how to do the sway test

(The ocean in spring
Swaying gently all day long―
Let’s take it easy♡)

Spring break is soo relaxing♡
We’re all having a leisurely picnic at the sunny seaside― or not.

Despite how it looks, we’re practicing today!
We have much more time now that we’ve entered testing break― so of course we can do plenty of practice for Aqours― and we can also invest time into practicing as units! As such, it’s unit practice time~♪
Usually, we had many things we had to do little by little in the intervals when we could practice― so it isn’t often we have leftover time all at once like this, I’m looking forward, zura♪

In order to deepen our amity, like so, we’re having lunch and rest and snacks as units― wait, uwahh~!!
Being with my seniors Dia and Kanan makes me kind of nervous― my heart is pounding, zura~~!!!
Dia is my friend Ruby’s older sister, so I’ve always known her well, and Kanan is so nice it almost feels like she’s not my senior― so I shouldn’t be scared at all.
When I look at those two smiling serenely amid the pouring spring sunshine―.
They’re so pretty, and beautiful, and sparkly.
And, they smell nice♡
I’m so glad to be in a unit with these wonderful “big sisters"― I’ve gotta work hard so I don’t hold them back!

A~ah, that being said― when will Ruby and the others get here?
Err― the truth is, about today’s practice.
There were some members who didn’t score high enough on the end-of-term tests, and so they have supplementary lessons.
Since not everyone is here― well.
Who is here is a secret, zura♪

Regarding Deacon’s last affinity conversation. 

I know everyone has their own opinion on whether or not it’s another lie, and I think both options are as likely as the other, but the fact there’s no Speech check to call him out got me wondering something

In all the other conversations, Deacon is basically testing the SoSu, for gullibility, for how likely they are to be swayed by clever rhetoric etc. He’s happy when you call him out. But the last one doesn’t have a “right” response you can get through a speech check. You just get to respond.

There’s also the fact that all the other lies put Deacon in a favorable light, whereas this one (if it is indeed a lie, the jury is out on that) paints him badly. 

Personally I think it’s another test. You do have the option to say you don’t believe him, and if you do so politely he’s fine with that. But you also get the option to express sadness about what he’s said and your opinions on redemption. Maybe it’s a test on what you actually value more, being sceptical of everything, even what your partner tells you, in order to protect yourself, or letting yourself feel sadness about something without having to have it proved. If you still can trust despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. 

The first priority is good in an Agent. The second is a better quality in a friend.