how to detect lies


When you dedicate a whole segment on your dvd to just marvel at how great Jiang Wen is. Based on this post.

Disclaimer: I do not know any Mandarin.
I just translated the subtitles on my dvd from Dutch to English. 

I see a lot of posts about the Ryden conspiracy.

I’m not going to add much of my own opinion, just a dash. Like a hint of Thyme in a pasta sauce for flavor.

I studied psychology almost all of my life in an attempt to understand my abused mother; why she stayed, what it meant about her and how she viewed herself. On and on. Here nor there. I learned a lot about how people interact with each other. I learned a lot about what certain subtle hints or shifts in body language mean. I learned how to detect lies from people who didn’t even know they were lying.

All that said; Ryden has always fascinated me.

From a professional stand point, they acted like a couple. Not in words or time spent together, but in body language during the time spent together. Stage antics aside, because bands do that all the time. But when they were hanging out casually, as a band or as friends. When they would look at each other. There was more than friendship there - from a professional stand point.

With how accepting the fans would be of the relationship, and how both are advocates of gay rights, you would think they would be open about any potential relationship they had. Especially now that it’s so long in the past.

Much like with any other fan - I can’t help but wonder. It fascinates me, seeing the claims that fans make, seeing them interact with one another.

If they never had a real relationship, they are an anomaly to the human condition.

Indiana Comic Con: Sean Maguire Panel


  • “I guess the thing about Midwestern people is true. Everyone’s so lovely,” Sean Maguire about Indiana (x)
  • “This has been one of the great surprises of my career,” Sean Maguire about his guest spot on #OnceUponATime expanding (x)
  • Sean Maguire says he never heard fairy tales growing up. Instead his dad made up stories about growing up in Ireland (x)
  • Sean Maguire loved basically being able to say “I played Robin Hood” and then mic drop. “It was lovely to play somebody iconic” (x)
  • “…I think we’re a little sick of the rich… I think right now we kind of need a Robin Hood,” Sean Maguire (x)
  • Sean Maguire just quickly took a call from his 1yo son in the middle of panel. It was adorable. (x)
  • Only Robin Hood central ep was Sean Maguire’s favorite to film. “You feel like the tv heroes I watched growing up” (x)
  • Sean Maguire talks about making up songs on set like, “Once upon a time you’re bound to die but then you come back” (x)
  • Spoiler: Sean Maguire’s toughest scenes to film - when Robin left/cried; the scene preceding his death, which was his last to film. (x)
  • Regina is Sean Maguire’s favorite character to work with “because she’s my gal.” (x)
  • Sean Maguire admits he never learned how to use the bow and arrow. Says ABC and Disney have a “hard rule” about not killing people. (x)
  • “They obviously wanted to tell a different story than I thought they wanted to tell,” Sean Maguire about his #OnceUponATime ending (x)
  • “Being an actor means being able to step into people’s shoes. Experience the world –reading books…” Sean Maguire’s acting advice (x)
  • Sean Magauire advises aspiring actor  to “cut reality garbage” and “watch scripted drama” (x)
  • Sean Maguire jokes about how he “lies for a living” and his wife is a detective. (x)
  • Dustin Hoffman, Spencer Tracy, Kevin Spacey, Cary Grant and Michael J. Fox among Sean Maguire’s idols/inspirations. (x)
  • “You will meet the fate that you deserve…” line was Sean Maguire’s favorite, which was in #OnceUponATimeWonderland (x)
  • “Regiiiina, why so meanaaa?” is also a song Sean Maguire made up on set. (x)

  • Apparently Sean was only supposed to be in 5 episodes (x)
  • Omf Tanya called (x)
  • He loved the robin centric episode (x)
  • Lana was one of the first people to welcome him to the show :’) (x)
  • He said Ginny has the best giggle in the world (x)
  • Guy: Have you ever read a plot twist [on Once] and just wanted to stop? Sean: There’s been a time or two. (x)
  • He loves robins honor (x)
  • Sean wants a whole show about Ian Fleming (x)
  • Y'all he’s fanboying about bobby again (x)
  • He’s mentioned how Colin is like his brother :’) (x)
  • One tough scene was the town line (x)
  • For safety reasons he can’t have a real arrow (x)
  • He mentions how he has just moved when they told him he was being killed off (x)
    • I want to say even though it’s annoying they did that he didnt show any anger when he was talking about it, basically said that’s just life (x)
  • He said Tanya is like a human lie detector (x)
  • He thinks robin would find it sweet that his daughter is named after him (x)
  • People keep saying they love him :’) (x)
  • He creates songs to entertain everyone else (x)

  • Sean said he, lana, ginny, bobby, bex, and Colin like to play cards together in between their trailers (x)
  • He also said he liked to make the cast laugh during late nights and he would burst into song like “regina, why ya gotta be so meana” (x)
  • He said Bex is the one who told him that they were naming the baby after him. (x)
  • Also he mentioned everyone from the cast except Jennifer… (x)
  • He also said he just furnished his house and Vancouver and everything when the producers told him they were killing robin. (x)
  • Sean also said he believes that what happened with Robin happened for a reason because every canceled show is what leads him to the next and (x)
    • Without that, he wouldn’t have landed on Once Upon a Time (x)


so i’m watching the extra’s on my the Lost Bladesman dvd and there’s literally a whole segment where they just marvel at how great jiang wen is

some of the things they said: 

  • he’s very mysterious and they couldn’t believe he was actually there working on the movie with them [cryptid confirmed]

  • that he’s a great director himself
  • they find his complexity most attractive
  • his charisma is almost too powerful [”He’s overwhelming.”]
  • he’s the best actor in China
  • and then they just went on and on about how great and subtle his acting is

same tbh…

The Emotional Abuse of Emma Swan

While I was working on my episode analysis for the S5 finale, the idea for this character study popped into my head. For the record, I actually do enjoy the releationship between Emma and Henry, but since I’m going to be discussing some negative Swan Believer moments, I tagged this as anti, just to be on the safe side.

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anonymous asked:

Lol Arya dies and wargs Nymeria. Whoever suggested this theory, clearly doesn't know anything about story telling. If grrm wanted to kill her, he would kill her in Riverlands where she was lost. But instead of this, he sent her to FM. And what is she learning there? She is learning to speak several languages, poisons, how to detect lies, how to control her emotions. There is a reason she is learning all of this. But yeah ofc, while she is living in Nymeria, this skills will be so helpful to her.

Blame AltX and terrible reading comprehension. If Arya’s ultimate endgame is dying so her soul can be forever lost within Nymeria, then there was absolutely no point in her character past A Clash of Kings (maybe even A Storm of Swords if Stoneheart was that important). It would be a total waste of precious page space to give her 13 chapters - the highest count of all the characters - in A Storm of Swords where she does nothing to affect the two main plotlines, aka the north/Others and game of thrones/south. 

Arya does a lot in A Storm of Swords obviously, from seeing the firsthand effects of R’hllor-style resurrection to meeting a child of the forest to being kidnapped by the Hound to almost making it back to her brother to finally using Jaqen’s coin to go to Braavos, but none of that is a direct part of the game of thrones or the Others. And GRRM has admitted that it’s difficult to scale back all that he wants to include with Arya and Braavos/Faceless Men (i.e. all the skills he’s using to hone her like a fine blade) - again, a plotline that doesn’t affect (yet) the two main conflicts.

Another interesting thing he mentioned: he mentioned the coming of age of Arya in Braavos in the context of how a writer had to discipline himself to write only as many chapters as were necessary to serve the story, saying that what Arya was dealing with in Braavos could make a worthy young adult novel in its own right. (x)   

And then there’s the fact that she’s the only character to appear in every book. GRRM said this about breaking his own rule and including her in Feast:

“It broke down pretty well according to geography. I could have omitted Arya. I hesitated over her because she is on the other continent, but she had only three chapters. I was moving Jon Snow, Tyrion and Dany - three of my four most popular characters - into the other book. If I moved Arya too, it might not be a good idea. She’ll actually appear in both books.”

He considers her so important, so popular, that the idea of leaving her out while Jon, Tyrion, and Dany were moved spells trouble to him. And this isn’t even mentioning that she ranks higher in chapters than even Dany (who is universally considered important to the narrative), is third in chapters only to Jon and Tyrion, as well as all of the gushing GRRM does about her, and how he mentions her character with regards to every question about endgame, impact, or importance. Here’s a listAnd another.

People are going to have their theories, and there are many stupid ones in this fandom that get more traction than they logically deserve (ex. Dany being Lyanna and Rhaegar’s daughter, Tyrion being a Targaryen prince, Mance is Rhaegar). None of them make much sense, and none are likely to ever happen. Arya dying and permanently warging Nymeria before the story’s end is one of them. 

Fair Fight

summary: My Neverland renaissance: we all are pretty sure that Killian threw the sword fight at Lake Nostos. So, the day before the big showdown with Pan to get Henry back, he finally confronts Emma with the fact that her sword fighting skills are not as good as she thought. Is she willing to take lessons from him?

rating: SP for swordplay and UST… well, you know what that stands for

also on and ao3.

It’s late afternoon, the day before they’re about to confront Pan and get Henry back; the ever-present, oppressive humidity hangs low between the outlandish trees, making it hard to breathe. Emma is pacing back and forth in and around the camp nervously, like a caged tigress. After observing her for several minutes, Hook steps in her way.

“Swan, a word.” He speaks quietly, not keen on anyone else to overhear what he has to say. He throws a glance over her shoulder and sees that her mother is still busy sharpening the points of her arrows with a small edged stone. The prince is on patrol with the Queen, and Bae – Neal, they call him – is asleep. Good.

Without a real reason, she glares at him. “I’m not in the mood,” she tries to brush him off. Really, she doesn’t need any of his meaningful talks and frightening confessions right now to confuse her and throw her off track.

“I’m afraid this can’t wait,” he insists, firmly staying in her way.

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How to Detect Lies (Part 2)

This part focuses on visual direction. As an avid reader, I often notice references to eye movement and shape. (This includes stuff like long, sensual glances or furtive glares.) Some people believe that the eyes are the most revealing feature of a person that can connect to his or her innermost self - the window to the soul, if you will. In the case of lying, the eyes can indeed give everything away.


Edit: I deleted the original Part 2 post due to technical issues. If you liked/reblogged it, feel free to do so again with this one.

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anonymous asked:

what would each signs superpower be? like mind control, strength, speed, fire, blah blah blah

Aries - Super speed. They are fast-paced, impulsive people and as their mind wanders and ideas take shape and are done extremely easily and quickly, their body does has to keep up with it.

Taurus - Super strength. This sign is extremely strong both physically and emotionally. There is nothing in this world that could break them or make them change. 

Gemini - Shapeshifting, because they have the knack of being more than one person at once and can easily change to fit their environment. Another power would be extreme knowledge, being such a mental sign, and it would help them to work with every character they want to be. 

Cancer - extreme empathy. Connecting to others and feeling the tiniest emotional move of their souls, and they can influence other’s emotions or steal them. they are very reflective and emotional people. 

Leo - Fire. They are very explosive, flashy and stylish type of people with lots of flare and will with no doubt create any necessary explosion in order to protect the ones they love. 
Virgo - Invisibility. Usually introverts, they like to disappear and be alone. they are very evasive and adaptable people, and most of the times are very shy. invisibility is great when they want to hide and wait for the precise moment to strike.  

Libra - Agility and perception. They have quick reflexes and can easily act upon how they see others, as they can detect danger and lies. They are terribly charming and fair people, and use this only for general good. 

Scorpio - Mental manipulation. they can always read what you are thinking and knows your next move. all sorts of mind control go with this sign. they are dark, mysterious secretive and seductive people, and know precisely when someone is being dishonest.  

Sagittarius - To master any power but specialize in none. They are mutable, changeable people that can do virtually anything, but must find their own way as they want more than anything to define themselves in life. They are active, resourceful people with an adventurous spirit.   Capricorn - Boxing and Martial Arts. Being Earth signs, they are more in touch with the abilities of their bodies than anybody else and as they are extremely practical and disciplined, they can master basically anything and with extreme patience can beat anyone.

Aquarius - Water. Despite not being a water sign, the water bearer can manipulate water into various forms and can use it for healing abilities, as they are detached, honest and independent people who are in touch with the universe and want to contribute back.

Pisces- Psychic powers. Can see the future, and even beyond that, they can see what others are feeling and thinking, as they are very dreamy, sensitive and escapist type of people. They can even enter and manipulate other’s memories and dreams.