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Pop's Adventures in ADHD Medication

Since I loved having personal accounts of people’s reactions to meds to read, I thought I might join in and share my experience thus far.

It’s only been a day, but still. Maybe I’ll do an update in a week.

*Wow that effect was immediate. If there’s one way I can describe how I felt about thirty minutes after taking the medication, I would say it was like hyperfocusing but being able to switch to something else and also focus on that. I’m sure some of you are saying, “That’s how it is for people without ADHD” to which I will loudly reply, “SO THIS IS WHAT BEING YOU IS LIKE?! HOW HAVE WE NOT COLONIZED MARS YET?? THIS IS INSANE. HOW DO YOU HANDLE BEING THIS PRODUCTIVE ALL THE TIME?” It was awesome. I got through most of my work in record time.

*My anxiety is surprsingly low. You don’t really realize how much your ADHD wonkiness effects you until it’s suddenly not there for a little bit. I’m usually worried and anxious beyond belief because there’s always so many things to do, and I can’t keep up. My brain keeps going and going, telling me to do this and do that and do, well, everything at once! It’s awful, I tell you.

But since going on the medication this morning, I’ve noticed a huge difference. I’m okay with just doing one thing at a time without worrying that I’m not doing something else. I can *focus*, and it’s doing absolute wonders for my stress levels.

*One downside I do gotta point out: it fades fast. I took the medication at about 7am this morning, and it’s now close to 12pm and I can feel the difference. The medication is meant to be fast acting, but it doesn’t last long. Make sure to keep that in mind when figuring out your schedule!

*Oh and one more downside: your appetite will be fucked. The medication I’m on is an amphetamine, which is also used in weight loss medication. I haven’t eaten since yesterday afternoon, and I haven’t felt anything in my tummy yet. This medication definitely stays true to its word about your appetite, so make sure to stay safe and eat normally.

Aaaaaand that’s about all I got for now.

The Stars

Request From @just-bts-things-00 :  “ Can I request a Mark x nonbinary reader where they’re both super tired but they’re laying in bed talking about space and cuddling? It can be an imagine or just a head canon!”

A/N: I made this way more emotional than you requested, sorry!

To help me with this, I watched the video where Mark explains why he loves space. I hadn’t watched it before, mainly because I don’t really have an interest in space and I actually am quite scared of the thought of it, but it’s such a wholesome video. 

This is also in third-person, because I found that that way it was easier to incorporate the non-binary part of the request.

short too >w<

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SpaceX Interplanetary transport system for Mars Colonization - A Million Humans Could Live on Mars By the 2060’s and that is how SpaceX Interplanetary transport system will provide the Mars Colonization process.


Mars has been seeing a lot of action lately, between NASA’s string of rovers and new projects from Elon Musk and Mars One. But what would it take to set up a permanent settlement there? Could humans survive in such a harsh and alien setting? In this week’s Big Future, Adrianne Jeffries takes a look at the nuts and bolts of a martian settlement, from food shipments to radiation management. There are a lot of problems, but we’ve got good ideas about how to solve them.

Can we colonize Mars?