how to dance

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laf telling alex hell teach him how to dance but alex is like ok i'm not that inexperienced but ill dance for the hell of it but its not slow gentle or rehearsed its a lot of spinning and jumping and dipping and this tiny gremlin man cant deal



Laf does a lot of dipping as an excuse to drape himself over alex and just be in his space. Alex dont mind at all… PL US HANGIN AROUND LAF’S NECK TO KEEP FROM FALLING OVER IS HELPFUL..

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Can you do what their s/os can do that makes the sumo boys flustered?

  • gladion: ANY kind of pda will make this boy flustered. heck, even a compliment will turn him red.
  • ilima: give the pretty boy a taste of his own medicine. flirt with him back, or just start complimenting him and he can’t help but blush.
  • kiawe: ask him to teach you how to dance!! he’ll love teaching you, but he gets really flustered whenever you two get close.
  • guzma: when you tell him he did a good job or tell him you’re proud of him. his cheeks will get rosy, but will try to hide it by saying something like “well OF COURSE, i am pretty amazing.”
  • hau: cheering for him during a battle!! he’ll lose his focus for a bit when and he’ll feel his face heat up, before refocusing and winning, just for you.
Another Ride - Chapter 7: Trouble

Chapter 6

Sharna spent most of the night tossing and turning and not sleeping. She couldn’t get him out of her mind. And it wasn’t just him. It was the whole experience with him. She was just baffled by how normal and how comfortable it was to dance with him again. How right it felt to spend time with him. At this point, all she could do was hope for time. As much time as she could get with him.

I hope I have ten more weeks with you.

That was what he had said. That was it. And then he made a joke about it and brushed it off. But she knew him. She knew him better than she ever thought she would. And he may have joked about it, but that didn’t take away from what he had said.

And that simple statement, those words from him, were oddly exactly what she needed to hear. She had spent the past three weeks wrestling with her feelings. No matter what she told anyone else, she knew she was falling for him. If she was really honest with herself, she felt some of this last time, too. But last time there was nothing she could do about it. So she ignored it. Buried her feelings and convinced herself she didn’t really feel that way. But everything was different now. That was what everyone had been telling her. And she knew she would have to do something. She would have to tell him the truth sooner or later.

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Okay so two historical facts that fit perfectly: Lafayette was clumsy and a terrible dancer, and George Washington was a super good fucking dancer so like,, just imagine, imagine George being determined to teach Laf how to dance and they spend a lot of time together doing these lessons, and Laf is a mess at first but he gets better and now the only time he falls is when he does it intentionally so George has to catch him with his strong arms and wide chest and Laf is so fucking gay, man.


How to make the perfect boy:
Start with a heart that is full of joy.
Give him great amount of magical power,
Lock him up in an ivory tower.

Add a hint of arrogance,
Teach him how to lead a dance.
Let him love you like no other,
Make him jealous of his own brother.

Teach him a few songs,
Teach him how to sing.
Teach him right and wrong,
Teach him how to sin.

Add zest and some jest,
Dress him with only the best.
Make him choose his own aesthetic,
Tell him to murder the ones that calls him a lunatic.

When he is scared, coo him to sleep.
Tell him never to doubt, the final slit.
He’ll find out, he’ll never be kind.
Let it be planted, deep in his mind.

Keep him safe, break his trust,
Fill his mind with endless lust.
Destroy his one and true lover,
He’ll know for sure, there won’t be another.

Make himself drink,
The sweet cup of despair,
He will turn out to be,
Your perfect evil heir.