how to deal with stupid people

Honestly it’s so stupid to be against medication for mental illness, saying “you shouldn’t need a pill to be you”. That’s basically letting the “it’s all in your head” people win.

Here’s the deal: mental illnesses are REAL illnesses. Caused by abnormalities in ACTUAL, OBSERVABLE physiological processes in the brain. No, for real, Google some brain scans for people with/without mental illnesses. You can literally SEE the differences.

Educate yourselves, and act accordingly. How awful would it sound if you shamed a diabetic for seeking help and telling them they shouldn’t need insulin to be them? Is it very? Yeah, exactly.

Illness is illness is illness.

Can we talk about the fact that Taehyung had to deal with hate and fake rumours when he was trying to deal with the death of his grandma who was super close to him?Can you see how stupid sending hate is? You never know what is going on with the person. You don’t know them but you still waste you damn time to hurt them when they are hurt already. Stop trying to break people because sometimes they are broken already.I dont know Taehyung and I’m only a fan,not his friend or his relative.But you who are a hater and you think you do know him?Really? Stop judging and respect people’s feelings, you never know how people are trully feeling inside, you might be kicking someone who is already down and don’t even know that.

So stop.


Alright, Melon awards. Those happened. Yet, every time I have to bring something up it’s because of fans. BTS won album of the year, and I’m already seeing EXO fans acting so rudely towards BTS fans. Saying they “shouldn’t have won the award, EXO should have!!” and just being so mean, and there are some BTS fans acting that way back towards EXO fans, I acknowledge that. 


I am so sick of people acting this way in these fandoms. Do not try and say BTS didn’t deserve that award, they’ve been working their asses off for something like this. EXO had great albums this year, but do not downgrade BTS just because EXO didn’t get one award. EXO literally swept up a good amount of awards for their categories they were included in. EXO won multiple huge awards last night, and I can’t believe fans are going at each other because a single award went to BTS. EXO has also won a bunch of awards the past few years, other groups can win, too. 

Why don’t you all actually support each other?

I mean, these groups are here for the same reason. To make music others enjoy. And they’re accomplishing it. Stop going at each other’s throats, say “congratulations on the win” and move on if you can’t handle anymore than that. Say you’re happy they won, and support the rise in both groups. 

Do you think they enjoying seeing us all act this way towards each other? Do you think they’re happy seeing you insult each other and be rude and violent in their name? They want to cheer over their win with all of us, but how do you think they feel when they look at comments or fans reactions where they’re insulting another fandom or another fandom is being so harsh to them? It’s not support if you’re insulting others in the process.

Both of these groups trained for years. They did not debut for you to become fans and trash other people. 

Be the bigger person and stop.

Tome Headcanons

Surprise!! tome is the love of my life now and id die for her

  • probably shops at hot topic
    • all of her shirts have shitty slogans on them
      • ‘bigfoot: ultimate hide and seek champion’ is one. ‘just give me some space’ with little alien head between every word is another. there’s another that just says ‘BEES’ in all caps and???? what
    • wears a lot of big hoodies that make her look like some blob with no discernible shape just how she likes it
  • when with people she doesnt know that well and strangers she just constantly looks like she’s glaring
    • if a stranger makes eye contact she stares them down until they look away
  • “sorry mob, I know we were going to look for telepaths today but shit just went down in The Last of Us and you’re coming to my house instead to watch me deal pixelated damage to these stupid NPCs. Bring some tissues its going to be a wild ride and one of us will definitely cry.”
  • when she first meets someone, her first instinct is to hate them
    • oh, that guy she met literally an hour ago? nope, Tome doesn’t like him. He’s too shifty eyed and leans on things too much. Tome thinks he’s hiding something
      • takes her a bit to warm up to someone, but when she does they’re never getting rid of her
  • is that one person that knows random facts that are hella irrelevant but will make u stare at a wall and question the world for a bit
    • “hey, did you know that Canada once had, like, a prime minister or whatever who would hold seances and use a Ouija board and a crystal ball to talk to his dead mother? Bruh this fucker tried to talk to his damn dogs. these ghosts influenced how a damn country was run. Anyways what were we talking about?”
  • when she talks, its 60% motion and wild gestures
    • she doesnt just talk with her hands. She shrugs a lot, rolls her head, makes faces, wiggle her hips, the whole works.
      • when she’s tell a story or something that once happened to her, she’ll fuckin jump up and reenact parts of it. It’s hilarious
  • very good at telling stories.
    • she always ends up in stupid situations so she has a lot of stories to tell
  • only hangs out with Mob and kind of avoids his friend group
    • When she met Ritsu, he kept staring at her funny. Tome realized it was because of the lochness monster on her shirt. He told her that all those cryptids were just stupid people messing with everyone.
      • mob had to hold her back from tearing him apart
    • the only time she met Shou, he laughed at her, said ‘you can’t read minds? that’s tele-pathetic!’ then disappeared.
      • He was never seen again, but Tome is ok with that
    • Teru…. she has Opinions on his character
      • “C’mon, he seems kinda….. weird. Like the popular asshats in our school who think theyre too good for everyone. Don’t you think so mob?” “…but Hanazawa-kun is very nice.” “but i swear he seems kinda… slimy? like an eel.” “Oh, he’s not slimy! his skin is actually very soft.” “No, that’s not–wait.” “especially his hands. I think he moisturizes.”
  •  “No, no, Mob–yes, I know it’s like ten at night and its cold and dark out but you don’t understand. I swear to every deity hovering above the solar system or whatever, I saw weird lights over the city. I swear to every god up there theyre aliens and theyre close. Meet me in the park two blocks from your house. And bring a flashlight and maybe some snacks. OOohh you’re mom made gingersnaps recently? nice…. yes of course you should bring them cmon.”
  • whenever someone asks how her day is going/how she is, she responds with a scoff and says “gay…. obviously.”
  • her room is full of posters of bands, cryptids, and cats
  • challenges people to fight way too often for someone her size
    • “Do you want to fucking go?” she says as she struggles to push open a door
  • seems to have no shame?
    • she’ll say shit that would embarrass other people with this fierce certainty, like she’s challenging you to make a jab at what she said
  • This girl? giggling? oh no oh no
    • when she laughs, she laughs
      • full body shaking, echoing snorts, chuckling that ends with wheezing, tears streaming down her cheeks
  • She’s just a very loud character in general
    • whispering really isnt her thing
      • neither is getting embarrassed, feeling ashamed, or anything of the sort
        • “hey, if they have a problem with something I do or say, that’s not my problem. It’s there’s. Why should I worry about what other people think of me anyways? now get out of my way i gotta fight the elite four and take my rightful place as the fucking pokemon master.”
Being The Adopted Daughter Of Steve Rogers Would Include...

Characters: Steve Rogers X Daughter!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None

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-          When he first adopted you, you were very distant, but you quickly warmed up to him

-          Having to deal with people trying to befriend you just to get to him.

-          Waking up at stupid o’clock every day.

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- really really REALLY cares about people they like

- is really sensitive for their loved ones’ pain and really awkward when trying to comfort them but boy do they try

- that person that will come back for you after the group wanders off and you are left behind

- INTJ, about really hard situations they’ve been through: “this wasn’t such a big deal tho, I mean eh, it’s over now”


- ignorance pisses them off even more than it pisses off other human beings

- it’s Monday and my INTJ dad calls me when I’m at school.

me: yeah?

INTJ: hey, I have something important to tell you.

me: sure, what?

INTJ: could you pick up [your sister] from school-

me: sure

INTJ: –on Friday?

- “you know I just… don’t like it when something doesn’t go according to my plan”

- will plan everything for the trip before you try helping

It’s doubly red-flaggish when people say that Sakakura’s completely at fault for letting Enoshima get away because, not only are they holding Sakakura responsible for something that would not have changed regardless if he told Munakata or not, they’re judging him for the fact that he doesn’t want out himself as a gay person after being publicly beaten/humiliated.

Like… I’m glad you have so little empathy for LGBT people that you see Sakakura’s refusal to tell Munakata as stupid because it’s “not a big deal.”

Regardless of what he did, Sakakura would have lost. The narrative he was put in set him up to fail.

How do I know? Because Mitarai had BIGGER part in helping Enoshima by giving her technology to create the Despair Video and RUNNING AWAY when he realized that it was his fault.

What happened with him? He was completely forgiven + didn’t have to give up his own life for the audience to go “you know what, maybe that guy wasn’t all that bad…”

DR3′s narrative, while characterizing Sakakura respectfully, was homophobic. It put Sakakura in a lose-lose situation where the only way he could get even a shred of redemption was by effectively getting himself killed.

The fact that more people have problems with Sakakura’s interaction with Enoshima and less about Danganronpa’s overall treatment of LGBT characters… bothers me.


I think the saddest and most terrifying thing about this election is seeing how much red was on that map. More than half of America was colored in red and that tells me that this nation hasn’t gotten anywhere since the Civil War. That’s scary. Growing up as a POC I always had to deal with so much stupidity. Constantly trying to prove myself to others, being harassed and being called derogatory names simply because I was a few shades darker, hell also because I’m female. I always had hope one day that this country will get better. But right now what I see is a country I don’t even want to live in anymore. It terrifies me how there are so many people who resonate with Trump so much and believe in his ways. 

Supernatural Preference (How they deal with people bullying you)

Sam walks into the bunker only to find you in the library early from school sobbing on the floor. At first you didn’t notice, but when he slowly starts to approach you with a sympathetic look you start to relax.
“Whats wrong y/n/n?” you never want to tell your brothers why you’re sad because you hate to see them upset but you think he might as well know
“These stupid boys at school are teasing me, no big deal, I’m just being stupid” for some reason he looked calm and next thing he said really surprised you
“So these stupid boys would still be at school right now” you looked a bit confused by just nodded.
“Okay, I’ll be back” and like that he was gone.
*1 hour later*
It had been an hour and you wondered where your brother could be until a text came onto your phone, from sam
-sam: I got it sorted sweety, and I’m bringing home pizza for dinner :)

You sat on your bed sobbing, people are so mean to you, I mean high school is tuff enough without people judging you for how you look every 5 minutes. With the familiar sound of wings you open your eyes to reveal Lucifer. For a while now he has made it his personal mission to look out for you and always makes you feel better, so seeing him now was the biggest relief.
“Why are you crying y/n”
You really didn’t want to tell him out of fear of what he’d do to the people if he knew what they had said, but you thought it worth the risk.
“Some people at school have been making fun of me for how I look and it just got me really upset thats all”
Lucifer looked surprisingly calm but you could see he was frustrated by the clenching of his jaw.
“Who would these few people be”, he said trying not to give away to fact that he wanted to rip their heads off.
Once you told him the names he was gone in a flash.
*Lucifer at the bullies house*
Once Lucifer appeared in the room all the laughter that had once filled it stopped. Everyone looked terrified and so they should be.
“I heard you lot have been picking on y/n and if you don’t stop I can make you a lot more scared really quick”, he warned the group of teenagers in a surprisingly calm voice.
Some cried and some begged for their lives, but lets just say after Luci’s little visit the bullying stopped and his favourite human was a lot more happier.

Castiel doesn’t like conflict or hurting anyone so when he saw you on the kitchen floor eating a bucket of ice cream and your face covered in tears he felt worried and wanted to help as soon as possible.
“Whats wrong y/n?” he ask taking the spoon out of your hand and replacing it with his own.
“My friends at school have been spreading lies about me and it really hurt, and I just feel like I can’t trust anyone”
Cas looked at you with sadness in his eyes.
“You can always trust me y/n and I’ll always be here to make you happy” and with the flutter of his wings you were waiting in line for a ride at a carnival some where in Europe. Knowing that this was Cas’ way of saying I love you and everything will be alright you grabbed his hand and kissed his cheek, knowing that everything would be okay.

Gabriel hates seeing you sad and can always make you feel better, so when he appeared in your room with bags full of candy you guessed he already knew about the problems you’d been having with mean messages online.
“Hey kiddo, don’t listen to them”, he smiled as he closed your computer.
“Its nothing a little candy and cuddles can’t fixed”, you smiled as you made room for Gabe.
“How about we also watch some Simpsons” you suggested, knowing it was both your favourite t.v. show.
Gabriel just stared at you and slowly smiled.
“Hells yeah!” he said as a few Simpsons discs appeared in his hands.

Balthazar was always one for perfect timing and today was no exception. Lately boys at school had been shoving you against walls while girls called you horrible things.
“You’re a fat fucking loser you know that right, and know one will ever love you” as soon as those words came out of Sarah Joson’s mouth for the thousandth time, Balthazar appeared right behind her so only you could see.
“Oh, uh, sorry, but um did I just hear you correctly.”
All four girls flipped their heads around only to be shocked to see Balthazar (who was disguised as a teacher) holding up detention cards for all of them.
“I don’t tolerate bullying, so I guess I’ll be seeing you awful ladies in detention on Friday after school.”
As he ushers them off to class he winks at you with a big smile.

Michael was a powerful archangel so of course he was going to use that to his advantage when he found out his favourite human was being wet with hoses and laughed at by awful people at school.
Michael appeared into every single one of their rooms walking slyly by their winds or wardrobes scaring the crap out of each and everyone of them. Each of them gave a terrified reaction and lets just say that after his little visit, y/n was never bullied again in fear of the strange man coming through their window again and killing them. 

Even though Dean doesn’t like showing emotion that much, when he finds out that you’d starting harming yourself again because of the things people had been doing and saying to you at school he was more than a little upset.
You sat on the cold tiled floor of the bathroom with your brother just holding you.
“y/n I never want you to do this ever again”, you manage to hear through a choked up voice.
“Those people are not worth it and you are way better than this. So how about we stop the tears and I get us both some hot chocolate and we watch, ‘The good, the bad and the ugly’”, even though you both had tears in your eyes you gave each other big smiles, which continued through out the night, thanks to the best brother ever.

Your brothers never really knew of your friendship with Crowley, but when he came into your room one night to comfort you after a long day of school work and bullies, the boys were less than impressed.
“Crowley, what the HELL were you doing in y/n’s room”, you heard your brother Dean shout.
When you heard this you feared for your friends life and ran out of your room.
“Guys leave him alone, Crowley’s my friend and he was helping me feel better about people at school so he was reading to me.” 
Your brothers looked shocked, but once they noticed your dried tears and the smile you gave Crowley they knew you’d be safe.

****Okay so this is my first time ever writing something like this so don’t judge me too harshly. I might start writing things like this once in a while, but please no requests. I hope everyone enjoyed it and if anyone has POSITIVE advice or feedback please message me.****

Scene that should happen in trespasser

Inquisitior: I can’t believe these people! I saved the world, and now everyone’s fucking angry at me?!

Warden: Tell me about it. A Blight was coming, and somehow the civil war was my fault? 

Hawke: *agreeing noise*

Warden: Listen, I’ll deal with Ferelden, Anora is reasonable occasionally and if the Banns’s start getting noisy, I know Teagan, Howe and Cousland personally. Unfortunately, that means that you still have to deal with Orleais. Good luck with that. 

Inquisitior: … So who get’s the Chantry?

Hawke: I know a guy ~!

Inquisitor: Hawke no

Warden: Hawke yes.

Anyways before i fuck off lemme jus say tha if u stan maggie and floriana u literally cannot open ur mouth to talk abt lena ??? Lmaooo “disability erasure” dont be stupid Brenda. if u knew what u were talking abt u would know lena doesnt stay disabled forever in one of the 1838393939 versions of her thats disabled. U wanna point out the problems w the show? Start by how they cast a white non latina to play a woc latina. Or maybe direct ur hatred towards people stealing screentime from Dorito Woman @ the character who’s been stealing screen time from everyone else. “Giving guest stars the regular treatment” oh yes im sorry that a Luthor is more relevant to Supergirl’s storyline than your 21 Jump Street Fav. And “the regular treatment” really queen? Really? 🙄 i swear yall aint watching the same show as everyone else lmfao







and jesus, no one else takes this shit seriously, that’s why she’s calling the conspiracy theories (not you!! your stupid fucking theories!!) crazy. people know there are PR relationships sometimes but they’re not a big deal and they certainly don’t look like Louis and Danielle’s relationship.

And they certainly don’t involve year-plus long relationships and fake babies and fake obituaries FOR FUCK’S SAKE. “exactly what we’re talking about in the first place” are they just pretending they don’t know how bizarre and extreme and unheard of their ideas are? because the rest of us know. this is how you look to the outside world!! The “entertainment world” is not full of people who know about secret closeting fake babies and are just keeping quiet and trying to make Larries look dumb. YOU ARE DOING THAT ALL BY YOURSELVES, LARRIES.

You know what I really love about St. Olga’s School For Wayward Princesses more as I think about it?

It attacks a lot of what’s toxic about the ‘Be Ladylike’ stigma without throwing femininity under the bus.

I’m serious about this. I’ve never really seen a cartoon successfully pull that off before and it’s such a huge deal for me. So often in TV shows, we see this trend that girls who like girly things are shallow and evil and stupid while tomboys who turn their nose up at makeup and dresses are better in every single way. Or alternatively, a girl has to be everything all at once just to end up being second to the male protagonist. 

Star Vs doesn’t do this. Instead, they used this episode to highlight how people want to control how girls act and dress and think so they blindly obey ridiculous rules that weren’t written for their sake, but for the comfort and approval of people who don’t care about what they want or who they are just so long as they don’t try and think for themselves or explore their own passions and interests. It doesn’t even say there’s anything wrong with women who are ladylike because they enjoy it, just the idea that all girls should act a certain way and give up on who they really are in order to be accepted into society.

  • A thought just occured to me. Has any of the contradicting information surrounding the ages of the palladins ever said the H/L/K where all the same age. The only thing I remember seeing is that they're teens to late teens supposedly. So for all we know L@nce could be 16 and K@ith could be 19. Poor antis would have to deal with the dreaded age gap, liking a bad ship and being nasty evil pedos lol.

Thanks for picking me up, man. Mom is worried sick about you. As usual. You’re not gonna tell her the details, are you? No. Look, I’m sorry that you had to deal with that stupid story, okay? We tried to stop it.
It’s old news. People were gonna find out. It’s cool. Listen, TJ, this is a really important week to me with the engagement. And there is a lot going on. So can you please just show up and be there for me this time? You know I always got your back, little bro.
Stop smiling at me, I was only born three minutes after you.
But you’ll still never catch up. Put on your seat belt. Okay.

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How do you deal with people attacking you for being vegan? :(

i would say “attacking” is a strong word for the negative experiences i’ve had, but whenever someone challenges me on being vegan or treats me like i’m a stupid girl who’s making unintelligent decisions, i kinda go into this very sarcastic mode. i think that’s kinda the best way to deal with it. if people want to know about veganism sincerely, it’s usually clear that they don’t mean to hurt me, but they’re legitimately curious. but when i do have those interactions that go something like “i could never be vegan or vegetarian, i love meat so much, do you just eat tofu all day? how do you get protein? do you exercise? what are you eating…? (with a grossed out look on their faces) vegans are so pushy. found the vegan haha. how do you get any nutrition?” … and on and on. i like to answer very simply, something like “i didn’t wanna have any animals die for me and contribute to global warming so much anymore. there is a vegan version of literally every food item you can think of, so, that’s what i eat. oh yeah i’ve been vegan for 7 fucking years dude and um….as you can see, i’m alive.” :)

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Just look at how nervous she’s making him (I love it)

This episode just proves that although Uehara acts all big and confident most of the time, he’s actually a completely awkward mushroom-headed virgin. He can’t sleep at all because he keeps thinking about *it* and worrying about letting Nao down because he wasn’t aware that she was ready for them to take the next step. I mean, this is a big deal for them, a huge freaking deal and although he is shitting bricks, he really wanted to spend this time alone with her and was looking forward to the possibility of intimacy with her. That’s why he’s so pissed about her inviting other people along without telling him. Because he thought she was ready for that next step too, and he feels stupid for letting the thought consume him so much.

The boy fell on his ass twice for shit sake!

(May I say how satisfying that was, I mean it was a true highlight lol)  

I just love how the show is developing their relationship; it’s been handled with a lot of care and heart and is moving at a perfect pace. Can’t literally wait until next week.

Outlast {Sentence Starters}
  • "I know, I am supposed to be dead. No, no such luck."
  • "More than stupid, in fact. That was crazy!"
  • "It was foolish and wrong to think we could control it."
  • "You know, I love the mountain air up here at night."
  • "Don't pass out on me. There's still a lot for you absorb!"
  • "Where are the survivors?"
  • "You know, I'm a bit worried how much time you've been spending with ____."
  • "It's impossible to understand. The things we felt."
  • "It's understandable, people get scared."
  • "You can't make a deal if you've got nothing to bargain with."
  • "I see what's happening here. You're bored. You want a little attention."
  • "I guess I'll just have to kill you outright."
  • "Well I'm here for you. I'll give you very special attention."
  • "Okay, this isn't a problem. I can solve this."
  • "Somebody has to win and somebody has to lose here, I don't make the rules."
  • "You understand what we achieved here?"
  • "You must be exhausted. Let's take a break, huh, buddy?"
  • "You wanna head out, take a stroll?"
  • "There! Better now, right?"
  • "Uh, no offense to the man, but I sometimes worry he might just be a little bit crazy."
  • "Go ahead, I'll wait here. Go on, run free!"
  • "C'mon man, get in! I've seen what they're capable of!"
  • "Fuck! Really? You're gonna walk on me?"

the walking dead bios (ू◠ᴗ◠✻ू)
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  1. I ain’t nobody’s bitch [daryl]
  2. you’re ain’t somewhere else, you’re right here. trying [daryl] 
  3. the new world’s gonna need rick grimes  [abraham]
  4. you got some balls for a chinaman [daryl]
  5. I”m korean [glenn]
  6. without weapons we can die [carol]
  7. we are the walking dead [rick]
  8. the new world’s gonna need rdaryl dixon 
  9. don’t open dead inside  [hospital]
  10. don’t dead open inside 
  11. those who arrive survive [terminus]
  12. anger makes you stupid. stupid gets you killed [michonne]
  13. the pain doesn’t go away you just make room for it [andrea]
  14. the deal is done [rick]
  15. I don’t cry anymore [beth]
  16. welcome to the human race, asshole [tara]
  17. you look ridiculous [daryl]
  18. how many walkers have you killed? how many people have you killed? why? [rick]
  19. the only thing you can choose is what you’re risking it for [hershel]
  20. daryl: “stay safe” carol: “nine lives, remember?”
  21. little ass kicker [daryl]
  22. …she didn’t try to find her way back, sophia died a long time ago [carol]
  23. the word of God is the only protection I need [gabriel]
  24. we tell ourselves that we are the walking dead [rick]
  25. you can lose a lot of soldiers but still win the game [the governor] 
  26. life is always a test [hershel]
  27. If you don’t have hope, what’s the point of living? [beth]
  28. people are gonna die. there’s no way you can ever be ready for it [rick]
  29. don’t look back, carl [rick]
  30. i may be the one walking away, but you’re the one that’s leaving [daryl]


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