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Sincerely Three Fourth of July Headcanons

Here are some headcanons with the reader and the DEH boys, partially inspired by @dr-evn-hnsn‘s post about Evan not liking the noise from fireworks!


-        Jared gets super into it the clothing aspect. He wears those bathing suit bottoms that look like an American flag and red-white-and-blue sunglasses and flip-flops with stars on the straps

-        He’s so excited he convinces you to spray a couple strips of your hair with that spray-on temporary hair dye so you have red and blue highlights

-        He starts a competition to see who can make the biggest splash jumping into the pool

-        Everyone knows he’ll win but he convinces everyone to play anyway

-        And he just freaking leaps into the air and does the most massive cannonball into the water

-        You get absolutely soaked but you’re laughing anyway

-        He’s all sputtery when he comes up and is blind since he’s not wearing his glasses, and you come up behind him and grab onto him

-        He twists around and grabs your waist and kisses you while dragging your around the pool

-        And then he scoops you up and starts to climb out of the water and you know what’s coming

-        “Jared NOOOOO”

-        “babe no don’t worry I got you, I won’t drop you”

-        But then he freaking throws you into the water

-        And obviously jumps in after you and you guys end up kissing again until everyone else starts splashing you and then Jared starts splashing them back and it’s suddenly total chaos

-        He gets Very Sunburned because he’s a pale nerd from spending so much time inside playing videogames

-        When it’s time to make dinner, Jared starts off helping with the grill but then ends up in the kitchen with you so he can snag bites of watermelon and potato salad

-        There’s a table for the adults but Jared convinces you to sit at the kids’ table because the kids love him

-        Everybody eats way too much and Jared gets into a burping contest with your little cousins

-        As it starts to get dark he “supervises” while they play with pop-its and sparklers

-        Which is really just an excuse for him to play with pop-its and sparklers

-        He flipping loves sparklers

-        There’s lots of cuddling on the lawn when the fireworks go off

-        And so much kissing

-        Also Jared singing “Firework” in your ear until you’re both laughing hysterically


-        The boy is always wearing blue, so obviously that’s what he wears today, but he insists it’s patriotic

-        “Look, my shoes are red, so it works!”

-        The house is really crowded, but everyone’s outside so you and Evan hang out inside for a while

-        Heidi is making cupcakes and the two of you help her

-        She has this cute blue and white apron

-        And apparently Evan has one two

-        You can’t help but giggle when he puts it on but really it’s adorable on him, which you tell him

-        Evan puts red, white, and blue icing in piping bags and starts piping all these pretty, swirly designs on the cupcakes

-        He helps teach you how to pipe the icing…you hold the piping bag and he puts his hands over yours and guides you

-        After the cupcakes are finished, you and Evan decide to try the pool

-        You both agree you’ll go back inside if it gets too overwhelming with all the people outside

-        You’ve never seen Evan in his bathing suit and the shorts are incredibly dorky with big white hibiscuses on them

-        He looks very cute

-        You and Evan get in the pool and it’s LOUD

-        Most of the kids are at the shallow end so you guys go to the deep end and go underwater because the noise is obnoxious

-        You and Evan just look at each other underwater and he gets this really shy smile on his face and it’s adorable

-        You and Evan do handstands underwater

-        He gives you little kisses and plays with your hair

-        You guys mouth “I love you” back and forth and then laugh because of all the bubbles

-        You guys wait for a little while after everyone gets out because it’s finally quiet

-        You lie on your back in the water and hold hands

-        Eventually you get out and eat dinner on the lawn because it’s quiet and also you’re still dripping from the pool

-        Everyone goes out front to play with sparklers, and you guys join because Evan really likes sparklers

-        He sits next to you a little ways away from the kids and you guys watch the way the sparklers spark

-        The fireworks start and you’re both kind of uncomfortable with the noise

-        They’re so pretty but you both keep flinching every time one goes off

-        Evan grabs his phone and two sets of earbuds

-        He has one of those earbud-splitter-things so you can both plug the earbuds into the phone

-        He turns on Owl City while you guys watch the fireworks

-        Literally every Owl City makes the fireworks 10000% more magical

-        Evan kisses you while “Meteor Shower” plays and those gold fizzy fireworks go off


-        Wears a black tank top and black shorts, obviously. But the hair tie he normally has on his wrist is red

-        You’re pretty sure he stole it from Zoe

-        It’s ridiculously hot out and he ties his hair up in a knot (he refuses to call it a man bun)

-        This hair tie is blue

-        All of Connor’s and your families are there and it’s way too crowded

-        Both of you are tempted to hide in Connor’s room but yours and his parents keep telling you to come out and socialize

-        Everyone’s in the pool but Connor’s just standing there in his black outfit

-        You have your bathing suit on under your clothes but you feel too uncomfortable to take your clothes off

-        He keeps saying he doesn’t want to get in and you’re pretty sure it’s cause he’s insecure about what he looks like without a shirt on (even though he’s actually kinda muscular)

-        You’re also insecure about the way you look in a bathing suit

-        But it’s freaking hot and the water looks really nice

-        You grab Connor’s hand and tug him toward the pool

-        “I’m gonna throw you in”

-        “No, I’m gonna throw you in”

-        “No, I’m gonna—”

-        And then Connor picks you up and he doesn’t throw you in he jumps in with you

-        Like he does a cannonball with you cradled in his arms

-        You come up laughing and wrap your arms around his shoulders and just kiss him

-        Zoe starts yelling at you but really she’s just happy because Connor’s smiling

-        Underwater kisses

-        You pull the hair tie out of Connor’s hair and play with his hair underwater

-        You guys argue about who has better mermaid hair

-        Eventually you both agree Zoe has better mermaid hair than either of you

-        You guys get out when it’s time to eat

-        Connor eats a meal almost entirely made up of watermelon

-        Seriously he eats half a hamburger and like twelve slices of watermelon

-        He gets a stomach ache afterward and the two of you lay on the lawn in your wet clothes and try to find interesting shapes in the clouds

-        Connor’s nose is a tiny bit sunburned and you keep kissing the tip of it

-        Zoe eventually joins you guys on the lawn

-        Her hair is in a really pretty fishtail braid and you ask her to teach you how to do it

-        And of course you practice on Connor

-        Connor rests his forehead on your shoulder while you try to braid his hair

-        It makes it kind of difficult but you really don’t mind

-        Everyone gathers on the lawn eventually to watch the fireworks

-        Connor’s parents put on a playlist of patriotic songs

-        You and Connor and Zoe sit together and watch the fireworks

-        Connor starts out watching but ends up falling asleep in your lap

-        Eventually a loud firework makes him wake up enough to groggily whisper that he loves you


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  • Peter is the clingiest boyfriend you will ever have
  • But of course he doesn’t show it around everyone
  • He has a look that he gives you when he wants to cuddle
  • Sometimes he isn’t even discreet about it
  • He’ll straight up stare at you for an hour until you notice him
  • When he finally gets to cuddle with you, he’s a smiley little boy
  • He either likes to have you cuddled up on his chest or the other way round because BOOB PILLOWS  
  • Peter also loves playing with your hair
  • Ever since you taught him how to braid hair, he’s constantly asking to braid your hair
  • His favorite braid to do on you is the fishtail braid
  • Movie dates are a must
  • You guy’s first date was at the movies to watch Star Wars
  • That’s when you both started catching feelings
  • You cuddled up in your seat next to him
  • Peter did the yawn and put his arm over your seat move
  • Every once in awhile he would look over at you while you watched the movie and admire your beauty and how interested in the movie you were
  • You would pretend not to notice but it was so obvious that he was staring at you
  • Peter was still looking at you and you turned your head and he kissed you
  • I guess you can say it was out of this world ;)
  • Oh and just imagine jamming out to music in his room while his mother isn’t around to bug you guys
  • Of course Wanda loves you
  • Ever since you and Peter started dating, you and Wanda started hanging out more and grew really close
  • Peter and Wanda always fight over who gets to hang out with you
  • “She’s my best friend!”
  • “She’s my GIRLFRIEND!”
  • They could go on for hours while you watch them go at it
  • You three end up going out together
  • Then they start arguing over who’s the third wheel
  • It’s obviously Peter
  • Peter is the king of cheesy dates
  • He’ll take you on picnics, drive-in movies, etc.
  • By the way… this boy is very much a tease
  • I meant to say HUGE tease
  • He leaves trails of kisses down your stomach only to STOP right at your clit
  • He literally just hovers over you, breathing gently over you
  • Then he goes right to it and let me tell you this boy is 30/10 amazing
  • Let’s just say he takes advantage of his super speed during sex *wink*
  • Don’t expect to be able to walk correctly the next day
  • Hehehe
  • You can’t eat lollipops or popsicles in front of him either if ya know what I mean
  • Ok I feel dirty
  • Making out to Pink Floyd is like a normal thing for you guys
  • It’s literally a routine
  • Fridays at 2 are ‘make out on the couch to Pink Floyd days’
  • It’s very hard to get out of it
  • “Sorry babe, can’t make it Friday. I have a family dinner”
    “So am I supposed to make out with myself? You fucking know it’s like our religion to do this”
  • Peter also takes advantage of his speed to mess with you
  • He likes to give you kisses when you’re calm to scare the living day lights out of you
  • “Peter whaT THE FUCK”
  • Peter: *dying*
  • He also loves dad jokes, don’t fight me
  • “I’m bored”
  • “Hi bored, I’m Peter”
  • It’s annoying but cute   
  • He loves when you read to him
  • He says your voice is soothing
  • Peter usually falls asleep because you like stroking his hair while you read
  • He’s also loves taking polaroid pictures with you
  • He has a whole shoe box filled with them
  • He writes down the dates so he can remember everything
  • He’s so soft *sigh*
  • As for film for the polaroid….
  • He used to steal them but he knew you didn’t like it so he started to buy them
  • The first time he did, he put a bow on the receipt and gave it to you as a gift  
  • You have it pinned on your wall next to the pictures to the both of you
  • He was so proud of himself
  • He looked like a 5 year old giving his mother a homemade gift
  • It was so cute  

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Do you have any Parental!RoyEdAl headcanons? I love reading headcanons, especially if it concerns one of my favorite btotps! ^.^

Of course, of course! My top two favorite headcanons include:

  • Roy constantly calling the places that he has sent the boys to, to make sure they arrived safe and have a place to stay. At first he was just calling to make sure they weren’t destroying things, but after a year or so, the questions were less “what have they done now?” and more “are they settling in well?” He will not tell the Elrics that he does this, and he makes sure that whomever he spoke to knows that they should not know he called.
  • Ed and Roy are both introverts, who like their quiet spaces and alone time. They both recognize this in one another, so when Ed is feeling a particular need to introvert, he’ll come stretch out on the couch in Roy’s office and read, research, whatever. Roy knows, when Ed is making a certain face or acting a certain face, that he actually needs something, and should not be teased. It’s one of very few times that Roy actually actively works on his paperwork

That’s not all though!

When Ed first started in the military, he had no idea how to budget. He was a kid with money, who wanted to pay back Winry and Pinako for the automail. His paychecks often ran out… so Roy sat him down and showed him how to budget

When Ed was taking the exam, he stayed at Roy’s. Just because he couldn’t afford a hotel and couldn’t stay in one without an adult anyway. Roy didn’t want to pay for the hotel, so he let Ed stay on his couch.

That’s not the last time that happens.

The day that Ed, Breda, and Armstrong met with Maria Ross, Ed had almost never been so relieved. It had scared him to know that Roy had been such a monster that he would kill Ross for petty revenge, and knowing that he hadn’t was more of a relief than he expected.

Roy totally gave Ed the sex talk. Ed was not amused.

Alphonse never stopped looking up to Roy. Not even after the Ross Incident. A strong part of him just kept saying “there’s no way that such a good man would do something like that with no good reason” even though all logic and sense said that was exactly what happened.

Roy and Riza go ring shopping with both Ed and Al. Ed was embarrassed, but Al was delighted.

Roy braids Ed’s hair when either of his arms are out of commission. Al couldn’t tell how hard he was pulling, and Riza could only do it behind her head. More than once, he has put Ed’s hair into a fancy braid, like a fishtail or something out of the ordinary, before Ed even realized it.

Hughes once half-jokingly said that Roy should just adopt the Elrics and get it over with. A few days later, holding another damage report from one of their missions, Roy seriously considers it “if only so they would just listen to me”.

The day Roy regained his sight, he sat in Alphonse’s hospital room and just stared at him as he slept. It would take a very long time to associate a living, breathing, human child with Alphonse.

Roy and his team are the only ones allowed to poke fun at the Fullmetal Alchemist and his brother, and Roy will make sure that everyone is aware of that.

That cat, that Roy as supposed to take in after Ed beat him in 03 ep 13? Roy went out and found it, and kept it. As soon as Al knew about it, he visited every day.

Ed has never full-on cried, full sobs and everything, in the military. There were times, however, when he may borrow Roy’s shirtfront, when he feared he may come close.

Roy keeps a close eye on Ed because Ed acts exactly how Roy used to act at his age, and that could only end badly.

Roy occasionally threads money into Ed’s account. Not often, but Roy wasn’t about to let his boy starve because Ed was too embarrassed to come ask for money.

Roy slips up and calls them “his boys” instead of “those boys”. More times than he likes to admit.


Characters – Dean x Reader

Summary – Children can be so cruel; can Dean make it all better?

Word Count – 2,187

Warnings – Is Daddy!Dean a warning?  I think Daddy!Dean should be a warning…

A/N –Request by @youtubehelpsmesurvive: “First of all, I’m a really big fan of your writing!! I was wondering if you could do a Dean x reader story based off either the song Wanted…by Hunter Hayes.  AND I had two requests for a Daddy!Winchester story, so I’m going to combine them both in this one.

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Your name: submit What is this?

Dean truly loved the life he had now, but he was about to pull his hair out in frustration.  You were away visiting relatives out of state, and he was left as the sole caretaker of your six-year-old daughter for the week.  He was at a loss to figure out how to do the fishtail braid that the little girl was demanding he put into her hair.  

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Okay okay, ., ,, .Tenel Ka is one of my favorite SW characters ever. She inspired a lot of weird braid hairstyles when I was a kid. I’ve gotta go back and read all those books again sometime, ., , ,,. good stuff.

Who is that?

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Diana of course was at Ben and Jerry’s, her favorite place for ice cream. She went there so many times that she made friends with the people who worked there, and they would know her order like the back of their hand.

“have you seen that new book store that opened up?” One of the workers asked and Diana frowned, not even realizing there was one. She turned and immediately she sees you.


You were perfect, beautiful in every way shape and form. She felt her body freeze and a shiver run down her spine as she looked at how gorgeous you were. She had to know who you were.

“Will you excuse me?” Diana didn’t even listen to the guy just quickly ran to the book shop to see you and get a closer look.

You on the other hand didn’t even notice her, you were too busy checking out books as the cashier. There wasn’t too long of a line, but since it was a new book store, business was busy. You looked up quickly, seeing who has entered the shop and you meet the gaze of Diana. You touched your chest to make sure your heart was still beating as she gave you a shy smile and waved.

You looked and saw you had no customers waiting, hurrying around the counter to the mysterious girl. You couldn’t believe your eyes at just how flawless she was. Her skin was perfect, creamy and it looked soft. Her hair flowed down nicely even if it was in a fishtail braid. Her eyes were a beautiful brown and your mouth watered at the sight of her beautiful pink lips.

“Hi, welcome, uh, is there anything I can help you with?” You ask sheepishly and she giggles.

“Yes, but, my English,” she started and you heard her accent. “Not so good.” Diana was flat out lying, but if it meant she could talk to you, she’d do anything.

“oh! Okay!” She hands you a book titled “the great Gatsby” and you grin. “This is one of my favorite books,” you whisper, running your hand over the cover and she has to hide her blush because secretly it was her favorite too.

“can you read passage of book for me?” She asked, her English broken but you loved it anyway. You hurried to read the passage that she wanted while she towered over you, very very close to your body.

“I love the way you read it,” Diana blurts and you frown, surprised at how smoothly she was talking now. Slowly you put two and two together.

“wait, did you want me to read that…just so you could talk to me?” You laughed in disbelief and she shrugged.

“Maybe. I’ll tell you if you go out with me tonight.” She said it so smoothly but Diana was actually freaking out on the inside, scared you’ll reject her but I mean, who would reject Diana?

“Hmm. Maybe. What’s your name?”

“Diana, and you?”

“(Y/N). Meet me here at 8 tonight.” You have her a grin and she returned it.

“Sounds like a plan.”

pointless B. “Shitty” Knight headcannons that I will defend to the death lmfao this is a damn callout post let’s be honest here as requested by The Meme Queen, @bshittyknights

  • Cried so much every time an ASPCA/WWA commercial (ft. Sarah McLachlan) came on that Jack is now a benefactor to both charities just so he has reason to make Shitty shut up about those damn commercials
  • Will protest for literally anything.
    • Honestly the dude showed up when red heads were protesting Wendy’s. He tried to rally Dex into coming, it didn’t go well.
  • Pours his cereal in after his milk and will get in an actual debate with you over “integrity of individualism in everyday life decisions” if you call him out on it
  • Is a meme-loving fuck. 
  • A Proud Member of the Dollar Shave Club
  • Refers to Bernie Sanders as his “non-shitty socialist grandpa” 
  • Talks on the phone with it on speakerphone
  • Jack has literally witnessed Shitty sleep-talking and he recalls murmurings of “fffffucking bechdel test shit” “god damn tampon tax” 
    • His personal favorite was he woke up to Shitty dramatically staring out the window saying “how do i, a man, explain to people that their thoughts are wrong without mansplaining to them?”
  • Will straight up fight dirty for the final piece of bacon. 
    • He doesn’t care if you dipped it in the toilet and spit on it, he will literally eat the goose dang piece of bacon just on the principal.
  • His dad bought a racehorse and allowed Shitty to name it. 
    • “Take Back the Working Man” came in second place in the Kentucky Derby.
  • When news broke about the bathrooms in NC, everyone was watching the news together in the living room. 
    • Shitty silently got up. 
    • Went to the basement. 
    • Got a plastic chair. 
    • Brought it up to his room. 
    • Put it in the shower. 
    • And proceeded to sit in the shower and scream about injustice for over two hours.
  • Loves to babysit children so he can teach them about the social construct of gender norms and how it’s perfectly okay to like what you like.
  • When trump got the GOP nomination, he called Bad Bob and asked if he could be adopted into the family and move in with them.
  • Bitty got him into twitter. 
    • His is @DoneWithYourShitty, and it consists purely of him tweeting about SJW stuff and calling people out. 
      • He is well aware that the @ feature is free.
  • Can’t french braid/fishtail his own hair and is very upset about it now that Lardo isn’t around to do it for him.
  • Hollowed out one of his law books to store pot in. 
    • Forgot which book he stored it in and returned the pot book to the library. 
      • The librarians were suspiciously lax about noise for the next few days.
  • His guilty pleasure is anything Buzzfeed.
  • Called an Uber just because he wanted to talk someone. 
    • Has also ordered pizza and take out just to vent to the delivery person.
  • Is the guy who left this comment on amazon: 

headcannon that pidge jokes that they should braid keiths hair bc they had long hair for a long time but keith one days sits down and says “braid my hair” and pidge is like “haha what”

headcannon that after all thise jokes pidge actually doesnt know how to braid hair

so they try

and it ends up being a huge knot but keith is So Proud he keeps it like that for a couple of days

lance offers to teach everone how to braid and they braid everone’s hair thats log enough. hunk’s headband keeps back millions of tiny braids and shiro’s lil tuft of white hair is always in a fishtail and alurra??? fucking loves this weird earth thing and lets everyone do lil braids and big braids and braids the lil braids into big braids

they weave alien flowers into their hair when they stop on alien planets and they are the prettiest ppl
in the universe ok

coran gets hooked onto the braiding and next thing u know hes braiding his mustache

everyone needs haircuts and after a while their hair gets rly long but they dont mind bc more flowers to braid in!!! so pretty!!!! heck yes!!!!!

it becomes tradition after missions to relax as a team and BRAID TRAIN

Zelda's Log#4: Getting Reacquainted

A/N: I am back to life!!! Good news: I recovered nicely. Bad news: my PC is dead.
Updates will be slower until I got a new one, since I’ll be working mostly from mobile.

Enjoy this chapter, the Master chef moment is courtesy of @starstruckfemme

‘Goddesses Impa! What did Purah did to you? Did she experiment her weird​ rejuvenating rune on you?! Link, why didn’t you tell me before?!’

The young Sheikah woman was in complete shock to see who was talking to her, more than being confused for her grandmother. Link contained a laugh at Zelda’s remarks.

‘G- grand-m-mother?’, Paya’s voice trembled, as if she was seeing a ghost. 'you have visitors’.

Impa rushed to the door, recognizing already the voice.

'Princess!’, she gasped, eyes full of emotion.

‘It is I indeed, Impa’, her voice cracking, hardly containing​ her tears. 'it’s been so long’.

Both women greeted with a tight, long hug.

'Come inside’, she requested, 'We have so much to talk about. And this is Paya, my granddaughter, Princess’.

'Nice to make your acquaintance, Lady Paya’, she offered her hand, 'You are the spitting image of your grandmother one hundred years ago!’

‘Nice to meet you, Princess’, she shook Zelda’s hand, less nervous than before, after the compliment.

The guests made themselves comfortable, as Paya served food and drinks for all.

‘Several events have occurred since we defeated the Calamity’, Zelda informed her friend, 'Link and I went to Zora’s Domain, and Vah Ruta has a new master, Prince Sidon’.

'Well that’s quite the surprise!’, Impa’s eyes widened, 'I have a guess someone we know would be quite shocked’.

'She was indeed’, Zelda showed the picture she had taken with her Sheikah slate. 'Purah was raving with my findings’.

Impa’s surprise to see her elder sister’s appearance was quite evident.

'Goddesses, she looks like a kid!’, the old woman gasped, 'Paya, look at your aunt!’

'Oh my!’, the young woman shared her grandmother’s surprise. 'What happened to her?!’

'Occupational hazards, I suppose. Apparently, her rejuvenation process stopped’, Zelda explained. 'She is working on a rune to revert the process, even if it’s a little’.

'Considering her prior result, she might end as wrinkled as me!’, Impa laughed heartily, her voice echoing in the room.

'At least she would go out and see us at our house’, Link joined the chat after wiping out his food, 'She is always locked up’.

Our house?’, Impa’s eyebrow raised.

'We’re living in Hateno Village’, Zelda clarified, 'Link bought a house there. It’s nice’.

'That means we will be able to see each other often’, Impa noted. 'Just like old times’.

3.15 p.m. I am so delighted to see Impa again! Despite her age, she is still active, leading the Sheikah and Kakariko Village. Her granddaughter Paya is her spitting image, although quite the opposite in personality (she is really sweet, but shy).

Kakariko hasn’t changed too much in all this time, but its population has dwindled progressively. Paya seems to be the only teenager - the only Sheikah around her age might be Granté, Robbie’s son, who lives in Tarrey Town… which gives me an idea, but I think it would be prudent to save it for later. I will tell Link about this, once he wakes up from his nap.

Zelda’s musings were interrupted by two little girls.

'I have never seen you before’, the older girl observed, 'My name is Koko, this is my sister Cottla. What’s your name, miss?’

'I’m Zelda’, she introduced herself. 'Nice to meet you girls. I came to visit Impa’.

‘I saw you arrive in a pretty horsie!’, the little one asked, 'Can Cottla braid its hair?’

‘Sure, little one!’, Zelda agreed with a smile.

In the end, Zelda gave the girls a little stroll on Storm - sporting a new style with braids and cherry blossoms mixed in its mane- and the sisters later braided her hair as thanks, her long strands turned into a thick fishtail braid with flowers.

‘Hello girls!’, Link approached them, stretching his laziness away. 'Having fun with Zelda?’

Koko and Cottla nodded.

‘Is she your girlfriend?’, Koko asked. 'She is cooler than you’.

‘Yes, she is’, he answered, trying to contain a laugh. 'I know. She is awesome -he lowered his voice- but don’t tell her’.

'Do you like sweets?’, Koko enquired​, 'I’m trying to learn how to make cakes’.

'I would love to try your cooking, dear’, Zelda answered with a smile.

'I can teach you how to make cakes!’, Link offered, 'I know a super secret recipe’.

Koko’s eyes lit up at the proposal, and with her sister, joined Link and Zelda to gather the ingredients.

Soon the cooks were practically competing on which one would make the best fruitcake on Kakariko Village.

'Link, dearest’, Zelda approached him while he made a mixture with cane sugar and butter, 'care to remind me how old are you to be competing with an actual child?’

'She started!’

Zelda decided not to push further, and joined Cottla on the benches.

'Koko is a really good sister’, the youngest girl told the Princess, 'she cares a lot for Cottla and Daddy since Mama went away!’

They are orphans, Zelda guessed. Poor sweethearts.

'They are the daughters of one of the guards, Dorian’, Impa and Paya joined them out of the blue. 'Lovely girls, aren’t they?’

'Indeed, Impa’. She patted the head of the young girl, who held to her like a vine to a rock.

'Is Master Link…?’, Paya’s eyes squinted at the young man, furiously cooking.

'Yes, Paya dear’, Impa and Zelda answered simultaneously. 'It’s just what you think’.

'He is so different from what I was used to see, you know?’, the young Sheikah commented.

‘How so?’, Zelda asked.

'He was all determination, always on the run, never resting’, she explained, 'Now he is free from his burdens, it’s as if he was reborn into the most authentic version of himself’.

Paya’s observation elicited a sincere smile from Zelda. 'It’s just like you said’, she reaffirmed.

Few minutes later, both cakes were on the table, the women testing the cooks’ skills.

'Koko wins by a landslide’, Zelda emitted her verdict. 'Sorry, darling’.

Zelda was surprised at the childish pout he sported the rest of the evening. Never before she would have seen such… expressiveness. She had to make a conscious effort to not laugh whenever she made eye contact with him, he eluded her gaze, with his lips pursed in a pout.

8.39 p.m. Link has surprised me again. He is the most crusty, salty, sore loser I have ever seen. He lost a cooking contest to an eight-year-old girl, and he is holding the most petty grudge against me for choosing little Koko over him.

Anyway, I should be looking for him. We depart tomorrow morning to Gerudo Desert.

10.05 p.m. I finally found Link near the Great Fairy Fountain. He was less pouty, almost back to his usual self. He commented next time we visit, he is going to have payback.

Oh, Goddesses. What have I done to deal with this.

On an unrelated note, Impa and Paya will visit us once we get home. Impa wants to see her little big sister with her own eyes (and probably wants to see I’m not living in a grotto or a cave, considering she’s always been on the more proper, protective side), and I think Paya will be thrilled to see the world outside the Village; maybe she will find a boyfriend there, who knows?


F I S H T A I L - H A L O - B R A I D

After filming my Bridesmaid tutorial a month ago I’ve been inundated with requests to film the hairstyle I was wearing - so here is a tutorial on the elegant up-do!
This hairstyle would be perfect this Summer for a Wedding, Prom or even a festival with a casual outfit. 

I teamed up with Shockwaves to bring you this video, all the products used have been listed in the description bar of the video. 

Enjoy! x

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Allies reacting to their s/o asking them to braid the s/o's hair?

Fun fact: I had long hair for years, but I only learned how to braid hair after I cut it too short to do it to myself. rip me


-He doesn’t know how to braid hair, but he’s more than willing to learn for you! He watches a video on youtube, and soon after he buries his fingers in your hair to try it. It takes a few tries, but he gets the hang of it, and you end up with a lovely, but slightly messy braid. If you let him, he’ll keep practicing on you until he’s gotten really good at it.


-He’s braided his own hair before, and knows a lot of more complicated styles. As soon as you ask, he settles in behind you and gets to work. You’re expecting him to just do a simple braid, but you end up having a braid with roses in it. It’s beautiful, and he blushes when you thank him. After this, he nearly begs you to let him style your hair for you.


-France has taught him how to braid hair, and he’s relatively good at it. So when you ask him one morning, he’s eager to help. He loves playing with your hair, and gives you an elegant fishtail braid, to low-key show off his skills in the hopes that you’ll ask him to do it again in the future.


-He doesn’t know how to do anything with hair except brush it, so he’s worried when you ask him. Still, he wants to make you happy, so he’ll try his best. He looks up a tutorial, and slowly follows along. He accidentally pulls on your hair a few times without realizing, and has to re-do it twice. In the end, the results aren’t half bad, and he’s rather proud of himself. But you might want to do your hair yourself from now on.


-He’s probably asked to style your hair before this, since he likes playing with it. His face lights up when you ask, and he rushes off to gather the necessary things. When he was younger, he frequently watched Ukraine braid her hair and helped her, and he weaves your hair into a crown braid. He’s happy, and he hopes you are too.


-He’s been alive for thousands of years, and has raised girls. Of course he knows how to braid hair, and braid it well. Once you ask him, he tells you to sit down in front of him and stay still. He finishes soon after he starts, and hands you a mirror so you can see the ladder braid. He hopes you like it as much as he does.

What do you guys think of the images? I thought it’d be a good idea for something like this, but let me know if I shouldn’t do it again in the future. 

Effy Stonem Back to School Guide

This is mainly based on Effy in school in season 3 and season 4. All pictures are not mine, however all of the edits are so if you use any please give credit! Hope you enjoy, if you have anymore questions my ask is always open :)


Here is a list of all outfits Effy wore to school that I recreated. But, Effy basically wears the same type of clothes no matter where she goes. So if you want more inspiration you can find more outfits on my outfit recreation page which can be found here.

Also here are three outfits for school that I created inspired by Effy’s style: 

What would Effy wear to gym class?
This is probably the time where she would wear leggings. Go for black leggings, a graphic muscle tee or tshirt, and converse. 

How can I wear Effy type clothes if I have a strict dress code?
Modify the outfits to your dress code! You can replace fishnets and sheer tights with darker matte tights, leggings, leather/disco pants, or jeans. Look for longer dresses and skirts. You can also cover your shoulders with a flannel, leather jacket, denim jacket, and cardigan.

How can I make my school uniform more Effy?
Focus on jewelry and shoes! For shoes stick with combat boots and converse. Wear lots of jewelry such as gold and silver long necklaces and black plastic bracelets, chunky bracelets, and studded bracelets. Occasionally Effy wears hats like a gray knit beanie and black fedora, so you can also wear those!

School Supplies

We only see Effy wear two types of bags; a black and white tote and a leather purse. Now in the world of Skins, that size of a bag might work, but I prefer larger backpacks that will fit all of my supplies. Here are some Effy inspired backpacks! Also here you will find Effy school bag essentials.

 Effy strikes me as someone who doesn’t bring a lot of supplies. Just very light weight items that are necessary for school. Most of her supplies have black and white geo print on them. Here are some more inspired items.

In the show we only get these short looks at Effy’s locker. The only stuff she has in there are a few pictures and her books. Out of experience this is the best way to go. The more stuff you have in there (like a locker shelf, mirror, magnets, containers, etc) the harder it will be to clear out at the end of the year. So like Effy keep it simple!


Season 3:
Effy’s makeup in season three was more intense (although not as intense as her party looks) and more put together. Usually she would use a black pencil liner to line the top and bottom of her eye, put on a good amount of mascara, and top that of with a little gray eyeshadow. For the days she’s feeling more girly (picture on right) add some lip gloss and some blush. 

Season 4:
In season 4 Effy became more vulnerable and it shows in her makeup. Her dark makeup that she used as a shield became lighter. For me, I think this a better everyday makeup look since its easier and doesn’t take as much time. She still uses a black pencil liner but only a little on her top lid and on top of that the only thing she wears is mascara. 


These are the main hairstyles we see Effy wear at school. On the left she keeps her hair down and naturally wavy but she takes the front hair pieces and pins it back in a slight poof. In the middle she keeps her hair down with it parted to the side and straightened. Occasionally she’ll wear this style with a headband. On the right Effy’s wearing her hair down and parted to the side, it is also in its natural curl, but for those with straight hair like me it’s probably a good idea to invest in a good curling wand or braid your hair the night before.

Gym hairstyles
Although we never see Effy in gym, I would assume she would wear her hair like this. The middle picture shows her hair in two messy fishtail braids, if you don’t know how to do this style, there are a ton of great tutorials you can find on youtube. The other two pictures show Effy with a ponytail. It’s almost the same style as the left picture above, but this time instead of her hair down it’s up. Also she keeps a few strands of hair out. 


Would Effy join school clubs or sports?
Effy isn’t the type to really join anything. But please don’t let that stop you from trying new things and doing what you like. Colleges/universities love to see students participating in extra curricular activities. So please please please don’t not join clubs or sports just because Effy wouldn’t. 

How can I act like Effy at school?
Walk the halls with confidence. Observe and know what’s going on. And don’t give away too much about yourself. Ultimately when you’re a teenager it’s the time to figure out who you are. So getting inspiration from someone like Effy isn’t always a bad thing, just don’t try to be an exact copy of her and don’t adopt her bad traits.Take her confidence and brains!

Would Effy get good grades? Would she raise her hand? 
Effy is smart. We know that because she was in a private school that would expell her if she didn’t meet grade expectations. The reason she didn’t get good grades in season 4 was because she was really struggling with her mental illness. Short answer, yes she would if she is mentally well. Effy is quiet and observant she’s not really the type to raise her hand unless she needed to leave the room. But hey, if you know the answer to a question and you’re not afraid to raise your hand go for it! 

What would Effy eat for lunch?
I think she would eat something really simple. In Naomi’s episode in season 3 we see Effy eating some sort of a sandwich. Besides a sandwich she would probably also have a bag of chips and for some reason I’m thinking an apple haha. Go for what you like to eat just keep it simple!

What books would Effy read for school?
We see Effy reading “Georges Braque: A life” by Alex Danchev and “The Demon Headmaster” by Gillian Cross (but that’s a children’s book). In school the skins kids were reading “Hamlet” by Shakespeare. Also Effy in season 2 read greek myths to Tony, you might be able to get away with reading that. 

Again if you need help with anything specific or feel as if there is a topic I didn’t cover feel free to leave me a message. Soon I will have more back to school advice from my personal experience on my own blog so keep an eye out for that :)x

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Jaeee fluffff

Hello Anon!!! Thank you so much for requesting. I’m sorry if I’ve taken too long, but I got caught up in some uni projects and kind of lost inspiration, but here I am again. I enjoyed writing this. Hope you’ll enjoy reading it just as much. So here is Jaeee fluffff as you asked for. Bonne lecture!!

  • Pairing: reader x Jae
  • Genre: fluff
  • Warning: nothing

“How do you even do this?” Jae says in a child like voice.

“You just put the right part on top of the middle one and then the left part on top of the new middle which was the right part”

“The hell babe! This is more complicated than nuclear science. You probably need to have a PHD in engineering in order to do this.”

“I swear to God you’re really dumb. It’s just a simple braid. You haven’t seen the fishtail braid and the…”

“What? Fishtail? You women are really mad. What does this fish thing have anything to do with hair.”

“Stop complaining. You’re the one who begged me to try it. I’m the one who should be complaining. My hair will be a knot mess when you’re done.”

Sitting on the carpet of my bedroom floor, rocking our craziest sponge bob matching pijamas, I was perched on Jae’s lap while his hands were buried in my hair, trying to braid it he said.

“To my defence, it looked way easier on video and I thought my experience with guitar strings would be of help, but I guess not.“ 

An empty carton of ice cream on the floor, snacks randomly thrown on the bed, a random movie playing on TV, the photo albums scattered on the carpet and books wrongly placed back on the shelves, my bedroom looks like a war zone and it’s mostly done by the man now trying to restart the braid from zero.

“More like your ‘unexperienced brain’.”

“What was that? Are you now making fun of my brain? Do you even kow how sexy my brain is?”

“That’s exactly what I’m talking about. You’re really stupid. A brain is not supposed to be sexy.”

As the words leave my mouth, his hands lower down to my sides and I jolt up in surprise at his tickling.

“Take it back. I have an intelligent and sexy brain.” He adds more strength to his tickling and I’m now falling to the floor trying to escape his hands.

Laughter filling the room, this was what I expected the moment I agreed to have a sleepover with Jae. He begged me to have one because he was so jealous and curious about all the girly chit-chat and rituals that go all along during a said sleepover between girls. And that’s what he wanted, a “girls sleepover” style, not a plain one.

“Okay okay. You have an intelligent and sexy brain Jae. Stop please. I’m gonna pee myself.”

“Ew! You should’ve said that earlier. I don’t want to have your pee all over my iconic pijamas.” He stood up, sitting on the edge of my bed.

All the while regaining my breath, laying on the floor, our eyes never lost contact.

“So what comes next? We did the ‘eating junk food’, ‘photo albums’, ‘favorite books’, 'chick lit movie’, 'braids’. What now?”

“It’s time for nail painting. Yey!” I stood up quickly and walked towards my treasure box, aka the nail polish box.

“What? And when does the 'gossiping’ section come up? I’ve been waiting for it the whole night. I just want to know what you girls keep whispering about and make those secret laughs. What can possibly be that important.”

“Stop throwing a tuntrum like a child. And how the hell do you know all that about girl sleepovers?”

“I see movies you know. I have eyes, a magical thing called Internet, and mainly an intelligent and sexy brain to understand it all.” He wiggles his eyebrows.

“This all comes to support my earlier theory…” I put a bit of strength opening one bottle of red nail polish “ you are really stupid. It’s all part of the 'nail art workshop’. Gossiping and creating art.”

“You seem to really want me to tickle you again.”

“Sorry. I’ll behave now.”

“C'mon bring those pretty fingers and pass me that nail polish so we could get to the good part. Red is definitely your colour.”

“Oh but babe, that’s for you,not for me.” A look of pure fear crosses his soft features.


“Babe, red is definitely YOUR colour not mine.”

“For the sake of the gossiping I shall make the sacrifice.” I bend to plant a sweet kiss on the corner of his mouth, teasing him, knowing well how much he hates it when I don’t kiss him full on the lips.

“Yah jagi now you’re playing dirty.”

“What? It was just to give you strength to go through this.” I smile mischievously.

“Strength is what you’ll need once we’re done with this. We’re on babe, we’re on.”

His look sends redness to my cheeks, and I scatter back to the safety of the nail polish brush, thinking of how truly the red colour complements his fair complexion better than mine.


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Drabble: I Wanna Braid Your Hair (K+)

“Hey Ast, can I braid your hair?”

Astrid tossed her phone aside and locked eyes with the auburn-haired man who was tucked in beside her. “Braid my hair? Why?”

He shrugged, causing the duvet to fall from his bare, freckled shoulders. It may have been the middle of July, but, much to his wife’s bewilderment, Hiccup Haddock never slept without a blanket. “I don’t know. I just thought it would be fun.”

Astrid hesitated. One of her biggest pet peeves was having her hair touched. She didn’t mind when Hiccup brushed her bangs out of her face, and she could tolerate haircuts, but anything beyond that annoyed her. In fact, it annoyed her so much that Hiccup had stopped helping her wash her hair when they showered together, and purposefully kept his fingers out of her blonde locks as they engaged in intimate cuddling sessions. But now, here he was, asking to give her a braid.

“Well…I guess so.” She paused. “But be careful. I don’t want you tearing through knots or anything.”

“I’ll be careful. I promise.” Hiccup grabbed his wife’s hairbrush, along with a hair tie, from their shared dresser before settling against the pillows. Astrid seated herself in front of him and crossed her legs.

“So, what kind of braid would you like, milady? A French braid, a Dutch braid, a fishtail braid…”

“You know how to do all these braids?” Astrid raised an eyebrow.

“Let’s just say that I wasn’t the typical little boy,” he replied. “I used to like braiding my mom’s hair. I also braided my dad’s beard when he let me, but that didn’t happen often.”

Astrid laughed. “I can’t believe you’ve never told me about that.”

“It’s not exactly something that I’m proud of.” Hiccup gently released her hair from its messy bun and watched as it fell over her shoulders, cascaded past the bare strip of skin that lay below her cropped camisole, and grazed the hem of her boyshorts. Silently, he grabbed Astrid’s brush and carefully began working through her knotted locks.

“It might be a little sweaty,” Astrid warned. “I didn’t feel like showering after my jog tonight.”

“It’s alright,” assured Hiccup. “I didn’t shower after the gym today, either. I just wanted ice cream and a nap.”

“You went to the gym today?” questioned Astrid.

“Unfortunately,” Hiccup sighed. “Dagur kinda dragged me there. He said he was tired of working out alone. Because, you know, he can’t stand Snotlout, Tuffnut is still back on Berk, and Fishlegs wouldn’t pick up a weight if his life depended on it.”

Astrid laughed. “Well, at least you got to work on your abs.”

“Are you saying you wanna see a six-pack on me?”

“No. I’m saying that before we got married, you told me that you wanted a six-pack. I said that you’d have to gain some muscle weight first, and you insisted that muscle weight has nothing to do with abs.”

“I don’t remember having that conversation.” Frowning, Hiccup set the brush aside and, using his fingers, separated Astrid’s hair into sections. “By the way, I’m giving you a Dutch braid.”

“Go ahead. Work your magic.”

“Oh, I will,” Hiccup grinned as he began to weave his wife’s hair into a tight braid.

“So, do you wanna go to the beach tomorrow?” asked Astrid. “I think I could stand to cool off a bit.”

“Sounds like a plan. I can make us a picnic lunch. Do you want sandwiches or something? Maybe some macaroni salad to go with it?” As he spoke, Hiccup continued braiding.

“That would be amazing. We should probably also freeze some bottles of water to take along.”

“I’ll take care of that when I’m finished with your hair.” Hiccup carefully finished Astrid’s braid and tied it off. “There. Go look at yourself.”

Taking her phone, Astrid turned on the front camera. Although there were a couple hairs out of place, her husband had, overall, succeeded in his attempts at braiding. “Good job, babe,” she remarked, snapping a picture of herself. “This is going on Instagram.”

“You like it?” grinned Hiccup.

“Mmm-hmm. And you got through it without ripping my hair out.”

“When have I ever ripped your hair out?”

“In the shower. When you’d shampoo me.”

“Hey, you gotta scrub hard.” Wrapping his arms around Astrid from behind, Hiccup pressed a kiss onto her cheek.

“Stay there,” Astrid said. “And kiss me again. This will make a better Instagram picture.”

“But I’m in my boxers,” Hiccup insisted.

“I’m only taking it from the shoulders up,” assured the blonde. In a whisper, she added, “I’m not putting on pants for this.”

“Well, I suppose it’ll be alright.” After allowing Astrid to snap a few photos, Hiccup excused himself to gather food and drinks that they could bring to the beach.

“Okay. I’ll be here.” As her husband left the room, Astrid chose the best picture she’d taken and captioned it, “I let the hubs braid my hair tonight, and damn that man has skills.” Once it was posted, she reclined against the pillows and let out a sigh.

“The water bottles are in the freezer,” Hiccup announced as he reentered the room and climbed into bed. “And we have enough food for ham and Swiss sandwiches with macaroni salad. Will that work?”

“Of course.” Astrid rested her cheek against his chest. “So when do you wanna leave? Should we head out early, or…”

“I wouldn’t mind sleeping in,” Hiccup replied.

“Maybe we could plan leave around eleven, then?”

“Sounds like a date.” Hiccup intertwined his fingers with Astrid’s.

Astrid laughed. “Babe, we’ve been married four months. A day trip to the beach can hardly qualify as a date anymore.”

“Hey, if I have it my way, we’ll still be going on dates when we have grandkids. Gotta keep the romance alive.” He planted a kiss onto his wife’s forehead.

“You’re such a hopeless romantic,” Astrid sighed as she gave Hiccup’s hand an affectionate squeeze.

“Romantic, maybe, but not hopeless.”

“Don’t lie to yourself. You’re hopeless,” she teased. Using her free hand, she extinguished the bedside lamp before draping one of her legs over her husband’s.

“Hopelessly in love.” Hiccup smiled as he leaned in to kiss Astrid.

“Was that a goodnight kiss?” the blonde queried, twisting the end of her braid around her pointer finger.

“It was,” Hiccup replied, wrapping an arm around Astrid’s waist.

“Well, in that case, goodnight.” She paused before adding, “And remember, we’re leaving for the beach at eleven.”

“Mmm-hmm. Just kick me if I’m not awake by ten.”

Astrid laughed. “I think I’ll bring you some coffee instead.”

“Even better, milady. Even better.”


A/N: Hello darlings! This fluffy, full of cuteness chapter is specially dedicated to my pal @liv-andletdie. You are amazing, seriously <3


Last quarter moon of the third month. Spring.

Dear diary,

These days have been a delight: I have been stargazing in Faron Woods with Link, some others reading our favorite books out loud to each other, or just sharing moments of silence and idleness together - besides the obvious activities to occur in a honeymoon, which have been more than abundant.

Among other things, I got my earlobes pierced - Ilia scolded the husband for not doing it with ice to ease the pain from the beginning, which he should have, because oh gods it hurts - and am wearing a really lovely pair of amethyst studs that Link gave me out of the blue (as if I was not spoiled enough already).

I feel every passing day more and more of an Ordon folk, not only in appearance, but in demeanor: I feel more laidback, easygoing and spontaneous.

Today, in a very funny way, I found out something quite interesting about myself: were I not a Queen, I would be an incredibly efficient herder.

I was accompanying Link and Fado heard the goats, who were peskier than ever, and he jokingly told me ‘They won’t listen to anyone, wanna try?’

And I said yes, to their surprised faces.

After mounting Epona, and getting some instructions from husband, I started rounding the goats, not with yells to scare them or making Epona trot fast around them, but with something different: a herding song I learned from my father when I was very little - he had learned it when he was a child too, from a friend of his grandfather or something like that:

Happy goat, fleece stockings
My goat and myself
My goats walks in the woods
And gnaw bark from the trees

The goats gathered around me, and became very docile and obedient - once in the barn, I petted and fed them. They are quite a friendly bunch, until they try to bite your dress.

Link and Fado were out of words. The look on their faces was priceless.

The children had just returned from school, and looked at us. It made me really happy to see they are attending properly (the schools have been a success throughout the land, by the way!).

‘Seems you got unemployed’, Talo mocked them. ‘Missus Zelda, you whipped their arses!’

‘Language, Talo’, I scolded the cheeky youngling as I walked out with Epona, ‘Your tongue will rot’.

‘I always tell him that’, Beth noted, sighing dramatically in defeat. ‘He never listens’.

After his apology, he requested to show him my marksmanship skills… With a slingshot.

‘Colin told us Link had told him you were awesome at shooting things!’ - he pointed at  Colin, who blushed furiously; poor little one! - ‘Can you show us? Please? Pretty please?’

‘She doesn’t just “shoot things”, kiddos’, husband bragged proudly, ‘She’s the best darn lady archer in Hyrule!’

‘Does she need to wear the Hawkeye goggles, like you do?’, Malo asked.


‘Then she is the best. Period’.

I had to contain my laugh at Link’s pouty, offended face. Not everyday you see the revered Hero of Light, Champion of Hyrule, Lord Commander of the Army, and Royal consort get crushed by a nine year old.

‘Man, you got roasted twice today’, was Fado’s sentence. Link just grumbled a little.

In the end, I just could not deny them anything. So I indulged the children, and spoiled them to their heart’s desire: I shot the aims on trees with slingshot and arrows, and taught Talo and Colin the basics of archery, Malo explained me his success with Malo Mart - that kid is a mogul in the making! - while Beth and Link braided my hair - my fishtail braid looks amazing.

Later Uli joined us with little Liv, who is taking her first steps and mumbling her first words! Rusl was already in Castletown, at the Council meeting.

I honestly wonder how are they doing in my absence. Not a letter has come from them, and Rusl refused adamantly to give me any information. I guess no news is good news in this case.

I must admit I miss them all - specially my ‘girl gang’, as Ashei calls our little group of lady friends, and Impaz, but this week I have enjoyed a level of detachment I never had experienced. I have not thought about work once - that speaks quite an amount about me.

I guess I shall keep enjoying the all the Ordonian goodness for a while - guess who is making pumpkin soup for his wife as I write?

I am so spoiled.



PS. I just needed to write this down.

Link commented during dinner how good I was with children, despite not having them around often when growing up.

‘I just like them’, I told him while dunking a piece of bread on my bowl, ‘They have this gleam in their eyes, this sense of wonder… they are always willing to learn, and most are really sweet, like Colin’.

Link smiled widely. ‘he’s your favorite’.

‘Yes’, I nodded. ‘He is adorable! I wish we had a child like that’.

‘We can’. He blushed. ‘If you wanna’.

‘I want to. I just fear my body does not accompany me’.

‘Who says you have to bear a kid yerself?’, he laughed dearly. ‘I was adopted and came out just fine’.

And then it dawned on me. All the words Ilia, the Gerudo elders, and others have told me fell into place and made perfect sense. I just smiled, and nodded.

I have been caught up in imaginary problems all this time.

I can be a mother whenever, however I want, and still fulfill my oath to the crown. The crib on the basement will have an owner sooner or later. 

I can be a ruler, and still be close to people, and connect with them.

Maybe a simpler, more down to earth approach is better than a grand master plan.

I have always been more of a rational woman. That was the reason perhaps I missed on some things in life - and almost saw pass unnoticed the feelings of the one who is the most important person in my life now. But I know I have changed.

Definitely, more than ever, I hope Ordon is rubbing onto me.

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Hello! I don't know if you have a specific character limit, but can I get Maki, Kirumi, Korekiyo, and Gonta with a crush on someone who is inexplicably afraid of them, but the characters do their best to get closer to their crush? (Sorry if the wordings weird, I've been trying to word it correctly for a solid 10 minutes, I can always resend the ask if you need me to) Thank you in advance!

No worries, anon! This was cute, I hope you like it. Thank you for submitting!

Maki Harukawa

  • You never really talked to Maki, even though she was in some of your classes.
  • Her glare just…scared you. It was cold and harsh.
  • It didn’t help that you were on the (accidental) receiving end of that, a lot.
  • Your best friend and the person who sat next to you in the class was the class clown. They just made Maki’s blood boil. Constantly interrupting everything with stupid pranks or jokes.
  • However, when you befriended Kaito you were forced to be around Maki a lot.
  • She didn’t like you initially, but you grew on her.
  • Everything you did was cute; your handwriting, the way you stuttered if asked a complex question…
  • So she sat next to you one day.
  • You glanced over at her and didn’t see a smile. The blood in your body turned ice cold.
  • The class seemed to go slower and slower each day she did that.
  • Maki was confused about how you weren’t talking to her and started to doubt Kaito’s advice.
  • Then Kaito decided to play matchmaker.
  • You and Maki were sat at the picnic table at lunch alone.
  • She decided to initiate the conversation this time.
  • “So, s/o, do you do any sports?”
  • “U-m…not really…I kinda like watching some, though.”
  • It was like an interrogation. Stress-inducing on you. But for Maki…
  • …you were talking to her! A miracle!
  • As the conversation went on, Maki opened up more, showing more emotion and laughing a lot more. You started to ease up.
  • “Hey, s/o, would you like to go somewhere tonight? Like the park, beach, or theater?”
  • You nodded, as you got your phone out to exchange numbers with your new friend.
  • A couple months later, she would confess, but it took lots on her part to not scare you away.

Kirumi Tojou

  • Kirumi was your partner in Home Ec. class since the very beginning of the year.
  • You were always astounded by her ability to do everything perfectly.
  • However, her way of speaking scared you off. Not to mention the fact everything you did was subpar compared to hers.
  • Kirumi, on the other hand…to her, you were perfect.
  • She was always trying to impress you. But it didn’t seem like that to you.
  • You wanted to switch partners, just so that it could feel like you could breathe again.
  • You couldn’t really ditch her in the middle of the huge babycare project.
  • Since you two had to be near each other with the baby robot, Kirumi took this as an opportunity to break you out of your shell.
  • “S/o, would you like to stay at my house tonight for the project?”
  • …?
  • “Uhh…sure, Kirumi.”
  • Later that evening, you showed up at her house with a small sleepover bag.
  • You rang the doorbell, and the door almost immediately swung open.
  • Startled, you stumbled back but Kirumi caught you.
  • “Are you ok, s/o?”
  • You nodded, getting back on your feet.
  • “Do you have the baby robot…thing? Creature? You get what I mean.”
  • “Yes, I do. I have it taken care of. Do you want to relax and watch a movie?”
  • “Yeah, that’d be nice…Kirumi.”
  • Kirumi ushered you into her immaculate house, which you were astounded at. It was like a black hole sucked all the dust out.
  • “S/o, the TV is over here.”
  • You apparently started walking towards the kitchen. Then an idea.
  • “Kirumi! Kirumi! Can you show me how to cook as well as you?!” You turned on your heel and ran towards her, grabbing her arm and jumping up and down.
  • She stifled a giggle. “Of course.”
  • You two began cooking, Kirumi showing you how to improve and correct your techniques.
  • While Kirumi was cutting some dough, she casually said, “S/o, I’ve always been fond of you.”
  • You were taken aback.
  • “I..I’ve always admired you.”
  • She nodded and continued cutting the dough.

Korekiyo Shinguuji

  • His appearance scared you. Why he insisted on hanging on with you and your friends…
  • “The beauty of humanity.”
  • What a poor excuse.
  • Korekiyo liked you for your subconscious mannerisms and your likeness to his sister’s appearance…whom you didn’t really resemble at all.
  • He always sat next to you at lunch. He made sure that he was close to you when it was deemed socially acceptable.
  • One day, your close friend came up to him and told him to stop.
  • “Why should I stop? I’m only trying to get to know her.”
  • “S/o is scared of you. Can’t you tell?”
  • Oh. That didn’t cross his mind.
  • “I’m sorry. there any way I could do so without her being scared?”
  • The friend thought for a minute.
  • “She likes braiding hair and stories. Do you want me to arrange something or what?”
  • “That’d be lovely, yes.”
  • You showed up to the secluded part of the gymnasium, expecting a girl but.
  • Korekiyo.
  • Was.
  • There.
  • You started to apologize and turn around, but he grabbed your arm lightly.
  • “No, I am the one you were told to meet.”
  • How could your friend betray you like that?!
  • “Oh, I’m sorry. Sit down, I’ll start.”
  • You got behind him and separated his hair.
  • “Do you want a fishtail or a French braid?”
  • “Hm…I think I would like a French braid.”
  • You went to work in the silence.
  • “Do you like stories, s/o?”
  • “Hm-hm.”
  • “Would you like me to tell you one?”
  • “Sure.”
  • He began telling an old folktale, and you got lost in the story, barely aware of what you were doing.
  • An hour, and then, “The end.”
  • You snapped back to reality and focused on your braid.
  • Flowers were entwined in the hair as well. Admittedly, they looked good, but you were afraid he would be mad.
  • “Korekiyo, I accidentally braided flowers into your hair!”
  • “I don’t mind, s/o. I bet they look beautiful. If you want, I can tell you another story at lunch.”
  • “…Really? I…yeah! That’d be super cool!”

Gonta Gokuhara

  • Gonta’s height intimidated you.
  • However, you only saw him in the hall…
  • every single day.
  • He tried to be your friend, and you really wanted to!
  • Gonta seemed like a sweet guy!
  • You just couldn’t bear someone being that tall.
  • One day he invited you to go bug watching with him.
  • “Uhh, sure Gonta.” You forced a smile.
  • Afterschool, you went to the field and saw tons of bugs.
  • Your skin crawled but they looked beautiful.
  • “S/o! There you are! Gonta was looking for you.”
  • You turned around and saw him. You waved meekly at him until he caught up to you.
  • There was a silence, as both of you stood and looked at the bugs.
  • “…S/o, are you scared of Gonta?”
  • “Huh? N-No…”
  • “S/o always acts scared, though…and Gonta always thought s/o was cute.”
  • You blushed slightly.
  • “You’re kind of cute too, Gonta.” You reached for his hand and grasped it in yours in a way to assure that you were not scared of him.
  • Gonta and you admired the bugs until it was dark.

Pretty Dresses

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Request: anon requested:

“i’m not so sure if you do these types of fics so feel free to ignore if you don’t, but if you do; could you write something where kylo and the reader are in a dd/lg relationship and kylo is a gentle dom. thank you so much <3”

Warnings: DD/LG relationship, fluff, daddy.

A/N: some people might not be into this kind of thing, but it’s fluffy and cute and I enjoyed writing it! Thanks for the request, anon!

You twirled around in the full length mirror in front of you as you watched yourself spin. The pretty pink dress you wore flew up in beautiful ruffles as you admired yourself.

The dress was a gift from Kylo and you wanted to wear it to surprise him because he loved seeing these dresses on you. You also loved to dress up in them because they were so pretty and cute.

You twirled around some more and then went on over to your vanity to do your hair. You braided your hair in neat fishtail braids and used pretty pastel pink bows to secure them. The bows matched your pretty dress and you knew Kylo would love how you looked.

As a last touch you slipped on a pair of white over the knee white socks and a cute silver heart shaped locket.

As if on cue, you heard the door to your shared quarters slide open and you jumped off of your stool and ran over to your bedroom door with a large smile plastered on your face.

You peeked your head out and grinned even wider when you saw Kylo. Giggling, you ran out of the bedroom and up to him, throwing your arms around his waist.

Kylo, a little surprised, placed an arm around your shoulders and a hand on your head, stroking it.

“Hi, sweetheart.” Kylo smiled lightly, the endearment making you feel warm.

“You’re home!” You exclaimed as you pulled your face back and tilted it to look up at him.

Kylo removed the glove from his hand and caressed your cheek and you nuzzled it into his warm hand, smiling.

“I missed you- Oh! Look at my dress!” You pulled away from him and twirled around in your pretty dress to show him.

Kylo watched as you spun for him, admiring how you looked. “You look very pretty, sweetheart.” He praised you. “That’s one of the dresses I got for you?”

You nodded and ran back up to him, throwing your arms back around him. “Yes, it’s one of my favourites.” You giggled.

Kylo placed his large hands on your waist and lifted you up, you straddling his waist with your legs while you placed your hands on his shoulders for support, his hands holding onto the back of your thighs.

“Good, I’m glad.” He smiled at you. Kylo loved making you happy. You were his princess and he loved spoiling you.

“I knew you would love it!” You exclaimed and wrapped your arms around his neck. He kissed your forehead then your cheek, and the corner of your mouth before leaning his forehead against yours.

“I love everything you wear, princess.” Your cheeks reddened and you smiled shyly.

Kylo removed his forehead from yours and kissed your nose then placed a chaste kiss to your lips. You giggled and buried your face into his neck, smiling.

“I love you, daddy.” You mumbled into his neck.

Kylo smiled as he nuzzled the side of your face. “And I love you, princess.”

anonymous asked:

Prompt with Jon R where he gets turned on by hair pulling and the reader finds out when she's playing with his hair. (Smut is ok (if you're ok with it))

Warnings: A tiny smidgen of smut, and swear words

Word count:  269


“Jon, please let me braid your hair. It will be adorable.” You whined at your boyfriend.

“Fine, but just this once.” Jon pouted, but gave in.

You forced Jon to sit down between your legs and you started to brush his hair with your fingers.

“I don’t understand how your hair never gets greasy. It’s not fair.” You say.

“You’re just annoyed that my hair is nicer than yours.” He responds.

You tug on his hair.

“Take that back arsehole.” You glare at the back of his head.

He sighed, “Fine I take it back.”

You continued to pull and tug Jon’s hair into a fishtail plait. Towards the end of the braid, you tugged a little too hard and Jon let out a moan.

“Um, sorry.” Jon blushed. You raised an eyebrow and tugged at his hair again, and Jon couldn’t hold in another moan.

“You need to stop doing that.” Jon turned around to look at you. There was a glint of mischief in his eyes.

“I did not expect that to get you going.” You smirk at Jon.

Jon picks you up and carries you to bedroom. You are both in various states of undress before you reach the bedroom. Jon throws you on the bed and hurriedly strips the rest of his clothes off, while you do the same. Jon’s body never ceased to amazed you. You reach up and grab him, pulling him into a passionate kiss. You snake you fingers into his hair, and pull. Jon moans and grinds against you.

“Who knew braiding you hair would benefit me so much” You breathed.

anonymous asked:

Ooh can I request Aizawa having an s/o who likes to style and braid his hair and can do some pretty intricate designs? Like they just love getting the chance to mess with his hair and it makes them happy so he always lets them~

That sounds so cute I can’t! Here, I made some headcanons for you my dude, I hope you like them! <3

Aizawa Shouta/Eraserhead

  • The first time you ask him to let you braid his hair he’ll only give you a confused stare in reply - what about his hair was so interesting for you?
  • He lets you do your thing as he grades his students’ homework, groaning every time you tugged at his hair using a bit more strength than you should, but you promise it’ll pay out and that you’ll be more careful
  • You find that his hair is softer than you thought, causing a few strands to escape your fingers as you work with them
  • The finished product is a simple french braid, decorated by a black and blue hair tie at the end
  • When he looks in the mirror once he’s also done with work after an hour, he can’t help but wonder how the hell you got his hair to stay in that position so tightly without it breaking or something
  • Shouta will congratulate your ability with hairstyling, and while he’s not particularly excited about the next time you decided to do something like that again the big smile on your face makes him reconsider that
  • His favourite thing for you to do is the crown braid
  • He doesn’t have hair long enough for things like the triple fishtail braid or a zig zag braid, but you love trying those anyways and it almost always ends up with Shouta’s messy hair turning even messier and you laughing your ass off as you take pictures of his funny appearance - Shouta has considered ‘borrowing’ your phone to delete those, but he knows they’ll stay there only for you to see
  • He hates it when you take pictures of him with flower crowns’ filters however, and will do everything in his power to prevent them
  • The little claps you make when you see a nicely finished style makes his heart flutter, the way you admire your work with a grin every time even if you have done the same styling a thousand times before still sends happy shivers down his spine
  • Actually considers growing out his hair a bit more so you have more to work with
  • Honestly thinks you should work in something related to hairstyling, seeing as you enjoy it so much and how happy it makes you