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Cooking with Teamiplier

Pairing: Teamiplier X Reader

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  • Is surprisingly good at cooking
  • If either of you are tired the other cooks
  • Mark looks hot as fuck when he cooks
  • Teamiplier loves your food and are always coming over
  • If you’re terrible at cooking Mark will nonstop tease you
  • Whenever you grab something in the kitchen before you leave you give his booty a smack
  • Cause he got the booty
  • “(Y/nnnnnnn)”
  • “It’s not my fault your sexy baby”
  • “Guys were still here”
  • “You’re just jealous blue Bean”
  • Mark almost burned down the kitchen making a steak
  • Mark wears a ‘Kiss the cook’ apron
  • Which you constantly steal
  • Mark ends up singing Ed Sheeran while he cooks
  • But you love his voice
  • Food fights when you guys make pancakes
  • It always ends with him kissing you covered head to toe in powder
  • “Who’s gonna clean this up”
  • “NOT IT”
  • “Goddammit Mark”

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Look at this adorable bean

  • She’d try so hard to help
  • Always leads to her giggling to herself
  • “Babe what’s so funny”
  • “I honestly don’t know”
  • You teach her how to make a cake
  • She tries to lick all the frosting
  • “Amy there isn’t gonna be enough frosting for the cake!”
  • “But it looks so good”
  • Somehow makes an alien cake
  • Burns instant ramen on accident
  • “I thought I put the water in”
  • She’s just so cute
  • You’re always kissing her on the cheek because she’s so cute
  • Marzipan tries to get on the table to eat some food
  • Wears your apron even though she doesn’t cook
  • When she successfully makes something she’s so proud of herself
  • “Look at my Blondie such a queen”
  • “(Y/nnnnnnnnnnn)”
  • Amy gets upset when you either get burned cooking or get a cut
  • “Amy it’s not even bleeding”
  • “So it’s still an open wound”
  • If neither of you know how to cook you buy pizza or Chinese, maybe Indian
  • Kathryn would probably end up making something

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  • He isn’t the best cook but everything he cooks is edible
  • You cannot keep a straight face in the kitchen with him
  • Makes food puns
  • “Hey (Y/n) are you noddley”
  • “What does that even mean”
  • Dancing in the kitchen for no reason
  • When you cook he wraps his arms around your waist to see what it is
  • Kisses your forehead because he’s taller than you
  • “What was that for”
  • “Because I love you”
  • “Tyler Scheid if you get any cuter I’m going to melt”
  • Forcing him to sit down because of his knee
  • Holding your hand when you eat
  • “Now you can do the dishes babe”
  • “Of course”

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  • is a good cook but still not the best
  • When she’s tired you order her favorite or you end up cooking
  • Marzipan always tries to eat your food
  • “Marzi I love you but I’m not giving you my chicken”
  • “How’d I get so lucky”
  • “I could say the same thing”
  • So many references in the kitchen
  • “You know what else is hot (Y/n)”
  • “What”
  • “Dean when he was in hell”
  • You guys sometimes eat in silence
  • Sometimes you guys never even touch your food because your talking so much
  • Depends on the day
  • If you cook, she does the dishes
  • Likewise
  • Kat is just amazing

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  • he’s a horrible cook, he would burn water
  • He tries so hard to get good but it ends up in disaster, in rare occasions the food he makes is edible
  • You teach him how to cook
  • He’s always making jokes
  • So many dick jokes
  • If you make something sweet like frosting he will eat like half of the bowl
  • “Ethan!”
  • “But it’s so good babe”
  • Kisses you on the cheek before he goes to edit so once he’s finished diner is ready.
  • He’s determined to learn how to cook
  • Shelby and Parker always pass by to eat your food because it’s amazing
  • You and Mark share cooking recipes
  • If you ever get hurt cooking Ethan will not leave your side
  • He appreciates everything you do for him and will do the dishes so you can relax.
  • “I love you (Y/n)”
  • “Love you too baby boy blue”

Percy/Annabeth: I’m not even sorry. 

(or, Percy ruins Annabeth’s shirt and fluff ensues).

To be entirely fair to himself, Percy’s thinking, it was Annabeth’s idea to bake cookies.

It’s not like he spilled three-fourths of a cup worth of molasses on her shirt on purpose. And it’s not like he knew that molasses stains are hell to get out. And he certainly couldn’t have known that she would then remove that shirt from her body, albeit to dunk it in a sinkful of hot water.

He’s completely, embarrassingly tongue-tied as she strips the fabric from her skin, because sure they’ve been going out for almost a year, but he’s suddenly struck by the realization that he’s somehow never seen her shirtless. Without a shirt. In a bra and nothing else.

(It’s not like there was much time for making out in Tartarus, anyway.)

It’s enthralling, and he doesn’t have a clue he’s gawking until she catches him at it and smirks (she smirks at him!), and a blush rises in his cheeks as he abruptly averts his gaze.

“Do you have any vinegar? I think I read somewhere once that vinegar gets rid of stains.” She yanks open a cabinet door and the tension of the moment dissolves faster than that stain ever will. He doesn’t mention that to her, obviously, and instead remembers how to use his voice and mumbles something about how they probably don’t. His mom was never a huge cook – Chinese takeout was more their style.

Annabeth groans and glances back at the sink, which is near overflowing with foam from the ridiculous amount of dish soap she poured in with the water. He spots a smear of turquoise along the surface where her ruined garment floats. “You’re lucky it wasn’t a nice shirt,” she mutters as she leans back against the counter and crosses her arms over her torso. The action almost, almost seems to prominently display her…you know.

He gulps. You are seventeen years old, he chides himself. You’re too old to be squeamish about…that.

“Um,” he says quickly, mostly to fill the slightly-too-long silence ensuing her words. “Do you…want a different shirt? Mine are probably too big on you, but my mom–”

“Nah, it’s okay. It’s hot out.” She shifts against the counter again and cocks her head at him, and there’s a gleam in her eyes he’s pretty sure he’s never seen before, but part of him thinks it might have to do with the way she’s fluttering her eyelashes and slightly, ever so slightly, pushing her chest into further into his field of view. He narrows his eyes at her. She is definitely playing a game with him.

“I’m sorry about your shirt,” he says cautiously.

“Don’t worry about it.”

“It was an accident, I swear.”

That exquisite little smirk is dancing on her lips again. “You just like seeing me with my shirt off.”

He shrugs in response, and she rolls her eyes and lands a soft slap against his shoulder – it stings, a bit. He throws his hands into the air, but he isn’t really sorry, especially not as she turns towards to the sink and sends her lovely shoulder blades into full view. And especially not as he spots the tiny, almost imperceptible smile nudging at the corner of her mouth.

He doesn’t feel the least bit bad, but he wraps his arms around her waist from behind (they’re nearly the same height, but she’s doomed to live as the perpetual little spoon), and drops a kiss on her blonde cap of curls. Then, because he’s suddenly especially eager to push her buttons today, he skims his mouth against the ridge of her ear, the curve of her jawbone, the side of her neck, and finally on her gloriously exposed shoulder. Her body shudders against his, and a little giggle escapes her mouth – he wouldn’t have heard it if her head wasn’t flush up against his, but even if he hadn’t, he’s perfectly aware that he’s just grazed the most ticklish spot on her whole body.

“You’re just desperate to bug me today, aren’t you,” she mutters, but the last half of her sentence spirals into a breathy titter as he nestles his face into the crook of her neck and exhales. Percy’s not stupid, not when it comes to Annabeth. He’s well aware that his hot breath on that sensitive patch of skin will send a shiver down her spine, and he knows he’s been successful when she twists around in his arms to press her mouth to his.

“Hate you,” she murmurs against his lips. Her voice is sweet as honey, and smoother still.

He grins. “I’m not even sorry.”

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jeremy heere x reader for your recent post?

who hogs the duvet: Jeremy. Y/N usually ends up half smothered in duvet because she’s so much shorter than Jer.

who texts/rings to check how their day is going: Y/N. All of her classes are on the other side of the campus to Jeremy’s, and they have each other’s schedule.

who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: Y/N. She knows Jeremy like the back of her hand, and she always buys him really creative gifts.

who gets up first in the morning: Jeremy. He always kisses Y/N on the cheek before he gets out of bed, and Y/N always tried to get him to stay in bed.

who suggests new things in bed: Jeremy. Enough said.

who cries at movies: Jeremy! He tries to act all cool and macho, but he was sobbing at the end of Me Before You. Not a tear escaped Y/N’s eyes.

who gives unprompted massages: Y/N. She has to make sure Jeremy’s sitting down though, otherwise she won’t reach his shoulders. He’s too tall.

who fusses over the other when they’re sick: Y/N. Jeremy still fusses, but it is nowhere near the extent Y/N does.

who gets jealous easiest: Jeremy. They went to one party early on in sophomore year, and they ended up leaving early bc Jer got veeery jealous.

who has the most embarrassing taste in music: That’d be Jeremy. He is a Taylor Swift obsessive, and Y/N finds it adorable how much he tries to deny it.

who collects something unusual: Y/N. She has a collection of clothes from the 50’s and 60’s she inherited from her grandma. Jeremy isn’t allowed near them.

who takes the longest to get ready: Y/N. Her excuse is always ‘Jeremy, if you want me to look hot, you give me my bathroom time.’ He lets her take her time.

who is the most tidy and organised: They’re both messes. Two mostly sleep deprived college students living together is a bad idea.

who gets most excited about the holidays: Jeremy. He absolutely adores all the holidays, especially Valentines Day bc he gets to spoil Y/N.

who is the big spoon/little spoon: Jeremy is the big spoon. He’s a really good cuddler, and Y/N takes advantage of that as much as she can.

who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports: Y/N. She is terrifying when she plays video games. Jeremy isn’t sure if he loves how much he fears her, or fears how much he loves her.

who starts the most arguments: Jeremy. He doesn’t get seriously angry often, but when he does it’s scary.

who suggests that they buy a pet: Y/N. She pesters Jeremy (and the landlord) for at least a week, before they manage to get a small tabby cat. They name it Garfield.

what couple traditions they have: They always have a movie marathon on Saturday nights. It’s almost always Disney films, and Jeremy and Y/N sing all the duets. 

what tv shows they watch together: They watch Family Feud together, as well as Saturday Night Live. They love to have a laugh, and not cry over the TV shows they watch.

what other couple they hang out with: Rich and Jake. After the whole fire incident, Rich is a different guy, and him and Jake just love hanging out with Jeremy and Y/N. They often watch Star Wars together (Y/N is an expert on it.)

how they spend time together as a couple: They love going to thrift stores, and trying to find the most ridiculous outfits there. Jeremy is the reigning champion bc he once found a neon pink and green floor length patchwork jacket. 

who made the first move: Jeremy. It was just after the whole SQUIP fiasco, and he decided to just ask Y/N out because rejection wasn’t as bad as having a supercomputer in your brain. Lucky for him, Y/N said yes.

who brings flowers home: Y/N. Jeremy goes bright red when he’s flustered or embarrassed, and he goes about as red as the flowers Y/N gets him. She thinks it’s the cutest thing.

who is the best cook: Jeremy. His dad didn’t do a lot of cooking after his mom left, so Jeremy learnt how to cook so he wasn’t having ramen and takeout Chinese every night.

Good Love {2jae} Chapter Four

genre: fluff, slight angst, future smut

warnings: smut, a/b/o dynamics (including self-lubrication, heats, ruts, marking, mating, knotting, pack dynamics), boyxboy

pairings: im jaebum x choi youngjae, other pairings

In Youngjae’s eyes, Jaebum was the perfect alpha- handsome, protective, grounded, and took care of his small pack very well. But too bad Jaebum doesn’t think he’s the perfect omega- or any omega, for that matter

or, the one where jaebum thinks a mate will just be a distraction rather than a blessing


An important thing to note is that in this AU, sexuality (gay, straight, bi, etc.) doesn’t really exist. People are just attracted to whoever and no one is really that picky if it’s a female or male. It’s more based off compatibility- which will be explained more as the story goes on. (:

This was definitely a date.

Jaebum sat across from Youngjae, looking at the menu that was placed in front of him. They were seated outside, sun beaming, a very light breeze going, and a Youngjae that was glowing.

They didn’t have complete closure on whatever their situation was, but they were getting somewhere- and that’s all Youngjae needed. He didn’t want to seem like a brat and talk about what needed to be talked about as soon as they sat down. Youngjae was still trying to figure Jaebum out, and he didn’t want to poke and prod if it obviously wasn’t welcome.

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Prompt (thank you so much, btw ❤️❤️): okay so I have two one for angst: Killian tells Emma how he grew up in slavery? And fluff: Killian trying to cook for emma (which results in him either being fantastic or terrible at it)?

Ok, so I’m already sad af and I don’t think my wittle heart can handle any more angst so I’m gonna put a hold on that first one but the cooking one is adorable and while at first, I thought let’s make the man fabulous at everything, I decided to make him suck at this one little thing.

Emma makes the pancakes.

She’s not a great cook, was never given the opportunity to become one. Her life after prison has been one shitty microwaved meal to the next Chinese takeout.

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Can you write something about reader slowly falling asleep on Dick's lap, while he runs his fingers through her hair?

We’ve finally reached the 200th mark! Yay!! This calls for a celebration! What should I do? Do you have any ideas or scenes you want to see written? Anyways, hope you like this! Thank you for requesting!

You stretched your body, stifling a yawn as you trudged to where your boyfriend is sitting on the bed. All you want to do right now is just curl up against him and go to sleep but the two of you rarely have that much free time to spend together lately so you tried to hang on to every little time you can get with him.

“Babe, come here; you look dead on your feet.” Dick called out, snapping you out of your train of thoughts. You mumbled an incoherent response and walked over to the bed, flopping on your side of the bed. Dick laughed at you before pulling you to him. You laid your head on his lap and stretched on the bed. “You should sleep.” He told you while running his fingers through your hair. The feeling of his fingers running through your hair, lightly scratching your scalp soothed you in a way and you relaxed on the bed, a smile on your face.

“I don’t want to.” You protested but then you yawned. Dick chuckled and shook his head. “I miss you.” You said to him when you finished yawning.

Dick nodded his head. “I miss you too.” He leaned down to press a kiss on your forehead and you smiled at him.

“You missed.” You pointed at your lips and he chuckled once more before pressing his lips against yours briefly.

You smiled before getting comfortable on the bed. Dick’s thigh felt a little more comfortable than your pillow and really, the last thing you remembered after that was Dick’s gentle touch as he continued to run his fingers through your hair.


Your eyelids felt heavy when you finally blinked them open and you had to take a moment to remember where you were and what you had done before. You frowned and lifted your head up from your boyfriend’s lap. “I didn’t mean to fall asleep…” You tell him when you notice that Dick is still wide awake and watching you. You scolded yourself mentally for falling asleep immediately.

“You were tired, babe.” Dick brushed your hair out of your face and smiled at you.

“Still, I wanted to spend some more time with you.” You mumbled before sitting up slowly, trying to not get a head rush. You stretched your arms and yawned loudly as you tried to figure out how long you had been asleep. The sun had been up when you got back to your house and it probably was still up by the time you fell asleep.

“It’s almost time for Supper.” Dick told you and you thanked him before pushing away the blanket. You didn’t remember putting it on you so Dick must have done so. “I’m going to get some water…” You kissed Dick’s cheek before getting off the bed.

You could feel Dick’s eyes following you like that of a lost puppy and he immediately scrambled off the bed to chase after you. “I can get take-outs; you don’t have to cook anything. How does Chinese sound for dinner?” He trailed after you and you smiled at him, nodding your head.

Dick whipped out his phone and out of habit, you leaned against him, watching him unlock his phone. Your eyes widen when you caught sight of his new home screen photo; it was a photo of you, sleeping soundly on his lap. “You took photos of me!”

He laughed, causing you to shake slightly and you rolled your eyes. “You’re still cute.” He told you, pressing his lips on your temple. You rolled your eyes but smiled nonetheless. “So what should we get for dinner?”

We don’t like to do too much explaining,
story stayed the same through the money and the fame,
cause we…

As loyal readers may or may not remember, my original plan was to faithfully follow legacy rules and slowly build a greek house for the kids, using w/e money we had in junior year. Well, the road to hell is paved with good intentions! Which doesn’t really apply here but i like saying it. I’m actually not sure I even get what it means. Point is the nll update came in the meantime and despite my lawful intentions I was too done to build a house, so we commandeered the sorority house, banished DJ and co in the sim bin, added a gorilla statue and our proud letters (U-U-U) and here we are! I gave the house an extensive 10 minute makeover, bringing our funds to an impressive:

NOICE. We’re gonna starve but at least we’ll do it next to our bowling alley. Joining us in this glorious endeavor are Brit Brit, Melody and Frances J, while Wyatt and Ti-Ning have pledged and are expected to move in shortly. I doubt the sim world has ever seen such a bunch of assholes under the same roof.

Our first night is off to an incredible start, as everyone is starving, no one knows how to cook, we’ve ordered both pizza and chinese food and are thus completely broke, and megabitch Brit Brit has been hitting poor Fran with a baseball for 3 hours:

-Ooops, I did it again >:)

Idk but I have a feeling me and Brit are gonna get along great!

Finally, it looks like Fran is concussed enough to make a move on Jojo, which marks the start of the 3-man race for his tiny, vicious heart. Place your bets and take some dramamine cause it’s gonna be a wild ride. 

Case in point, it’s a new day in a new kitchen and Jojo’s mind is occupied by thoughts of everyone’s fav french-arabian prince, Wyatt Monif. Since Wyatt is a pledge and there are term papers that need writing we invite him over..

..and things are heating up. You know, if heating up means Jojo continues to be a pain in the ass and still doesn’t have a crush on Wyatt even though they’ve made out a hundred times. Jojo WHAT IS YOUR DEAL

-It’s called being a stone-cold motherfucker, you should give it a try. Now Wyatt, just because we’re best friends and semi-lovers doesn’t mean you’re still not a lowly pleb pledge completely at my mercy, so don’t get any ideas.

-Of course not, I’d rather die than disappoint my dear Jojό!

-Well let’s see which happens first.

-Oh, don’t worry, Gunthèr, it is I who will win Jojό’s heart!

-Yeah, I’m the complete opposite of worried.. whatever that is.



-..Are you sure college is the right trajectoire for you?

Finally. THE TIME IS NEIGH. Hope you’re all ready for Ti-Nings personality panel……………………

………………………………………LMAO. Perfect Jojo match!

RICH BITCH CONVENTION. Seriously these 3 have a combined of what? 7 nice points? Put them all together and you make one bearable person.

-Aw, Jojό, is that a hunting knife in your pocket or are you happy to see me?

-I’m happy to see you!

-Ok I lied it was a hunting knife.

-Oui, I can tell :(

Small dick jokes aside, Wyatt is now not only officially in love with Jojo but apparently ready to commit his life to this monstrosity. Which you know, Jojo is a Union and I’m under contractual obligation to love him but Wyatt, seriously. You’re still young, a lot of fish in the pond, normal, nice, non-serial-killing fish..


Fine, can’t beat young love I guess! I mean if Romeo and Juliette teaches us anything…

…it’s that only death can.

For whom the bell tolls..

Oh Max……….. the pleasure will be all mine.

One last kiss for the road… The road which leads to me never seeing Max’s fug clone ass on Jojo’s panel again.

Oh you’re a crafty one aren’t you!! Trying to charm your way out before I lock you in!! Thankfully Jojo has your number.

-Absolutely not, Max, I already have 3 people pursuing me, this is just excessive! Now get in there and die!

-Ugh fine, but my heart’s not gonna be in it.

Meanwhile, disaster has struck our house in the form of that stupid fucking coach, resulting in me facing the sight of Gunther doing lunges in this indescribable outfit. I don’t know how long it will be before I can look at him with the same eyes again.

-I suffer now but Mel is gonna thank me later ;)

Remember when you were an innocent weird little kid and not a sex demon??? Those were the fucking days.

Back in the yard and while the world awaits Max’s demise with bated breath, Frances has resorted to pulling dirty tricks. For shame, what did Wyatt ever to do to you, he’s a sweetheart!

-Well I’m not. And that’s why I deserve Jojo, unlike that family-aspiration-6-nice-points flop.

Yea you definitely deserve each other, no arguments here.

OH MAN, Wyatt is not playing around, he’s in it to win it. 

-Your move, Frannie. 

-Name your price, you french harlot. 

-Forget about it, mon ami, can’t buy me love.. Though I’m sure you’ve tried with that mug.


-Ohoho suck it, Fran, I’m going napoleonic wars on your pasty british behind!

-Yes, that’s an apt metaphor considering the FRENCH LOST. Don’t get comfortable, pal, you won the battle but I’ll win the war.


I don’t mean to interrupt this thrilling conversation…


-Please bitch, the cake is a lie. 

God, fuck you, Portal, you overrated piece of shit.

Seriously guys, Wyatt is diabetes-inducing-sweet. He doesn’t even get mad when the cow does that pillow fight thing on him, instead he actually starts playing with him? What an angelic creature. I’m really starting to feel the urge to protect him from Jojo. If that plan goes as well as my plan to kill Max, WHO IS NOW BIRDWATCHING, you can count on them getting married by the end of this shitshow.

This rando ass prof comes to visit us and Ti-Ning has been mercilessly bullying him for the better part of the day. Ti-Ning, as much as I appreciate your relentless evilness, maybe you should focus your energy on something else, like perhaps going after Jojo aka THE REASON I MOVED YOU IN?

-Lol whatever, I have Jojo in the bag, he wants the one he cannot have…

Yea he also has 2 hotter guys than your bird ass after him, so time to step up! I mean look at this shit:

Wyatt has the relationship advantage, Fran the chemistry one, and you have shit even though you’re the biggest freak of the 3 and the closer one to Jo’s terrifying personality points! Take what is yours boo!

NOOOOO #REJECTED. Man that was some bad advice. Sorry Ti!

-UGH can’t believe I listened to you, ‘express my feelings’, what am I, 12?

Yea yea I’m sorry, let’s go back to your strategy of being a massive bitch.

The day is coming to an end. Jojo is eating pizza while his suitors work out..

 Gunther is back to doing ballet while Brit has picked up the mantle of torturing the prof..

AND MAX HAS YET TO DIE. JFC. At this rate he’s gonna die of hunger before he gets eaten which is not how I roll, I wanted something quick, painless and fun for his murder but WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS CAN WE. Even in death you decide to be a fucking pain in the ass GOD. YOU ARE THE WORST. While I’m contemplating ways to solve my little Komei clone problem a little window pops up and my first thought is ‘someone died of hunger’ but then I look and what do I see….

A PLOT FUCKING TWIST, THAT’S WHAT. Our good Jojo here waited until Wyatt and Fran were conveniently both at class to go for it! And now the real race for the crown begins. In the game of thrones, you win or you die birdwatch next to a cowplant, apparently. JUST DIE ALREADY MAX. Be a pal.


On this fine Saturday morning we decided to try to make the Shanghai specialty that are Shengjian Bao (生煎包) also known as pan-fried dumplings; they are similar to regular dumplings but bigger and have a different method of cooking.

They are at first pan-fried, then after a few minutes a bowl of water is poured into the pan and they are quickly covered so that they are steamed. The bottom is crispy while the top is soft. Usually they are eaten with vinegar so that it cuts through the oil bringing balance to the dish.

They are very popular in China and Taiwan and can be found among street vendors as well as restaurants. The most famous restaurant in Shanghai has to be the chain Xiaoyang Shengjian (小杨生煎); they are spread throughout the city and long lines of people queuing can be found during breakfast and lunch hours.

We were quite happy how they turned out as it was only our first attempt. Cannot wait to see how will improve next time!

Today, I fucked up... by bringing Chinese takeout to my mom’s friend’s party

My mom and her close friend often hosts these little social gatherings where everyone who’s invited brings a dish for lunch. (kind of like a potluck). My mom could not attend but my sister and I went anyway. Since I was too lazy to cook, I brought some chinese take out. So we get to the party and the ladies are talking in the kitchen. Someone was asking the lady who was hosting the party about a meal she cooked, and she commented on how she had learned to cook chinese food from a friend of hers. So I come in and I say, “Oh you cooked chinese, well I brought some chinese takeout.” Turns out she brought some takeout too. I put down the box of takeout in the kitchen right next to this plate of food and realize that they are both the exact same dish. This lady got exposed for passing off takeout as her own cooking in front of all her guests. I don’t think she will be inviting us back.

Check out more TIFUs: Internet`s best fuck ups are here.

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That axis s/o youtubers was great. Can you do one with the allies, plus Canada, please?

(Why would you include Canada that’s, like, cruel)

America/Alfred F. Jones: America would record videos about him talking about his passion. That’s right, movies! He’d focus mainly on movie reviews and critiques, although he does make parodies from time to time (Fifty Shades of America is his personal favourite). Although he jokes a lot in his videos and never fails to add in comical effects when editing them, he actually has quite a bit of good ideas and feedback, from things like casting to dialogue to lens flares. He’d have quite a large fanbase of loyal followers, most of them teenagers and young adults. 

England/Arthur Kirkland: England’s channel would have quite a wide variety of content. He has a series dedicated to tea, another to the occult and one more for history. While this may seem boring, many love his videos because of the interesting way he delivers educational content. For his ‘Teatime’ series, he mainly records videos at home, brewing and explaining the different types of tea and brewing methods. For his ‘Intrakantera’ series, although it’s a weird mix of creepy and cringey, fans of the occult love it because of his vast knowledge of curses and spells. Finally, his ‘History Mysteries’ series is the most popular, as he gives historian-level information on assorted events, people and relics from the past. His fanbase is varied, from old to young following at least one series.

France/Francis Bonnefoy: France would host a craft channel, where he teaches his viewers how to DIY jewellery, charms, etc. He’d start off every video thanking his viewers and, depending on the day of the week he uploads the video on, encourage or congratulate them for working hard at school and work. His crafts are unique and cute, and he frequently makes seasonal specials (Valentine’s Day rings, Christmas tree decorations, summer-themed bracelets, etc.). His fans are mainly girls, especially students.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky: Russia would be a vlogger, recording videos on his daily life and on topics that he comes across during the day. He doesn’t really have a specific focus, and his videos range from discussion topics to challenges. Although he’s not highly popular, his cheerful smile in every video and pure innocence when performing some challenges endears him to his followers, who are usually devoted to him. He interacts with his fans a lot, from Q&A videos to answering comments. He frequently gets ideas for his new videos from comments on a previous video, and will always credit the one who came up with the idea.

China/Wang Yao: China would have two series: one on cooking, one on medicine. His cooking series would be the more popular of the two, where he teaches his viewers how to cook Asian cuisine (mostly Chinese). His main focus is on spice and vegetables, and his recipes would usually keep health in mind, so as a result, his videos are very popular amongst housewives and mothers. His other series focuses on traditional Chinese medicine, including herbal remedies and acupuncture. He does his best to bust common myths about TCM, while encouraging TCM practitioners to adopt more eco-friendly methods, all while keeping the spirit of TCM alive. His fans come from all around the world, as while he records in English, he adds captions for as many languages as possible (with the help of his friends).

Canada/Matthew Williams: Canada’s videos would be mainly animations voiced by himself, although there are a few rare live-action ones. His animation style is cute and smooth, while his voice acting is relatively good, although you can still tell that it’s the same person. His animations range from game theories to animal rights ads to original MVs and PVs of his favourite songs. Although his number of subscribers is small compared to the other Allies, they’re dedicated to him and will not hesitate to jump to his defence in an online war. Canada treasures every single fan of his, which makes him even more adorable to them.

Heat: AU Firefighter/Paramedic!Dean Part Two

Heat: AU Firefighter/Paramedic!Dean Part Two

Summary: Dean rescued you from an apartment fire that left you with badly burned hands, chest, abdomen, and legs. You went with your friend Charlie to thank the firefighters and met Dean, the fireman that pulled you out. Turns out the apartment complex you moved into is the same one as Dean and you two are now neighbors. After some serious flirting the time comes for you two to turn those words into actions. You were confident until suddenly you realized you hadn’t been with anyone since the accident and are now very self-conscious of your burns. Sexy dominant Dean turns sweet and gentle.

Part One

Pairings: Firefighter/Paramedic!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,715

Warnings: Talk of burns, poor body image, anxiety/panic attack, and fluffy Dean helping you through. PLEASE DO NOT READ IF THESE ARE TRIGGERS FOR YOU!

A/N: Dean’s got you all calmed down, stay tuned for part three when he gets you all worked up, but in the best way possible ;) As always feedback is welcomed and appreciated. Let me know if you want to be tagged and current tags are at the bottom. Stay awesome everyone! <3

That slack jawed dumbfounded look Dean had on his face as you walked away that day at the fire station never failed to make you laugh as you thought back on it over the next week. You and Dean had been non-stop texting and flirting since that day and he had swung by a time or two to quickly help you with somethings before he headed out for his next shift. It was hard finding time to hang out while you were adjusting to the new apartment and he was gone every other 24-hour period at work. Thankfully he had the next four days off and you guys had made plans for dinner and a movie tonight.

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Applause after course on Sichuan cuisine opens to undergraduates

Undergraduate students in southwest China’s Sichuan Province are now able to learn how to cook traditional Sichuan cuisine–one of China’s most popular culinary arts, known for its hot and spicy tastes.

Given that many young Chinese cannot cook for themselves, the University of Electronic Science and Technology in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan, has just opened an elective course to teach how to cook Sichuan dishes and also the Chinese culinary culture, as the new semester begins.

The most renowned Sichuan dishes, including Kung Pao Chicken (spicy diced chicken with peanuts), Mapo Tofu (stewed bean curd with minced pork in pepper sauce) and Huiguo Rou (Twice cooked pork), are all included in the program.

According to a local report in the West China Metropolis Daily on Friday, many students have applied for a seat in the class, but the number was capped at 50.

As it’s rare for Chinese universities to open cooking courses, a lot of discussions have been triggered on Sina Weibo, a major Chinese social media platform, and netizens are responding with an outpouring of praise.

“Such a nice course. Cooking is a basic life skill [that many students lack],” @Ephyraebushidamao.

”After graduation, they may find out this is the only course that benefits their lives….” @masstock.

“Cooking should have been popularized earlier. More courses should also be open, such as first aid courses, fire-safety courses and so on. Young people should first learn how to live…” @Jianbingjianbingjianbing.

Omg I think I’m just having one of those days where I hate everyone but like I just went to my friend’s flat because her Chinese friend was showing us how to cook something and then her flatmates who aren’t chinese were like telling her she was doing it wrong and they were almost mansplaining but they’re girls and I honestly don’t know how I stayed there for two hours lmao it was unbearable like why do people have to say stuff all the time just be quiet??


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A Winmills Christmas- Day 4

Welcome to A Very Merry Winmills Christmas!

This is a challenge hosted by @waywardlullabies! I was given 12 prompts, one for each of the 12 days of Christmas. I have taken the prompts and turned them into a fluffy, smutty, feels-y love story about Sam Winchester and Jody Mills, and I hope you love them as much as I do! (Also, shout out to my loves @unadulteratedstorycollector and @littlegreenplasticsoldier for their general wonderfulness.)

Read Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

Day 4 prompt: Christmas lights and hot chocolate 

Warnings:  smut, a tiny bit of angst that gets resolved

Word Count: 2100ish

A/N: Feedback is greatly appreciated on this one, guys! I hope you enjoy this Christmas gift from me to you! XOXO

Sam wakes up to Jody nuzzling against his chest. Her breath tickles the hair there, and she kisses a nonsense pattern over and over, until he runs a hand up her back, letting her know he’s awake.

Without a word, she rolls to her back, pulling Sam so that he’s on top of her, hips slotted against hers, the warm skin of her legs sliding over his as she pulls her knees up to trap him there.

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