how to cut your hair

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Short haired Killua makes me happy because I want the boy to take care of himself! GO TO THE SALON! Get your hair cut exactly how you want it! Sometimes, it's really hot, and fluffy white hair is a chore!

exactly, cut those bangs and show the world your pretty face, killua <3 


“danieeellll danielllll”
“ya like that Katie”
“let’s be friends”
“Intertwined with my Louis”
“I’m shutting your but down”
“Hi my names Christie and I’ll be cutting your hair today how would you like it” @danisnotonfire @amazingphil

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just wondering, how short is your hair? i've had mine almost buzz-cut short and after 8 months it's such a pain to grow out into a bob that i'm thinking of just cutting it back into pixie?

I cut mine to the length of the middle of my neck. And now they are below shoulders. They grow fast^^ but it depends on your hair^^


‘You should let me cut your hair.’  Alvetta suggested.

‘You know how?’

‘I do mine and Splat’s.’  Alvetta shrugged.  ‘Be real with me, what’s scaring you so badly about meeting this guy?’

‘Honestly, I don’t know how to kiss.’

Alvetta laughed. ‘Oh.. you were serious?’  She slouched her shoulders when she realized Elodie’s expression.  ‘I’ll teach you.’

‘WHAT?’  Elodie’s eyes widened.

‘All best friends do it,  C’mon I’ll teach you what to do.  Stand up.’
A letter to my younger, bisexual self
"You should know that it’s okay to like him, and it’s okay to like her."

RIGHT NOW, WE’RE YOUNG, and the world is still new. There are millions of events you haven’t celebrated yet, places you haven’t seen and books you haven’t read. You’re only 13, but this is the time when your journey to self-discovery begins.

You should know that it’s okay to like him, and it’s okay to like her. Don’t be scared to explore who you are. Don’t let those around you suppress your expression. Cut your hair exactly how you want — you don’t like it long and later you’ll realize that shaving it all down makes you much happier and more self-confident. Wear the dark eyeliner you love, even though mom doesn’t like it. Whatever you do, don’t mix stripes and camouflage, it’ll be hard to come back from that.

An open letter to every girl:

I want you know that you’re the most beautiful thing that will ever walk this earth. I don’t mean beautiful by the way your hair falls, or the way your jeans fit; but I mean you are the most dazzling, kind hearted, loving miracle that shoots through this world. You are like an empty diary; so much left to be written, so many words to put down, so many ways to do it. You are like the ocean who forgives every mistake but does not forget.

The world does not care what color your skin is. It does not care what color your eyes are or how you cut your hair. It does not care about the tattoo that you regret or the first person you kissed. The world does not care that you do not know what you want to do with your life, and it doesn’t care about your guilty pleasures. But when I say world, I don't mean the people we live amongst, I mean the air you breathe and the water you swim. I mean the trees that shadow you and the dogs who want love. I mean the homes built of straw and the balconies covered in ivy. I don’t mean the people because those people are cruel. They will strip you of what you believe to be yourself, and then ask you why you’re like everyone else. I have to ask you to be strong. I have to ask you to be sure to hold on to every teaspoon of your dreams. I have to ask you to never stop loving the changing of the seasons and never stop loving the smell of a bonfire. I’m sorry I have to ask you to remember to cradle yourself and keep her somewhere safe.

The people in this world will fire bullets at the unknown, even if it is their own sister. They will sharpen their knives for the people they love and feed sugar to the people they are told to love. The people in this world are a different breed; they are not lovers or dreamers or believers. They have been stripped of themselves by the people who came before us. You must forgive them for their unkind words and their closed-minded thoughts. But do not forget. Do not forget who kicks you when you’re down, and who’s holding the match. But you must almost remember those who have picked you up and glued you back together. You must remember those who stood behind you even when they knew they’d be the only one.

Even though the people in this crazy world are working against you, remember that there are those who are not as strong as you. And as I say that you look at me as though I think you’re strong. And you are. You are like the warrior who travels with the wind. You are the strum of the guitar from the freedom parade. And when there’s one of us who is down on her knees, nobody there to pick her up, I call on you to take her under your wing. Remind her that she is nothing less than a bottle of miracles all strung together with love. She is nothing less that a skeleton who wraps itself in self worth and joy. You are nothing less than a random collection of stars that have joined together to make a walking, lovable, hero of a sister. 

I hope you scream it from the rooftops, and sing it in your prayers. I hope you enjoy every sip of it and every beat of it. The world should hear what you have to say, it wants to hear every lyric to your soul. And when the people are throwing rocks at you; remember that they are just afraid of what they once were.

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man: fake proposing to his girlfriend to post as prank on the internet

woman: making a cute and easy tutorial on how to cut your own hair

do yall see what i mean when i say that women are just better and men are sick fucks

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omg im so obsessed with your hair!! Your new haircolor & haircut makes you look like an sexy anime doll! Do you always cut layers at you hairdresser, i'm curious how you cut your hair? Sorry for my bad English, its not my first language. You're my inspiration xx

awh babylove thank you so much, but no worries your english is perfect ♡ I actually haven’t cut my hair in 5 years, but when I went a month or so ago I got layers & my dead ends cut off ♡ you’re so sweet, love you 

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i have medium length hair (which was a big step from long hair) and i want to cut it to above shoulder length. but i have very chubby cheeks and am worried my face will just look really round and bad?? how did you feel when you cut your hair short?

omg no, my older sister has quite a bigger face than me, but when she cut her hair, it made her face look very slim. she looked younger, but i don’t know if you’re going for that look?? don’t worry, just make sure to style and do your makeup in a way where it’ll balance with the youthful cut.

I was also very nervous. even though I already have a slim face, I was still afraid of looking like a baby. I just learned to do makeup to the point where I don’t look my age :) xx

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How did you take care of your hair when you cut it really low? Did you wash it everyday? Use a conditioner? I don't know if the same care for longer afros goes for low cuts

Honestly when I had my hair shaved I didn’t do much to it but put coconut oil on it every day. But how that I have a TWA/ all Afro I condition atleast 2 times a week. But mainly because my hair is bleached and can get dry easy. But other than that I just moisturizer it daily with oil and leave in conditioner or Cantu’s daily moisturizer