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Hey everyone!  Dunno if you heard, but the BBC are making a Dr Who Animation based on some early, previously-thought-lost Dr Who episodes (the video has largely been lost, but the original audio remains).  Often in these types of situations, animation studios get asked to send pitches of how they would recreate it, but it’s not always clear if they’re allowed to show any of the unused art from failed pitches.

In unrelated news, here’s some Doctor Who art I made based on some old episodes!  I’m not particularly a big fan of Dr Who, but this was really fun to play with.  This is the second Doctor, based on the actor Patrick Troughton.  It was such a great chance to play with character design based on real people, and also to think about easy-to-animate drawing styles.  This was from a period last year where I had a lot of fun simplifying my work in general, and made a lot of digital work.  You can really see where I was getting my influences from- I was thinking about ligne claire styles of art and Tezuka in particular.  I wanted bold shapes, good expressions and a solid sense of form when I could.

These were tests to see if I could adjust some compositions of surviving footage from 4:3 to 16:9.  A lot of the original shots aren’t great, but it was really fun to adapt them.

I’ll post more soon!

In character design, it’s crucial to have your character be instantly recognizable. Fuli is supposed to be a cheetah. I thought she was a leopard until reading otherwise in her bio. Apart from being ‘slender’ nothing about her says cheetah. I’m not sure how but the creators managed to draw every iteration of spots on her other than a cheetah’s spots. cheetahs do not have rosettes, they don’t have large spots, they even failed to give her the iconic “tear line” marking down her face. the bulkiness of her paws bother me too. I would also argue cheetahs do not have a distinct lighter belly either but neither do lions and disney gave their lions bellies so whatever.

spots aside her physique in general just doesn’t fit the style with the rest of the show. she seriously looks like a MLP design more than anything. i have watched some lion guard and im pretty unimpressed with the show, and honestly seeing Fuli’s design was my first sign it would not be anything great.

Holoska does not know how to do anything in SAI: Episode 2

Like last time this is not gonna be the actual design reference for the AU and I’m still just experimenting with stuff but hey I tried + I fixed Sunset’s colour scheme since I found out it looked really off on my new computer

Tune in next time and watch as I maybe start attempting to shade things and most likely fail spectacularly

I’m replaying Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and marveling at how great the game design is. For example, when you get to the Lower City on Taris, there are a few directions you can go. Some of those directions have hostile characters and will get you engaged in combat, and the other directions will require you to have skill in persuasion to get anything done, and failing that, at least give you more objectives to let you stall while you gain more experience.

My character is not specced for combat, but persuasion, so direct combat with multiple enemies is just going to get me killed. But going the other ways allows me to talk my way through things, and I think that’s really cool you have clear control over how you progress through the game. Not a lot of games do that, especially today. Take Fallout 4, for example. If you don’t have at least some skill in combat, you’ll die pretty quick in the wastes. That’s not a game you can just dump points into charisma and win by charming everyone, though admittedly it’s a harsher world.

Any game with combat mechanics kind of requires you to have some skill in defending yourself if you want to survive, but KoTOR often gives the player choices in how they want to progress, whether they want to take the talking route or the killing route. Notice I didn’t say “tackle a given situation”, but make progress in the game. Like real life, there are some situations you just don’t get the option to talk things out: the other person/ party just wants you dead. So, here you get a choice of specific paths that have different journeys, but the same outcome: you make progress towards the ending of the game.

curious-fools-howl-to-the-moon  asked:

For Rachel, 15,19,24 and 28. ^^

Yay! Okay, my precious Rachel next!!!! ^_^

#15 - What is their biggest fear? What in general scares them? How do they act when they’re scared?

Not living up to expectation. Rachel has a genuine fear of failure, of giving her all and falling short. Not being smart enough. Strong enough. Brave enough. It doesn’t matter. She’s just afraid of “not enough”.

She fears failing. She deals with it very maturely - by ignoring it.

Her greatest fear, however, is the soul-deep bone-chilling terror the mere thought of losing her soulmate causes. Although that fear might be more, um, designed than built up over time.

#19 - What is your character insecure about?

Very little. *shrugs* Seriously. She does have a measure of arrogance that runs pretty deep. Is it weird I actually don’t know how to answer this question? haha

#24 - What is your character’s most important possession? Why?

The Bone Knife - gifted to her by the Bone Witch has the power to repel demonic influences … although not the demon itself.

A letter written to her on yellow notepad paper, from her cousin. She received it in the mail only days after her cousin was abducted. This one might seem weird, but she’s never without it.

#28 - What is your character’s greatest strength?

Her brains.

Rachel highly intelligent. To be clear, not a genius but still undeniably brilliant and she knows it. She treasures and values her mind.


The Elite-meter in Elite Beat Agents indicates how close the currently attended character is to reaching their goal, and thus ending the song. The meter is constantly draining, and must be restored by hitting markers on the beat, lest the stage end prematurely. By providing a direct method of checking how close they are to failing the stage, as well as how much longer the stage can be expected to go, the player more easily falls into their state of flow, as they have created an implied completion schedule that they will want to adhere to.

Stop comparing the same few cartoons’ styles

Those posts about how alike today’s cartoons look because of the current baby-face-big-cheeked-bean-mouthed-small-nosed looks, fail to mention any other cartoon beside those few (Steven Universe, Star VS the Forces of Evil, Amazing World of Gumball, Gravity Falls, etc). Honestly both sides of the argument keep using the same 4 rays of cartoons and say “in the past 5 years,” you people do realize more than 5 cartoons have come out in the past 5 years right?

Here’s some that came out since 2011 too that don’t look like the big cheek baby face (I put some bonus facts on some, because I love animation & character design):

Bob’s Burgers

Littlest Pet Shop (Though clearly an improved/modified design of a style that’s been existing.)

Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja (Has two character designers who designed characters from InvaderZIM (Jhonen Vasquez and Aaron Alexovich) so the style has a familiarity with IZ)

Motorcity (Animated by Titmouse who also animated Randy Cunningham)

Rick and Morty

Teen Titans Go (Though still recognizable as a CN cartoon by style)

Sanjay and Craig (Co-created by previous Ren and Stimpy writer Will McRobb who worked with other co-creator, Chris Viscardi who together were producers on Bravest Warriors)

Wander Over Yonder (Created by the famous Craig McCracken, most known for the Powerpuff Girls, and Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends.)

Uncle Grandpa

The 7D (Shares a couple of character designers from Fish Hooks)

Over the Garden Wall (Though also still recognizable as a CN toon, and shares a couple of characteristics with the “trending” ones.)

Penn Zero Part time Hero (Co-created by Zootopia writer and director Jared Bush. It’s season 1 was animated by the same company [Mercury Filmworks] who animated the first season of Wander and Star VS.)

Be Cool Scooby Do (Oh and we all know how much people love it for this reason. Other than this, Richard Lee, only art directed one other cartoon so far: Super Best Friends Forever.)

Harvey Beaks (Created by the same person who made Chowder, C.H. Greenblatt. So there is a likeness to their styles.)

Pickle and Peanut

The Mr.Peabody and Sherman Show

And these are only U.S. 2D developed ones that feature human/humanoid character designs, either if they’re the main character or not. There are a ton of animated shows that have came out in the past 5 years.

There is literally no reason for people to be arguing over, or defending the few faces from a few toons out there right now, (Star VS, Gumball, Steven, Gravity Falls, and Clarence and We Bare Bears have similar headshapes but they’re not as known or commented about), because it is literally not the large percent here? Six shows with the current big-cheeked-face designs, as compared to the 15 I’ve listed here? There are MORE than six cartoons that came out in the last 6 years you know that right?

I hate this argument because both sides of the parties keep using the same cartoons that simply have similar head features. One side is calling it out, and the other side is defending it claiming it’s the current trend which is true, but OTHER CARTOONS EXIST TOO THAT DON’T LOOK ANYTHING LIKE THIS. There is literally nothing wrong with a trending animation style, and there is nothing wrong with people wanting to not see that trend.

TL;DR: There are more than 6 cartoons that have came out within the past 5 years. Stop comparing the same few for your arguments. BOTH sides of this argument, I’m not calling out one side. Both people who dislike the trend, and people defending it. Stop restricting your talk to those few toons.

Caroline Forbes S6 Storyline - Control is All I Have

I’ve seen a lot of unfounded hate against the direction that Caroline Forbes’ character took in S6 and I felt the need to write out why none of what Caroline went through is character regression this season and was in fact designed for her to fail and grow from.

Disclaimer: I am a Caroline stan through and through but I do not pretend that she isn’t without flaws or that she doesn’t make mistakes, that’s WHY I love her. I am also an SC shipper but I did try to hold back on my bias shipper view in this, I wanted to focus on what this means for Caroline as an individual. Also this is all my personal opinion of how I read her narrative and a lot of this comes from my view as well as the views of people I follow on here so you will probably see ideas that have been explained before.

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Stan Lee decided early on that the rage beast Bruce Banner turned into when he lost his temper should have a non-human skin color. However, he never intended for The Hulk to be his familiar cabbage-y hue. He was supposed to be grey, which Lee picked so it wouldn’t suggest any particular ethnic group, and blue would presumably just make him look like he wasn’t getting enough air.

The problem was when they saw the first issue, it looked like shit. The printers Marvel used back in the 1960s just couldn’t get the color right. We’re not sure how a printer fails to print “grey,” but we barely understand how to change the toner in ours, so we’re going to chalk this up to knowledge beyond our technical expertise. Anyway, this resulted in Hulk being a different shade of grey on every page, and even came off greenish in some spots.

5 Iconic Designs of Famous Characters (That Were Mistakes)

did any of us ever pay attention too the characters designs a little more?

maybe not the clothes but lets look at vivi. shes a pretty interesting gal, including her particular pattern for her mouth. the other characters fail too have required that extra line on either side of her mouth so.. Why does she have it?

because seriously, she has it 2.8/3rds of the time in the video.

it feels like it wasn’t just the style of how Ben wanted too draw vivi, in fact this ‘slit’ is here too many times too be a coincidence. Its there for a reason.

that one part of importance, “In some cases, the victims’ facial expressions are said to change in such a way that they resemble those of a fox.”

this isn’t a slit, this might just be a 'Philtrum’. The Philtrum is the small line in between a dogs nose and mouth. which Foxes, also have.  and thats basically the end of this theory.


The naked mole rat looks like a cartoon character specifically designed to convey stupidity, and the more you watch it, the stupider it gets. First you notice those Goofy-like front teeth, and then you realize the thing under them isn’t the rat’s mouth – it’s more teeth. Like an awkward kid in his yearbook photo, it’s trying to smile and failing horribly.

That pasty, wrinkly skin also gives the naked mole rat the appearance of someone who hasn’t been outside since, well, ever – which is actually pretty accurate, since they only live in underground tunnels they make themselves. How do they pull that off? Well…

The same cartoonishly oversized teeth that give the naked mole rat that idiotic grin are also its secret weapon – those things can chew through solid concrete. No, we’re not speaking figuratively.

The 5 Stupidest Looking Superpowers in the Animal Kingdom