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Inktober day 2: Divided - based on @infriga’s idea for a werewolf Stan who’s stuck as a wolf until he gets burned by the symbol in the basement

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McHanzo Week Day 6: Mangetsu and Coyote Sangriento

I got carried away drawing this. I had SO much fun swapping ults/clothes and also redesigning them! I hope you like it! :D


So………...this fic man..…. I flipping pulled an all nighter and a good part of the next day reading this 42(so far) chapter fic and boy was it worth every second! A few chapters hit so close to home for me emotionally i just sat and balled for a solid 10 minutes. I still cant believe I didn’t find it sooner. Its by the incredibly talented @poubelle-squelette   If you have a day to spare, and love adorable skele fluff i highly recommend it!!

I just wanted to doodle a something to show my appreciation for this adorable story. I’m still pretty new to digital art, so forgive my wonky art. (pun was not part of the story im sorry I added it) Click image for better resolution.

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Keys and Christmas Lights – Valentine’s day Sterek Dance!AU on AO3 (inspired by this)

Stiles’ fingers clenched in Derek’s hair, holding him with desperation as he stormed his lips. Derek reacted with a shameless murmur of appreciation, letting Stiles to slowly take control over his body. He felt this long fingers slipping out of his hair, stroking his skin with the same rhythm as Stiles’ biting into his lips. They ran gently through his shoulder, causing an involuntary shiver when finally slipped between Derek’s thighs, drawing him even closer to Stiles’ hot body.

“I knew…” Stiles said between one kiss and the other, “I knew you don’t like candles,” he whispered in a hurry. Stopping for a moment, he added with a warm huff, “So I used Christmas lights instead.”

For the fandom and for this extraordinary girl whose talent dazzles me every single time… yes, I mean you kala-fiorek ^^ and yes, she drew that amazing art!


Oh no
I got hit with the “8th Grade OTP” feels.
Shadows bewilderment is pretty much mine as well.