how to draw a croquis

anonymous asked:

How do you do your expressions and hands so well? Did you have to learn anatomy intensely to become an animator?

I mean… you don’t have to be great at anatomy to become an animator but you should be good at art in general if you want a job as one lol
With expressions I started out by copying cliche cartoon expressions as a kid but after a while I started noticing patterns and tried to break away from stock-expressions and come up with my own stuff. (For example I cannot fucking stand manga cliches. You know, the “smiling uncomfortably with eyes closed while scratching back of head with one hand” type of overused shit. I try avoiding that kind of stuff.)

Anyway, I’m trailing off. As in 90% of these cases, all I can advise is:
-draw a lot of studies. Spend 4+ hours on a drawing and actually LOOK AT THINGS and understand how they work. Look at people’s faces. (Don’t be creepy haha)
-draw couple minute croquis of people at the park, of your own face in the mirror, animals, trees, whatever
-the only book I can wholeheartedly recommend for learning anatomy is Anatomy for the artist by Jeno Barcsay. Here’s a PDF in Hungarian but I’m sure you can get the book in English off of Amazon, too. It’s a HUGE one.

edit: btw I’m humbled that you think I draw good expressions and hands. I still need a lot to learn myself :)