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Inktober Day 17: Battle

This is partially a commentary on the nature of mental illness, but this post by @multsicorn is also relevant.

12 Days of Bethyl
Day 2: snow
Beth and Daryl never left the funeral home, and one snowy day, she convinces him to help her chop down a tree.

I wasn’t sure what to do for this theme but then my family and I busted out the Xmas decorations today and my dad mentioned getting a tree out of our new backyard (50+ acres of timber), and we haven’t had a tree in years, and while I was setting up decorations I just kept saying quotes from Still (“Your dad shot things inside your house?” “ ‘was just a buncha junk anyway”) so then I thought of Bethyl celebrating Chrimmus and here ya go.

What even is plaid? How does one even draw it? Anyway, I tried to pick clothes that harken to Normily to celebrate all the Normily love we got from the con.  But also, Beth is wearing Daryl’s leather vest, bc that’s how he rolls. ;)

I gave them typical anime blush on their noses n cheeks BECAUSE REASONS. and also because Christmas. red + green = Christmas. and red + green = BETHYL ANYWAY (his red fabric in his back pocket all the time, her green journal in the opposite pocket, i just don’t f*cking get it gimple what the hell were you doing with juxtaposing those back pocket items like that gnashes teeth bitterly)