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How do you know Allah is real?

I look at the human body how it is covered in skin that is so thin and delicate and yet it keeps all my vital organs, blood and bones inside perfectly.

I look at my throat and see how with one wrong move I could swallow water that goes down the wrong tube and it could go into my lungs and yet the way my throat is built prevents this.

I look at my heart that has never stopped beating all my 22 years and my lungs that move every time I breathe. I look at my digestive system and how I can gain energy from my food. I look at my immune system and how everytime I get sick, I have anti-bodies that fight the infections inside my body. 

I look outside at the animals how some are built like sprinting athletes and others are built for stealth and power. I look at the plants and how they adapt to their surroundings, even a cactus in the middle of the desert.

I look at the sun which hurts my eyes and yet it gives enough gentle heat to keep me warm. I look at the moon that gives light at night. I consider the gravity that keeps the earth spinning around the sun knowing if something was wrong by a inch we could go hurling into space.

These are just some of the things I consider, I could be here for years but my point is how can these things come from nothing and be so perfectly formed? How can everything happen by chance? Surely if it was by chance my body wouldn’t be so perfectly made and adapted? 

Which of the favours of your Lord do you deny? Surah ar-Rahman 13


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Here’s another one of my superhero characters, Cybernetic Soldier Grander!

Grand City’s Resident superhero and a standing member of the Grand City Defense Force (G.C.D.F.); the city’s anti super-villain police unit.

 His power suit holds a tremendous amount of energy. He gains different abilities depending on how much energy is used at one time (which is determined by incremental “Charge Levels”).

He eventually recruits Dan as a member of the G.C.D.F. and acts as a second mentor to the up-and-coming hero (the first being Grayscale)

His design is heavily based off of various characters from Toei’s Metal Hero tokusatsu series (Space Sheriff Gavan, Jaspion, The Mobile Cop Jiban, and by proxy, Robocop).