how to disappear completely radiohead

*first note of how to disappear completely*

me, already crying: i want to make a tumblr post about this feeling but i cannot put the vastness and beauty of it into words it is one of the biggest feelings in the world it is full of so much hope and sadness and joy and loneliness it makes me feel like there is a balloon inside my chest i have not felt this way in a long long time


“What really pisses me off is this idea that I am this tortured artist.”

He smiles. Sort of. The songwriter who penned “How to Disappear Completely” and “Creep” and who led the charge to smear Radiohead’s resplendent guitars into a mass of swirling loops, asserts he is no miserable nutter, not a simple sum of his morose, forlorn lyrics.

“That is something based on flimsy evidence which is endlessly being projected back onto us. It is just reductive and dull. In order to be creative there has to be a distance from you and the thing itself. It is only when the distance gets confused that things go wrong. If you actually start to believe that you are what you write, then you have fucking had it. You have had it and you ain’t coming back. To assume that everything is about somebody’s life is to assume that that person is inherently stupid and isn’t capable of absorbing anything else. The whole point of creativity is that you spend your whole life absorbing things almost to where it is unbearable. The way you deal with it is get it out.”

Pulse, july 2001
Hawkeye and Margaret (M*A*S*H), a playlist by majorfrustration on Spotify
a playlist dedicated to the vibe and emotional states of my favourite pair.

I had to remake my playlist because it got a bit wrecked when they moved it to my new account. I made a few changes while I was at it. If you have a VPN change it to Australia so that Holly Throsby will play in Spotify, otherwise I’ve added a YouTube link here.

1. In This Camp - Midlake

2. Australia - The Shins (title has nothing to do with the song)

3. Tap At My Window - Laura Marling

4. Fools - Lauren Aquilina

5. Faust Arp - Radiohead

6. So Sorry - Feist

7. At least that’s what you said - Wilco

8. Don’t Be Howling - Holly Throsby

9. Jigsaw Falling Into Place - Radiohead

10. Please Be Patient With Me - Wilco

11. Night Terror - Laura Marling

12. How To Disappear Completely - Radiohead

13. Pretty (Ugly Before) - Elliot Smith

14. A Chloris - Albrecht Mayer, Reynaldo Hahn

Listen //\ Album Art Credit

“I’m just a dirtbag, under the weather and overrated.”

Dirtbag - Brad Sucks // Paralyzed - Rock Kills Kid // Everybody’s Watching Me - The Neighbourhood // How to Disappear Completely - Radiohead // Life’s A Bitch - Rock Kills Kid // Afraid - The Neighbourhood // Two Against One - Danger Mouse, Daniele Luppi // Soldier On - Oasis

i was tagged by @sarcasticallygenius thanks!!! i do this tag all the time for some reason but i love it so this is the opposite of a problem

Rules: put your music on shuffle, list the first 10 songs that play, and then tag some of your mutuals

1. Little Monster // Royal Blood
2. Imperium // Madeon
3. How To Disappear Completely // Radiohead
4. 2013 // Arctic Monkeys
5. Thoughs Of A Dying Atheist // Muse (bless!!!!!!!)
6. Pin // Grimes
7. Slow Down // Lights
8. Believe Me Natalie // The Killers
9. Imagine // John Lennon
10. I Wonder // Kanye West

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Playlist idea: a sad sad person who's forever alone but has a very very very very small group of friends who they love

Falling in love (will kill you) -wrongchilde, Gerard way
Disenchanted - MCR
The kids will be alright, eventually -sledding with tigers
How to disappear completely - Radiohead
Twin sized mattress - the front bottoms

tagged by @migohs to play ten (10) songs on shuffle (thank you!)

1. she loves us - swans
2. king kong - daniel johnston
3. it’s a bit of pain - faust
4. how to disappear completely - radiohead
5. the fox and the rabbit- xiu xiu
6. girl - suicide
7. whammy - death grips
8. moon in june - soft machine
9. soup - can
10. parasite - nick drake

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