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Preference #37: Little Girls (Ashton)

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It was Ashton’s idea and he was so proud. Calum had suggested getting Lia a puppy, and Ashton would do anything to make his little girl happy. She was still only 4 years old and she hadn’t gotten over the birth of her newborn brother. She had liked him a lot, it just came as shock to her that she wasn’t the centre of attention anymore. She had always been her Daddy’s little princess and she had never expected that to change but in her mind her place had been filled by baby Harry Irwin. Ashton wouldn’t agree with this. Ashton thought he could never love anyone so much when little Amelia was born and was nervous about having a son, but his heart expanded and he felt the same love for Harry as he did when his daughter was born. But in no way did that mean that they loved Amelia any less. He tried to spend as much time as possible with his little munskin but time wasn’t always plentiful with an upcoming album and a newborn in the house. Amelia felt she had been forgotten, replaced.

“I’m going to go and live with Uncle Mikey,” Amelia announced her voice stern and not at all childlike. She was packing crayons and barbies into her pink ladybug backpack. Ashton only laughed, but his daughter had a pout on her face, instead of her usual grin.

“I’m not coming back. Alex and Ryan can be my new brothers. I don’t like Harry,” Amelia told him. Ashton looked up his phone. He was sitting on Amelia’s princess bed, but paying less attention to his daughter then she would of liked.

“Why don’t you like Harry?” Ashton asked, concerned. Amelia was so excited to have a brother and he was surprise to find that there was nothing but seriousness in her voice.

“I just don’t. You can leave now,” Amelia said. She stood up from the carpet and made her way over to her wardrobe, that was too small for her excessive amount of clothes. Ashton stared at her, taken aback.

“Don’t you wanna play tea party?” He asked. He didn’t mind so much that her daughter was being rude. Lia may be tiny, but she had Ashton wrapped around her finger since the day that she was born.

“No. Bye Dad,” Lia was on her tiptoes, flicking her clothes on the rack just like you would of done. Ashton smiled at her before, getting up off her bed.

“You don’t talk to your Daddy like that Amelia. How about we have a movie night, we can build a fort and invite Sienna over,” Ashton knew there was nothing his daughter liked more than movie nights with pillow forts and ice cream.

“Whatever. I’m busy,” Lia replied. Ashton sighed but left it at that, knowing that once his daughter decided on something it was near impossible to change her mind. Ashton left her big pink bedroom, shaking his head. At 4 years old Amelia was much more of a drama queen than Ashton could ever imagine.

She was acting very strange after that and constantly threw tantrums and everyone knew that it was because she was jealous of Harry but no one knew what to do about it. Calum suggested getting her a puppy, (because Calum thinks everything can be resolved with a puppy) and it kind of worked and Amelia decided that she like Harry and she was best friends with her mum again and she put up with Ashton, but it still wasn’t right. It was so hard for Ashton, with a newborn and a puppy, (not to mention the album) because he just wanted Lia to be his little princess again.

It was 7am on a summers morning when Ashton finally decided to do something about it. He was staring at the ceiling, next to you and Harry who were peacefully sleeping. He shot up out of bed and into the kitchen, gathering the necessary equipment and writing you a note before entering Lia’s room.

“Wake up sleepy head,” Ashton shook Amelia gently before she swatted him away with her skinny arm.

“’M not goin’ to school,” she mumbled into her pillow and turning away from her father’s eager eyes.

“You don’t have to,” Ashton lifted Lia out of her bed, and she clung to his kneck.

“Go ‘way,” she yawned, but put her head on his shoulder all the same. Ashton picked a few of her favourite stuffed animals off the floor and put her polk-a-dot welly boots on her bare feet before carrying her to the car.

“Where are we going?” Lia yanwed from the back of the car as Ashton drove.

“I’m taking you out for breakfast,” Ashton announced, smiling at how clever it was.

“Why? I can’t go, I’m in my pyjamas,” Lia mumbled, gesturing to her cotton yellow nightdress.

“I still think you’re beautiful. It’s like a date, Lia. I’m taking you on a date.” Ashton was so proud. That would have to resolved the issues with his daughter. Amelia still talked to him of course, she was 4 she had no choice. But she called him, “Dad.” and it sounded cold and unloving instead of the happiness in her voice when she said, “Daddy” like he was used to. He missed her falling asleep on his chest mumbling about how her day went and her sticky kisses and they way she looked into his eyes and smiled, her dimples almost deeper than his.

“I don’t want to go on a date with you,” Lia pouted and Ashton’s heart broke. What happened to his Daddy’s little girl? He ignored what he said and finally arrive at their destination, a quiet lake not to far from their suburban home.

He left the car taking the basket he had prepared earlier and Lia followed, not wanting to interact with her father, but not wanting to stay in the car on her own either. Ashton prepared the picnic that he had planned out in so much detail in his head while Amelia took off her boots and walked carefully on the hard stones and into the lake, playing contently under Ashton’s watchful eye.

“Lia!” Ashton called when he was finally ready. “Wanna join me on the picnic?” He watched as his daughter pondered for a moment, before walking up to join him. She sat crossed legged on the blanket, as he was.

“See it’s like a tea party,” Ashton smiled, gesturing to your grandmother’s china that he has stolen from the cabinet. Amelia looked at her Dad, starting him up and down, not knowing where he was going with this. Neither of them knew what to say.

“Have you got my princess crown?” Lia asked, referring to her tiara that was made of “Real Diamonds” that she had received as one of her many birthday gifts from Ashton.

Ashton mentally cursed himself, before searching in his carrier bag. “No. I’ve got one of Mummy’s hats thought.” Ashton placed the floppy sunhat on her tiny head, knowing how much she loved to dress up in your things. She giggled, moving her dirty blonde hair out of her eyes. Ashton cut her a slice of cake and open a juice box for her before sitting back to watch her.

“Mummy says we can’t have cake for breakfast,” Lia looked up at Ashton, her eyebrows furrowed. Ashton was usually the type of Dad to back up what you said, which was usually easy because both of you tended to spoil your daughter.

“Well Mummy’s not here, is she?” Ashton smirked and Lia’s eyes lit up and a huge grin appeared on her face, her dimpled showing. That was the smile that Ashton was looking for. She ate her cake with the plastic fork that Ashton had supplied, getting crumbs down her dress and leaving cream and jam on the corners of her mouth. Ashton watcher her, sipping apple juice like a toddler, wondering how he would ask her why she was behaving strangely the past few weeks.

“Amelia…”Ashton started, but was cut off.

“Don’t call me that. I like Lia better,” Lia insisted through a mouthful of cake. She spoke so well for a 4 year old, even though she was smaller than average child of her age. She sounded so proper, even with vanilla crumbs pooling out of her mouth. Ashton wondered where she had gotten it from, it wasn‘t you and it definitely wasn‘t him either. “Okay, Lia. Do you…do you not like me anymore?” Ashton asked, pleading for his little girl to come back. Lia looked up at him with her big eyes and wiped the sticky mess from her face with the back of her had, like you had warned her not to do so many times before.

“No. I don’t like you,” Lia said simply, liked it was so obvious. “But you don’t like me either.” Ashton’s thought’s completely stopped and he stared at Amelia. She stared back, her eyes sad and her lips curled into a small pout.

“What? Why would you think that Amelia? That’s crazy!” Ashton shouted but whispered the last part. Amelia, his baby girl thought that he didn’t like her. He couldn’t believe he let their relationship get to this point. He felt like crying.

Amelia looked down her lip was wobbling and there were tears stinging her eyes but she was clenching her eyes shut and muttering that she couldn’t cry. “Because you like Harry more than me.”

Ashton rubbed his temples, thinking of away to explain the situation to her without sounding like a liar. He had told her many times before that he loved them both the same now, but he hadn’t really lived up to it, fussing over Baby Harry so much that Lia barely got a look in. He felt like such an idiot.

Amelia was still staring, but her eyes were bloodshot and there were tears running down her face. She stared with such endurance, almost boring at hole in Ashton’s sole.

“Lia, you’re my baby girl. I will never love anyone more than I love you,” Ashton’s voice was quiet and hushed and his lip was bit with worry. Amelia kept on staring and her tiny body was shaking with sobs now. Ashton didn’t hesitate to pull her onto his lap and wrap his arms tight around her promising himself that he would never get distant from her again. He rested his cheek on her soft, thin hair and there was tears in his own eyes now.

“I’m so, so, so sorry if you felt that way Lia. But I promise that I will never stop loving you no matter what. You’re my daughter, my princess. Please let me make it up to you,” Ashton begged. Amelia leaned out of his grip a bit, looking into his teary eyes with her own. She reached up to wipe away his tears, like he had done so many times for her.

“Okay,” she smiled and Ashton relaxed a bit. “I love you Daddy!” Amelia planted a wet kiss on Ashton’s lips and buried her head in his neck and Ashton gripped onto her so tight he was worried she would stop breathing. He knew that one day, his daughter would grow up and would be so distant that they would be almost like strangers and that he would never be ready, but he knew that she need to be a little girl right now, his little girl.

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