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Danni please more ridiculous headcanons for cm because they're so awesome hahaha.

  • One time Emily played Ke$ha songs so frequently in Reid’s presence that he unknowingly started to sing Tik Tok under his breath in Rossi’s presence. Rossi has yet to let Reid forget that he sang ‘the party don’t start till I walk in’ as he strode into his office. 
  • Morgan made Reid a birthday cake with the phrase written on it. 
  • Reid in turn changed all of Morgan’s ring tones to Call Me Maybe. 
  • Hotch got so fed up with the music that he banned any songs made after 1990 from the entire bau. 
  • Garcia started a pop music underground. 
  • Morgan snores really loudly when he sleeps in weird positions so they often get a soundtrack of chainsaw noises when he falls asleep on the jet. One time the pilot thought that something had gone wrong with the plane. 
  • One time Prentiss, JJ and Garcia had a ladies chick flick and bourbon night. One bottle down and a large hairy spider appeared on Garcia’s table. Garcia called Rossi in a fit of terror as they all stood on the couch. He arrived, disposed of the spider and never spoke of the incident again because he was so terrified of drunken emily and JJ complementing how symmetrical his goatee is and how he should definitely not under any circumstances feel that his goatee isn’t just as good as morgan’s. Under no circumstances. It’s just as wonderful. Just fluffier.  
  • Reid is not the worst at softball on the team. Hotch made a swing and accidentally flung the bat across the field. 
  • Rossi has no idea how him helping coach jack’s soccer team evolved into him baking things for their annual bake sale, but he thinks his little home made football cookies are fabulous. 
  • At JJ’s wedding, Anderson and Gina spent a fair amount of time trying to sneak off and find Rossi’s legendary wine cellar. 
  • One time the team tried to use the ‘google search is twitter’ thing on Rossi so they’d find out what stuff he tried to google by the tweets he’d send, but it turns out Rossi’s version of Google is named Spencer Reid. 
  • without going into detail, there were times in Rossi’s relationship with Strauss that made how similarly he pronounces Erin and Aaron very awkward. Very, very awkward. 
  • one time the team planned a meal together with all their significant others, but they got called into a case. All their partners went out to dinner anyway. When the team found out about this they were slightly terrified by all the stories they could tell. James Will got on like a house on fire. 
  • since their jobs can leave them without a proper sleeping pattern while on cases, the team is pretty familiar with early morning cartoons. As Morgan and Prentiss spent one saturday morning crashed on one of their hotel beds too tired to sleep, pinky and the brain came on. They haven’t stopped saying  ”Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?” - ”The same thing we do every night, Pinky. Ttry to take over the world!”  since. 

your wish is my command 

idk how many of y'all know but I co-coach a u-10s soccer team, anyways mostly I work with our goalie, and listen this kid is so sweet, and he works so hard!! anyways when we’re doing agility drills, at the very last set I always tell him “Last one, make it count!!” And today it was the last set but I didn’t tell him and he was like “Is this the last set?” And me thinking he was tired or thirsty was like “Yeah buddy, after this you can go have a drink.” And then he was like “Coach?” And I was like “Yes bud??” And he was like “I’m gonna make it count. :)” and I almost cried kids are the best


Okay, so I debated a long time on whether or not to post these particular pics. I do hope these are perceived the way I hope they are. These are HRT progress pics. They also show my weight loss progress. I have lost about 46 lbs total since February of 2014. About 30 to 35 of that has been after I started HRT 10.5 months ago. Usually, people gain weight while on HRT, rather than lose it. I am not posting this to say “ooh look at how good I am to have lost weight.” (I think you can be happy and healthy with many different body types) I played soccer (futbol) from 7th grade through college and always had a high metabolism. However, not long after college my gender dysphoria really sank in deep and I just did not care about being healthy anymore. I never tried to commit suicide, but all along with how I treated my body I was sort of slowly killing it. Fast forward many years and I was in a very unhealthy 5′ 10″ 238 lb body. I even had to be on cholesterol medication (which I now have no medical need for).

I think the reason why I have been able to lose weight stems much more from the new lease on life that started for me in February of 2014. That is when I decided enough was enough and no matter what I was going to start to share my struggle with people. I was going to stop hiding the pain I was dealing with and begin facing my gender dysphoria. I shaved my goatee (yes I used to have one). It was something that I hid behind. I hid so much of the real me, that I hated myself. Well, not myself really, but I hated being the persona that I projected to the world. It felt like a big monotonous act that I always had to keep up. I had become more and more reclusive because keeping up the act was so exhausting. No one would think that a person that looked the way I did was hiding such a big secret.. that I had always had a “female brain” inside that very male looking head on top of that large male frame.

From the day that I shaved my goatee I started making better choices about what I ate and how I spent my time. I was the coach of my son’s soccer team. I pushed myself to run more in those practices and physically show them how to do the drills rather than just give them instructions from the sideline. I can go into more detail about what foods I started cutting out in another post if there is interest. The main point here is that I started to like myself again and as the pounds started to fall off, I realized that for me losing weight and getting back to the general body size I used to be familiar with was important to me. I was also doing things to take care of myself and my body because I had a small glimmer of hope in my head that somehow I could one day start to live more as the person that had always been inside my head. That person had been drowned out long ago by the myriad of roles and behaviors that were pounded into me by well-meaning people. I learned very early on how a boy should act and I felt shame when I did not follow the act to the letter. I carried that pattern well into adulthood.

As my weight started to drop I kept the promise to myself to begin to talk to those closest to me about being transgender. At this point my immediate family, my parents and my siblings all know. Several close friends also know and I am telling more and more. My wife and I are separated, but do not hate each other. Only one person in my family is not speaking to me at the moment, but I have hope it is a temporary adjustment period for them. I bring all of this up just to illustrate that facing the fear of telling my family and friends and beginning to be able to live as the person that was inside of me is what freed me from self-hate. I love myself again. My body and spirit and soul are going through a state of repair.

Don’t get me wrong, I still have nights where I have crying fits as I think about what this means for the family I had built. I am mourning the loss of my marriage. I am mourning the loss of random moments with my kids that are now limited to the weekends. I am mourning the loss of being the soccer coach. I am mourning the loss of many many things.

Yet my soul is happy. I have hope for the future that my existing relationships will just morph into something beautiful as my body morphs into something just as beautiful.

Love yourself friends. Have hope.


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headcanon that i cannot let go of: eliza beatboxing for philip's mixtape (& doing other random cute things for all her kids)

Obviously she’s a pinterest mom and if her husband were just a regular dude instead of kind of famous with security detail, she’d 100% have a mommy blog and probably a youtube channel.

As it is, she’s the talk of DC when she shows up beatboxing on Philip’s youtube channel.  (”Your kid has a youtube channel, Secretary Hamilton?”  “I….guess…?????”)

But my favorite is how she’s a coach for the kids’ youth sports teams.  She does soccer mostly because she played in high school, but she does a little t-ball too.  She’s not great at the rules of baseball because it wasn’t her thing, but she’s a great coach: enthusiastic and corrective when she needs to be in a really nice way.  She’s also genuinely interested in all the kids on her team.  She’s usually in the dugout rather than on the field because of this.  She also designs the mascot and makes team shirts for all the parents and siblings.  And when it looks like the team might go to the little league world series, she’s the one organizing all the plans.  She’s boss at logistics.  (Anyway they don’t make it so it doesn’t matter.)

I will one day write a fic where they go to Colonial Willamsburg for Angelica H’s birthday and Eliza makes her a little colonial dress for the trip.  She’s too busy to make Halloween costumes every year, but she would if she had the time.

She also loves to make videos for graduations.  “It’s the modern day scrapbook!”

She tries really hard to be this perfect mom and she succeeds a lot because it’s something that comes natural to her.  And she wants them to feel loved and listened to above being cared for.  It’s not enough that they have clothes to wear and food to eat.  She wants their dreams to be supported and she wants to listen to them.  So, sometimes, if she buys store bought brownies for the bake sale, that’s ok because Angelica need Eliza to sit with her and watch Gilmore Girls and cuddle and that’s more important than fucking homemade brownies.

And if Philip needs her to beatbox, by god, she will beatbox!

I will say, Ham is better at bedtime stories than her.  He does way better voices.  Though Eliza suspects they always want him because he sometimes comes home late and this means the kids get to stay up later.  And she’s not saying the kids don’t love their dad, but she’s onto their tricks.

The Adoption!verse sidesteps an uncomfortable truth

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Adopt prompt: Belle is shocked and strangely attracted but also wary upon finding out Gold has a law degree

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Something I thought of for you your Adoption verse, even if Belle and Gold get along, won’t they still need to go to court so Gold can be formally recognized as Bae’s father?

This one also continues off the prompts from last chapter.

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"kira hiroto"

Another scene from Shine that I decided would be worth translating! This takes place after soccer practice, the afternoon before the Genei match. Hiroto and Tenma run into each other again and have an emotional discussion, and Midorikawa reveals some information he gathered afterwards.

This scene offers a bit of explanation towards Hiroto’s motivations, and also offers some insight into what Hiroto and Midorikawa were doing with the Resistance.

I tried to be as literal as possible, however some lines may have different emphasis than expected due to the fact that this scene was voiced. Anyway, I think (I hope?!) this will be interesting and helpful! (I apologise for my shocking photography, also.)

Oh? Hiroto-san.

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  • jennifer teaching helena how to swim
  • jennifer asking alison to coach the school’s soccer game because their coach called in sick
  • jennifer asking cosima to come talk to her students aBOUT SCIENCE
  • sarah calling jennifer jfitz and everyone else going with it
  • (being that she’s sick wwait what) kira sitting my jennifer’s bed because she misses her students
  • kira drawing a picture of jennifer and captioning it ‘auntie jennifer’ and her being like ‘aunt?’ with kira saying ‘yes, dont be silly’
  • kira asking her mum to take her to jennifer’s school so her kids can sign a card for her and make a get well soon video for her
  • jennifer’s students winning a competition in jennifer’s name
  •  J E N N I  F E R 

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Firstly, for some reason the rocket launcher exploding their first date hurst less than visitors interrupting a homemade souffle proposal. Secondly, I know the show is the show but my little heart is breaking that Oliver can't continue with his suburban dream. That's a really nice suburb, or they could have gone to Silicon Valley and Felicity could have done her thang and been awesome and he could bake (now I crave an Oliver as Ned the Piemaker AU, oh shit what have I done).

I am so in agreement about the stupid rocket launcher literally blowing them up hurting less than Oliver’s proposal being wrecked! 

He had the ring in the souffle… 

He was carrying the souffle into the dining room for his lady love… 

He had the ring in it and he was ready to ask her to be his wife…

And then Thea and Laurel showed up, and ruined everything.

dumplingnooona hit it right on the head:

It’s so painful to think that he was so done. He was ready to be with Felicity, in a domestic setting, working a job that had nothing to do with saving entire cities, living in a house with the white picket fence, a dog, 2.5 kids, the works.

And then it all blew up in his face!

He was supposed to bake, be the stay-at-home dad, train the dog, cut down the tree when it started being an obnoxious tree jerk, plant flowers, paint the house, remodel the basement bathroom, put glow-in-the-dark stars all over their daughter’s room (the real accurate ones, that show actual constellations) because she’s obsessed with astrology, make midnight runs for McDonald’s french fries and milkshakes for Felicity’s pregnancy cravings, build a treehouse for their son, let their daughter paint his toenails, teach their son how to throw a football, be the soccer coach for their daughter’s team, attend galas with his CEO wife (everywhere and anywhere she worked, she’d be a rising star, come on now), help their son with the Pythagorean Theorem, complain to Felicity that nobody will ever use that in real life, he can’t believe kids still need to learn that crap, watch their daughter get ready for a first date, celebrate when his son calls because he met his future wife, hug his family tight when their dog dies, buy a car that their daughter crashes, high five his son when he makes a touchdown…

Oliver was so ready for this, damn it.