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Stuck Together | Richie Tozier X Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

Request: I would love it if you did a Richie tozier x reader, please!! It would be great if it was the kind of scenario in which they’re stuck together and they think they despise each other but really they both like each other and over time they realize the little things that the other person does drives the other one crazy with love- the whole losers club supports it too!!!

Characters: Richie/fem!reader, Beverly, Bill, Ben, Mike, Stan and Eddie.

Word Count: 2828 words.

Beverly had had enough of that, the fights, the insults. It wasn’t news to her that Richie Tozier and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) didn’t get along, she knew that even before joining the Losers Club, but only when she started to hang out with them did she see how one’s presence affected the other.

Every time (Y/N) was around, Richie would get louder, trash talking more than usual, trying to annoy (Y/N). The (Y/N) girl didn’t take more than a few minutes to start talking back to him, clearly irritated. The effects on Richie wouldn’t end when she left the place, he’d continue to trash talk her for the next few hours after that.

Bev once asked him why (Y/N) bothered him so much, to which he replied “she’s so fucking annoying”. Well, Beverly wasn’t sure about that, every time she looked at (Y/N)’s friends, they seemed to be having fun around her. She was always smiling, just stopping when Richie was around.

Trying to see if what he had said was true, Bev approached the other girl one day. (Y/N) looked a little wary at first, since she had seen Bev with Richie, but she was kind to the Marsh girl anyway.

And it didn’t surprise her when she saw that (Y/N) was actually nice and funny. What surprised her was that (Y/N) acted a lot like Richie sometimes. How did they end up hating each other instead of becoming best friends? Bev had no idea.

When she asked (Y/N) why she hated Richie, the girl shrugged, saying that he was always rude to her, that they couldn’t stand being in the same room as the other for more than five minutes without one of them leaving, usually mad at each other.

When (Y/N) said that last part, an idea started to appear in Beverly’s mind. Well, it was true that they couldn’t stand to stay for more than five minutes with each other, but what if they couldn’t leave, what would happen next? They would probably still trash talking, but what would happen when they ran out of insults? They would finally start talking to each other, seeing how well they would get along if they wanted to? There was only one way to know it, she had to put it to the test.

In just a few days being friends with her, (Y/N) already trusted Beverly, going to an address that the Marsh girl had given her so they could hang out with her friends. (Y/N) was excitedly on her way there. She loved making new friends, and if they were as cool as Beverly, she would adore them, too.

The (Y/L/N) girl didn’t take long to find the house she was supposed to go to, knocking on the door and being quickly greeted by a smiling Bev.

“You came!” she exclaimed, moving aside to make room for her to enter.

“Did you think I wouldn’t come?” (Y/N) came in, analyzing the inside of the house as she entered.

“I wasn’t sure.” Bev closed the door, motioning for the stairs. “They’re upstairs.”

(Y/N) nodded, walking up the stairs. “Whose house is this?”

“Bill Denbrough’s.” Bev was right behind her. “There.” she pointed to a room.

“Stuttering Bill? Nice.”

So Bev was taking her to hang out with the Losers Club. They seemed to be nice kids; (Y/N) had some classes with Eddie Kaspbrak and she had borrowed a band-aid from him once. Well, that was the only interaction she had with the rest of the group that wasn’t Beverly or Richie.

Richie. For a moment it crossed her mind if he would be there, but she brushed it off quickly. Beverly wouldn’t take her there if she knew he was coming, right?

(Y/N) only realized that she was wrong when she took the first step into the room. There was no one in the room except Richie, who was sitting on Bill’s bed, reading a comic book. The girl was about to leave to go home and probably never look in Beverly’s face again, but Bev was faster, pushing (Y/N) into the room.

Richie lifted his gaze to her, narrowing his eyes, before Bev closed the door quickly. “The fuck are you doing here?”

(Y/N) just crossed her arms. “I was invited.”

“Why would anyone invite you to anything?”

(Y/N) rolled her eyes, turning around to try to open the door, and, just as she expected, it was locked. No matter how hard she pulled the doorknob, she was stuck there with Richie Tozier.

She heard him laughing at her, making her turn back to him with a raised eyebrow. “What are you laughing at, dumbass?”

“You can’t even open a fucking door.”

“You can’t open a door when it’s locked.”

The boy left the comic book on the bed, a cocky grin on his face as he walked toward the door. “Watch and learn.”

(Y/N) watched him and the only thing she learned was that he was more stupid than she thought, a smile appeared on her face as he started to pull the knob, trying to open the door. After a few attempts, seeing that it was really locked, he started to thrust his fists against the door.

“Beverly, open the door!” he shouted.

“No can do, Richie.” she replied calmly from the other side.

“Does Bill know you’re doing this?”

“We all know.” Eddie’s voice sounded, making Richie stop trying to get out, looking shocked.

“Are you all there?!”

“You need to sort things out.” Ben said.

Mike could also be heard. “Yeah, this is getting annoying.”

Richie stared in shock at the door for a few more seconds before returning to Bill’s bed, angry. “I quit this group! Now you can change it’s fucking name to Traitors’ Club!”

“Just t-tuh-talk t-to her.” Stuttering Bill’s voice was heard.

“I won’t talk to her!”

“You can’t stop talking, you’re going to have to talk to her some time.” they heard Stan Uris say.

“Guess what? I won’t! "Richie replied, lying down on the bed and trying to go back to read his comic book.

(Y/N) looked around before sighing, sitting in front of the door, leaning there.

Incredibly, Richie didn’t talk to her for half an hour, seeming to be amused enough at what he was reading to let (Y/N)’s presence bother him. The girl, on the other hand, who had nothing to do, kept mumbling and cursing Richie’s friends, who were behind the door, trying to hear if something was going on there.

(Y/N) grunted, turning her gaze to Richie, who seemed focused on what he was doing. "Hey, shitmouth.”

Richie shook his head. “It’s Trashmouth.”

“Whatever, shithead.” she couldn’t see, but the boy rolled his eyes. “Do you have any more of those books with you?”

Richie lifted his head, a frown on his face. “Do you like comic books?”

(Y/N) nodded, shrugging. “Yeah, do you have another one for me to read?”

He gave her a weird look before reaching under the bed for something. He then pulled out a box full of comics, pushing lightly toward her.

“Choose something,” he said before going back to read.

(Y/N) crawled across the floor until she reached the box, looking at the things inside. She didn’t realize that Richie’s eyes were on her as she studied the books; he was curious to see which one she would choose. To his surprise, she took one of his favorites, seeing her smile before lying down beside the box.

“Good choice.” Richie murmured, returning to read.

A few more minutes went by in silence, with them reading peacefully, until Richie startet to tap his foot on the floor. That didn’t seem to bother his reading, but (Y/N), who was known for not being able to concentrate easily, couldn’t read a page after he’d started doing it.

“Can you stop doing that?” she asked in a rude tone and he stopped.

(Y/N) was surprised and pleased with that, going back to reading the comic book… For just five more minutes because Richie started to tap his foot again. The girl looked at him with her “are you fucking serious?” face.

He had a small smirk on his face, and for a moment, (Y/N) found herself staring at his messy hair and thinking how cute he looked with that smirk on his lips. (Y/N) frowned at herself before giving up reading, grunting and letting the book fall on her face.

Richie finally finished his comic book after a few more minutes, closing it and taking a glance at (Y/N) to see if the tapping was still annoying her. And then he saw that she was no longer reading and that the comic was actually covering her face as she rested. He thought for a moment that she was asleep, but then he noticed that her finger was tapping on the floor beside her.

The boy didn’t remember ever seeing her as relaxed as she was at that moment, she never seemed relaxed when she was around him, probably because she was always angry at something he had said to her.

For a moment, there was something about how relaxed she was, with his favorite book on her face and her finger-tapping at the same rhythm he was tapping with his foot, which made his heart beat slightly faster. Richie shook his head before sitting down, putting the book he was reading back into the box and choosing some other one to read.

(Y/N), noticing that the noise of his foot had stopped, pulled the comic out of her face, seeing Richie leaning slightly toward the box beside her, which made her, for some reason, feel her face heat up. Stop it, (Y/N), don’t be stupid.

Richie chose something that he seemed to like, returning to lie down on the bed. The girl continued to stare at him for a few seconds before her gaze went to the door. Those kids had locked the two of them there so they could sort their problems out and they must be dying of boredom since nothing was happening in the room. Her gaze returned to Richie.

“Hey.” she called him. Richie had never heard her voice so calm, he had never heard her say something that wasn’t accompanied by a sarcastic tone.

“Yeah, shitface?” he muttered back, not taking his eyes off his book.

“Why do you hate me?” well, that was enough to make him turn his eyes to her.

He was somewhat taken aback by that question. He had never expected her to ask him something like that.

Richie shrugged. “You’re annoying.” he said it because that was what he usually answered when someone asked that question to him, it used to sound like a truth to him, but to say that at that moment seemed like a lie.

(Y/N) nodded, muttering a low “Okay” before turning her head to look at the ceiling.

The next few seconds followed in silence, but Richie didn’t take his eyes off her. “Why do you hate me?”

She looked back at him. “First of all, I don’t hate you.” she shrugged, just like him. “You’re always taunting me, there’s no reason to be nice to you.”

Richie nodded this time and they continued to stare at each other for a few more moments. And then the boy broke eye contact as some thoughts started going through his mind, opening his comic book and turning his gaze to it so he could have those thoughts without having the feeling that (Y/N) knew exactly what was going on in his head.

The Tozier boy couldn’t remember why he’d taunted (Y/N) the first few times he’d done it, but he knew why he kept doing it and it had nothing to do with her being annoying. Every time Richie said something slightly offensive, it didn’t even have to be about her, (Y/N) would get mad at him and there was something he found adorable about how she wrinkled her nose and suddenly became sassy when she was mad. Richie loved it and he hated that she made him like something as simple as that.

He always said she was annoying, but deep down he knew how funny she was, he always heard people talking how nice (Y/N) (Y/L/N) was. And he hated that she made him want to be her friend, knowing that it would probably never happen. (Y/N) was pretty and kind and Richie simply hated the fact that he liked her and that she would never like a guy like him.

The thoughts in (Y/N)’s mind weren’t so different. She had sat down and opened the comic, but her mind was far from the story that book told.

She had never thought of Richie Tozier as anything but the guy who hated her, but when he asked her why she hated him, she could see for sure that he didn’t hate her. Not even a little. His eyes seemed distressed at the thought that she hated him and softened when she said she didn’t.

He was a funny guy and she knew it. Sometimes she had to suppress a laugh at the things he said when she was around, she had because she was already used to pretend to be angry with anything he said. There were few times that (Y/N) had been really offended by something he said.

He had a good taste for comic books and had a nice smirk and… Richie Tozier made her feel weird. Until an hour ago, she thought it was because of her dislike for him. But what if it wasn’t?

The two continued pretending to read the books in front of them, lost in their own minds, for a few more minutes. Richie was the first to wake from his thoughts, taking a deep breath before getting up from the bed. That drew (Y/N)’s attention back to reality, making her look at him, seeing him approach her.

The boy sat down next to her, putting his comic on the floor and pretending to read it again. (Y/N) raised an eyebrow at him. Was he trying to make amends with her? It was possible. “Are we friends now?” he looked up at her for a moment, a grin on his face, nodding. The girl gave a small smile to that before looking back at her own book.

A few more minutes went before Richie started to tap his finger on the floor, making the girl do the same after a few seconds. Their fingers were practically side by side, tapping at the same pace on the floor. That was enough proof to both that none of them were really paying attention to anything in that room other than each other.

But only when Richie’s hand brushed lightly against hers, it was when they looked at each other. Their fingers stopped tapping immediately as her eyes met his. The two continued in silence for a few more seconds before Richie blurted out “We should go out together on a date.”

The girl raised her eyebrows, not surprised by the sentence… Well, a little surprised by the sentence, but mostly because he’d asked her that. So, she wasn’t the only one feeling that.

(Y/N) nodded, a smile appearing on her face. “We could go to the arcade or something.”

Richie’s eyes brightened as he heard those words. “Fuck, we’re really alike.”

She laughed before she heard a few murmurs from the other side of the door that caught her attention. Were they about to get in? She didn’t know, but she felt she didn’t have much time left with Richie in there. (Y/N) turned to him, seeing that his eyes were still on her, before smiling and giving a quick kiss to the boy’s lips.

His eyes widened as he whispered “what the fuck,” looking shocked at her. Moments later, the murmur could be heard once more outside the room before the door opened, Bill Denbrough appearing and looking around his room to see if they had broken anything. He smiled slightly when he saw the two sitting next to each other peacefully.

“Did it wuh-work, then?” he asked, entering the room.

“Yeah, I think it did.” (Y/N) said, chuckling, before getting up, turning her head to Richie. “See you at the arcade tomorrow?” she was already walking toward the door to leave.

Richie got up, nodding and walking to the middle of the room, a smirk appearing on his face. (Y/N) winked at him before walking out the door, seeing that most of Richie’s friends - including Beverly - were looking at her with smiles on their faces, having heard the end of their conversation. Well, they wanted the two of them to sort things out between them, they did more than that.

The girl was already starting to walk down the stairs when she heard Richie’s voice shouting from the room. “Welcome to the Losers Club, shitface!”


How I remember the Voltron heigh

Hunk: Taller than you think
Shiro: Tall, but not as you think
Keith: a little shorter than Lance
Lance: Lance
Pidge: Short, but less than you think.
Allura: Uh. Like Lance? A bit taller?
Coran: I …
Haggar: Oh god. I don’t remember
Zarkon: Tall. How much? Boh.
Galra: Let’s just make them the tallest in the panel. But how stay a Galra to doorknob? Boh? Well, there aren’t any doorknob in space. Not on my watch, at least.  

(Yes, I always fall to draw them correctly, sob) 

Alice in Wonderland

How curious! I put dupes and hope you don’t mind


  • White Rabbit
  • The White Rabbit has a strong loyalty to the Queen
  • I believe Yoosung carries that same loyalty.
  • But they’re both nervous and anxious. Yoosung is that high strung college student and Mr.Rabbit is well the same but times ten.
  • Both are also adorable!


  • The Doorknob
  • Zen is like the most neutral one in MM like how The Doorknob is the most neutral in Wonderland.
  • The Doorknob helped save Alice at the end and Zen saved MC.
  • Based on the April Fools DLC, Zen appeared to be the “true” route in some theories.
  • There are also theories that the Doorknob is Alice’s true savior. 
  • Although I didn’t read much about the Doorknob’s theory.
  • I think they’re both fitting knights


  • White Rabbit
  • The way Jaehee works for Jumin, she is high strung and disheveled beyond words.
  • If she falls behind schedule, she won’t go home and she doesn’t want that.
  • I believe they hold the same personality type only Jaehee is calmer.
  • Both Good and Neutral in temperament.


  • Cheshire
  • While Jumin doesn’t carry the same cunning as Cheshire, they are both have a lot of power.
  • Even the Red Queen fears Cheshire
  • With Jumin’s status, he is a force to be feared.
  • Jumin also is hard to understand like Cheshire.
  • He just needs someone with an open mind who would be able to understand him.


  • Mad Hatter
  • Charming, funny, crazy, gentle and a scatterbrain.
  • Lord help Mad Saeyoung get his life together.
  • They are both nice and often distracted.
  • They’re both also filled with useless and useful information.
  • You just need to chat and find out!


  • Queen of Hearts
  • They’re both unstable. 
  • Even though everyone in Wonderland is mad, I believe these two are the worst in their own worlds.
  • The main difference is a stable Saeran would never intentionally kill someone and the Queen of Hearts would.
  • Something I love that they both have in common is that they need support.
  • The Queen of Hearts has the King of Hearts and Saeran has Saeyoung C:


  • Cheshire
  • Cheshire is mysterious like V.
  • Although the one thing that made Cheshire immediately snap to mind was the fact that Cheshire does not fear the queen.
  • Just like how V does not fear Rika, but he loves her.
  • They can stay calm in many situations.
  • They are both also very deceptive.
  • V protects the RFA bu deceiving them.
  • I’m also sure Cheshire protected Alice by bring a trickster too. 


  • Caterpillar
  • Although Vanderwood isn’t as chill, wise, and sensitive as Caterpillar, they share the same serious, stuck up, and grouchy qualities.
  • They both do have a kind demeanor about them.
  • I don’t think either of them want MC/Alice to die and would help them if needed.

Bonus: Rika

  • Flowers of Wonderland
  • These flowers are hostile if you are not a flower.
  • Same way Rika would throw you in a dungeon then brainwash you if you weren’t part of Minteye.
  • Pretty but deadly.

Kahl’s Robot: He closed the door! What do we do?!
Gorgon! Cala: You don’t know how to work a doorknob?
Kahl’s Robot: My hands are rusted open man!
Gorgon! Cala: Well, I can try to purs-
(cuphead shines a flashlight in her face)
Kahl’s Robot: I’ll try the door again tomorrow.
Grim Matchstick: This is a nice closet!

Her or Me Part 3- Jordie Benn

Requested: Yes | No

Word Count: 2324

Warnings: swearing, throwing up, nearly naked child (they have underwear on) in front of two grown men

Here it finally is guys, after forever, and I’m sorry. (but yay posting on time for once)



In the next few weeks, I manage to not only fly under the radar of Jamie, but also Tyler and even my parents who came to visit.

By the time the start of the 2017-18 season begins, I’m eight months pregnant and exhausted. I’ve been placed on medical -”maternity”, as the trainer called it- leave with the Texas Stars after I’ve had a severe fainting spell in the middle of one of the games.

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Loki kun! 

Sweetheart Sensor: {Sweet Shield enlarged and ACTIVATED}

How can you shut the door of true love, when I didn’t even order a doorknob? How can you know that it’s not a window? Or an ordinary household item?

*throws her eyepiece in front of her, and it shields her from the blast*

By the promise of truth and justice, I will unlock that dark heart of yours and unleash the purity of love and light! Back down, Loki, and you shall not be humiliated with defeat!

Your passionate reverence of love and justice is sickeningly admirable, but your devotion to a futile cause will only send you to an early grave! 




( Part one ) ( Part two

Jack Maynard Imagine - No other man.

There was a little something in Jack you always found amusing. Maybe it was the looks he gave you when he thought you weren’t looking, or the protective arm he put around you when there were too many people in the club, so you wouldn’t get pushed aside. He had always been more than a brother to you, more than a friend. But now, as you pulled your hair up in a messy ponytail, adjusting your rather tight cocktail dress after doing so, you weren’t so sure.

You had known Jack for two years now, and your friendship had been always on the public eye. Your fans went crazy when you collaborated in a video, or when you posted a selfie with each another. Jeez, even your own mum went crazy. However, not a single move had been made in 730 days, and you weren’t willing to let the single life hit you. The truth was, you had never had a boyfriend before, and you were terrified. Jack knew about this, so did Josh and Conor, and it was the reason they were all so protective when it came to guys approaching you, specially Josh.

Your childhood hadn’t been easy. You grew up in a fairly messed up home, where your dad used to come back home late and drunk, or so your mum told you many years later. He’d hit your mum, then scream at her for hours. You were nearly 3 years old, so luckily you didn’t remember much of it now. The only lucid memory you had was your dad pushing you down harshly until you loudly hit the floor, before he exited off and never saw him ever again.

You mum met a new guy two years later, a man who loved both her and you, as if you were his own child. That man was Michael, your mum’s actual boyfriend who you proudly called Pap: he had taught your mum that love was still possible. As in for you, it hadn’t been the case.

All your life you had feared boys, scared that they’d turn into your father sooner or later. You had curved them as if paper balls were being thrown at you. Then you met Jack, someone who was sensible enough to listen to all your problems without judging, and a little too hot as well. And warm, and cozy. But seeing the amount of girls he had brought home for the past two years, you didn’t think his affection for you trespassed the friendship line. And you were okay with it, really, as long as you could find someone you could get as comfortable with.

“Hi, Y/N” the man in front of you stood up and planted a polite kiss on your cheek. His name was Dave. You had met him through Tinder, on your very first attempt to actually make an effort to meet new guys. He had seemed quite normal, or so you had thought “You look wonderful tonight” he smirked.

“Thanks, you too” you didn’t really know how to behave. Your only boy friends were the guys from the Buttercream Squad, as they called themselves, and you certainly weren’t going to behave around Dave the way you behaved around them. Under any circumstances, at least not on the first date.

You talked for a while as you calmed down. Your phone was on your lap, so you could take a look at it every now and then. You knew it was rude, but the guy who was texting you every five minutes would’ve broken out in a nervous crisis if you hadn’t answered his texts.

‘How’s he like? Is he good looking? Good manners? Smells good? Touches you in any way I should know of? I’m literally 10 minutes away, I can go and kill him in 15’

You mentally rolled your eyes at Jack. He had been concerned about you going on this date, so had Josh. He knew about your past, and he wanted nothing more than for you to be alright.

“I kinda have a feeling, like you should not go on that date” he had told you a few hours before, when you were hanging out at his place.

You rolled your eyes again as you picked up the popcorn bowl from the table “I don’t care what you think, Jack” you said, grabbing a handful “I’m going and that’s it. If I don’t feel comfortable I’ll just leave”

“Yeah, okay, but what if that guy is a creep?” Jack took your bowl and put it aside so you would pay attention to him.

You gave him a death glare as you pointed at your popcorn “You have no legal rights to take that away from me” you half joked. You weren’t in the mood for fights over your love life, when you had never even mentioned him the silly amount of girls he had brought home.

“Y/N, I’m serious” he said, and the look on his face didn’t tell otherwise “I’m literally ten minutes away from where you’re going”

“No you’re not”

“Yes, I am” he insisted, even though you both knew it was at least 20 “If I run” he clarified, and you couldn’t help but to roll your eyes and smile at his comment. He was so cute when he wanted “Just text me and I’ll be there, ready to break some jaws”

But there you were, feeling more comfortable than you thought you could ever feel with a total stranger. You had both finished your meals when you realized a little less than two hours had passed, and you already knew so much about Dave: his brother who was living in Australia, his two dogs, his degree as a state lawyer, his zodiac sign. You found yourself full of hope again, and happy.

As you exited the restaurant, he held your hand, and you stiffened for a moment. However, when you saw the smile on his face, warm and sincere, you relaxed “Let’s go have some drinks” he said, and you frowned, as you realized the nearest club was at least half an hour away.

“Where to?” You asked.

“My place will do?” He asked, although you knew it was one of those questions you made out of politeness, but in fact you had already decided. A very small part of you that was feeling dangerously brave that night wanted to go, but your common sense told you to back off. But your feet kept walking and following him.

He lived a few minutes away, on a 2-bedroom-apartment he didn’t share with anyone. As he closed the door, you felt trapped. You looked around and tried to relax, breathing in and out as your mother had taught you. He motioned for you to sit on the sofa, and he soon followed you with two wine glasses and a wine bottle.

He started talking again, and you nodded as the sound of his voice became more and more distant. All you could think about was how long it would take Jack to get there, if he ran.

It was almost 11 pm when you decided it was time to call it a night. You didn’t really needed to get up early the next morning, but your stiffness hadn’t calmed down as much as you had wanted, and you felt like you had had enough.

“I think it’s time I go home” you said, carefully standing up so you wouldn’t flash him anything you wouldn’t want to. He followed suit “It’s been a lovely night, Dave”

He smiled, and leaned in to give you a kiss, but you turned your head as his lips pressed your cheek “Thanks” you quickly said before grabbing your purse and heading for the exit. Your body was finally feeling relaxed again when you felt a strong hand on your arm.

You turned around to see Dave with a smirk on his face “Hey, it’s fairly late, isn’t it? Why don’t you stay the night?” He asked, and suddenly the sand castle you had created around his persona got destroyed by the waves. Another castle, once more.

“No” you said, firmly, but he didn’t let go of you.

“Come on, I know you want to” he insisted “Don’t play hard to get, love, I don’t really like games”

You made a quick move to release your arm from his grip, as you other hand reached the doorknob. How could you have been so stupid? A boy, actually not using you for sex? Where? When? How? “Don’t ever contact me again or I’ll call the police” you almost shouted, and before looking at his face again, you shut the door and ran out of the building.

Once outside, you didn’t stop running. You were keen to find out whether it took 10 minutes to get to Jack’s or not.


After knocking at the door, you mentally slapped yourself for thinking someone would be up that late. Then, you remembered it was Jack, Josh and Conor. A few seconds later, Jack opened the door, surprised to see you on his doorway.

“Hey, sweet cheeks, what are you doing here?” He asked you, his eyes revealing that he had been in bed already, and probably sleeping. You felt a bit bad.

“Can I come in?” You asked, not caring anymore if your dress was too short for the public eye as you helped yourself inside. You just wanted a shoulder to cry on.

Jack closed the door before slowly turning at you “If that bastard laid a hand on you, I swear to god” he spoke.

“He didn’t” you quickly said. The last thing you wanted was for Jack to get angry and punch another hole on the wall “Because I got up and left. He wanted me to spend the night with him”

Jack let out a loud sigh, and leaned on the counter as his hand ran across his hair. He was shirtless, which gave you the opportunity to stare at his bare chest for a few moments and realize that he’d been working out. Why, and since when? He stayed in silence for a few seconds, then sighed again and walked towards you, his arms open wide to give you a hug.

You melted into his chest like you always did, wrapping your arms around his torso “That’s my girl” he whispered, kissing the top of your head. You closed your eyes as he ran a hand through your already oh-so-tight dress, but you couldn’t care less. Jack was the only man who could touch you like that, only because you trusted him with all your soul. You feared you’d never find someone like him, and it was destroying you inside.

“Jack?” you mumbled, looking up at his face. He was looking down at you, sweetness in his eyes once more. You loved the sweet side of him he rarely portrayed on his videos, or even in real life. But if you were observant, you could see he was in fact a ball of cotton who just wanted a little love, but was afraid to ask.

“Yes, little one” he always called you that, even though you were just a little less than a year younger than him. He said it was because you were much shorter than him, and you always teased him back about how short he was himself. ‘There are other things on my body that are long enough’ he joked, and you always rolled your eyes.

But then it hit you that you actually needed to tell him something “I…” you started, not sure of what to say next “I really don’t want a boyfriend like, ever” you stated, and you actually felt like that was your destiny. Were all the men pigs? Fine, no men for you.

He chuckled, making you smile at the sight of his smiling face. He still had his nose piercing on, which was a major turn on “Don’t say that” he said “Not everyone’s the same. You’re just not…so lucky”

“I’ve been lucky with you” you said before you could stop yourself. He grinned again, looking away from you this time.

He didn’t say anything for a while, holding you in the darkness of the living room. You wondered if Josh and Conor were in their bedrooms, but to be fair they were probably out. Then, he finally spoke, and it left you shook “I’m no good for you, Y/N” he said in a really low voice, still not looking at you.

Your heart skipped a beat “Why do you think that?” You asked innocently.

Pause “I’m afraid I’d hurt you” he said in the same voice again “And you deserve someone who can take care of you, because you’re amazing and I…”

“Jack” you interrupted him, lifting your fingers to his face so you could turn his head to make him look at you. His eyes were sad “You’re literally the only guy I’m 100% comfortable with” you spoke truthfully “I don’t know why, but you make me feel good, happy, confident” he licked his lips, and your legs weakened “Do you really believe I can find someone who’ll take better care of me, than you do?” You asked him, looking directly at his eyes. Now your hand was stroking his cheek, making him lean against it.

Eventually he shook his head “I don’t want to hurt you” he whispered, then kissed your hand, so tiny compared to his face.

“You’re only hurting me if you behave like this, Jack” you said.

He closed his eyes, leaning against your touch. You would’ve given all the gold in the world to know what was going through his mind, or to know why he thought he wasn’t good for you, when in fact he was the one. He opened his eyes again, and straight up looked directly at yours.

“All this time I’ve been sleeping around with random girls so I could get the idea of you out of my head” he confessed as your heart did that thing again “I thought it would work, but when the morning came, to say that I felt horrible would be an understatement. You’ve been my friend for two years now, and I’ve never met a girl who I’d laugh so much with, or have so many things in common, or whom I’d let borrow my tee shirts because I thought she looked adorable in them” You couldn’t help but smile.

“I was scared because I knew your background, and I knew mine. I knew that I would never, ever, physically hurt you. But emotionally, let’s say I’m not the best. Believe it or not, I’ve talked to Conor about this, and I felt bad when you told me you were going out with that guy today. He knows about it. Because, even though I know you deserve better, I also know that there will not be a guy who could treat you better than I do, or love you as much as I do”

Goosebumps were all over your skin as you found yourself leaning in, your arms tightly around his neck. His lips were soft, warm, and cozy, just like his arms. He was moving them so slowly, yet so sensually, you thought you were going insane. And you found out, as your legs wrapped against his waist, that you might as well be crazy.

With your lips still locked, his tongue working its way into your mouth, you felt the softness of his mattress behind your back. You tensed. He broke the kiss and looked at your eyes “Tonight, I’m gonna cuddle the fuck out of you” he whispered, making you chuckle out loud. He laughed as well, lying himself next to you.

“You’re such an idiot” you smiled, kissing him again “And by the way, what you said was truly beautiful. Thanks, Jack”

“Hey, I didn’t say anything I didn’t feel” he said, putting a hand up as if he were swearing.

“But really, I don’t think you don’t deserve me” you said.

His hand went through his hair again “I love you, Y/N, okay? And I’m gonna try to make you the happiest woman on earth. I don’t know how, but I will”

You smiled, wrapping your legs around his “You already do”

Your lips locked into a passionate kiss again, his hands never leaving your back, yours never leaving his hair “I’ll take care of you, alright?” He whispered, bringing your foreheads together “Even if it’s the last thing I do”


Tommy x Reader

“(Y/N) dear… (Y/N)!” A shrill voice called out and Tommy stopped you from rushing Charlie up the street, forcing you to turn and face the frantic woman behind you.


“Auntie (Y/L/N) … how are you.” You smiled sheepishly and tried not to look at Tommy who wasn’t even trying to hide the amused smile on your face.


“Well if you must know I’m furious with my sister, we went to the dress makers the other day and you know what she did, ordered a dress, in all black… would you fancy that and it’s not even for a funeral and then when she got it home she refused to wear it after a whole day of having it fitted.” She blabbered and you were thankful Charlie hadn’t drawn attention to himself yet and was stood staring at the loud woman instead.

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This Must Be a Dream 5

Pairing: Eggsy Unwin x Reader

Warning: Ahhh the start is sad and heartbreaking and someone dies, otherwise it’s all sass, swearing, surprises, light stalking, angst and secrets coming out. Changes perspectives, and a jump in time.

You and Eggsy Unwin had a hot and heavy relationship for months, London, trouble, partying, dating a hustler was a high light from your safe little life you’d grown up with. But when you leave London, after your little sister is in a tragic accident, you decided to not return. Leaving behind Eggsy, your life, and the life you were creating with the trouble maker.
One Year, Eight Months Later:
Eggsy took the last year to get over Y/N, becoming a Kingsman, turning his life around. So why did she still come to mind? Did he see her face in a crowded street or is that really her?
When you end up back in London, so much has changed. Your company promoted you, sending you back to where it all began. Can you face Eggsy? Are you praying you don’t run into him? Will all your secrets come to light and how will you explain the baby boy?

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anyway my lame ass is taking driving school at age 19 and it’s the most simultaneously entertaining and miserable thing as a college student listen to me

  • in my city there are two driving schools
  • there’s the really good one and the… other one
  • the other one is more convenient for me
  • it is run by a stuntman of thirty years and his wife, who used to pilot planes in the military
  • they rescue puppies
  • and made the teacher show puppy pictures in the slideshow
  • puppies come on wednesdays
  • a kid once ran himself over with a golf cart
  • the room is -50ºF and the hall is the sahara desert
  • it’s all pretty damned cool
  • now the students
  • a girl asked what “FAQ” stood for.
  • a boy is named cannon.
  • a girl is named carrington.
  • the teacher is this amazing soul who survived pancreatic cancer TWICE and looks like an I.T. guy but apparently listens to heavy metal on blast and gave us such quotes as “you must know how to operate a doorknob to take this class” and “do not climb inside the vending machine.”
  • i asked the teacher at one point if something applied to college students and he was like “are you over eighteen?”
  • “yeeep”
  • “then this doesn’t apply to you”
  • he hates the staff of the place they’re located
  • “this place was built by the lowest bidder. don’t touch the walls, they will break. don’t touch the walls, don’t look at the walls.”
  • a kid’s last name is “pringle” and the preppy shit-talking girls behind me wouldn’t shut the hell up about it (“what sooo it’s just one pringle? did it fall out of the bottle lolol”). like quench your thirst after you learn to drive
  • there was a sketchy ass vending machine in the room with like three Hershey’s chocolate bars in it and these girls were like “I wanna know if it works I want choooooc-late” and I’m like “there are literally vending machines downstairs” and one of them just flatly goes “they know.”
  • turns out someone had jammed a dime in the slot
  • i talked about these two annoying guys who showed up like an hour late (and seemed drunk like but ur fifteen??????) and this girl’s eyes light up and she’s like “you mean the hot ones!” and I’m like “i am nineteen years old y'all are all babies.“ 
  • we had to go to a funeral home for an intense lecture. and people were talking selfies I kid you not okay 
  • and this was Only The First Day
Next to You - Chapter 5 (Sam Drake x Reader)

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Literally what the fuck. So I always post chapters when I finish writing them, and yesterday I wrote a chapter, posted it, then in the afternoon I wrote another and posted it too. Today I wrote a chapter in the morning, posted it, then now I wrote another one and WHY THE FUCK CAN’T I JUST WAIT TO POST IT LIKE TOMORROW OR NEXT WEEK OR SOMETHING?

Okay, whatever, I hope you like it!

❤️  Thank you for the likes/reblogs and comments!  ❤️

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 6

You sat down behind the counter after Sam and Cassie left, and you put your hand on your chest, trying to calm yourself down.

‘Why did I say that I don’t drink coffee? Why couldn’t I just say a simple no?’ - you asked yourself.

You panicked, that’s why, and you say the dumbest shit, when you panic. You didn’t want to have coffee with him, because you just knew that once you two start talking, he would think that you are weird, and maybe he would never speak to you again. Well, you wouldn’t blame him…

You looked at the sketchbook on the counter and a small smile raised to your lips when you remembered how impressed Sam seemed, while he was looking at your drawing. You noticed that he had a tattoo on his neck, and while you were more into realistic ones, you liked those simple birds too. Birds symbolized freedom and you wondered if he had a reason why he choose them.
Just when you were thinking about it, the delivery guy walked through the door, bringing fresh flowers to the shop.

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anonymous asked:

can you just tell me about your cats,, no specific reason i just,, really like cats


nihon: currently shoving her ass in my face as we speak. on the surface she seems fuckin awful and super distant and like she hates everyone. if anyone is visiting or any of the family members that aren’t me or my dad are near her she hides completely or just sits and glares in the dark she’s never hissed or scratched at a human in her life tho but i’ve met people who think she does. in reality ?? the most affectionate fuckin cat u will ever meet. in terms of my dad he gets near her all the time to pet her and she’ll sometimes hop up on things to meet him. but in terms of me if i call her, make certain sounds, pat the surface next to me, or wiggle my fingers, she will come racing over meowing and already purring. she will stop at no length to get into my lap and have complete ownership of it (know the exact angle to fall over to launch my tablet out of my lap to take it’s place) if she’s in my room with me she won’t allow me to use my hands for anything except petting her and will chase and grab my hands to press them against her head. she chirps all the time she’s so cute. if she can’t reach my hands she’ll wander around in circles around me rubbing her face against everything chirping and purring and if i walk around the house without anyone else around she will stop at nothing to follow me around. she absolutely loves loves LOVES zippers any and all zippers she’ll try to chew.

vlad: my big baby boy. he’s like the ‘mom friend’ of all the cats. he’s a big hulking lion-looking fella but he meows like a squeaky toy as it finishes re-inflating itself. my mom and sister think he’s a total asshole bc he’s the one who breaks things the most and pushes them over but he can’t help it!!! he loves exploring and being high up and he’s so big and just doesn’t seem to know his own size sometimes things get knocked over or he misses where he’s jumping and hits things. he’s the smartest of the cats like he has learned how to properly use doorknobs and how to open cupboards (he loves slamming them shut over and over) but he’s my big ol’ dummy baby bc he’s a goof. he’s so affectionate with all the cats he’ll walk up to them all the time for grooming and cuddle with them constantly. he’s super neat too like if one of the cats doesn’t bury their business he’ll go and do it for them (he’s tried to bury the dog’s messes on the carpet too. like he literally scratches @ the carpet) and i notice he tends to shove all the toys into single sections of the room. speaking of toys: we have three boxes downstairs. one that’s pretty big, one that’s in the middle. and a super tiny one. i have watched him step into the super big one and then step into the tiny one to try and lay down but he kinda spills over all the sides. he’s a gentle big boy he might bat at you or the other cats but he almost never uses claws. i think he’s actually scratched me maybe a handful of times on accident while rough-housing (he likes to wrestle some) or bc i accidentally stepped on his toe but other than that he just. smacks his paw into ur face. or he’ll grab and hold ur hand in place so he can chew on your nails (he doesn’t break them just chews). he’s really in-your-face like will get suuuuper close to your face and just stare at you or he’ll start licking ur nose. is not afraid of the vaccuum cleaner but if you get close enough he’ll go sit somewhere else and watch u

tux: basically pudding in a cat-shaped bag. he’s the neediest of all the cats (note: not the most affectionate. the neediest) he constantly needs attention and to be held and will try and trip people up by basically sticking tot heir legs. he LOOOOVES being picked up and will headbutt anyone who comes near him whether they’re expecting it or not (my mum hates this he’s almost broken her glasses before). he tends to be the loudest and will sit meowing @ the top of the stares when he wants outside, he’s the least afraid of the dogs and will just sit and provoke them behind the stairs-gate. none of the other cats really like him much (well except for vlad) and either he swats at them or they swat at him so i try and go down every once in awhile and give him extra cuddles so he doesn’t get lonely. he’s @silentlytalkingoutloud‘s cat but she couldn’t take him when she moved out so he’s staying here ‘til she can find a place that allows pets.

petra: ohymgosh such a soft sweetie. she’s kinda chubby and her fur is so soft so it adds up to the cuddliest feeling cat u’ll ever meet. but she doesn’t really like being handled. she haaates being picked up and she cats having her head touched but if you scratch along her back or her sides she loves that so much and she’ll fall over leaning into ur hand. she’s a big goofball and super talkative and has super expressive sounds and will talk with you for a pretty long time if you meow back n forth with her (note: vlad and nihon also do this but she does it the most) when she plays it’s hilarious bc she hunkers down and wiggles her butt and her eyes get HUGE (note she’s a tortoise shell so she kinda looks like toothless) before she pounces. has a tendency to tear across the house at lightning speed and maimed one of my friends slightly during D&D bc she ran across his lap and scared the shit out of all of us. i think she’s the friendliest of all the cats towards strangers, vlad second. the only reason she beats him is bc she’ll just treat them like anyone from the family while vlad doesn’t quite do the rolling yet that she does. her and vlad are actually the closest of all the cats i think and if you go downstairs more than likely you’ll see them wrapped up in each other sleeping

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Any of your roommates have good stories then?

well we once talked for 40 minutes about times they got high while we ate raw cookie dough. the only ones i really remember are:

-the time j and a bunch of friends got really high and she walked into the kitchen and 3 of her friends were doing a really weird almost ritualistic dance around her dog
-the time e was leaving her boyfriend’s house and ran into his stepfather and couldn’t figure out how to use a doorknob

Written Promises - Act I - Two

Originally posted by callmeminseok

This is the prequel to ‘Rewriting the Past

↠ Pairing(s): readerXbaekhyun, readerXkai

Word count: 7.2k

↠ Summary: When you met the love of your life at sixteen while dating someone else, you didn’t expect to be thrown into the whirlwind that was your first love. While there was love and happiness at first, it quickly turned into the biggest roller coaster of your life. But not only did it affect the two of you, but your whole group of friends.

↠ Notes: This series will contain mature content such as harsh language and smut. If you’ve read any of my stuff, you know the deal.

Act I: One | Two

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begin (jungkook)

request:  Hey babes, I love this tumblr!! Anyways I was wondering if you could write a Jungkook angst! Thank you so much~~

pairing: gender neutral! reader x jungkook

genre: angst

warnings: n/a

author: admin m


Sometimes, we notice things far too late. We fail to pick up on the way his eyes no longer linger on us as they once did. We don’t take note of how his hands reach for doorknobs to leave rather than to grasp us and hold us tight.

You were in love with Jungkook, hopelessly, stupidly. The three year relationship often left you breathless, his constant admiration for you so obvious in every twist and turn of his words. You were never doubting  that he loved you back, you were always secure in the way his arms would wrap around you and his breath would tickle the skin of your neck.

False security is the worst illusion. You were so caught up in his words of hope, his promises of a future, just the two of you. So caught up in him. It wasn’t obvious that he was retreating back until one Friday evening, when you were expecting him to pick you up for a date. Your hair was done, body fit into an outfit he always loved. You felt good. A knock on the door signalled his arrival, and you opened it, revealing a sweaty, drunk Jungkook, that stunk intensely of rum. You felt your heart clench, rushing to fix him some painkillers, water, always fetching things to help him, always there for him. When you woke up the next morning, after nursing him to sleep, the bed was empty, as was your house. You sighed, leaving him a text, a simple, ‘hope youre okay, I love you.’ Jungkook had never done something like that, he’d never stood you up, let alone abandoned you altogether, but you decided it was a one off, and he would apologise, kiss your forehead, and all would return to normal.

It didn’t. The following Thursday, Jungkook was supposed to meet you at the café the two of you often shared coffee dates at. He had apologised for the previous evening, saying he was stressed, and left because he was embarrassed. You assured him it was okay.

The café was empty, apart from the owner and an older gentleman, whose grey hair bounced in the light. You wondered if you’d ever experience growing old with Jungkook, get to see him as an old man, call him your husband, call him yours forever. Ten minutes of waiting at the table stretched into 20, which morphed in a horrendous hour of waiting patiently for some sort of sign that Jungkook would show.

He didn’t. Another text of apology, stress, embarrassment. ‘It’s okay, baby, I love you.’

Saturday morning, your usual sleep in was interrupted by a loud rattling against the wood of your front door, and for a moment, it felt like Friday all over again. It had been a week since you’d seen Jungkook, the longest amount of time you’d spent away from each other without phone calls.

Jungkook stepped inside as you ushered him in, taking in the slouch of his beanie, the bag thrown across his chest, jeans tucked into his boots. You smiled, reaching to stroke his cheek. He flinched away. “Don’t.” His tone was final, and you frowned, heart dropping to your stomach, threatening to hit the floor. “What, what’s going on with you? Did I do something wrong?” Your voice shook as you pondered your possible mistakes, being too clingy, being too much, too, too, too. Maybe it wasn’t that you were too much, maybe you weren’t enough. Maybe he was happier without you, maybe- “I found someone else.” Oh. Oh, that wasn’t what you were expecting. Something burned in the pit of your stomach, something aching, and god, were you going to be sick? How could he do this, to three years, to you, to you guys together. How could he hurt you like that? You didn’t realise you were repeating your thoughts aloud until you felt his hand grasp your shoulder. “No, no, it’s just a nightmare, you wouldn’t do that, you promised, you swore you’d never do that,” Jungkook’s heart was breaking in his chest, but he wouldn’t admit it. He couldn’t bear to see you break in front of him. Leaning down, he pressed a kiss against your temple, frowning deeply as you flinched. His body turned before he even thought, leaving your house without another word.


“Y/N, look, it’s Jungkook!” Your friend whispered, as the two of you sat in the café you shared coffee and kisses with your now ex boyfriend of six months. You’d moved on, your heart patched up with the knowing that all good things must come to an end. Turning to where your friend was gesturing, you took in his appearance, scruffy, hair messy. He looked sad, he looked hurt, lonely. Your heart stuttered in your chest, your immediate reaction being to call out his name. He looked up at you, eyes bloodshot, showing obvious signs of lack of sleep. Jungkook moved towards you, grasping the table as though it was the only thing keeping him planted on the ground. “We, we broke up, I missed you, and kept thinking about you, a-and, I,” his voice was shakier than ever. You smiled softly, hand resting on his. “Let’s start over, yeah?” His eyebrows raised, as he waited expectantly for an explanation.  “Nice to meet you, I’m Y/N.” Jungkook grinned, taking your hand in a firm shake.

“Same for you, Y/N. I’m Jungkook, I think we’ll make good friends.”

Jungkook was a reminder that though all good things come to an end, there’s always space for a new beginning.

Mirror of Erised

Originally posted by hogwartsfansite


Requested : yet again a big whopping nope

Summary : you are writing a textbook of the history of magic, you started traveling around the world looking at amazing artifacts with your best friend, newt scamander and find quite the peculiar artifact.

Warnings : lowercase intended, none really besides fluff-ish

Pairing : Newt x Reader

Word Count : 1222

Note : so sorry I haven’t posted part two of ‘old times’!! I have been extremely busy with dance dress rehearsals and practices, and especially school. part two of old times will come later in the weekend!!

requests are open!!

you had just recently finished your adventure with newt scamander for his textbook of magical beasts- now it was your turn.

your odd interest in the history of magic landed you a spot in the ministry of magic, where you were going to write a textbook surrounding historic artifacts and historic events.

you were beyond excited when the ministry asked you to do this, more importantly asking you to take newt scamander to go on another around the world adventure.

you decided to start small, like the myth of the ‘mirror of erised’, the mirror that showed you what your heart truly desired. the myth stated it had been stored in the room of requirement, and has been there since the school has been built.

you were determined to find the ultimate details of this artifact, yet was so scared to look in it. you were afraid it was something you had gotten over, something that had to be dismissed.

you didn’t want to look inside the mirror and see you and newt staring back, wedding ring resting on your left hand, and an infant in your other. but deep down, that’s all you ever desired. all you’ve wanted almost your entire life was for newt to love you back, to at least fancy you.

you wanted it so badly on the inside, but you and newt have such a great connection as friends- you couldn’t ruin it. no matter how badly you wanted it, you turned the feelings away.

studying that mirror was extremely vital, you didn’t need to look in it. you could live without seeing your hearts desire, you had maybe gotten over the crush anyway, it wasn’t essential as getting the details and information of this mirror.

you weren’t going to look in that mirror, the last thing you needed was a mirror to tell you what you wanted.

you awoke to the bright sun shining through your curtains, the brightness hurting your eyes.

bangs were heard from outside your door as you laid in bed, not wanting to leave its warm embrace.

“y/n! come on! hogwarts is expecting us in an hour!” newt hollered from the other side.

“alright! I’ll be out in 10 minutes!” you yelled back, jumping out of bed. you threw jeans, an old sweater of newt’s, and your h/h scarf. you were excited to go back to hogwarts, although you couldn’t stand the memories that had been made in those rooms.

you walked out to see a full breakfast, surprisingly not burned.

“newt! you really didn’t have to.” you beckoned to him.

“it’s alright y/n, I wanted to for being able to put up with me for another 12 months. I was also extremely excited to go on another adventure, especially with my partner.” he blushed, fiddling with his thumbs.

“aw! you’re the sweetest, I don’t deserve you.” you hugged him, his body tensing, then relaxing. he slowly hugged back, patting you in an awkward fashion.

“anyways, I heard from previous hogwarts students that the mirror has a phrase at the top that’s jumbled, we’ll need to figure that out and take a few pictures of it.” you broke the silence, eating the breakfast newt had prepared.

“a backwards phrase?” he cocked an eyebrow, tilting his head.

“yes, the letters are all mixed up and some words are backwards, for instance it’s called the mirror of erised, erised is desire backward.” you explained.

his stare lingered as you finished explaining, admiring all your features, your excited e/c eyes, your vibrant pink cheeks, you were simply adorable to him.

you eventually noticed, smiling toward him. he immediately looked back down to his hands, then toward you. you smiled once again, flashing your perfect pearly whites.

“ahh, glad to know it still smells the same. of old books and body odor.” you joked, making newt chuckle. dumbledore walked toward you two, smiling wide.

“good afternoon miss. l/n and mr. scamander, good to finally see you two once again.” he shook both of your hands.

“hello professor! we’ll be in and out, we just want a few pictures of the mirror of erised and take some notes of its features.” you explained, newt nodding anxiously next to you.

“that’s fine with me! just take your time, we don’t mind.” he smiled, waving goodbye. you waved back, a sigh leaving your lips.

“let’s get a move on then, shall we?” newt asked holding his arm out. you gladly took it, walking and admiring the gorgeous architecture of the walls.

“god, I forgot how stunning the building is!” you exclaimed, looking around some more, more pointless memories flooding back into your mind.

“not as stunning as you.” newt spoke under his breath, admiring you rather than the building.

“sorry?” you asked, turning to look at him. 

“o-oh! nothing, it was nothing.” he blushed, his cheeks turning crimson. he turned away from you scolding himself.

you and newt eventually found the room of requirement, sighing as the door unvieled itself in front of your very eyes. you opened the door with the touch of a ghost, noticing how the the doorknobs have rusted, and how the wood on the door has been stained. as the door creaked open, the piles on piles of magical items bewildered you.

“how are we supposed to find a mythical mirror in this mess?” newt wondered aloud, looking around the piles.

“well, according to the myth it should be in the very back left corner of the room. just to be sure, let’s check all 4 corners.” you planned. he nodded in agreement, heading the other way toward a corner.

“aright, I’ll check the ones here upfront.” he yelled from one corner.

you made your way around all the corners, reluctantly finding it.

“have you found it?” newt asked from the front of the room.

“no…” you trailed off, examining the mirror.

you looked at the mirror carefully, trying so hard not to gaze into it. your eyes went everywhere besides the mirror, the backwards letters, the intriquite designs- yet you ended up looking straight into it. you saw exactly what you predicted, newt’s arm draped around your shoulder, his ring’s presence loud and clear. a child was tugging at your dress, smiling up to you. his/her eyes looked exactly like newts, so green and alive. their h/c hair was so similar to yours, yet your child looked so much like newt, it was as if it was him. you sat down admiring the image even more, never wanting to look away. it was so perfect, so innocent, just a family with newt scamander, how could anything go wrong? you would be happy. he could be possibly happy. who are you kidding, he would barely be happy. it was a one side love that would never be fulfilled. 

“y/n?” newt asked behind you, pulling you out of your daydream. you whipped your head around to see his tear stained face, ready to hear the worst.

“your hearts desire… it’s m-”

“let’s pretend you didn’t see that, you weren’t supposed to.” you cut him off, standing up and avoiding all eye contact.

“wait.” he held your chin up to look at the mirror as he looked into it. you appeared, almost exactly what you saw. you staring back, and newt longingly looking at you and your child. you looked at him with a wide smile as you threw your arms around him. he didn’t tense, he didn’t freeze, he only hugged you back tighter.

he pulled from the hug, only to rest his forehead against yours, looking deep into your eyes. his eyes were practically gleaming with joy, as yours was.

“I’m sorry I haven’t told you any sooner.” he sheepishly smiled, looking away.

“I wouldn’t want it any other way.” you giggled, kissing him.

foxyhufflepuff  asked:


Lams is like my number 1 tbh so

- they get together in college, which is when John goes through this whole discovering himself because he grew up in the south and wasn’t able to have any outlets

- Alex takes him to NYC Pride and John cries because 1 he’s an emotional fuck and 2 he can finally be himself

- Alex is in pre-law and John is in pre-vet, but he acts like he’s majoring in law

- they are absolute cuddle monsters, and have cuddle piles with Lafayette and Hercules

- they are pretty equal partners, but John enjoys to be dominated a little more than Alex does

- Alex gets John a turtle for their 1-year anniversary. John names her Parmesan bc he fucking wants to

- they always forget to put a sock on the door and Lafayette proposes getting them to wear bells so everyone is warned when they are fucking

- Jefferson walks in on them one time and is scared for life

- John gets cut-off after graduation after his father found out his actual major

- they have to separate after college while John goes to Cornell for vet school and Alex goes to law school

- but it’s okay because when they meet up at Christmas Alex proposes to John and it’s great

- Alex once got so scared by the toaster popping he nearly put a knife through the wall

- John once lost Parmesan and didn’t tell Alex about it until she was found in one of Alex’s shoes (by Alex. That was fun)

- In college John ate more edibles than he was supposed to and ended up so blazed out of his mind that he ended up sleeping in one of the showers because he forgot how to work a doorknob

- Alex did the exact same thing, only this time he ended up at Burr’s place giggling like a loon because Burr helping him into the house tickled. Burr was not amused

- Alex and Eliza have a bet as to who can stay up the longest (for some reason) and Alex loses because Eliza drank combined red bull, monster, and coffee and Alex couldn’t compete

- Eliza offers to be their surrogate and they end up having Francis, who is a dead ringer for John, it’s scary

- Phillip is the second kid only this time Alex is the father

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