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Duckvember Day 20: Flying

Only 10 Days to go! XD
So I have few ideas for this promt and of course I end with Della and Donald! :) So idea was Della is taking Donald for a fly. Donald always want to fly so he was so excited! Of course he end being scared for a life but he would never admit it :P Della is great pilot but sometimes her flying skills are too much for him xD He even lost his favorite hat :0

I have no idea how to draw plane in this perspective but o well :P


Matt insisted on putting the glow in the dark stars up. :)



With the art tutorials that I’ve seen around the internet that focus on this particular subject I’ve found that some use curvy or spherical shaped objects.

I’ve always found these methods a bit hard to understand for me because I for one CANNOT DRAW FREAKIN EFFORTLESS NATURAL CURVY LINES LET alone DRAW a FREAKIN CIRCLE!!

With this tutorial I’ve stripped it down to the bare essentials.

Poses at these angles are used a lot in animations or comics.

My tutorial for poses viewed at high angles can be found here.

Tutorial for ‘How to draw background perspectives’ is here


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Some sample pages from Andrew Loomis’s series on how to draw comics, 1939-1961, concerning perspective and composition. (The changes in font and layout stem from the fact the pages come from different prints.)

I tried to collect the most useful pages, but of course I’m limited to only 10 images per post.

This is a follow-up of sorts of the Disney “how to draw comics” handouts I posted earlier, and which can be found HERE.


How to Draw Circles and Ovals in Perspective by Mink

Easy and accurate perspective!

Have you ever started drawing one-point perspective and then realized that even though you could draw the diagonals, you still had no idea where to place objects for relative size?

Welcome to my tutorial for drawing some very easy, flexible, and mathematically accurate perspective grids!

Here’s an example of the kind of thing I do with this.

So you’re just starting to draw your perspective grid on its own layer. You can change the transparency this way and draw things over it later. There’s the horizon line and the vanishing point in the middle.

But when you go in to draw your verticals and horiontals, what is this?? How do you break up the “hall” into even spacing? Just measuring equal sections won’t work.

Luckily there is a trick. Find the point that is ½ of the way to the center.

Then, imagining that point is the bottom of your page, find the halfway point to the center again. Keep repeating the process.

That’s right, each time it shrinks by ½. I call this the ½ perspective method, but if you guessed that it’s the Fibonacci sequence you’re absolutely right. I just didn’t want to say that in the title because the idea of math might scare off some people.

Anyway, use these points to place your verticals and horizontals.

Look at how even that is!

But!!! What if you want to space things a little more closely than that? Well guess what!! It works with literally any other fraction you can think of!

again simply measure the space between your last mark and the center.

What a finished grid in 1/3 perspective looks like!

And the kicker? You don’t even have to put the vanishing point in the center. You can put it anywhere else on the page and the same rules still apply!

See folks this is the sort of thing they should be teaching us in Drawing 1. But for some reason no??

Anyway, I recommend making a bunch of these in different spacings/angles/rotations whenever you’re bored and saving them so that you can just import them later when you need them.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

Little blue prince, hanging out in the moonlight

He’s pretending to read but he’s really just staring at Keef <3

(from Watercast by the lovely @fishwrites)

edit: Keef is here

In case no one believes me when I say ‘I Missed You!’ is still in the works, here is a snippet of the next page with a caption and a Nick reaching into his locker ;(

[winky frown bc I don’t know whether to be happy about this next part or sad bc of what happens in this next part]

Tony as an Artist Headcanon

I know everyone talks about how Steve is an artist and went to art school but I truly believe that Tony is an artist too. I’m not talking about artist in a creator sense but as a designing and drawing kind of way.

I mean does one look at how wonderfully drawn the Mark-1 designs are in IM1? They are so detailed and intricate and the only person who could have drawn them is him. To validate that Yinsen asks Tony what all the papers are and he puts them together to show Yinsen the Mark-1 suit.

Plus he probably needed a way to design and create the objects in his head as a genius kid and might not have all the tools yet so he took to pen and paper and taught himself the skill to draw out intricate designs and learn how art, perspectives and proportions work so that he can create a base idea of how the invention is going to look.

So we fast forward to when the Avengers all live in the tower together and Steve visits Tony everyday and sketches or does paperwork while just being in the presence of the genius. Tony always asks to see Steve’s art with great enthusiasm. Steve always obliges because who is he to deny Tony anything really.

It became routine that Steve was the artist and Tony the inventor but one day when Steve falls asleep on the couch. Tony gets a bit of a roadblock in his inventing and needs a bit of stress relief. Trying to stay away from bad habits and is a bit tired of playing with his bots (daddy needs some alone time okay?) he notices Steve’s sketchbook laying on his chest. Carefully Tony plucks the book from Steve and opens to a new page and begins to doodle in the notebook. Once he finishes he doesn’t think to remove the sketches because it’s Steve he knows everything and Tony doesn’t really think about it much after putting the sketchbook back where he got it from.

Later Steve is going through his pad to find a page filled with art sketches that are completely in a different style than his own making him sure that he was not the one to draw this. He begins to wonder who in the world took his pad to draw in when he realized that all the sketches were of the workshop and there is only one other person who knows the place so intricately as him: Tony Stark. At this point he is flabbergasted at the fact that not only is Tony an outstanding artist but also the fact that it never occurred to him that Tony might be when he was a genius creator and inventor.

Steve carefully extracts the sketches from his notebook and finds a frame to put them in and hangs it in his room. He thinks it’s special and he wants to cherish it but he’s also possessive and selfish enough to not want to share this part of Tony with anyone.

It was in that moment when he finally placed the sketches on his wall besides his window that he wants to be with Tony. That this man was perfect for him. They already do what most couples do except the romantic parts of the relationship and Steve could imagine waking up in the morning and drawing a naked sleeping Tony tangled in their bedsheets.

So after getting a pep talk from both Sam and Natasha, because those two have been smacking him around to actually go ask the other man out, Steve asks Tony to go to a paint session with him in his art studio one flow above the workshop and order take-in.

They spend their first date painting each other Tony deciding to go more abstract while Steve goes more literal and having fun while drinking expensive wine (Tony drinks cranberry juice because he wants to get alcohol out of his life) and just having fun.

At the end they reveal the paintings and Steve loved the painting Tony did of him and vise versa but this is the first time Tony has ever actually showcased his art skills and is taken aback at how positively happy Steve is with his piece. He tries to down play it but Steve just glares at Tony hotly before deciding to hang it up on the wall of his favorite art pieces.

Tony placed Steve’s next to it and that is how art Thursdays become a monthly thing for them.

Bonus: on their wedding day they made everyone including themselves wear white and started a paint war completely ruining their suits but later after they have come back from their honey moon they find them encased in glass in Steve’s studio with a plank on each one says: