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To Make a Soldier Blush

Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Summary: You’re a new avenger and you have your own mission to accomplish: making Bucky Barnes blush everytime you see him.

Warnings: I don’t know, forward reader maybe?, shy Bucky, violence. 

Words Count: 2.8k (ish)

A/N: This is my submission for Bee’s 2.1k challenge from @amarvelouswritings (thank you for also being the beta for this Bee, I love you to death). I got prompt 14- “Well, geez, if you don’t like what I’m wearing, I can go and change.” English is not my first language, so excuse any mistakes.

It was hard for you to focus on the projected figure of a giant rotten alien grape that apparently was the one of the possible newest threats to the universe. The reason of your disregarded distraction? How fuckable the group of super-heroes sitting with you around the table was.

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Liberty Pt.2

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader

AU: Pirates of the Caribbean Universe

Characters:  Bucky Barnes, Natalia Romanoff, Clint Barton, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers, Sam Wilson, Peter Parker, Baron Zemo (mentiones briefly)

Warnings for this fic: Angst, eventual smut in future chapters (slow burn), running away, profanity, violence (futue chapters).

Word count for this chapter: 1113

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Captain James ‘Bucky’ Barnes was a peculiar man, how he sailed the seas for most of his 27 years. He was born at sea, he would most likely die at sea. All pirates, including those in the farthest corners of the maps, had heard of the infamous Captain. You? You were the governor’s daughter, secretly hoping to be taken out to seas and to be set free.


“Please- Sir I’ll do anything, please just let me come with you.” You hoped he wouldn’t turn out too bad if he let you stay, but if he didn’t…

“Well, miss Y/L/N, welcome aboard the St. Brooklyn…”


Tell me, sweetheart… Why would a rich and beautiful girl like you, run away from a place like Port Royal, hm?” Bucky asked, you and him both were sitting in the Captain’s cabin, it was cosy, full of gold and silver alike, lavish furniture- this man was definitely not like most of the other pirates that your father had told you about; poor, dirty, unhygienic.  

You studied him for a moment, “I, er, I have been stuck in Port Royal since I was a babe, I haven’t gone further than 2 nautical miles outside the border, Sir, I have a thirst for freedom and to put it quite frankly, your boat called to me.” You fiddled with your fingers as you awaited his reply.

First of all, it is not a boat, my dear, secondly… there are plenty other ‘boats’ in that harbour-

Don’t ask me why I didn’t board the others- I would be… easily recognised. Everyone in Port Royal knows who I am, my friend Peter will be the only one to- wait… What did you do to the letter?

Bucky huffed. “What do you think I did with the blasted letter? I’m a wanted man. I’m not becoming wanted for kidnapping-

I’m 19- almost 20, well over a year over the legal I’m-allowed-to-make-my-own-decisions age, Sir, I assure you it won’t be kidnapping if I am the one who boarded your ship on my own will.” Bucky gave you a skeptical look then rolled his eyes.

As someone who had come across many a stupid person, he didn’t think you would be the type to run away- you had a perfect life- of course, he wasn’t in your boots, but you seemed intelligent, healthy, surrounded by protection and you most likely lived in a luxury mansion. What could possibly be wrong with your life?

Alas, he didn’t know a thing.

The need to be away from your home was clawing at your chest and it was annoying you to the point where you had tried to escape multiple times, only to be caught by your handmaiden- you had kept making up excuses to cover yourself.

Your father paid little to no attention to you once you had turned 18, he had arranged a marriage for you with Commodore Zemo, a man of fortune and wealth, he was 15 years your senior, though that was normal for any arranged marriage. The man was a weird one, to say the least.

If you’re going to stay on my ship, you’re going to have to know the way of the seas. You can’t just sit around and do nothing, as you would probably do back at Port Royal, you are the Governor’s daughter, after all.” There is a knock at the door, Bucky shouts a 'yes?’ and a handsome man with ebony hair and dark skin enters.

Y/N, this is my first mate, Sam Wilson, Sam… this is the stowaway I had to find.” You looked between both of them and shook Sam’s hand, he adorned a smile so sweet, but he had a firm grip to say the least.

Sam smiled and said a quiet hello. “Captain, we’re heading into rough waters, orders?

Hoist the sails, gain speed, it can’t be too bad,” Bucky smiled. “If anything gets a little rusty, we have Wanda.

Aye Cap.” Sam exited the cabin, as the door shut you could hear him yelling orders, and the scurrying of feet died down.

What is a ‘Wanda’, Sir?

Ha ha, Wanda is a witch we have onboard, a good friend of mine actually, ah, don’t look like that! She helps us keep the ship from capsizing when we head into the rough water.” Bucky grinned, he enjoyed seeing such a beautiful girl squirm hearing the word ‘witch’.

You had never been one to believe in magic, your father told you stories when he came back from his voyages to Tortuga, Brazil, Egypt, he would go for so long. You had skimmed the room once more to find a large globe in the corner.

May I?” you questioned, timidly. Bucky nodded in response, he furrowed his brow as your fingers danced along the curvature of the three-dimensional atlas, you had only come into contact with one of these in your 19 years, a much smaller one in your father’s office.

Tell me, Y/N, how educated are you on the modern charts?” You whipped your head around to see the cocky man leaning back in his chair, you could feel him eyeing you up and down as if he could read your body language. “I don’t have a Sea Artist, he pissed off a siren on the coast of Portugal, fell for their trap, he was a good man, though he never learned how to cut back on the humour when something serious was going on. Any chance you could help me out and be what I need most, and maybe more?

Sir, as a woman growing up with a Governor as a father, I have studied the maps since I was able to read and write. I know how to navigate throughout the entire world but-” You were cut off quickly when Bucky gave you a confused glare.

He intimidated you, only slightly, his tall manner and dark looks were different than the men you had encountered before. If you had to compare between you both, you would be the lamb and he the lion. His jaw was sharp and defined, as if carved by the sharpest of swords. His hair fell in bronze and brunette tresses across his forehead and you could swear you could see red in his cheeks, most likely sun stained from being at seas for so many years. It contrasted against his olive skin.

In all your mature years you had been exposed to drunken, ugly miscreants, he was by far the most beautiful man you had ever laid eyes upon, and you felt an alien sensation fluttering in your lower part of your stomach as he lifted from his chair, in that moment you had yet to be exposed to the ways of the world, you knew what intercourse was, you had been shown plenty of scientific diagrams, though you had no idea what this pleasant feeling was.


As Bucky’s legs carried him closer to the damsel in his cabin, he could smell a change in the air; it was you, you see Bucky was not just any normal human being; he could feel and know what anyone else was feeling, a good trait to have as a pirate. He could feel the blush spread from your bust to the tips of your ears, he could feel your heart fluttering behind your ribs as he neared you. As he spoke his breath gently whisped across your forehead.

Yet.. an innocent soul like you has never traveled the seas? Oh, darling, you will be of great use to me, I will show you the world beyond this one, just you wait.


A/N. So! Part 2, I hope everyone likes it, and enjoys reading it. Like i said this fic is gonna be a slow burn on both ends. Bucky is intrigued by Y/N, he knows she is an innocent soul looking for new things so HES GONNA GIVE EM TO HER AYEEEE 

I had some help from the LOOOOOOOOVERLY  @papi-chulo-bucky thank you!!

- Chloe x

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CEO Ethan

Here it is kids! The long awaited Daddy-Dom CEO Ethan fic i promised you all a while ago! Let me know what you think! Enjoy!

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I was furiously typing when the phone on my desk started to ring. I lifted the receiver and was immediately bombarded with the gruff angry voice of my boss. I rolled my eyes and interrupted his rambling with “Good evening Mr. Dolan. What can I do for you?” I could hear him sigh on the other end. “I’m sorry Y/N. I’m always so rude to you when I’ve had a shit day. I apologize.” He replied. “It’s quite alright, sir. What can I help you with?” I asked. “If you really want to know, I would very much appreciate you coming to my office and letting me have my way with you.” I could hear the wicked smirk in his voice.

Ethan Dolan was an excellent boss. One of those people who sees what they want and nothing will stop them until they get it. This attitude made him a wonderful business man with an impressive work ethic, and an extremely wealthy individual. The only problem was, once his sites were set on something, he never gave up. And his sites were set on me.

The day I started as Mr. Dolan’s secretary, I knew I was a goner. He was so put together and beautiful, I don’t know how anyone could work around him without falling in love with him. He’s always made it very clear that he was attracted to me and he was making it a mission to whittle away at me until I finally would break and give in to him and his charm. Everyday was a struggle not to, trust me.

I giggled into the receiver. “Mr. Dolan you know that’s not going to happen.” I said, knowing my resolve was very close to crumbling. “Y/N, my day has been awful-“ He started and I cut him off saying “I know it has. I schedule your days remember?” Ethan chuckled before replying. “Yes I know you know. So, if you won’t let me show you how fun I really can be, will you at least have a drink with me?”

“If people see me drinking with you in public sir, they might get the wrong idea about our relationship.” I reminded him. “No not in public, in my office. I need to unwind and the last place I want to do that is in a noisy bar. Just come to my office. Please?” He was practically begging at this point and I felt bad for the guy. “Fine. Give me five minutes to finish this report. And NO funny business, Mr. Dolan.” I huffed and disconnected the phone call.

I continued typing and finished my report in a few minutes. Once the document was saved, I grabbed my purse and coat and walked down the hall to Mr. Dolan’s office. Why was I so nervous? He’s just my boss. That’s it. I most certainly am NOT attracted to him. I can’t be.

I stopped walking when I was face to face with the heavy wooden door to Mr. Dolan’s office. I took a deep breath and knocked on the door. A deep voice from the other side told me to come in and I shivered slightly as I turned the brass knob and stepped into his office.

I had been in this office hundreds of times but in that moment everything felt different. As I crossed the threshold I could feel the electricity in the air. The lights were lower than usual and gave the room a soft glow. I could hear Mr. Dolan’s stereo playing softly in the background and I began to feel a bit more relaxed. I made my way further into the office and set my things down in one of the two chairs on the opposite side of his desk. On his side, Mr. Dolan sat with his feet propped up on the desk, a glass of amber liquid swishing around in his left hand. God he was beautiful.

I sat in the chair beside the one containing my purse and coat. I quietly folded my hands in my lap and looked down at my feet. What was I doing here?! This was wildly inappropriate! My mother would kill me if she knew what I was doing! Mr. Dolan cleared his throat and I looked up.

“Y/N would you like a drink?” He asked smiling softly. “Yes, sir. Thank you.” I replied. He froze for a moment and then continued moving like nothing had happened, bringing me a glass identical to his own. I downed the entire drink in one go, due mostly to my nerves about this whole situation, not thinking of how fast the alcohol would affect me.


A half an hour later, I was feeling much better than when the night had started. My limbs were heavy and warm and Mr. Dolan had been making me laugh much more than I had anticipated. I was currently perched cross legged on his desk going on and on about everything from books to movies to music.

“And that, Mr. Dolan, is why I love the Transformers movies so much.” I said. “Mr. Dolan, there is something I want to do.” I said locking eyes with the beautiful man. His eyes were so beautiful and I could see a fire in them as he gazed back at me.

“You can call me Ethan, you know.” He said with a grin. “Well, Ethan, I want to do something.” I said slipping off of his desk. “And what would that be Y/N?” He asked, crossing his arms over his chest and smirking.

“I want you to teach me how to dance.” I said making my way towards the empty space near the couch in his office. “And what makes you think I know how to dance?” He questioned with a cocked eyebrow, rising from his chair.

“Oh come on Ethan. I’ve scheduled you for multiple formal gatherings that most certainly included dancing.” I said with an eye roll. Ethan crossed the room with a few broad steps, took my hand in his, and put his other hand on my hip. “If you knew what was good for you, you wouldn’t roll your eyes at me sweetheart.” He whispered hot against my ear. I could feel a shudder course through my body at his words.

The music switched to “Kiss Me” by Ed Sheeran and we began to sway around the room. His arms held me tight and I followed his footsteps. His hand that had been on my hip slowly traveled further to rest on my ass. I sucked in a deep breath and that’s when I knew. If I looked this man dead in the eye right at this very moment, I wouldn’t be able to say no. I wouldn’t be able to resist Ethan and if we were being honest, I wouldn’t want to. I fell deeply and hopelessly in love with him a long time ago but I refused to believe it.

I tipped my head up to look at Ethan to find him already gazing down at me, his eyes sparkling. We were still dancing as the song changed to “Or Nah” by Somo and I started laughing as Ethans jaw dropped. “Oh my god this is so unprofessional.” He said as he reached for his stereo to turn it off. I sat on the couch and waited.

When he was finished fiddling with the stereo, he joined me on the couch and now with the lack of music all that could be heard was our breathing and possibly my insanely fast heartbeat. Before I knew what I was doing I leaned into Ethan’s personal space, and kissed him. His lips didn’t move and I quickly pulled back, completely appalled at my own behavior.

“Oh. Oh my god. I am so sorry Mr. Dolan. I should never have done that. I should go.” I stuttered as I ran to grab my things. As soon as my purse and coat were in my hand I ran to the door and yanked it open. Before I could rush out of the room a large hand slammed the door shut. I was breathing so heavily that it almost didn’t register how close Ethan was to me. “Mr. Dolan, please let me go. I’ve embarrassed myself enough for tonight.” I pleaded quietly. All of a sudden, I felt his teeth graze my earlobe. “I told you to call me Ethan. Mr. Dolan is too formal. But if Ethan doesn’t work, you could always call me Daddy.” He whispered with a dark chuckle. My sharp intake of breath gave me away and he continued spewing this delicious filth into my ear.

He spun me around and pressed my back to the door. Looking down at me he said “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this. I didn’t kiss you back because quite frankly I was in shock. I never in all my life would have thought you would take interest in me. But I’m going to fix that kiss.”

Ethan leaned in and crushed his lips to mine. I dropped my coat and purse as his hands roamed my body. His left hand grazed my breast and my nipple hardened under his touch. He tweaked it with his fingers causing me to gasp and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue into my mouth.

I dug my fingers into his hair and brought my leg up to hook it over his hip. His large hand ran up my thigh and under my dress. My body was already warm from the liquor and Ethan’s touch was doing nothing to cool me down. All he was doing was stoking the fire within me.

He pulled away from the kiss and I let out an involuntary whine. He grinned at me before his lips began their assault on my neck and chest. Ethan’s hands felt like they were everywhere all at once. The hand on my thigh made its way up into the nape of my neck, his fingers tangling in my hair. He tugged sharply and my back arched as my head tipped back. I could feel his teeth on my neck before he spoke. “Y/N I have something I need to tell you before this goes any further.” He said softly, releasing my hair and pulling back to look me in the eyes.

“I have very specific tastes and the things I like to do in bed might be a tad different than you’re used to, and I hope that won’t scare you away.” He whispered. “Tell me Ethan. Tell me what you need. I’ll give you anything you want.” I pleaded desperately. “Oh sweetheart, there are so many things I want from you, but right now, I would very much like to tie your hands behind your back and fuck you over my desk Y/N. I want to see myself sliding in and out of you while your screams hang in the air. I want to hear your melodic voice begging for your Daddy as I watch you on your knees. I want to feel you around me as you cum. I want to bite every inch of your beautiful skin and leave my marks for everyone to see. Most importantly, I want you to want that all too.” He said breathing heavily.

By now my panties were soaked. This man had just described everything I didn’t know I needed. I rose from the couch and slipped my dress off my shoulders, letting it pool at my feet before stepping out of it and removing my panties. I folded the fabric neatly and put it on his desk. I could feel his eyes stalking my every move and it made me feel so powerful. I walked around his massive wooden desk and stood with my legs apart. I bent forward, bracing myself on his desk with my forearms.

I looked over at Ethan, still sitting on the couch. “Well? What are you waiting for, Daddy?” I asked with a smirk. He shot off the couch and was behind me in an instant “God damn it you have no idea how bad I want this.” He growled as his hand came cracking down on my ass. I yelped from the sudden sting and the jolts of pleasure it caused. “Come on sweetheart, spread your legs for Daddy. I wanna see that pretty pussy.” He said while gently pushing my thighs further apart. I was trying so hard not to whimper as I readjusted my legs.

Silently he crouched behind me and I could feel his breath on my slick folds. “So pretty baby. Like a flower.” That was all he said before he dove face-first into my heat. His tongue swept over my clit just enough to make me whimper. I needed more but I never wanted him to stop. He dragged his tongue through my folds a few more times before unexpectedly plunging his tongue into my opening. I screamed at the sudden intrusion, but it felt so damn good.

When his mouth left my sex I cried out at feeling so empty. I could hear Ethan undressing behind me and I was shivering with anticipation. A second later I felt him press up against me and gently tug my hands behind my back and I rested my cheek on the cool wood. I felt him wind his silk tie around my wrists and secure it in place with a tight knot.

“Tell me what you want Y/N.” He spoke, finally breaking his silence. “You! Please Daddy, I need you inside me! I cant take it anymore! I feel like my body is on fire!” I shrieked beneath him, a tear sliding down my cheek. His hand slid over my back and wound into my hair.

“Shh little one. Don’t cry. Daddy will give you what you need okay?” Ethan said softly before driving his cock into me so hard the desk moved. An animalistic sound punched out of me as he continued to thrust into me. “FUCK. Yes! Just like that! Oh my god Ethan please don’t stop!” I shouted.

He leaned forward and draped himself over my back, his mouth hovering near my ear. “Do you like that? Do you like how my cock feels inside you? FUCK Y/N. You’re so god damn tight. Like a fucking virgin I swear to god. Feels so good around me.” He ground out between his teeth.

Ethan’s hand reached down to rub furiously at my clit. I yelped in surprise but that yelp was soon followed by a loud groan. “Daddy please! Can I cum? I need it so bad!” I cried. The hand he had in my hair wound tighter and he yanked my head up.

“Come on baby. Cum on my dick. Do it! I wanna feel that tight pussy squeezing me. Cum NOW!” Ethan shouted and my body responded. I came all over him, my body spasming wildly as he continued thrusting at his punishing pace

An unintelligible groan ripped from his throat as his thrusts began to stutter. “Come on Daddy. Cum for me.” I whispered and that was all he needed, spilling his seed inside me before collapsing on my back.

“Um Mr. Dolan? You’re crushing my hands.” I giggled. He sighed on top of me and said “Please don’t make me move Y/N. I think my soul just left my body through my dick and I don’t think my legs work anymore.” He said chuckling. “Aw that’s too bad. I was gonna suggest a round two but I need my hands for what I want to do to you. Eh, maybe next time.” I said shrugging. “Oh shit, okay!” Ethan leapt off of me in .2 seconds after hearing that, his nimble fingers freeing my hands. This was gonna be a long night.

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"She looks like a flower, but she stings like a bee. Like every girl in history."- ChloNath salsa dancing?

Today’s drabble is dedicated to @inasiriusrelationship to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope your day is full of the best, most wonderful things! :)

“She looks like a flower, but she stings like a bee,” Nathaniel sang, spinning around the kitchen. “Like every girl in history. She–”

“If you think I’m like every girl in history, you may as well pack your bags now, Red,” Chloe drawled, dropping her suitcase on the kitchen counter.

He grinned, moving across the room to wind his arms around his wife’s waist. “How was your day?”


“My poor worker bee,” he crooned. “Hungry?”


Nathaniel nodded and returned to the stove, stirring the sauce he had left simmering. “I was thinking we could go salsa dancing this weekend.”

“Salsa dancing, huh?” Chloe chuckled, settling down into a chair. “I might be too worn out to salsa dance.”

“Come on, even politicians need to let loose every once in a while.”

“I don’t think it would be good for me to be seen salsa dancing right now,” she sighed, dropping her chin into her hand. “Things have been kind of tense at the office. There are a few laws that are being talked about that would be…not great, in my opinion.”

“Well, perhaps Queen Bee and Paon can salsa dance across the rooftops then.” Nathaniel kissed the top of her head as he reached around her to get to the fridge. “You need a chance to have some fun and relax.”

“You’re kind of amazing, you know that, Red?” Chloe watched her husband move around their kitchen, cooking their dinner and humming to himself. He grinned back at her and kept working. “I love you.”

Nathaniel turned his head. “I love you too, Chlo.”

Chloe felt a warm feeling settle in her chest. Sometimes it hit her like this, this feeling of absolute awe that this was her life. She had risen in the local French government, fighting to change the practices her own father had let slip in. She moonlighted as Queen Bee when needed, whether for the safety of her citizens or her own sanity. She had a wonderful group of friends who had become more like family than any blood relations she had, and she had somehow gotten lucky enough to marry the love of her life.

Nathaniel made a humming sound as he tested his sauce. “Almost ready.” He turned to look at her, tilting his head in concern. “Are you okay?”

Chloe mentally shook herself and gave him a tired smile. “Perfect. Everything’s perfect.”

Prompt List

Buy Me a Coffee?

  • Griffin: It's by Yahoo Answers user PDF Ghost, who says, "What are some good ways to look cool at the urinal? I'm trying to seem cool at work when I'm at the urinal. Lately, while I'm peeing, I've been putting my hands in my pockets. I've thought about resting my elbow on the wall and putting my head against my hand, just kind of chilling, acting like it's not even a big deal that I'm peeing, NBD. Any other ideas? It's not like I'm trying to hook up with any dudes, I just want people to think, 'Man, that's a chill dude', and everyone has to go to the bathroom so that's where you see the widest variety of people."
  • Travis: Bring your office chair with you and just kinda recline.
  • Griffin: Oh god yes. Just roll in there like 'Sup? Chillin', chill dude'.
  • ...
  • Travis: Is it too complicated to do a touchdown dance?
  • Justin: Like when you're done, or what?
  • Travis: No, like, as you're doing it.
  • Justin: Yeah, um. I mean it seems like a premature celebration, 'cause you don't know how long it's gonna go...
  • Griffin: Can you plank?
Dark Times (part three)

I am so sorry for how delayed this has been. I’ve been trying to decide on whether or not to finish the series and continue to have this blog, and for a while I didn’t want to, but now I’m back, and I plan on being here for a while. I hope you all enjoy part three :) thanks for all the patience. xxx ••••••••••••

Tolerance had never been in his vocabulary. He cut down even the quietest whispers of a threat ruthlessly, he killed for the mere satisfaction of being feared, and he most certainly did not handle rats very well. The men most loyal to Harry knew this, everyone did, but it seemed that Thomas Linsey thought himself more cunning than Harry Styles. He thought wrong.

Harry took a drag of his cigarette, staring blankly at Tommy’s bloodied body that lay crumpled in shattered glass. Around him, his boys worked to clear out the others killed–from innocents to his own men to Trevors’ guys–and Harry sat, elbows braced on his knees, anger still fizzling through his limbs. His partner, his fucking partner, sold him out to Trevors. He’d only realized Tommy was a rat when the girl had a gun to her temple; Tommy was the
only one who paid half a mind to her. Trevors knew who to play against him, knew who Harry was with. The traitor within his own circle explained how Harry’s shipments were being intercepted and taken, but he’d put an end to that the minute the bullet pierced Tommy’s skull.

“Mr. Styles?” A timid voice pulled his attention to a young boy of about eighteen who was shifting from foot to foot nervously. Harry arched an eyebrow. “Mr. Jameson is here, sir.” The boy gestured to the upstairs office, where a dark silhouette could be seen through the window. Harry leaned back in his chair and puffed on his cigarette, eyes dark as he waved the boy off. Jameson would be furious at how the night turned out, Harry knew, and he’d want an explanation for his dead dealer in the dance floor. Deciding to bite the bullet, Harry rolled up his sleeves and walked up the stairs. A slender man stood in the room, his back facing Harry as he entered the room. The tension in the air was tangible as the door clicked quietly shut.

“Tell me, Styles,” Jameson began, angling his head so he could see Harry out of the corner of his eye. Harry lifted his chin, jaw clenching as he prepared for whatever Jameson would dole out as punishment. “Tell me why in the ruddy hell you decided to put a bullet through Thomas Linsey’s brain without considering the fact that he was your partner? Without thinking about what problems could now arise because he was a rat, a rat that had value among our rivals, a rat that now will have men coming to avenge him. What the fuck were you thinking?” Harry swallowed thickly. He’d only thought of the consequences once he had tucked the girl safely into her bed, and by then he was sure word would have gotten around that it was him, not Trevors, that killed Thomas.

“Was I supposed t’ allow a man who has sabotaged m’shipments to live? Jameson, tha’ bastard has been sending our information down th’ bloody street fo’ God knows how lon’, and yeh worried abou’ a few self-righteous pricks who get it in their mind tha’ they’ll can get t’ us?” Crossing his arms over his broad chest, Harry bravely met the other man’s glare. He wouldn’t back down, not after tonight. Harry had allowed his men to stand down one too many times, and that led to having to shoot down one of his oldest allies in America. Jameson scoffed, a malicious smile pulling at one side of his mouth.

“You think this is about being scared? Are you out of your damn mind? Styles, you may run one of the largest alcohol smuggling schemes in the United States, but don’t you dare forget who makes it so no coppers come snooping around? Who gave you the money to start this little business? You forget, Styles,” Jameson spat Harry’s name like it was a bitter, vile thing, “that I am the boss. I am the alpha here. You are nothing more than a junkyard dog, waiting for table scraps from your owner. The next time you pull this bullshit, you’ll be the one with a bullet in your head. Now get the fuck out.” Harry curled his hands into tight fists, anger sizzling through his blood. The walls rattled as he stormed from the office, slamming the door shut after himself.

You woke with a start, the sound of gunshots ringing through your ears once again. Sweat dampened your forehead and the slope of your neck, your breathing harsh as you tried to erase the picture of splattered blood and Trevors’ lifeless eyes staring at you. You hadn’t heard or seen anything of Harry Styles in two weeks, and you were grateful. You doubted you’d be able to stomach seeing him again. Since the club incident, you’d stayed huddled in your apartment, fear inching through you at even the slamming of your neighbor’s door. But, you couldn’t get the memory of Harry gently tucking you into your bed out of your mind. Both times you’d been together, he’d only been rough and unwavering in his cold demeanor, but after shooting down his partner in cold blood, Harry had only been soft touches and careful sweeps of his handkerchief under your eyes to wipe away your tears.

You’d not told any of your friends about your experience with Harry, although it was more than obvious that something had happened. You’d since denied any offer to go out, any offer to even stay in and just have some company. Which was why Roxie was at your door well after dinner time, begging you to come out.
“Oh, c’mon, sugar! One more night of dancin’, it’ll be fun!” Roxie was trailing you around your apartment, a glittery silver dress clutched in her hand. She was already dressed in a fringed red dress and strap heels, hair curled to perfection.

“No, Rox, I don’t feel like it. Just…ask Velma to go instead, she’s always up for a laugh.” You shrugged, knowing you were more than likely not going to win the fight when Roxie rolled her eyes and shoved the dress into your arms.
“I don’t wanna go with Velma, I wanna go with you! C’mon, I promise after this, I won’t ask you t’ go anywhere else!” Roxie looked as though her life depended on you going out. You swallowed.
“We go for two hours. Then I’m done.” A squeal left her rose-painted lips, and she grinned happily as she ushered you to the bedroom.
“Go get ready! We leave in twenty!”

You were an idiot. A complete, total idiot. Why wouldn’t you have asked which club you were going to? As the cab pulled up to the curb, you felt dread drop into your stomach like a lead balloon. Your head starting shaking and you shrank back against the door.
“Roxie…no. No, I want to go home,” you blurted, grabbing her wrist. She let out a half laugh, rolling her eyes. You were being pulled from the cab before you can blink.
“You said two hours, I want my two hours!” You stumbled in your heels as she dragged you through the doors of Harry’s speakeasy. It was crowded as ever, couples falling over each other as illegal alcohol flooded their systems. No sign of the club’s stone-faced owner.

Roxie pushed her way to the bar and ordered two martinis, adding a sweet smile and fluttering lashes in flirtation to the bartender. Before anything could be said, you tossed back half of the drink. Roxie let out a loud laugh.
“Someone’s eager.” You grimaced and looked over the room again; still no whisper of Harry’s presence. “So, who shall I try for tonight; tall, blonde, and doe-eyed, or ‘My-Daddy’s-Money-Still-Pays-My-Bills?” Your friend was completely unaware of your inner turmoil. The first half an hour of your time at the club was spent faking smiles and downing whatever drinks you could get your hands on. You’d need all the alcohol you could get to get out of this club without breaking down.

The barstool you occupied was settled off to the far side of the bar, somewhat in the shadows to avoid being asked to dance. You watched Roxie go from partner to partner, her cheeks flushed and eyes bright as men fawned over her. Suddenly, heat washed across your back and the soft material of an expensive suit brushed your exposed skin. Warm breath puffed over your ear, and goosebumps prickled at your arms. You knew that cologne.
“Was wonderin’ when yeh’d come back. ‘Ve missed tha’ pretty face, pet,” Harry murmured in your ear, large hand resting on your elbow. You seemed to sober up quick.

“Go away, Harry. I don’t want to see you. Not after…what happened.” Harry stiffened behind you. You waited for him to snap at you, to snarl some insult your way. But he only took in a deep breath and lowered his lips to your ear once more.
“Come up t’ m’office, darling, let’s have a chat.” Fear iced over your body, but you found yourself following his guiding hands off your seat and up to his office. The music became muffled when the office door shut behind Harry, leaving you alone with no way out. “Now angel,” Harry began, ushering you to sit in the chair in front of his desk. His fingers dig pleasantly into your shoulders, working at the knots there. “Yeh were safe t’ whole time. Wouldn’t let somethin’ happen t’ such a pretty thin’, would I? No, love, I wouldn’t. Yeh far too good at takin’ cock.” You jerked away from his touch.

“How dare you?” You spat, glaring up at him. A cool, smug smirk tugged at one side of Harry’s lips, his eyes amused. “You dragged me to a party, had your way with me in a bathroom, and you were going to let someone kill me. And now, here you are, telling me you wouldn’t let anything happen to me, not because I’m a human being, not because I’m innocent, but because I’m good at taking fuckin’ cock. You’re disgusting, Styles.” Harry’s eyes flashed in the low light. He caught your arm as you stormed past him, and then you were hauled around the desk. Now you were face to face again, his jade eyes inches from yours. His mouth twitched with annoyance, but his calm façade didn’t waver.

“Yeh best watch tha’ mouth o’ yours, sweetheart, or I’ll show yeh just how daring I am. Now sit down, keep those lips shut, and listen t’ me.” You held his gaze for a few more moments before slowly sinking down into the chair. Harry blew out a breath throw his nose. “Good girl. I wasn’ gonna let anythin’ happen t’ yeh, a’right? I had a plan.” Harry pulled a bottle of liquor from his desk drawer, a glass tumbler with it. He was quiet as he poured half a glass. “Trevors wasn’t good with surprise. Obviously, tha’s why he’s got a bullet in his head. Th’ only way to surprise him was t’ brush yeh off, tell him I didn’t care wha’ happened t’ yeh. And it’s true tha’ the main reason fo’ me savin’ yeh is because you’re pretty, an’ a good time. At least yeh still alive.” Harry took a sip of his drink, sliding off his suit jacket and grabbing a pack of cigarettes out of his pocket.

“Thomas was a pest. He was th’ reason for m’shipments bein’ sacked, th’ reason yeh had a gun t’ yeh temple in th’ first place. So I killed ‘im, and now two of m’ biggest problems are dead. Now I only have one mo’ problem.” The end of the cigarette burned softly as Harry took a long drag of it. You shifted as he leaned on the edge of the desk beside you. There was something wicked going on in that mind of his, and you weren’t sure you wanted to know what. “Yeh know th’ name Amos Turner?” Your confusion was obvious, and Harry puffed on his cigarette quietly for a moment, his brow raised in silent question.

“Yes, I know him. We were neighbors when we were kids. Why?” Harry nodded, lips curling prettily around the end of his smoke.
“I need some information he can give me abou’ a trade deal. Can’t exactly meet with ‘im m’self, not too safe fo’ old Amos, yeah? So, I found a common denominator when I was askin’ around abou’ him. You.” He leaned forward, waving his hand around as he went on. “Just need yeh t’ pass on whatever details he tells yeh t’ me, and I’ll pay yeh good fo’ it. Pay yeh, and, should yeh ever get lonely, I’ll be here.” His left eye batted down in wink. You felt your cheeks tinge pink, flashes of his hot skin pressed against yours going through your mind.

“How do I know it’s safe for me? If it’s not safe for Amos to talk to you, surely it isn’t safe for me…” Your fingers played with the finger of your dress, well aware of Harry’s leg brushing yours. Harry shook his head, rolling his eyes.
“‘Ve got yeh taken care of, sugar. Trust me.” Silence consumed the room for a minute while you mulled over the idea. Harry watched you like a hawk, unmoving.
“How good of a pay are we talking?” You said, taking the glass tumbler out of Harry’s hand. He smirked in response, letting you take a sip before pulling the cigarette from his lips and easing it into yours. You blinked at him as you took in a drag, head tilting to look up at him. His fingers brushed over your cheek, dimples showing briefly as he responded,
“Tha’s m’girl.”

Coffee Break

Words: 695
Bruce Wayne X Reader (Male or Female)
Prompt:  “
We work really late together and you’ve memorized how I take my coffee AU” Prompt Credit goes to @dances-with-snowflakes & @dailyau

[Is it just me or is does Batfleck look totally confused in every screencap from Batman V Superman?? Don’t get me wrong he is one of my favorite Batmen.]

You cracked your neck to the left and then to the right. You stifled a yawn and stretched your hands high above your head. You rolled your shoulders. It felt like every part of your body had gone stiff. Not that you blamed your muscles and joints. You’d been sitting in your office chair for hours. It was well past ten o’clock at night and you still had a lot of work to do.

You looked around the empty conference room. Almost everyone else had gone home when the office officially closed. Only you and your boss, Bruce Wayne, had stayed to finish the project. You rubbed your eyes which had grown sore from staring at your computer screen for so long. You blinked a few times and waited for your eyes to adjust.

“Coffee?” You looked up to see your boss holding a mug out to you. “I have a machine in my office. French Vanilla with a dash of cream, right?”

“Uh yeah.” You reached out and accepted the mug. “How did you know?”

“You get stuck working late with me three times a week minimum. I was bound to learn something about you, [Y/N].” He smirked at you as he placed his own mug down on the conference table. You watched him slide into the seat next to you from over the brim of your mug. He moved smoothly, everything he did was done deliberately and with no mistake.  

“Thank you, Mr. Wayne. It’s delicious.” You held the warm mug in one hand and turned your attention back to your work.

“You know, you’re the only the only person around here who calls me Mr. Wayne. Why is that?”

“I don’t know.” You shrugged. “You’re my boss. It doesn’t seem right going around calling you Br-ews.” It felt awkward and uncomfortable saying his first name out loud. Instead of mocking you, he just smirked.

“But I call you, [Y/N]. Would you prefer I use, [Ms./Mr.] [Y/L/N]?” He waited for your answer.

“No. My first name is fine. Uh, better even.” You blinked, taken back by his sudden interest in you. Most of the time your conversations strictly pertained to work. The offers of fresh coffee and socializing were new territory.

“Then I insist you call me Bruce. It’s only fair.” He offered you a smile before checking his phone. “I didn’t realize it was so late. You must have somewhere else you else you need to be, home to a boyfriend or girlfriend perhaps?” He scratched the back of his neck not-so-subtlety.

“Mr. Wayne…”

“Bruce,” he corrected.

“Bruce,” You rolled your eyes. “I appreciated the effort you’re making, really I do. You don’t have to. I didn’t get a job at Wayne Enterprises because it’s employees are well known for their social graces. I wanted a job here because the people who work here are the best at what they do. You don’t get to be the best by worrying if you’re home in time for your boyfriend.”

“That’s a valid point. My apologies, I was not trying to insult you or in any way insinuate that you needed a relationship. You know, the more I talk, the further I jam my foot in my mouth. Let me start over. [Y/N], you are a valued employee here at Wayne Enterprises and I would be honored if these two of us could work together on a first name basis.” He smiled and offered you his hand. You smirked.

“It would be my pleasure, Bruce.” You gave his hand a brief shake, before looking down at your watch. “It’s getting pretty late. What do you say we call it a night and try and find a fast food place that’s still open?” Bruce leaned back in his chair and looked at you with uncertainty. He was clearly trying to keep the moment from turning awkward again.

“I’d ask you out to a real dinner, but I doubt anywhere respectable is open this late at night.” You clarified.

“If things go well, we could always have a respectable breakfast to look forward to.” He winked at you and closed his laptop with a flirtatious smile.

Baby Genius

Anonymous: Hey can you do an imagine with Spencer x Reader where y/n is part of the BAU with three PhDs in psychology, sociology and anthropology- and is married to Spencer but is on maternity leave but gets a call from Penelope to come in to keep her company as it’s a tough case, so y/n brings along baby Alexander and afterwards when the team comes back, Boy Genius is reunited with his Girl Genius & Baby Genius

Originally posted by toyboxboy

The night sky twinkled, scattered in illuminating stars as she pulling up outside the familiar building. The biting wind whispered through the crack in her car window, speaking to Y/N while she leaned over to the passenger seat, carefully lifting Alexander from his baby seat.

As she made her way into the tall building she was quickly greeted by Penelope, whose eyes shone at the sight of her godson.

“Oh my goodness! I knew baby genius would make everything feel better.” She squealed, extending her arms to cuddle the fragile bundle of joy.

“Nice to see you too,” Y/N joked as she handed Alex over to Penelope while they made their way to the elevator and through to Penelope’s brightly coloured office. When Y/N entered her office she was met by numerous baby toys and play mats scattered across the floor.

“Wow, Pen! I hope you realise he isn’t even 2 months old yet,” Y/N grinned, inspecting the large smile on Penelope’s face as she cuddled Alexander.

“That doesn’t stop me from having fun,” Penelope joked, her glowing eyes fixated on the small baby. Y/N smiled sweetly, inching towards the joyful pair. Her slender fingers gently stroked his, already, curly hair while Penelope kissed his tiny fingers.

“How can something so small make me so happy,” Penelope gushed, sitting in her office chair as he fingers danced across Alexander’s.

“I have no idea, I still can’t wrap my head around it.” Y/N replied, perching against Penelope’s desk. Penelope smiled, glancing up at Y/N with radiant eyes.

“How’s Spencer?” She asked, inspecting Y/N’s wide eyes as they lit up at the sound of his name.

“He’s perfect with him, I’ve never seen him so content. He can’t wait until he can show Alex magic tricks but for now he reads him a lot of quantum physics to get him to sleep.” Y/N laughed but her heart fluttering at the thought of her boy genius.

“Quantum physics? No wonder the little man goes to sleep.” The two giggled, beaming at the blissful boy.

“When are they getting home?” Y/N questioned, cradling her baby boy with on arm while warming her other hand on the coffee mug in front of her.

“I don’t know,” Spencer mumbled, a smile possessing his buoyant face. In response, Y/N grinned widely, placing her coffee down and turning to face the doctor. As the two hugged, exchanging subtle kisses, the rest of the team shadowed Spencer, eye’s glistening at the young boy. Spencer gently took Alexander from his wife, stroking his cheeks as Alexander’s face shone at the sight of Spencer.

“Come on, pretty boy. When’s it my turn?” Derek jested, raising his eyebrows at the doctor. While the team took it in turns to embrace the baby genius, Spencer’s finger interlocked with Y/N’s as he kissed her forehead gently. Eventually, Alexander was returned to Spencer who held his son close to his chest.

“Let’s get you home, Al.”


Hide & Seek (Oswald Cobblepot x Reader) - Smut

Summary: You and Oswald have been trying to get pregnant for a year without success. So, you`re playing a playful game of hide and seek to spice things up. 

Requested by @house-of-penguin

A/N: Can be read as a one shot or as a sequel to Desolation of Hope

Tags: @oswald-cobblepot-is-my-addiction @aya-fay @midnightschemesanddreams @cnygma @amandajuly81 @queencobblefreezestuff @cartoonobsessionsyndrome @ellayf-of-ravenclaw @socktrollqueen @sir-creepy @theamazing-bouncingferret

Warnings: Explicit Language, Explicit Sexual Content, Rough Sex, Spanking, Breeding-Kink. 

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Sing to Me

This was just in my mind so I wrote it.  Short and not edited but thinking of Oliver seeing Felicity sing.

Oliver Queen was in a hell of his own making.  He had to keep his distance from his executive assistant and IT girl, Felicity Smoak, for her own safety and well-being but he wanted her so badly.  Every day he came into the office and she was at her desk with her short dresses with high heels that showed off those perfect legs, the cutouts that showed the skin he wanted to be able to touch and the lips stained with red that were begging to be kissed was another day of torture.  Nights were no better.  The nights she came directly from work, she was wearing the same outfit that made him crazy during the day.  Even the nights she stopped home to change she looked so sexy that it was almost worse.  Tonight he was sharper to the team than normal.  The day was filled with meetings and more meetings.  Felicity sat in on those meetings as his EA.  When he walked into the office and saw her in that red dress with the cutout showing just the beginnings of her breasts with her hair down curled and those 5-inch heels, he wanted to turn right around and walk back out again.  It was not bad enough that he had to sit right next to her looking at her slim body in that dress but she was so close he could smell the floral perfume smell that he associated with her.  That was nothing compared to the play he watched as the new board member, who was his age, saw Felicity.  From that moment until the end of the meeting, Andy Cummings was on a mission.  The mission was called get Felicity to go out with me and provide her phone number.  That was Oliver’s name for it, anyway.  By the end of the meeting, he wanted to arrow Andy and hide Felicity in his bedroom where no other man could see her.  Instead, he had to stand by while Andy finally managed to get Felicity to give him her phone number for some asinine reason that made no sense at all.  So tonight he was mad.  Mad at Andy for having the courage to do what Oliver couldn’t, mad at that red dress for making her even more desirable than normal, mad at Felicity for making him want her and mad at himself for not being in control.  

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Barcelona Crush *Rafinha Alcantara X Denis Suarez X Sergi Samper x Andre Gomes imagine* 

==============================================================~1 Week Agob

“Boys gather round” Ernesto said 

I stood there and watched as they all gathered around us, it was kind of creepy really. Especially since they were all just staring at me, once they had all gathered Ernesto cleared his throat to silence them. “Alright listen up, this is our new Assistant Coach Prentice, Y/N “ He introduced, “I don’t want you all to be on top of her and constantly asking questions okay. Her office will be opened but only for emergencies, also get to know her without bugging her” 

The guys chuckled, “Yes sir”

Ernesto turned to look at me, “Anything you want them to know?” He asked me

I shook  my head, “I’m good” I said smiling

“Then we’re great, I’ll show you to your office” He said

I nodded and we made our way towards my office, when I got there he explained some of the paper work on the desk and what I’d be doing the rest of the upcoming weeks.


Sitting in my office, I sighed as I’d gotten done with half of the pile. “Knock, knock” 

I looked up smiling, “Hey guys” I said as Denis, Rafinha, Sergi and Andre walked in

They smiled taking spots around the room, “So whatcha up to?” Rafinha asked sitting down on the chair

“Just finishing up the last of my work” 

Andre nodded, “So Y/N what can we do to get to know our new coach” He asked

I chuckled, “Assistant” I said

Rolling his eyes Andre sat on the edge of my desk, “So what can we do?” He questioned

I sat back in my chair, “How about going to lunch? Or drinks it’s the only way to get people really talking” Denis said

I raised an eyebrow, “I don’t even think drinks is something you four or myself are able to indulge on”I said chuckling

“Ah so dancing? A party?” Sergi questioned

Rafinha jumped up from his seat, “That’s it a party! We’re throwing a party tonight at my house” Rafinha said smiling

They didn’t give me a chance to answer them before they gathered once more speaking and then making there way out of the office. I chuckled, “Okay then”


Arriving to the party the music could be heard blasting from outside, and I was kind of nervous to go inside. I mean it’s weird to say especially because I love parties , but I felt really nervous. 

I didn’t even get a chance to open the door before it was opened from the other side, “Y/N!” Denis said a smile on his face

I chuckled giving him a hug, “Hey Denis, I could see everyone’s having fun already” I said entering

He chuckled, “Yeah c’mon I’ll lead you over to the guys” He said

I nodded and followed behind him, when they saw me they all waved. “Y/N!” They shouted

I smiled giving them hugs, “I guess they were right” I said look around

Andre looked confused, “Who’s they? And what were they right about?” He asked over the music

“They is the people and they were right that nothing beats an FC Barcelona party” I said 

Rafinha smiled, “Thank you, thank you I know I’m the best” 

We all laughed and continued talking, “Hey I’m gonna go get a drink” I said excusing myself

Heading into the kitchen I grabbed a drink and was making my way back to the table but stopped when I heard their conversation, “C’mon man when are you gonna tell her?” Denis asked

The other three rolled their eyes, “We don’t have to necessarily say something” 

“Yeah so what if I don’t want her to know” He said

Denis shook his head, “You gotta let her know man what if she has to switch jobs?” 

He chuckled, “I’m not as confident as you are Denis, I can’t just go right to her face and say ‘Hey Y/N I think you’re cute and I’d like to go on a date with you’ “

“Dude” Rafinha said as he stared at me, “What man” 


Fuck off//Ike Evans

@clinicalkayla @totalfanfreak

27: “Oh, fuck off.” 

Info: Y/N teases Ike about how she used to be a cabaret dancer and how she used to have men on her all the time. Ike doesn’t like her past, as she is married to him now and Ike has to ignore her.

Warnings: swearing, mild smut

Originally posted by may85

“Don’t you remember?” Y/N said walking towards Ike in his office.

“Remember what?” Ike asked drowsily and almost irritated.

“Remember when you had to fight the other guys for my attention? Remember when I danced every week for hundreds of guys? I never had trouble with getting attention then, now look at me” She said with a pout and sat in a chair across from her husband “Just some house wife who sits around in her room taking our daughter out every now and then”

“Y/N, don’t you do that. I’ve got a lot of shit goin on, you can’t blame me. You married me and you married the business”

“I could be having sex right now in the Havana! Men fell at a snap of my fingers, then” She said a little too loud, throwing her head back as well as her arms.

It was quiet for a while before she felt a warm presence in front of her. She sat up and was touching noses with Ike. He straddled her, his hand had a rough grip on her jaw.

“You are mine now, the only person who fucks you good is me. I don’t need to hear about those pervs who used to do you for nothing, I make love and that beats a drunk fuck any night. You give me fifteen minutes, I’ll be upstairs and I’ll make you forget about any of those guys from Havana, got it?”

“Eh, I’m a little sleepy” She fake yawned.

“Oh, fuck off” Ike mumbled letting her go.

Y/N stood up to leave but stopped at the door.

“I’ll be waiting”

Part Four: Home Sweet Home. (Pilot S01E01)

Prologue | Part One | Part Two | Part Three ]

A/N: This is the last part! I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did writing this. And I really want to hear from you guys to see how you liked it or even if you have suggestions! But that’s about it from me. The next episode should be out soon!

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EXO reacts to; your colleague badmouthing them to you after you reject them. Jongdae, Chanyeol, Kyungsoo & Jongin.

I hope you don’t mind that I changed a few little details of your request, I hope you still like it!

(I don’t own any gifs)



Jongdae pouted, poking at his cereal with disdain as he watched you rush out the front door. You’d been distant with him since you’d gotten in from work last night. He’d tried to get you to open up by enveloping you in his playful skinship, snuggling into you as you got ready for bed, poking at your cheeks to get you to smile, but to no avail. You’d gone to bed with as little as bidding a quiet ‘goodnight’ and been practically silent ever since. He stared at the front door for a moment, plotting. He ate the last mouthful of the soggy cardboard-like flakes and haphazardly tossed the bowl in the sink, making his way to the shower.

After cleaning up himself and the apartment he grabbed his keys and made his way to your workplace. Finally arriving he bowed a greeting at the receptionist, asking if you were on break yet; she told him to head straight down the hall and that you’d probably be free soon. He followed her instruction and made his way to your shared office. He frowned at the scene playing out in front of him through the window in the door. Your colleague was looming over you as you sat typing at your desk. Jongdae grimaced at what he knew was about to happen, noticing your telltale signs that you were about to explode with rage. He’d seen you clench your jaw like that, your eyes cold and staring straight ahead- but only when he’d pushed you to your breaking point. He almost felt sorry for the poor, unknowing bloke. As expect, you push your chair back, standing up and shoved the guys chest hard.

“You don’t know ANYTHING about him, Ju Shing. NOTHING. He’s better than you tenfold. If you EVER try that line on me, or anything like that any, I’m reporting you.” You screamed in his face.

“Oh babe, you know I like it when you’re feisty.”

Jongdae grits his teeth as he hears this and slams open the door; though it seems the action wasn’t needed. As the door crashes against the wall, the sound mixes in the air with the satisfying crack of your hand colliding with your colleagues jaw. Jongdae’s eyes widen and he covers his gaping mouth with his hands. You don’t spare either of them a side glance as you grab Jongdae’s sleeve and drag him out of your office. Once you get to his car in the car park under your office building, Jongdae grabs your hands, excitedly bouncing up and down in his seat,



Chanyeol sat patiently in the reception of your workplace, waving to you occasionally through the room length window that separated the reception and office off- as you took an important phone call. He knows how important your position is at work so he behaves himself and uses this time to jot down a few ideas for new songs in a notebook resting on his lap. He crosses his legs and twirls his pens thoughtfully through a loose curl of his hair, glancing up every few minutes through his glasses, checking up on you. He catches your eye, seeing your forlorn expression and sends you a sympathetic smile, waving again. You catch his smile and carry on with your call, your impatience with the CEO on the other end growing by the second.

After answering all of his repetitive questions, he hung up in a huff, leaving you rolling your eyes as you put the phone down. You let out a defeated groan and rest your forehead on your desk. You hear shuffling as Chanyeol approaches you and rubs your back comfortingly.

“C'mon, Jagiya, I’ll take you out for lunch. Forget about work for a while.”

You stretch as you sit up, leaning into Chanyeol’s arms behind you. You tilt your head back, feeling your head touch his abdomen.

“That sounds like a great idea.” You smile graciously up at him. Chanyeol takes your face in his hands, leaning over you and kisses your upside-down lips quickly. Hearing a scoff you both pull away as your bitter looking colleague approaches you.

“You aren’t seriously dating him, are you? Your parents must be so disappointed. Don’t you think he’s a bit below your status?”

You glower at him from your seat, you go to stand up, pushing up against Chanyeol’s arms that had placed themselves on your shoulders, bracing you down gently. He calmly looks at your colleague and speaks steadily and confidently.

“I don’t think you have any right to comment on our relationship, thank you very much. I know Y/N has worked hard to get to her position in this company, and I have put just as much effort in my own profession. We work well together and make each other happy. She is mine, and I am hers. So don’t even think about touching her. Let’s go, Jagi.”

He takes your hand, kissing it as you stand, and you both walk out; trying to conceal your smirk as you see your colleague standing dumbfounded, and grin at the receptionist, grinning at you both, whooping and clapping as you leave.

D.O. -

Click, click, click…. giggling. Click, click… click click… giggling. Kyungsoo visiting your workplace reminded you way too much of when your colleagues brought their kids to work. He’d come to pick you up after work so you could go walk in the park for a little while, but you had some paperwork to finish off- so you sat him down in front of the free computer opposite you. You’re not too sure what he’s up to, but the incessant clicking and giggling couldn’t mean anything good. Every now and then, you’d look up from your screen to see him peeking up at your from over his screen too, winking at you and wiggling his eyebrows. You’d let a chuckle escape your mouth and you saw the grin reach his eyes- it made your heart melt. You had to shake off the feeling and return back to your paperwork, but damn; his eyes were ingrained in your brain.  He giggled at your reaction and seemed enthralled in whatever he was doing.

Little to your knowledge, Kyungsoo wasn’t doing anything in particular. He was playing with you. He’d seen how bored you were doing your paperwork and was trying to make things interesting for you- even if that did mean irritating you a little. He opened up Solitaire and kept clicking and moving cards, not really paying attention, just watching the way you cricked your neck with every click. He giggled again, deciding to let you finish your work, he opened up his emails and started messaging Suho about their next dance rehearsal.

A few minutes later, he hears you gasp, and shout,

“How fucking DARE you.”

-followed by a loud thud of a body hitting the floor. Kyungsoo looks up in a daze and you stand over a man on the floor, you glaring down at him and almost hissing as you talk down at him.

“The only man under my station right now, is YOU.”

You step over him and take Kyungsoo’s hand, pulling him out of his chair leaving him reeling as you leave the office.

“Wh-What’s going on? What just happened?” You shush a reply and stroke his hand with your thumb.

“I’ll tell you when we’re at home.” He didn’t need to know you’d learnt wushu from Zitao. Not just yet anyway…


Jongin draped himself lazily over the armchair in the staff room where you worked. He’d come to pick you up after work so you could go watch a movie and get some dinner. He didn’t realise, however, how late you would be. You were crossing the room back and forth putting files away in different cabinets for your PA to find whilst you took off from work; only she’d disappeared to get coffee and now you were finding yourself finishing the work she was meant to be doing. Jongin rolled eyes and looked at you incredulously.

“Jagiya, stop pacing so much, you’re making me dizzy. Let Miomi do that, that’s what PA’s are for.”

You stop mid-step, snapping out of your organising daze and turn your gaze onto him. He raises his eyebrows at you and the corner of his mouth turns up. You find yourself wandering over to him as he reaches out for you. You stand in front of him as he rests his hands on your hips. You tangle your fingers in his hair and ruffle his locks playfully. He scrunches his nose up and shakes his head.

“I’ll only be a few more minutes, I promise.” Jongin sighs, tilting his head up at you gesturing for you to go back to your pacing.

Before you could move, you hear tsk-ing coming from the doorway. You look over your shoulder to see your colleague shaking his head at you and move towards the staff coffee machine. You were still pissed at him for hitting on your earlier this morning, and now he has the nerve to look down on you? You scowl and turn your body around to face him.

“Got a problem?” You ask, sourly. Your colleague moves around the coffee making utensils and clicks the button on the machine. It hisses and lets out steam as the boiling water leaks out into the cup. His eyes land on Jongin with a disgusted expression and then flick back to you.

“This is the guy you turned me down for? How much does he earn a year? Hardly going to last, is it?”

The room is still for a moment as you stare at your colleague with cold, dead eyes, the only sound in the room coming from the coffee machine finishing its cycle. Jongin looks from you to your colleague, anticipating your reaction. 'Uh oh…’ he thinks to himself, watching as your knuckles turn white from the fists that are forming at your sides. 'Now you’ve really let out the beast.’ hurhur. He winces as you charge forward, grab the cup from the machine and pour its contents on the guys crotch, watching him fall to the floor, clutching at his manhood.

“Let’s see how long your dick is gonna last in hot coffee.” You spit at him and you storm out the room. Jongin smirks, grabbing a few paper towels from the pile next to the machine and throwing them in your colleagues direction, following you out the room, smirking and gesturing behind him.



Aah, I swear these keep getting longer, I don’t know if you guys mind or not? Anyway, requests are still open, you know the drill! If you want long scenario/requests then choose 4 members, if you want shorter reactions with all 12 members, write the request and put a * alongside it! 

It’s nearly 5 am now and I’ve been writing this for 3 hours now, so I’m going to bed now! Goodnight my sweeties! Enjoy reading! <3

Admin Mimi

As much as I love the idea of Sherlock and Molly having a big fancy wedding with hundreds of guests and a honeymoon on a private island that Sherlock was given as payment for a case, I also can’t imagine either of them wanting that kind of attention on them all day. My alternate idea for their wedding is when they’ve been together for a few years - Molly is 6 months pregnant when Sherlock puts his newspaper down and asks if she wants to get married. Out of the blue, but it’s not like they’re not ready to commit to each other. 

The main problem is that it’s a week before Christmas, and they won’t have the time to plan a wedding when the baby arrives… so they hatch a plan. They invite their family and closest friends - 15 people in total - to Baker Street on Christmas eve, with a dress code of ‘semi-formal’. The women are sent to the living room of 221B, while the men meet Sherlock in Mrs Hudson’s flat, and it soon becomes clear that it’s not a normal Christmas party. After the situation is explained, there’s a rush to get Molly’s hair done and her dress on, while Sherlock gets the generic ‘how to be a good husband’ speech from his father, John, Greg, Mycroft, and Molly’s younger brother. Mycroft calls in a favour and the groomsmen make their way to the nearest registry office in a fleet of black cars, followed by the bridal party. 

After the ceremony, they all go back to Baker Street, where Mrs Hudson and Mrs Holmes put on a slapdash wedding breakfast - including a Christmas pudding that Sherlock and Molly burn the brandy off (using a blowtorch) to a round of applause from their guests. The wedding party lasts until 9pm, when Sherlock’s parents kiss him and Molly goodbye for the 5th time, drag Mycroft from the chair he’s dozing in, and leave the newlyweds alone to celebrate with their first dance.

anonymous asked:

I really liked the last scenario about s/o wearing dazai's clothes and was wondering if you could do the opposite. Sons/o comes home and sees Dazai snuggling their clothes or something.

Ahh, thank you! I liked the idea for that scenario omg it was so cute and so is this! I’ve got my vanilla birthday cake scented candle going in the background and I’m ready to write some sickeningly sweet fluff *cracks knuckles* 

P.S. for anyone who hasn’t read the last one and wants to, it’s here!

  October is a fair month for the most part- not too hot and not too cold. The trees are at one of their prettiest stages, and the crisp breeze in the air is like a refreshing reminder that life continues to hold beauty no matter the season. It was perfect walking weather, and who were you to not take advantage of it? Your lungs and legs would surely thank you; so much time hanging around the smog of the heart of the city and staying planted in an office chair all day at work were starting to get to you. You needed this, this self-healing moment of refreshment, even if it meant getting home late because you took the long way to admire the changing trees. Oh, how the oranges and golds danced in the violet sky when you looked up- it was pure magic. It was worth the extra time.

Inhaling scents of blooming chrysanthemums and fallen leaves, you heave a relaxed sigh. The repetitive sound of the crunching leaves beneath your sneakers was almost hypnotic, lulling you into a quiet trance. The crisp breeze tousles your hair ever so gently, making you wonder what on earth could possibly be better than this. But you know, you know in an instant exactly what’s missing from this near-perfect equation. It’s none other than the one you love. Yes, surely if he were here with you right now, this would make the most romantic evening walk ever. Your thoughts shifted to him- wondering what he was up to, how his day was, how you couldn’t wait to see him. You didn’t realize how truly mesmerized and lost in your head you were until the buzzing of your phone almost sent you jumping 30 feet into the air.

Taking a moment to collect yourself, you take a deep breath, cursing the noise for frightening you as you take the phone from your back pocket. When you flick the screen on, you’re greeted with an almost eerily relevant message.

Dazai: Hello, darling! Did you have to stay late for work? Are you alright? You’re not in any trouble are you? If you need me, I can be at your side in a heartbeat! ~ (ง •̀_•́)ง

You let out a little chuckle to yourself, shaking your head at your boyfriend’s silly yet protective nature. You could feel your cheeks turning the same shade as the evening sky at the gesture. It was cute and made your soul feel warm, way he worried about you. Feeling slightly guilty about making him worry, you tap out a quick response to his message.

You: Lol, you’re so cute, Osamu~ I’m fine, don’t worry! Just took a little detour after work. I’m on my way(^-^)


‘Less than a second? New world record…’

Dazai: Aaaah, I’m so glad you’re alright, my love! (´∀`●) Please hurry home, I can’t stand being away from you! Ah, I want to hug you!!~ (*´∀`*)

The pink hue of your cheeks darkens, and you can’t help smiling as you return your phone to your pocket. That dork was too adorable for his own good, even over text message. Taking one last deep breath, you decide to grant his wish and get home soon, reasoning that a nice brisk jog the rest of the way home through the autumn air was a good idea. You had missed him all day, and if that cheesy little message didn’t make your heart soar even more into thoughts of desire to see him, you didn’t know what would. Feet pounding gently down the leaf-littered trail, your silly little heart seemed to skip a beat every now and then. A smile had seemingly etched itself permanently onto your face as you headed home to your mushy dork.


Quietly, as you wanted to surprise him, you tiptoe through the living room carefully, trying not to be detected in the dim light. Trying to hold back giggles, you make your way slowly into the hallway, nearing the entrance to your bedroom. You stop just outside and peek your head around the corner, not quite expecting the scene waiting around the corner.

There laid Dazai on his side, snuggling up to the large, fluffy blue sweater you usually had hanging off of the back of the reading chair in the corner of the room. He was using it as a pillow, playing absentmindedly with the sleeves with one hand while he flipped through a book with the other. He seemed to be quite comfortable, as you could hear a quiet hum each time he turned the page. You find your cheeks heating up once again at the sight, unable to hold back a few giggles. He was just too cute…

“Ah, (Y/N)-chan! You’re home!”

You had given yourself away, prompting Dazai to close the book he was reading and jump up from the bed, barely allowing you time to step through the doorway as he tackles you in a tight bear hug. Pulling back, he kisses your lips tenderly, looking lovingly into your eyes and tucking a strand of hair behind your ear. “I’m so glad you’re home safe. I was beginning to worry that something had happened…” He speaks in a light but slightly more serious tone of voice, making you feel bad for not shooting him a text that you had made it out of the inner part of the city safely earlier.

“I’m sorry to make you worry, Osamu.” You say quietly, sincere apology apparent in your eyes. “I forgot to send you a message when I left work today. I guess I got too lost in my walk home.”

Dazai’s expression is blank for a second, but quickly softens into a smile. He lifts your chin with his index finger, locking eyes with you. “You don’t need to apologize. It’s okay. You know if you’re ever in real trouble, I’ll be there without a fraction of a doubt.” He tilts his head, a look of pure love crossing his features as he combs his hair gently through the front of your hair. You nod, leaning in to kiss him once more.

“I know. …Oh, by the way, my fearless protector, may I ask what you were doing with my sweater?” You chuckle lightly, playfully ruffling his hair with your fingers. His expression turns to that of puzzlement for a brief moment, only to be replaced by a wide, knowing grin seconds later as he looks over his shoulder.

“Oh, you mean that.” The tall brunet scratches the back of his neck sheepishly as he confesses, his cheeks turning a light pink. “Haha, well you see, I get lonely when you’re not around… So it’s a little nice to snuggle up to something that reminds me of you. Though, I enjoy snuggling with the real thing even more!”

You don’t even have time to think before you’re caught in another hug, this time swept off your feet and set onto the plush duvet of the bed. Dazai playfully tackles you, wrapping his arms around you and promising he wouldn’t let go for anything. That was, until you brought up dinner.

The Office (Taekook Smut)

*I feel like I lost my soul*

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Word Count: 1,309 words

Your schedule was hectic, sometimes you would leave in the early hours of the hours and return late into the next day. It put its strain on your relationship with your boyfriends. They had each other when you were the working but you missed them both.

You sighed, going back to typing the work your boss gave you. This job paid the bills but you just wished you could stay home and be able to see your boys more often. You wanted to be that girlfriend that was able to go to their concerts, bring their lunch and keep them company in the studio.

You wished for that freedom.

“Did you see the two hotties in the office?”

“How could you not, the red haired one was so fine.”

“What about the brown haired cutie? He looks like he needs someone to take care of him.”

“I’ll certainly teach him, that cutie needs a trustworthy tour guide.” You rolled your eyes,  you couldn’t care less about office gossip. You went to the break room, needing a cup of coffee and turned your back.


“I found her, Kookie!” Did you miss them that much? You’re obviously hallucinating because they would-


“Taehyung-What are you two doing here?!”

“Jungkookie and I-”


“Well, I missed you and your job isn’t that far from the house.”

“You two came to my workplace without your masks because you missed me? Aww~” You hugged Tae and pulled in Jungkook. He didn’t protest, hugging you tightly and not letting go after Taehyung did.

“Yah, let go.”

“I thought you didn’t miss me?”

“Maybe I did, maybe I didn’t.”

“If you keep acting like this, you won’t get girls.”

“I got you, didn’t I?”

“Aish.” You hit his arm and he laughed, he was always like this. You grabbed your cup, finally filling it after your little distractions.

“As cute as you two are, just go home.”

“You’re going back to work?”

“Well, yeah-”

“You can’t.”

“Why is that, Jungkook?”

“Hyung broke your vase.”


“Taehyung broke my vase? It’s not the vase that I spent a whole month searching for to put in our living room, not that vase Taehyung?”

“Maybe Jungkook and I-” You were about to take off into a sprint if Jungkook didn’t wrap his arms tightly around you. He lifted you up, you still determined to have one less boyfriend. They both know how much you loved that vase, they saw that little happy dance you did when you found it.

Hell, Taehyung even joined you that day. Jungkook lifted you into your office; you still determined to get to Taehyung until Jungkook sat with you into your chair. Taehyung locked the door and pulled down the blinds. Jungkook had you in his lap and Taehyung smirked, seemingly at Jungkook.

What were they planning?

“Say, Y/N, are the walls soundproof?”


“Are you shy about it, baby? That’s cute.”

“J-Jungkook, you too..”

“Didn’t you miss us, babydoll?” Jungkook nibbled on your ear, his hands kneading your breasts. Taehyung watched you moan softly, your lips forming a deformed ‘o’. He moved over to you two, your hands flew to his zipper.

“Look how eager she is, you were waiting for this, weren’t you? Such a naughty girl.”

“T-Tae. J-Jungkook. I can’t..”

“You’re grinding your dirty hips against me, do you really want us to stop?”

“I-I..N-Not there…” Jungkook popped open your blouse, revealing the cream bra you wore underneath. He pushed you up against your desk, half your body pressed against the cool glass.

He eagerly pulls down your skirt, exposing the rest of your body before Taehyung joins him. Jungkook brashly grabbed your butt while Taehyung teases your clit.


“Are you going to beg for it, baby?”

“I wonder how much she wants it.” Jungkook slapped your ass before sitting you back down. They moved to the couch, making out right in front of you.

Jungkook’s hand pulled Tae’s shirt, bringing their bodies closer and Tae’s hand slipped to Jungkook’s crotch. You heard Jungkook’s groan and he pulled away from Tae’s lips to feast on his neck.

You couldn’t help yourself, your hand slipping between your legs and slowly rubbing circles into your clothed cunt. You watched attentively, continuing to stimulate yourself and you let out little moans. They noticed you quickly, their hungry eyes off each other and now, on you. It was a quick sweep, Taehyung kissing you heatedly while Jungkook toyed with you.

You moaned in Tae’s mouth, reacting to Jungkook slipping his finger into you. Your tongue tangoed with Tae’s, Tae’s tongue exerting dominance. His hand cupped your cheeks, not letting you see Jungkook fingering you. You felt it, the stretching of your walls, his fingers thrusting into you at an unforgiving pace.

Incoherent thoughts take over your mind, letting both boys control you and do as they will. Tae pulled away, letting you see Jungkook gingerly eating you out. The slickness of his tongue against you only made you moan louder and you tug at his hair strands. You looked to Taehyung, seeing the bulge in his pants and your hand strokes him. You unzip his pants, reaching for his cock and pumping him hard. The glorious sounds of Taehyung’s deep groans filled your ears and you could feel yourself becoming wetter.

Jungkook pulled out of you, deliciously licking his lips and grabbing your breasts. He pulled off your bra, attaching his lips to your nipple and Taehyung sucked on your neck profusely. The action of them both was pleasurable, simply told by the way you breathlessly moaned their names. Taehyung shifted your body, putting you on your hands and knees, Jungkook behind you and Tae in front. You instinctively pulled him into your mouth, swirling your warm tongue around his cock.

Jungkook saw it as an opportunity, sliding his cock into you without forewarning.

“So tight.”

“Don’t slow down, baby. Bob your head faster.” You obliged, bobbing your head at a faster pace on Taehyung’s cock. He grained your name, saying every curse word under the sun afterwards and you took a pounding from Jungkook. His hips slammed into yours, the sound of skin slapping loud within the small office. Taehyung pulled away, not wanting you to cum so soon at the pace you were going. You cried out, Jungkook using this sudden burst of energy he got. Half your body are pressed agaisnt the desk, leaving an imprint of your nipples and hands.

“F-Fuck.” He climaxed, stealing you of having your own when he pulled out  of you and Taehyung sat in your chair. You crawled into Tae’s lap, facing him as you sunk your hips down on his cock. He bounced your hips for you, seeing you cry out his name as well, You buried your head into his neck, not wanting anyone to hear how loud you were. Although there should be no doubt that someone had already heard how loud you were previously.

“Don’t hold back for me, Y/N.”


“Louder, babe.”


“Turn on my cock and show Jungkook how much of a slut you are.” You did as he said, facing Jungkook while bouncing your hips. Jungkook made eye contact with you as you only moaned, unable to say anything. Your breasts bounced for hims and Taehyung began sucking on your neck again.


“Do you want to cum?”


“Beg more.”

“P-Please, Tae, p-please let me cum.”

“As you wish.” His thrusts began more sporadic, only consistently hitting deep inside you. You came, unable to contain the sound that escaped your lips. He reached his climax as well, spilling his own condom and you got up. You slipped on your panties and skirt after buttoning up your blouse. You kissed them both, meaning to send them home.

“See you at home, baby.”

Chatper ThirtyFive


6:25am Saturday 10th

The stiffness in my shoulders turned into pins and needles long ago and the blood dripping from the side of my face had turned dry and numb. Slouched back in the chair, I ignored the questioning that Detective Rogers had been delivering for the last 6 hours and instead stared at the mental table in a trance.

I was beyond boiling with anger and I had to use every ounce of self control in me to not lash out on these pigs. The events that occurred hours before replayed in my mind like a broken record, fueling my anger as every second passed in this dirty room. Closing my eyes I took a few deep breathes as Isaiahs screams and Lani’s cries filled my mind. If there was anything I had never wanted my family to see it would have been that moment last night.

Worse of all I couldn’t react. It was bad enough Zay saw me being arrested and I was not about to make him watch me lose myself to my manic episode. Though it was physically and mentally painful to control, I held it down until I was out of the house and thrown in the back of a police van. It was only then, did I let myself go and kick the van doors so hard that it lift big dents on either side.

Hours had now gone past since the arrest and I could slowly feel myself losing my mind. All this was too familiar. The four concrete walls caving me in, the restraints on my arms and the officials barking words that went through one ear and out the other. Memories of the years I spent in the mental institute washed over me and reminded me why this all felt like deja vu. I suddenly felt like that little kid back then, held down in a straitjacket as the doctors tried to pry information from me and beat me senseless. 

So instead I tried to stay sane throughout the night, allowing my mind to drift off to Lani. Images of her smiling, her sleeping, when she has her hair all curly, even images of her when I was buried deep inside of her, filled my thoughts. But after trying to envision her for so long, my mind became hazy and the pictures became blurry. And without feeling close to her, I once again felt my anger rising and this time I was too exhausted to fight it. 

Now the cold metal cuffs, pinched at the skin of my wrists and all I could think about was head butting the detective so hard that he would knock out and shut up, “You’re making this harder for yourself Brown”, Detective Rogers spat out causing me to lift my head and slowly smirk, “Lawyer”, I muttered the first words since being brought in. I knew the sound of me suddenly speaking shocked him but he quickly regained control of his facial expressions.

“You going to need a lot more than a lawyer to get you out of this one buddy, try asking for God next time”, He chuckled at his pathetic excuse of a joke which only made my smirk wider, “I got someone better in mind”, I mumbled under my breath causing him to snap his head over and narrow his eyes, “You say something kid?”, He chuckled causing the smirk to wipe off my face and instead narrow my eyes at him, “I got the devil on ma side bruh. Who you got? Yo fancy badge and a 5 dolla gun that Id remove from you grasp before you had a chance to bat them pretty eyelashes, kid”. 

Knowing what was coming, I braced myself for the blow and seconds later the detective grabbed the back of my head and slammed it down against the the table. Flexing my jaw, I lifted my head off the table and grinned as I ran my tongue across my bottom lip that was now dripping in blood, “Now why would you go and do something stupid like that?”, I questioned him with a raised eyebrow that only seemed to piss him off more.

“You think this is a game mother fucker? A girl is dead and everything points to you, I am going to make sure you never see the outside world again”, He spat out as he sat back down on the other side of the table, desperately trying to make crack. What this pig didnt know was that I had been to the darkest corners of hell and back and I still made it through without so much as flinching. He needed to try a lot harder than a few empty threats and weak punches to have me confessing to some murder.

“Now I am going to ask you one more time, do you recognise this girl?”, He asked in a more calmer voice as he pulled out a A4 sized picture. Looking down at the girl in the photo, I allowed memories of her to fill my mind before looking dead straight at the detective, “Yea, I use to fuck the shit outta her”, I said nonchalantly as I rolled my neck to loosen up the tightness I felt around it and sat back to enjoy this little heart to heart we was having.

Instantly the detective looked over at me with a look of disgust and feeling unappreciated for my honestly I frowned back at him, “Why you looking at me like that cuh? You want the truth and Im givin it to you. I use to blow that bitches back out, always had her begging for more.  Can’t say much about her head game though, shit was kinda a disappointment if we being honest”, I shrugged as his chest heaved in anger. Once again I braced myself for the blow and let out a chuckle as his fist landed in the side of my face sending a jolt through me body. Before I knew it a second punch came and the salty taste of blood filled my mouth, only causing me to grin wider. 

“That all you got big boy, keep em coming nigga cause I can sit here all day”, I laughed as I fueled his anger more, loving that it was so easy to get him worked up. The sound of his chair scraping against the concrete floor filled the room and seconds later he was charging around the metal table ready to lay into me. Waiting for the perfect moment, I released my hand from the cuff that I had unpicked half an hour ago and brought it up to catch his wrist.

Staring down at me with wide eyes, I squeezed his wrist so hard that he crumbled to his knees in pain. Making sure I left enough damage so that he wouldnt be about to use that hand for a while, I bent it back until I heard a little crack. The detective tilted his head back and yelled out in pain as he tried to use his other hand to pry me off. Seconds later the door to the interrogation room that I was currently in, burst open and three armed officers rushed in. Letting go of the detectives wrist, I slumped back in my chair calmly and held my arms up behind my head as a smirk graced my lips.

“I would watch it the next time you thinking about raising your hand on me bruh”, I said calmly as one of the officers helped the detective up while the other two came behind me and re cuffed my hands, only this time using a zip lock, “How the hell did he get out of his cuffs!?”, Detective Rodgers yelled as the officers helped walk him out of the room while he cradled his broken wrist.

“It gonna take a lot more than handcuffs to hold me down nigga! Lemme catch yo bitch ass in the street”, I laughed as Remy walked in the room followed by Mark who was the head of my legal team. Behind Mark walked in another man who I had yet to meet, “Jesus Tyson, really?”, Remy sighed as he looked over at me while shaking his head, “He started it”, I shrugged nonchalantly as my gaze didn’t leave the unidentified man, “Fuck is you?”, I asked with a raised eyebrow as he took the seat in front of me and sat back in his chair.

The silent front I kept up since being brought in had come to an end. Now I was just beyond pissed off at this point, not to mention I was hungry as hell and a nigga just wanted to see his wife. To make matters worse, every fiber in me had me wanting to use somebody as a punching bag and I instantly regretted not releasing a bit more built up anger on detective Rodgers. 

“Lawson, come unbind his hands”, The man yelled out, not once breaking our intense stare off, that neither one of us looked like were backing down from any time soon. A younger looking officer came in the room carrying a pair of scissors, sitting up I allowed him to cut the zip lock off from around my wrists.

Rolling my shoulders, I stretched out my arms and enjoyed the feel of them not being restrained, “My name is Senior detective Hawkins, I’ll be taking over the case from here on out, Rodgers has been pulled off”, He explained causing me to throw my head back and let out a good ole laugh. 

“There is nothing funny about the situation you are currently in son, you are looking at a long time behind bars”, He stated causing me to stop laughing as I looked over at him with a smirk and raised eyebrow, “You think so detective? Why exactly would that be?”, I asked, genuinely curious as to why these people thought I would actually end up in prison.

“Detective Hawkins, we would like a private room so I can discuss the details with my client”, Mark spoke up as he stepped forward causing Hawkins to turn his attention to him, “We will grant you a few hours tops with the prisoner, then he is ordered to spend the weekend in holding until court on Monday”, Hawkins instructed as he stood up from his chair and gave a stern look to both Remy and Mark.

Nodding their head, the detective began to leave the room before her face  suddenly filled my mind, “Wait, look Ill cooperate but only if you let me see my wife”, I said as Hawkins slowly turned around with the slightest smirk on his face, “Ill get back to you on that request”, He said with amusement dancing around in his eyes. Clenching my jaw, I burned holes in the back of his head as the two younger officers came in, “We will be taking you to a private room now, hands behind you back”, One of them ordered. Standing up roughly, I kicked the chair back and held my hands behind my back like instructed. My mood was rapidly deteriorating and thoughts on how I could get a few blunts back here filled my mind.

Keeping my head down, the officers led us to an all white room that had one window which was all barred up. Un cuffing me, the two officers left the room and I subconsciously looked up at all four corners to make sure there was no cameras, “How bad is it?”, I grumbled in annoyance as I took a seat and sat opposite Remy and Mark who both looked official in their designer suits while I was made to wear a ugly ass orange jumpsuit.

“Heres what we got so far. Her body was found in the bathtub, half a bottle of painkillers found in her system and her body covered in bruises as well as fractures, which are believed to be from the fight with Lani. They originally thought suicide but after one of her friends came forward about the fight, police sparked up an investigation”, Remy said straight away as he laid out all the details although the only thing I heard was when he mentioned Lani’s name.

“Lani aint in trouble is she?”, I frowned as I felt my breathing pick up at the very thought, “Relax man, Lani’s in the clear. You on the other hand, not so much”, Remy explained as I let out a sigh and briefly closed my eyes. I didnt care how much trouble I was in, my only concern was Nalani and Isaiah, I had put Lani through enough in life she didnt need this added as well.

“Bring her to me Rem, I need to see her”, I mumbled as I opened my eyes and rested my balled fists on top of the metal table, “Ty there is other times to see her, right now we need to focus on this case and proving that you’re not guilty. And honestly man? Its gonna be hella hard considering they have video footage of you walking into Adriannas apartment building a few weeks ago”, He grumbled out in anger while staring down at me with a frown and disappointment in his eyes.

Shaking my head, I brought my hand up and rubbed the side of my jaw in frustration, “Get me Lani”, I ordered in a calm tone before sitting back in my chair and lifting my legs up on the table. If they wanted me to cooperate, the only way I knew how was if I had some sort of grounding vice. I needed to focus and the only way I could do that is if the only person who constantly was on my mind was with me now.

“Ight fine, but lemme take some pictures of your face first. Once we beat this case, we can sue these mother fuckers for police brutality”, Remy grumbled in a angry tone as he pulled out his iphone and began snapping photos of my battered face. Though my face was the least of my concerns, right now I just needed her. I needed her so I wouldn’t lose myself even more and make matters for myself worse.

What if I was wrong? What if I couldn’t beat this case and I was kept away from Lani for years? I wouldn’t survive, anyone who knew me the slightest would know that I wouldn’t be able to last without her. The very thought had be pounding my fist down on the table as I subconsciously clenched my jaw tightly, “Ty, man just relax ight”, Remy tried to coach but I wasn’t having any of that.

“Just get her here !”, I yelled as I roughly stood up and grabbed the chair I had just been sitting on. Turning around I launched it against the wall as my chest began heaving up and down in anger, “I need her. I need her”, I breath out lowly as I made my way to the corner of the room and rested my forehead against the cold concrete wall. Ever so slowly I began to bang it against it repeatedly, ignoring the pain that was already coursing through my entire head and face.

As much as I didn’t want it to happen, I knew better than anyone that I was losing myself in a way that I hadn’t in a long time.


The errie silence in Tysons mansion had just about sent me over the edge. Since his arrest last night, the house had been a damn circus of frantic phone calls, media stakeouts and corporate visits from the big bosses. Nalani had barely spoken two words and Isaiah cried himself to sleep after spending hours crying for his ‘daddy’. As for the rest of us? Not a wink of sleep was shared between the four of us. 

Taking Tysons request seriously, Ace and I had left in the early AM to grab a few duffle of clothes as we would be moving into the mansion until shit was settled out. Lani didn’t object to the idea but I think it was mostly because she didn’t even hear us when we told her.

My mind was still reeling over what had gone down last night and to make matters worse no one knew what was going on. Now at 7 am Lani, Ace, Briana and myself sat around the lounge room as we silently smoked Tysons secret stash of weed. It was the only thing that seemed to even slightly calm our nerves and worries.

Closing my eyes, my mind vividly went over the scenes last night like a movie. The way Ty stop talking and changed instantly in black mode, blew my mind away at how he just knew that in that moment they were coming for him. I was never one to question Tysons instincts but even I was left speechless at the perfect timing and all. Then there was the way he asked me to look after his family, almost as if he knew what was coming and that he would be gone for a while. The very thought had me fucked up because I was always so sure Ty would never and I mean never ever get caught.

Opening my eyes my gaze fell on Lani and almost instantly I wish it hadn’t. Six years of knowing her, six years of watching this poor girl go through hell and back thanks to Tysons mania, yet never had I seen her look so broken. Her eyes were bloodshot red from all the crying, her cheeks puffy and pink, skinned paled, her hair thrown in a messy bun while her small body was covered in one of Tysons hoodies.

She just looked so? Empty.

Now she sat there staring at nothing at all as she had gathered the sleeves of the hoodie up to her face, trying to desperately hold onto the scent of him. 11 hours they had been separated and after watching Lani crumble the entire night, I could only imagine how Tyson was taking it.

“Sweetheart you have to eat something”, Briana said softly as she stood up and made her way over and knelt in front of Lani who was sitting in Tysons favourite recliner lounge chair, “Im not hungry”, She whispered hoarsely as she had damaged her throat from all the screaming and crying she had done last night. Looking over her shoulder for help, Briana’s gaze locked on mine causing me to sigh. She hadnt eaten in the longest and her hands had began to shake at the lack of food in her system, “Nalani com-”, I started only to stop as she shook her head.

“I dont want to eat, I’m not hungry. Please stop asking me”, She plead at us both as tears swelled in her eyes. Feeling my own chest start to get heavy at the sight, I nodded my head and didnt press her anymore. Letting out a sigh, Briana stood up, kissed her forehead before coming back over and stilling next to a stoned Ace.

I dont think I have ever seen Ace so silent in my life. I was so use to him always being the life of the party and always making fun of a bad situation to lighten the mood, although now he seemed like a completely different person. No funny remarks or stupid questions came from him and over all the years Ive known him this was the first time Ive seen him go for so long without cracking a smile.

It wasn’t a secret that Adrian looked up to Tyson like a role model, he considered him his hero and I knew he was hurt to see the one person he believed to be invincible, brought down. But I knew he was mostly mad at the fact that he didnt know if Tyson killed the girl or not. Ace made it his duty to always be with Ty whenever he went on a killing spree and last time Ty killed someone and we werent there, Ace was pissed so I knew he was feeling like shit that he once again wasnt there, that is if Ty even killed her.

Once again the room was drifted off to silence and what seemed like half an hour later, Brock’s heavy footsteps could be heard as he made his way through the house and towards the lounge room. Sitting up in my seat, I handed the blunt to Briana and watched as Brock came into the room with a blank look on his face.

Instantly, Lani pulled out of her daze and looked up at Brock in an almost pleading manner, “Any news?”, Ace asked before anyone could speak up. Letting out a rough sigh, Brock ran his hand down his face before sitting back on the edge of one of the lounges, “Someone beat Adrianna to death, she been dead for a few weeks now. Police saying they got evidence linking Ty and not only that but someone from the club came forward and told em that they saw Lani and Adrianna fighting. They saying that was his motive”, Brock explained as he looked around the room with a sympathetic look, although I could tell he was holding something back.

“So this is pretty much all my fault”, Lani whispered as tears streamed down her face, “Hell na Lani, dont be thinking that shit ight?”, Ace immediately grumbled with a frown, not liking for one second that she was blaming herself for this, “He right Nala, beside we dont even know if Ty did it or not”, Briana blurted out the one thing that everyone had been thinking, yet no one said out loud.

“You think he did it?”, Briana asked as Lani’s chest heaved up and down while looking at us with a pained expression, “I dont know”, She whispered, trying her hardest not to break down crying again. Trying to take the attention off her as I knew she was having trouble keeping it together, I turned my attention back to Brock, “You heard from Remy? He can post bail right?”, I asked unsure what the process was and hold long they were going to hold him for.

“Remy already scheduled with the courthouse for first thing Monday morning, hopefully we can post bail and buy us sometime to clear his name without him being behind bars for too long”, Brock explained as Lani started shaking her head, “Can I see him before?”, She asked softly, that we had almost not heard her.

“Ill talk to Rem and see what he can do but there aint no guarantee Lani”, He warned her in a sympathetic tone as she just nodded her head and wiped the tears off her cheek, “Look, Rem already called in a team of lawyers, once we find out more details on the charges, they can build a case and fight for his innocence”, Brock assured her although she let out a bitter chuckle that caused us all to look at her confused.

“And if he’s not innocent?”, She cried while looking over at us with a helpless look as if wanting some kind of assurance that he was indeed innocent. Unfortunately though, It was something that none of us could give her, because knowing Tyson, anything was possible. Just because we knew Tyson like the back of our hand didnt mean with knew all his secrets. Not because he was the type to keep them but because if he was manic and alone, he could have committed something and completely forgot about it when he was sane.

Standing up, Brock walked over to Lani and engulfed her in a tight hug that she broke down into. Rubbing her back, Lani sobbed into his chest while I mentally went over the whereabouts of Tyson these past weeks. Nothing added up though, the only times he had been manic was when someone was ALWAYS with him, so how the hell could he have killed her when he was with us?

The sound of Brocks phone ringing, caused us all to snap our heads in his direction. Pulling away from Lani, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and looked down at the name skeptically, “I gotta take this. Keep yo phones on ya and ill call if I hear anything else. Lani you dont leave this house unless you have one of us boys with you, ya heard?”, He told her sternly causing her to nod her head as she pulled away and used her sleeves to wipe her cheeks.

Kissing the top of her head, Brock sent us a head nod before walking out the room just as Jas entered, cradling Isaiah, “He just woke up, he was asking for you”, Jasmine said softly as Lani spotted them coming in. Holding out her arms, Jas placed Isaiah in her embrace and came over to sit beside me. Wrapping my arm Jasmines shoulder, my gaze stayed on Lani as she cradled her son while desperately trying to keep it together.

After everything went down last night, witnessing Zay scream and cry for his dad had to be by far the hardest thing Ive ever had to watch in my life. No three year old should ever have to watch their dad having his head smashed down on the table before dragging him out with blood gushing from his face. Though Lani could barely keep it together herself, she spent majority of the night rocking Zay’s crying self to sleep.

Noticing Ace standing up, I looked over at him with a questioning look, instantly he silently nodded his head out the door. Kissing Jas on the forehead, I stood up and followed behind Ace and headed straight to Tysons office. Closing the door behind me, Ace headed straight for Ty’s mini bar and poured two glasses of straight scotch before handing one over.

“What ya thinking?”, I asked before taking a sip of my scotch, trying to mentally will my throbbing head to stop, “When the fuck did this nigga get a chance to kill her?”, He asked with a frown, once again causing me to rack my brain through all the events these past weeks, “So you think he did it?”, I asked with a raised eyebrow causing him to let out a sigh. Through out the past 11 hours, Ace and I and yet to actually speak about the matter. It was something we had both avoided as we didnt have the answers to all these questions.

“Man I'on even know anymore. I mean, I wouldnt put it past him cause lets me real, you and I both know he already got a large body count”, He shrugged as I couldnt fathom why he would throw away all that progress over this hoe, “Forreal I thought he was doing so good all these months”, I sighed out in frustration as Ty had indeed been doing so well lately.

“Yea but you know that nigga would do anything to defend his girl, even if that means going back to his old way”, He said as I shook my head, silently praying that he didnt.

It was true though, Tyson would gladly resort back to his old ways when it came to Lani. Shaking my head of thoughts I took another large gulp of my scotch and ignored the burning sensation down my throat, “Ty aint messy though, they said they found evidence and Tyson has killed dozens and dozens of people and he had yet to leave a spec of evidence so shit aint adding up right now”, I stressed as I tried to find some logical reason as to why this wasn’t done by Ty.

“He didnt do it”, I said more sternly this time as I refused to believe it. He had barely spent any time alone, matter of fact every time he was manic I was almost sure he had some of us with him, “I get you tryna stay positive but J come on, this is Ty we talking about. That hoe been a pest from the start and that fight was the last straw for him, you know he wouldn’t let any bitch get away with it so why the fuck would he let her?”, Ace stated facts though I shook my head, not wanting to believe it.

“He had no chance to do it Ace! That nigga always had someone with him these past weeks and plus he ain’t what he use to be! He better than that now”, I spat out harshly though as I said the words I knew I was trying to convince myself more than I was trying to convice him. Chuckling bitterly, Adrian downed his scotch in one go before looking up at me and shaking his head, “You know for a smart nigga you really know how to act dumb sometimes cuh”, He muttered as he slammed his empty glass down on the table while I instantly felt a frown form on my face.

“The fuck is that suppose to mean?”, I grumbled with annoyance as he returned the frown, “You act like you the only one who knows him nigga! You forget I’ve been right there too ? He’s my brother too!”, He yelled in anger as we stood facing each other, breathing hard in rage.

“You try so hard to see the good in him, as you should but you know deep down that this was his doing. You deny it cause you tried so hard to shelter Ty and I from that life, tried to keep us from the streets and killing and now that it finally caught up, you in denial cause you scared to think that you failed”, He muttered in a much calm tone while I still clenched my jaw hard, hating how he could read me so easily.

“You dont know what your talking about”, I grumbled while shaking my head, “Don’t I? You think you know him so well, but all them times when you was at home with your head in them books, it was me who was running out in them streets with him. It was me who watched that nigga kill countless of people with his bare hands. You thought you saw the half of it? Was you there when that nigga raped Lani? Huh J? Was you?! You wanna know how many times I sat on the stairs at her house and listened to my best fucking friend rape the love of his life?! The same night this nigga killed a mother fucker for glancing her way, so dont tell me he wouldn’t kill this groupie for her because he would and you know it!”, Ace yelled as his chest heaved up and down out of anger.

The sound of sniffling caused us both to snap our head to the direction of the door. Lani stood there tears pouring down as she helplessly looked back at us, “Lani”, Ace instantly sighed before mumbled a string of swear words under his breath. Walking in she closed the door behind her and made her way over while wiping away her tears, “He’s right J. Tyson is capable of anything and everything points to him right now. But this isnt about him being guilty or not anymore. Even though he may have done it we need to find a way to prove innocence, because if Tyson goes to prison I can almost guarantee he won’t be coming out”, She said softly as she stood in front of us, looking back and forth between the two of us with a pleading look.

“What you mean he aint coming out?”, I asked confused while Ace seemed to have understood what she had meant, “With Tyson manic and nothing to help him refrain it, he will kill people in there J. He will kill other prisoners, fight the officers and that means more jail time. So right now, you need to stop fighting because in the end of the day, you three are all brothers, Tysons loves you as if you were his own blood and if he knew you were turning on each other over this he would whoop both of your asses”, She smiled the last part as if she was playing it out in her head.

We stood in silence for a few moments, letting Lani’s words sink in. She was right, she was alway right when it came to him. With him being manic and non of his vices Tyson would most certainly cause havoc in there. I wasn’t worried about him handling his own in prison, what I was worried about was if one of them bold niggas tried to step to him, best believe Ty ain’t gonna let em live to see another day.

“You’re right, look Im sorry man. I aint mean to come at you like that but I just want you realise that we cant be closed minded about this. Lani’s right, we need to realistic and right now whether he did it or not our only concern should be doing everything in our power to get him out”, Ace sighed as he rubbed the back of his head.

“I know bra, I know. Ma minds just fucked up right now, you know? He was going so good man, so good and now this? But you’re both right and first things first, we needa find out when this hoe actually died so we can see if Ty has an alby and if he aint, we gonna make sure he do before the feds find out”, I stated causing them both to nod their heads in agreement

Holding out his hand, I took it and dapped Ace before pulling away and looking over at Lani who was gave us a soft smile, “Group hug?”, She said in a hopeful tone causing both Ace and I to playfully suck our teeth and roll our eyes. Chuckling, I wrapped my arm around her shoulder and brought her into a group hug. If a group hug means seeing her smile, than a group hug was what she was going to get .


The sound of my phone vibrating, had me pulling away from the group hug and digging in my pocket for the device. Seeing Remy’s name, I instantly answered it and brought it up to my ear as J and Ace looked down at me a raised eyebrow, “Rem? Is he okay? Is everything okay? Is he still manic? Can he come home? Whats going on?”, I fired off questions before  finally shutting up as Remy’s gruff voice came through the phone.

“Just breathe Nala. I spoke to the detectives and Tyson isnt being too cooperative right now, he’s refusing to speak until he sees you. Brocks coming back now to pick you up, I could only get an hour or so for you guys but its better than nothing”, He said as I nodded my head while wiping my tears away, “Okay, okay. I’ll quickly go get dressed and Remy?”, I sniffled as I held onto the phone tightly as if this phone call was a dream my mind was playing on me.

“Thank you”, I whispered genuinely causing him to let out a sigh, “Dont thank me yet Nala, when I get him outta here you can”, He said in a confident tone which seemed to ease my nerves just a little, knowing that Ty had such loyal people fighting him. Exchanging our goodbyes, I hung up and looked up at J and Ace who had been watching the whole time.

“He wants to see me and they are letting me go”, I sighed in relief even though it was nothing more than a 1 hour visit. Instantly the boys facial expressions lit up and I knew that they were almost as desperate as I was to see him. Heading to the door, I looked back over my shoulder only to find them rooted in their places, “You’re not coming?”, I asked with a raised eyebrow, causing them both to break out in a grin.

“We can come?”, Ace beamed as he made his way over, “Im sure he wants to see you guys as well. Brock’s on his way back, Im just going to run up and quickly get changed. Can you see if the girls are alright to stay with Zay for a bit?”, I asked as we all headed out of Tysons office. Not waiting for a reply, I dash to the stairs and jogged up them until I got into my bedroom. Taking a deep breath, I opened the door and instantly felt my chest become heavy. I hadn’t stepped into the our bedroom since last night and it hurt to much to enter in here when it reminded me so much of him.

I missed him so much that it had me feeling physically sick and just the thought of him being locked away broke my heart a thousand times over. Yesterday had started off to be the best birthday I had ever had, only to quickly turn into the worst night of my life. Seeing them aggressively cuff him down, as Zay screamed and cried in the background would be something I never forget.

Letting out a sigh, I hurried into our en suite bathroom and tried not to let the tears fall at the smell of his cologne lingering in the air. Turning the sink on, I quickly brushed my teeth before washing my face a few times, desperately trying to get rid of any signs I hadnt had a wink of sleep. Looking up in the mirror, I cringed at the sight of my red, puffy eyes and quickly turned away as it only made me want to shed some more tears.

I left the bathroom and made my way into the ensuite where I proceeded to avoid looking at Tysons side, in fear that I would break down once again. Running my hands through my closet of jeans, I quickly pulled a pair out and slipped them on and proceeded to throw on a black sweater. Taking a seat on my chair in front of my vanity, I attempted to cover my bags under my eyes with cover up before attending to the rest of my face. 

Satisfied that I looked semi decent, I was silently thankful that my hair was straight so that the messy bun it was currently in, didnt look so tragic. Lastly, I opened the side draw and started to load on my jewellery, including my engagement ring that now filled me with nothing but sadness as thoughts of me not having a chance to marry him filled my mind.

Blowing out a string of air, I fanned my eyes to keep them for watering before standing up and heading over to the full length mirror. Looking over my outfitI mentally gave myself a pat on the back for getting semi decent in such a short period of time. With my bag and phone in hand, I jogged down the stairs and headed to the lounge room where I found everyone sitting around, including Brock.

“You ready?”, He asked as soon as his eyes landed on me. Nodding my head, I walked over to Briana who had Isaiah in his lap as he ate some fruit and yogurt, “Baby, mommy has to go for a little bit but she will be back soon”, I whispered as I knelt down in front of him and ran my fingers through his curls. Tearing his gaze from the cartoons playing on the screen, Zay licked his finger before looking at me, “You come back with daddy?”, He asked causing me to close my eyes for a moment so he wouldn’t see my tears.

“Im not sure sweetheart”, I managed to get out through a shaky voice. Though he didnt seem pleased with my reply, I was thankful when he didnt say anything else and instead handed his bowl to Briana. Slipping off her lap, he wrapped his arms around my neck and hugged me, “Okay mommy, be back soon and tell daddy I love him”, He said as I pulled away and kissed all over his face in pure love and adoration for him. 

Squeezing his body close to mine one more time, I stood up and placed him back on Brianas lap. Looking over at Brock, I nodded my head indicating I was ready to go and after giving the girls both a hug goodbye we headed out the front door.

Walking straight over to the heavily tinted SUV, Brock stood guard as I narrowed my eyes towards the end of our long driveway. There beyond the large gates that kept people out were dozens upon dozens, media crews and camera men. Frowning in anger, I shook my head and allowed Brock to open my door and help me into the back seat. Ace got in the back with me, while J sat in the front seat. Brock jumped into the drivers seat and began backing out almost instantly.

“Them motherfuckers been here all night”, Brock grumbled in an annoyed tone, while I looked over my shoulder to look through the back window as we got closer to the media circus, “They cant see in, right?”, I asked nervously as cameras began snapping vigorously as we came closer to the gates, “Na they wont be about to see in”, Ace assured me as a team of security waited for us at the end of the gates, ready to hold back the paparazzi as we drove out.

Slowly the gates rolled opened and the security men stood in a line, acting as a barrier around the car. Questions were yelled out to the car and I closed my eyes at all the horrible name calling and accusations they were spewing about my fiancee, “You ight?”, I heard Ace ask softly causing me to open my eyes that were now glossy. Sniffling, I sent him a small smile as I rested my head back, “Ill be okay once I see him”, I whispered although the truth was I wouldn’t be. I wouldn’t be okay until he was cleared of the charges and back home in my arms.


The drive to the police station only took us a good half an hour, though the security process and forms that needed to be filled out, ended up taking an entire hour. Lowkey I knew they were dragging the process out of spite and judging my the way J, Ace and Brock mean mugged the officers,  I knew they thought so too.

The anticipation to see Tyson was bubbling inside me, almost so much that I couldn’t even think straight. My palms were sweaty and chest hurt as my eyes roamed the police station. To think he was locked up in here was hard enough but to know he could possibly end up in a place far worse, only made me want to break down.

“Alright, you guys are up. Follow me and keep up”, One of the officers instructed as he looked us up and down with a disgusted look. Placing my hand on top of Brocks arm as I knew he was about to go off, I sent him a pleading look causing him to let out a rough sigh. Wrapping his arm around my shoulder in support, we followed closely behind the officer as he lead us down a long hallway before stopping at a door where two officers were standing guard.

“This his girl?”, One of them chuckled as he looked me up and down while moving aside so the one who led us could open the door, “Yea mother fucker you got a problem?”, Ace mugged him instantly as Jeremiah took a step in front of him just in case he lashed out, “Lorenzo, quit it”, The first officer ordered with a frown before unlocking the door and holding it open for us. 

The three boys stood still, mean mugging the three officers while my gaze darted into the room for any signs of Ty, “Come on guys”, I said softly breaking the boys intense death stares and causing them to turn their attention to the opened door. Ace was first to head through, followed by Jeremiah and finally Brock and I entered in last .

As soon as we were inside, the door behind us shut closed and my eyes darted to the tall figure sitting in the chair, “Ma nigga!”, Ace exclaimed loudly as he let out a chuckle and dapped Tysons figure which was hiding behind the boys. It was the first time I had seen Ace grin or speak with his usual enthusiasm and it lowkey made me grin that I was not the only one who loved Tyson so dearly, “What up bra bra, had us worried there for a minute”, J said next as he leant down and embraced him in a hug while patting his back.

Brock gave my body a slight push forward and I finally got a glimpse of the love of my life. My face immediately scrunched up with overwhelming sadness and before I could stop myself, tears freely flowed down my face. Standing up from his seat, the strained expression was evident across his features  while his midnight black eyes burned with need. Not wasting another second I rushed across the room and melted in his embrace in an instant.

Wrapping my arms around his neck, Tyson wrapped his own around my waist and squeezed my body into his as we held each other tight. Dropping his face into my neck, he inhaled deep as I broke down in his chest, desperately trying to hold on forever. My body shook from all the crying and I could even feel Tysons own chest heavying up and down due to his hard breathing.

I dont know how long we stayed like that but if I could, I would have never let go. Every ounce of love I ever felt for Tyson came down, hitting me hard as my grip only got tighter. Just holding him in that moment did something to me, it made me want him and want to love him even more than I already did. Was this what Tyson meant when we would say that he loved me so much that it was literally overwhelming? If it was, I now knew why it was so hard to describe. Nothing could ever justify the feeling I felt for him and simply saying 'I love you’, didnt feel like it even came close to doing it justice.

Pressing his lips against my neck, I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the small piece of intimacy. Though it had only been less than 24 hours since the arrest, it felt like a lifetime since I had felt his touch, “I missed you”, He whispered against my skin causing me to slightly pull away as I repeatedly sniffled and tried to calm my crying. Cuffing the side of my face as he continued to hold me close with his arm round my waist, Ty ran his thumb across my cheek, wiping the tears away.

Looking up at his face, I subconsciously found myself pouting with a frown as my gaze fell onto one of his many cuts and bruises he had acquired since his arrest, “What have they done to you”, I cried as I removed one arm from around his neck and carefully ran my fingers across his bruised cheek, “Nothin I cant handle”, He said lightly, trying to make me not worry though it didnt work, not even slightly. Frowning at the thought of all the abuse the officers were inflicting on him, I was about to take my ass back out there and turn shit up but Ty  crashed his lips against mine.

As if everything else was at a standstill, I melted into the kiss and had to refrain myself from letting out a satisfied moan. Moving our lips in sync, I parted mine, allowing him access that he took in an instant. Once again his arms found their way around my waist, pulling me in closer as we continued to devour one another with our lips. Of all the kisses Ty and I had shared, this one had to be the most passionate, the most consuming of them all and even though we had an audience, I didnt want it to ever end.

Finally after what seemed liked a life time later, we pulled away to catch our breath though our hold was still as tight as ever. Resting his forehead against mine, I closed my eyes and just enjoyed being in his arms for the moment, “I want you to come home”, I whispered with desperation laced in my tone, “Soon baby”, He muttered as pressed his lips against the crown of my head. 

Pulling away, I looked up at him with pleading eyes, I so needed him to tell me he didnt kill her and this was all one big mistake. That the police had it all wrong and that he could come home with me right now. But this was Tyson we were talking about, meaning everything and anything about him was far more complicated and he never had such luck for these chargers to be just a 'mistake’.

“Zay alright?”, He asked as we ran his hands up and down my arms, trying his best to remember the feel of me, knowing that he might not get a chance to for a long time. The thought made me want to break down again, but this time I willed myself not to and instead gave him a small smile, “He’s okay, he misses you though. He told me to tell you he loves you”, I said softly causing him to let out a sigh as he brought his hand up and rubbed down his face in frustration, “My little man”, He mumbled with a strained expression that once again broke my heart

Remembering we were not alone, I pulled away a little bit more and looked over at the table that had all the guys gathered around as they spoke. Noticing our attention had been turned to them, they stopped talking and looked over at us, “Fucks going on nigga?”, Ace sighed as he sat on the edge of the table and waited for Ty to explain everything.

“Man they saying I killed that hoe”, He chuckled nonchalantly as he shook his head and headed over to the seat. Looking back he patted his lap for me which I gladly went over and sat down comfortably on, “Did you?”, Ace asked bluntly causing everyone to go silent as we turned our attention to him. 

It was the question on the back of everyone’s mind. Though we wanted to believe he had left that life behind, I knew better than anyone that Tyson was capable of anything and that meant resorting back to his old ways one last time to kill Adrianna once and for all.

Sucking his teeth, Tyson shook his head, “Why y'all looking at me like that?”, He chuckled while wrapping his arm around my waist, trying to pull me closer into his embrace. When no one said anything or laughed along side him, Ty’s expression became serious as he let out a sigh, “I aint kill her”, He said simply causing the boys to let out a sigh of relief, apart from my and Ace who stared at him intensely, making sure he wasn’t lying.

Shaking my head at the thought, I let out a sigh of relief as I knew Tyson never lied. He may have his many faults but lying wasn’t one of them. It was simply because he didn’t care what people thought of him and he always told it straight.

“So why do they think it was him?”, I asked Remy who looked over at Ty with a raised eyebrow. Turning my attention back to Ty, I found him slightly shaking his head at Rem before noticing my stare and immediately stopping, “We aint really talk bout no details yet, I wanted to see you first”, Ty explained although I was now wary of what was going on, “Is is that bad?”, I whispered with a frown causing him to sigh before shaking his head, “It aint nuthin you needa worry about ight? Let me and Rem handle this and you focus on Zay until Im out”, He said sternly as I narrowed my eyes at him before standing up and making my way over to the window.

Though it seemed I was watching the outside world, in reality my mind was running a mile a minute as the boys started up their own conversation. I hated being left in the dark, if there was one person who could handle Tyson and all his demons it would be me. But of course Tyson always thinks of me as this delicate flower that couldn’t handle to much.

Closing my eyes as they were beginning to burn due to all the crying I had endure these past 11 hours, I silently prayed that for once in my life things worked out in my favour. It was like we took one step forward only to be knocked three steps back and honestly I was exhausted. I was so physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted that I was so surprised that I hadn’t had a mental break down yet. 

I sensed him behind me and seconds later he confirmed it by wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his chin on my shoulder, “I promise you everything will work out”, He mumbled with such confidence that I couldn’t help but relax back into his body and believe his words, “Im so tired Ty”, I whispered knowing he would understand that I meant mentally tired, rather than sleep deprived.

“Me too Lani and it breaks my fuckin heart that I put you through all this”, He muttered in an almost painful tone that caused me to squeeze my eyes shut, trying to hide myself from our reality, “I need you to promise me something”, He once again mumbled before pressing his lips against my neck, “No matter what you hear or see in the news, I need you to trust me”, He said causing my own heart to start beating faster. 

Pulling away from his grasp, I turned around and looked up at him with a frown, “What did you do Ty?”, I cried as the boys looked over while Tyson kept his head down, too afraid to look up at me, “You said you didnt kill her!”, I said a little louder as I felt every emotion start to pour out.

Clenching his jaw tight, he looked up at me with his black eyes that use to haunt me in my sleep, “AND I DIDNT!”, He yelled causing me to jump a little while both Brock and Ace stood up from the seats. Sighing roughly, he looked over at the boys and narrowed his eyes causing them both to sit back down. Turning his gaze back on me, I took a step back causing his eyes to flare with panic and regret, “I didnt mean it, I didnt mean to yell”, He mumbled helplessly as his mood rapidly changed within seconds. Some that we were all too familiar with and use to.

“Just trust me Lani, please. Thats all I need, is for you to trust me and I swear Imma get outta this then we aint never gotta deal with no bullshit again”, He pleaded while my eyes literally began hurting while the tears kept falling. Nodding my head, I mouthed 'I promise’, causing him to cautiously stretch his arm out trying to desperately close the space between us. 

Not wanting him to be in anymore pain or doubt, I took a step forward and ran my thumb across his freckles like I always did when we silently lay in bed, wrapped up against one another. Pressing his face against my hand as he closed my eyes, I briefly closed my eyes at the sight before taking another step forward and wrapping my arms around him. In an instant we were back to holding one another like we we afraid one or the other was going to float away.

Though I knew nothing and was more confused than before I got here, I knew I had to trust Tyson. No matter what Ty always had a reason for his doings, even if they didnt make sense to most people, I always believed in whatever he did was done for a reason. He said he hadnt killed her, therefore that was what I believed, as for whatever the media twisted with lies, I knew that no matter what I needed to ignore it.

Open Your Heart

AU -Drama school rivals being cast as romantic opposites because they have “crazy sexual tension” according to their director.

I don’t own Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella. But if you’ve not listened to it or heard of it, you should go fix that. :) 

Word Count: 1393

Requested by @modernkillianjones and @dark–swan

She’d been nervous for weeks. Rehearsing everywhere. In the shower, the car, and even while she was making supper. Mary Margaret had referred to her as “slightly crazy.” But the butterflies still fluttered in her stomach. Cinderella was a huge role and the songs were classic.

“Hello, Swan,” Killian Jones is smirking at her. He’s wearing his usual audition clothes. A deep blue shirt and black pants. But his hair was styled differently. Slicked back and tidy. That’s when she realizes it.

“Trying out for the Prince, are we?”

“Haven’t you ever heard of dressing the part, Swan?”

“You know you don’t have the vocal range. Besides, you annihilated Stars last year.”

He scowls at her. “I was sick.”

“That’s what they all say. Face it, Jones. You are never going to land this. David would be a much better Prince. He’s got the skills and the looks.”

“I can bet that you are trying out for Cinderella. You haven’t got it in you. Takes a girl with talent to play that part.”

There’s a collective gasp in the lobby. She stands slowly from her chair. “I will get that part and you will get a tiny one and I will laugh and laugh.”

“Mr. Jones, you are up!”

He grins at her. “Break a leg, Swan.”

“You too.”

Her audition goes very well. Every day she walks by the office, to no avail. On Friday, it’s finally up. The list. She takes a deep gulp and pushes past the crowd. Every pair of eyes seems to be on her.

Take whatever you get, Emma. Any part is better then none.




She blinks. Then blinks again. Her stomach is in her shoes.

“No,” she hisses.

“It looks like we’re going to be playing opposites, Swan.” Killian chuckles.

“You’d better be the best Christopher ever, Jones.”

He’s still laughing as she walks away.

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Dance with me

Note: You and Charles are close and have secretly been in love with another for as long as you can remember. At the school dance, you finally decide to act on it.

Requested by: Anon.

Originally posted by maryjosez

“You’re looking handsome,” You whispered lowly to Charles.

You grinned as you saw him clear his throat nervously, “Thank you, Y/N… And you, um, you look very beautiful.”

You were sitting on the chair beside him, resting your hand under your chin as you waited for him to speak.

He tried to avert his gaze from you and you smirked, “How long are we going to keep this up for then?”

“I’m sorry?”

You leaned in closer, “I know that you know how I feel about you Charles,” You said quietly as began to stand up.

“Wait!” He exclaimed, latching onto your wrist before you could walk away, “Dance with me– I mean, would you like to dance with me?”

“Do I really have to answer to that?”

He smiled, taking your hand in his, “Come with me then.”

You found yourself being led away from the hall and to his office.

Charles moved over to the small radio on his desk and a song started to play, he swivelled his chair back around to you and held out his hand to you again.

You took it, sitting down on his lap as he wrapped his arms around your waist. You leaned into his chest and he slowly moved the wheelchair back and forth.

You stayed like that in silence for some time, until finally Charles spoke.

“Y/N, there’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you…”

“I love you too,” You smiled, looking up at him.

He laughed in disbelief, “How did you…”

“You may be the telepath, Charles, but it’s not hard for me to tell what you’re thinking.”

He grinned, “I’m sorry I waited so long to tell you how I felt, it’s just that I–”

“It’s fine, honestly,” You waved your hand at him before pressing your lips to his. He kissed you back immediately, moving his hands up to to cup your cheek.

“Well if I had known you kiss like that, I wouldn’t have waited so long,” He said breathlessly when you parted.