how to draw: detailed faces

“Come on Thomas, turn that frown upside down! Or else Fredbear won’t stop giving you bear hugs!”

“Oh no Fredbear’s gonna nuzzle me to death! Whatever shall I do hehe!”

“HA! I knew I’d get you to stop crying and to smile again!”

“ Y-yeah. Thanks sis. Honestly if you weren’t around I don’t think I’d be happy ever again.”

“Well it’s a good thing I’m not going anywhere anytime soon then right? Now come on, lets continue playing! Fredbear and Funtime Foxy have to get their treasure back from foxy in your room!”

“Alright I’m coming! That fox won’t know what hit him haha!”

A picture of the sister from SL cheering up her brother who was feeling blue. (Probably caused by the masked brother)



I thought I’d try something I haven’t really done before, and show the drawing process too. I wanted to contrast Gray’s usual connection with the colour blue  and instead use a warmer pallet. But I feel like his icey look and white coat bring back the… iciness…
I’m good with words.

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost without permission.

30 day AU challenge - day 6, 1920s

how the great gatsby should have gone down am i right

Landscapes aren’t usually my thing, but I’ve been staring at my mother’s beautiful landscapes all morning and I got inspired by some of the moonlight paintings she’d done. So I thought I’d try it out with pastels, and it didn’t turn out too bad 🙈 what I loved most is how therapeutic it felt compared to drawing faces with details and such. Definitely a nice change!!

✨Materials: ✨ Strathmore toned tan paper, Faber Castel soft pastels and General’s pastel chalk pencils. 

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Could you please make a tutorial on how you draw your characters? Your art is so nice but you don't have to if you're busy!!!

i’ve recently simplified the way i draw- so it’s a lot faster for me and i personally prefer the outcome… but it’s probably not the easiest or the most helpful to learn from??? but ill try my best o(-<

so um this is just the basics of how i draw faces now

i used to draw out circles and sketch out where i wanted the details of the face, but it definitely took a lot longer and for some reason i would always make the eyes really big?? and the jaw really strange?? so now i find this method is a lot easier for me and helps me keep my facial proportions more accurate

but ofc adding guidelines underneath can be really helpful!! add as many underneath as you need

um i find hair is something everyone does differently though so i don’t have many tips for this part???

the only detail i think worth mentioning here is that i think hairlines are a fun detail to add! they help me diversify the hairstyles i draw and add a sense of realism??

definitely the way i draw now is not something that will work for everyone- but hopefully this gives you a rough idea of how i draw faces?

ill add some more tips/details under the cut,,,

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what is lineart and colouring? nope…

UmiMaki Day 5: Circus UR Set

Actually had zero intention of doing day 5 because have you even seen the amount of detail rip me… now I’m not even sure if I can upload day 6 at this rate DDDX

This kinda happened because I was bored and I started messing around with my tablet. One thing led to another and before I knew it I did a full lineart for Umi already DX

Gayther then took the next 3 hours because have you SEEN the amount of frills this thing has good lord have mercy…

this is my entry for the 100 kagamine collab please check it out !! happy bday to Rin & Len my favorite twins <333 im very happy to be part of this

Unidentifiable sorrow, anger, emptiness…
Dark emotions show through.
Maybe she’s succumbed to despair and has no hope for anyone…
I think that’s why she just wants to destroy everything…


Tfw over time u realize you’ve actually developed ur own style

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YOUR BLOG IS AMAZING I LOVE IT SO MUCH. so in that case can I request bokuto, akaashi, kenma, kuroo, hinata, kageyama, and tsukki reaction to their s/o without their glasses on? Sorry if that's to many people xD


Bokuto: (my husband) A whistle made you look up during your walk in the schools’ hallway, and upon looking up you met with bright gold eyes shining at you.
“Look at youuuu!!!” Bokuto cheered, using his hands to make a box infront of his face to ‘frame’ you in a photo. You blushed and looked down for a moment before a smile bubbled on your face and you giggled looking at him.
“You don’t think I look weird?” You sheepishly asked, halting your steps as you arrived infront of him.
“Weird?! No! You look beautiful with or without your glasses! But…” He almost whispered the last part and he leaned in slowly and claimed your lips. “It does make it easier to do that. I don’t have to worry about hitting my face on your glasses!” 
Walking hand in hand, you both laughed at the inside joke.

Akaashi: Looking up from his book he looked quizzly across the couch to where you were sitting with your own book, aimlessly tracing circles on his ankle of his right leg beside you. Feeling eyes on you, you looked up.
“Yes, Akaashi-kun?” You asked sweetily, your hand slowing.
“You’re not wearing your glasses…” He noted.
“Uhm, yeah, I’m not! I’m trying out new contacts.” You replied as your absentmindedly smoothed out your eyebrow. 
“Are they good? If you can’t see very well, I can read to you.” 
Blushing at his more than generous offer, you crawled across his long legs to kiss him on the forehead, he sighed contently in response.
“I can see great! But will you read to me anyway?”
“Of course, gorgeous.”

Kenma: This was a normal lunch for you, but not for Kenma. Being able to see your eyes so exposed with no lens in front astounded him. The colour blew him away as is and the way he could clearly see the way they lit up when you defeated an enemy or passed a level in your game made his heart flip.
“Kozume? Zu-chan. Hey! Kozume!”
Shaking his head from his thoughts, he stared at you tentatively, thumbs frozen on his game with a piece of bread stuck between his lips.
“What’s on your mind?”
Looking down as he chewed and swallowed his food, he mumbled, beginning to focus at your own hands. 
“You’re not wearing your glasses… And I used to look at the reflection of your game in your lenses so see how you were doing in your game..”
Tilting your head, you wondered if he was purely consumed by the seemingly unknown progress of your game.
“But I can see the way your eyes light up better now… and that tells me how well you’re doing.” You shot a smile his way, slightly giggling. “It’s beautiful, _____-chan.”

Kuroo: “Hey four-eyes, how was your ri- huh?!” You heard your teasing boyfriend yell as he always would when you stepped off the train to greet him before school. Pushing your bangs out of your face, you let your contact-clad irises admire the bright red spread on Kuroo’s cheeks.
“Damn.” He bit his lip.
“Ha. That’s right! No “hey goggles!” or “hey four-eyes!” jokes today, Tetsurou. I, got contacts.” You smiled triumphantly.
“Babe, you do remember our vows right? I’ll always accept you no matter what super-natural, alien-made, 72nd century technology you put in those pretty eyes of yours.”
He grinned when he finally got what he wanted, you were blushing. Swinging an arm around you, he ruffled your hair while starting your morning walk.
“T-Tetsurou, they are contacts, not lazer-robot eyes! And we’re not married!” 

Hinata: A day with Hinata was always full of energy. On multiple dates and occasions, his whirlwind of bubbly energy would knock your glasses off whether you liked it or not. Knowing what plans you both made today, you decided to try out contacts, but had your glasses in your purse, just in case.
“OI!” Your orangette boyfriend exclaimed suddenly, coming very close to your face. “Don’t be scared, ______-chan, but your glasses fell off again! I’m sorry, gah I’m not sure what I did this time but don’t worry, I-I’ll find them!”
Giggling you had to place both hands on your boyfriend’s face in order to calm him down.
“Shouyou~! I put in contacts so that this situation wouldn’t happen! I can see just fine.”
“Oh! Well! Hey, that’s awesome!” His laughed died out as his eyes moved back and forth from yours. “They look really beautiful today, _____-chan. But they always do!” He added, kissing your nose. 

Kageyama: How could he focus? You were over to help him study and he was dying to ask. Where were your glasses? Did they fall off? Could you see? Were your eyes gonna fall out?!
“Tob-chan? You okay?” You asked, leaning into his sweaty line of vision.
“I-I’m fine! Are you okay?!” He yelled, immediately shrinking after his outburst.
“I’m good… why wouldn’t I be?” You giggled, trying to figure out your anxious boyfriend. “Tobio, if this is about me not wearing my glasses… I can see.”
Kageyama snorted as he pretending to keep writing notes. His blush grew and grew and he physically jumped when a pair of lenses blocked his vision for a split second. Looking over at you in time to hear a click, he was petrified.
“Delete that picture. Now.” He snarled, still wearing your glasses you placed on him. 
Your laughter was enough to break his scowl, and he smiled as he wrestled you for the phone. 
“Tobio, you pull those off better than me~!”
“That’s not true and you know it.”

Tsukki: He was trying his best. Looking off towards the tv that was in the restaurant as you insisted on drawing him on the paper-clad table. 
“Ta-daaa!” You stated, smiling proudly at your cartoon version of your tall boyfriend. 
Tsukki snorted with a small smile at the way you drew the glasses half the size of the head, before grabbing his own crayon.
“I’ll show you how this is done.” He stated as he began to draw a cartoon you beside his. 
After smiling as big as you can for about 2 minutes, you took a picture of the end result as Tsukki sat back and scoffed.
“This isn’t fair, y’know.” He crossed his arms.
“And why’s that?” You snickered, looking at how his drawing of you was very detailed in the face and had a horrible stick figured body.
“The day you ask me to draw you is the day you look less geek-y because you’re not wearing glasses. No wonder mine isn’t accurate enough.”
“Tsukishia Kei, did you just call me beautiful?” 



 Im really realLY in need of money right now and because of that im taking commissions, im setting my prices cheaper than what i usually take for commissions these 3 weeks because i really really need to make quick money and this is the only way for me to make money. 

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