how to draw nintendo

dungeonraided  asked:

So I love all your Antasma art and wondered if you'd ever drawn Fawful? Because holy moly the bean would look great in your style. Because look at the way you draw Antasma!!! He always looks fabulous!!! 10/10 love all your art and I hope you're having a lovely day!

bruh fawful was like……………… #1 Boy back in 2013 i used to draw him nonstop

i deleted most of my art of him because its ugly but the style i used kinda became the base for how i draw cog?

MY FIRST REAL FANART OF ACE ATTORNEY! And it had to be of gaylawyerhell Corspe bride!AU!:D 

I really fell in love with that AU and I HAD to draw it!! (I hope its fine!) 

(currently reading this wonderful fic happening in the AU and I am dying.)

beside that falling on a short very tiny hiatus to focus on important projects!:)

Please so not repost on instagram/facebook.pinterest or other website thank you.:)