how to deal with mental co workers

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I just feel like I need to talk to someone about this and I can't where I'm at. Lately it feels like America is going back in time. I thought we were making progress but then I see the news and posts on the Internet on some new horrible things that happened. Events similar from history textbooks are making a comeback... and people have the nerve to say nothing's wrong and I'm just complaining. I hope we push past these injustices.

It is scary. But don’t get discouraged.

Whenever we make a lot of progress and change in our society it can be scary, upsetting, or alarming to people. Sometimes these feelings are malicious. But not always.
Many people simply don’t understand what’s happening… They’re sheltered, don’t live in an inclusive or diverse area, etc. So they see all these changes and just see the life they knew and understood going away.
To me, the people whose anger isn’t fueled by malicious reasons will change and gain understanding over time as they see the changes they resisted weren’t so scary after all.

Two steps forward, one step back.

A big, and simple, way to help change move along is how we deal and react to people who are against the social change we seek.
Now, trolls online who are out to be rude and offensive are not who I’m talking about.

I’m talking about your co-workers, your mom, your neighbor. Don’t be rude or dismissive about what they have to say…. And this isn’t because you agree with them or what they say is valid. But it’s because when we’re rude or dismissive people check out and hunker down in their convictions. They mentally leave the conversation and look for comfort with other like minded people.

We can’t convince people of anything if they’re not in the room to hear what we have to say.

I’m actually really proud of the fact that over time I’ve helped change my mom from being a life long republican and pro-lifer into a pro-choice woman (based in her Christian convictions that we can’t know and judge someone and only Jesus can know someone’s heart and struggles) who voted for Hillary last November. But I didn’t do it by insulting her or dismissing what she felt.

We’ll keep fighting for progress and we’ll meet with resistance. That’s normal. Change is hard.
But we’ll keep doing it anyways.

Sometimes change is slow in coming. But it’ll come. Stay strong and don’t feel too down as there are hundreds of millions throughout the world who are like minded.

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Deacon and Ty, any advice on how to deal with work related stress? I'm so strung out right now, it's only gonna take one more unhelpful co-worker comment before I totally lose my shit on someone's ass in the middle of the office. That would probably be bad, right?

Ty: I think it’s safe to say I am not the right person to ask this.

Deuce: Considering he made a catapult to launch rubber band balls at his co-workers …

Ty: Stress relief.

Deuce: My advice is to make sure you are your first priority even at work. Give yourself moments alone for your mental health, and if you need to, just tell your co-workers to walk away.


Deuce: NO!