how to deal with the white devil

This post was triggered by something that @roachpatrol​ said over here about the expectation for girls to be sweet and clean and harmless:

Holy shit, if I was eight years younger and wandering into fandom for the first time, I can guarantee that the culture right now would’ve fucked me up and ground me down and taken away all my healthy outlets.

Picture: you are a girl at the tender young age of mumbledyteen. Up until this point you have been taught that all dark thoughts are literally hand-delivered into your head by the devil, and that the only correct method of dealing with negativity is to ignore them and pray harder. Concentrate on what is good and righteous and pure to the exclusion of all else, this is how you be a good person.

You are also a fully-functioning human being, one who can feel stressed or lonely or angry or any number of bad things. Mostly, with emotions that are still working themselves out, you feel this rumbling, white-hot white noise under everything, all the time. Sometimes it rolls in like a thunderstorm and everything else gets drowned out, and sometimes it’s only quietly muttering in the distance. Either way it’s always there, and the sound shreds uncomfortably at the inside of your brain.

When you were younger, before you were in charge of your own media consumption, your brain would shred up a myriad of saccharine stories to try and match the noise of the shredder in your head. Bad things happening, people getting hurt, characters trapped in unhealthy relationships of all kinds.

Fanfiction, the product of a hundred thousand other mumbledyteens whose brains are all screaming the same way, makes something in your brain go ping

Unfortunately, if the planet had ever been united on any single message, it was probably that no matter how you feel: 1) your feelings weren’t unique 2) they didn’t matter 3) they didn’t matter because they weren’t unique, they were shared among millions of hysterical, worthless teenaged girls just like you.

Fandom was confirmation of the first, but (with some hiccups along the way) outright rejection of the last two. Fuck you, our feelings do matter, and this is a story just for us.

A disclaimer: these aren’t good stories, otherwise they wouldn’t have to be defended. Their flavor of topic is not within societally acceptable bounds. Fictional characters have sex and get tortured and raped and abused, but their screaming harmonizes with the pitch of the shredder when it’s burrowing deepest.

As a teenager I never thought that my feelings were important enough to deal with, but these stories let me look at them sideways. Audience catharsis is the whole point of tragedy, after all.

And hell, these days I’m a happy, healthy adult who barely even has the urge to go looking for whump fic when I’ve had a bad week. I’m not going to forget just how much bad stuff that fic helped me air out, though, not ever. (Not to mention that thanks to all of those abuse!fics, I can recognize an unhealthy relationship at 500 paces, even if the fictional abuse was depicted as something loving and romantic. Abusers in real life don’t go around with helpful warning tags on their sleeves anyway.)

But holy shit, can you imagine if I’d found fandom as it is today.

Yes, your church is right, your family is right. Horrible things in stories are only there because they were written by horrible people, and they’re only popular because horrible people read them. The very concepts they address corrupt everything they touch.

That shredder in your head, the one that takes innocent cartoons but then shits out sadness and mayhem? That’s disgusting, you’re disgusting. How dare you think about minors having underaged sex, you minor? How dare you consider another person getting hurt? Your feelings don’t matter, they aren’t unique, they’re shared with all kinds of worthless shitbags just like you.

Every ounce of what you read and write and enjoy is going to be weighed for sin and tested for purity. You know, just like the rest of your life, except this time there’s no deity who’s handing out second chances.

Maybe that’s what bothers me most about all of this. It’s the same petty fandom bullshit as always, but “you’re wrong for liking a ship because IT WILL NEVER BE CANON” is a hell of a lot easier to laugh off when you’re young than “you’re wrong for liking a ship because YOU’RE AN ABUSIVE PEDOPHILE AND IF SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS IT’S YOUR FAULT FOR PERPETUATING IT.”

My fault, my bad thoughts, no outlet for any of them. The message to repress all the bad things so I can look like a good person, but my brain is so full of unprocessed shit that it’s solidified. Nobody actually saved any real children, but my brain sure is getting a second dose of fucked-up.

Are the people getting attacked going to be okay, will they be able to go and address their braingremlins somewhere else? I’d also ask if the people doing the attacking are okay, with all of the denial and repression they must deal with, but it seems like they’ve got venting pretty well handled by taking it out on strangers. 

Hey, c’mon, calm down friends. I bet I’ve read a story that’s got a character screaming at just the same pitch you are.

It helps to read one of those and harmonize your voices, I promise.

Welcome back to Meta Station, after that way-too-long hiatus! We were decidedly 50/50 on this episode, brimming with love and affection for the heartfelt, earned character moments happening in Arkadia and Science Island, and HEAVILY side-eyeing the white savior “Chosen One” business happening over in Polis. (We also hated Octavia’s whole storyline, which we posted as a stand-alone segment here)

0:00 - We Were REAL MIXED On this Episode’s Weird Blend of Intimate Character Moments and Bloodthirsty War Boners
0:11 - Murphy Is So Happy to Have a Family Again
0:16 - We Don’t Think Raven’s Actually Going to Die, So What’s the Becca Hallucination Really Trying to Tell Her?
0:28 - Please God Please Let That 412 Plot Description Mean We’re Getting a Princess Mechanic Reunion
0:33 - Erin’s Space Theory Is Amazing
0:39 - Harper Is NOT a Coward: Time For Some Real Talk About Depression and Suicide
0:45 - Drink! Hamilton Reference!
0:57 - Our High Hopes For Substantive S4 Jasper & Monty Content Have Basically Been Dashed at This Point
1:03 - Bellamy Gets Sexed Back to Life, Says Goodbye to Two of His Children, and Breaks Our Hearts
1:09 - Original Flavor “YOU HAVE NO FREE WILL” Jaha Stops By For a Quick Visit
1:17 - How Is “I Made a Deal With Roan So Fuck Lexa’s Whole Clan” Transcending Tribalism?
1:23 - The Problem With Clarke’s Arc Is that Nobody Can Emotionally Connect to Abstractions
1:39 - This Political Battle For Power Might Land Better If We Had Any Actual Backstory For the Azgeda/Trikru War
1:44 - Claire Gets to Reference Lord John Marbury and Is Very Excited
1:50 - We Gotta Talk About This White Savior Business, Fam
1:57 - It’s Time to Talk About How Badly This Show Handles the Concept of Religion and Faith (HINT: It Doesn’t Inherently Make You Think Science Is the Devil!)

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Kiss the Devil (Part 4)

Ricky Horror x reader
​Warning: language, suggestive themes
​A/N: this series may contain sensitive or triggering topics for some, I’ll do my best to put them in the warnings.  Just be advised it’s going to get dark.

“Why are you in such a pissy mood?” Balz, the keyboardist of Motionless in White, asks as he watches Ricky smoke another full carton of cigarettes. Normally Ricky is pretty chill, but since he’d come in last night he’s been a total dickhead.

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I remember the day I tried to make a deal with the devil: how stupid I felt, how I cried to know there was no Satan to help me, how there was only the medication they’d give me when I couldn’t pretend I didn’t need it anymore. Which I tried to do all the time; I hated how much I needed all the help they gave me, hated needing to call the nurse, hated feeling like my greatest success would be in making childhood my permanent condition.
—  John Darnielle, from Wolf in White Van

Easy E is the not first nor last Black artist to have ever been exploited by a white man. It’s has been happening to Black artist for years now and especially in the music industry. We enter these so called “partnerships” where they take a small percentage of the money but some how end up walking away with most of the money and leaving the artist broke. The story of Easy E and other Black artist should be a wake up call that we shouldn’t be making these deals with the devil! Whatever field you work in you have to be Black minded, and think how white people will try to exploit you.

Post made by: @Oba_tayo
#SanCophaLeague #obatayo

Kiss the Devil (Part 5)

Ricky Horror x reader
​Warning: language, suggestive themes
​A/N: this series may contain sensitive or triggering topics for some, I’ll do my best to put them in the warnings.  Just be advised it’s going to get dark.

You sit in the bar, staring down into your drink, absently swirling the amber liquid in the glass.
Well, somehow you didn’t lose your spot in the band; you’d been sure they’d kick you out after you’d hit Riley.

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Creepypasta #323: Deals

I first made a deal with the Devil whilst walking home from school. He looked nothing like how I expected. No fangs, horns or scary flames. He looked like any other hobo that had grown tired of wandering aimlessly and had Chosen to settle on a bench. He was dirty and hairy and smelled foul. But his teeth betrayed him. They were so white and sparkled like diamonds.

I was crying because the school bullies had beaten me up and stolen my phone. He asked me if he I wanted them to die, that he could kill them in return for a piece of my soul. I agreed and we went our separate ways. The bullies all died in various painful accidents over the next week. Strange though, I didn’t feel sad but it was like I couldn’t feel happy about it.

We met again after my wife cheated on me. He said that for another piece of my soul he could kill her. The deal was made and she died in a house fire. After that I never married again. It wasnt that I was too upset. It was like I couldn’t feel it after that.

Years passed and many more deals were made. I stopped loving, crying, laughing. I was purged of fear and of guilt. Bit by bit my humanity was stolen.

It was the last deal though that was the big mistake. I wanted to keep living, I refused to accept my mortality. In return for my mother and the last piece of my soul I was granted longevity.

Decades passed. I grew a beard and my clothes became ragged. I am so tired but unable to sleep. He stole that. I just sit on this bench and wait for more souls. Hopefully if I take someone else’s soul I will regain my humanity and die…

Credits to: crimsonclarke

Yes I headcanon Cecil as white FUCKING DEAL WITH IT 

One person less of your precious POC characters? (ever stated how I hate the word POC? It’s fucking insulting and I will never use it non-sarcastically.) When Cecil has no fucking canon race determined? 

I could fucking headcanon him as PURPLE FOR ALL THAT YOU SHOULD CARE!

I love it, fucking love it when people are like “ACCEPT ALL HEADCANONS!!!” and while it is perfectly okay to headcanon a canonically white cishet as a genderfluid black demisexual, apparently, don’t you DARE to headcanon a character of no determined race as white, or you will be declared the devil himself. 

Fucking double standards, man. 

Fucking double standards. 


I don’t want white people to fight for us. I don’t mind them playing the supporting character but not the main. I don’t want their voices to be at the forefront of our cause because they fuck it up.

Do you guys remember the Ellen DeGeneres story? Guess what most of those people who were calling Ellen racist, were fucking white (also how many black people avidly watch Ellen, I mean I know a few but not an extensive amount). Stupid things like that weaken how big a deal racism is, besides, most white people don’t realize racism is very, very covert. Racism is the fact a predominately black neighborhood is kept poor. Through the judicial system, banks, supplying us with drugs and guns, etc.

And if you say shit like that, they say it’s an attack on the poor because even though it’s predominantly black, there’s still white people. So there’s no way it’s meant to only keep black people down, it’s poor people, stop making everything about race, etc.

Honestly the more I encounter white people, it’s harder not to think “White people are the devil”. They have no fucking empathy unless it concerns them.

This whole post is a mess but I’m just kinda fed up with white people.

The Golden Dragon [coup au, @askbarayang]

Weiss could say one good thing about the people who had kidnapped her, at least; they moved fast. Only a day since they had snatched her up while she’d been out shopping in the streets, and they were already far out from the kingdom.

They’d gagged her and blindfolded her, and that had been sometime in the evening. Night had passed, and if she could judge by the heat of the air, it was probably around afternoon now. By the sounds and scents, she suspected there were at least three of them; possibly five, from the way everything was mixing together.

And they were all faunus. Weiss hadn’t seen them clearly before they had knocked her out, but the scents gave it away. So members of White Fang, then. Usually a peaceful group that rebelled against her father, but…

Perhaps some of them had tired of peace. That, or…

She hissed out a breath through her gag as the horses came to a halt, grumbling in complaint as she was roughly swung off of the animal. “How long do we have to wait?” one of the men asked.

A low laugh. “Don’t worry. This will be easy. The knight he’s sending won’t even be able to kill an apprentice.”

“And then….?”

“We kill the princess, yes.”

… Some of them had made a deal with the devil in an attempt to get into the king’s good graces.

Weiss had no choice but to wait and see.

Title Text me when you Land

Series Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic [ Disclaimer ]

Verse AU

Ship } [ Pre-existing ] Hakuryuu / Judal

Summary K ] Currently I’m stuck in an airport so I chose to write about Judal, who is also stuck in an airport. ( Fair warning this is pretty senseless fluff. )

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