how to compliment a woman

If mras acted like feminists

“Men are literally being killed all over the world, but women only care about how they are entitled to have men attracted to them”


“I need mras becuase a girl put her purse in the seat next to mine, taking up space. I am tired of this oppression.”


“How come every guy on television is portrayed as stupid and clumsy while the women are smart and perfect? Sexism!”


“It’s impossible to be sexist towards women. Sexism is discrimination + minority status. Women are the majority of the US and the world so they can’t experience sexism”


“It’s found that in the sailor moon video game, most of the playable characters were female. Sexism needs to stop in the video game indistry. Donate.”


“What? You disagree with me? Cry me a river you stupid feminist fuckgirl.”


“I was made fun of by a girl in high school, so I’m allowed to hate women.”






Like 90% of guys are perfect 10’s and so hot and handsome’ but only like 10% of girls are pretty. They’re basically trolls.”


“What? You support womanism but try to claim that you support equality? What a misandric pissbaby”


“Hot guys in magazines and television is male empowerment. Hot women in magazines and television is just a female power fantasy.”


“If a woman stares at you without you permission, it is stare rape and you should report her.”


“some girls were staring at me and I thought they were going to catcall me, but they told me that my Nike sneakers were cool and you could kill a woman with them.

That. That is how you compliment a man.”


“Wow. Mras are literally fighting for both men and women. You don’t need feminism, you need to be an mra.”


“Women are so weak. You can punch them in the boob and they freak out in pain. Punch a guy in the boob and it might sting, but we can take it. Like how weak can you be?”


“If a movie can’t go without a guy thinking about or talking about a girl for more than 30 minutes, it’s misandric and you shouldn’t watch it.”


“I need mras becuase I made a post about how terrible women are and a bunch of women were hijacking my post to post ‘not all women’”


“Women are literally cutting men’s penises off and putting them in garbage disposals and all women can say is “not all women”“.


"Raise your hand if you hate women!”
*300,000 notes


Wow, you’re a feminist? No wonder you’re alone. You probably have small boobs lol. Oh, and stop body shaming btw”


“Wow, you’re a guy and not an mra? I feel sorry for you.”


“Wow. Jim parsons said he isn’t an mra. What a stupid asshole.”


“Petition to make it illegal for women to put their bags on seats and womanspreading 2k15”
*gets 80k in donations


“Misogyny isn’t real”


“I was waiting in line to get my car checked and a woman told me that my car was not masculine enough for me and threw cologne at me. I picked up a nearby desk and threw it at that misandrist. The whole room full of people clapped. True story.”

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Mom, if its not too much to ask, could you do a story about Maggie having trouble dealing with a perpetually disappointed parent? Constantly being disappointed in her lifestyle choices out of 'love and worry'(style of dress, job, eating habits, etc.) and J'onn noticing and balancing it out with his own brand of space-dad approval? It's getting harder and harder to deal with my mom's disapproval lately. I feel like I can't do anything right. If not, I can wait for prompts to open again.

He only ever hears one side of the conversation, but that’s all he needs to hear to put the pieces together.

“Now’s not a great time, Pop, is Ma okay? I – yeah – yeah, I’m on duty. Yeah, Pop, I know it’s eleven at night. No, come on, I can’t do this right now. Because I love my job, Pop, it’s important, I’m changing the force from the ins– you know what, I don’t – I don’t have time for this, I gotta go. I love you. Yes, of course I do, why the hell would you say something like that? I – hello? Bye to you, too.”

Another night, this time earlier in the evening, the day after Maggie picked up Alex wearing a sharp flannel and massive smile, with a dozen red roses in tow. Winn had insisted on taking their picture, and apparently Maggie had sent it to her parents, because I want them to see how absolutely beautiful my girlfriend is.

“Hey Pop, how you doing? Aw, you did? Isn’t she gorgeous? I – it – I – I think I was in a flannel, wasn’t I? It – yeah, I know I’m not on the farm anymore, trust me, I know – no, Pop – “ J’onn almost doesn’t notice when Maggie switches to Portuguese, having known the language for so long the translation came to his mind just as quickly as the English did – “It’s not just a white girl look, Pop, plenty of self-respecting brown women dress like this, I’m not betraying anyt – well hey, you didn’t see anything wrong with raising me in an all-white town – no, I know you love me, I know you want what’s best for me – “ J’onn blinks when she switches seamlessly back to English – “but maybe what’s best for me is having you actually be happy for me when I send you a picture of me so clearly happy with how my life is right now, instead of calling me to just to criticize my – no, I don’t wanna talk to her right now, I – “

She groans and J’onn lowers his eyes and sighs quietly.

It happens again as she and Alex are gearing up for Alex’s first visit to Blue Springs, which has one of his girls wide-eyed and nervous, and the other both loving and terribly, terribly tense.

“Nah, tell her she doesn’t have to make me anything special, I’ll just whip something up for myself when we get there – yes, Alex will eat what she – because, Pop, I’ve been vegan for years, you’d think you both would get used to it by – well somehow I manage, and Mama is the one who taught me to cook, so if I can figure it out, I – no, you know what, you’re right, I’m sorry, I’m not trying to fight with you, just… just don’t go to any trouble, okay, I’ll work it out when I get there, I – no, I didn’t mean – yes Pop. Yes sir. Yeah. I love you. Bye.”

J’onn doesn’t imagine it would help his newest child much if he flew himself out to Blue Springs and gave Mr. Sawyer a piece of his mind.

And Maggie always slips off into a corner, whisper-shouts instead of shout-shouting, turns her face, her body, away when she gets her father’s calls. And she’s not like Alex, but she is, she is, so he doesn’t want to hurt her pride by bringing it up with her directly. Or violate her privacy, for that matter (though he supposes he can’t very well help what his ears pick up).

So instead, he starts doing small things, saying small things, that he hopes she’ll notice, that he hopes will lift, at least a little, the sad sagging in her shoulders; relieve, at least a little, the tension in her coiled lower back, her fists; soothe, at least a little, the burning tears in her eyes, the raging pit in her stomach, the defeat in her chest.

“You know, Detective Sawyer, since you started liaising with the DEO, our communication with the NCPD has never been better. The increased efficiency is saving a lot of lives; that’s a lot you have to be proud of.”

Alex is – nowadays, anyway – generally the one to blush, to squirm, to fumble over her words. And, true to form, Maggie doesn’t squirm, not exactly, but she stammers a bit and it’s clear she doesn’t know what to say, doesn’t know how to respond, doesn’t know how to feel, doesn’t know what to do with her hands, her eyes, her face.

So she falls back on her training, and she nods, and she says, simply, “Thank you, sir. That… means a lot.”

He covers her shoulder with his hand and she looks almost overcome by the gesture.

And then again, later, the next time he sees her decked out in flannel and sharp pants and a belt of the sort that he’s overhead Winn referring to as gloriously gay, he makes sure he smiles at her. He clears his throat, because if what he’s about to say is going to be uncomfortable for her, it’s even moreso for him, but that doesn’t matter, because she deserves to hear it from a potentially father-type figure.

So he clears his throat once, twice, and before she can ask if he wants some water, he forces out, “You look particularly sharp today, Detective. Agent Danvers is fortunate to have a woman as beautiful as you.”

“J’onn, are you hitting on Alex’s girlfriend?”

“Oh, leave the man alone, Schott, just because he knows how to compliment a woman better than you do,” Maggie quips through her smile ,through her deep, deep blush. She reaches up to put her hand on J’onn’s shoulder, this time, and he’s sure that as she walks away, it’s with a straighter spine and a prouder strut.

And when it’s one of the rookie agent’s birthdays and Kara insists on throwing him a little party, it’s J’onn who takes Maggie aside to make sure she knows that there are three different flavors of vegan ice cream, just for her.

“You know, when I first arrived on this planet, I was startled by how many human cultures emphasize animal flesh as their major culinary staples. Since then I’ve deeply appreciated humans who can see part their society, to a different sort of ethics.”

Maybe it’s because she and Alex didn’t get much sleep the night before, so her guard is lower than it might otherwise be; maybe it’s because J’onn’s eyes are as soft and as warm as his voice is awkward and gruff; or maybe it’s because her own father’s words are still stinging so sharply, so loudly, so painfully, in her ears; or maybe it’s all of it, everything, because suddenly Maggie is leaning up on her tip toes and she’s reaching her arms up and she’s burying her face in J’onn’s chest.

He only hesitates for a brief, startled moment before he wraps his arms around her, too, one of his hands covering the entire small of her back.

“Thank you, J’onn,” she’s whispering, and he catches Alex’s wet smile from across the room over Maggie’s head.

“Thank you, Maggie. Thank you for giving my girls – both of them – such happiness. We are all… truly lucky to have you in our lives.”

And now, if Maggie doesn’t know what to say, it’s because her body is speaking her gratitude for her, and J’onn nods when Alex mouths her thanks at him, because he means it; even in times like these, they’re still lucky, because they have, somehow, against all odds and probabilities, found each other.

On Your Best Behavior {Oh Sehun}

Prompt: smut game 1 - 22 with sehun from exo. sorry idk if i’m doing this right 💕💙💕

Pairing: Sehun x Reader

Word Count: 1.2k

Warning: oral -female receiving-, daddy kink,

Requests Open || Smut Game 1 || Smut Game 2 || Smut Game 3 || BTS Masterlist || GOT7 Masterlist || Monsta X Masterlist

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CS Quotes that make me want to set myself on fire and jump off a cliff aka my bbies are precious (3/∞)


’ As the good book says, when a poor man eats a chicken, one of them is sick. ’
’ Well, it doesn’t say that exactly, but somewhere there is something about a chicken. ’
’ Where does the book say that? ’
’ Is this the little girl/boy I carried? Is this the little boy/girl at play? ’
’ I don’t remember growing older. When did they? ’
’ In this world it is the rich who are the criminals. ’
’ Someday their wealth will be ours. ’
’ That would be nice. If they would agree, I would agree. ’
’ If they would agree, I would agree. ’
’ I am a stranger in a strange land…  ’
’ I am slow of speech, and slow of tongue. ’
’ For a man who was slow of tongue, he talked a lot. ’
’ The last one was so old and he was bald. ’
’ A poor girl without a dowry can’t be so particular. ’
’ You want hair, marry a monkey. ’
’ Money is the world’s curse. ’
’ May the Lord smite me with it. And may I never recover. ’
’ As the good book says, if you spit in the air, it lands in your face. ’
’ I know, I know. We are Your chosen people. ’
’ But, once in a while, can’t you choose someone else? ’
’ You are just a poor tailor! ’
’ God alone knows when we shall see each other again. ’
’ Love, it’s a new style… ’
’ Times are changing, __________. ’
’ I gave each other our pledge that we would marry. ’
’ We gave each other our pledge. ’
’ You gave each other a… pledge? ’
’ And all this from killing innocent animals. ’
’ How is your sister/brother-in-law? In America? ’
’ You’re an honest, decent person. ’
’ How often does a man/woman get a compliment like that? ’
’ You’re always joking. ’
’ Thank you, your honor.  ’
’ You are a good man/woman. ’
’ I won’t insult you by saying no. ’
’ Oh, you’re finally here. Come, let’s go home now. ’
’ You can see it some other time. Let’s go home now. ’
’ After we finish supper I’ll faint. ’
’ I’m very frightened of you. ’
’ Because when I get angry, even flies don’t dare to fly! ’
’ If the rich could hire others to die for them we, the poor, would all make a nice living. ’
’ I’m a very good teacher. ’
’ Meanwhile, let’s start packing. ’
’ A fiddler on the roof. Sounds crazy, no? ’
’ Why do we stay up there if it’s so dangerous? ’
’ Without our traditions, our lives would be as shaky as… as… as a fiddler on the roof! ’
’ It may sound like I’m complaining, but I’m not. ’
’ After all, with your help, I’m starving to death. ’
’ They gave each other a pledge? Unheard of. Absurd. ’
’ Your daughter / son has a quick and witty tongue. ’
’ The good book can wait, it’s time for Sabbath. ’
’ Against our militia, our army? I wouldn’t advise that! ’
’ We can fight to keep our home. ’
’ I have some advice for you. ’
’ This is still my home, my land. Get off my land. ’
’ We are going to New York, America. We’ll be neighbors. ’
’ You’ll all chatter yourselves away into the grave. ’
’ I hear they’ve picked a bride for me, I hope she’s pretty. ’
’ Then there are the others in our village. ’
’ And among ourselves, we always get along perfectly well. ’
’ But now, it’s all over, and we live in simple peace and harmony. ’
’ If that’s not love, what is? ’
’ After twenty-five years, it’s nice to know. ’
’ An eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth. ’
’ That way the whole world will be blind and toothless. ’
’ From such children come other children! ’
’ Live in my house, carry my keys, and wear my clothes, pearls, how? ’
’ There’s a question… A certain question I want to discuss with you. ’
’ Well, yes. Yes, everything’s political. ’
’ I personally am in favour of such a socioeconomic relationship. ’
’ I think… you are asking me to marry you. ’
’ Well… in a theoretical sense… yes. I am. ’
’ Just like two newlyweds should be. ’
’ Is there a canopy in store for me? ’
’ Why shouldn’t I want the best? ’
’ I promise you’ll be happy, and even if you’re not, there’s more to life than that…  ’
’ I won’t be late! If you ever stop talking, I won’t be late! ’
’ May the authorities be like onions with their heads in the ground! ’

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Oooh 170 for the NSFW prompts please? I rarely catch this so I am so glad I did. I love your writing so much!

Awww you have no idea how much that means to me @seigephoenix you really don’t! Thank you! *giant hugs*

This was longer than I expected, but meh, it ends with some smutty smut which is all that matters, right? I also combined your request of 170 “Bend Over” with another very old anon prompt 13 “ anything involving the secretive brushing of fingertips against inner thighs in public spaces” (Sorry it took me so long anon, this was sent months ago!?). The two just went together in my head! 

So for @dadrunkwriting we have some Cullen X Annabel Trevelyan NSFW Smut, fluff and a little humour, set at the Winter Palace just before Trespasser. Hope you like it!


Sweet desserts

Lady Annabel Kathryn Trevelyan doesn’t want to discuss the foreboding Exalted Council, doesn’t want to be sat at this long table, dangerously close to the Empress, and most certainly doesn’t want to listen to another one of Lord Teagan’s stories. She swears she’d heard he was an interesting and handsome Lord, but it seems her sources were woefully off.

Speaking of off, she pokes at the soft cheese thing on the plate in front of her. A savoury dessert? Cheese!? Orlesian’s… Only the Winter Palace could ruin dessert. With a huff of disappointment, she looks to Cullen, happy to see he’s barely touched his either. She presents him a winning smile but his attention is fixed on a conversation he’s having with the noble lady opposite.  

The woman is lent over the table, all but exposing herself to him and doing her best to be as disgustingly charming as possible. A frown creases Annabel’s forehead. Lady Brightwell had been one of those who had enquired after his linage following their last adventures at the Winter Palace, and it would be a lie to say either Annabel or Cullen had been happy with the seating arrangements.

Josie had ensured her it was all for a good cause with the Exalted Council being so close but she still didn’t like it. Nor had she liked the starter, mains, dessert, or conversation, but the wine was at least good. Perhaps a little too good. She’s not sure how many glasses she’s had but it’s enough to gloss over what would otherwise have been a total loss of an evening.

For a moment she simply watches Cullen, how his eyes dart away as the woman compliments him. In many ways, he still is very naive, or perhaps just humble, shy. But Annabel knows something far more confident, far more commanding, lingers under the blush on the surface. The lady opposite seems far too keen, pressing her bust together until there all but spilling out.

It’s time for some fun and to make sure they both remember her presence.

Picking up her wine she chimes in. “Lady Brightwell, I must say, your own hair is looking ravishing, where did you get the idea from?” her hand slips onto Cullen’s lap and slides down his inner thigh.

What in the name of Andstrate is she playing at!? Cullen’s eyes widen then promptly settle back to his usual serious expression. She surely wouldn’t – oh yes, of course she would. He shifts in his seat, Annabel’s fingers brushing his inner thigh then travelling up his crotch, making him stir to life.

Glaring at her from the corner of his eye, she seems undeterred, chuckling about something. Something about him! Now his eyes narrow. He’d been in a bad enough mood to start with, although he knew she felt little happier about these torrid noble gatherings, but now she’s jesting with some noble about how adorable he is when he blushes!

Her foot brushes against the back of his calf, her hand still working its usual magic. He doesn’t know where she’s learnt such temptress tricks from, ones that send him from soft to aroused with moments, but he knows he does enjoy them. Most of the time that is.

“I do not blush,” he interjects at their giggles, his voice overly stern. “And do you, Ladies, not have better things to discuss?”

Through his trousers her thumb presses down and circles around his ever-exposing tip. A surge of pleasure rips through his body, making him jerk and grab the table, much to everyone’s surprise. With a sharp breath he regains his senses.

“You’re right Cullen,” Annabel smiles sweetly, eyelashes fluttering as she rubs sinfully slowly up and down his growing length. “Do you know what I find most alluring about our dear Commander, Lady Brightwell?”

“Oh, no, but please do tell me!”

Annabel finally releases him so she can lean over the table, motioning the other woman in for a private whisper of intrigue, something every dinner party needed. He can’t hear what’s said, not over the general din but there’s a shocked gasp from the Lady opposite, her hand flying to cover her mouth and her cheeks turning crimson as she sits back down.

Now what is she playing at! Annabel goes to resume her stroking but his hand is quick to grab and clamp down on hers.  “Inquisitor,” he growls. “May I have a word? In private. A rather urgent matter has just come to mind.”

“Of course,” her tone is light as is her smile, clearly realising her game was done.

“Excuse us, Lady Brightwell,” nodding he abruptly gets to his feet, Annabel’s hand still clasped in his and he sets about almost dragging her away. Pushing open the dining hall door they cross the small courtyard briskly in silence. He’d had men scout the layout, and knew of a small study off to one side which he swiftly pulls her into.

“Before you get angry,” she starts as he closes the door, leaning to rest his hands against it and compose himself. “It was really dull in there, the food was horrid and she was openly flirting with you!”

Growling he reels to face her, she’s perched herself on an armchair beside a hearth full of embers. Her arm is draped over the back of it and used as a pillow to rest her head making for elegant sight in her flowing red gown. Folding his arms, he refuses to let his annoyance go so easily. No matter how stunning she looked in this new red dress. Always red. Always the most gorgeous woman in any room. It’s hard to believe she was actually jealous, he arches an eye brow sceptically.

“What!? It’s true, she practically had her boobs out on the table! That’s hardly my fault!” her chin lifts in the air, betraying her noble upbringing as she pouts, crossing her own arms defensively. “And did you see that dessert, what’s wrong with cake? Everyone likes cake! There was cheese with blue bits of mould in it. Mould. In a dessert,” she puffs lifting her chin even higher. “When we get back to room I’m ordering cake…” she mumbles her complaint to herself and he shakes his head lightly.

She was right. The lady had been flirting, or he’d thought so, and the food had been awful, he was in fact still hungry now. And she is of course, impossible to stay truly mad at as she runs from one thought to the next bringing honesty along all the way. And speaking of cake may have also captured his attention. Even still he won’t simply let such a brazen act go.

“That does not excuse you using me as your…your entertainment!” He may not be mad but he’s still irked and makes sure this much is evident in his hard expression.

“I know,” she huffs a heavy sigh, her eyes dropping to the ground. “I’m sorry… I should know better. I know I don’t have to worry about the likes of Brightwell, not really, but still…” She’s on her feet now slowly closing the small space between them, a hand reaching out to squeeze his arm. “I don’t like other women thinking of you like that, undressing you, with their eyes like that,” her voice is soft as her the blue irises gaze up at him. “You still have no idea how handsome you are, do you?”

Any leftover annoyance disappears, lost in the sincerity of those eyes, she really had been jealous. No doubt board and mischievous too, but he could hardly hold that against her, that was her essence after all, adding that naughty but nice spice into his life in a way he never knew he’d needed. And she is divine in that dress, bodice boosting her curves, hugging her waist and swaying over her rear. From the moment he’d seen her in it he’d wanted her out of it, now his fingers trace lightly down her arm, they are alone…

“You do realise, we’re going to have to finish what you started,” he muses, his lip twitching a dark smirk. “And of course, such behaviour requires punishment.”

A shiver runs down Annabel’s spine at the word, her eyes widening and a smirk creeping over her pout. “You mean you don’t wish to return to the dull party and awful food, which I so rudely distracted you from?”

He gives a light chuckle and she knows all has been forgiven, a grudge bearing Cullen did not chuckle like that.

“Not until I’ve put you back in your place, Lady Trevelyan,” he presses into her. Looming over he walks her backwards with his bulk, his eyes glinting darkly above as they halt at the chair. Her pulse begins to quicken at him so close, at his musky warm scent and commanding presence.

His mouth seals against hers with a passionate kiss, lips roaming over each over, drinking it the bitter tang of red wine that stained them both which she sighs into.

It’s all to brief, broken as he roughly twists her round. Holding her hips she can feel him hard against her back and it sends a shudder of wanting through her. He leans over, arms wrapping around, his chest sitting flush against her back so he can drop his voice to breathy whisper in her ear.

“Bend over.”

The order is simple and for once she obeys. She seeks for purchase as fabric rustles, her skirt hiked high she helps make sure her ample rear is on full display just for him. There’s a growl and a pinch that makes her squeal before her smalls are tugged down to her ankles followed by a short swift spank.

She yelps, lurching forwards, before settling herself back down, her blood now pumping hard as she feels the heat of a red mark spread on her cheek. 

Mimicking her hand movements earlier his fingers rub gently at her inner thighs, moving up slowly as his other hand loosens the corset.

Once lose enough his hand gropes round, grasping and kneading at bosom as his other fingers press and drag slowly up and down her creases. The touches deliver a moan from her, she’s all but helpless under him, her nails digging into the old cushions, wishing it was his heated skin under them. 

Punishment indeed. 

Oh, he’d learnt how the different ways to punish her long ago, but forcing her hands and mouth to be idle as he enjoyed the sins of her flesh, that was a simple classic.

His mouth lands on her shoulder blade, placing hot and heavy kisses across to the crook of her neck, exposed but the elegant bun she’s pinned in place. The stubble of his jaw is a harsh scrape against her sensitive flesh, another shudder, a wave of pleasure and want travels through her.

“Cullen…I’ll be good, please…” she murmurs then is forced to hum as his finger slips inside and he rolls her pert nipple between his fingers, taking his time with deliberate movements and kisses. “…please…” she moans now as he works. Twisting her head, she tries to seek him, wanting more of him, all of him, only to have her nipple pinched in sharp reprimand. Her sudden gasp generates a low rumble from his chest and suddenly she’s left deprived of his touch.

But not for long. Heavy hands are soon back on her hips, swaying and guiding her as he runs his scorching tip and length of his shaft over her rear. “Have you learnt your lesson yet, Trevelyan?” He presses his tip at her entrance but doesn’t force inside, making her mewl at its throbbing heat so close.

“Yes, Commander,” she nods, some dark hair tumbling loose in large wavy curls. 

“Good,” with that he plunges inside. A gasp and a cry escape her lungs as he slowly fills her. Arms out stretched she pushes back, seeking to feel all of him, to know he’s filled her completely, to know she is his, completely.

She sings a blissful hum as he hilts himself, oh Maker, nothing in the world mattered other than him. Rocking his hips, he soon begins to rut, his patience for the punishment seemingly gone as she hugs tight around him. Each movement is swift, a forceful smack inside her very core which jolts fiery pleasure through her. He pounds, again, and again and again. 

Maker, he’s glorious, he’s always so fucking glorious, and he’s chosen her. Only lays claim like this to her. This is the side of the Commander no other woman, noble or not, would ever get to see.

Ploughing hard and fast the sound of flesh smacking against flesh, panting and growing cries overpower to fill the small peaceful place. She can’t help it, every drive is another throb of pleasure, a babbling chorus of ‘yes’ pours from her soul as euphoria builds, she aches for him, for more, and he delivers. Each pound makes the pleasure grow, taking over her body, her mind, breathlessly panting, sweat drenching her skin as it builds and build. Finally she can take it no more.

Ecstasy explodes and shatters through her, shooting along every nerve, forcing out an organismic cry so loud, it resonates off the ancient bookcases and thrills the dusty tomes. Before her ringing praise has even ended he finds release, moaning for a few pants, blunt nails gripping as he spills, the guttural moan breaking as his hips slow and his hold slackens.

He comes to stop, withdrawing slowly, and panting heavily he lowers her layered skirts back down before moving to collapse in the plush chair. 

Still struggling for air and for some purchase back in the real world, Annabel’s eyes blink hazily open. He looks as dishevelled as she feels. Loose golden curls resting against his forehead, his jacket haphazardly undone and trousers up but not yet containing him.

Maker, he’s such a magnificent beast. Sprawled like a King on his throne, like the lion of Fereldan she knew he was. With slightly wobbly legs she manages to climb in, he shifts to allow her space to nuzzle against his side, skirt and legs wrapped over him. Reaching up she finally gets to kiss him, her hand tracing his jaw, letting their mouths move together naturally, deep and tender, tracing her tongue over his, as he kisses back.

With a shared sedated hum, they part to lock eyes for a moment, to share the love burned deep into the others, running through each of their cores, and smile devotedly. 

Annabel settles in the crook of his neck. Her heart beat calms with his under the palm of her hand, and after a few blissful moments she smiles, cracking her eyes open and glancing up at him.

“Hmmm… Don’t you want to know what I said to make Lady Brightwell blush so hard?”

He chuckles, heavy lids half opening to look at her as he shakes his head. “No. No I do not.”


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For @racheltuckerrr because I gave her too much angst earlier.


Alex always considered herself very attentive. Even from a young age Alex was able to observe people, what made them tick, what secrets they were hiding. It’s part of what made her good at her job. Alex was good a reading people. Or so she thought.

The first time she heard her sister talk about Cat Grant, Kara was complaining that she had called her ‘Kiera’ and wouldn’t listen when she said that it wasn’t her name. The first time she saw Kara around Cat was when Alex placed a cupcake on her desk because it was Kara’s Kryptonian birthday. She saw them through the glass doors, Kara flailing her arms in an attempt to explain something and Cat listening to her with a smile on her face. She should’ve realized it then, should’ve known that there was more to their relationship than boss/employee.

The first time Kara invited Cat over for game night definitely should’ve set off something in Alex’s brain but once again, Alex thought nothing of it. It was only when game night actually started that Alex realized what was happening to her little sister. They were perfect together, they had a system. Alex had been dating Maggie for months but Kara, Kara knew exactly how to describe something to Cat. And Cat knew right away what Kara was doing. It was as if they shared a telepathic link. From then on, Alex decided to do what she did best, observe and experiment.

Over the course of a month, she noticed that they seemed to gravitate towards each other. No matter where they were, Alex knew the second they saw each other because Kara’s eyes would search for the other blonde and light up when they found who they were looking for. Any mention of Cat, Kara would turn into a blabbering fool. All of her stories were about Cat or at least had something to do with her. Alex felt like an idiot for not noticing it sooner. She didn’t even think that Kara herself knew it, but her little sister was in love.

Alex observed Cat as well. She noticed that Cat’s posture would relax when she found Kara and how she constantly fond a way to touch her. A graze of the arm, a hand on the small of her back. It was subtle but Alex saw it. Maggie took her to a lot of functions and Alex got to see them in action. She eavesdropped on conversations and noticed how Cat would gush about Supergirl when Kara was close. And how the compliments seemed to directed towards Kara. She wasn’t cold around the younger woman but when they were in public, they were different. Cat was different. Alex noticed how Cat’s smile brightened when Kara was near, her step seemed a little lighter. Whenever Cat seemed to get riled up, Kara’s whispered words soothed her. She saw how Cat looked at her sister when she thought no one was paying attention. They were quick glances, blink and you’ll miss it kind of glances. But she saw it. It was the same glance she saw the first night Kara brought her to game night. Cat’s shoulders would drop as she cocked her head slightly. And no matter who she was talking to, when her eyes found Kara’s her mouth would curl into a small smile. She would look away almost immediately but Alex saw a faint blush on the other woman’s cheeks and there was a sparkle in her eyes that wasn’t there before.

Alex knew, even if they didn’t quite know it themselves. Even if Kara didn’t want to admit it yet. Alex was ready to help her because she knew it. She saw the emotions radiating off her younger sister and she knew that they were for someone who was as crazy about her as Kara was. Alex smiled, wondering how long before they began to notice it as well. 

autistic-jaredkleinman  asked:

,, ugandan headcanons please??

Anon:  do you have any hc’s for the ugandans ??

Imma do a few for each one lmao (this is minus Nabulungi because I’m gonna her separately ayy):


  • A walking Dad Joke™
  • Own’s really horrible and loud shirts that he loves but make Nabulungi’s eyes hurt
  • Still hasn’t broken his habit of always making enough food for three people
  • The most positive man in the world
  • Has the tendency to hold your hands while he talks but they’re so warm and large you look forward to it every time
  • Very worrisome because he likes to know what’s going on at all times because he doesn’t like to feel helpless like he did when his wife got sick
  • If VERY cautious around the General even after he joined the Church of Arnold and doesn’t let Nabulungi pair with him on rounds
  • A skilled storyteller, he can make stories about him just going to the store sound like fucking poetry it’s beautiful


  • Worked extremely hard for his medical degree and he deserves it 100%
  • He knew he wanted to become a doctor after a little girl fell down when they were at school and he saw how happy she was after he cleaned up her knee as best as he could
  • Has a 14-year-old daughter whom he loves very much and is quite protective of her. Everything he does is for her safety and happiness especially after his wife had died recently
  • Even though he possesses a very awful… medical condition, he still remains very positive spending the last bits of money on lollipops for the small children who come to visit and Arnold
  • Loves to read anything and everything that shows up in the market, but loves Barbara Kimenye books because even though they are for children they remind him of when his daughter was smaller


  • Loves to knit and sew and makes little socks and hats for whoever is pregnant at the time
  • A bit of a cynic and will call you out on your bullshit
  • Becomes a sort of grandmotherly figure to those in the village and the Elders because she gives great advice and has loads of sesame-honey candies that she gives out generously
  • However, she will beat your ass in football you bet it’s terrifying when she comes running at you
  • An overall very sweet woman who will compliment ‘how smart you look’ and then smack you because you stepped on her sweet potatoes


  • Became Nabulungi’s mother figure after she died and comes over some nights a week to help Mafala with the cooking and cleaning and to teach Nabulungi how to read
  • A very blunt person who will tell you what she thinks with no hesitation
  • “Kevin go have a shower you smell like a warthog.” “Thanks, Kimbay.”
  • Quite a logical person and is usually the voice of reason among the villagers


  • He’s only a few years older than the Elders in his early 20s so he really gets along well with them
  • Especially Elder Neeley they bond over their love of the beach and Neely shows him his collection of shells so they made loads of necklaces
  • A really talented songwriter - he wrote all the songs for the Joseph Smith American Moses production
  • Loves to read poetry
  • His favourite colour is dark green because it reminds him of the dress his mother would wear everyday 
  • His staple item of clothing are bandanas his favourite is a green and white one he found by the river

How A POT Complimented Me.

By sending me every single picture of every black woman he has dated and ended it with you are the most beautiful one.

Originally posted by goofballbrando

Just because of that, he definitely can’t see me unless he gives me money. Sent me 6 pictures of 6 different black women on his arm. I’m texting him today and confirming the money today. Yesterday, I was gentile but no my patience just depleted. I CAN’T BELIEVE HE DID THAT.

I’m telling you right now every POT & SD is going to receive a text about generousity and be prepared to gift me. I’m sick and tired of feeling like I have to ask for a little money when I see other SugarBabies getting $3,000 just for their presence. I’m over it and this morning I’m going to send my grades,GPA, and confirmation of my degree to him, and if he is still is uncomfortable then I’m telling him don’t come to NYC.

I was optimistic about writing the post about yesterday but seeing that message means he thinks of black women as a collection.

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Here’s how my ideal trajectory for season 4 would go, in terms of Petra:

She and Rafael date for another episode, but they fall into old patterns and they break up. Krishna, hoping to cheer her boss up, takes her out to a bar. Surprise, it’s a lesbian bar. Krishna doesn’t have any ulterior motives (but she always had a hunch) she just want Petra to meet her friends.

Petra is actually enjoying herself, she gets a little drunk, throws out some Czech, and the next day she finds at least 10 phone numbers tucked into her pockets. She doesn’t remember everything but she knows she has fun and asks Krishna to take her out again. Krishna is just watching Petra and notices how flustered Petra gets when a woman compliments her.

The next day Petra is talking about the bar and says she wishes more bars had only women. Krishna realizes Petra doesn’t know it’s a lesbian bar, so she tells her and Petra’s face becomes so red. Then, she shyly asks if those women were trying to pick her up. Krishna says yes. Petra just goes “hm.” And doesn’t say anymore. Then a little bit later, Krishna overs Petra talking on the phone and she hears “I’ll see you tonight.” Petra has this little smile on her face.

This is what starts her “twisty, turny” love life as she dates a number of women. This goes on throughout the season until, Petra sees Jane with Rafael (they’re just hanging out) and she feels this pang of jealousy, something she’s used to, but she sees Jane with Adam and Petra feels the exact same way. That jealousy. And she realizes it’s not Rafael. It’s Jane. It’s been jane for awhile, Petra just wasn’t honest with her enough to admit it.

The season concludes with Petra secretly pining for Jane, suffering in silence as Jane and Rafael grow closer. That sounds horribly depressing I know, but season 5 would be Jane and Petra getting together.

From Con to Con (Part One)

A/N: Oh my goodness, I never thought I would be doing this. First time submitting a story on Tumblr…let’s hope it goes well! This will be a series, possibly a long one. Hope you like it!

Summary: You’re living the dream as an actress on Supernatural. Since joining the show, you’ve made friends with everyone, especially your best friend Rob Benedict, who you may or may not have a crush on even when you don’t want to. When things end badly for you and your boyfriend, will you ever be able to get over it and move on to the man standing in front of you? 

Pairing: Rob Benedict x Reader

Warnings; angst, cheating boyfriends, hurtful words

Word Count: 2,234

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Did you know Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo Jin's friendship goes way back

Did you know Gong Yoo and Gong Hyo JIn go way back?! According to Gong Hyo Jin, the Goblin actor, her friend of 10 years, is famously handsome, romantic, and cute when drunk.

Gong Hyo Jin guest-starred on Gong Yoo’s fan meeting in Hong Kong on Monday.

She got on stage in a yellow dress and shared her insights on Gong Yoo’s personality for his fans.

“He’s famously handsome,” Gong Hyo Jin started off her serenade of compliments. “He knows how to care for a woman and is romantic. He’s very frugal and turns cute when he drinks.”

The Goblin actor, embarrassed, closed his ears with his hands, saying, “I can’t listen to this anymore.”

When Gong Hyo Jin revealed, “He’s honest but has a lot of secrets,” Gong Yoo chimed in and said, “That sounds like something women would like.”

“Gong Yoo’s weakness is that he’s shy, and his strength is that he’s a good listener,” his friend continued. “He can’t get close to a lot people, so he feels like a limited edition.”

Gong Hyo Jin and Gong Yoo shared that they’re from the same family that descended from Chinese philosopher Confucius.

Also in the fan meeting, the Goblin actor promised his fans to stage a comeback soon with a new film.

Credit: Dramafever - May 15 2017

levels of “things that are okay to compliment unknown women on” 

“good” level:

things they chose to present with. think cool hair (coloured, braided, etc), clothes, makeup, jewelry, patches etc. these are things they are using to change their appearance with to look cool/cute/pretty and put effort and thought into. compliment their cool choice in fashion! 

“maybe” level: 

these are things you need to read a situation well in order to compliment. think eyes and natural unaltered hair. usually only okay from another girl but like i said, read the room

“stop” level:

things about them that they cant change. their basic physical form/aspects of her body. think boobs, hips, butt, etc. this is creepy and predatory coming from a stranger no matter how well you mean it. only compliment a woman on this when you know her well (which, in this scenario, you dont) so keep your comments on this to yourself

this is just my experience as a person that is read as female in public and the responses from people from me complimenting them. giving strangers compliments is a rewarding experience because it has the potential to make their day and thats awesome but when in doubt stick to the “good” list and you should be just fine not coming off as creepy 

Starfall (Rhys POV)

I take zero credit for the dialogue or characters. Those belong 100% to Sarah J. Maas.

Chapter 44, Starfall, from Rhys’ POV. BUT! I believe Starfall is for everyone, so there are some little extras tucked away in here too at the end that might involve a certain Shadowsinger and his favorite Blondie Bar. And don’t worry, Cass and Amren get some love too.

This fic is heavily inspired for me by a song I mentioned on the blog yesterday called “Lunacy Fringe” by the Used. You do not have to know the song to enjoy this fic, but if you give it a listen and pay attention to the lyrics, you might pick up on where I got some of the lines in this fic from. That song is everything I imagine Rhys pouring into Feyre from his heart while they dance on Starfall. It’s just - UGH, I can’t even explain. Just listen to it sometime and you’ll see.

Also, there are a few little lines in here that allude to my previous fic in which Rhys has a non-canon interaction with Mor. You don’t need to read it to understand this fic, but if you want extra analysis, it’s there for your perusal.


It took me precisely half an hour to stop actively trying to convince myself she hated me and open the door. As I stepped out onto the terrace and took in Velaris, I knew I’d made the right call by coming.

The city glowed under the soft lanterns that had been dimmed to accommodate the coming attractions. Music hummed celestial in every corner and smiles met me at every turn.

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More Than Stars - Thranduil

Request: Hi~I request a Thranduil x Reader Oneshot if you please :3 In which the reader is a adviser sent to Thranduil to help him in his new position as king by Elrond. And of course Thranduil isn’t pleased about this but soonhe realize a priceless advantage of her being his counsel (and more?)  

A/N: I hope this is what the anon that requested this wanted. I didn’t really know what to make the “priceless advantage” so. Sorry, Anon, if this isn’t what you were hoping for! ALSO, I may make this two parts if I feel people want me to.

Abbreviations: E/C: Eye Color

Words: 2,750 (sorry)

My horse raced through the forests of Mirkwood, its black mane flying exquisitely in the wind. These woods were once King Oropher’s, but now they resided under the order of the newly crowned King Thranduil. And that was my purpose for being in the infested and dying woodlands.

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today was the first time a mental health professional actually questioned the diagnosis “transsexualität” and gender dysphoria and told me that it is completely normal to or at least a thing to be gender non-conforming and not trans. I didn’t brought the topic up, he saw the diagnosis in my record and wanted to talk about it in context of my upbringing and environment. And told me that others don’t dictate how to be a woman. I’m the only one to decide how I am a woman. He complimented me on my voice which is deep thanks to testosterone but never on my looks which was nice. He didn’t tell me it was high or feminin or the like. He told me I sound like a narrator for audio books without assigning my voice to femininity or masculinity.

and he told me that I’m not his first patient to have detransitioned before starting their therapy with him.

do u ever just think of nyota and spock and cry