how to free a trapped bird

I was talking to my dad a few days ago about elder scrolls and he turned to me and asked why do you like it so much? I thought about it and this is what I came up with.

Most games are go, kill things, find treasure, save the princess. That’s okay sometimes, hell even many parts in the tes games have that. Arena is that. It after a while it gets boring and repetitive. I like story behind those games, story that makes you think. The That’s why I love the series, there’s aspects that really make you question things, and the way it diverges from most classic western games.

Take for example Morrowind, and the plot of figuring out who actually killed Nerevar, who actually did the right thing. And slowly you start to realize everyone did some fucked up things, including Nerevar and you realize maybe not everyone as perfect as history makes them. What about Oblivion? As the game progresses you start to see you’re not the protagonist of this story, Martin is. You are just the support in someone else’s story. And maybe you are in real life too, while maintaining your own story. Skyrim? The whole speech with Paarthurnax is pretty deep, but if you look at the overarching theme which I see everyone miss, Skyrim is about diverging from what your told to do, straying from you fate, and how in the end it’s futile. Alduin doesn’t want to destroy the world anymore, he wants to rule it, and dies at your hands because of this. Miraak wants to be free from his master and his fate in apocrypha, but eventually ends up slain at Mora’s hands (tentacles?) And you, the last dragonborn, you may chose to fight your fate, stray from your heroic path, but in the end your trapped like a bird. And as your playing you realize Am I just a puppet of fate? Or can I escape? Is that necessary a good thing? Even daggerfall, you have to go around and find who gets the totem, but you realize they all have selfish means, even your beloved emperor, what’s stopping him from goomba stomping everything like Tiber Septim?

The point I’m trying to make is if you look hard enough The elder scrolls is a very deep series, that really makes you question things you didn’t think about. Maybe I’m overthinking this, maybe most people just see it as go to this dungeon, complete this quest, but for me at least there’s so much more under the tip of the iceberg. And that’s why I love this series.

This Is Going to Be About Heroes

Enough of the educators who were at ALAN/ NCTE ‘16 have asked me for the transcript of my keynote there that I’ve finally decided to post it. Here it is, give or take.


This is going to be about heroes.

I’m going to tell you three stories about heroes and bravery, and then I’m going to tell you how all three of those stories could be told differently.

Nowadays, I find myself a professional storyteller. A maker of heroes. I spend my days putting swords in stones, monsters under beds, ghosts in attics. I have learned that often the difference between a hero and a villain is merely the narrator I choose for the lens of the story. I have learned, too, that the difference between a horror and a romance is sometimes as simple as where I choose to begin the story. A tragedy and a comedy can convey the same events — the difference is in how you tell them.

I’ve also learned that this isn’t just true of the stories I write. It’s true in the story I’m living. The first hero I ever built was myself.

So. These three stories. I’m sharing these three stories about heroes because I want to talk about how the most important stories we tell are the ones we tell about ourselves. Those who have the power and wherewithal to change the narrative of the events around them are the ones who will change the future. Those who have the guts to say “that’s not my version of events” when they hear someone else telling their story are the ones who get to own their own story.

Here is story number one: I drove down to NCTE from my home in Virginia on Saturday. It was supposed to be about a seven and a half hour drive but it turned into a ten hour trip because of Atlanta traffic. Because of my car’s tiny gas tank, I ended up stopping for gas three times. Each time I pulled into a station, a thing happened, the same thing that’s been happening every time I park my car in a public place for the past month. I’ll get out of my car and swipe my card at the pump, feeling like there are eyes on me. I plug in my zip code and put the fuel nozzle in the car, and as I do, I’ll see that the eyes are attached to a motorist or a pedestrian who has paused to stare at me. By the time the tank is full and I’ve gotten my receipt, I’ll discover that they’ve made their way over to me. The conversation goes pretty much the same way every time.

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I’m free. Free as a bird. A bird who has spent eternity trapped inside of a cage she didn’t even know enclosed her. I’m able to spread my wings farther than I knew possible. I see the sun and I soar. I soar with the hope of tomorrow. I fly to the beat of my weary heart, finding quickly how strengthened I’ve become. I’m filled with passion and dreams once more. The dark and dismal nights I spent locked away are but a memory. My new life begins now. My freedom takes me far into the majesty of what seems to be wonderland. I am brave. I am strong. I am free.
—  LB

by Craig Arnold

Of many reasons I love you here is one

the way you write me from the gate at the airport
so I can tell you everything will be alright

so you can tell me there is a bird
trapped in the terminal      all the people
ignoring it       because they do not know
what to do with it       except to leave it alone
until it scares itself to death

it makes you terribly terribly sad

You wish you could take the bird outside
and set it free or       (failing that)
call a bird-understander
to come help the bird

All you can do is notice the bird
and feel for the bird       and write
to tell me how language feels
impossibly useless

but you are wrong

You are a bird-understander
better than I could ever be
who make so many noises
and call them song

These are your own words
your way of noticing
and saying plainly
of not turning away
from hurt

you have offered them
to me       I am only
giving them back

if only I could show you
how very useless
they are not

Companion piece to this one with Gilbert. (attention some blood warning.)

The story goes like this. Matthew is a prince of a peaceful kingdom and one day while he travel he pass trough a dark forest where he meet Gilbert, a knight cursed to be trapped there forever by the resident sorcerer after he tricked Gilbert into a bet he lost. They fall in love and Matthew decide to go to the sorcerer to free Gilbert of the curse. Gilbert refuse and warn him against it But our prince on the cover of the night goes to meet the sorcerer who decide to play with the two lovers. He put a spell on Matthew rendering him invisible and goes to see Gilbert, while Matthew can only follow. There they found Gilbert already on the way to the sorcerer knowing that Matthew would have gone anyway. Matthew tries to warn his knight but nothing do and the sorcerer tell Gil that he changed the prince into a little bird that he take out from his robes. He tells him he would be willing to bargain. 

If Gilbert kills the bird he will then be free to leave the forest and the great fortune of Matthew kingdom will be his. If he do not he will stay trapped forever in the forest as a ghost that none will see, deaf to all sound and voice. 

Gilbert, of course, refuse the bargain. Arrogant, claiming that he would rather die than risk Matthew life and that he would never accept anything from his captor.

The sorcerer then release the bird saying how honorable a knight Gilbert has become and that his wish to be reunited with Matthew will be his reward. He lift the invisibility spell from our horrified prince, which he change into a long white arrow before he can utter a warning. 

He shoot the arrow at Gilbert who, knowing that there is no escaping it, do nothing to dodge it. 

Both of them die, from an arrow and from heart break. The sorcerer vanished to be never seen again. 

and to add to the hurt, if the two images are put together it give this: 

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"See you on the other side." Ch. 6

A/N: Please tell me what you think of this drabble series guys! Hope you like it! Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: Things aren’t always as they seem but one thing is for sure and that is that your former partner in crime, The winter soldier, mattered more to you than you cared to admit…

Warnings: none

Word count: 353

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“Innocence suits you.” You blatantly stated whilst in the elevator at the Avengers compound. The winter soldier fully knew the comment was meant for him. You heard a scoff from one of his allies, bringing a smirk to your face. You needed to do what you could to distance you from him again, arrogance and sarcasm was the only way you knew how. You needed him to be irritated by you, you needed him to let you go with no strings attached to keep him safe.

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