how to deal with elevators

what i really love abt taz is how flippant they all are about everything

like this show has an incredible story and well developed characters and is more gripping than pretty much anything i watch

but then they say fuck it and name a character barry blue jeans and i think thats beautiful

au ideas

“i’m on a date with this creepy dude and now i am trying to escape from him so could you please help me through this window” au

“we have been taking the same train since forever and you always sit in front of me doing nothing but glare at me, what’s up with that dude? did i offend you with my face?” au 

“hi, i know we have never talked before but my room mate just sexiled me. can i please crash on your couch? and borrow some clothes maybe?” au 

“your cat snuck into my house to eat my plants which have taken me forever to grow” au

“my friend over there has the biggest crush on you. can you please ask him out? i cannot listen to an other rant about how perfect your eyebrows are.” au

“listen, i have had the worst week ever so please do not make it worse by taking the last box of cheerios” au

“our friends are trying to set us up but i still haven’t forgotten that one time you peed on my sand castle when we were like seven.” au  

“we are the only ones not drunk at this party. wanna make everyone in here do embarrassing things so we can blackmail them later?” au

“i have been trying to draw you since the last hour but you keep moving. could you please stop? you are very handsome by the way.” au 

“i broke into your house thinking it was mine because i was drunk af and now you are making me breakfast.” au

“your doctor made you take the elevator because you needed to learn how to deal with small spaces and now it’s stuck. please don’t die on me.” au 


Nothing like some adulting wins to get you through the middle of the week.

My own personal wins this week: I was trained on Monday to be “Librarian in Charge,” which means that I can be in charge when the director isn’t around and make Big Important Decisions like how to deal with angry patrons, broken elevators, and emergency closings. Then on Tuesday night, I helped move everyone in the library for not one, but two, tornado warnings.

howeverlongs  asked:

KC + “your doctor made you take the elevator because you needed to learn how to deal with small spaces and now it’s stuck. please don’t die on me.” au

Strayed a little from the promps, oops!

Love In An Elevator

“Best movie ever!” Caroline sang, swinging her arms as she dodged puddles on the sidewalk.

Klaus, just behind her, agreed. “It was excellent. Far better than I expected.”

She shot a playful glare over her shoulder, “It’s just me, Klaus. No need to pretend that you’re too cool for Harry Potter.”

Klaus laughed as he held the door to his building open for her then set his hand on her lower back. He used gentle pressure to guide her to the left, in the direction of the stairs, but Caroline dug her heels in, forcing them to pause.

He shot her a curious look, “Problem? Did you forget something in the car?”

Caroline shook her head, “No. I want to take the elevator.”

Klaus’ immediate reply was an incredulous laugh and an attempt to keep moving in the direction of the stairwell. “Funny, sweetheart.”

“Klaus,” Caroline complained, grabbing his arm and tugging him to face her. “I’m serious.”

He studied her, head tipped to the side. “I’ve known you for years, Caroline. You’ve never wanted to take the elevator. You hate elevators.”

True, though it wasn’t just elevators. It was all small spaces. She’d even had issues with her cramped college dorm room, had kept the window thrown wide open and the door propped open whenever her roommate wasn’t around in order to deal with the suffocating, walls closing in, feeling that often crept up on her.

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