how to do hair styles

When someone finds out you love one direction then asks how you’re dealing with “the break up” and you know they aren’t worth the whole tortured explanation and your belief system re: The Hiatus™ but you can’t figure out what to say other than “fuck off, becky”:

I’m more of a Callie kind of guy to be honest but Marie in the new trailer got my mind going crazy. Here’s my little idea about what she’ll look like. 

namjoon is the cutest make sure to tell your friends


I want us to be ravenous for victory until the very end.” - Miyuki Kazuya

I feel small; but so are stars from a distance. (x)

Streaming ended

Thank y’all for coming <3 It was real fun <3 I start college again tomorrow and it was a nice way to say bye to vacation <3

I answered somequestions and made some doodles <3 

Here are the doodles <3

And here are the questions!!!

1 - Kaitoisgreat: FRISK how do you like your hair styled?

2 - gcervantes47: So Paps, what are going to do after you capture the human?

3 - alazyparrot: Hey sans, are you having a chuckle watching your boss and the human fight?

4 - DogeKing5954: Chara did you have any friends on the surface or were you shy?

5 - ALargeAmountofMonkeys: What would sans do if he was as tall as papyrus?

6 - Kaitoisgreat: Frisk, what cartoons did you like when you were on the surface?

7 - DogeKing5954: Chara if you could own any kind of animal/pet what would you choose?

And that was all!!

Right now I have the shittiest cold on earth. I will just lie down and rest…

But again, thank you for coming!!

HEADCANON: during his time with Best Jeanist, Bakugou learned how to style hair. (well, to be more accurate, Best Jeanist sighed and suggested that Bakugou couldn’t do something as elegant as learn how to style hair with that personality of his, and Bakugou got pissed and learned how just to prove him fucking wrong. also because he has to be the best at everything. which includes hair styling.)

SO one day at the dorms, one of the girls is having a bad hair day, and Bakugou just comes up behind her and fixes it. because goddammit he fucking learned these skills might as well fuckin’ use ‘em

Bakugou instantly becomes the person all the girls go to when they want their hair styled or fixed. at first it annoys him, but then he finds styling hair is actually kinda relaxing. maybe even fun. (he even styles Aoyama’s hair at one point, and some of the other boys too, tho a few just refuse to let Bakugou’s hands near their heads)

how to draw mizar:

-stay up for 56 hours

-drink 4-5 red bulls 

-put on some sweats 

-look in the mirror 

-draw that

My 2017 trip to South Korea

Hello! I went to South Korea from Dec 29-Jan 6 about a week or so! I was so nervous to go even though I’ve seen positive experiences with Black women going, I was still nervous about visiting.

But I won’t talk much but just say my experience was beyond my expectations! I met too many cool people who were genuinely curious about Black people, like how do you do your hair like that? (I had curly/ long natural hair style). How do you stay so fit? How did you learn Korean? How do you say this or that in English? Your lips are so pretty, women would stare at my lips and say how they wish they had lips like mine. People would at times ask to take pictures with us, I was with 2 White girls and 1 Black girl and they were asking my White friends to take the pictures for them, We’re still laughing about that. But it didn’t bother her, she thought it was so nice that they were all over us and giving us a lot of love out of kindness. I had some even tell me they wish they had gorgeous glowing skin like mine instead of being pale, I was so shocked because most of the Korean beauty standards is to have pale skin.

Now I know you all probably wondering about the men right? I was curious about the clubbing scene so we did visit some clubs! Girl when I tell you when we walked up in there me and my other BFF whose Black (the other girls didn’t want to go). It was like in slow motion! Like the movies, a lottttt of staring at us mostly from the men, some of them are so bold! And the other half just stare wanting to come up and talk to us, but they be thirsty too! Some just want to like kiss and dance and some really want you to be his wife, for real! I’ve gotten numbers and I was curious to ask if they wish they had more Black people in Korea and their eyes would get so wide and they would say yes yes yes! Or ask me to move here please so we can hang out aww.

It was a quick trip but I’m hoping we can go back again this year. That’s how much fun we had! If anyone here is planning on going, do it! You’d enjoy it. It’s even prettier in the Spring/Summer time though especially with the food vendors. That’s what I want to do next time.


such a beautiful v i e w

How the fuck do you lay your edges down!?!?

I’m tired of seeing Instagram hoes with their edges laid to the Gods talking bout “all I used was Eco styler gel and a toothbrush” BITCH YOU’RE LYING!! I try that shit and my edges go right back to looking like I hopped straight outta the boat with my ancestors! What edge control magic are these hoes keeping from me??