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On The Adventure Zone Graphic Novel, Blue Taako, and Representation

 Yesterday, we revealed some pages for our graphic novel adaptation of the first Adventure Zone arc, and received some criticism of the direction we went with for Taako’s coloring. This artwork reveal came some months after the first reveal of some of our characters, for which we also received criticism of our three leads, all of whom were white in these initial designs. Us and the graphic novel team realized that, yes, that is extremely bad, went back to the drawing board, and had several long discussions about how to best rectify this situation, resulting in the artwork revealed yesterday.

More or less all of the criticism we’ve received centers on Taako, whose skin is a pale blue color in these designs. What we’ve heard most is disappointment that Taako is not realized in these pages as a person of color — or, to be more specific, a Latinx or explicitly Mexican character. There was concern we had failed to follow through on an opportunity to get better representation for Latinx listeners, instead opting to take a safe route, and make Taako a fantasy color without any kind of real-world connection. Much of the criticism also focuses on how that color (or, to be more specific, green skin) has anti-semitic connotations.

This conversation was happening in certain corners of our fandom long before the graphic novel art reveal took place yesterday. We’ve heard criticism from some folks over our policy of not having canonical visual representations of any of our characters — a policy that has resulted in a genuinely humbling ocean of fan art, but also some instances of in-fighting between members of the community who take umbrage with one another’s disparate interpretations of these characters. Another criticism of that policy is that it inherently does not foster good representation, and in fact represents a noncommittal way of handling racial representation on this show.

Here’s the truth of the matter: I think all of this comes from this underlying friction between where The Adventure Zone and us, its creators, were when we started doing the podcast, and where we, the show, and you, the community, are at now. 

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High School DxD Hero is being done by Stduio Passione. here’s what i put on the original post on my deviantart.

now we have the official poster image for season 4 and I also found out the anime company doing the animation. Since TNK was either unavailable or unable to do it this time Passione got the job. for those who don’t know who or what that studio is it’s no surprise since I had to look into that too and the reason not many would their name is due to the fact they only have 6 anime under their belts and have only been around since January 2011. their pretty much still a baby company in comparison to big names like TNK, Toei, and a few others but their list of animes may jog your memories

from 2012 to 2013 they did Haitai Nanafa(season 1 and 2)

in 2014 they did Rail Wars

in 2015 they did Rokka no Yuusha where later they did a blu ray picture drama.

in 2017 they did the tantalizing Hinako Note(which i will post later since i am in the middle of finishing it)

and in 2018 they are set to do Citrus in January before high school dxd hero.

so under their belt they have 6 projects accomplished based on 4 anime. yes picture dramas and being hired to do a season 2 count as seperate projects. so by 2018 they’ll have 6 anime. so if you’ve seen any of the 4 anime listed before Citrus then I think High School DxD for the most part should be fine since so far Passione hasn’t released anything that can be considered terrible or a failed project since I heard a few good things on Nanafa, I keep hearing a couple of you guys here asking me about Rail Wars, a majority of you loved Rokka no Yuusha apparently, Hinako Note did some sexy and cute stuff. so I think it’ll be fine but it does add extra pressure on them since before they were hired to do season 1 projects so doing a continuation season may be a new ball game for them so let’s hope they know how to do their research.

here’s a bit of extra info on who’s involved

“Passione has been selected as the new animation studio (was previously TNK), Yoshifumi Sueda (Rail Wars) will be serving as director and Makoto Uno (Seikon no Qwaser, Rail Wars) will be in charge of the new character designs"Â

No wonder something seemed a little more hentaish here since one of the character designers for seikon no qwaser is here lol well Uno does do good designs so I can’t really fault him for anything Qwaser fell short on.

and there you have it guys. all the info you need on what’s going on with DxD and who is doing the animation. if you feel that worried about the changes in DxD then before you join the internet trolls of "ME HATE DIFFERENT! DIFFERENT BAD!!!” - Yugioh Abridged reference. check out the 4 anime Studio Passione has done so far to at least for the visuals, character designs, and directing since we can’t really compare story and plot given how like many studios they can only follow source material unless it’s Nanoha, dog days, or pretty cure where it’s purely an anime only story. but anyway not counting plot or story check out the other 4 anime to see how passione does in visuals, directing, design, and music before you jump the gun and assume Passione is gonna fail at it. the fact i got a lot of you here or see comments all over tumblr, youtube, facebook, and twitter giving mainly positive feedbacks with only a few negatives says Passione knows what they’re doing.

if you know all this and are familiar with Passione’s work then give your thoughts in how you think they’ll do with high school dxd hero in the comments below.

in Tumblr just give replies to express what you think of all this

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Greetings there fellow tumblerite! I just wanted to say I love how all your characters are so diverse in appearance, and in ways that we don't normally see; each one is so easily distinguishable and it's BEAUTIFUL. I was wondering, do you have any tips for making characters with unique facial features?

Hi, friendo! I can attempt to give you some tips! Also: thank you - this is something I’m specifically trying to get better at so I’m glad it’s working :’)

Giving your characters different faces

The general way I go about designing a character’s face is:

1. Vague idea of what the character’s appearance ‘feels’ like (round / pointy / screaming internally / fuckin’ ripped / etc., a combination thereof)

2. Pick some features. I find it helps to keep a mental list of individual features to use as a starting point. Like a video game character creator, except with better eyebrow options.

3. Try and fail to draw the character until you can consistently draw a version you’re satisfied with. Like that one video of the 3D models that learn how to walk over like nine hundred iterations, but they fall over a lot at first.

I’m gonna include my patented Cheating List Of Features I Already Know How To Draw™ as an example below, but this is the kind of thing where it’s probably best to figure out what works for you.

Again, this is a starting point - you’re gonna have to draw the character a bunch to figure out how you want to draw them, specifically, as an individual.

Here’s a partial list of what I think about while trying stuff out, in case you’re having trouble with it:

Head: shape of cheekbones/cheeks? chin forward/backward, wide/thin? eyebrow area smooth or not?
Eyebrows: pointy/smooth? thick/thin? tidy/not tidy? tilt?
Eyes: are the eyelashes prominent? what shape are the eyelids? height:width ratio?
Nose: triangle/round? how high up does it start? curvy?
Mouth: concave up/concave down? pointy/rounded? visible lips?
Extra bits:
teethies, freckles/moles, even more eyelashes, wrinkles, facial hair, scars, etc.

Also: the size of features, the distance between features (near/far), the placement of features on the face (high/low)

And a few examples to break up the wall of text:

Some extra tips:

For drawing the same thing a million times:

1. It might be helpful to describe things to yourself in the style of “hasn’t slept in 84 years” and “eyebrows are trying to escape” - I find that this makes it easier to vary the character’s face while still having something to aim for.

2. If you get stuck or frustrated, it might help to try to draw the character at different ages.

3. The ones that don’t turn out right aren’t failures, they’re, uh, cousins or clones or something. Or ‘off-brand.’

And some other tips:

1. Be critical of your avoidance of/preference for particular characteristics.

2. You don’t have to adhere to stuff like ‘evil = triangles’ and ‘women are round, men are square.’

3. Look at photos of actual people.

4. How the character makes facial expressions affects their overall appearance. “c:” and “(:” and “[:” are different, you know?

5. Keep the rest of their body in mind, too.

I hope that helps!


I’m making a retro point and click adventure game.

This has been my dream since first playing LucasArts games when I was 6. I used to draw backgrounds on paper and cutout characters and objects, design puzzles and act the game out for my sister, having her shout commands at my characters.

I made many failed attempts at games in various game-creation programs, until I was about 16. I learned how to write music and jokes for these games that would never exist.

I’m 28 now. Let’s do this!

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Did you know that when a woman wtrites women characters, they’re portrayed as actual women? Crazy right!? 🙄

Crazy is how you spelled the word ‘writes’. And that ideal is bullshit.

Tyler Perry is a black writer with the majority of his African American/Person of color characters being portrayed as negative stereotypes.
Clamp are a group of female manga artist. They’re responsible for the abysmal character designs of Code Geass; XXX Holic; Tsubasha Chronicle; X; and Card Captor Sakura.
The man behind Fairy Tale & Rave Master (Hiro Mashima) has been a manga artist/writer since 1998 and STILL can’t write a well paced story or one with an actual non-convoluted plot.

Hiromu Arakawa achieves EVERYTHING these people failed to do because she worked her ass off for her story, characters, and artwork. She achieved greatness through being the best. She’s the best because she worked for it.
To say ‘her achievements mainly happened because she was a woman’ is really insulting to the dedication she put in.
It’s like when people tell me:
“You’re good at cooking because you’re black.” No, it’s because these burns and cuts and seeing another classmate in culinary school accidentally over-cooking the roast taught me how to be better.

So don’t fucking come to me with this ‘group a is better at doing x’ bullshit.

(Edit-I got the name behind the Rave Master/Fairy Tale creator wrong in the original post)

I tried to challenge myself and design an mc in @thearcanagame’s setting.

Kinda failed tbh but i like how the character came out on the left (designed the right side first, wasn’t really happy with it) tho theyre quick sketches i might touch up later asdfg.

My excuse is that my mc was mainly dressing casually until they lived at Nadia’s palace where she got sick of the mc’s pleb tastes and asked portia to up her game. though, maybe the casual clothes shouldn’t have been red so asra’s excuse for a blush logical,,,

hey for real though? for real though?

can we stop treating patrick hockstetter like a “flawed but good character” when he was literally a sociopath who killed animals to get off to. he believed he was the only real person in the world and that everything revolved around him because he was a god. he deserved to die. he was a torturer and a psychopath. dont woobify this actual piece of human garbage. oh yeah, did i mention he killed his baby brother because his mother didnt deliver dinner on time often enough?

patrick is literally designed as the most hateable character you sick freaks

no “i love pats but”. dont “love” this demon of a character. he is a degenerate.

no “lol pat is so relatable”’s. being a murderer is not a quirk, its a moral failing.

no sympathizing with this personification of a garbage fire. seriously. youre all disgusting.


dont write or describe pat having a relationship with any of the losers, and to mention specifics, richie and stan. dont do it. DONT DO IT!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MESSED UP THAT IS? PATRICK TRIED TO KILL THEM! ALL OF THEM!! DONT SHIP THIS MONSTER WITH THE PEOPLE HE TERRORIZED YOU DEVILS!!!!! and especially if your idea of patrick complimenting stan is “hes pretty cute, for a k*ke.” thats a literally slur that stan was called because he is JEWISH. you are saying he is cute for a JEW and, no less, saying it using a slur. how vile are you guys that you think thats cute or okay.

i am surprised and horrified at the people in this fandom who are still stuck in the mindset of 2010 when “murderers were hot XD”!! you are literally the scum of the earth ESPECIALLY when your fetishization of rape, murder, and sociopathy coincide with your anti-semetism.

you are sick.

i know some ppl just Care about this point a lot but tbfh while i agree that sometimes some of the cat descrips in warriors are Laughable in how unrealistic they are [all the tortie toms, blackstar’s design, gray cats w/ brown spots etc etc] at the same time i dont… while i’ll mention it sometimes, i dont think that that point Deserves to be held to the same regard as the failed character developments and the failure at lore in wc

like yeah it’s sorta irritating that the cats are really unrealistically colored sometimes but like…..wc is just a fictional cat series. they’re def not the first series to take artistic liberties w/ their animal characters and they wont be the last tbfh

and plus if u think about it, it just makes some characters more Recognizable u feel me??? like you know who blackstar is immediately by looking at him - he looks nothing like the other white toms in the series. you can tell scourge apart from every other black-furred cats in the whole series bc of his one white paw, same w/’ squirrelflight

like Yeah it’s sorta annoying, but wc is a fictional cat series set in a diff universe - like compared to the other MASSIVE problems in the series i feel like a white cat having only black paws is one of the last problems tbfh

A thought...



I’m not the voice of reason in this fandom. I’m also not the person to go to for amaze-balls reviews. But I usually like the questions I receive in my inbox (because I’m a weirdo who likes looking into things) and recently I answered a very innocent one: What do I think of Dinah?

Dinah’s a good character but I’m too invested in the main three to fall head over heels for her.

But I made a wish in my response for this character to succeed in all the ways her predecessor failed. And they managed to design DD to be the type who can blend with the surroundings and say nothing in a scene without being boring. That’s a big deal.

There’s no chance that I want any character to detract from the importance of another, as the show has done in the past. So I wondered how they’d rotate DD, Curtis and Rene. Watching 6.01 made me think they’re heading DD down her own vigilante highway.

Personality wise, DD has strong opinions and an even stronger gut response to her environment; there’s a good chance she’s going to eventually clash with Oliver leadership. 

It’s far too early to tell but I wouldn’t be surprised if they had DD strike off on her own at some point: it would be a nod to the comics too.

Anyway, to all those concerned about her screen time cutting into anyone else’s (namely Felicity’s) don’t be. AT ALL. They’re unrolling Felicity’s arc slowly because it’s important. Just like we haven’t yet seen the Olicity island reunion or know anything at all about where they really are right now, relationship wise. Just like we haven’t seen Felicity’s plans for her new business.

What we did see, was Felicity taking part in the team, Felicity being reassuring, being wanted very much by Oliver and being the only truly balanced member of the team. In particular to Diggle, I think this will be coming into play later on. She might be the one to stand between him and Oliver.

Anyway, back to Dinah.

She’s… we don’t really know where she is personally either. 

The episode did a fantastic job of giving a lot without answering a lot. She has secrets.

…So does Diggle.

Yeah, I noticed the chemistry there.

Wendy confirmed no romance  but we’ve been lied to before. I think I’m one of the few that isn’t as bothered by this as I should be. I LOVE LYLA. But I can’t deny it would be interesting to see. However, I do not advocate any form of infidelity. And I don’t think that’s going to happen anyway.

But I’m intrigued by the friendships being formed.

I think… BS is affecting her, A ghost from the past and a vision of what she could become. We all know DD is better but we also know she’s going to suffer first. Goodie.

As for BS, why does KC seem to think being ‘bad’ means nothing but lots of walking. Walking. More walking. Smirking. Walking. Some hair flips (this happens before LL died too). She makes a very good villain, as they well know. Just not a very interesting one.

I wished to feel something for her character other than the usual. Instead, all I felt was sadness for Lance. 

Misery loves company and LL/BS is, well…

Luckily, I know she isn’t in many scenes after 6.02, 3 or something to that regard (one day of shooting per episode?). 

BS is an awful person who went into the SCPD and killed a bunch of people… and smiled as she did it. Wow.

But none of them will be able to kill her even though we know killing is not off the agenda. She’s a face from the past. Not LL but they KNOW she’s E2’s equivalent and it makes that a no-no zone. Unfortunately.

I loved that Quentin shot her but I also knew the moment we found that out that she’d use it against him forever. However…

There is a small chance he’ll kill her for real in future. Super small chance.

Either way, they’re sticking to evil BS because it works. And I’m loving that it works. It’s another level to the show: imagine Oliver and co looking into the future during season 2 and seeing this… and wondering.

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how come you included bismuth and not steven? bismuth is kinda.. a mean character and steven is a crystal gem too ;-;

1) bc I like bismuth more than steven. rose is a crystal gem too but I didn’t include her either 

2) saying bismuth is mean is like saying jasper is mean. both of them at a shallow glance may seem aggressive and both have typical traits associated w antagonists but keep in mind, both of them also have reasons behind acting this way. jasper’s diamond was taken from her so she feels like she failed her leader, not to mention being a gem designed for battling, she feels an intense need to seek revenge on those who uprooted everything she knew and lived for. I think that’s pretty justified for her being so tough and “mean”. same applies for bismuth. she was fighting for a good cause, one that provided freedom from a tyrannical matriarchy and saved humanity, yet she’s demonized bc she was the only one willing to accept the fact that with war, sacrifices have to be made, especially to the enemy. of course these shattered gems would never affect the diamonds directly, but at the time you can imagine how desperate the crystal gems were to do anything to stop homeworld. bismuth was on earth during the time of the gem war and didn’t get the proper chance to open up to the possibility that violence isn’t the only solution, like the other crystal gems grew to accept. she was bubbled and never got to see the world change over the years, and neither did her perspective. her mind is still set in a time where it’s their life or hers. she never got to heal. she’s brash, headstrong, and hurt, but not mean. and every horribly inaccurate misportrayal of her character makes me love her even harder just to spite everyone.

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I follow you everywhere I possibly can. Your art is so amazing. How did you learn to paint like that? I'm a graphic designer and cannot wield an electronic paintbrush as amazingly as you can... damn. So impressed. Your Sk8er Boy Jared Padalecki is amazing and one of my favorites.

Hi anon ^^

Thank you for enjoying my drawings so much and following me everywhere! It’s so nice of you ♥

How did you learn to paint like that? 

Like all the digital artists that you can see on this site or on Deviant Art: little by little. Lot of practice, lot of failures, lot of books about CG art read, lot of tutorials followed. Rome wasn’t build in one day believe me, it took years. People who have followed me since I joined the Supernatural fandom on Live Journal (or since I started on French website Gamekult) have seen my art improve and my technique change whether it’s for pure CG paintings or for “line work + coloring” drawings, as you can see below:

(Black line work + coloring)

(Pure CG painting. Don’t ask me how I found in my computer a fan art that dates back 2005 but I did!! The character is Jayce from Jayce and the wheeled warriors. My age is showing xD)

Anyway, all this to tell you that 1) I may make it look easy but believe me, it took me years to reach the point I am today. 2) I still fail, (yes,it happens!) and 3) you WILL get there too. It will take time and patience but it’s perfectly possible! I mean, I don’t have a gift or any particular talent, I just worked.

I’m a graphic designer and cannot wield an electronic paintbrush as amazingly as you can 

As you said you are a GRAPHIC DESIGNER, not an illustrator. I’m sure I can’t do half of the things you do when it comes to graphic design. I can’t create logos, I can hardly use Illustrator, I can’t create animations (or just simple gifs). It’s two different fields. It’s like a lung specialist saying to a heart surgeon “I’m not good enough to understand how the heart works and to do an open heart surgery, I suck”. Dude, you’re a lung specialist, of course you can’t do an open heart surgery, it’s not your field! Exactly like it’s better for a heart surgeon to stay away from a patient’s lungs xD

Don’t feel down for not being able to do what I do (yet!) because it’s really two different things but as I told you, with time you’ll get there! Good luck to you and thanks again for enjoying my art ♥

Day 15: Gil on ice!

(Yuri on Ice isn’t really my thing, but it did give me Imagining-my-OCs-as-figure-skaters and I will always appreciate it for that.)

Gil’s form is pretty sloppy, he improvises when he really shouldn’t, cares more about putting on a fun show than scoring points, fails half his jumps because he couldn’t be bothered to train properly. He’s having the time of his life.

All his music’s electro swing.

SUPERNATURAL THE ANIMATION: A Dissection of Dean’s Failed Characterization & Design (PART 2 - The Dream Team)

In part one of this dissection, I covered the technical/cultural aspects of Dean’s character designs and the failures of the nuances. 

In the essays I wrote about the character designs prefacing this dissection, I claimed that the spn anime’s design look is not a bad one. Generic as fuck, but not without technique. 

In this essay, I’ll cover how anime can still achieve favorable characteristics in character designs despite cultural limitations. This will be a breakdown on comparing other existing designs that could’ve been referenced to enhance the believably of the character designs in the Supernatural anime.

As a disclaimer, I am only using a combination of my personal tastes in anime and the interpretation of the original character designer of the spn anime and how the designs can be built upon further to appear more tasteful/closer to the original soul of the live action Supernatural series.

You can totally disagree with how I may literally draw out my conclusion as an “improvement” of these character designs–but the purpose of these essays is to hopefully add some educational merit through retrospective research when talking about the Supernatural animated series. 

Mostly because I think it’s very unfair for people to rag on a show that clearly could’ve had even LESS effort put into it. 

Here’s my dream team of existing character designs that could’ve easily been referenced in order to translate Supernatural characters into anime.


My influences for making an improved Dean character design would draw from Kyon from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Guts from Berserk, and Kotetsu from TIGER & BUNNY.

I used Guts at length as an example in my last few essays, so if you want a breakdown on why he’s a good choice to reference, please read those.

Kotetsu’s design stuck out in my head since, especially when paired to Barnaby (my pick for Sam), looks fairly close to what I infer the character designer of the spn anime wanted Dean to look like. I know that TIGER & BUNNY aired later than the spn anime despite being released in the same year, (2011) but that just makes it all the more ironic.

Because it’s the same style. ( Especially if you look at the way his smile is drawn.) Yet the execution of the spn anime leaves much to be desired, amazingly enough.

Kotetsu appears much more cool and suave (instead of thuggish) while still exhibiting the same sort of attractive easy-going personality as well as having an air of mystery to him.

It’s an ideal design for showcasing Dean’s fake bravado persona established in season 1, but really only that.

This brings me to Kyon

Who’s design can definitely embody Dean’s own insecurities or the more “real” version of the hunter we know. (As clued in by later episodes.)

Kyon’s a great fit for the flip side of the emotional spectrum–serving as the cold and tortured side to Dean against the warmth that Kotetsu’s design can bring to Dean. 

Also I’m totally choosing him outta spite towards those who believe that “moe” anime with the stereotypical big googly-eyes can’t be overtly expressive visually. Sorry MADHOUSE, but there are other ways to show a character of Dean’s nature than using a highly exaggerated version of the “cool rebel thug dude.” KyoAni strikes another win here.

Not to mention his body features are closer to Dean’s than Kotestu’s. 

Kotetsu may hold the merits of the spn snime’s style, but if I wanted a true Dean Winchester interpretation, I’d choose Kyon to draw inspiration from.


While the spn anime did Sam decently there’s still room for improvement. If anything, there really isn’t much deviation from Barnaby’s design from TIGER & BUNNY and the original. But again, this style is much more sleek and non-threatening in it’s visual tone leaving room for variation if the color design calls for it.

Which leaves Johan from Naoki Urasawa’s MONSTER. 

I just really prefer the hair in Johan’s design which of course is instrumental in making Sam, SAM. But more so, especially since the spn anime is adapting season 1 & 2 where Sam has special telekenetic abilities, it’d be nice if they could instigate the threat of that visually in Sam’s design.

Just looking at Johan clues you in that something’s up despite doing the contrary of his true intent. Any masterful design is able to communicate complexities like this, even at their most blatant.

A great question that every character designer should aspire to answer, honestly.

At this point, I can see Sam and Dean theoretically through other character designs.

John Winchester

John’s design mishap never fails to amuse me. Because you know

…That’s not John, that’s Benny.

Even without the hat it’s still Benny.

I laugh forever and will never ever recover from this like ever. 

Gin from Tokyo Godfathers is a much closer match save the mullet but hey it ain’t Benny at least.

Bobby Singer

…Bobby’s design mishap is less amusing by a whole lot.

Anything, literally anything could’ve been better. I didn’t have to find an anime doppelganger but I did it anyway because….because there needs to be SOME justice in the world. 

I’m so sorry Bobby.

Jessica Moore

I mean just look at her.

I don’t know who this purple-haired chick is, but it’s not Jessica. Nina Fortner from MONSTER is pretty much Jessica all the way, down to being a university student.

Missouri Moseley

Missouri’s design is the most tragic out of all of them. It’s not like we see a lot of black women in anime if at all. This was their chance to really change that. And what did they do?


Again, anything would’ve been better. Elvy from Rahxephon has the attitude and Casca from Berserk 1997 has the heart and a face that conveys the sharpness the original Missouri had, which is what I’ll be looking at towards improvements.

From here, I’m going to focus more on key design traits/techniques and how they affect visual narrative and overall emotion and how these aspects can be translated into the BL character design of the spn anime.






I did my best voila.

I’ll reorganize these in a better master post later.

All right, let's talk about some character designs ^^

Thank you to the Anon who inspired this analysis of the Shoukoku no Altair anime designs. I know you didn’t ask for this giant post but here you go anyway -w-

Let’s start with the designs that I love~ 

Kyros, Constantinos, and Balaban are spot on imo especially Balaban ^^ I get the exact same feeling from anime!Balaban as I do from manga!Balaban. MAPPA did great with these~ I can’t wait to hear these characters’ voices. If Balaban’s voice is right, he may just be one of the best manga -> anime adaptations I have ever seen OwO

Honorable mention: Kulak-san from the former Tughril village looks pretty good too, very similar to manga kulak-san  :3

Now we have the slightly-off-but-still-recognizable squad: 

All I’m doing is nitpicking with these because honestly they look nice.

Abiriga looks just like himself except that I think his eyes are more alive in the manga. The tattoos around his eyes stand out more too, so he looks extra exotic~

Suleyman’s design is very good, but he looks just a little too tame to me. He needs to look just 10% more like a homeless person and then this design would be A+

Shahara seems more mature to me in the manga and more beautiful. Anime!Shahara is cute, but she looks younger and doesn’t have the same grace as manga!Shahara.

I don’t know what’s going on, but even though Louis’ hair matches his manga counterpart, it just doesn’t work in the anime. It looked plausible in the manga, but I think the anime has opened my eyes to how weird his hairstyle actually is O_O

And then lastly we have the wtf-who-is-this-character-i’ve-never-seen-before squad, essentially the failed designs: 

I almost didn’t recognize Ayse and Beyazit in the opening. They look too alike, weirdly alike, like brother and sister. I feel there should be a clearer distinction and as you can see, the manga did a very good job making them look like relatives but not twins. I have a special respect for manga artists who can draw believable relatives but avoid making them look unbelievably similar.

Anime!Zaganos is too conventionally attractive. Don’t misunderstand, I think he’s very attractive in the manga, and the point isn’t that he isn’t. In the manga, he’s a very specific type of attractive, very unconventionally so, but anime!Zaganos is just too obviously good-looking. He gives off a Severus Snape vibe in the manga, you’re supposed to be thinking ‘he’s trouble… right? but from some angles i may or may not think he’s hot’, not considering him the most eligible bachelor in the story. That full, luscious hair doesn’t suit him; I much prefer his stringy, oily hair in the manga. 

Oh, poor Mahmut. *sigh* He’s easily the most attractive character in my opinion. I’m crying at the loss of his beautiful hair, and his eyes are much prettier in the manga. I’m afraid we won’t be able to see his gorgeous golden hair blowing in the wind while he’s on a horse… ;n; Plus, manga!Mahmut has this smug look that totally suits his face, and not once have I seen anime!Mahmut carry such an expression. I can’t imagine anime!Mahmut looking half as sinister as he’s eventually going to have to later on -_-;

Let’s just appreciate manga!Mahmut’s beautiful hair and smug/sinister looks one more time:

Holy shit, that’s the end. If you read all the way, I love you. There’re my opinions on the anime’s character designs so far. Feel free to tell me your own! 

Dangan Thieves AU - Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu

*comes bursting through the door*

So thanks to @shsl-shipper-gamer-fangirl and her Danganronpa Thieves AU, I decided to give it some thought and tackle a duo I not only love from the series but how they’d play out. That being said, here’s below as to how I believe the Ultimate Swordswoman and Ultimate Yakuza could work into this AU. In advance, sorry for the lack of visuals I’m not very good at Digital Art yet but if anyone would like a crack at making some for this I’m game.

PS - Also thanks to @kitucan for the Komeada design and idea for that character. Helped me out when thinking about these two. There is also a little skit at the end using that Komeada.

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opinion on wander over yonder?

It was a really good and solid cartoon. Far from perfect of course, haters characterization halfway through the season was somewhat annoying, wander having episodes where the logical answer is right there but some cheap twist is thrown in there, etc.

But otherwise, really fun! I appreciate it for succeeded at what SU failed at and that’s making a passive protagonist repeatedly refuse to fight back. What helped is that you actively saw him go out of his way to put himself into harms way to protect others and unlike Steven, didn’t have past appearances show that he was totally cool with fighting others, he always avoided it somehow.

And even Wander wasn’t always right and his sympathies nearly killed his best friend.

Excluding that comparison, I also adore the music, character design and general vibe the show have. There were rarely episodes I outright hated. It also knew how to make me emotional for someone who looks like an orange furry spoon

Well I tried to resist watching the leaks and failed

This new Sapphire is such a cutie. I find it interesting how she has late predictions as a defect and I really like her design. Plus, she seems so sweet and innocent and in need of protection <3

I have a strong feeling she’ll be my new favorite character when the Wanted event airs :)

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im sorry just??? That ask is really funny to me????? like hes green whos he appropriating??? kermit the frog LMAO

the reason some people don’t like green Taako is because of their assumptions on Taakos ethnicity.

because his name is “Taako”, people came to imagine him as latino or mexican because the name sounds like “taco”.

so when they see a Taako design that has skin that’s not appropriate to mexican or latino culture, they think it’s racist. because of the lack of latino representation.

however, they fail to realize that that the world Taako lives in is completely FANTASY based, and not real life. 

The Adventure Zone is PODCAST. there are no visuals. The boys have stated themselves that people are free to draw the characters however they want. they give people total creative freedom, and are very loose with their descriptions about the characters so people can go buck wild with how they think the characters look.

I’m not saying people cant have a latino Taako. they can make him look however they want!

what I’m saying is that you shouldn’t harass  others because of a design choice they made to a character who has literally no design elements set in stone

it’s not fair to the artists.

let them draw what they like. 

don’t get upset over a design choice you don’t like by calling it “racist”. 

In character design, it’s crucial to have your character be instantly recognizable. Fuli is supposed to be a cheetah. I thought she was a leopard until reading otherwise in her bio. Apart from being ‘slender’ nothing about her says cheetah. I’m not sure how but the creators managed to draw every iteration of spots on her other than a cheetah’s spots. cheetahs do not have rosettes, they don’t have large spots, they even failed to give her the iconic “tear line” marking down her face. the bulkiness of her paws bother me too. I would also argue cheetahs do not have a distinct lighter belly either but neither do lions and disney gave their lions bellies so whatever.

spots aside her physique in general just doesn’t fit the style with the rest of the show. she seriously looks like a MLP design more than anything. i have watched some lion guard and im pretty unimpressed with the show, and honestly seeing Fuli’s design was my first sign it would not be anything great.

i know this is super super old news but the battleborn/overwatch shit if anything just proves how important design and marketability is for a game because the character designs in battleborn are absolute garbage and overwatch’s designs are legendary. i know i wouldnt have cared about it nearly as much if i didnt see the characters and go “ooo those look fun to play”