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hi—i'm here for the 'even more 7x12 discussion' group meeting? let's pore over it some more! after hours of study, i think my (current) fave part is after rick talks about "the two of us, you and me reordering thangs together" (*sob*) and michonne says that soft "yeah" and he smiles this small, tender, and proud ghost of a smile and it breaks me into precisely 712 pieces because riiiick! you angel. you gruff, no-ass having, utterly in love, fool of an angel. i just really love him, ashley. god.

“you angel. you gruff, no-ass having, utterly in love, fool of an angel.” I want this tattooed on my neck.

Okay, but somehow, I missed this in my 8430 viewings of this episode, but bless you for bringing it to my attention. Even though it makes me wanna cry, because the way he stares at her for a beat before the smile even starts to tug at his lips is just a little bit too much. And when he does smile, you see it in his eyes more than anything, and I’m not sure how he manages to express in this millisecond just how thankful he is for this woman. And I just adore that he’s so genuinely happy with her, and soft with her in a way that reminds me of his scenes with Judith. So thanks, show, and more specifically, Andy Lincoln, for allowing this hardened soul to be so unabashedly affectionate. And for saving such tender moments for the love(s) of his life. 

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Can you pls pls pretty pls share with us your favorites yoonseok fanfics?! (I don't even know if u already did it but I would love to know!) :) pls

(wheezes) i’m probably the worst person to ask this tbh because i Never save fics. I regret it sometimes but I think it’s mostly because I mostly really read from a select few writers? >.<’ 
I do have some off the top of my mind, though. I’m horrible at these. ;-;

ETA: 7:35AM EST : fluff always manages to make my heart clench ahhh, though i haven’t read the second part yet?? i’m the worst. 

one nocturnal son of a gun : everyone knows about it, everyone loves it. i love robin’s writing so much i could just -kicks a barrel- she fills my soul tbh. i have no words. ;-;

and the thrill of the chase (moves in mysterious ways) : I think most yoonseok fans have read this, and know about this writer, but fuckit. it’s still my ALL TIME fave fic even though it’s unfinished (indefinitely probably). and inkingbrushes is one of my fave writers for the entire fandom so i just.. i re-read this fic all the time. ;-; and cry.

we write sins (not tragedies) : definitely one of my all time fave reads ! another late night, but not because it’s long, just because it was already 2am when i started it & couldn’t stop. I want more tbh- yoonseok banter is always a good thing. xD

this feeling (this everglow), : let me just go ahead and rec all of this inkingbrushes fics because i’m a garbage dump. this fic made me cry.. but like in a good away @2:34 am on a tuesday morning after staying up all night to read it, you know?

o sweet spontaneous : you know when you read something you didn’t know you wanted?? this is that for me asdfghjkl i’m singing at the top of my lungs!!! this fic is actually the one (1) i have bookmarked so i always go back to it. it’s so funny and somehow relate-able and just ahhhh, i love it to bits and pieces. again thanks robin. TTT

Conversations And Exhortations To One Min Yoongi : this was one of those fics where i was skeptical at first when i clicked it, but absolutely fell in love with it when I read the first few lines? it’s funny & cute and another one I can re-read without getting bored. 

your pain is mine as well : this is all fluff really but made me realize how deprived i am of fics that include hobi with braces? i was so giddy reading this because CUTE MAN.

The Two Billion Songs On Love - I haven’t finished this one yet, but.. insert crying meme here. I will !

그 손을 내밀어줘 - this actually isn’t a yoonseok fic mainly? they’re kids but i love their friendship and dynamic in it so I just had to include it. it’s so freaking cute another all time fave read. O:

sadly, I can’t find over half of what I wanted to because I a dummy and never save (gonna start though) but hopefully there’s at least one on here you haven’t read and you’ll like? ^^
I definitely rec all of  deuxoiseaux’s, inkingbrushes, & hobilu’s other works as well! 
i’ll add more when I see them/ i remember… D: p.s: I love your art holy shiz. o.o

griffins fake crying is good because hes the youngest sibling. i can attest that as the youngest sibling you learn how to convincingly fake cry real quick 


Word Count: 747

Summary: A lazy afternoon teaches you why love songs are written about kisses.

A/N: So I’m still iffy on the borderline book that I’m currently writing. I’ll post a summary later on it and see if you’re interested. I wrote this because I realized that I was obsessing over the “book” I’m writing. 


It’s a drowsy Sunday afternoon. You’d like to say that it’s the morning, but you’d be lying. You spent the morning wrapped in the warm embrace of your boyfriend, Peter Parker. His strong arms held you close to him while he kisses your forehead lazily. When he got up to go to the bathroom, you decided to prepare some lunch for him. Doing everything that he does, he deserves it. Being his girlfriend, you’re going to be the first one to give him everything he deserves.

You play some soft music as you pull the ingredients to make a homemade version of his favourite sub, making sure to push it real flat. As you’re flattening the bread, you feel arms wrap around your waist. Peter buries his face into your neck, breathing in deeply as his hands hold onto your hips. You lean into him slightly, a content smile on your face.

“What are you doing, babe?” He whispers, his breath fanning across your neck. You giggle, turning around and wrapping your arms around his neck. You stand on your tip toes to hug him. He pulls you ever closer to him, even though it’s not possible.

“Just making your favourite sub. But of course, with a little more love.” You tell him, kissing him on the cheek before turning around to show him the sub. You grin when he gasps, his eyes bouncing from you to the sub and back to you.

“When did I get the best girlfriend in the world?” He asks, taking a bite of the sub and moaning. “You even remembered to push it down real flat.” He tells you, his mouth full of food. He pulls you into another hug. You giggle and push him away. Not wanting to get any crumbs on your- his shirt.

“Don’t talk with your mouth open!” You tell him, swatting away his hands as you giggle harder. You run away as he tries to catch you, making you laugh harder.

Peter chases you around the kitchen, trying to catch you as you try to escape his grip. You stop running, unable to continue with all your laughter. He grabs you around the waist and throws you over his shoulder. He laughs along with you, making you bounce.

“Peter!” You gently hit his butt, which is in your face. “Set me down!”

Peter shakes his head, a blush coming to his face as you hit his butt. While he has become more confident through the year that you’ve been dating, you can still make him blush just as hard as when he first met you.

He gently tosses you on the couch, before leaning over you. You wrap your legs around his waist and giggle, not letting him leave. “Now you can never get your precious sandwich!” You laugh evilly. You link your ankles around his back, making sure that he could never escape your hold.

“Noooooo, what will I ever do?!” He pretends that he can’t get out of your grip. Even though he could easily pull your legs off him.

You grin and quickly unlink your ankles from his back, before escaping from under him and running back to the kitchen. You grab the sub you made for yourself before taking a bite.

He runs into the kitchen and, thinking you’ve taken his sub, pouts. “You took my sub!” Fake tears come to his eyes, almost making you cry. How can this boy make fake tears so quickly?

You roll your eyes and point to his sub. “I don’t like mine flat.” You say matter of factly, showing him the difference between the two subs.

Peter pulls you into a hug, putting his face in your neck. You put the sandwhich down before hugging back, just as tight. The two of you share the embrace before he pulls away. He looks you deeply in your eyes before kissing you.

Your eyes close on their own accord. You put your hands in his hair as he puts his on your face. He tastes of mint chap-stick and his favourite sub. It’s somehow a good combination. You pull him close to you, enjoying the warmth of him.

The kiss isn’t messy or deep. It’s slow and cautious. It’s two people beginning to understand why love songs are written about a kiss.  

You pull away, you lips red and his hair messy. You breath deeply before saying the first thing that comes into your mind.



Au where instead of Lily and James dying on that Halloween night Narcissa and Lucius do
  • Voldemort is pissed off
  • Someone must of warned the Potters of his plans, because once him and his squad showed up to Godric’s Hollow no one was there
  • And to make matters worst no one knew where they were, not even Pettigrew.
  • So to say he was pissed was actually an understatement
  • He starts taking it out on everyone, he doesn’t care who he hits he just starts swinging around Crucio and soon escalates to Avada Kedavra  
  • One of the Avada Kedavra curses hit Lucius, he falls down instantly dead.
  • And Narcissa looses it
  • In her grief she sends a hex at Voldemort
  • Bellatrix sends an Avada Kedavra at Nacissa quickly killing her, she didn’t want her sister to have to suffer under the hexes and curses she knew Voldemort would bestow upon her
  • Throughout all of this Snape quickly goes to find Draco and bring him somewhere safe.
  • So he goes to Hogwarts, where it just so happens is where the Potters, Sirius, and Remus are staying
  • Snape rushes through the School with a small little bundle wrapped in his arms
  • He bursts through the door of the great hall where all the faculty who stay over the summer and their guests are eating
  • Dumbledore, along with James and Sirius, rises to meet Snape halfway
  • As soon as the three men approach him Snape breaks down and tells them all of what happened
  • Once he’s done he turns to Sirius and tells him that Narcissa told him that if anything were to ever happen her and Lucius they want Snape to decide what is best for Draco, and Snape tells Sirius he feels it is best for Sirius and Remus, along with Lily and James, to take Draco in and raise him
  • ofc Sirius accepts, i mean it took some convincing from Lily but he soon agreed
  • So Draco is taken in by Sirius, which means he’s also taken in by Remus, and is raised as if he were their own son
  • Draco and Harry grow up together happy as can be
  • Sirius teaches them how to dress, James teaches them about quidditch, Lily and Remus teach them how to keep up with the other two, While Remus, Sirius, and James teach the boys how to pull of pranks and how to sweet talk their way out of trouble
  • Once the boys go to Hogwarts it’s like the Marauders never left
  • Draco is sorted into Slytherin, not surprising anyone he’s so much like his father in someways, and Harry is sorted into Gryffindor, thank god or James would’ve had a heart attack
  •  The two soon meet Ron, Hermione, Neville, Blaise, Pansy, Dean, and Seamus 
  • And that’s like their Crew, like they are all best friends and inseparable
  • Everything changes though in their 6th year
  • Voldemort has come out of hiding and is steadily gaining popularity
  • So the gang ends up spending all their free time outside of school at Sirius’s safe house, Grimmauld Place
  • And between the chaos and fighting, Draco and Harry grow distant
  • That is until the two of them are sent on a mission
  • They have to infiltrate a Ball
  • Its a Halloween Ball so the two boys dress up in masks and their best suits and they fit in seamlessly 
  • They are crouching down along a wall listening to a conversation about attacks that are being planed 
  • That is until Draco feels Harry freeze
  • He turns to look at what made Harry stop when he see’s it
  • Its a picture of his mother and father in this manor their manor 
  • Draco is speechless, but not for long because they can hear commotion coming from down the hall. someones realized that an intruder is there
  • So the boys take off running 
  • They apparate right outside Grimmauld Place, and Harry doesn’t know if its because of the adrenaline of almost being caught or the sad look in Draco’s eyes but he cant help but not kiss him
  • Finally they both think
  • It starts to get really heated, really fast
  • Harry’s hand has just started to make its way to Draco’s bum when they hear catcalls and whistles
  • They look up and see Lily giving Remus a couple Galleons and Seamus and Ron are taking pictures, while Sirius and James are fake crying about how “We are finally going to get grand kids Prongs” “I know Padfoot, they’re growing up”
  • And Harry and Draco just look at each other, because no matter what happens they know that this crazy family will always be theirs, and that they’ll always have each other 
dating james potter:

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~ okay but lets be honest you would be a bit unsure if james asked you out at first

~ but only because he used to be in love with lily

~ one day he would get on the table during dinner in the great hall and proclaim his love for you in a poem and ask you to hogsmeade.

~ when you are at hogsmeade Sirius would be following you around under the invisibility cloak.

~ you and james (and Sirius) would be sat at the hogs head and you and james would lean in for a kiss and Sirius would pop out and scare you and just applaud james.

~ “piss off padfoot” he would say this on every date you two would have.

~ “you two are so cute.”


~ when you and james first start dating you hide it from everyone just because of Sirius.

~ somehow he finds out like a month later.

~ you and james are sitting on his bed doing homework and scream “HOW COULD YOU JAMES?!” then start fake crying.

~ but after being a drama queen he would congratulate him and you.

~ you and james always pulling pranks on each other.

~ the marauders all loving your pranks and loving you for doing them.


~ “pay back for making my robes pink.”

~ you would smile so innocently that he would forgive you instantly because he is sO gOdAmN iN lOvE wItH yOu!

~ you would pull pranks in class but he would take the blame.

~ he wouldn’t be that into pda

~ but when you are alone… DAMN

~ he would always make sure you are alright

~ “it is pretty cold, I think you should wear my jumper.”

~ you end up wearing his jumper but it would be down to your thigh but you wouldn’t care because he would look so happy that you were wearing his jumper.

~ nicknames

~ so many nicks names

~ “sweetheart”

~ “ love”

~ of course lots of stupid nicknames

~ “fleamont”

~ he would hate it when you called him fleamont but it would make you laugh so much so he would just let you just to see you smile.

~ you would spend Christmas with the marauders at the potters.

~ his mum LOVES you.

~ she’ll always talk about you to james

~ baking with james all the time.

~ usually it would end in a food fight which then turns into a makeout session.

~ helping him with homework even though you both know what he is doing but he just wants a reason to kiss you.

~ him always finding an excuse to kiss you.

~ “because you look sexy?”

~ “piggyback?”

~ him giving you a piggyback everywhere because you are a lot shorter then him.

~ he is a tree

~ he is SO protective of you

~ like you could be ill and he would be your servant just to make sure you are okay.

~ you slapping him all the time for him being cocky

~ but goddamn you love him and he loves you so much.


hey y’all i know it’s been a while but i am back with a new fic! it’s one of my favorites and stars my love George Weasley. i have a bunch of new fics coming with peter parker, remus lupin, and barry allen. so, enough chatting, time for the fic! ps. request are open and feel free to send me your thoughts on my writing!!

     I was awaken from a peaceful slumber by loud yelling and my bed being jumped upon. Groggily, I rolled over and shoved my face into my pillow while groaning. The jumping and screaming on grew louder as the culprits notice I was waking up.

      “Come on!! Get up, it’s Saturday! It’s Hogsmeade day!” whined a familiar voice. I recognized the voice right away. It was my roommate and good friend, Ginny Weasley. That could only mean that the other person jumping on my bed was her partner in crime, Hermione Granger. Begrudging, I turned and forced my eyes open only to see two glowing smiles. Those smiles rapidly turned wicked as they yanked my sheets away and pulled me to the floor. The ginger and her curly haired friend looked down at me as I glared at them.

      “Let’s go! Breakfast starts in 20 minutes! Hurry!” rushed Hermione, glancing at the clock on my dresser. I pulled my tired body off the ground and began to get ready. I brushed my knotty hair into a neat ponytail. I changed my cozy pajamas into a pair of cropped leggings and my boyfriend’s old quidditch. I headed into the bathroom and started to brush my teeth when Ginny asked if I could be ready in five minutes. I nodded and quickly brushed my teeth then grabbed my wand.

    “Ready ladies?” I asked my two friends who were patiently waiting for me. They grabbed their things and we descended down the stairs. As soon as we reached the bottom of the staircase, we were greeted by a familiar set of ginger twins.

     “There they are! We were starting to think you all were gonna sleep the day away!” said Fred, the slightly shorter twin. Standing next to him was my boyfriend, George Weasley. I walked closer to the lanky twin I had the pleasure of calling my boyfriend the past 4 years.

    “Well good morning sunshine! How’d ya sleep?” he asked, grinning and wrapping me into a tight hug. I laid my head on his chest and wrapped my arms around his torso.

     “Mornin’ Georgie. I slept pretty well despite my rude awakening.” I told him, throwing shade at my two best friends, “So, how did you sleep hun?”.

    “It was okay but I would have slept better if I had you in my arms.”he remarked, being rather cheeky and sending me a sly wink. I giggled at his goofiness while our friends around us pretended to gag at our affection.

    “Ugh, we get it. You two are adorable, it’s disgusting, Now, can we get some breakfast before I vomit?” asked Fred, gesturing toward the exit. We all laughed and agreed, making our way to the Great Hall. As usual, the Hall was packed with fellow students enjoying a delicious breakfast. The group of us found our usual seat, Hermione and Ginny sitting with Harry and Ron, the twins and I meeting up with Lee, Katie, and Angelina. Right away, we helped ourselves to plenty of food and started up a casual conversation. George draped an arm around my shoulder as we enjoyed breakfast. I leaned into his embrace, resting against his firm chest. It was a comfortable morning, the hall was buzzing with excitement for the Hogsmeade trip later in the day. I sat in silence, nodding along to the conversation around me and appreciated my friends company. After everyone finished their breakfast, the group of us headed back towards the common room. George and I hung back a little and walked behind the rest of our friends.

     “You’ve been awfully quiet today, is everything okay?” George asked softly, his arm still around my shoulders.

    “Perfectly fine, just still a little sleepy.” I smiled up at him in reply.

    “Good, I don’t want you sick for Hogsmeade today.”

    “Do you have plans for Hogsmeade?” I asked the the tall boy.

    “My only plan is to take my gorgeous girlfriend on a date today. That’s only if you don’t have other plans.” he shot me another sparkling smile.

     “Of course not. I’d be honored to go on another date with you.”I responded, laying my head on his shoulder. He let out a celebratory “whoop!”, which made me laugh immensely. We walked the rest of the way to the common room with smiles etched onto our faces. When we walked in, our friends were already there, sitting around the fire. They were packed onto the couches like sardines.

    “Oh hey! Look who finally showed up! The lovebirds!” Lee exclaimed, causing the rest of the group to yell in response. George waltzed in, giving them a dramatic queen wave as he walked and plopped into the only open armchair. I stood and smiled at all my friends. I caught George staring at me with a cocked eyebrow. Once he caught my attention, he waved me over. I strolled over to him and once I stopped in front of him, he latched his arms onto my waist. He continued to pull me down onto his lap. I leaned against his chest as his hands rested on my hips. We slowly joined the ongoing conversation.

     “I’m just saying that the Hollyhead Harpies are far superior to any team.” claimed Fred, smoothly making his point. A heated debate quickly erupted from the group. I enjoyed the yelling and laughed as I watched the arguments fly. I felt myself get sleepier as the minutes ticked by, snuggling closer to the boy behind me. I closed my eyes and gently drifted off to sleep.

    “George, we leave for Hogsmeade in two minutes. I think you should wake up sleeping beauty now.” Katie Bell suggested from another couch.

    “Nah, you guys can head out. I want her to get a bit more sleep, we can met up later.” replied my boyfriend nonchalantly.

    “Well okay then, suit yourself pal. See ya later.” stated Angelina, standing up and following the rest of our friends out the door.

    “Peace out bro.” called Fred to his twin from the door.

    “See ya dude.” quietly replied George. In my sleepy daze, I nuzzled my head closer into George’s neck. “Okay, let’s get this sleepy head up to bed.” he whispered to himself. He placed an arm under my knees and around my lower back. He then stood up, carrying me in his arms. He walked toward the stairway that lead up to the boy’s dorms. George stepped lightly, trying to make as little noise as possible. He tiptoed up the steps and into his shared room, gently closing the door behind him.

     “Hmm, Georgie?” I mumble in a daze.

     “Right here love, I gotcha.” he told me softly.

     “Where are we going?” I slurred, shifting gently in his arms.

     “We are in my dorm for a nap.” he grinned, laying me onto his bed.

     “Mmmm, k.” I lazily say, rolling over and stuffing my face into his pillows. They smelled like him, minty, musky, some peppermint with a hint of smoke. He chuckled at my sleepy state and began to change into comfy clothes. He pulled his christmas jumper over his head. Then, he slid off his blue jeans and put on a cozy pair of sweatpants. Lastly, he kicked off his shoes and laid next to me.

     “Well, hello there. Fancy meeting you here.” George goofed with a silly posh accent, turning his attention to me. I grinned at his words.

    “How ya doin’ Georgie.”

     “Well, I spent most of my day with the most beautiful girl in the world. So, I’d say it was pretty good. “ he flirted.

    “Oh hush!” I giggled, re-stuffing my face in his pillows to hide my reddening cheeks.

    “Hey! Who said I was talking about you?” asked an appalled George. I gasped dramatically at his statement.

     “How dare you! How could you?” I gasped, faking crying with loud, over dramatic sobs.

      “You know I’m kidding love. There isn’t anyone more gorgeous than you.” he reassured with a kiss on my nose then on my forehead. “Now it’s time for a nap.” I nodded and curled into his chest. The quiet was calming but unusual. Then it suddenly hit me.

     “Wait!” I yelled, flinging myself yup. George followed in suit, pani clear on his face. “What about Hogsmeade? You had a whole date planned!” I exclaimed, feeling awful about ruining the date he had planned. George visibly relaxed.

      “Oh don’t sweat it. Honestly, this is so much better than anything I had planned. Much better than having to be social.”he explained, “I mean, if you really want to we can go.” he shrugged.

      “Do you wanna go? I can go change real quick and be ready to go.” I say.

      “Nope, I’m perfectly fine with staying in bed with my girl all day.” he told me, laying a kiss on my head and draping an arm around me. I rolled over and layed my head on his chest.

     “Well okay then. Are you sure that’s what you want?” I agreed, double checking that he was sure.

     “There’s nothing I’d love more in the world.” he beamed, kissing me on the head once more. I smiled lightly at the red haired boy who rested next to me.

      “Nothing more in the world? Really?” I teased, picking his brain.

      “Hmm….There is one thing.” he hinted.

      “Which is..?” I trailed over, motioning for him to finish.

      “Spending the rest of my life with you.” he told me sincerely, his cheeks slightly. I blushed bright red and hide my face in the crook of his neck. “Awww! Is somebody flustered?” he teased, making me blush even more.

     “Oh shut up you little punk!” I mumbled into his neck, smacking him lightly.

    “Oh! Okay! So that’s how this is going to go! This means war!”he declared, flipping over so he was hovering above me. Right away, his slender fingers wiggled into my sides. I started cackling instantly. I was insanely ticklish and George was using this against me.

    “Stop! Stop! Please! I’m sorry!” I yelled through my non-stop laughter.

    “Hmm, let me think? NOPE!” he announced. I squirmed desperately trying to escape George’s tickling fingers but tragically failed. I laughed and laughed until tears brimmed my eyes.

    “I take it back! I surrender!” I begged but his merciless tickling didn’t waver.

    “Say ‘George Weasley is the best boyfriend ever and has gorgeous hair’” he insisted.

    “George Weasley is the best boyfriend ever and has gorgeous hair!” I yelled, struggled to get the words out through my laughter. The second I finished the phrase, George’s terrible tickling stopped. I layed on the mattress, panting in attempt to catch my breath.

      “Aw thanks hun! You’re pretty okay too!” he pretended to gush at me, acting like nothing happened.

     “Really? After all of this, I’m only okay? Geez! How kind of you!” I said, rolling my eyes and speaking sarcastically.

     “I was kidding babe and you know that, you goof. You are the best person I’ve ever met.” he confided, pulling me closer to him once more.

   “You my favorite person, Georgie.” I told him as a snuggled closer to his side.

    “God I love you.” he sighed, wrapping me in his arms so he was now holding me.

     “I love you so much George.” I confessed. He kissed my forehead yet again. We sat in silence for a couple moments, enjoying each other’s presence. My eyes were drooping, sleep inching in.

      “Ya know, I wasn’t joking when I said I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you. I’m gonna marry you someday. I imagine us old and grey, watching our grandkids run around the yard. I can’t picture my future without you.” George whispered, running his fingers through my hair. My heart swooned at his words, knowing exactly what he meant.

     “I know exactly what ya mean babe. I can us having three kids, growing up playing outside and being best friends with the family’s kids. Everything I plan for in the future has you in it.” I revealed, glancing up to meet him.

     “I can’t wait to spend forever with you.” he grinned. “Now, let’s take a nice nap. I’m pretty sure my tickle attack tuckered you out. “ he suggested.

    “That sounds great and I’m glad we both agree that it was an attack.” I agreed. He laughed at my words. I smiled up at him, loving the sound of his laughter.

     “Okay. Now, naptime. For real this time.” he said, calming down and closing his eyes. I stole one last glance at his relaxed state before closing my eyes. Slowly but surely, I fell asleep to the sound of his heartbeat.

      “Oh! So this is where you guys have been!” a loud voice yelled, interrupting our sleep a couple hours later. I heard George groan from beside me and felt him shift around.

      “Fred? What do you want? Go away.” he grumbled, clearly annoyed at his twin.

     “In case you forgot, my dear twin, this is also my room.” Fred replied in a smart aleck tone.

     “We’re trying to sleep, you ass.” George snarled.

     “Well, I can see that! We thought you guys went to Hogsmeade without us.” accused Fred. I could feel the irritation radiating off George in my sleepy state.

     “We didn’t go dummy. Now, can you leave us alone?” begged George, pulling the covers up higher.

    “Fine. Dinner starts in a half hour.” informed Fred.

     “K. Bye.” mumbled his brother. Fred left the room, grumbling about his brother being rude. George rolled from his back to his side. I was still wrapped in his arms so now we were laying face to face. My eyes were still sealed shut but I was awake enough to hear everything. He laid there quietly, gently breathing. This peaceful laying continued as I fell back to complete sleep.

      “Hey love, it’s time to get up.” a soft voice whispered, a hand running up and down my back softly.  I pulled myself from sleep and peeked my eyes open. George laid in front of me, watching me with tenderness and his hand rubbing my back.

     “Hmm?” I hummed, sliding closer to him.

     “Dinner starts in five minutes love, so you gotta get up.” he explained. I looked up at him to see him still gazing at me with adoring eyes and messy hair.

     “You are aware how impossibly cute you look right now, right?” I wondered.

     “You have no room to talk sweetheart, you look drop dead gorgeous.” he confessed. He leaned down and pressed a sweet kiss to my lips. It was a tender moment. “Now we have to get up and go to dinner, In case you forgot, you haven’t eaten since breakfast.” he reminded me.   

     “Fine. I guess if we have to.” I grumbled. George rolled out of bed and started to change. He yanked a random t-shirt over his head and swapped his pajama pants for a pair of casual sweatpants. I still laid on the bed, not bothering to change.

    “Are you gonna change?” questioned George.

    “Nah, this is fine.” I shrugged.

     “Do you want a jacket, it’s kinda chilly?” he suggested. I nodded and rolled out of bed. George dug his grey Quidditch hoodie out of his trunk and tossed it at me. The hoodie had marron writing on it and read George’s last name and number on the back. I pulled the sweater over my head.

   “I’m all Weasley-ed out.” I joked, gesturing to his old shirt that I was wearing under his jacket. He laughed in response. I redid my ponytail and slide on my shoes from earlier. When I finished, I noticed George watching me. “You ready?” I asked, walking over to him.

    “Yep.” he said, giving me a finally kiss and draping an arm around my shoulder. “Let’s head to dinner.”. We walked downstair, out of the common room, then to the Great Hall. We walked silently down the halls, still sleepy. Together, we pushed open the oak doors and headed into the buzzing dining hall.

      “So, I see the sleeping beauties decided to wake up.” remarked Hermione as we took our places at the table.

     “Did true love’s kiss wake you up George? Or was it true loves cuddle?” joked Ginny.

     “Hahaha. You’re sooo funny, Gin.” sarcastically laughed George, helping him to some chicken.

    “Don’t be ashamed my dear brother, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a good cuddle session.” comforted Fred, who chimed in on the joke.

      “Oh shut it! Let a man take a nap with his girlfriend in peace!” George defended. I laughed at his weak defense statement.

    “Leave him alone, he can’t help his cuddly habit.” I told them, poking fun at him. The table laughed at the look of disbelief on his face, caused by my statement.

     “I thought you were on my side!” George exclaimed, flabbergasted. 

      “I am!” I claimed.

      “Okay, when did it become pick on George day?” he wondered. We all laughed then gradually changed the topic. Our friends told tales of their Hogsmeade adventures. Dinner was full of laughter and enjoyment.

     “You ready to go doll?” asked George. The question confused me.

     “Go where?”

      “I was thinking we could sneak out to Hogsmeade for dessert since we didn’t get to go earlier. Of course, we don’t have to if you don’t want to.” he elaborated.

     “I’d love to go babe”

     “Great! Wanna head out?”

      “Sure thing.” We stood up and bid our friends goodbye. George took my hand in his as we walked out of the Great Hall. “Should we stop and get you a jacket? You are wearing short sleeves and I don’t want you to catch a cold.” I told him, not wanting him to get sick.

      “I guess that would be smart. Thanks love.” he said, kissing the top of my head and heading to the common room. We reached the common room quickly and headed straight up to George’s dorm. I flopped onto his bed while he dug out a jacket. He grabbed a hoodie and pulled it over his head.

     “You ready babe?” I asked.

      “Yup but do you want pants to put on? It’s chilly out.” he suggested, “You can wear a pair of mine if you’d like dear.”.

     “Sure, thanks Georgie.” I replied, sitting up from the bed. George tossed me a pair of black sweatpants.

      “These are small on me, so they should fit better.” he explained. I nodded and pulled the pants on over my thin cropped leggings. They were kinda baggy but very comfy.

      “Perfectly fine.” I announced, standing up. George didn’t answer, he just stared at me. “Uhh, George? Hun?” I asked, but he keep on staring, “Everything okay?”. George snapped out of his daze.

     “What? Huh? Everything’s fine.” he told me, blinking twice.

     “You sure? You were staring at me.” I informed my boyfriend.

      “You just look impossibly cute in my clothes.” he confessed, walking up to me and wrapping his arms around my body.

     “Do I now?” I teased, reaching up on my tiptoes and draping my arms around his neck. He smiled down at me and hummed in response. I leaned up and met his lips. The kiss was soft and sweet. He tasted like mint and had a gentle touch. We detached lips and touched foreheads.

    “Hey babe?” asked George.

   “Yeah Georgie?”

      “I love you.”

      “I love you, George.”. He leaned down and kissed me again. The rest of the night went smoothly. We had a peaceful dessert date and an easy night. Dessert was delightful as we had simple conversation on our way back to George’s dorm. Our friends were nowhere to be seen so we headed straight up to bed. George and I cuddled up and closed our eyes as another day at Hogwarts drew to a close.   

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Tae really has grey hair under a wig twitter*com/Velicitas1230/status/894586322618163200

OMG how did i not notice this, before bdkjglkjfl ITS SO GREY, i thought it would be a dark grey but it looks like old man grey oh god i’m so ready for it ahhhhh. THANK YOU FOR TELLING ME!!

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Ok I saw the dog ask and I was curious: What if the dog of the S/O (of UF, SF, & US Bros) acted always like it HATED the bros. It never bit him but like on walks the skele-bro joined the dog (being the big dog it is) always walked in between the 2 of them. Then one week S/O has to leave for work and after much begging on S/O's part the skele is dog-sitting so the dog is at the skele's house. So as the (hellish) week is coming to an end someone breaks into the house (part one

I’m sorry, I really want to get something out today, but I’m too tired and uninspired to do all the skeles, so I have to drop US. To make it up, I made the post extra long. 



Stupid mutt! Red always hated that dog for being such a cockblocker! He wouldn’t harm it because he doesn’t think you’d appreciate it, but whenever you’re not around, he’ll growl at it and sometimes even bark to show that he’s the alpha. He keeps his hatred hidden from you though, because Red thinks that if you knew that he wants to bash its head in, you wouldn’t want to date him. 

When you beg him to take care of the dog while you’re away, all he wants to do is scream NO NO NO I’M NOT LETTING THAT MUTT NEAR ME! But being the good boyfriend he is, he casually shrugs and agrees. The second you leave though Red kneels down to the dog and commands it to behave or it’s being taken the pound. The dogs gives him a wet, slobbery lick smugly. It’s going to be a long week. 

On the fourth day, Red falls asleep on the couch as usual, but the stupid dog’s barking wakes him up. The skeleton groans and yells at it to shut up, he’ll feed it later. But suddenly, a gag is thrust in his mouth and his eyes shot open, his magic preparing to attack the masked attacker, but a force knocked right into his cheeks, wavering his concentration. The attacker grabs him by the collar and throws him against the wall and jump on him, they’re knife raised right above his head. As the weapon came down, the dog tackled the attacker, giving Red time to summon a bone attack and stab the attacker right through their chest. After hiding the body, the dog whines and nuzzles his arm. 

“I still don’t like you,” Red growls, but scratches its head anyway. 

The rest of the week goes by smoothly. 


FUCK YOU DOG! Fell is always screaming at the dog for hogging you and it’s lucky that it’s under your protection otherwise it would be dead! The skele is VERY obvious about his hatred, but you find it amusing since you know that he would never harm your precious baby. Besides, the dog seem to like messing with him too so maybe it’s justice. 

When you ask him to look after the dog, Fell absolutely refuses! You know he hates it, why should he? But you pull the fake tears card, crying about how he’s you’re only hope and that if he really cared about you, he would watch over the dog. Fell hates crying, especially when you do, so he angrily agrees. You revert back to your normal cheery self, give him a kiss, and tell him to have fun. Fell sighs, and turns around, finding a happy, cheery dog, wagging its tail at him. 


Fell is always on guard, so the attacker doesn’t get the jump on him, but somehow, the attacker manages to overpower him, knocking him to the ground. He struggles against the attacker’s grip, but before he could summon another bone attack, the dog tackles the attacker, and stands between the skeleton and the idiot. Fell chuckles and with the flick of his wrist, impales a bone through their chest. 

After that, Fell and the dog’s relationship improves, and when you come pick it up, it whines, not wanting to leave Fell’s side. The skele likes to think of it as an attack dog now, and brings it with him to training. Fell doesn’t tell you what happened, and you’re left confused at how their relationship could change so quickly. 



Black is constantly fighting your dog for your affections! Does it think it’s that easy to get between you and him? Whenever the dog walks in between you and him, he simply shoves it aside and childishly sticks his tongue out. He and the dog are constantly at each other’s throat and you have to pull them apart whenever you’re together, it’s very tiring. 

Despite that, you ask him to watch the dog for a week. What made you think that was a good idea? Black just laughs, until he realizes that you’re serious. He absolutely refuses and being as stubborn as he is, there’s no way to get him to watch the dog. That is…until you bribe him with candy. Black perks up at the word “candy” and reluctantly agrees, for the candy. You squeal and thank him, reminding yourself to buy candy when you return. 

Black would’ve survived without the dog’s help. but he’s low key grateful anyway. The attacker doesn’t get the jump, but before anything could happen, your dog jumps in front of him to protect him. Black is surprised by this, but right now, he focuses on the attacker. He simply snaps his fingers and a bone erupts from the ground and impales through them. 

Black still fights your dog for affection, but sometimes, you catch them cuddling the couch, falling asleep together. 


Rus loves the dog, even though it hates him. Yeah, he has to fight for your affection, but he thinks it’s cute how it just wants to protect you. He’ll happily let it lay on your lap while he makes it out with you and Rus constantly smothers it with affection. 

When you ask him to take care of the dog, he’ll happily do so, and gives it the royal treatment by letting it sleep in his bed, giving it the best food, and lots of walks. By the end of the week, your dog is going to be pretty spoiled. 

When the attacker broke into the house, the dog jumps in to protect him, Rus gets fucking angry at the attacker. How dare he break into his house and have your dog protect him! He should be one protecting the dog! Rus kills the attacker easily and checks to make sure the dog is okay. 

After that, Rus basically becomes part owner, almost like his child. With his strong relationship with your dog, Rus becomes closer to you. 


Summary: The boy with the thick eyebrows keeps laughing at you // O menino com sobrancelhas grossas continua rindo de você

Member: Mark  

Written by Adm Zar ; Trans by Admins Zar / Rabbit

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You could remember that night as if you watched on tv a million times. You can remember the rush of the first night of summer. The wind blowing your hair into your face as you and your friends drove with the all the windows down, going at least 20 miles over the speed limit.  The sun was just starting to set and the music was so loud the whole continent of Africa was probably shaking.

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  • i'm so tired of perfume fans trying to paint a~chan in a bad light. how they wanna paint her as a bad dancer, the boring/conservative girl who prefers cute songs over upbeat songs (even if she's the one who goes on full energy mode in songs like fake it, enter the sphere, party maker, etc) and because of this every cute song is her fault (even if nakata produce the same stuff for kyary), how she wants to steal the spotlight and be the "center" of perfume (wtf), how she's inconvenient and fake (even her crying) and talks too much. some people even believe she bullies nocchi (because of one single episode on a tv show). lol
  • i don't know where this come from, but it seems her appearance has something to do with the matter. i always see fans talking shit like she's not as beautiful/graceful/cute as nocchi and yuka. i know people have preferences, but you should at least respect her. and maybe stop considering beauty as the most important trait in a woman.
  • perfume is not some k-pop girl group where the members need to fight for spotlight (nocchi even changed her solo part in party maker with kashiyuka to let her shine) and a~chan is not trying to steal it. she's just naturally like this. she's a talkative dork and it crushes me that a lot of people hate her for not fitting the "beautiful shy mysterious silent asian girl" stereotype.
  • a~chan is - by all means - the founder of the group and she keeps pushing perfume forward. she's always setting new goals for them (like the madison square garden show) and inspiring the girls so you should be more gentle towards her.