how to draw dinosaurs

“That strange boy came in with an armful of chickens. You’re looking after him, right?“

for arcanehound :)

This trans pride Stegosaurus is for @epically-scottish-big-b, who asked for a pride dino. I’m really happy with it, I think he’s quite the cutie.

A skeleton was used for reference buuuut I did enlarge his head a bit just because otherwise it looked a little too tiny. Should be the right kind of shape though, but a wee bit bigger than it should be.

I’m also not entirely sure if I have the plates right. It looks right to me but idk. The skeleton diagram I used for reference showed what looked like indents or marks or something, and I kinda went with those being marks where the plates were anchored into the muscle of the back. I think it looks right, otherwise they’d look super precarious, buuuuut I don’t know, so.

But anyway, trans pride, with a big ol’ thagomizer to deal with assholes, yay! @a-dinosaur-a-day

#Work Doodles Back in Grade 6, I’d doodle as I wait by the school’s gate for my Mom to pick me up. There was a little boy (grade 1, I believe) who sat next to me and just leaned in to watch me draw. After a while he said “That’s pretty!” I smiled and said my thanks, then I asked him if I could draw him anyone he likes. He frowned at me, “I don’t really like any girl or boy.” So I said “Oh that’s okay! What do you like then?” He giggled and clapped his hands “Dinosaurs! Because they’re big!” I did not know how to draw dinosaurs. At. All. But dang I tried and he was so happy. After that, I’ve been practicing drawing dinosaurs, so when I saw him again waiting with me by the gates, I gave him another drawing (definitely better than my first one) and he was so excited he got his bag and opened his notebook to show me he kept my first drawing. I might have cried when he said “Thank you! You’re the only one who draws me dinosaurs!” Then to my surprise he asked “Can I hug you? My Daddy said to ask.” My heart melted so I just nodded. “Do you want me to teach you how to draw dinosaurs?” He was so shocked, he gasped “Will you do that?!” 

So yes, I definitely learned how to draw dinosaurs for a little boy. We never knew each other’s names for some reason, but I knew we were friends lmao

🦎 Dinosaur Things for Littles Under $20  🦎

As requested by @magicsparklebear​, a list of dinosaur things for under $20. I hope you enjoy, I put a lot of hard work into this one to find good stuff at good prices <3

Clothing & Accessories

I’m a graphic designer, so if you want me to make a design for you, let me know! I can offer a variety of other things (t-shirts, hoodies, notebooks, pillows, mugs, jewelry, dresses, nightgowns, tank tops, footed PJ’s, iPhone cases, lunch boxes, tote bags, and more.) Just send me a message and we’ll see what I can do for you :)

Dinosaur Socks $9.95

Mommy’s Little Dino Shirt $13.99

Little Dino Shirt $14.99

Stuffies, Pillows, & Blankies

Stuffies by the same brand will be grouped together, so if you like the style of one, you can see other dinos like that :)

The Good Dinosaur Fleece Blankie $12.95

Microwaveable Lavendar-Scented Dinosaur Plush $19.50

Simple Blue Brachiosaurus $7.35 Pink Stegosaurus $10.05 Orange T-rex $9.99

Orange  Dreamy Eyes Triceratops Plush $10.04 Blue Stegosaurus $10.99 Blue Triceratops $10.75 Brown T-Rex $10.79 Green T-Rex $10.19

Huge 31.5″ Dinosaur Plush $17.99

5 Cute Mini Dino Plushies $16.95

Cute Pink Triceratops $8.43

Beanie Baby Tooter the Dinosaur $7.99 Swoop the Pterodactyl $9.88

Set of 4 Dino Plushies $9.95

Bean Filled Green Pterodactyl Plush $8.98 Blue Triceratops $10.99

Arlo from The Good Dinosaur $19.99

Big Pterodactyl Plush $10.09

12 Plush Dinos $19.99

Toys & Games

12 Dinosaur Squirting Bath Toys $10.97 5 Squirt Toys $9.99

12 Dinosaur Rubber Ducks $7.15

12 Bottles of Dinosaur Bubbles $8.99

12 Water-Growing Dinosaurs $5.25

72 Mini Plastic Dinosaurs $7.48 100 Pack $12.99

12 Dinosaur Skeleton Figurines $11.49

Inflatable Brachiosaurus $12.01 Pteranodon $10.90 Spinosaurus $11.79  Parasaurolophus $5.69 Triceratops $8.69 Velociraptor $13.56

12 Glow-in-the-Dark Plastic Dinosaurs $11.99

12 Jumbo Plastic Dinosaurs $12.98

5 Rubber Dinosaur Toys $5.69

6 Chewable Squeaky Toys $7.99

Dinosaur Bubble Shooter 9.99

Inflatable Sprinkler Water Sprayer $12.49

Walking, Roaring, Light-Up Dinosaur Toy $11.99

Dinosaur Toy Box & Play Mat with Dinosaur Toys $19.50

10 12x12 Foam Floor Mat Puzzle $14.95

Bucket of 40 Dinosaurs $13.99

Dinosaur Baloon Art Kit with Pump $8.93

Dinosaur Beads with Holes $3.99

4 Dinosaur Vehicles $14.95

Big 22″ T-Rex Action Figure $14.99

20 Dinosaur Magnets $11.99

Dinosaur Matching Game $9.99

Dinosaur Kick Ball $10.00

100 Piece Dinosaur Puzzle $11.98 24 Piece Puzzle $11.49

Dinosaur Play Mat with 2 Dinosaur Toys $11.71

24 Dinosaur Eggs with Mini Plastic Dinosaurs Inside $5.82

Dinosaur Painting Sponges $5.50

4 12-Piece Wood Kid Puzzles with Storage Box $11.99

LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaur $12.79

Dinosaur Inflatable Bop Bag $13.50

24 Jurassic World Dino Temporary Tattoos $3.15

72 Dinosaur Tattoos $4.12

Bottles, Sippy Cups, Water Bottles, Pacifiers, Pacifier Clips & Holders, Rattles, & Teethers

There wasn’t much in this category, I’m sorry! D:

Teethe-a-saurus $9.50

Dinosaur Stuffy Pacifier Buddy $13.95

Dinosaur Pacifier Clip $6.00

Plush Dinosaur Rattle Ring $7.91

Kiddy Books

I Love You, Snugglesaurus! $7.99

Dinosaur Kisses $4.91

Peek-A-Boo Dinosaur $3.47

I Love My Dinosaur $4.88

Oh Say Can You Say Di-no-saur?: All About Dinosaurs (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library) $5.46

The Dinosaur Who Lived in My Backyard $5.91

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs $7.97

How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends? $6.08

Thomas and the Dinosaur $3.95

Dinosaur Train: Triceratops for Lunch $3.14

I’m a T. Rex! $4.99

Arts & Crafts

6 Dinosaur Cookie Cutters (For Playdough) $8.04

The Good Dinosaur Spiral Notebook & Pen $9.96

8 Dinosaur Figure Erasers $9.60

24 Dinosaur Pencils & 24 Dinosaur Erasers Set $10.99

48 Mini Dinosaur Stencils $5.31

Dinosaur Mold (For Baking or Playdough) $4.99

Dinosaur Stencils $8.99

Dinosaur Stencil Activity Book $10.17

185 Dinosaurs Sticker Pad $4.99

Dinosaur Craft Activity Book $8.30

40 Chunky Dinosaur-Shaped Crayons $15.99

Blue Dinosaur Pencil Case $9.99

The Good Dinosaur Pencil Case $6.49

Roll of 200 Dinosaur Stickers $7.68

Paint Your Own Dino $12.96

Dinosaur Coloring & Activity Book $3.35

4 Holographic Dinosaur Scratch Art Boards $4.99

Dinosaur Stampers $5.50

4 Jurassic World Sticker Sheets $1.49

12 Moveable Dinosaur Erasers $8.54

12 Cute Dinosaur Erasers $6.95

How to Draw 101 Dinosaurs $4.99

110 Glittery Dinosaur Stickers $6.49

Dinosaur ABC Coloring Book $3.99

Home Decor

Dinosaur Plastic Table Cover $4.88

Peel & Stick Wall Decals $11.99

Dinosaur Curtains $19.99

Dinosaur Shower Curtain $17.99

20 Dinosaur Magnets $11.99

3D Dinosaur Night Light Lamp $17.79

Dinosaur Curtains $16.99

Dinosaur Curtain Ties $10.00

Dinosaur Wall Hooks $17.99

Food & Drink Related

12 Frosted Dino-Mite Lollipops $5.90

6 Dinosaur Cookie Cutters $8.04

Dinosaur Soup Ladel $9.98

Dinosaur Pasta Scooper $12.99

Dinosaur Salt & Pepper Shakers Set $13.64

Dinosaur Sandwich Cutter $2.59

Kiddy Dinosaur Mugs $11.12

12 Packages of Dinosaur Gummies $17.50

Dinosaur Plate, Bowl, Cup, Fork, & Spoon $16.50

Dinosaur Divided Sections Plate $6.95

The Good Dinosaur Bowl Plate & Cup $7.10 Fork & Spoon $3.99

Dinosaur Lunch Box $10.39

Dinosaur Water Bottle $9.98

Other Dinosaur Stuff

Dinosaur Umbrella $13.90

The Good Dinosaur Bandaids $8.48

Dino Dan 4 Pack DVD’s $9.79

Dinosaur Toothbrush $2.99

Personalized Dinosaur-Themed Toothbrush Holder $10.95

Dinosaur Watering Can $7.99

All prices above are valid as of 09/10/2017 23:16. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

Dinoween Prompt no. 2: Teratophoneus

Okay so this one is a bit late because wow it took a long time to figure out what I was actually doing. There was a lot of experimentation and sketching and I drew like three different heads for this guy before I got one I was happy with.

I’m not super good at drawing creepy-looking stuff so I decided to compensate with the creepiest-looking title I could make. Side note on the title, does anyone recognise the style of writing? I feel like I’m ripping off something but I can’t for the life of me work out what it is.

I admit I went a little over-the-top awesombro with this guy, but I mean come one, how do you draw a dinosaur named “monstrous murderer” and not include that in the drawing.

Seventeen as Dads!

Requested by @mistatrustfund

(C/N) means Child’s Name

Originally posted by scoupstv


He’d probably take his (C/N) to carnivals all the time and win all the prizes for him/her. When (C/N) gets hurt, he always buys ice cream for him/her. However, when (C/N) is being a bad kid :O,, Coups will not be scared to tell them what’s right. Overall, he would be a great dad.

Originally posted by lunarjun


Jeonghan would teach his kid to stand up for himself/herself. He’d probably fall asleep watching kid shows with (C/N) tbh. Not to mention, he’d give (C/N) the best hair tips. “No! (C/N)! AHHH! What are you doing?? NeVeR wash your hair like that again unless you want it to fall out by the time you’re 30!! Hey, I’m just looking out for you.”

Originally posted by lovejoshua17


He probably buys presents for his kid on every occasion (Even on random days like yoga day or something.) “(C/N)! Happy national turtle day! Here’s a stuffed turtle to show how much I love you!” I could see him cuddling stuffed animals with (C/N), and teach them to speak in both Korean and english.

Originally posted by junhoontrash


Jun would probably read bedtime stories to his kid. He would make sure (C/N) starts reading at a young age. I could see Jun getting (C/N) to learn martial arts and all the languages he knows. He’d also show (C/N) all his movies because he wants (C/N) to see how cool his/her dad is. “(C/N)!(C/N)! Come on! You’re missing my best scene!!!”

Originally posted by jeonheart


Hoshi would make his kid laugh a lot. He’s probably that dad to play peek-a-boo and make really weird faces too much. He would also make a bunch of silly drawings in order to make (C/N) laugh. “HEY (C/N) SHOULD I TEACH YOU HOW TO DRAW A DINOSAUR??”

Originally posted by mc-gyu


Like Jun, he teaches his kid to read at a young age. He’d have a baby carrier pouch thing and wear gym shorts and sarcastic t-shirts. He’d be really sweet to his child and come up with the worst dad jokes, but still manage to make (C/N) laugh.

Originally posted by mountean


He’s really work oriented, but he still makes time for his child. I could see him teaching (C/N) how to read music and how to play the piano at a young age. He’d probably like talking to his child’s teachers about (C/N)’s progress and enjoy helping out with homework. Overall, Woozi would make a pretty responsible dad.

Originally posted by just-soonyoung


He’s definitely an extremely happy dad. He’d try to do everything with his child, and probably let his kid try out every extracurricular activity. I could see him singing lullabies for his kid when they’re crying. He’d probably also sing along to openings to cartoons just to make (C/N) smile.

Originally posted by jihanmeanietrash


Mingyu would be the ultimate dad. He’d be good at dad jokes, fixing things, and anything dad-like. He’d cook stuff for his kid after school and probably play sports or something with them. He’d definitely be good at the sports, but he’d probably get the terms wrong to mess with (C/N). “(C/N)! I SCORED A HOME RUN!” “Dad…this is basketball…”

Originally posted by minghaeo


I could see The8 making his kid learn martial arts with Jun’s kid. Minghao would be very protective and bring band-aids or something everywhere in case (C/N) gets hurt. “Dad!!! Let me ride the seesaw!” *Minghao pulls a helmet out of nowhere* “Not without this, kiddo.”

Originally posted by seventeencutecarrots


Now Seungkwan would be a very sassy father. He’d definitely sing random things all the time and not be afraid to tell weird jokes. However, he’d probably only sass (C/N) jokingly. I feel like Seungkwan as a dad would be kind of like my dad. (Like random, sassy, loud, always singing.) Not to mention, Seungkwan probably would drink out of a “The World’s Greatest Dad” mug every day.

Originally posted by just-soonyoung


Vernon would probably read (C/N) those stories with life lessons every night. He’d also refer to himself as “the cool hip daddio!1” I wouldn’t be surprised if he let (C/N) make a meme account when they got older. Vernon would introduce his kid to Drake too (yknow, gettin his kid in the hippest jams).

Originally posted by performanceunit


He’ll definitely teach (C/N) to dance and encourage them a lot. I bet Chan would make (C/N)’s room dinosaur themed or something. He’d probably also get matching outfits with (C/N) just because. Overall, he’d make a 10/10 dad.


“What should I draw?”

“….Ooh how about a about Bucky on a dinosaur!”

“What color should the dinosaur be?”

“….Light blue.”

“What color should Bucky’s jacket be?”


“What kind of background should it have?”

“….I feel like there should be some words over there, like a poem or something.”

I caught up on Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. Oh man, I love the main comic artist’s style of DD. ヽ(*>∇<)ノ Cartoon enough for great expressions but not too simple. Lot of these are reference’d sketches. Stared at some panels I liked and attempted to somewhat copy them. While learning how the fuCK you draw a T-rex lol.


Emerald City Comic Con is here!

Amy Mebberson and I are happy to be returning to Seattle for this year’s ECCC. You will find us right inside the main entrance at Artist Alley table I-09 right next to Amy’s frequent collaborator, Georgia Ball and her husband, artist Scott Ball. 

For sale at our table we will have lots of original art and sketchbooks containing art from past cons. I will also have copies of my how to draw dinosaurs book, Draw-A-Saurus and the new Darkwing Duck collection. Writer Aaron Sparrow will be joining us as well to sign your books.

Amy and I will also be taking a limited number of commissions. Each day there will be a new first-come-first-served sketch list and the art will be ready for pickup by the end of the day. Come as early as you can as our list will fill by mid-day.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.