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[Interview]B.A.P Brings Party Baby Tour Stateside, Talks 'Wake Me Up': 'We Are Part of the Current Generation'

From the first moment of “Hurricane” to the final note of their encore performance of “Bang X2,” Korean boy band B.A.P hyped up the crowd at New York City’s Terminal 5 on Saturday (April 8) night. The second stop during the US leg of their 2017 Party Baby world tour, the set list was built around the group’s most danceable songs to create a club-like environment where the band and their fans, known collectively as BABY, could party it up and revel in the group’s artistry.

Water guns, a costume contest, and a handful of solo sets – beginning with the two youngest, Jongup and Zelo, each of whom showed immense growth as singers since their last visit to New York – helped set a festive, intimate tone for the night, which saw B.A.P radiate with joy throughout as fans cheered and danced along with their high-energy performances. There was certainly a lot to celebrate on this latest tour, which was the group’s fourth throughout their time together: Five years into their career, B.A.P has seen multiple No. 1 albums on the World Albums Chart, including last year’s Noir. More recently, the group returned with their Rose EP and the profound single “Wake Me Up” in March, their first new music since rapper-songwriter Bang Yongguk returned after taking a break last year from B.A.P’s promotions due to mental health-related issues.

Billboard sat down with the K-pop act (Zelo, Bang Yong Guk, Him Chan, Dae Hyun, Young Jae and Jong Up) ahead of their New York show to discuss their latest releases and what makes the Party Baby tour a new experience for B.A.P and their fans.  

Welcome back to New York! How does it feel to be performing here once again?

Him Chan: It was hard getting over from Atlanta to New York as there were some [weather-related] difficulties. But the fact that we’re here in New York right now fills us with positive energy. We’re looking forward to putting on another amazing performance for our fans tonight.

You toured the United States multiple times in the past, but is there anything that you’re looking forward to particularly on this tour?

Young Jae: I’m looking forward to going to Washington D.C., just because I’ve always wanted to visit.
Him Chan: On our first US tour we went to Washington, but because a lot of things have changed since then we’ve wanted to visit again.

This is the Party Baby tour even though in the past you’ve always brought your Live on Earth tours to the US. How are the two different?  

Jong Up: Compared to previous concerts that we’ve put on in the past, we tried to orientate Party Baby more towards interaction between ourselves and fans so that we can have more of a party or a club atmosphere and just be able to have have a good time. I think that, compared to our previous performances, we want to focus on the whole collaborative effort of just all our fans and us working together to create one performance.

To get more involved you provided fans with a dress code, with a different style corresponding to each specific member. How did you come up with that idea?

Young Jae: This dress code idea for the tour was something that us as the artists – along with the tour directors – thought up since we thought it would be a good way to interact with our fans.

The tour’s set list seems to focus a lot on your newer songs and doesn’t really have a lot of your older music on it. What does that choice say about B.A.P’s musical growth as performers?

Him Chan: We’re really not holding back on this tour. We’re just unlocking all of our abilities and our skills, putting them together for this show. This time, we wanted to be able to show our fans everything that we have. There’s no significance of us not performing many older songs. We just want to be able to put on a good performance with all of our recent songs.

B.A.P has had multiple No. 1 albums on the World Albums Chart. How has that made you feel as a group?

Young Jae: We think it’s amazing, and we’re really fascinated that we can continue to find love from across the world from all of our fans. We’re always grateful and we’re always thankful towards our fans, and we want to continue to show them love for their support for us.

There are only three songs on your new EP Rose, but they each are distinct stylistically. How did that come about?

Young Jae: We’ve released happy songs and we’ve released songs with strong, positive messages, but it’s been a while since we released an album so we wanted to show a third side to B.A.P, one that we knew we were capable of doing and really wanted to show to our fans this time.

Him Chan: “Dystopia” was one of those songs where we just wanted to show B.A.P in all our attributes with rock, heavy metal, and just pay homage to that. For “Wake Me Up,” it was one of those songs for our generation, because we are part of the current generation, where we just wanted to show that we’re present and that we are with the fans and how they feel about current events. As for “Diamond 4 Ya,” we wanted to be melodic, we wanted to play with pitches and instrumentals, and that was something we were looking forward to showing as well.

How was approaching your return with the single “Wake Me Up” different from your past releases?

Him Chan: When we were approaching this album in comparison to previous albums we just wanted to have something that’s more lively, more one on one with our fans. We wanted something that would resonate with our fans, through the message that we’re trying to spread.

Dae Hyun: We feel that we’ve grown a lot individually and together as a group and we wanted to show that in our work this time.

The music video for “Wake Me Up” featured one of the most diverse casts that K-pop’s ever seen. How did that come about?  

Dae Hyun: Every time we shoot a music video we have meetings with the producers who help us create them and we put together all of our ideas. Everything from the individual shots of the video to the casting of everyone who will appear. We just come together and put together our ideas, and then we put it all into a final product. But the most important thing is that our ideas have changed, and that helped shape how we felt towards this music video and how we wanted it directed. Initially the plan was to use a Korean cast but after the members got together and we put together our thoughts, we wanted to go with a more diverse cast to show that we have an accurate representation of our society today. Not just of in Korea or America, but all over the world. We wanted to express that through our music video, which is why we decided to go with such a diverse cast.

Him Chan: It was never really something for us that we wanted to do, just stick to a Korean cast because we are Korean. We wanted to represent every part of the world and pay homage to the fans who’ve come out to support us.

The music video’s storyline, which features messages about self-care and mental health, was incredibly progressive, but while making it did you expect that it would resonate with so many fans from around the world?

Him Chan: When we were putting together the music video, we didn’t think that extensively into it, but we did intend to insert multiple meanings into certain aspects of it. We just wanted it to be interpreted by the fans.

B.A.P has been together for five years now, so how do you keep motivated during the rough times?

Dae Hyun: What’s kept us together as a group so strongly was our fans. We really feel that because of the support from our fans we’ve been able to continue stronger and better than ever each time we release a new album as a group. It’s really all thanks to the fans, and we want to pay respect to them.

Young Jae: Before I got on the stage in Atlanta, I really wasn’t feeling well. But as soon as I got on stage and saw the faces of all our fans I felt so much better and became energized and ready to perform.

You guys have shown a lot of different artistic sides over the years. Are there any other sounds or concepts you’d like to try, or musicians you’d like to work with?

Dae Hyun: What I’ve always admired, and what I’ve wanted to do a lot recently, is a duet. That’s something that I’m going to look forward to doing in the future.

Zelo: I don’t really have anything I want to focus on but I want to connect with the fans and show a more amazing, more awesome performance each time and that’ll be reflected in my music.

What’s next for B.A.P? Are you working on anything new?

Dae Hyun: The [Party Baby] concept of this tour is completely new for us and we think that the most important thing for us right now is to finish the rest of this tour successfully, then return to all our fans across the world and back home in Korea. So that’s our priority currently.

Do you have any final words for your American fans?

Zelo: [In English] I love you.

Him Chan: We want to tell our fans in the United States that we’ll continue to work tirelessly and continue to show them a new, better improved performance and better side to B.A.P every time we can visit and perform for them.

All answers have been translated from the original Korean.

source: Billboard

What Writers Should Be Reading

Good writers are good readers. I say this all the time, though often I feel it’s a piece of advice that gets overlooked or glossed over, whether it just is a little too vague or time-consuming (reading is so time-consuming!) that many new writers don’t understand - this as the most important piece of advice I could ever offer. 

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anonymous asked:

do you have anywhere specific you look online for fashion inspiration? every time I just browse pinterest or instagram like every single ~fall outfit idea~ is skinny jeans + earth toned boots + cardigan + scarf and I'm SO BORED.

YES I KNOW THAT LOOK, the white girl in fall look; it’s not a bad look, but it’s a very predictable look, and I totally understand wanting to move away from that. I too moved away from a look that wasn’t bad, yet was also literally and figuratively stifling. so, how do you find inspiration? 

what I do is follow individual style bloggers + and street style blogs/accounts. 99% of this takes place on instagram, so get ready to download the app. if you’re going to use pinterest, make sure to search “street style”, not “style”. street style is what you call photos that are taken at various fashion weeks, of models and influencers and designers and average people who wanted to dress up and see the shows. it’s a great way to eyeball trends and to find things you can mix and match for yourself. often you’ll see a person whose look you really like, and it only takes a reverse image search to find them on instagram. nine out of ten times they’ll have a style blog of their own. if that sounds like a lot of work, it is. so here are a few of my favorites to get you started:

street style on tumblr: my only stop is 15x20. it showcases a huge variety of trendy, inventive looks, all put together by people who want to be eyecatching. one of my absolute go-tos. I get the germ of most of my outfit ideas here.

style on instagram: @lookbook is a solid account. mostly it’s images tagged #lookbook by bloggers or would-be influencers, and they’re all real people, so a lot of times you can follow them back to their style pages. one issue is that they usually don’t give details of where to buy the items of clothing they wear. also skews a little younger. 

fashion bloggers I follow on instagram:

@daniellevanier: really inventive, takes risks, is a pioneer of “it doesn’t have to be fitted” imo, and has introduced me to one of my favorite brands ever, ASOS White. sporty, femme, she can do it all. love her. 

@lolitamas: bang on with trends, she always seems to know what’s coming in the new season. she does a bunch of lifestyle blogging too, but her fashion posts are what I’m there for. she’s very sweet, very feminine, and a lot of her looks nail high-fashion casual, which I appreciate the hell out of. 

@masha: does the coolest things with layers and sneakers, and she really brings a lot of texture to every outfit. she looks great all the time, which is probably a curse when you’re that pretty, but she pays it forward by religiously cross-linking her outfit posts so you can track down where she got what.

@mamacaxx: just the most bright and exciting wardrobe; she knows how to make one garment do a million different things. pretty sure she and I bought our lavender frilly shirt dresses on the same day. 

@hhasselhoff: I am smitten by her beauty all the time, and I’m so all over the silk boudoir look she always seems to have going. someday I’m going to find out how she, someone with similar proportions to me, is able to hide her bra straps in all those satin dresses. 

@nicolettemason: femme, queer, and constantly doing awesome things with patterns. this was an immediate must-follow from me, and she’s just come out with a really trendy plus-size clothing line called premme, if any of you ladies out there are interested.

@asos_debbie: SHE KNOWS COLOR THEORY, and knocks it out of the park every time. she’s a buyer and stylist for asos, so she also has the inside scoop on new items that are dropping. also, incredible shoes, always. 

@aspensdottir: I just started following her, and it was the best decision I’ve made all week (and not just because she immediately liked every picture of my cats that I’ve ever posted). she’s incredibly inventive, and recycles various items of clothing in the most refreshing way. I’ve actually tossed a few things in some shopping carts because of her, and even though she’s half my size, the outfits she puts together are super adaptable to anyone. a++

the more you poke around instagram, the more you’ll find new bloggers that appeal to you specifically! it took me about a year to round up the 250 fashion accounts I follow, but it was worth it. now whenever I lack inspiration, I grab my phone and start seeing what clicks for me. good luck! 

anonymous asked:

how do you not get discouraged when your art doesnt look realistic? i was always told that realism is the only good art and its hard to unlearn that

I absolutely sympathize with you in dealing with the whole silly “realism is better” attitude. This attitude comes from people who don’t understand cartoons or know what stylizing means. Stylizing MEANS that you are taking something real (so you either already KNOW how to draw it realistically, or you already understand it in its true form/at its basics) and then changing it to make it something new and different but still aesthetically pleasing.

I believe the best cartoonists are both fantastic at cartoons but realism as well (i’m NOT referring to photorealism), and I’ve found this to be evident at art school! it’s much more rare that i find artists who specialize in realistic work who can make cartoons too! Cartoonists kind of HAVE to be able to draw somewhat realistically in order to be able to make great stylizations. To be a great stylistic worker you do need to know the basics, which are based in realism/real life.

Cartoons are undervalued compared to more traditional, classic art that usually adheres more to realism. this was really clear to me in high school! but you need to tell yourself that being able to make fantastic cartoons is its own amazing skill. anyone who draws cartoons for a living (comic artists, animators, storyboard artists, character designers, illustrators of every kind, etc.) all know what it actually takes to be able to make a decent stylized drawing or cartoon. cartoons are not something anyone can just DO. the best cartoons (the best ANYTHING) always make it look easy.

Cartoonists/illustrators/anyone who does stylized art are just as much professional artists as artists who paint or draw realistically. Both can be beautiful and both are valuable.

Think about it! If you want to be a cartoonist you must know your anatomy, how to create different and believable expressions, how to draw different body types and facial features, how to draw clothing and different types of folds, how to stylize in a way that emphasizes their personality or role in a story, how to simplify something complicated but keep it recognizable, and all this is usually done FROM YOUR IMAGINATION! and usually when you draw cartoons for a living you ALSO have to have other skills, some of which involve things like animating, storytelling, pacing, an understanding of physics and weight among other things, not to mention all the computer programs and technology skills you need to have.

So remember these things when you’re reverting back to the whole “realism is the only art of merit” mindset!

It’s also very important to focus on yourself, and not what other people think about it. There are always gonna be some snobby/ignorant people who don’t understand what cartoons or stylized art are. And you’re just gonna have to push past it and do your own thing because you love it.

I don’t get discouraged because I don’t WANT to do realistic art. I could if I wanted to, but I don’t want to, and that’s enough for me. I know that cartooning has merit even if some people don’t understand that, so I think you gotta grow and get to a place where you are confident enough to say “my work is so different from this other type of work that you cannot compare them. my cartoons are great, and this realistic work is also great, and there are many ways to be great.”

Model Assistant

Also on AO3 (link may not work until I get back home - sorry)
This is a direct sequel to Cuddles on the Side, though it can stand on its own. It is also @miraculousfluffmonth‘s Aug 13 prompt, elation.

“And you’re sure it’s okay?” Marinette asked, following Adrien out of the car toward the tents in the park.

He slowed down and caught her hand.  "Yeah.  I asked the photographer and the coordinator.  They both said it would be fine, as long as you stay out of the way.“  He smiled.  Just shadow me for my prep and you’ll get to see all the basics.  Then you can sit back and watch the shoot itself.”

“Okay.”  She grinned.  "I’m just a little excited.  And I wouldn’t want to get you into any trouble.“

The coordinator was a well-dressed woman with her hair pulled into a tight bun.  "Adrien, love, it’s so good to see you.”

“It’s always nice to shoot with you, Camile,” he said, that bright happy smile on his face.

She glanced down at their joined hands and looked at Marinette.  "Ahh.  And you must be Miss Dupain-Cheng.“

Marinette let go of Adrien to extend her hand.  "It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“You can call me Camile,” the woman said, shaking Marinette’s hand warmly.  "I hear  you’re a designer.“

"Amateur designer,” Marinette corrected.  "But yes.“

Adrien snorted.  "She’s won a couple of my father’s contests.  She’s not your typical amateur.”

“I really appreciate you letting me watch today,” Marinette said, hoping her face wasn’t as flushed as it felt.  "I think I could learn a lot from seeing this side of the process.“

Camile smiled.  "If you have questions, please let me know.  It’s always nice to help someone who’s really interested in the field.”  She looked at Adrien.  "Your clothes are in your tent.  Do you want an assistant or…?“  She gestured to Marinette.

"Oh.  I’d be happy to help,” she said quickly.

Camile nodded.  "Perfect.“  She threw Adrien a wink before turning back to talk to the photographer.

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Hot Mess: Part I

You work at JYPE and don’t know how to read Mark Tuan, especially since that messy night… Does he truly hate your guts that much?

Protagonists: Mark Tuan & you

Word Count: 2.4k

Genre: Friend to lover - Romance - Future Smut

Lyly’s note: Repost from my previous blog for Mark’s birthday! 

Hot Mess [Mini Masterlist] - My Masterlist

You pour your glass of champagne down your throat like it’s water. You usually love work events like this, but not tonight. Tonight, you could kill that stupid jerk to get rid of the grin on his face.

You’re standing alone in a poor lit corner of the reception hall, letting your eyes wander on the party crowd when they spot the early thirties tall man; he’s in a deep conversation with your boss. They must be having a blast, because they both throw their heads back to laugh aloud and people around them turn to stare.

HA. HA. HA. An angry hiss escapes between your teeth.

You think of the meeting you had that afternoon and instantly, your forehead wrinkles at the memory. You had been preparing this new exciting project for the last three months. Your team appointed you to do the presentation, because you were the one behind “the big idea”. A way for your company’s boy groups to penetrate a new growth market. You presented Team A’s project to a full room, everything was going perfectly until Josh cut you off.

“Wait, is this your idea?” He asked.

“It’s my team’s idea.” You answered with confidence, but he ignored and continued.

I don’t believe in your consumer’s truth.” He knew his interruption annoyed you and he smirked. “Your whole project is based on it and I’m not really sure it’s true to the intended target of this campaign.” Yes dickhead, that’s what a consumer’s truth is for. The room was dead silent, everybody waiting for your answer.

Josh is an asshole who graduated Harvard Business School so nobody ever doubts his capacities. He does whatever he wants in meetings and all your older colleagues eat in the palm of his tiny hand. Still, you couldn’t believe it was alright for him to interrupt your team’s project with a personal intervention like that. He had been making your professional life a living hell over personal matters for two months now.

“I believe that our team’s plan is the best to expand this brand’s recognition with international audiences.” Your gaze met with a panicked Iseul, the only other girl in the room, who also happened to be in Team A.

“Hum…  Well if you say so. I think this is a bit of a stretch.” His stupid smirk was still plastered on his face and the other men in the room began nodding in approval.

You finished your presentation in disbelief, not knowing how to answer to his blatant affront. By then it was clear you didn’t have anybody’s attention. Josh had undermined your credibility in front of your colleagues and superiors and your team’s hard work just vanished.

You snort and grab a new glass of champagne on the nearest server’s plate. Now that you’re at this cocktail party, your head is filled with great comebacks you could’ve said. Most of your colleagues are married men in their thirties, what gives them the arrogance of knowing what women and young girls want? They’re always complaining about how complicated their wives are and yet, they make decisions for young girls to buy CDs. But, you, understanding how to penetrate a new target’s market? No, it was highly improbable. The irony. You snort again still pissed.

You aggressively shove the content of the second glass in your mouth with the vague impression that someone’s eyeing you. Feeling a bit paranoid, you look around only to find Mark Tuan inspecting you. As usual. He’s standing in the middle of the room with two women from PR and one of GOT7’s stylists.  The others all seem in deep conversation, but the tall Idol is looking straight at you, with his familiar unreadable expression.

Mark’s the kind of guy who is scary good looking. But then again, all Idols from your company are, so you kind of got used to it. He’s tall and slim with long defined limbs and perfect full heart-shaped lips. He almost never speaks in front of you, even if he hung out with Youngjae and you several times.

He’s also the kind of quiet perfection that makes talkative people like you say and do a bunch of stupid shit.

You nod at him, sarcastically raising your empty glass his way; you both know he hates your guts. You spent the last two months avoiding his company, which isn’t that hard since he’s so busy. Much to Mark’s annoyance, you’re pure trouble magnet. Keep away from me then. What are you still looking at!?

The moment stretches and you worry he might come your way when he appears to excuse himself out of his conversation. Your brain already starts to plan your escape, but a firm hand on your shoulder stops you.

“Hey y/n, eat this.” Youngjae smiles at you, holding a fancy looking salmon appetizer a mere centimeter away from your mouth. You savagely grunt in response. “You need to eat this or you might end up like that time at the club in Gangnam” He teases.

You can’t help but blush, remembering that time you went clubbing together and your thoughts instantly fly back in Mark Tuan’s direction.

The loud bass was making your eardrums vibrate but you didn’t mind at all, swaying your hips to the rhythm. The “young crew” of your company all went to a club together after a meal and a few bottles of Soju. Now you were dancing without a care in the world, holding tightly to your umpteenth beer. Your co-workers already knew there was no way to keep you at a table if a dance floor was near. Iseul had followed and several buttons of her dress shirt were now opened as she danced carelessly. She was usually quiet and reserved and seeing her let loose was refreshing.

You had texted Youngjae after you left the restaurant to invite him over and he said he was coming after practice but was still nowhere to be found. Damn. You watched Iseul dance in front of you with a big grin. He must see her like that tonight. The sweet singer had the biggest crush since forever but they both seemed oblivious to that fact.

The rhythm changed into a song with a stronger melody and you started singing. You couldn’t even hear your own voice so you shut your eyes to appreciate the feeling of freedom. When you opened them, Iseul was gone, probably back at the table with the rest of your colleagues.

You continued to dance alone, feeling pearls of sweat sliding down your neckline. You were wearing a nice short dress, low-cut in the back. With your hair tied in a loose bun, it made your neck looked extra sexy. It was the kind of day where you welcome the male gazes and feel especially hot and confident.

Quenching your thirst by swallowing too much of your beer in one go, you shut your eyes once more. The alcohol in your blood comfortably numbed you and your hips continued to sway mindlessly to the beat for a few minutes.

When you opened them again, you made straight eye contact with Mark Tuan. He was looking at you from across the club, leaning on the counter of the bar. His brown hair was half thrown back with some rebel strays falling on his forehead

Something about the situation made you want to go join him, but you remembered that talking was not his specialty. Being smoking hot is. So you just danced while holding his gaze.

The moment seemed to last forever; you, sexily moving and him, staring at you. Mark had that usual unreadable look. The thought of him coming here with Youngjae occurred to you, but you didn’t want to go look for him, not yet.

God that man is attractive. “Mark is even hotter in real life. The things I’d do to his face…” You once had jokingly said to a close girlfriend asking how it felt to work with GOT7. The truth was that his attractiveness mostly made you a complete mess in front of him.

His eyes were particularly dark that night, accentuating that mysterious aura you liked. His reserve always made you nervous, since you were such an open book, but at the same time it fascinated you. Mark slowly drank his beer, your eyes still locked together. He was the one that seemed captivated tonight and you wondered what it would take for him to join you.

Your hands tentatively moved on your body, still swaying in rhythm. You were drunk and shameless, definitely your best mix.

It had been months of celibacy since you moved to Korea and you were more than ready for a good time. Everything about Mark was making you aroused, especially the fact that he never seemed to notice you before.

Your fingers were still roaming your body in the raciest way. When they caressed your neck, you sensually smiled and you could swear you saw him licked his lips. Suddenly, he was gone.

What was I doing? Shit-shit-shit. You scanned the crowd, trying to locate his features in vain. You probably went too far, openly flirting and made him uncomfortable. Oops. But as embarrassing as it was… Nobody else saw that and he really wasn’t the type to tell anyone.

The loud banging of the music started to bother you and you decided to join everybody at the table. Before you could move, a hand slid on your waist and brought you closer to a stiff body. Goosebumps quickly spread all over your arms, like a rush of electricity. The alcohol made your head spin, but it could have been the excitation of feeling his breath down your neck. All around, people were grinding on each other under the colored lights. You danced against him for a few seconds, waving your hips to make him feel you

“I didn’t think you would come.” You said in your most sensual voice, trying to be heard by him over the music. His other hand caressed your bare back, sending a rush of adrenaline to your brain and you remembered where you were. “Wait, we shouldn’t. People could see you, Mark…”

“Let them.” Your heart jumped in your stomach and you suddenly felt like throwing up. It wasn’t the voice you expected, wanted to hear. It wasn’t his voice.

“What the fuck, Josh!” You screamed and tried to worm your way out of his embrace, but he held you tight against him. Ever since you met, he was trying to get in your pants in the most presumptuous and annoying ways.

“What’s wrong? You seemed to enjoy it seconds ago. I know you want it.” He half-yelled and laughed in your ear, sliding a disgusting hand down on your thigh. You searched around for help, but no stranger looked back your way.

“GET OFF!” Your own hesitation to elbow him made you angry at yourself. You were feeling bad about Josh being your senior at work and didn’t want to cause a scene.

Finally, he pulled back as suddenly as he appeared, his hands leaving your body at once. When you turned around to angrily chastise him, you froze. Mark Tuan was fisting his shirt, looking at him with mad eyes. Iseul and Youngjae were standing behind them with surprised expressions. It was clear he was the one that pulled Josh away and his disdain was very apparent.

“I think she asked you to get off.” He spoke in a very controlled tone and weirdly enough, you heard every single syllable despite the music. You knew Josh couldn’t do anything since Mark was from your label, but he turned around to face you.

“You thought I was him? Did you think he was t-” Josh stopped to talk. His eyes widened in pure shock. So much for not causing a scene, y/n. The rest of your beer was dripping from his face, slowly soaking his red shirt. A small crowd was now gathering to watch the drama unfold.

“Don’t you fucking dare touch me ever again.” You warned him before turning on your heels to make a run for the entrance. You saw Mark’s astonished face, but you needed fresh air and didn’t want to wait for Josh’s reaction.

As soon as your heels hit the pavement in front of the club, you felt better. Iseul followed a few seconds later with Youngjae and he draped your jacket on your shoulders. You held onto a streetlight and began to laugh. You were hysterical.

“Did you-you see his face?” Tears were running down your cheeks and Iseul shyly joined in, hiding her mouth with the back of her hand. “That-that fu-fucking jerk.” You continued to laugh for a minute and the singer just looked at you both in awe. Youngjae knew you were crazy, in an entertaining kind of way, but he never saw you like that.

“Can you stand alone?” He asked worried, trying to determine if you were drunk, had finally gone insane or a little bit of both.

“I’m go-gonna scrub every in-inch of my body. I can’t be-believe he touched me.” You stood up and wiped your eyes. “Oh, well. Now I’m in deep shit.” You sighed and turned to face Iseul.

“Good luck Monday.” She said with a shrug and an accomplice look. Before you knew why, you were both overwhelmed with crazy laughter again. You held your hurting ribs until you calmed down.

A throat sound caught your attention and for the first time you noticed Mark standing a few feet behind Youngjae. He had beer splattered on his t-shirt and was looking at you with a cold expression. He wasn’t finding it funny, not at all. You walked over in a wobbly way and pointed an accusing finger at him.

“Why did you do that when I could’ve handled him? What if there’s a scandal?!” His head was down and the streetlights were drawing dark shadows on his face. He didn’t say anything back, still staring at you with a severe expression. “What? Do you have a hero complex?! Didn’t you think we’d both be in trouble if people get any weird ideas?” You tried to nudge his shoulder to get a reaction, but he grabbed you.

“Why were you dancing with him anyway?” He accused, clenching his jaw.

Mark’s fingers on your wrist suddenly felt like a burn and you tried to get out of his firm grip. “That guy is a creep, what were you thinking?” His voice was clear and glacial and he didn’t release your hand.

“I-I thought it…” was you. “I-I think I’m gonna throw up.”

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Icicles Melt in Summer (3543 words) by Shadow_sensei [AO3]

Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice (Anime)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Katsuki Yuuri & Victor Nikiforov, Katsuki Yuuri/Victor Nikiforov
Characters: Katsuki Yuuri, Katsuki Mari, Minami Kenjirou, Phichit Chulanont, Yakov Feltsman
Additional Tags: Hair Salon AU, hair cutting, Alternative Universe - Hair Salon, model!victor, Hair stylist!Yuuri, Pre-Relationship, Flirting, self indulgent fluff

Victor Nikiforov. Oddly, no matter how many times Yuuri repeats the name to himself, it still sounds beautiful, the r rolling off his tongue and the v melting on the tips of his lips like a mint. But more to the point, Victor Nikiforov, model for the Agape shoe and accessory line and face of Stammi Vicino Menswear, is sitting in one of his chairs.

Or, the one where model Victor Nikiforov is searching for his raison d'être in Brooklyn, New York, and finds much more than that in a small, jasmine-scented hair salon.

Reaction BTS - Meeting You For The First Time

Kim Seokjin || Jin
He would probably be the most welcoming, giving you the warmest, most charming smiles. You would meet him in a fanmeet, after finally saving enough, and he would definitely make it worth your time and money with his terrible Uncle Jokes and stunning winks.
“What do you call a seagull that flies over the bay? A bagel!”

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Kim Namjoon /Rap Monster
You would meet in a bookstore while they were resting from their latest comeback, his dimples recognizable from miles away as he smiled down at his book that he was reading. Then his eyes would flicker up and catch yours, his grin widening.
“Can I help you with finding something?”

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Jung Hoseok/J-Hope
Being his typical overly-extra self, and seeing how beautiful you were from his position at the table, he wouldn’t let you leave the fan meet without taking at least fifteen or twenty selcas with you, tagging you in them on Twitter before he let you move on to the next member with a bright and excited grin.
“Come on! Just a few more pictures, please?”

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Min Yoongi/Suga
You were browsing through a record selection, when all of a sudden you came across an AGUST D CD. You reached out your hands to grab it when all of a sudden a voice came from beside you. It was muffled by a fask mask, but you could tell by how the features you could see matched those on the CD you brushed your fingers against.
“Acceptable choice. I heard that CD is very well composed.”

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Kim Taehyung/V
He ran into you while he was running away from Jungkook, who effectively was chasing him with a huge snowball to hit him with in revenge of the elder starting. You were effectively knocked off your feet and onto the cold ground, and all sorts of playing around ceased as he apologized profusely and checked you over for injuries.
“Aish, I’m so sorry!! Are you okay? Are you hurt? God, I feel so bad-”

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Park Jimin
He was flustered witu trying to learn a new dance, when all of a sudden you walked in. You were a new trainee and you were assigned to work underneath BTS before your new group debuted in a few months. Needless to say, Jimin was definitely excited with which member of your group Bang PD-Nim had assigned you with.
“Jimin. Park Jimin. I think we’ll definitely work well together.”

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Jeon Jungkook
Being shy around new people, especially girls, he would be surprised to find a new makeup stylist joined the team, assigned to him. Only you werent his noona – you were younger, only by a little bit. But regardless, with how beautiful you were, Jungkook could maybe learn to get over his shyness around women. Especially with you.
“I-I… I suppose it’s a little unorthodox, me calling you noona like the other stylists when you aren’t older..”

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Falling for Jungkook

A/N; I could use some ideas for new stories, so if you have ideas or requests, please send them to me! I hope you like this story!! 💜

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Falling for Jung Kook

Parts: One

Pairing: Jungkook x Y/N

Genre: Fluff

Word count: 3.386

Synopsis: What do you do when you fall in love with someone who is eight years younger, Will you be able to resist him or will you give in?

today was your first day as a secretary at a big company and boy were you nervous because before you started you had to sign multiple documents about secrecy, which was a bit shady if you wouldn’t know what kind of company it was. You were hired by BigHit Entertainment, which was something to be a bit nervous about because they were getting bigger and bigger at the moment and even you had to admit to being a fan of Bts’s music, who wouldn’t love their music or their dancing skills? The thing was that you were older than all of them, so you just felt a bit too old to be actual ARMY but there was nothing wrong with enjoying their music, which you did every day.

You stopped walking when you were standing in front of the building and you just couldn’t help but look up, taking in this moment. You took a deep breath and walked in the building but of course, your clumsy self-didn’t pay a lot of attention when you suddenly bumped into someone, which knocked you almost over if the person hadn’t grabbed your arm. “I’m so sorry!” You were alarmed by this because you should have paid attention, instead of daydreaming.

“Are you okay?” You recognized his voice immediately and you had to look up. You were shocked to see one of the members of bts, he was still holding your arm, whilst looking at you worried. “I’m fine, I’m so sorry.” This made him smile as he steadied you before letting go of your arm. “I wasn’t paying attention as well, so it okay.”

you bowed slightly and wanted to walk away when he grabbed my hand again. “I don’t think I have met you before right?”

“Ah that’s right, today is my first day.”

“What’s your name?”

“My name is Y/N..”

“I’m ..”  you didn’t let him finish that because you already knew who he was so it would be fruitless to introduce himself. “You’re Jungkook right?” You smiled at him to assure him that you weren’t a crazy stalker. “Yes, are you ARMY?”

“Well I love your music but I’m a bit older than the average ARMY.”

“Age doesn’t really matter, don’t worry about that.” He smiled at you and you couldn’t help but stare at his hand which was still holding your arm. He noticed you stare and he quickly let go of your arm. “I’m holding you up, aren’t I?” You nodded and glanced at your watch and was shocked at the time, you were almost late. “Aish, I have to go. It was lovely to meet you and again I’m sorry for bumping into you.” You bowed again and you made your way to the elevator and the minute the door opened again, you were met by the director.

“You’re late.” was all the welcome you got and you felt your face burning. “I’m so sorry but I had a little accident in the lobby.” you bowed and you were already annoyed by this as this was the millionth time you had to bow today because you did something stupid.

“Don’t let it happen again, please follow me.” He walked past me and you were already doubting your decision to work here. Okay, you were late but it wasn’t really your fault so why would he react like that.

“Miss Y/N, there is a bit of a problem with your position.” You felt a slight panic when he said that, there was no way he was going to fire you already right? You didn’t say anything which he took as a cue to continue.

“You see when we hired you, we didn’t know the spot was already taken by another. So now we don’t have a spot for you at the position we hired you but we don’t want to let you go as we saw your information. We noticed that you are really good at dealing with pressure and you love fashion right?” You nodded not sure where he was going with this when he suddenly stopped in front of a conference room. He turned and you saw a new contract in his hand but with the company’s name, there was also another name added. “I love fashion but how do you know this?”

“We looked you up online, this is something we always do before hiring new staff.” Well, that was expected to be honest because if you can’t find someone on the internet, isn’t that just a bit weird?

“Okay, but what has that to do with the current situation?”

“Well, we need a stylist.” you suddenly became wary about this, as a feeling was creeping into your body. “A stylist?”

“Yes, a stylist. Our main stylist has just quit her job due to personal circumstances so we really need a new stylist but if you’re not convinced by me then please walk inside and meet your new clients.” you peeked through the door and there they were sitting the seven guys of Bts, you quickly took a step back, this was going to be something.

“You want me to be the stylist of Bts?” he nodded and handed you the contract and as you read the document, your eyes fell on the enormous sum of money. This had to be a joke right, why would they pay you so much money? There must be a catch, why else would they pay so much. “This is not some secret camera thing right?”

“Anniyo it’s real.”

“Why me?”

“Because we already hired you and well we believe that you are the right person for this job but again if you are not convinced by me, please step through that door.” You hastily shook your head and asked for a pen. “I will sign the contract.” With that, you became a stylist and the director didn’t waste any time as he threw open the door and greeted the guys with enthusiasm, which the boys returned but they stopped the minute they saw you. The director who seemed to have forgotten about you turned around and pulled you inside.

“Guys meet your new stylist.” you sighed deeply and quickly bowed again. “Hi, I’m Y/N, I’m the new main stylist, please take good care of me.” you had never said words so fast and that’s when you heard a chuckle but you really didn’t have to look up to see from whom this was coming. The guys introduced themselves and that’s when the meeting started but as you hadn’t prepared anything, you just felt out of place. “Noona? Can we give requests for outfits?”

you immediately turned your attention to the sweet voice you were hearing, this was, of course, Jimin and as he was smiling cutely at you. You were taken back for a second and you had to tell yourself that he was just a person. “A request?”

“Yes, I have a few requests for our comeback.” you know you were staring at him, which made the guys chuckle, this made you snap right out of it. “Ah well, I think you can give me some requests but I probably have to discuss it with your managers.” You smiled at him whilst taking quick notes of Jimin’s request. This is how the meeting went and you knew you had to check everything before going home, to make sure the outfits were ready for their next stage.

The next few weeks were hectic as you had to find your way around but luckily everyone was really nice and you hadn’t had one awkward moment except the first time you saw the guys changing in front of you, to say you were shocked was an understatement but you made sure they didn’t see your embarrassment. you met your staff and hit it off right away, you listened to their complaint and also to the guys. You learned what they hated the most about their previous outfits and you already knew that you had to change a few things because you did do some work on this as you scrolled through mainly Tumblr. you noticed what fans liked best and what they didn’t like, which was hard to find as fans loved everything.

you knew the guys were lovely to work with and they proved it. They never went against your decisions and even praised your choice in picking clothes. To be honest it wasn’t that hard to see what they liked and what they didn’t like. The maknae was around you the most and he was always helping you clean and nowadays he even showed up before the others were here, just to help you set-up, even though you had your own people to do that. He never once showed an ugly side and always was happy when he walked in the dressing room.

He was always asking you questions about things you liked and never once did he seemed bored whilst asking you things like that, he also wanted to see if you could dance and after losing several, rock, paper scissor games you actually had to show him what you could do and you were proud to say that he didn’t laugh at you when you were dancing, he even learned you a few moves, this went on for quite some time but as they had some time off, he wasn’t hanging around which was good because he was quite distracting, so you finally could get some actual work done, that is until the first day of a lot of lunches came.

“Noona?” you looked up at Jungkook’s voice. “Ye?”

“Would you like to get lunch?”

“Of Course, what do you want?” He looked a bit confused. “Ani, I mean would you like to have some lunch with me?”

“Oh uh yeah sure.” you hesitated a bit because you weren’t sure if this was appropriate. “Are the others coming to?”

“Ani, they are busy and I just finished training.” He smiled at you again and to see him act this mature, it left a certain impression because with the guys he was usually really playful but when he approached you he was like an adult. It was just weird, there was no way he liked you right?”

“Alright let’s go.” you grabbed your coat and purse but before you could walk past him he grabbed your hand and pulled you with him. “Jungkook-ah please let go of my hand.” he didn’t listen though as he kept pulling you with him. You tried to pull your hand out of his but he only tightened his grip but not as much that it hurt but it made damn sure that you didn’t stand a chance to pull it out of his hand. He must’ve planned this because he knew exactly where you were going “You like Jajangmyeon right?” Now you knew why he asked you all those questions, aish how couldn’t you have noticed this. “Yeah, I like Jajangmyeon.” you smiled as your eyes met.

This continued for two weeks, every day he would take you out for lunch and every time it was a different location, you’re not sure why you kept going with him but it was always fun, he made you laugh and you even talked about serious stuff and you found out that he sometimes felt bothered but he didn’t want to tell his “brothers” as they had their own worries. you told him about your family and that in order to support them you had to give up your real passion, which was playing the drums. He never once got impatient with you. You wouldn’t say he was nineteen and you had to admit that you were falling for this handsome guy with the sweetest personality.

“Y/N can I talk to you for a second?” Namjoon was sounding really serious so you just followed him into their dance studio. “What’s wrong?”

“Are you serious about Jungkook?” you were shocked about this but then again you also had seen this coming but you had expected it to be Jin and not Namjoon, to be honest. “What do you mean?”

“You know Jungkook likes you right?” you did have a feeling about this but as Jungkook never really said anything you ignored it and just pushed your own feelings away by reminding yourself that you were too old for him. “I didn’t know that. He never said anything and we just enjoy each other’s company for lunch.” you knew you must sound naive right now but you weren’t quite ready to tell him about your feelings. That would just be really rude towards Jungkook.

“Wait he never mentioned that he likes you?” You shook your head because he really hadn’t said anything.

“Aish that damn kid, then please forget what I’ve just said okay?” You nodded and promised him to never say a word but it was going to be tricky to keep it to yourself because now you couldn’t think about anything else.

You decided it was for the best to avoid Jungkook and only talked to him when it was necessary, you did this to make sure you weren’t going to be tempted to talk to him about what Namjoon said, who would have guessed this was going to be pure torture because Jungkook had noticed this as well and he tried to be around you as much as possible, which made it even harder but luck was in your favor right now as they had to focus on their concert, which meant that you had to arrange clothes, as they were practicing, so you didn’t see each other a lot, the only times you saw each other was when you had to make sure you had the right measurements. you had people working for you and you let them go to the tv shows, the only times you were there yourself was on award shows but other than that you weren’t anywhere near them.

You even had a week off before their tour started, which was amazing as you could do anything you wanted and you even took up the drums again and within two days you could drum three bts songs, which was a hard thing to do but you did it and felt damn proud of yourself, the thing you loved the most was that you could just walk around in casual clothes, which you did. There was even time to spend with friends, which was spent mostly at karaoke rooms to eat a lot of chicken and drink a lot of beer and soju.

“Ya Y/N, how is work going?”

“It’s a lot of pressure but it’s fun.” your friends were curious about your work as you never really told them for which group you were a stylist, not that you didn’t want that but you just thought it was for the best if they didn’t know because almost all your friends were into Bts and there was no way you were going to ask them for autographs and stuff.

“Let’s do this song and Y/N you must do the singing part.”

“Arasso.” The song started and you couldn’t help but laugh about this because they were actually going to do Fire by Bts, this was going to be easy, as you could dream this song by now and you also were happy that you were slightly drunk because that would make it less embarrassing. You all went full out and you even threw in some of the moves, which looked messy as hell and the minute everything went to hell was when the door to the room suddenly opened. You all turned around to see a smiling Jungkook, Jimin and Taehyung looking at you and when they spotted you, well let’s say that sobered you right up. “Ya Noona, we didn’t know you could sing.” Taehyung walked into the room and hugged you like he always did, Jimin did the same thing but Jungkook just looked at you, as if he had never seen you before. “Ah well, I uh.” you were at a loss for words which made it even more fun for them.

“We startled you right, we’re sorry but when we heard our song we just had to see who was singing it.” Jimin quickly explained and you just nodded when suddenly your friends realized what was happening. “Ya, Y/N you never told us you knew Bts, how could you keep that a secret!”

“You know we are ARMY and still you didn’t say a thing, that’s not cool.” they were protesting from every side that is until Jungkook finally opened his mouth. “She couldn’t tell you guys because of her contract.”

He finally walked into the room and headed straight for you. “Come with me for a second.” He didn’t give you time to protest and just grabbed your arm and pulled you with him until you were in the hallway. “What’s wrong?”

“You that’s what wrong!” He was actually sounding angry and that wasn’t something you wanted to see. “Why?”

“Why are you avoiding me and don’t tell me you aren’t because you are.”

“I am avoiding you, it’s just for my own sanity.”

“What do you mean by that?” You took a deep breath because you knew what he was trying to do and to be honest his straightforwardness was really turning you on and now you knew why you didn’t really drink because normally you wouldn’t let your feelings go this far.

“Jungkook I just can’t afford getting too close to you, so that’s why I took a few steps back. I really enjoyed our time together for lunch but I’m twenty-seven and you are nineteen, people may misunderstand.”

“So what if they do? I like you and don’t tell me you didn’t know about this because I heard you and Namjoon.”

“Wait you knew?”

“Of course I knew, I almost live in that studio and Namjoon is never there if we aren’t around.”

“But why didn’t you tell me then?”

“Because I am not stupid, I knew you were going to run away when you heard it, I mean look at how you are acting after Namjoon told you, so I lacked courage after that, I mean if that was your reaction to something Namjoon told you, you would’ve run away for sure if I confessed my feelings.” There was no way you could go against this because he was right, you’d probably would have quit your job or took a long vacation if he would’ve told you this then.

“I know you are eight years older but I don’t care about that and I really don’t want to ignore my feeling for you. I love the way you always take care of the people around you, I mean you even listen to me when I’m at my lowest and you never ever get angry at one of us for wrecking clothes or making a mess of everything you took out with care and I know that you send my parents fruit baskets when they had a cold, I know that was you so please for both of our sakes stop avoiding me and just come to me.”

you didn’t have time to think things through as he pushed you gently against the wall, with one hand and the other hand was placed on my cheek. your heart was beating like crazy and your breathing became heavier, just like his breathing, as he came closer. your head was blank the minute he presses his lips against yours and at first, he just did it to see if you would allow it but when he noticed that you weren’t going to pull away he intensified his kiss. your body went numb and he quickly pulled you against his body with just one arm. His other hand was still on your face but now he was gently caressing your cheek with his thumb. Who would have thought that he was such a great kisser?

When he broke the kiss you actually leaned forward for more and he had to push you back slightly and with a satisfied grin, he leaned closer again. “Today will be our first day.”

Beauty of A Secret: Chapter One

Beauty of A Secret

I have a norman request for you. Hopefully you like. You’ve been working on the set of TWD as a stylist for a while and you and norman have been secretly dating for the last several months. You’ve just found out you’re pregnant but you’re terrified to tell Norman… every time you try someone interrupts for whatever reason. He finds out accidentally n doesn’t handle it very well at first. I hav several idea of how to really make this into a long fic if you’re interested. Love your stuff xx

Alright, I know what you guys must be thinking…she’s starting a new story? This girl takes forever to post updates AND requested one shots. What the flippity flop girl? I’M SORRY OKAY THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA AND I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL AND I JUST WANNA WRITE EVERYTHING hahaha and this just means you guys will get a third requested one shot so it’ll still be equal rotation. I swear I will be better at updating more haha I was on a roll in the beginning. My first few followers remember hahaha but I’ve fallen behind like a chump. Just so you guys know, she’s getting a name since this will be a full fanfiction. So I hope you enjoy this!!

To the person who requested this and has ideas and whatnot, make sure you message me ‘cause I’d love to hear your ideas.

ALSO, if any of you know where I got the title of this story from, you’re good in my book ;)

Chapter One: October 27, 2010

It was crazy the way life took off without you even knowing how fast you were going. Until one day, you wake up feeling like an entirely different person in an entirely different world.

At least, that’s the way Wendy Harper felt. She never expected this massive level of success in such a short amount of time. One day she was doing hair and makeup for short film projects with her friends to being on a real life set. It was for a show that was based on a comic book series. That wasn’t on Wendy’s list of interests but she did enjoy zombie movies and this would be a TV show involving a lot of zombies.

It was called The Walking Dead. She joined the crew about halfway through filming so it was a little awkward joining a group of people that were already close. Of course, everyone was so nice to her and welcomed her with open arms but it didn’t take away from the awkwardness.

Thankfully, she wasn’t alone in that feeling. The same day she’d joined the crew, someone else had joined the cast, playing a rather cranky redneck. But the actor himself, Norman Reedus, was completely different from his character, Daryl Dixon. He apparently liked working with Wendy the most because she was new like him and they had bonded over that.

Norman was such a sweetheart. Everything his fans said about him was a hundred percent true. He was goofy and weird and had the most wonderful smile that was contagious. And that was just a few of the many things that made Wendy fall for him. They hadn’t known each other for very long but they had such a good time together that everything progressed so quickly but it still felt natural. It didn’t feel rushed or wrong. By June, they were dating. By July, Wendy had her own drawer in his apartment where she was staying quite frequently.

They hadn’t told anyone about their relationship. And with Wendy’s new following on twitter and Instagram, that was definitely the way she wanted to keep it. She’d been guilty of snooping around the internet and she’d seen how some of Norman’s fans had spoken about his previous girlfriends and Wendy didn’t want anyone being so horrible to her. Did she care about what people thought of her? No, not really. But it still would hurt to see such mean things like that. No one could be possibly be bullet proof like that. Still, Wendy had such strong feelings for Norman and the feeling was mutual. Whatever they were doing was working so they kept it private.

Wendy was enjoying her days of sleeping in. Being on the show forced her to be awake at the crack of dawn and last week she was flying all over the place with Norman. Finally, the two of them were getting a break. She was enjoying it now because when May came back around, she would be saying good-bye to sleep for the next few months.

Norman was sleeping soundly beside her, his arm draped over his eyes. Wendy rolled over, pushing his hair off his forehead and kissing his scruffy cheek. Norman grunted as his eyes fluttered open and he stretched his arms above his head.

“Morning,” he groaned. He moved his left arm and wrapped it around Wendy’s waist, gently stroking her back with his fingertips, “How’d you sleep?”

“I slept great,” Wendy replied, glancing out the window, the curtains open just enough to allow a little sunlight to peek through, “I have to get back to my own apartment today though.”

“Why?” Norman asked, his arm wrapping tighter around her and pulling her closer.

“I’ve slept here so much, I ran out of clean clothes,” Wendy said. She climbed out of bed and reached for her jeans that were folded on top of Norman’s dresser.

“I have a washer and dryer,” Norman countered.

“That’s not the point,” Wendy giggled. Norman hugged her from behind and threw himself back, falling back into bed and taking Wendy down with him. Wendy squealed, playfully smacking Norman’s arms until he let go of her, “Norman! You’re crazy.”

Wendy stood up once more and Norman allowed it, sitting at the side of the bed as he watched her get dressed. Once she was all ready to go, she stood between his legs and ran her fingers through his hair.

“I’ll only be gone for a few hours,” she said, “And when I get back, we can give you a trim.”

“You seem to enjoy my hair,” Norman chuckled.

“I do,” Wendy replied, pushing all his hair back, “I can’t help it. Alright, I really do have to go. I’ll be back tonight and then I’m all yours the rest of the week.”

“The show premieres this Sunday,” Norman remarked, “You’ll be here for that?”

Wendy grabbed his face and crashed her lips onto his, “Of course I will. I wasn’t there for the first half so it’ll be fun seeing it with fresh eyes.”

“True,” Norman said.

As she picked up her duffel bag and her purse, she turned back to Norman and smirked, “Plus, I’ve gotta see how well my work held up!”

Norman had turned the premiere of The Walking Dead into an event. Wendy wasn’t surprised though. This was a huge moment for the two of them. It was new and exciting and for Wendy, it was her first major job. Her name would end up being in the end credits and she couldn’t wait for that.

“You’ve got popcorn,” Wendy said, holding up two glasses, “And I’ve got the wine.”

Norman took a piece of popcorn and popped it into his mouth, grinning as Wendy hurried into the kitchen, returning moments later with the bottle of wine. She flopped down on the couch beside him and started pouring, “I’m so excited. Can you tell my hands are shaking?”

“You’re fine,” Norman laughed, taking the bottle from Wendy’s hand, “Don’t be so nervous.”

“I don’t even know why I am,” Wendy muttered, “I didn’t even do anything on this episode.”

“Well, your moment’s coming up,” Norman said, kissing her cheek.

“This wine should loosen me up a little,” Wendy said as she started guzzling down her first glass of wine, allowing the sweet, tingly liquid slide down her throat. Norman did the same and refilled their glasses.

“I wouldn’t mind loosening up,” Norman said, sliding closer next to Wendy, handing her glass to her while his free hand slid up and down her thigh. Before she could look down at his hand, he pulled it away and lifted her chin, placing a delicate kiss on her lips.

“Hang on a second,” Wendy said, lightheartedly pushing him away with a giggle, “You’re in a real hurry, aren’t you? Don’t you wanna watch this episode first?”

“Yeah, I can wait an hour,” Norman mumbled, though he continued with kisses up and down her neck. Wendy tried to contain her pleasure since the episode would come on in less than a minute.

“Norman, if we’re gonna wait, you’re gonna have to stop,” Wendy mumbled, nearly lost in his kisses and in his touch as his hands slowly moved up her thighs, “I don’t want you to miss anything but in a minute, I won’t be able to resist.”

“You’re right,” Norman said, kissing Wendy’s lips one last time just as the episode was starting. He leaned back on the couch, holding Wendy close to him as she held the popcorn bowl on his lap, “Sorry, you just look so damn good tonight. But I’ll be patient. It’ll be worth the wait.”

Maybe it was the excitement of the premiere or of the future ahead of them or maybe it was just the wine kicking in but once the episode was over, the rest of the night was the best Wendy had ever spent with anyone. It was intense and it was sensual and she was so full of love it almost made her heart ache. And it got better in the weeks that followed. A week after the show premiered, it was renewed for another season. Everyone was responding to the new show so well. Wendy had such a wonderful new job and a loving, sweet, and caring boyfriend. Everything was working out in Wendy’s favor.

It was nearing Christmas now and Norman was working on their living arrangements for their stay in Georgia when they came back to start filming the second season. Despite it being their first Christmas together, they would be spending it apart. Norman would be with his son while Wendy would go back home to see her family. They hadn’t even told their own families about their relationship so they would have to do their own little Christmas on another day. With just a week left together before leaving for the holidays, they had some things to get done, which included their stay in Georgia.

“Wouldn’t it be cool to get a house out there?” Norman said, “You remember what it looked like. It was gorgeous, wasn’t it?”

“It really was,” Wendy said, “But the show is still so new. Maybe we should wait a little longer before we go and get a house.”

“I guess you’re right,” Norman said, “I don’t know, we’ll figure it out later. I’ve gotta get back to my apartment and finish packing. You need any help here before I leave?”

“No, I’ve got it,” Wendy said. She brought Norman to the front door and kissed him passionately, holding his face. Norman was surprised by the sudden show of affection but he didn’t fight it. He wrapped his arms around her waist and returned her kiss.

“Well thank you for that,” Norman said as Wendy pulled away and opened the door, “I’m really gonna miss you these next few weeks.”

“I’m gonna miss you too,” Wendy replied, “But soon, we’ll get back home and we’ll have our own little Christmas. Eventually, we’ll tell our family and friends about our relationship. Probably should in the next month considering our anniversary will be in June.”

“I’m surprised we’ve managed to keep it hidden this long,” Norman said, “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow morning and we’ll go to the airport together, okay?”

“Sounds good,” Wendy said, “I’ll see you tomorrow, sweetness.”

“See you.” Norman planted one last kiss on Wendy’s cheek before leaving her apartment, shutting the door behind him. She waited for a few minutes, listening to Norman’s footsteps getting quieter and quieter until they were gone. Wendy hurriedly locked the door and ran into her bathroom.

Wendy threw open her medicine cabinet, pulling out a plastic bag she’d kept hidden inside there for the past day, just waiting for Norman to leave. This was wrong. She should’ve told him. He should be here to go through this with her. She’d suspected for a while but a part of her thought it was all in her head and she wouldn’t have to deal with this.

But now, there were three pregnancy tests in her hands and if they all came up positive, she would have to deal with this. But, there were so many things to think about and it was all so terrifying. She never actually thought she would be sitting in her bathroom peeing on a stick. And something else occurred to her while she was taking the tests. Her relationship with Norman was still so new. It had barely been six months and no one even knew they were together. This was definitely not the plan she’d had in mind for her future with Norman.

Wendy refused to leave the bathroom while she waited for the results. It was as if she didn’t trust the tests to be accurate if she walked away from them. She just set a timer on her phone and stared at it, on the edge of tears. Why had she sent Norman home? This was too difficult to do this on her own. She needed him.

After a while, Wendy sat on the linoleum floor, hugging her knees to her chest and resting her head against her legs. How would it be to have a baby? She didn’t have any nieces or nephews. Her friends didn’t have children. She didn’t know anything about babies. The closest she’d ever come to holding a baby was in middle school when she had to take care of a baby doll for home economics class.

The alarm on her phone went off abruptly, making her jump. She scrambled back onto her feet and nearly slipped getting to the counter, “Come on, give me some good news. Please, just good news.”

Wendy leaned against the counter, looking down at the three tests lined up in a row. Her heart pounded against her chest as she focused on the three little plus signs staring back at her. Before she got those three positive results, she wanted to curl up in a ball and cry. But now, she wasn’t sure where her emotions were. All she knew now was that she needed to tell Norman what was going on.

She picked up the tests, gazing at the plus signs for a little longer before taking a deep breath and acknowledging it, “I’m…pregnant.”

Hope you like this first chapter! Let me know what you think <3

C: From a very young age my mother made me aware of the fact that my being light-skinned (and especially being mixed) would afford me a life better than hers. She told me that I would be liked more, that people would inherently find me pretty. And knowing my mom, I believed her. And as the years went on I saw it. I saw how stylists would have a fit over my curls and go crazy over all the things they wanted to do, then look at my mom’s kinky curls and ask her when the last time she used a relaxer was, cause’ she ‘clearly needed a new one’. I saw how when I was alone I just felt like a person around people, only occasionally being stereotyped, but with my mom I saw people treating her as if she were a glass of kool-aid adorned with fried chicken earrings and a fro to top it off; they only saw a stereotype in her dark brown skin. I realized the difference in how people treated me once they met her. Saw my friends go from being normal to suddenly asking me if I knew how to braid hair, and if my curls were real or if they were ‘weaved’, and if I liked this rapper such-and-such, and it confused me, because they knew I didn’t listen to rap. But she had taught me already and the confusion was only brief until I understood that brown to them was something foreign. And then I’d point out their stereotyping and they’d immediately get defensive. “I’m not racist, I have black earrings!” And whatnot. I saw how in stores when I would buy things with my debit card, I’d be sent off with a smile, and also saw in the same store that my mother would be asked for her I.D. And when asked they’d simply say it’s a 'policy change’. I clearly saw the difference and to see other light-skinned people ignoring these obvious differences in treatment and perception pisses me off. Some of you have dark-skinned parents like me and you’ve seen it yourself. You know exactly what the differences are but you’re caught so far up your own that you don’t even want to admit it. Keep telling yourself that you’re just 'trying not to let the whites divide us’ while you bask in their compliments, furthering you from 'other blacks’. Keep batting your eyelashes as they tell you you’re 'pretty for a black girl’ and keep lying to yourself and thinking that the solution is to pretend we all have it the same. So you benefit from your light-skinned privilege AND don’t have to hear about the struggles of dark-skinned people. Almost like white people wanting to ignore racism…so they can enjoy their privileges without hearing about the struggles of POC. I always hear light-skinned people getting angry because they feel they’re being compared to white people but guess what? If we refuse to acknowledge our privileges while still benefitting from them… That’s all.


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A/N: i’m in this lovely hobi groupchat and we were discussing how soft hobi’s hair is in spite of it being dyed all the time and we got to talking about what we’d do if we were hobi’s hairdresser and this happened. shout out to all my hobi gc angels without whom this fic would not be possible. i love you all so much <3

wc: ~5.1K

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Overheard in LA sentence me
  • I mean, I know we’re just gonna drive in a Suburban, listen to Radiohead and make out, which is all I really want, so… 
  • To be quite honest with you I don’t give a shit about sea life.
  • Malibu rich people are way cooler to me than Beverly Hills rich people
  • I slept with his guy just for his air conditioning
  • —Before your father had the psychotic breakdown, what was your relationship with him like?  
  • Are Girl Scout cookies tax deductible?
  • Smelling that candle was the least manly thing I’ve done all day.
  • You passed out on friday and came back on Sunday. You are basically the Jesus of Cochella.
  • I’m finding a guy tonight. Do you have any idea how long it took for me to look this free spirited and hot?
  • I’m getting my coffee at mcDonalds this week to save money for all the Cochella drugs I have to buy on friday.
  • I’m turning our dog into a douchebag.
  • Every new friend I make is another person who might ask me to pick them up from the airport. And I don’t need that.
  • I’m an actor, dancer, model, and stylist but right now I work at Chipotle.
  • If I worked out as much as I wore work out clothes, i’d be in great shape.
  • I woke up in his bed wearing nothing but my fitbit.
  • I’ve been ‘faking it until I make it’ so long I think i’m just fake now.
  • I’m done dating other actors. He referred to our second dates as a ‘call back’.
  • I’m not a slut. I just have a lot of soulmates.
  • This is too organic for me. I want Nutella.
  • It’s weird how the phrase ‘he’s following me’ has evolved from terrifying into something to be proud of.
  • I have a really good vegan accent
BTS reaction to your water breaking!

Bts written reaction to your water breaking. If you can’t do all of them can you make sure to include namjoon? I love your account. Xoxo


You had been in the baby’s nursery all day long, wondering when your precious little princess was going to make her appearance. You were already 2 days past your due date, and there were no signs of her wanting to come out at any minute.

Jin tried to comfort you, telling you not to worry, and that she was probably just wanting to make a grandiose entrance, like the princess she was. You laughed at his joke, and you knew, deep in your heart, that Jin was over the moon with the idea of having a baby girl.

Suddenly, you doubled over in pain, as a sharp contraction hit you right in the stomach. You held your hands onto your stomach, and despite the sudden pang of pain, you smiled. You felt dampness trickling down your legs. You looked up to Jin smiling, who would have guessed the man would smile at a sight like this?

“It’s time! Where did you leave the hospital bag? I’m calling a taxi yeah? Let’s meet our princess!” He called, as he got everything ready, and you walked into your room to change your clothes.

“Let’s meet you, princess.” You whispered at your belly, as you changed into new panties and a clean dress.  Jin was right, your princess was trying to make a dramatic entrance, by being fashionably late.


You were at the studio with the guys, watching your husband Jimin record his vocal part in the booth. You were entranced, completely fascinated by his beautiful voice, which almost matched the great beauty of his soul.

You had Jin sitting beside you, looking completely exhausted from dance practice earlier, holding your hand, and asking you how long you had left until the baby was born. As soon as you and Jimin had told the rest of BTS about the baby, they had all suddenly become overly protective siblings to you, making sure you were comfortable and feeling alright at all moments of the day. It honestly felt like they were more excited about this baby than you were.

“Just two weeks I think.” You told him with a smile, as your hand gently rubbed your stomach in circles.

As soon as those words had left your mouth, you felt your lower abdomen begin to ache, and a dampness covered your jeans. Your eyes shot up to meet Jin’s, while your cheeks burned red with embarrassment.

Jin took two seconds to process everything that had happened, before standing up from the couch, and running into the booth, pulling a very panicked Jimin out.

Jimin ran to you, and checked you were okay, before grabbing your hand, and helping you stand up. He fumbled for the keys in his pocket, before he started to walk you to the car, with his trademark smile on his face, his eyes disappearing behind his lids, as he squealed to himself.



You were with Hoseok, relaxing on your couch, as you watched a movie. Hoseok had his arms neatly wrapped around you, holding you against his chest protectively. Ever since he had found out about the baby, he had become annoyingly overly protective, to the point it had made you yell at him for not letting you out of the house without his constant supervision.

But  you were glad he had become so sweet and caring, it was incredibly endearing, and it meant you could relax, and he would take over most of the important chores around the house, so he could ensure the safety of both his princesses.

You were laughing at something that had just happened on the movie you were watching, when you felt something drench your jeans completely. You looked down at your legs, and then yelled in surprise, making Hoseok jump back, and scream.

“WHAT WHAT HAPPENED?!” He yelled, clutching at his chest, over his heart, in sheer shock.

“My water broke!” You yelled back, a match made in heaven. Hoseok’s eyes widened thrice their size, and he began screaming incoherent sentences, which you managed to understand after years of dating him.

“THE BAG. THE KEYS. YOU NEED TO CHANGE. THE BABY IS IN THE BAG WE NEED TO CHANGE IN THE CAR FOR YOU TO SLEEP AT THE HOSPITAL!” He screamed, as he ran around the apartment, searching for things. You grabbed his shoulders, and shook him.

“HOSEOK SNAP OUT OF IT GRAB THE DAMN BAG AND SOME SWEATPANTS AND LET’S GO!” You yelled at him in his face, trying to get him to calm down immediately.

The moment you brought him out of his panicked haze, he calmed down immediately, and managed to get everything done so he could carry you to the car to get you to the hospital.


You were having dinner with the guys, a couple days before your due date, enjoying the last few moments of peace before your duties as parents began. Jungkook sat beside you, holding your hand not-so-subtly under the table, as he smiled and nodded at some new philosophical concept Namjoon had diverted towards, like he always did. You smiled, noticing how spaced out Jungkook was, each and every word slipping out of Namjoon’s mouth completely going over his head.

You squeezed his hand under the table, and suppressed a snicker. Jin looked at you from across the table, and smirked subtly, knowing exactly how you were feeling. You began making small talk with him, asking him what seasoning he had used on the chicken, which Jin gladly replied to, happy that someone had noticed the change in the recipe.

Just as you were asking Jin about the sauce, you felt something soak through your jeans, and seep through to the chair. You looked down at your pants in panic, Jin being the first to notice.

“Jungkook!” He yelled at the younger boy, who looked at him with wide yes. Jin pointed towards you. Jungkook looked at you, and then followed your gaze to your pants.

“Oh… Oh.. Babe… Did your water just… break? Now? Oh… OH MY GOD! JIN DRIVE US PLEASE JIN HOSPITAL!” Jungkook yelled, as he took his time to process what was happening. He grabbed your hand, and picked you up bridal style effortlessly, before heading out of the apartment, without even looking back. Jin had to stand up straight after, and chase after him with the hospital bag you always brought with you just in case, wondering how he could possibly look after a child, when he was acting like a child himself.

Rap Monster

It was a month before your due date, but honestly, you already felt bloated enough. Your ankles were swollen, your back ached from the extra weight, and you felt uncomfortable all around. You could safely admit you were more than prepared to deliver the baby already.

Namjoon was at some TV show, talking about his new single, and the album, and occasionally answering questions about you, you assumed. Ever since you two got married, there wasn’t a single interview your name didn’t pop up. Sometimes it flattered you, sometimes it annoyed you. Needless to say, that although some fans of his adored you in every way possible, there were others that hated your guts, which was a bit of an inconvenience and a nuisance.

You stared at the clock on your wall, a little exhausted, and at the same time a little restless. You were bored, ever since the doctors had told you that you had to be on bed rest, Namjoon had been adamant that you obey their orders, not wanting to risk your safety or the child’s.

Suddenly, you feel some drip down your legs, and as you stare down, you notice, with some excitement, that your water had just broken. You squealed in excitement, despite the sharp pain that took over your body. You couldn’t wait to meet your little one.

So ignoring the fact that he was on business, because let’s be honest, what is one single interview when he has the chance to see  his own child be born? You dialed his number, and dismissed his scolding about being at work.

“Oh, alright then, I guess I’ll go to the hospital alone and deliver the baby by myself.” You replied sassily, trying to surprise him. You heard the line go silent, the faint echoes of Hoseok’s words bouncing back to you.

“OH MY GOD DON’T MOVE I AM GOING RIGHT NOW” You heard his voice faintly yell at you, followed by some rustling and moving of things, and you were sure you heard something break, as Namjoon explained to someone that his wife was about to have his baby and that the interview would have to continue without him.

You laughed, rubbing your belly, glad to finally be able to meet the little one that had been growing inside you for so long.


You were waiting for him backstage, sitting on a cushioned couch, as your legs swung back and forth. You could barely see your feet anymore when you stood up, your large belly covered them completely.

You could hear BTS’s voices fill the venue, as they performed once again to a happy crowd. You could feel the beat pulsating through you, making your ribcage vibrate. You probably shouldn’t have been at a concert venue at such a late stage in your pregnancy, but Suga had insisted you needed to be close to him, in case anything happened.

You watched him return backstage more times than were necessary, under the excuse that he needed water, or a wardrobe change, just to check up on you, and although it made you feel warm and fuzzy inside, you felt bad for his fans, they were the ones that deserved his undivided attention right now.

You were peacefully humming along to Jimin’s lines, when you felt a sharp pang of pain, that had you doubled over, a scream drowned in your throat. You clutched at your belly, feeling your water break, drenching your clothes. How embarrassing.

You looked around, trying to find someone who would help you out. Being a mother for the first time left you with some unresolved doubts, but you were sure this signaled the baby was coming, and you needed to get to the hospital. A young woman, possibly a stylist, noticed your state, and quickly found some new pants to replace your damaged ones, before alerting one of the men backstage.

You tried to stop the man, dreading for the performance, but your stomach prevented you from moving at a high speed. The man was lost on stage, and faster than you could fathom, Suga was running off stage, straight towards you, as he pulled out all the wires and cables he had on him.

“Suga, the show.” You whined, trying to push him back towards the stage, but he limited himself to shaking his head, and pushing you towards the back door, where a taxi was waiting.

“There will be more shows, but only one birth of my baby.” He replied, and although he tried to maintain a business like, and serious expression, you could see the corners of his mouth curling up in glee and excitement.

“Let’s go have a baby then.” You told him, lacing your fingers through his, as he helped you get into the car, a wide gummy grin spreading across his face.

“let’s.” he replied, before jumping in the car next to you.


You were getting the final details of the baby’s nursery fixed, after having carefully decorated the room with some help from Taehyung, when it happened.

“Jagi! I think we should put this dinosaur plushie here!” he exclaimed, grabbing the purple dinosaur he had bought, and putting it atop a dresser. You glared at it, because the color was so obnoxious, and it clashed so badly with the soothing, neutral colors of the room, you couldn’t believe you had let Taehyung convince you to buy such an abomination.

But Taehyung had used his puppy eye look with you, knowing how well it worked, and he had looked so excited and happy about it, you couldn’t help but feel the need to make him happy. Damn you and your love for cute things.

“Okay, put it there then. Can you please put those books on the shelf? I can’t reach.” You told him, handing him a small collection of short bedtime stories for your child. Usually you would have just stood on the stool, but the last time you tried to do that with Taehyung around, he had a massive go at you, and told you off for being so irresponsible.

Just as you were handing the books over, you felt the sudden dampness that could only signify one thing. The baby was ready. Taehyung stared at you in confusion-

“Ah… Jagi… did you just pee yourself?” He asked, pointing towards your sweatpants. You rolled your eyes at him, before walking over to your room to get changed quickly.

“No, stupid, my water just broke.” You told him nonchalantly. Taehyung’s eyes widened triple their size, before he began jumping up and down, screaming, and pulling you by the arm.
“WE DON’THAVE TIME FOR FASHION MY BABY IS COMING LET’S GO! LET’S GO!” He yelled, as he pulled you towards the car, with your head barely through the new sweatshirt you put on, and you laughed, he really was just a large child himself. Oh joy, you would have to look after two Taehyungs now…

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Ummm.... Can i request for a model au? Thanks so much :))

I feel that I am too distracted lately, but here I am again with MODEL AU! Do you know how hard is it for me to choose which (or both) of them being the model? Both of my boys are so beautiful. _(√ ζ ε:)_

IwaOi Model AU

  • Iwaizumi is first discovered to be a model in his second year in college. He starts it as a part-time job.
  • His first photo shoot gets pretty good reviews and Iwa soon gets called back for another shoot. 
  • Oikawa starts from being a stylist in the industry and later becomes a designer of an individual fashion brand. 
  • (Oikawa has been offered to be a model for several times but he declines the offers because he’s too into styling and clothing.)
  • Oikawa sees Iwa’s photo shoot when he’s at the studio and asks the editor if Iwa could be in the shooting for his new winter collection for a magazine. 
  • Iwaizumi is surprised and flustered when he is greeted, enthusiastically, by an extremely attractive man on sight.
  • Oikawa finds it amusing how flustered Iwa is and goes flirtatious when he tries out outfits on Iwa. (“Did the guard give you trouble when you come in?” “Uh, no. Anything wrong?” “No. Everything’s splendid. Just curious where you gets permit for these guns.”) 
  • Iwaizumi soon finds out that Oikawa is not very good at flirting (who can’t stop laughing at their own pick-up lines?) and feels more relaxed. They ends up bickering good-naturally and Kuroo, the photographer and good friend of Oikawa in the industry, has to come and drag them both to the set. 
  • They try the ‘cool boy’ style at first (to go along with the style of the collection) but Kuroo isn’t satisfied. 
  • Kuroo’s next direction for Iwa is “insult that overdressed peacock who calls himself a designer” while pointing at Oikawa. 
  • Iwaizumi doesn’t know why but follows the instruction (a bit too eagerly according to Oikawa) and laughs at Oikawa’s empty threats of leaving him naked for the rest of the photo shoot. (“Don’t you want to sell your cloths anymore?”)
  • Kuroo declares they finished with a big smile and refuses to show Oikawa the photos he took.
  • The photo shoot gets a full spread in the magazine and the readers goes crazy because of the new model that can melt the winter frost with his sun-blessed smile. 
  • Oikawa volunteers to convince Iwaizumi to become a regular model for their brand. He does a lousy job because he only focuses on how to get a date out of Iwa. 
  • (Oikawa is proud that he succeeds on his third try and doesn’t mind Kuroo being the one who convinces Iwa to sign the contract.)

Part Two: Money to Be Made
Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader
Word Count: 2465
Warnings: Implied control issues.


A/N: I do have this whole story mapped out, but this part turned out nothing like I thought it would. Just going with it. Also, I don’t really know much about filming and sets and all that, so I’m just making it work for the story. Consider that a blanket statement for the rest of the fic.

Your name: submit What is this?

Your nickname: submit What is this?

Your last name: submit What is this?

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BTS reaction to you having straight black hair

I tried to diversify it as much as i could but the reaction is pretty much the same.

-Admin Strawberry IceCream


Your boyfriend asked you to join him to their private stylist as they were dying his hair again for the comeback. An idea popped in your head as you sat down on the chair and asked the girl to dye your hair too from your dirty blonde to dark brunette. You were separated from your Jin and as soon as you were done, you went to his room to show off your new image while you were doing your pose with a ‘Ta-da’.

“I like it. You look good with this colour.”


After you posted a recent photo of your new dyed black hair, on Instagram, you received a notification from the social media app, telling you that your boyfriend liked your photo, not even leaving a comment to see his reaction. Soon enough, you received a video message from Yoongi right after he got off stage, congratulating you and blowing you kisses.

“Love your hair, babe. I’ll show you how much when i get home.”


Before you decided to dye your hair black, you asked your boyfriend if he was ok with it and he supported you one hundred percent. He even went with you to the hair stylist and waited for about 5 hours until you were finished. When the stylist blow-dried your hair, Hobi started to show his appreciation with the exaggerate sounds of ‘whoa’ and “amazing. When you were finally done, he looked at you with a wide smile as he did a celebration dance, ending with a heart.

“Perfect. You are perfect and i’m a lucky guy.” he continued his heart parade. 


After weeks of talking to your boyfriend through text messages, you decided to skype after you changed your hair colour to surprise him. He accepted the call and stared at the screen in awe as you flipped your hair around, asking him about his thoughts on your new decision. He smiled as he raised an eyebrow suggestively and you knew exactly what he meant.

“You know how much i love black haired girls.”


You were waiting in line, waiting for your turn to talk to your favorite person, Jimin, and you were currently in front of Namjoon, who sat to his right, and you were preparing to move on as you saw Jimin turn to face you with a smile on his face. When you got in front of him, the first thing he said to you was a compliment on your beautiful long and straight hair. 

“I love your hair. I might dye mine the same colour.” he said, smiling lovingly.


You were bored of your same hair color, the basic dark blonde so you went to the hair stylist to change it into a beautiful black colour. You were pleased with the way you looked and a bit nervous of how will your boyfriend react to your new colour. You got home to find Tae sitting on the couch, watching tv and as soon as the door opened he turned to look at you. He was speechless at first.

“Jagi, you look like a real life princess. You’re so beautiful!” he couldn’t stop staring.


You were having your first date with this boy that bumped into you by mistake. After Jungkook came to pick you up from your house, you showed up in a red, strapless dress with your long, black strands of hair falling over your shoulders. He looked at you in awe, a smile forming on his lips as he waited for you by the car. He took a strand of your hair in his hand and gazed at it.

“[Y/N] your hair is so pretty. You are so… wow.” he said, his eyes sparkling as he looked at you from head to toes.

A Note on Personal Style in Writing

No matter what you write, there will always be someone telling you how to write it. From poetry to novels, fanfic to music journalism - there will always be someone trying to instruct you on just how to turn a phrase to make it shine.

These people can be mentors, and they can be brilliant and useful, and we can learn a lot from them. There’s a point, though, when you should stop listening to them. When someone else’s voice is so loud and so insistent that it’s drowning out your own .

No one would ask Van Gogh to paint like Vermeer, but we can all agree that both are skilled painters. Their style is what sets them apart, what makes them so unique. Writers are the same. Zora Neale Hurston’s blossoming, lush prose is nothing like the vast starkness of Steinbeck’s, but both craft immanently moving, deep, tuning-fork words that ring out inside you.

Someone else’s mistake - wording choice, reference, an abundance of comparative language, a short, choppy sentence, or a sentence that meandesr like a wandering river - is not your mistake.

In writing, we create our own worlds. Who’s to say the colours you paint with? Who’s to say how you populate it, how you buttress plot with metaphor? This is your playground, so play! Play with words, play with style, play with metaphor and poetics, play with character, play with well-known no-no’s. Take that unwanted, unloved convention or stylistic choice out from behind the swing-set and introduce it to the rest of the kids - you never know, it might be the one thing that defines your writing. It might be what makes your writing yours.

You’ve got to trust your own voice to find itself, but you have to help it along by exploring, by trying new things, and by seeing what works. Don’t get frightened away - be bold! Listen to those you trust, ask for critiques on new styles and new attempts, but listen to that still, small voice inside the most. It won’t steer you wrong. I promise.

Don’t let the haters get you down.