how to dry hair

everything about this scene is precious gold but can we please talk about how Shiro took off his helmet so he could dry out his little hair tuft and how he’s immensely enjoying letting it blow freely in the wind

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I've actually decided that I can hairspray my fringe, which makes it crispy and less soft but it isn’t doing this *flips into his eyes* while I’m trying to talk. So there’s my little beauty tip. Second beauty tip I’ve learnt: If you’ve just had a hair cut or your hair is not working properly  put some dry hair shampoo in your hair before you go to sleep because then your hair releases oils in the night and that’s when the dry hair shampoo can be like “no, I am a barrier!”, so I’ve been doing that. And it’s made my hair look nicer the next day, if I’m having one of those days. “Oh my gosh, beauty tips with Phil #BeautyTips”. I know. Look at me knowing how to use dry hair shampoo. Phil, the hair specialist. Depends on what kind of hair you have. I’ve just got hair that turn into a bit of a greasy rat after about a day, so that helps. *chuckles* Yeah, so that’s my beauty tips. Any other beauty tips? We need some kind of beauty vlog music though for beauty tips. *finds generic royalty free background music* Is this beauty? It sounds like I’m going on a journey with my animals to get to a new circus. So your next beauty tip is, if you have a zit, try putting some toothpaste on it the night before you go to sleep because it dries you out. Also try not to pop the zit because that hurts and it can leave a scar. This should just be the theme tune to my life. I’m just going to play this. *continues to wiggle to the music* Other beauty tips with Phil… I don’t have any other ones… hmm… don’t drop things on your feet because it makes them bruise. It’s getting a bit DanAndPhilCRAFTS now. Protip! … What other beauty tips? Drink lots of water. Stay hydrated. ‘Cause then your skin will have a drink. Don’t be afraid to moisturise. I actually started moisturising quite a lot. Cleanse in the shower, then afterwards your face will be a bit dry so then you moisturise after you’ve done that. Protip! “What moisturiser do you use?” I don’t really have… oh, I got some Clinique for Men. I need to stop this now *turns off music* this is endless. I got some Clinique for Men. Why is it for “men”? I would just have the normal Clinique but I got for Christmas in like one of those Christmas things. Apparently it’s specifically designed for my roughed skin. But that is working quite well. Smells quite nice. … “Gendered skin care is ridiculous.” What I think is ridiculous is how the women’s deodorant is always more expensive than the men’s and it’s exactly the same product. It just smells a bit nicer. I can’t believe that. That's should be changed. If it’s the same product, why is it more expensive to be a girl and need deodorant? Who knows? Why does it even exist?

@amazingphil during his live show on the 8th of June 2017 (x)

Quotes from Phil (3/?)

Meet Phil who dishes out #BeautyTips and bashes gendered beauty products while being utterly adorable. 

Hickeys (Smut)


Request: Can you do a smut where you wake up next to shawn after a hot night and he wakes you up with hickeys and morning sex ? (Obviously you gave him consent to wake you up like this before haha) ?

Word Count: 1,773


I felt the sunlight from the window burn into my skin. Whenever Shawn was the last one to go to bed, he always forgot shutting the curtains. It never woke him up when the room started to become light, but it always ended up pulling me out of my sleep.

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theambiguoushero  asked:

Helpful tips for looking at apartments for the first time? I'm going this weekend and I need tips!

Ooooh, SO! I wrote a post on this awhile back, so this is a copy/paste: 

Before you are ready to move: Make sure to keep an updated document of your current and past addresses, landlord phone numbers and other info you’ll be asked on a lease application, including first and last names of other residents, current employment information and so on. Bonus: lots of these things are also useful on job applications! Also, start saving for deposits. Beyond the one on the apartment, you may have to put down deposits on your utilities.

When you are ready to move: Figure out your price range — a good rule of thumb is no more than one-third of your income. Also, clean out your car — lots of landlords notice the small details, and how you take care of your other expensive habitat.

If you’re in a tight market, don’t send a flurry of questions to the landlord ahead of time; briefly introduce yourself, dropping in a detail or two that makes you sound put-together and responsible. Ask for the first viewing possible.

When looking at an apartment: Be sure to be on-time, looking tidy and presentable, then check the following:

1. Hot Water: Go turn on the shower and make sure there is sufficient water pressure and it’s nice and strong and not, as my mom once memorably said of my shower, like having an 83-year-old man pee on you. Also, does the water get hot? Is it the either scalding or frigid kind of shower? That’s nice to know.

2. Safety: Come back by the area at night, during the day, on the weekend and so on. Make sure you feel reasonably safe at all these times.

3. Volume: Consider whether there is something very loud nearby, like a fire station or train tracks or a high school with a sub-standard but enthusiastic marching band. Will this make you crazy?

4. Management: Does the landlord seem at least semi-reasonable? Landlords are tightly-wound people, generally speaking, so you have to give them a little leniency. But, real talk: chances are, if you are in a conflict with them, they will win. They have money and lawyers. They’re business people. Make sure they’re the kind you want to be in business with.

5. Electricity: Be sure to check all the light switches and, if you can, the electrical outlets, perhaps by taking along your cell phone charger. Otherwise, you could end up like my friend who had 14 decorative outlets and two that actually powered things. It’s also useful to check on how many and how well-placed they are. If you like to blow-dry your hair, look for an outlet in the bathroom. It’s nice to have several in your bedroom so you’re not constantly tripping over your bedside lamp’s cord that must stretch taut through the air. And so on.

6. Closets and Storage: Do they exist? Some old houses had bedrooms without closets. Having at least one big non-bedroom closet is a lifesaver, so long as you do not follow my example and allow it to become a dangerous and unstable mess, like a tiny DMZ right there in your apartment.

7. Appliances: Is there a dishwasher, or a washer-dryer? These things are luxurious, but if there is nothing you hate in the world more than hand-washing dishes, then you might make that a condition of your search.

8. Accessibility: Can your furniture logically get up the stairs and into the apartment? It’s a good plan, if you have really large and/or awkwardly shaped things, to measure them in advance, then take a tape measure along with you.

9. Pets: If you have a pet, can they live here with you? The lure of a nice apartment is not justification for dropping your pet off at the shelter. Also, some apartments that say “no pets” can be coaxed into a quiet, well-behaved, neutered cat, particularly if you can provide a reference from a landlord as to your cat’s goodness.

10. Paint: Can you paint the walls? What if you agree to paint them back to the original, sanitarium white when you leave?

11. Parking: Is it extra? Lot v. garage? Remote for the garage? Assigned spots? Street parking at reasonable times? Where can guests park? (thanks, lexingtoncherry!)

12: Additional costs: Which utilities do you pay? Power, water/sewer, garbage, cable, internet …? Be sure to factor these into your cost calculation. (thanks, anserini!)

After seeing an apartment: If you know it’s the right place for you, express that when you see it and then send an email as soon as possible. Thank them for taking the time to meet with you, say that you are very interested, have the deposit money ready and would like to sign a lease ASAP.

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OK back me up on this: Yurio's hair reaches just above his shoulders - it's pretty much a bob, a lob at most. In his 'Free' skate he has his hair pulled back in a ponytail with French braids at the sides, which I doubt would be possible for his hair length unless there was some HARDCORE STRAIGHTENING GOING ON to make it long enough for the ponytail. So now I can't stop imagining him crying over how dry his hair would be after getting it done.

This is the best analysis I have ever heard.

Let Us Go (Mino x Reader)

Requested by anon. I’ll talk about some changes about the requests in a bit. Enjoy!

Originally posted by ikonis

Being with Minho was very complicated. You loved that man and he loved you, but sometimes love is not enough, there was a lot of toxic in the relationship, having to secretly date but dealing with each other every day like you were strangers, seeing him with other women in m/v’s and you had to dress them up in their very revealing clothes or straight up underwear, touching up on your man, it drove you to the stage of insanity.

He had to ignore you, he had to act like your relationship did not go past professional, but he also had to stand the idea of dressing up other idols. Epsecially the legendary G dragon, who had stated that you were his favorite stylist, just the idea of you seeing other men in just underwear was enough to get his blood boiling.

That caused fights, yelling and throwing things, slamming doors, saying things you would never say, tear stained cheeks and soft sobs that could be heard even with the door locked. It was not healthy, not for you nor him. Someone had to stop this, he was not strong enough and you knew it, he was too emotionaly attached to you, every time you had a fight he would sneakily come to the room and cling on to your body, wrapping his arms and legs around you, afraid that you will leave him


“What is all this?”

He asked when he walked in on you packing the stuff you had left in his house and leaving the stuff he had left at yours. Hurt and confusion written all over his face. Your body and mind was numb, you didn’t feel anything, it was the stage that Minho feared, he knew that if he stopped getting a reaction from you, there was no way of changing it.

“I love you and you love me, but this is real life. I hope we can be professional at YG”

You tired to walk away but she stopped you, wrapping his arms around your waist, making the air leave your body. A tight grip like the ones at night, his nightmare came to life. You are leaving.

“Please (y/n) i’m not a beggar, but i’ll beg for you”

“Let me go Minho, let us go”


You were used to this. You were back to acting like strangers, but now you were hiding misery instead of love and jealousy, the professional relationship became strictly cold and on arms length. You could not leave your job, he certainly couldn’t leave either.

The pain became stronger when he saw you moving on. Jiyong found you single, he finally had the chance to flirt with you, it was like a stake went through his heart when he saw you walking with him through the halls and whispering about how the restuarant you went was great. He stopped dead in his tracks and looked at you guys backs, feeling his mind burning and his heart aching.

“Are you okay?”

His friend Bobby asked him. Bobby knew about you two, he could understand why you walked out of that relationship, but he could also acknowledge how much pain that caused. He had good relationships with him, but whenever he tried to bring it up to you, you would raise a thick brick wall and shut it out.

“Do you want an answer?”

He sarcastically answered. A bitter smile played on his lips, the lips that missed yours so much, or just a simple touch from your soft fingertips.

“Come on, the others are waiting for us”


He couldn’t sleep at night. The bed felt too cold, he missed how you would lay on your back, waiting for your face cream to dry, how your hair would tickle his face at night, how you had a problem breathing so you would sleep with your mouth slightly open, how you would put a ton of blankets just so you can sleep with a shirt and underwear cause you hated pijama pants.

Then he wondered. Was Jiyong getting to know those habits? Did he started to figure out your night routine, maybe now you slept with your hair down, maybe now you would wait for your cream to dry before you laid in bed with him. Sleepless nights became his new habit now.


One day he cracked. He couldn’t stand your bright smile, You had to dress up his group and you were a tad bit too happy.

“Give me a minute”

He said and left the room, banging on the door. The guys didn’t know about you, it was your choice, so they thought it was just nerves from Taehyun leaving.

“(y/n) go talk to him, he always seem to listen to you”

Jinwoo said. Honestly you were curious about his blow up too, so you just nodded and walked out. He was just sitting at the end of the hall, his eyes closed and breathing through his mouth. You debated on if you should approach him or not. You took a step but stopped “Did he want to see you?” You thought.

“You can come, I want hurt you anymore”

He said. He heard the door opening and closing, he heard your hesitant heel clicking on the well polished floor. He felt a bit happy that you came out to see if he was okay, it meant that you cared.

“Are you alright?”

“Do you want me to be honest?”


“Then no i’m not. I haven’t been fine since you left”

“We were both unhappy before I left”

You defended yourself. He had held back his anger all this time, playing his character and keeping his composure like a well oiled machine. But hearing you saying that… it broke him.

“Who told you I wasn’t happy? You did that on your own”

“It was more of a fight club than a loving relationship”


His voices was loud and booming, going throught the empty halls. You tried to keep your cool, if you both started yelling you would cause trouble, it could also cost you your Job.

“You just wanted the place clear for Jiyong”

That was it. You hand acted for you and slapped him hard, he looked back at you surprised. Instead of a poker face there was now an angry face, with tears filling up the eyes that he was never getting bored at staring.

“I loved you more than I loved myself. I stood by your side when no one was there, ME! the girl you are accusing did that. How dare you say that to me? You think you are the only one hurting? That only proves how selfish you are”

You were whisper yelling. You tried so hard to keep the tears in your eyes, but once you let all this out, one managed to slip out. You wiped it off as you turned your face on the other side, sniffing your nose.

“I miss you little wolf “

Your nickname. That silly nickname he gave you when you went to the zoo and he had to drag you away from the cage of wolfs. You were so fascinated by them, it was like you were in the pack. After that you got a tattoo of a wolf on your right thigh.

"I miss you too”

“Then why do you insist that we were not meant to be? I know you turned Jiyong down, you tried but you couldn’t. That’s what you said to him right?”

You nodded. Looking at the ground, you felt to arms pulling you, the second after your face met his shirt, as his palm and long fingers went to your hair.

“I love you”

“I love you too”

Have you ever had a long travel and you get that warm and comfortable feeling as soon as you step on your house? It’s the same feeling you felt when you relaxed in his hug. You let a long breath, kind of like that breath you leave after you unbutton your jeans, that relief of free space.

“Will you come back home?”

“Baby steps, let’s just take baby steps for now”

“What the queen wants, the queen gets" 

i genuinely feel like robert is that person who watches every single house renovation show the telly has to over. grand designs, amazing spaces, that one about the houseboats. robert is Obsessed and it drives aaron literally mental

theangryfox  asked:

for the bachelor au, is jj in it for the hell of it? does chris end up pole dancing with yuuri when yuuri's drunk? does otabek participate but unexpectedly like yurio instead? who gets the furthest? & do they get their heart broken in the v end cause they catch victor & yuuri together?

so JJ is (mostly) straight and already has a girlfriend, but he’s trying to further his modeling career, so he thinks that going on the bachelor will give him good exposure. (he doesn’t expect to kind of sort of fall for yuuri’s charms though?  he doesn’t expect to feel dejected the night he doesn’t get the rose.  he feels like he’s failed himself somehow, but more importantly, yuuri.  why doesn’t yuuri like him? what does someone like minami kenjirou have that he doesn’t? is he a bad kisser? does yuuri not like tramp stamps? he never wore a shirt if he didn’t have to in the house).  

otabek totally participates and drops out when he realizes he likes yurio instead. they spend all of their down time by the pool working out and stretching and drinking screwdrivers, and yurio keeps talking about how his type is dark hair, dark eyes, with a dry sense of humor, and it makes otabek want to scream a lot.  “did i tell you i had a motorcycle?” otabek asks.  he has.  he has told yurio twenty-nine times. 

everyone gets their heart broken.  everyone.  everyone except victor nikiforov. 

“My father always told me to never talk to one of you humans, let alone talk to one long enough for my hair to dry…”

For @omega-hux for the @verymerrykylux Secret Santa event! Mermaid AU with kylo and a mermaid!hux (shark tail seemed fitting I suppose) ft. Meelicent the eel. 

mirror mirror; pt 2

it’s been awhile, hasn’t it? too much happened, but I finally have a bit more time now and hope to be posting more regularly again!

pt 1 !!

characters: taehyung x you
word count: 5406
rating: m ; royalty! au w/ Crown Prince Taehyung + sexy times

Taehyung should’ve been preparing for dinner at the castle right now.

Yet, his Highness stood behind a steaming pot, reading the instructions to instant ramen, something never dare served to royalty but a luxury to the commoner.

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Yuri getting his hair stuck in the hair dryer (it happens with long hair it's terrifying) And otabek having to cut it out (Yuri crying even though it's only 2 inches)

Originally posted by n-e-v-e-r-m-0-r-3

… YOU ARE SO SAVAGE MY DEAR ANON?????? HOLY CRAP, DOES THIS ACTUALLY HAPPEN?????? D;;;; My hair is really, really long, and this has never happened to me before holy shit… I’M SO SCARED NOW BUHAHAHAHA SAVE ME MY DEAR ANON xD

But oh my gosh, Yuri wouldn’t be the only one crying… Beka would be crying, Lilia would be crying, Victor and Yuuri would be crying, even Yakov would be crying… 


… I would go berserk with them tbh :’D

TYSM FOR SHARING MY DEAR ANON!!!! ;///7///;  <333333333

(Even tho you low key freaked me out WAHAHAHAHA, HOW CAN I EVER BLOW DRY MY HAIR EVER AGAIN???????)

Just A Dream

Summary: The reader wakes up in the middle of the night for water but then hears Sam having a nightmare so she goes and stays with him. 

Pairings: Sam Winchester x Reader

Warnings: None just Sammy has a nightmare and it’ s fluffy 

Word Count: 840

A/N: This was requested by @klinse15-blog for 23 with Sammy. Here you go love, hope you like it. 💕

Originally posted by unairedepisodes

You woke up in the middle in need for water and usually you kept a water bottle on the nightstand next to your bed, but tonight you didn’t. You really didn’t want to leave the warmth of your bed, but you had to. Dragging yourself off the bed, you grabbed your robe that was hooked on the back of your door and went to the kitchen. As you were walking, you thought you heard whimpers, but every time you stopped, the whimpers stopped too. Thinking it was just your imagination, you continued your path and grabbed a water bottle. Taking a gulp while walking to your room, the whimpers came back and this time they didn’t stop. You walked in the direction where it was coming from and stopped right in front of Sam’s room.

The past couple of days, Sam had been having sleep troubles. Sometimes he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep or he sometimes he would have nightmares about Lucifer and the cage or a nightmare about you or Dean dying in his arms. You slowly turned the doorknob and opened the door just enough to see Sam. He was whimpering, clutching at the sheets. You could see the light layer of sweat, that glistened every time he tossed and turned and how it clung his hair to his face. Suddenly your throat went dry again, seeing Sam the one who protected you at all times; in such a scared and vulnerable state. Stepping into the room, licking your lips you whispered; “Sam.” When that did nothing, you decided to say it a little louder and walked closer to his bed.

“Sam,” Suddenly, he shifted saying something you couldn’t make out until he said it a second time,

“Y/N, no not you,” His voice shaking, his grip on the sheets growing tighter by the second. You stood there, stunned unsure of what to do.

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Change - Mark (END)

“I can’t believe it.” He keeps his eyes on the positive sign imprinted on the tester. His hand cups over his lips, dumbfounded for awhile. “You’ll be a great mom, you know?”

Mark’s words hold me in place. I’m suddenly too slow for a runaway. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard such honest words from him. Hearing them is different from believing them though. I couldn’t sell myself out just yet. I’m far too vulnerable and it scares me that I just might let Mark win. “It’s not that I won’t or will be a great mom. It’s that I’m not ready to be a mom.”

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“Moments Like These”

Words: 1,593

Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Reader

Summary: Reader breaks her hand on a hunt with the boys

Warnings: Fluff

Link to the imagine which inspired this


“AAAH!” You scream as you drop your knife to the ground, grabbing your wrist with your other hand. You felt the bone in your hand snap as the vampire squeezed harder. The pain is throbbing and radiating throughout your hand, making you whimper. Unfortunately, this just makes the vampire laugh and try to hurt you more.

“Sam! Dean!” You see the two men charge into the room. The vampire lets go of you, walking over to them with a grin on his face.

“I just snapped this pretty girl’s wrist. Should I do it to your necks?” He smirks.

“Oh, you must not know who we are.” Dean smirks, and cuts clean through his head. You sigh in relief, and they rush over to you.

“Y/N, you have got to get to a hospital. You have a broken hand and you’ve lost a lot of blood.” Sam frowns, helping you up. It had been a hunting trip gone wrong. When they asked you to go on the hunt with them, it was to go as bait so they could “gank that bitch” (can you guess who said that one?). Being bait didn’t work, you got kidnapped, and were kept tied up in a basement as he fed off of you. The reason he was breaking your wrist in the first place was because you managed to untie your hands and grab your knife, attempting to stab him, but he was too fast for you.

“I’m fine, I swear.” You grab his hand with your good one. “I hate hospitals.”

“That’s too bad, kiddo, ‘cause we’re going there now. Broken hands don’t heal themselves.” Dean shakes his head. You make a face at him calling you kiddo, something he has done since you two met, even though you’re only a little younger than Sam.

“Right.” You say shortly, following them to the impala.


“We’re going to need to take her into X-Ray, but I can almost guarantee that she’s got a broken bone somewhere in there.” The doctor tells you three as you sit in the ER room.

“Does that mean I have to wear a cast?” You frown, getting off the hospital bed to follow him. Wearing a cast would really put a damper in things.

“It would, yes.” He nodded, leading you into a room filled with equipment you’d never seen in your life.

“Just lay your hand there, keep it steady, and it’ll be over soon.” The doctor reassures you, noticing you look nervous.

“Okay,” You mumble.

“So, those men back there? Your brothers?” He makes friendly conversation from behind this big window.

“No, just friends. Although, they’re sort of like brothers to me.” You admit. It was the first time you said that out loud.

“So, you have two bones broken in your hand. Your lunate and your scaphoid, your scaphoid being the worst of the two. Almost shattered.” He tells you. You look at him blankly, not knowing “doctor” terms. “You’re going to need surgery. Then we’ll put you in a cast and send you on your way.”

“Great…” You trail off.


The surgery went fine, and the pain meds they gave you afterwards helped tremendously.

“What color cast should I get, guys?” You teased Sam and Dean. You’ve all been at the hospital for hours, and you’re so thankful that they’re still there. You know they must be bored out of their minds sitting in those chairs all day.

“Definitely hot pink.” Dean teases back. You decide to just go with the colorless one, because you like to change up your look too much to stick to one color for months.

By the time you finally get out of the ER, it’s the next day and the three of you are exhausted.

“Let’s just find a motel and crash.” Sam suggests as you lay down in the backseat of the impala.

“Fine by me, we’re not in a rush to get anywhere.” You yawn. “I’m sharing the bed with Dean, though. Every time I’m forced to sleep in the same bed as Sam, he takes up the whole thing.”

“Hey, it’s not my fault I’m so tall.”

“Nah, Y/N just wants to share a bed with me because of my good looks and smokin’ body.” Dean pipes in.

“You wish, Dean.” You snort.

“Ouch.” Sam laughs. It’s moments like these that you love, when the three of you are making jokes and laughing together. You much prefer this over the times you’ve spent crying together.

Dean pulls into the next motel he sees off the side of the road, and Sam heads in to get us a room key. I groan as I get out of the car, the pain meds wearing off. You try to grab your bag, but Dean stops you.

“Hey, hey, relax. I got it.” He smiles at you, throwing your backpack over his shoulder.

“Thanks, man.”

“I didn’t get the chance to say this earlier, but thanks for comin’ with us on this hunt. Even if we screwed up.”

“You don’t need to thank me for that. Thank you for saving my ass. I’m the one who got myself in this mess.” You laugh, lifting up your hand to show him.

Sam comes back and lets you in the room. It’s not very big- barely enough room for the two queen beds, and the light over the sink doesn’t work, but it would be fine for one night.

You grabbed your pills and your water bottle from your bag, taking the correct dosage before grabbing clothes to get in the shower.

“How can you shower with that thing on?” Dean looks puzzled.

“I guess you just try to not get it wet. Maybe I’ll put a plastic bag over it. I can’t not shower for three months, Dean.”

“I’m going to get food. Want us to bring anything back for you?” Sam asks.

“No, I’m not hungry.” You respond, opening the door to the bathroom.

“I think I’ll stay here with Y/N. Make sure she doesn’t need anything.” You hear Dean tell Sam after you close the door. You can’t hear Sam’s response, so you turn on the shower and step inside. The warm water feels good, making you almost moan in delight.

After you finish washing your hair and your body, which prove to be quite difficult with only one hand, you step out of the shower and dry off. You put on simple pajamas, just a pair of little shorts and an oversized flannel that you knew you stole from one of the guys at some point.

You walk out into the bed area to see Dean sitting on the one closest to the door, staring intently at the TV. You move your head and laugh to see what he’s watching.

“Dr. Sexy, M.D.? Really?” You laugh.

“It’s a good show!” He defends, blushing as he reaches to switch the channel.

“You don’t have to change it.” You tell him, taking a seat next to him and beginning to brush your wet hair. You find it to be difficult since it’s really tangled and you have to use your non-dominant hand.

“Can you brush my hair?” You finally ask Dean. He gives you an odd look, but he takes the brush from your hand and begins to lightly make the comb go through your hair.

“You can brush harder than that. I’m not tender headed.”

“You’re not what?”

“Nevermind.” You laugh. He continues to work his way down your hair, eventually getting all the tangles out.

“Need me to do anything else?” He asks. An idea pops in your head, making you smile.

“Actually, yeah, can you blow dry it, too? I don’t like sleeping with it wet.” You lie, trying to see how far you can take this.

“Uh, I guess.”

You show him how to turn it on and work it, and he starts drying your hair, making a face every time your wet hair smacks him in the face. You have to try your hardest not to giggle at this situation- The big, tough Dean Winchester is doing your hair. Who would have thought?

“It’s not getting any drier.” He pouts, turning it off after about five minutes.

“It takes time.”

“Man, I have no idea what I’m doing…” He laughs.

“It’s alright, I can just sleep with it wet. It’s honestly not a big deal.” You start to feel bad.

“What? No. I started this thing, I’m going to finish it.”

Dean turns the blow-dryer back on, and as soon as he does, Sam enters the room with food. His eyes open wide at the situation before him, making him smirk before shaking his head.

“Forcing him to do your hair, huh?”

“He’s good with his hands.” You say nonchalantly, not realizing what you just said before they both start cracking up. “Oh God, that sounded horrible.”

“I think you need to get some sleep.” Dean kisses your head, moving over so you can lay down.

You lay your head on the pillow, closing your eyes. Despite the recent events, this is the happiest you’ve been in a while. Being with them just gives you this peace, this safe feeling. You feel like no matter what happens, you know it’s going to be ok. 

I guess the Winchester brothers just have that effect on you.

Rental Love*(4\?)

(*Read Terms & Conditions)

Male/22/Long Island N.Y.C.
Tired of showing up stag at holiday events? Want your family to stop thinking there’s something wrong with you? Just want some arm candy for a work event?
Look no further. Your solution is here!
I will attend holiday events with you as your paid date.
Accepting all genders as applicants.
Email if interested. Interview & application will be set up there.
Nico di Angelo has been telling Hazel Levesque about his boyfriend for weeks. The bad part? Nico doesn’t have a boyfriend, the holidays are coming up, and not all of Jason’s ideas are horrible.
They’re all a bit surprised about the last one.
Read Part One Here Part Two Part Three

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