how to dress alternative

“I never thought you were really interested in all this.” Zelena spoke out, drawing everyone’s attention. “Don’t get me wrong, but you do not exactly do the princess style.”

"You say that because you didn’t see how she was dressed when she was sent to the alternate reality created by Evil Queen’s desire.” Regina laughed as Emma grew more and more blushing. “I’d love to have taken a picture.”

“Regina! You promised!” Emma folded her arms like a child making a lovely beak.

“I’m sorry, Em.” The brunette called her by the nickname she used to use when they were only two in her house without even realizing, causing in Snow and Zelena an arch of eyebrows. "But after the initial shock of seeing you dressed that way, I have to admit, you look great in the formal dresses of the Enchanted Forest.”

“You said that the Emma Princess singing version was not your favorite.” Swan narrowed his eyes as he approached her face unabashedly. "You were lying?”

“No…” Regina felt her mouth suddenly dry. “I don’t care if you sing, as long as you know who you really are, and at that moment you did not know, you were trapped in the illusion created by Evil Queen.”

"So now you’re saying you liked to hear me sing?” Emma laughed teasing the older woman.

Zelena, Snow, and Henry watched the scene before them in astonishment. They had never seen them behave that way. Everyone knew they had come in the last few weeks, but they had no idea how much it really had been.

One shot on the way! Post season 6.


“I feel just as sexy in a bralette and shorts as I do in my father’s tee shirt and sneakers,” she says. “I dress how I write—comfortably, honestly, and provocatively. There’s a serious 90s element in my attire and it’s definitely attributed to the same thing that effects my music: my parents. I was raised with a black dad and a white mom in the 1990s. There’s something Alanis Morissette/Nirvana meets TLC/Fresh Prince about how I dress, and there’s something sonically hip hop meets alternative meets ‘God Only Knows’ about my music.”(x)