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Congrats! Headcanon on aos bones and his fondness of the ease of access the skirted uniform provides! 😉

Thank you!

Oh my god, my mind went to the dirtiest of places and the imagery was so fucking vivid.

  • Leonard McCoy thinks the Starfleet uniforms are ridiculous. They are essentially designed so that you need hypermobility in your joints in order to zip them up, and he’s not a real fan of high waisted pants - for whatever reason, he’s always found high waisted pants are the kind that get uncomfortably close to your testicles, and he likes the boys to have a little more freedom.
  • Do not get him started on the idiot medical uniforms. The pullover pointy pinafore from hell pisses him off no end. Chapel has had to help pull him out of the goddamn thing at least three times in the last two weeks and he doesn’t think they’re any more sanitary than the regular uniform.
  • The most of his ire is reserved for the level of stupidity that was present when the women’s uniforms were designed. They are so goddamn short that his staff can’t even squat without showing off what god gave her. When he finally follows the chain of distribution back to the uniform designer to make his complaints, the response is to send a box of ‘underwear covers’ that are essentially a second pair of knickers in division colours for the ladies to wear under their dresses, like that somehow will help.
  • He writes a strongly worded memo to Starfleet Medical HQ about the impracticality of the goddamn uniforms, and the Enterprise nurses are the first to pilot a pants uniform while on duty in MedBay.
  • Leonard loves the pants uniforms while his staff is on-duty. Everyone looks the same, and comfortable. If he could just get rid of the pullover pointy fucking pinafore, he’d have everything he wanted in the world.
  • The uniform change does point something out to him though. He’d become completely desensitized to how fucking sexy the dresses were. He becomes so used to seeing his staff all in pants that when he ventures out of MedBay and into a sea of crewmen in their dresses, he’s distracted by how short they are.
  • He alternates wondering how he ever worked with that much delicious thigh on display all the time. He doesn’t remember having to work with a permanent semi, but maybe that’s why he hates the high waisted pants so much? Because he was constantly and perpetually aroused?
  • It’s not until a night after too much bourbon in the officer’s lounge that he realizes what a real treasure the dress uniform is. As you moan against his shoulder, he’s able to flip the skirt and pull down your knickers in a split second before driving home into you. It’s the most arousing and public thing he’s ever done.
  • You spend the next few months teasing him about his public sex kink, and ‘accidentally’ losing your ‘panty covers’ where he can find them, just so you can christen another area of the ship.

tbh i feel like just the huge queercore scene is what has been appealing to me about punk more than anything really with punk… that and i feel like my desires and how i wanna dress reflects very well with alternative fashion.. as it’s often non-conformist and androgynous/gender neutral.

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He excitedly held out his hand to shake, moon-eyed and smitten with his alternate. Finally. FINALLY someone who knew how to dress and how to act. "OH! I'M SATIN. I KNOW. IT SOUNDS SOFT. NOT...NOT REALLY AS EDGY AS BLACKBERRY. BUT! IT'S NICE TO MEET YOU."

He reached out to take the other’s hand with a small grin. 



“I feel just as sexy in a bralette and shorts as I do in my father’s tee shirt and sneakers,” she says. “I dress how I write—comfortably, honestly, and provocatively. There’s a serious 90s element in my attire and it’s definitely attributed to the same thing that effects my music: my parents. I was raised with a black dad and a white mom in the 1990s. There’s something Alanis Morissette/Nirvana meets TLC/Fresh Prince about how I dress, and there’s something sonically hip hop meets alternative meets ‘God Only Knows’ about my music.”(x)

Watch the Tide Rise: Dress

These are just quick glimpses into Liza and Harry’s life post-Sink. Feedback is lovely! <3

Just Anchor and Hope & When We Sink, We Float


When Penny walked out of the dressing room, I burst into tears. 

If anything, I was more surprised that I lasted this long without crying. Because, no, it wasn’t the price tags, or the necklines, or the fact that I couldn’t get the first one over my hips. I was crying because my sister looked better in a wedding dress than I did.

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How old were you when you first started dressing more goth/alternative?

Honestly it was late in my teens as I went to an extremely strict school that forbade hair dye, jewellery, makeup, or lewd or questionable behaviour in public. I wish I had been able to express myself earlier on but tra la la.