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I’m starting to think that the idea to clone big boss was founded purely on the basis of how funny it would be.
Like you’ve got a guy who’s great at spy stuff but he’s also a big awkward loser who’s obsessed with guns and eating animals raw and doesn’t know how to talk to girls at all???? And he’s never seen a movie in his life.
Paramedic was like… yeah I want more of this. This whole thing? More please. Like three more at least of this, at minimum. How funny would it be if we had like three more of these dudes just bumblin around making bad choices. Incredible.

It’s not on my list of fandoms but I know Fates and Awakening characters so I guess I can do it?

Gender neutral reader

(y/n) = your name

Sharena: You eat raw fish in your realm?
Chrom: How rude of us…to flounder our way of life in your face when you’ve struggled so…
(y/n): Huh?
Frederick: Please, allow us to show you how to make fire.
(y/n): I think there’s been a misunderstanding here. And why do you look so excited?

(y/n): That last hero I summoned flinched when I picked up a fig, is he alright to fight?
F!Robin: Aha… Sorry about that.

(y/n): Odin, you keep avoiding Lissa. Should I summon another healer? It’ll be bad if your wounds go unattended.
Odin: You must be imagining things, oh great vanquisher of evil!
(y/n): You jumped into the fountain when she walked past. You’re half-naked as is, I don’t think you needed to cool down.

Alfonse: You did well, Felicia.
Felicia: R-really?
Anna: Pretending to be a clutz and letting the enemy drop their guard was a great idea. Risky, though. I really thought you couldn’t get up.
Felicia: Pretending? Oh, um, yes. Definitely.

Warning to carnivorous therians

While I completely understand the desire to consume meat that isn’t fully cooked or completely raw, you have to understand how dangerous it is. Eating raw meat can lead to numerous diseases and some of them can kill you. Let your therianthropy act as a guardian to your human body. Protect it, even if it means sacrificing some things.


Jax and I sat down at our table to have dinner, elated from our first kiss.

“Hey, I don’t want this to be weird or anything… not that it would be but… I mean… Do you wanna stay over tonight? Not like that… but like do you wanna stay up all night and watch scary movies and then crash at my place?” I stammered over my words, nervous he would think I was stupid. He stared at me for a moment and began to giggle. “Why are you laughing?” I said, a smile forming on my lips.

“You’re just so cute. I’ve never had a girl just want to stay up and watch scary movies all night.”

“So is that a yes?” 

“Of course! How could I deny someone who eats raw fish. Who knows, you might eat me next,” he said dodging my knuckles that were heading for his shoulder, laughing with a smug look on his face. 

Changes and Decisions Pt.2

Pairing: Finn Balor x Reader, Seth Rollins x Reader.

Prompt: You were on NXT and you’re dating Finn Balor, but you win the Women’s Championship and go to the main roster and Seth Rollins starts to like you.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 421

Part 1 

(Y/S/N=Your Ship Name)

After RAW you went to meet Finn like you said you would, You were nervous, you had to tell him about what Seth said to you, and you weren’t sure how he was going to react. You and him went to get something to eat. “So how was your first night on RAW?” He asks with an ear to ear smile.

“Well I wanted to talk to you about that actually.” You respond with a nervous tone. “Everything okay darling?” You nod. “Yeah, everything’s fine..It’s just one of the superstars, Seth Rollins, he hit on me..” He cocks his head. “Oh..well what’d he say..?”

You explain you and Seth’s whole conversation. Finn nods and shrugs. “Maybe he was just being nice.” “Seth Rollins, nice?” You reply. He chuckles. “Okay, okay, but it seems pretty harmless. And besides, I could totally take Rollins.”
You smile and nod. “For sure. You’re the best boyfriend ever, you know that?” He nods. “It’s a gift really.”

You didn’t know if Finn was right, but at least he understood. And maybe Seth was just being nice. 


You were told that you had a match tonight, but you still didn’t know what kind of match, or who you’d be facing. You were lacing your boots whenever Seth Rollins came up to you. 

“Hey, about your match tonight, you’ll be tag teaming with me, against Dean Ambrose and Paige.” He smirked. You tilted your head. “Me and you are tag teaming together?” He nods. “You’ve done mix tags before, right?”

“Yeah..with my boyfriend Finn Balor..” You reply. He pats your shoulder. “Great! I’ll see you in a few minutes.” He replies with a wink before walking away.

*Your theme hits.*

Everyone else was already in the ring, and you were kind of nervous. Seth and Dean were in the ring first. But Seth quickly tagged you in. The match  went back and forth until you hit your finisher. Seth pulled Dean off the apron while you pinned Paige.

You were super happy to win on your Smackdown debut, Seth got in the ring and raised your arm up, then he hugged you. 

And before you knew it, he crashed his lips into yours. The crowd went wild and they were chanting Y/S/N. You quickly pushed him off of you and went back to the locker room.

“Oh King, I don’t think Y/N’s boyfriend NXT champion Finn Balor is going to like that.” “You’re probably right about that Byron.”

You know that post with a picture of a blender with strawberries in but the tops are still on and some ninny is like “but you can eat the tops!!!” and someone sensible is like “um yes you can but why would you”?

Imagine Sportacus trying to make a fruit smoothy for Robbie but because he basically only ever eats his food raw he doesn’t know how to make smoothies so he just throws a bunch of fruit in the blender, tops and peels and cores and all, and Robbie is just. Horrified. And Sportacus is just like “But Robbie, those parts have lots of vitamins in them :}D”

anonymous asked:

Hi! I love your videos, it actually inspired me to go vegan. Everything you create looks delicious and satisfying! If there are limits on food, how much do you think we could eat, going raw? Thanks!

Aww yay ! That makes me so incredibly happy to hear 😄 The trouble eating raw is not eating “too much”, it’s more not eating enough. It’s hard to eat sufficient calories eating only raw foods because everything is so voluminous and low in calories per volume - making it difficult to actually eat enough to truly thrive. So unless you have at hand an abundance of fresh, ripe fruit available to you all year, I don’t necessarily recommend going entirely raw 🍃🌸

Healthy Eating =\= Weight Loss

You can still overeat on healthy food and overeating on healthy food will still make you gain weight.

The reason why people often lose weight when switching to healthy foods is because they end up taking in less calories then they used to, but never underestimate just how easy it is to overeat even when eating clean, organic and raw.

anonymous asked:

Are you still raw till 4? or are you eating more starches lately? What do you eat when you go to work? How do you take a giant smoothie with you? Xo

I eat mainly raw till 4. But lately, at least when I don’t have enough ripe fruit around, I’ve been eating a bit more cereal, toast or even some baked sweet potato or pasta throughout the day. So, still mainly rt4 - but not always, really just depends. I don’t believe your diet should be strictly “this” or “that” - it should be something that is flexible. It should not be a source of stress, it should be something that makes you feel good and satisfied. If you feel for one thing one day, then great ! Eat that ! If you feel for another thing another day, also great ! Then eat that ! If you feel for something but don’t have it available to you, then hey - no harm done, do the best with what you have. There’s no reason you can’t still make something delicious and tasty despite not having whatever it is you would rather have (: The way you eat should never be based around “rules” ! It should be something you enjoy doing, including foods you love eating, and things that make you feel good - if it’s something that is strict, makes you stress, isn’t sustainable for you, or doesn’t leave you feeling your best … Then it’s not right for you ! Be flexible (:
I generally don’t take smoothies with me, no. I like juices, or whole fruits like bananas, or even tinned pineapple, dried fruits etc. Like I mentioned above, depends what I have and what I feel for ! (: xx

huntress wizard!!!!!!!!!!

  • dialogue’s rly hilarious
  • fnj brotimes are the best
  • youd think it’s another cringe-y finn love episode but then it’s not but then it is and it’s not even a cringefest this time
  • seriously jake is the best
  • hw eats wild animals (most likely raw) how cool is that
  • seriously hw is so cool all around
  • the music is A+
  • just.. seriously seriously jake is the best esp 2 finn
How to eat raw meat?


1-. Drench raw meat in soy sauce.

2-. Repeat this to yourself 10 times: “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”.

3-. Swallow a 1x1 inch piece of raw meat.


1-. Freeze meat for two weeks.

2-. Defrost.

3-. Convince yourself that this will get you laid.

4-. Bite the meat and take selfie.


1-. Thank Satan for bringing this meal to you.

2-. Rip heart out of carcass with teeth.

3-. Howl.