captain America.

“In that case, you’re totally staying with me to explain this to Dad.” Victoria loops an arm around Steve’s. “You know how he gets.”

They share a look of amusement because yes, Steve knows.

Steve never really imagined Tony to be such a…well, worrywart. But from the millisecond Victoria was born, it was as if a switch had flipped in Tony and he basically became a stay-at-home Dad instead of just staying at home. His lab became filled with toys, hand sanitizer and soft blankets. Dum-E quite enjoyed that phase, probably because Victoria loved him so much.

“Before Tony comes home, should I be kicking some punk’s ass?”

“More than I did? Nah. He learned his lesson.” Victoria flicks her hair out of her face and props herself up onto the counter.

Steve grins. “That’s my girl.” He browses the fridge options on the panel outside. To maximize chillness, Tony had said and Steve doesn’t mind too much. “Ice cream?”

“Got mint chocolate?”

“And whipped cream.” Steve grabs the container as well as a Rocky Road out of the freezer.

“Perfect.” Victoria leans over to grab the bowls and spoons. “So, what’s up with you, Uncle Steve?”

“Nothing much. It’s been the same since you last asked.”

Victoria sighs dramatically. “Nothing happened? I refuse to believe it.” Then, she continues with a sly smile. “How’s tall, dark and handsome?”

Steve snorts and shakes his head. She’s a little too much like her a father. “Bucky’s good.”

“Still haven’t confessed your undying love?”


“You’re ridiculous, Uncle Steve.”

“I’m well aware.”

Victoria huffs and walks up to Steve by the stove, her face entirely serious. “Life is too short. You know this. Anyone can die within seconds, even super soldiers. I don’t why you’re wasting time.”

“Bucky’s still healing,” he repeats as if he hadn’t said this a hundred times before.

“And? What, he can’t love and heal? Dad did. Mom said so. You’re just being scared and one day, you’re gonna regret it.”

Steve smiles, a little ruefully. “Since when did you get so big, huh?”

Victoria shrugs. “Just telling it like it is. You deserve to be happy. Besides, we all have bets on this and my cut off may be coming up soon,” she adds with a wink.

“Oh, is that how it is?”

“Hell yeah,” she replies, grabbing her bowl of ice cream, but before she can enjoy her first bite, Tony’s voice booms down the hallway.

“Victoria Maria Potts-Stark! Why was I called into the principal’s office again?

Steve and Victoria look at each other, fortifying against her hurricane of her father with a secret smile.

Band isn’t about the music, seeing who is the best or being the best marcher. Band is about the people who can’t find a place to call their home away from home, band is for the ones who don’t fit in, for the ones who truly want to find out what having an army of people behind you when you get hurt or the gigantic family of teddy bears who will hug you and comfort you when you’re upset. Band isn’t about how well you can play, nor how good your instrument looks. Band is about telling a story of how one kid found their way into this family people usually overlook. At practice you’re usually dying to go home and when it’s time to leave all you want to do is stay because the people at home don’t understand how much these geeks mean so much to you. Band isn’t about the applause or the cheering you get after a preformance, Band is about working together and loving each other no matter what happens to one another. Band is about the people.

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Since it's already past midnight in my time zone I have to ask: which one of the Legends is the first to wish the others May The Fourth Be With You? Any other Star Wars related headcanons for the crew? I mean, we all know they're nerds XD thx! :)

@marywisdom This is such a good ask I’ma cry

  • Ray’s the only one who consciously remembers and looks forward to May 4th every year. He always makes sure to say it to as many people as possible, which is really easy when he’s living on a ship with 7 other people.
  • Kendra doesn’t usually wish people a May The Fourth Be With You unless she knows they’re massive geeks, but she loves that Ray does it. She’s been known to draw little stars around May 4th on all her calendars as a dumb in-joke with herself.
    • You should have seen the Jitters chalkboards last May 4th; Kendra went ALL. OUT. with the Star Wars art. When Iris came in to get her morning coffee she made sure to compliment it and sent about 8000 pictures to Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin.  
  • Leonard has been a giant-ass Star Wars nerd since his mom took him to A New Hope. (Going by LoT’s timeline he would be about 5, but their timeline is wack, so let’s say he was somewhere under 10.) That means it’s like the one thing he actually can’t mock Ray for, he so just gives him a little smile and nod of approval when Ray wishes him a MTFBWY over breakfast.
    • Oh my god, didn’t Mark bust Len out of prison like right before Christmas? He would have been just in time for The Force Awakens; IMAGINE HOW HAPPY HE MUST HAVE BEEN. 
    • Also imagine Leonard and Lisa going to TFA on Chirstmas like a couple of giddy kids oh my god.
  • Geeks,” Mick mutters into his coffee, but he means it in a nice way. They’re his favorite geeks, after all.
  • Sara fires back a Vulcan salute and a “Live long and prosper to you, too, buddy,” just to make Ray and Leonard groan. She knows exactly what she’s doing.
  • “For the eight thousandth time,” Rip sighs, “I don’t understand your 21st century pop cultural references.”
  • Which is when Gideon helpfully tries to offer Rip a plot synopsis, because obviously at least 2 separate crew members have had Gideon download Star Wars for them at this point.  
  • Martin hasn’t seen a single Star Wars movie in his life. It wasn’t on purpose at first, he just never got around to it. But then he got irritated by how hyped up it was, and decided that it sounded dumb and full of cliches and fake science anyway, and now he’s just weirdly stubbornly proud of having never seen it. His students/nieces and nephews/the S.T.A.R. Labs nerds have been trying to wear him down for years now, but it’s not happening.
  • Jax gets pumped at hell as soon as Ray reminds him what day it is and immediately begins planning the crew movie night, which quickly escalates from “we should hang out on the ship and watch dvds” to “we should totally just go to all of the movie premiers”.
  • Logically THAT escalates into a fight about what the correct viewing order is. Leonard ignore 1-3 altogether; Ray refuses to watch in anything but chronological order; Kendra’s a fan of the 4 5 1 2 3 6 viewing order; and Jax thinks they should just go to each movie premier in the order that they came out. 
  • Rip, Sara, Martin, and Mick sit back and watch the nerds fights with mild interest since nothing better is going on.  
Fic: Wait For It


Look, all Jason wanted was to steal Tim’s shit, not to get involved in all their stupid family baggage. 

A video-game marathon, a pizza and a thought that was worth remembering. 

Characters: Jason and Tim. Mentions of Cass, Harper and the rest. 

Word Count: 1.2K

Verse: New 52

Ship: Gen

Notes: It has been FOREVER since I wrote the boys so forgive me if they seem out of character. I dedicate this to @secretlystephaniebrown for cheering me on in this and @feministbatman for showing me such support. Hope you guys like:

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ive been on this site too long to see the pattern with edgy white kids. they bring up their past for no goddamn reason, they call people stupid and whine about how people will believe in anything while they themselves start spouting the most misinformed nonsense imaginable. they have a shitton of loli but if anyone calls them out on it they’re accused of being “overdramatic”. you argue any criticism is “unfair” and “in malice” and are delusional about the fact that most people don’t find your rude behavior and edginess cute.

and people just hang with them out of either fear or they honest to god believe some geek who keeps going “ive changed” without making any effort to better themselves speaks volumes

like last year it was embarrassing and seeing how bitchtaako never grew out of this edgy phase is downright sad. someone please collect this child

anonymous asked:

Ik u just finished it and u can ignore this if u want, I don't want to annoy, but I'm always a slut for your headcanons do u have any for stranger things?

okay these will probs be shit bc its 12:11 and my brain is asleep but i’ll TRY

-so as previously discussed nancy/steve/jonathan have a fantastically cute poly relationship that kicks ass and takes name

-nancy will beat up anyone and anything and steve will shit talk for them and cheer them on from the sidelines

-nancy starts really taking on the protective older sister role in mikes life

-she develops insomnia after weeks of not being able to sleep bc of guilt over barbs death

-lil will strikes me as gay but also hes young enough that who really gives a shit right??

-jonathan is asexual

-so is eleven (who is totally alive)

-jonathan has boxes completely FULL of candid photos hes taken of steve and nancy

-ngl i’m p sure dustin is going to grow up and be aromantic

-”so dustin do you have any crushes on any of the girls in your class?” “hell no are you kidding me??? who has time for crushes when there are still assholes out there who don’t think global warming exists”

-dustin is my lil geek boy who will fight anyone about anything science related

-lucas is very straight and is very VERY proud of his camo bandana

-barb was a lesbian but thats essentially canon at this point

-hopper keeps constant watch over the boys from a distance just to make sure they’re all doing okay

-el spends a whole summer teaching herself how to ride a bike

-nancy giving el boy advice and beauty tips etc and el just sitting there like ?????????

-nancy takes el under her wing and treats her the way she should’ve treated barb (but she doesnt take her to parties or any of that shit)

-lucas probs gets really into archery he seems like that kinda guy

-dustin has a bill nye phase

-mikes fav thing is holding els hand when no one else is around

-he can barely contain the butterflies that erupt in his stomach

you know there’s a lot of stuff in mass effect that makes for a very interesting and broad universe that houses an unfathomable amount of possibilities for stories but think about the really simple things. Like. there’s so many alien species interacting with each other all the time just think about the kids that grow up surrounded by this whole melting pot of people

like how there are teenagers all across the galaxy making friends with each other. Bonding over the new blasto movie, making fanart of shepard and their team, getting super into alien history. Kids making friends with each other despite bad blood

little asari girls making friends with batarian kids two systems away

a salarian making friends with a hanar and both of them geeking out about science

a turian and a human, on palaven and earth respectively, making plans to meet up on the citadel when they’re finally old enough bc they’ve been best friends for years and want to meet

a drell child and a quarian kid sharing stories from their homes and dreaming about owning a ship and exploring the galaxy together

biotic kids doing youtube how-tos on easy tricks to control your biotics and making a safe community for kids that would otherwise be isolated because of what they can do

groups of kids that, after shepard “dies” rally all across the galaxy because they believe what shepard said and they want to make a difference

just!!!! kids worrying about their friends systems away when the reapers start attacking, and feeling so relieved when they finally get messages saying that they’re okay!!!! 

all the alien kids being friends with each other!!!

So my laptop died a while ago but I’m thinking about Sam as a dad and about to cry and I need I make a post about it because reasons.

Sam would be the best dad in the whole wide world omg. He would support his kid(s) NO MATTER WHAT like the only thing I can see him NOT being supportive of is becoming a hunter. But other than that … You wanna dye your hair purple? Okay I’ll help look here’s some dye that’s vegan.

Mathlete and forensics team? Neato let’s geek out together.

Trans*? Hey that’s cool so I have a daughter instead of a son no problemo that doesn’t make you any less my kid.

Depressed? Oh no honey I promise things get better. I swear they do. If you ever need to talk, I’m here, okay? I know how hard it is to deal with this so if there’s ever a day where you just can’t make yourself get out of bed I’ll call the school and tell them you’re sick.

Boy-/girlfriend break your heart? He obviously wasn’t worth your time because if they really loved you they never would have done such a thing. In the meantime, where do they live? We’ve got ten acres of land they’ll never find the body.


Elizabeth: My son’s name is Jeremiah. I smoked crack the whole pregnancy. I had him early. They took him. He was given up for adoption. I wasn’t ready for a kid. I was on the streets.

I got pregnant again. My daughter is four years old. I didn’t get high when I was pregnant with her. I was trying to do the right thing. I made a mistake… I was 4 months pregnant and I got in a car with a guy to give him head for money and he was a cop. I was hungry and he offered me $25. I got a year in jail for that. So, even though I was clean, it didn’t matter. I had my baby in jail and they took her.

BW: Do you get to see either of your kids now?

Elizabeth: No… I used to be able to see my daughter every weekend when I first got out of jail, before I lost my rights. 

BW: How did you lose your rights?

Elizabeth: I had stayed clean after I got out of jail and was doing good. I messed up one time and the lady walked in when I was geeked up. Messed up my whole life. I think about the fact that I’ll never get to see my child again.

I just hope and pray that when she’s old enough, she doesn’t hate me. That the people that are raising her are telling her that I wanted her, that I didn’t just give her away. That I fought like hell. I just hope that I get to see her again so I can sit down and explain to her that I cleaned up and was trying to do the right thing. 

My biggest regret is that the crack had such a hold on me that I didn’t do the right thing. I have to live with the fact that I chose a substance over my own flesh and blood. 

The handwringing over fake geek girls is just as juvenile and pointless as the handwringing over posers alternative kids do (or at least did when I was in high school, back in the stone age). It’s way more about how people’s egos feel hurt when the ‘wrong’ sort of person likes the super special things they like than it is about actual harm done. 

Usually worst case scenario with a faker is they’ll float into your friend group, annoy people by making much of how big a fan they are, and then float out when they’re bored. Big fucking deal. More usual case is that the ‘faker’ is actually a newbie who doesn’t know what they don’t know and makes newbie mistakes. 

You don’t have to be patient if you can’t manage it but at least have the basic fucking respect to just set some boundaries and disengage, much like is appropriate to do with someone you suspect of faking. Assuming instead that ANY new person is a faker and then subjecting them to quizzes about fandom trivia or what activities they engage in is bad faith and comes down to being too childish to want to share your toys, even though the toys are are in no way used up by more people playing with them.